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#1. Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it. I'm just doin me and you can never understand it. - Author: Drake
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#2. When I started workin' with Muddy. That convinced me that I could get away with doin' the blues. - Author: Johnny Winter
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#3. I've always said about 50% of what happens at a concert has to do with the audience. If you play for a dead audience you're gonna stink. If we play for a great crowd we're much better. You want 'em to make noise. It's kinda like sex, if they don't make noise, you ain't doin' it right. - Author: Billy Joel
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#4. There's nothin' in life that's worth doin', if it cain't be done from a horse ... - Author: Red Steagall
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#5. Dear Mama, don't cry, your baby boy's doin' good,
Tell the homies I'm in heaven, and they ain't got hoods.
Seen a show with Marvin Gaye last night, it had me shook,
Drippin' peppermint Schnapps, with Jackie Wilson, and Sam Cooke ... - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#6. I ain't sayin it ain't all right to study the Bible. You got to study the Bible to know the rules of life. But I notice a lotta folks doin more lookin at the Bible than doin what it says. - Author: Ron Hall
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#7. I havent been doin much comic book writing for the last several years though, as Ive been writing television projects and a novel. - Author: Bill Mumy
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#8. Dis love! Dat's just whut's got us uh pullin' and haulin' and sweatin' and doin' from can't see in de mornin' till can't see at night. Nanny to Janie - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#9. Yeah," said George. "I'll come. But listen, Curley. The poor bastard's nuts. Don't shoot 'im. He di'n't know what he was doin'. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#10. You know, I can see two tiny pictures of myself And there's one in each of your eyes. And they're doin' everything I do. Every time I light a cigarette, they light up theirs. I take a drink and I look in and they're drinkin' too. It's drivin' me crazy. It's drivin' me nuts. - Author: Laurie Anderson
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#11. For life be, after all, only a waitin' for somethin' else than what we're doin'; and death be all that we can rightly depend on. - Author: Bram Stoker
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#12. You know, when you do standup there are certain requirements that you have to do like you have to go on stage and when you get introduced you have to say "Hey,how ya doin'? How are ya?" I couldn't do it. It was false. - Author: Larry David
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#13. Shee-it, you people have all the fun. You guys are givin' people strokes and havin' sex parties and doin' rescues while I'm off gallivantin' in the forest, shootin' at some stupid dang targets. - Author: Elle Casey
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#14. I think these pipe-smokers oughta just move to the next level and go ahead and suck a dick. There's nothing wrong with suckin' dicks. Men do it, women do it; can't be all bad if everybody's doin' it. I say, Drop the pipe, and go to the dick! That's my advice. I'm here to help. - Author: George Carlin
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#15. My love is a pure love," Alex said with a grin. "I wouldn't sully it by actually, you know, doin' anything about it." "The kind poets write about, then. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#16. People get caught up in worshipping certain rappers, or they try to demonise hip hop by looking at what certain rappers are doin' in their lives. - Author: Afrika Bambaataa
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#17. Folks were doin' a lot of runnin' that night - Author: Harper Lee
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#18. I'm a young dude, and there ain't too many people who are doin' it like I'm doin' it. There ain't no others in my lane - I am the future of this music. - Author: Ace Hood
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#19. The colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I'm doin' now, man, for more years than I know. I got it from them. - Author: Elvis Presley
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#20. Sometimes if you get 'em too drunk they don't pay no attention to what you're doin' anyways, so you might as well just do old songs. But if you get one that's paying attention, sometimes we'll do some new material. - Author: Merle Haggard
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#21. I simply wish to offer my fart-helt apologies, sir, for you're just an honest man doin' your job, and I'm a dishonest lad doin' mine, and of the two, you have far more reason to hang your head high than does I. - Author: Peter David
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#22. I like to wear a "Do Not Disturb" sign around my neck so that little kids can't tell me knock-knock jokes. "Hey, how ya doin'? Knock-knock." "Read the sign, punk!" - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#23. Hey, let's get serious ... God knows what he's doin' He wrote this book here And the book says: 'He made us all to be just like Him', So ... If we're dumb ... Then God is dumb ... (And maybe even a little ugly on the side) - Author: Frank Zappa
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#24. So keep fightin' for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don't you forget to have fun doin' it. Lord, let your laughter ring forth. Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. - Author: Molly Ivins
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#25. Even though I'm out there as an artist, I continue droppin' mixtapes, I continue doin' this and continue showin' DJs love personally. That's why I continue doin' a lot of things other artists don't do. - Author: Ace Hood
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#26. It's the hillbilly rock, beat it with a drum. Playin' them guitars like shootin from a gun. Keepin' up the rhythm, steady as a clock. Doin' a little thing called the hillbilly rock. - Author: Marty Stuart
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#27. You have a cat and go on vacation, you know who to call. Though, I warn you, I do both dry and wet food. I'm not into doin' just wet or just dry. They need a treat, but they need to keep their teeth clean. It's important."
