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#1. Remembered pain tightened his mouth into a grim line. The weeks he'd spent looking for her had left permanent scars on his heart. - Author: Tara Janzen
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#2. 23 c Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue d keeps himself out of e trouble. - Author: Anonymous
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#3. I guess we're pretty lucky that we can't give each other alien STD's or babies, huh?" And THAT, folks, is why I'm still single. I'd like to blame the fermented tree sap, but I think we all know that I just have a horrible case of foot-in-mouth disease. It might even be lethal. - Author: Mara Frost
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#4. You're a little whore, kitten, but you're my little whore. Do you understand? I own this mouth. I can fuck it with my hand until you drool. I own this ass, and I'll put a hook in it when I like. Your cunt is mine to fuck with anything I want. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#5. A part of me smiled, but it wasn't my mouth. - Jonathan - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#6. I tasted blood in my mouth. Maybe I'd bitten my tongue. Maybe my heart had broken, and that was what happened when hearts broke inside the body. They bled from the inside out. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#7. You make your son out to be to be almost an idiot; well let me tell you something, Mrs Loan, if he were a complete idiot, drooling at the mouth, he'd still be a better person then you. - Author: Catherine Cookson
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#8. His tongue fucks my mouth the way his cock fills my pussy. Deeply, urgently, and completely unrestrained. - Author: Pam Godwin
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#9. They could be in possession of a majestic beauty, but as soon as their mouth betrayed them of the ignorance they'd chosen to allow into their dialect, the allure quickly turned into a repellant." --David Harmon (from "The Room" Copyright 2016 Brian C. Copper) - Author: Brian C. Copper
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#10. My attorney rubbed his hand across his mustache and the corners of his lips several times, as though the allegation was a piece of cake he'd just eaten that had deposited crumbs all over his mouth. - Author: Alissa Nutting
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#11. Ven has chronic mouth-runs-faster-than-his-brain syndrome, as we all know, but none is better in a fight. I doubt he'd serve Atlantis so well as a preening bird. - Author: Alyssa Day
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#12. You see, Ana men think that anything that comes out of a woman's mouth is a problem to be solved. Not some vague idea that we'd like to kick around and talk about for a while and then forget. Men prefer action. - Author: E.L. James
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#13. I've wanted you for so long," I whispered against her mouth. "All the times I'd see you next door ... it drove me crazy - Author: Penelope Douglas
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#14. Tao sidled up to Ryan as they approached the buffet. "Quick question," the Head Enforcer asked quietly. "What would happen if I asked Makenna out?"
With a calm he didn't feel, Ryan said, "I'd rip out your throat before the last word escaped your mouth."
Tao nodded. "Thought so. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#15. You think he's got 'government badass' tattooed on his chest?" I murmured.
A faint grimace skewed Luther's mouth. "And 'I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you' on his ass. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#16. You ain't no Hepburn and I ain't no Fonda, but if you were drowning in Golden Ponda, mouth to mouth I'd resuscitate you. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#17. My mouth has a tendency to get me into trouble, but because I'm so small and I take on people who are lager than me. If someone punched me, I'd get my drummer beat them up. - Author: Brian Molko
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#18. He won every game, yet she hardly noticed. As long as she hit the ball, it resulted in shameless bragging. When she missed - well, even the fires of Hell couldn't compare to the rage that burst from her mouth. He couldn't remember a time when he'd laugh so hard. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#19. I'd watch your mouth", he said, tilting his head as he looked at my ID."The last lunker who laughed at her picture spent the night in the emergency room with a drink umbrella jammed up his nose". - Author: Kim Harrison
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#20. Wherever you are," he said low and steady as I wrote his name, knee to crotch, "I own you. I own your filthy mouth. I own your dirty mind. When you get wet thinking about fucking, it's mine. Every drop from you. I own your every thought. You are my property. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#21. Lis felt the corners of her mouth turn up a little. She'd never had friends like this. Friends who wanted to see her flourish not fade. Their eager faces were like mirrors in which she could see herself more clearly. - Author: James Dawson
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#22. Does Chloe remind you of anyone?"
