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#1. I was kicked off a record label and didn't get picked up again. It was devastating at first because I thought, 'Oh my God. My career is over. What's gonna happen? What am I going to do?' Once I got that I could have a career, a very good career, without having a hit record, then I changed. - Author: Thelma Houston
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#2. I prefer not to wink out from behind the character as myself, saying to the audience, "It's just me here, right, guys?" Peter Sellers is my model, and he didn't do that - he wore his character from head to toe. - Author: Andy Daly
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#3. I didn't want to do my mathematics homework back home. Or mend the fence or mind the chickens. But I did it anyway. Just because a person doesn't want to do a thing doesn't mean they ought to shirk. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#4. I did comics on the Internet because it was free, and if I had made printed copies, I wouldn't have known what to do with them. But I knew how to make a website when most people didn't, and back then, that was enough! - Author: John Allison
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#5. Amy said, "So, you're making a flamethrower?"
"Amy, we gotta be prepared. We don't know what we'll find in that place, but for all we know it could be the Devil himself."
"David, what possible good is that thing gonna do?"
"Oh, no, you didn't hear me. I said it's a flamethrower." Girls. - Author: David Wong
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#6. (On her work in Keep Your Powder Dry) I didn't want to do it, but they said if I did it they would give me Undercurrent with Robert Taylor. Then they gave Undercurrent to Katharine Hepburn, so I left MGM. - Author: Laraine Day
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#7. I didn't know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. - Author: Betty White
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#8. I don't mind being classified as a jazz artist, but I do mind being restricted to being a jazz artist. My foundation has been in jazz, though I didn't really start out that way. I started in classical music, but my formative years were in jazz, and it makes a great foundation. - Author: Herbie Hancock
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#9. I didn't do anything for two years but work on 'Gone Baby Gone,' and it was miserable and hard, but at the end? It is a good movie. I liked it very much. If it had been dismissed and deemed worthless, it would been definitely devastating. But that didn't happen. - Author: Ben Affleck
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#10. Thank you," I said and then abruptly leaned across the counter and with two forked fingers poked him sharply in the eyes. Actually, I didn't do that. I just imagined it. But imagining it made me feel better. I - Author: Bill Bryson
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#11. I hope that Facebook and other Internet technologies were able to help people, just like we hope that we help them communicate and organize and do whatever they want to every single day, but I don't pretend that if Facebook didn't exist, that this wouldn't even be possible. Of course, it would have. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
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#12. I talked to members of my family, and did some personal research that didn't really have anything to do with the time and place I was writing about, but that gave me a feeling of the experience of being black in a time and place where it was very difficult to be black. - Author: Octavia Butler
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#13. I have to say that it was a thrilling ride to be on 'Terriers.' It was this odd circumstance where it was really loved by the people it was loved by, but it didn't do well. In fairness to FX, they were just so generous in keeping it on the air the whole year. - Author: Donal Logue
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#14. I am absolutely not a roll-on-stage kind of girl! I would be totally freaked out if I didn't warm up, and I don't know how other singers do it. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#15. Studio press agents make up anything they want to, and reporters go along with it. One flack created the legend that I had been blown up in an air crash during the war, and my face had to be put back together by way of plastic surgery. If it is a 'bionic face,' why didn't they do a better job of it? - Author: Jack Palance
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#16. We didn't talk about the decision at all, which was great, just to get together as friends. The only thing he said to me was 'It's your decision. Just do what you have to do and I will back you 100 per cent. - Author: Craig Stevens
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#17. We didn't intend to hurt each other, and we don't have time to do so. Life is too short to blame others. It's now the past. I hope that everybody will do well in the long run. - Author: Jay Park
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#18. It makes you feel good when a movie works. Usually when I see an old movie I've made, I say to myself, 'Oh God, why did I do this?' and 'Why didn't I change that?' and things like that. - Author: Warren Beatty
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#19. The house didn't feel the same; it wasn't the same. The eeriness of that night permeated the walls and the suffocating warmth trapped in those walls. And I stood there, waiting for my feet to think, to move, knowing that they would decide to do just that. They had come this far. - Author: C.C. Wyatt
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#20. There's something I want to show you. Do you think anyone would notice if we slipped away for a bit?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "Given that we make up a full quarter of the guest list, I would be a little insulted if they didn't notice." "It was a rhetorical question. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#21. Denying what you are didn't keep people from knowing what you are."

"And flaunting it isn't what saved you."

Ykka takes a deep breath. The muscles in her jaw flex, relax. "And that would be why I asked you do this, Cutter. But let's move on."