Rock Chick - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#28. I bet that guy was as obsessed with Sarah as I am with this other girl, and I bet he promised himself never to hurt her, just like I've been doin' - and look what he's done to her. He's left her a crumpled mess, lyin' on her bed all the time. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#29. Sometimes we gotta be brave even when we're scared. We gotta not let being scared keep us from thinkin' straight. That's all brave is, boy, when you come right down to it, not lettin' the fear get you so turned around you start doin' stupid things, instead of what you know you ought to do. - Author: Poppy Z. Brite
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#30. It's kinda great to see the Celtics doin well again cuz that was so much fun in my day to go to the Boston Garden and they spit at you and throw things at you and talk about your mom. It sounds like dinner at Kenny Smith's house. - Author: Charles Barkley
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#31. The quality of life, values that go down to doin' that, that's the issue. - Author: Cecil Taylor
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#32. They say it's the white man I should fear, But it's my own kind doin' all the killin' here. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#33. There's only one law you gotta follow to keep outta trouble. Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doin' it. - Author: Ben Hecht
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#34. There's a lot of people that try to come between my clique and try to stop what we're doin', but we got no mercy for 'em. - Author: Ace Hood
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#35. It's kinda hard bein humble in the belly of the struggle,
Doin things that probably get you in trouble. - Author: Busta Rhymes
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#36. Ou just get stoned, get the ideas in your head and then do 'em. And don't bullshit. I mean that's the thing about doin' that guerrilla theatre. You be prepared to die to prove your point. - Author: Abbie Hoffman
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#37. Some music, it's meant just to make you dance and be able to celebrate and get away from all that kind of thinking. And so, I think it is important if you think your music can do that - to keep doin' it. - Author: Jack Johnson
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#38. I called every day to see how she was doin,
Every time that I called her, it seemed somethin was brewin.
I called her on my dime, picked up, and then I called again,
I said, 'Yo, who was that?'
'Oh, he's just a friend.' - Author: Biz Markie
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#39. So, how we doin'?"
"Same as usual: dead people, a mystery, more dead people."
"Who we lost?"
"The boy. His guardians. Maybe Elliot Norton."
"Shit, don't sound like we got anybody left. Anyone hires you better leave you your fee in their will. - Author: John Connolly
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#40. Humans have been doin' awful things to each other throughout history. Humanity's not as great as you make it out to be. I do what needs to be done, and that's that. We're about to go to war, Earl. There ain't no humanity in war. - Author: Michael Monroe
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#41. A wrong is just a wrong no matter who's doin' it or who it's done to. You know someone's doin' wrong and even if it has not one thing to do with you, you do what you can to right that wrong. You don't, you're no kind of person or, at least, no kind I'd wanna know. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#42. You keep doin' what you doin' and the white man don't got to do it no more. He ain't got to sell you or put you in a coal mine to own you. He'll own you just as is, and he'll say you the one who did it. He'll say it's your fault. - Author: Yaa Gyasi
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#43. As long as you're giving up quality records and you're makin' hit records, people are always gonna want to hear a hit, and they'll always want to be attached to something that's doin' great. - Author: Akon
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#44. Something is better than nothing. Doin' anything for a man, there's investments involved, there's time and production. It's better to give him ten bucks and get a record out than to never record the cat. - Author: Brownie McGhee
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#45. How'm I doin'?" Jim asked in his own voice - hey, he could talk out of the bastard's mouth, too.