One corner of his mouth lifted. "Linda Blair in The Exorcist?"
He laughed. "All right, then, maybe a little bit of a stretch. Who did you have in mind?"
His eyes widened. "Good God, I'd almost have Linda Blair. - Author: Karen Robards
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#23. He kept talking and I thought about taking my copy of Huckleberry Finn and stuffing it in his mouth so he'd shut up. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
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#24. I'm thinking that I'd like to fuck that mouth of yours." "Sorry. I was raised to never put small objects in my mouth or I might choke." Cockeye - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#25. And Jamie didn't want her either, even though he'd kissed her like her mouth had been made of candy in the middle of a candy-drought. He'd probably just slipped, and fell. Onto her lips. - Author: Charlotte Stein
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#26. His expression was somehow both cruel and dripping with affection. Devastating. And I thought perhaps I'd lost a piece of my mind, a part of my soul, because my mouth watered and my body hummed with need that bordered on unhealthy. Vivid. Violent. Dangerous. - Author: A.L. Jackson
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#27. But my father was also the one who told me I needed to clean up my mouth or I'd never find a man. What's very important to him is manners. Show up on time. Always send thank-you letters. He is one of the more thoughtful humans I've ever met. He's a great man and a very good dad. - Author: Zosia Mamet
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#28. I'm so sorry to disappoint you," she said, breathing hard. "But it would take far more than that to scare me."
A quick flex of his arms, and their bodies collided. And he whispered, just as his mouth fell on hers, "God, I was hoping you'd say that. - Author: Tessa Dare
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#29. I should say she didn't," said Mr. Macey, significantly. "Before I said "sniff", I took care to know as she'd say "snaff", and pretty quick too. I wasn't a-going to open my mouth, like a dog at a fly, and snap it to again, wi' nothing to swaller. - Author: George Eliot
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#30. How was it that he could move soldiers to great acts of heroism and sacrifices with impassioned speeches, yet his mouth went as dry as the northern desert when he thought to tell Malinali that he'd enjoyed their afternoon together? - Author: T.L. Morganfield
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#31. Isabel, do you really think I'd sleep with someone who..." He trailed off, suddenly feeling awkward.
"Someone who what?"
Trevor let out a ragged breath. "Who isn't you."
Her mouth formed a cute little O.
"You are the one I want," he reiterated. - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#32. Isabelle. Simon's mouth moved to form the shape of her name, pressing it into his pillow. He'd told himself he wasn't going to think about her, not until he was really getting somewhere in the Acedemy. Not until he was on his way to being better, being the person she wanted him to be. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#33. She really started to cry, and the next thing I knew, I was kissing her all over - anywhere - her eyes, her nose, her forehead, her eyebrows, and all, her ears - her whole face except her mouth and all. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#34. His parents had skimmed from the very top of the gene pool to make that mouth. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#35. Shut up. If you don't shut up, if you don't cease resisting immediately, I will pull your tongue out of your mouth, drag it around your neck, and strangle you with it. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#36. Magnanimous of you.'
His mouth twitched. 'Mmm. Use more words like that, please. Schoolmistress words. Long, impressive ones.' He'd made the last three words sound like an innuendo. - Author: Julie Anne Long
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#37. I said, not knowing what the next words out of my mouth would be, but wanting them to be mine, wanting, more than I'd ever wanted anything, to express the center of me to and be understood. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#38. Words streamed from my mouth, some familiar, some not.
The last of the were, "I love you."