So it goes on. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
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#22. When I was working on 'Big Fan,' I didn't really feel like any lines needed to be changed or enhanced or expanded upon in any way. I thought it was a solid script. All you had to do was what it said. - Author: Kevin Corrigan
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#23. What do the animals do in the zoo? That's the same thing that I do in my cell. I play with myself. I make little string dolls. I talk to roaches. I'm in jail for nine counts of murder, and I didn't do it. I'm in solitary confinement, may I add. - Author: Charles Manson
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#24. My parents were not musical, and they were not effervescent people; everything was very quiet. The music that I played was loud; it used to drive them up the wall. My father died, and that was a tragedy for everybody, but suddenly I didn't have anybody to stop me from doing what I wanted to do. - Author: Don McLean
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#25. I used to do films for money earlier. I never knew what perception meant. I didn't give too much attention to scripts. It was either to buy a house or to buy a car. There was a certain frivolity to the way I used to pick up things. I wasn't taking my career seriously. - Author: Emraan Hashmi
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#26. I would prefer it if people thought that I didn't work hard, that I just played the guitar for three minutes a week and was like, 'Check out this song - what do you think?' That would be ideal. I would prefer telling people that I'm just truly talented. - Author: Julian Casablancas
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#27. As soon as he comes into view, I lose the war. The war I didn't even know I was fighting. It doesn't happen often, but when I do find a guy attractive, it's better when it happens with a person I want it to happen with - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#28. Eden, it would be a lie if I told you I didn't want to kiss those perfect lips again. That's what I am fighting with at the moment, so no I do not want you to leave. I want you to stick around so you can continue to torment me. - Author: Rachel Brookes
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#29. When we started writing this kind of music in the beginning, I didn't think that many people would listen to it, but over the years our fan base just kept growing and growing. Now, it's like we do it for us and our fans. - Author: Jeff Hanneman
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#30. I began to rationalize marrying Will[iam Houston Price]. 'He comes from a good family. A girl could do worse.' (As it turned out, I couldn't, but I didn't know that yet - Author: Maureen O'Hara
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#31. I've done a lot of shows that didn't do well. You have to go in with a 50-50 take on it. If it goes well, fantastic. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. - Author: Amanda Righetti
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#32. I had feelings that I didn't know what to do with, and I felt better when I started writing them. I thought of it as poetry. I did notice girls really liked it. Better than football. They liked the combination. - Author: Edward Hirsch
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#33. I started off doing fiction in 1993. It didn't occur to me to do nonfiction because it wasn't a thing yet. So I was bumbling around, writing short stories, and then I took a nonfiction workshop, and I realized that this was what I was supposed to do. - Author: Meghan Daum
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#34. The three things I said when I came out of school were I want to work consistently, I want to do good work and I want to be paid fairly, and that's happened. But I didn't become an actress for the money. I do it for other reasons. - Author: Angela Bassett
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#35. I didn't know I could do that. I mean I knew I could do that before, but I didn't know it was actually working now until you screamed. I thought I was just imagining it. And don't give me that look ... sorry? (Xypher) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#36. I had to have my first kiss in front of, like, a hundred people. I didn't know what to do. So my sisters told me to, like, practice on a pillow, you know? But it didn't kiss me back so I didn't know what to expect. - Author: Lacey Chabert
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#37. I used to do crazy things that people would bail me out of, and I'm just grateful that I survived. But the music got very lost; I didn't know where I was going, and I didn't really care. I was more into just having a good time, and I think it showed. - Author: Eric Clapton
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#38. I didn't introduce thug life to America. Thug life is America. I don't get why the whole world is fearing me. I am scared, but so are they. It's like I am having a panic attack cause I have 15,000 people wanting to do what I want, listing to everything I say. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#39. I didn't want to kill them all. I didn't want to kill anybody! I'm not a killer! You didn't want me, you bastards, you wanted Peter, but you made me do it, you tricked me into it! - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#40. I just made the decision that I was going to try comedy, and if didn't work, then I knew it didn't work. Then I would go back and do whatever. But at least I wouldn't torture myself the rest of my life, wondering whatever would have happened. - Author: Bob Newhart
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#41. In films, I didn't crave the type of attention I had sort of stumbled into in my music career. And I do not audition well. I'm really not good at it. Early on, I did movies like 'Alpha Dog' and 'Black Snake Moan' because the directors didn't ask me to audition. - Author: Justin Timberlake
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#42. Well, I need a job. Something that'll leave me the free time I want."
"I like the way you arrange your life. What do you intend to do with this free time?"
"I intend to use it." I didn't like the implication of this. Why should he need his time free and I be questioned? - Author: Saul Bellow
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#43. I never felt I was quite the ticket academically. I always felt I had to put in an enormous amount of effort not to be disappointing. So I worked really hard, but at the time it suited me, because I didn't do very much else. - Author: Emily Mortimer
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#44. It takes character to sit there with all that cash and do nothing. I didn't get to where I am by going after mediocre opportunities. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#45. I thought you didn't like staying after school."
"I didn't at first, but I kind of like it now."
"You do?"