Across the way, Adrian shrugged. "Pretty damn good - I can't sense you. But I gotta ask - the pair of you want a cigarette? Or are you going for a twofer? - Author: J.R. Ward
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#46. We doin it big. Look at what I done. Look at where I'm is. It's only just begun. - Author: Drake
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#47. It's not like they can take anything from me,' he says later, back with his homeboys in Juvenile Hall. 'Ain't got nothing to give. Nothin' but time, that is. And I been doin' time my whole life, one way or the other. - Author: Edward Humes
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#48. No, you need to listen, she says. This ain't Silverlake, an you ain't the daddy. Out here in the real world, the person who knows what they're doin is the daddy an right now, that's me. So. Do like daddy says an shift that tasty butt of yers. Unless, of course, you want it shot off. - Author: Moira Young
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#49. I'm gonna ask ye ladies a question, and I bloody expect to be answered," he growled. "Who's the scoundrel been doin' some unwanted rootin' of yer cunts for pay? - Author: Bey Deckard
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#50. Gee-word?"
"Gods. What were you doin' the day they handed out brains, boy, anyway?"
"Someone was telling a story about stealing a tiger's balls, and I had to stop and find out how it ended. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#51. I don't see as it matters much how well you mean if it's harm you're doin' ... - Author: Martha Ostenso
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#52. I reck'n I knows sense when I sees it; en dey ain' no sense in sich doin's as dat. - Author: Mark Twain
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#53. I'm lookin' forward to doin' a lot of big things. I've been doin' a lot of big things: a lot of traveling, a lot of recording - I'm excited. - Author: Joe Budden
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#54. What you look like on the outside is not what makes you cool at all. I mean, I had a mullet and wore parachute pants for a long, long time, and I'm doin' okay. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#55. How's Norbert doin'?"
Norbert?" Charlie laughed. "The Norwegian Ridgeback? We call her Norberta now."
Wha - Norbert's a girl? - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#56. You're not wrong for doin what you want. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
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#57. I'm doin' something different. I mean, I talk a little bit about race and interracial dating, but it's not the heart of my act. I just try to do what I think is funny; there's no huge message or through line. - Author: Hannibal Buress
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#58. I have no idea what I'm doin'. I've never seen me. - Author: Mose Allison
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#59. How time flies when you're doin all the talking. - Author: Harvey Fierstein
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#60. I love to see when ya move with the rhythm; I love to see when you're dancin' from within; It gives great joy to feel such sweet togetherness,
everyone doin' and they're doing their best! - Author: Bob Marley
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#61. Ought to be havin' a first-rate eddication, at their age. When I was their age I was doin' all this Latin and stuff - Author: T.H. White
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#62. Now mayhap you quit givin Terrible the fuckin slurpy-eyes an give Bump the listening, yay? Thinkin you can? Gots some fuckin chattering wants doin, needs you fuckin head on straight up. - Author: Stacia Kane
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#63. I've been doin' drive-bys all of my life. Except the bullets are newspapers, the car is my bike. - Author: Bo Burnham
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#64. Then stop eyeballing me like you wanna ride my cock," I said. "You were doin' it all through English class."
"I was not!"
"Liar. You even did it during detention. - Author: Marita A. Hansen
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#65. I might see a pretty woman, but even if I do, I'm not doin' my job if you don't know down to your gut there's nothin' I see that's as beautiful as what I see in you. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#66. Be careful what you get good at doin' 'cause you'll be doin' it for the rest of your life. -Jo Carson - Author: Gabrielle Hamilton
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#67. Don't want to hear my favorite rapper doin' a love song. If I want to hear something soft, I'll throw on Luther Vandross. - Author: Ice Cube
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#68. JUDGE: Are you trying to show contempt for this court?
MAE WEST: I was doin' my best to hide it. - Author: Mae West
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#69. I've always kinda been a little outcast myself, a little oddball, doin' my thing, my own way. And it's been hard for me to, to be accepted, certainly in the early years of my life. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#70. Watcha doin'?" Caeden flopped down on the couch beside me.
"Homework, you should really try it sometime."
He snorted. "You don't even know what grades I make."
"I'm sure they suck. - Author: Micalea Smeltzer
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#71. You will never understand what you're doin'. But God does. - Author: Rich Mullins
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#72. Don't worry. He won't be hard to talk around. Doin' the business that makes a baby is one of his favorite things."
"One of them?" I teased.