He rose up off me with a grin. "If I'd known it was that easy to get you to admit how you feel, I would have done this a long time ago. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#39. I just keep thinking about Thor. You never knew him. Big guy, like you. Good hearted. Not bright, but he'd give you the goddamned shirt off his back if you asked him. And he killed himself. He put a gun in his mouth and blew his head off in Philadelphia in 1932. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#40. I could have listed maybe fifty possible reactions without coming close to the one I got. Her eyes dulled and her narrow nostrils flared wide and her mouth fell into sickness. She lost her posture and stood in an ugly way. - Author: John D. MacDonald
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#41. He opened his mouth to order her to drop the MP5 she had aimed at him, but nothing would come out. It was like she'd robbed him of the ability to speak. Shooting her wasn't an option, though. And the idea of arresting her didn't make him feel any better. - Author: Paige Tyler
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#42. Your tits are fucking fabulous. I'd like to stick my dick between them and fuck your mouth at the same time. - Author: J.A. Huss
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#43. The only exercise I got as a kid was fork to mouth. Food was equated with love in my household. I thought you left the table when the zipper was down and you'd explode if you took another bite. I'd eat my plate and then everyone else's leftovers. - Author: Paul Stanley
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#44. Your voice is important - it gives away everything about you. The mouth is a muscle you have to work like you'd work at the gym. - Author: Jason Clarke
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#45. Well?" he asked, smiling devilishly. "I promise, I won't hurt you, Nikki. In fact, I imagine you'll enjoy my company, tremendously."
I let out a ragged sigh and nodded.
He stared at my mouth. "I'd like to hear you say it."
I cleared my throat. "Come in, Ethan. - Author: Kristen Middleton
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#46. She was thinking of his mouth on hers. Which seemed only fair since he'd given a lot of thought to the same thing.
"'Night," she whispered.
"Night," he whispered back.
And yet neither of them moved. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#47. Holder: "Why'd you stop talking?"
Sky: "Talking? Holder, I'm reading. There's a difference. And from the looks of it, you haven't been paying a lick of attention."
Holder: "Oh, I've been paying attention. To your mouth. Maybe not to the words coming out of it, but definitely to your mouth. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#48. Those deep hazel eyes held his and didn't blink.
"You'd be amazed what I would do to keep you alive."
Abruptly, V's mouth opened, his breath growing tight. And as the two of them stood chest-to-chest, he knew every inch of his body, felt it all at once. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#49. If I'd realized how rabid he was to catch me slipping, I wouldn't have added more fuel to his fire by hitting him in the mouth.
Okay. I probably still would have hit him in the mouth. But I wouldn't have done it quite so hard. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#50. Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#51. There was something romantic about all of it, in the way he cradled my cheek when his mouth returned to mine and whispered my name like I was some kind of mystery he'd never be able to figure out. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#52. If anyone bothered to search through the laurel bordering the asphalt he'd surely find handfuls of teeth that were said to give the laurel its odd milky color, ivory with a pale pink edge, each blossom forming the shape of a bitter man's mouth. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#53. See?" I crowed. "I know what I'm doing. Two weeks, tops, and you'll be begging to dip your fries in my shake."

"You think?"

It took me about a second before I realized I'd done it again. My mouth seriously needed a chaperone. - Author: Elise Allen
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#54. Dress for the story that you'd like to have people know about you before you even open your mouth. - Author: Rachel Roy
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#55. He'd set his mouth in a feral line that could have tipped toward kindness or to cruelty in a second. - Author: Cate Rowan
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#56. Dark and deep in her eyes. He'd opened his mouth without any idea what he would - Author: J.D. Robb
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#57. I was always curious about the anxiety a person would feel when you open your mouth and you have an accent. You could have a Ph.D. or be a lawyer, but as soon as you say something, you may be diminished in the eyes of someone else. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#58. She half suspected that he had had been ordered by contract to look mouth-watering at all times. If he hadn't, it was really rude of him to persist in it. It was distracting. - Author: Andrea D. Smith
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#59. While Dmitri, as the leader of Raphael's Seven, could not accept such a weakness, the mortal he'd once been, the one who had loved a woman with a wide mouth and eyes of slanted brown ... that man understood what it was to love so deeply it was a kind of beautiful madness. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#60. I stood at the end of the street, catching snow in my mouth, and laughed softly to myself as I realized that without my insomnia and anxiety and pain I'd never have been awake to see the city that never sleeps asleep and blanketed up for winter. I smiled and felt silly, but in the best possible way. - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#61. He knew he had no right to touch her, crave her like air, but he did both. And when he put his mouth on hers, he recognized the taste of her, like she'd been made just for him. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#62. She writhed between him and the door and he moved his mouth to her ear, whispering hoarsely, Abbie, I'm going to take you to that bed and make love to you like you never imagined you'd be made love to again. - Author: LaVyrle Spencer
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#63. If my competitor were drowning I'd stick a hose in his mouth and turn on the water. - Author: Ray Kroc
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#64. Every now and then, something so profound comes out of your mouth that I am convinced you have to be consistently stupid on purpose. - Author: A.D. Blackburn
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#65. How many have you given me?" She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "None," she whispers back. "I'd like one now. Open your mouth. - Author: J.A. Huss
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#66. We're... er... meant to be naked," he continued, almost apologetic.

Cait blurted, "I know!" and then slapped her hands over the front of her mouth in horror at what she said, "I mean... that is... I'd figured that's how it was. - Author: Stephanie Sterling
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#67. Think how practical, pleasant, and thrilling it would be if one could open one's mouth, from time to time, and something other than sheer, forward, unreliable opinion came out! - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#68. I thought I'd pay you a visit, my dear. Since you're so interesting."
My mouth shifted into high gear, leaving my brain behind. "You know, you're the second guy in a few days to call me that. You should be more creative. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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#69. I also knew about Brady's photographs of the dead at Antietam: I'd seen the pictures online, pin-eyed boys black with blood at the nose and mouth. - Author: Anonymous
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#70. Naomi, I asked you to suck my cock, you'd have your mouth wrapped around it so fast, you'd break the sound barrier. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#71. I generally assumed a guy was gay until proven straight, taken until proven single, and not interested until he'd put his tongue in my mouth. - Author: Mara Wilson
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#72. Me and my big mouth! I'd get rid of it, only it's such a handy place to keep my teeth. - Author: Jimmy Durante
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#73. He's so full of alcohol, if you put a lighted wick in his mouth he'd burn for three days. - Author: Groucho Marx
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#74. I'd definitely found my equal, the woman who made my life a living hell and lived to antagonize me. A woman whose mouth I wanted to tape shut ... every bit as much as I wanted to kiss it. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#75. From the moment she'd first seen him in the Fontaine ballroom, she'd been lost. The passionate kiss a week later had destroyed her. Even now she could feel the heat of his expert lips against hers, and the remembrance of his taste made her mouth water. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#76. He wore eyeliner and gauged his ears and bought intentionally offensive t-shirts off the internet, which he would then wear to the shop, betting Jack that today was the day he'd get punched in the mouth by a swamper. - Author: Ania Ahlborn
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#77. Valencia gave Osh a once-over and smirked. I wanted to tell him Osh only looked like a kid, but he'd find that out soon enough. Osh was on him so fast, he was impossible to see. He pinned him against a wall, then lowered his mouth onto the - Author: Darynda Jones
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#78. A dentist at work in his vocation always looks down in the mouth. - Author: George D. Prentice
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#79. What's that?"
"I believe it is called a Vicodin."