"He likes fucking a whole lot, but my man's addicted to blowjobs and that's me taking it in the wrong end to make babies. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#73. How time files when you's doin' all the talking. - Author: Harvey Fierstein
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#74. If there is an after, I hope it's not dark. And I hope you can remember. I'd hate to wander around in the dark forever, not knowing who I was or what I was doin' here, or not even knowing that I'd ever had anything different. - Author: Richard Bachman
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#75. When I feel like I'm stuck, I do something - not like I'm Mother Teresa or anything, but there's someone that's forgotten about in your life, all the time. Someone that could use an 'Attaboy' or a 'How you doin' out there. - Author: Bill Murray
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#76. So keep fighting for freedom and justice, beloveds,
but don't forget to have fun doin' it. Be outrageous ... rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. And when you get through celebrating the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was! - Author: Molly Ivins
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#77. I love music so much, and as long as I got all this enthusiasm and ambition, and passion for this music; as long as I'm having' fun - I'm gonna keep doin' it. - Author: Paul Wall
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#78. On a scale of one to ten, how important is this?" I queried.
"Me doin' my bit so I don't feel like you're keepin' me?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered.
"Eighty-five. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#79. I would say I started rapping because my friends were doin' it. - Author: Action Bronson
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#80. You loan your friend money. You see them again, they don't say nothin' 'bout the money. 'Hi, how ya doin'? How's ya mama doing?' Man, how's my money doin'? - Author: Chris Tucker
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#81. There ye go again," my archdruid said. "Using your colon instead of yer brain. Ye believe yer thinkin' because yer workin' hard, but all yer doin' is squeezin' out shit. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#82. Really? Well, I don't see it that way. Not at all. In fact, I think that's a part of you that you don't want other people to see. And that most people probably can't see. But, I see it and I understand. So, don't worry about it! It's cool! You're doin' fine! - Author: Sakura Tsukuba
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#83. Now I'm on the rise, doin' business with my guys. Visions realize, music [your craft] affected lives. A gift from the skies, to be recognized, I'm keeping my eye on the people, that's the prize - Author: Common
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#84. I'd like to thank ma da (dad) ... my mum for doin' aw ma washin' - Author: Charlie Flynn
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#85. Please come to Destination I'm not doin well Exclamation - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#86. If your knees ain't ain't doin' it right! - Author: Sidda Lee Rain
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#87. The moment you begin to depend on audience reaction, you're doing the wrong thing. You're doin' it wrong, it's a mistake, it's not right. You can't allow yourself, no matter what, to depend on them. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#88. I'm proud to be white. I don't have anything against my color. But I don't think color matters, either. Just like I feel it doesn't matter that I'm a white dude doin' black music. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#89. Southern DADDY - Dandy At Doin' Diapers Y'all! - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#90. I wouldn't exactly call what I was doing prostitution. As a matter of fact, I didn't put any labels on how I made money. It was simply called doin' what I had to do. My - Author: Jessica N. Watkins
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#91. If we want to be able to pick up the pieces of our lives and go on living, we have to get over the irrational
feeling that every misfortune is our fault, the direct result of our mistakes or misbehavior. We are really not that powerful. Not everything
that happens in the world is our doin - Author: Harold S. Kushner
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#92. If I programmed my own TV network, it would air good news! Just positive stories. Heroic stories. Cute puppy dogs doin' stuff. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
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#93. Philippians 4:13 has never rung so true ... You were an unparalleled Giant in all sense of the word, Dad. So keep doin' you up there, because no one does it better, and no one ever will. - Author: Cassidy Gifford
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#94. We're gonna keep on doin' what we're doin', and we're gonna get it by all means. That's just what "ruthless" means to me. Everybody's got their own definition, but I'm ruthless with this music. - Author: Ace Hood
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#95. Be doin artists in like Cain did Abel,
Now they money's gettin stuck to the gum under the table. - Author: GZA
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#96. I mean I'll be retired from rap, so what I'll be doin' in rap will be for fun. - Author: Tone-Loc
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#97. Say what you doin and not what you finna do - Author: Kevin Gates
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#98. You might be a redneck if the first words out of your mouth every time you see friends are Howdy!, Hey! or How Y'all Doin'? - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#99. Certain majors [lables] just know what they're doin', and got a good grip on the dynamic of what's happening, and some don't. - Author: Joe Budden
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#100. They think they're runnin' the country but all they're doin' is writin' the reports." From Homesteader; Finding Sharon by D.M. McGowan - Author: D. M. McGowan
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