My mouth gapes open, and I darn near tear up. "You brought me cake and drugs? If you included Casablanca, I'd have to marry you. - Author: Jennifer Harlow
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#80. He drew in an answering breath, and she waited to hear the quip, the joke, the dab of levity for the most intense moment they'd ever shared. But he only dropped his head into the crook of her neck and laid his mouth over her leaping pulse as they found their unhurried rhythm in the dark. - Author: Jessica Lemmon
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#81. I, a Laconian dog, can bite again: Yes, I can make the Daunian tiger flee, Much more a bragging, foul-mouth'd whelp like thee. - Author: Henry Kirke White
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#82. When the mouth cries, I want to see God, the heart has reached its finest moment. Once we have sought and seen God, all other things have a way of finding us. - Author: Gayle D. Erwin
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#83. If your heart was as big as your mouth you'd be real. - Author: DMX
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#84. His fingers fucked her slowly as he lowered his head and purred."Oh,so beautiful.So pink.Every inch of you cries for me.Eating your sweet pussy makes my cock cry too."
He covered her clit with his mouth and drew the bud into his wet heat,suckling it as he'd suckled her swollen tit. - Author: Laura Wright
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#85. Man, he's lucky I couldn't track down his ass or I'd have kicked it so hard that he'd be shitting from his mouth. - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#86. His mouth was truly one of his most spectacular accomplishments. It had the gentle fullness of passion, as though he'd just made love. As though he'd just satisfied some fortuitous woman's deepest desires. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#87. That's bullshit right there. I should be waking up with my cock in her mouth not because I told her we'd do yoga this morning. - Author: Kendall Ryan
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#88. And he'd said nothing or something that amounted to nothing, and I tongued this memory like a burn in my mouth until the bathwater cooled and shook me back into my body where my fingerprints were ruffled. - Author: Catherine Lacey
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#89. I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else."
Jesus. It took me a minute to be able to swallow the last bite in my mouth.
"You know ... I love you madly."
He smiled. "Yes, I know. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#90. A German shepherd dog could walk in the office with a script in his mouth, and if that script was really good, they'd buy the script. - Author: Peter Guber
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#91. Luckily, she'd remembered to wear her brain-to-mouth filter today.
. . .
"How big are you?" Apparently, her filter still let stupid questions slip out. (Angie) - Author: Annie Nicholas
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#92. My mouth fell open, and I swear, I got chills. He'd actually done it. He'd told his mom no. Somewhere along the line, Will Killian had grown a mother-proof spine. - Author: Stacey Kade
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#93. Eugenia's mouth formed an O shape, her eyes wide and a little wet.
Now I had not only told her Santa wasn't real, I'd told her the Easter Bunny went on killing sprees to eat the children who didn't find his eggs. - Author: Sierra Dean
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#94. He glared at Mr. Diddley's yellow-toothed smile, and thought how he'd like to shove a toothbrush in his mouth and teach him how to use it. - Author: Justin Swapp
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#95. You've been a bitch, goddess. That's over. From now on, you step when I say walk. You eat when I feed you. You come when I allow it. If I so much as look at your knees, you get on them and open your fucking mouth. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#96. I moaned like a whore in church.
To be fair, I'd never actually heard a whore moan in church, but I had a feeling it sounded a lot like the unholy sounds pouring forth from my mouth. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#97. Doc! I'd kiss you if you had a mouth, you sexy thing." Ro shouts up to the sky, as if Doc were everywhere in the universe. Which, sometimes, it feels like he is. "And I would exchange data with you if you had a dataport, you exemplary specimen. Analogically speaking. Is that correct? - Author: Margaret Stohl
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#98. My mouth gaped and I think I might have whimpered. The Norns had obliterated him completely - a creature they'd known for centuries - because of me. It was like watching Rudolph get shot by Santa Claus. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#99. He was reading with his mouth open, and he didn't hear me walk across the porch and sit down on the railing opposite his chair.
I kicked his chair with the toe of my shoe. "Stop reading, Mac," I said. "Put down that book. Entertain me." He was reading Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#100. At night, forgotten words tried to reach me. I listened with my skin. Words tore my skin off, crept inside me, and nestled down. I was a mass of wounds. When I opened my mouth in front of the mirror, beasts lay asleep in my throat; they'd made it their home. - Author: Margarita Karapanou
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