He nodded. "Miss Andrews makes me feel special. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#46. I know I haven't done it. I've done a couple of films, which were intended to go straight up. Thankfully they didn't. So now, I think that's what I need to do. I just need to grow as an actor. - Author: Max Irons
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#47. As I said this year, I didn't try to put any pressure on me by setting high goals or anything, I just want to make sure that every single time I'm out there on the court I do my best, I give 100%, and see where it's going to end up next year. - Author: Daniela Hantuchova
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#48. Do you have a body if there is no one there to touch it? I suppose you do, but sometimes it felt like I didn't. I was just a mind floating around the rooms. - Author: Jessie Burton
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#49. Because the truth is, I do love him. I've loved him without ceasing. I've loved him since that very first day. I loved him even when I swore I didn't. I can't help it. I just do. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#50. Innocence has a single voice that can only say over and over again, "I didn't do it." Guilt has a thousand voices, all of them lies. - Author: Leonard Peltier
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#51. When I moved to New York at 22, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I took an improv class, and the first scene I did, I felt like 'I want to do this for the rest of my life.' It was the first time I ever felt like that about anything. I tried to make a living off improv. - Author: Kurt Braunohler
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#52. I felt there needed to be a show for teenagers that didn't make them feel judged. 'Skins' never tried to preach. It allowed young people to make their own decisions about what to do and whether it was right or wrong. Young people really respond to that, and that's what sets 'Skins' apart. - Author: Kaya Scodelario
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#53. I didn't know what to say to her. What do you say to people when they ask how it feels to lose everything? When every planet in your solar system has exploded? - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#54. One of the reasons I didn't really want to do TV earlier in my career was because it is so life-consuming, and I wanted to spend time with my kids and be a mother. - Author: Andie MacDowell
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#55. I can't stand things that are poorly made or shoddily conceived. I feel like I'm being insulted when something is poorly designed, poorly made. It's like whoever made that thing didn't respect the rest of us enough to do it well. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#56. When I was in high school, I was going to be a painter because I had a facility for painting. I could do it, but I didn't have anything to say in that medium. - Author: Ellen McLaughlin
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#57. I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#58. I talked to Marvel about 'Thor' at one point, but I didn't want to do Thor. It wasn't something I read growing up, really; it wasn't one of the books I loved. - Author: Louis Leterrier
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#59. Why did you do it? Give up everything to raise another man's son?'
His father did look up at that. 'I didn't raise another man's son,' he said sharply. 'I raised my own. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#60. I did six internships, even though I was only allowed to do one. I had a paper with my advisor's signature on it that I would just forward for every new internship. I didn't get school credit, but I got away with giving free labor to everyone. - Author: Grace Helbig
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#61. I used to take it personally when a casting director didn't like me or I didn't get picked for something. Now I realize you can't do that. It'll mess with your self-esteem. Don't take rejection overly personally. If that doesn't work out, there's something else waiting for you. - Author: Sierra McCormick
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#62. I didn't care too much for ballet, because you had to be more disciplined, and you sort of looked like everyone else. It required a certain kind of conformity that I didn't feel like I wanted to do. - Author: Suzanne Farrell
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#63. I didn't do it to look nice," she said.
"But you do care."
Tiger Lily studied the tree and decided if she did care, she would now choose not to. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#64. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. I didn't really know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down ... I was a very public failure. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#65. Declaring independence was the most traumatic decision I had to live up to. Because I didn't want to do it. - Author: Ian Smith
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#66. Also, I knew that the impact of Motorcycle Diaries was going to be so resonant for all of us who went through the experience of making it that I didn't want to do anything that could reflect it. - Author: Walter Salles
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#67. Does the price matter, if the trick be well done? You do your tricks very well. And I didn't do badly either, since I managed not to sink that steamboat on my first trip. It's a wonder to me yet. Imagine a blindfolded man set to - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#68. Death Race was a very modern action movie and it used all of those modern action techniques with lots of hand-held camera, lots of punchy zooms, and lots of quick movements and quick cuts. In 3D, I didn't want to do that anymore. - Author: Paul W. S. Anderson
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#69. I didn't get excited by weight loss, and since I was already happy being fat, I couldn't see the point of it all. I'm 6 ft. and weigh about 18 st. or 19 st., but weighing myself is not something I do with much pleasure. - Author: Maeve Binchy
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#70. I wanted to be a part of the first 'Twilight' movie, and unfortunately, it didn't work out so great. So when they came back and were like, 'Do you want to come in for a part for the second movie,' I was like, 'Absolutely.' - Author: Jamie Campbell Bower
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#71. The risk for me has to do with the nudity aspects. I'm an American actress in mainstream movies, and I would like to always be able to do them. For some reason, nudity is perceived differently here than it is elsewhere, and I didn't want to lose any American audience that I was building. - Author: Amanda Seyfried
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#72. What if one of the times I Changed, when I turned back into myself, I didn't do it quite right? What if this isn't even my true face? - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#73. Directors always used to be like the police to me - the enemy, the people to tell me what to do when I didn't want to do it. But I've lived with one for a while now and I guess I can put myself more in their position. You shouldn't be too sympathetic to them. - Author: Helen Mirren
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#74. Cause The one thing that I learned from dad besides the cheap stuff fucks you up as much as the stuff on the top shelf does is it doesn't matter what you say or think, or wish you said but didn't say- just what you do. - Author: Mike Kinsella
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#75. I grew up around hunters. I love guns, bows, arrows, compasses and binoculars. I don't do any of that stuff, I just like the stuff. I shot one animal, in my life, and I didn't like it. If I had to skin an animal to eat it, I'd probably eat vegetables. - Author: Tim Allen
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#76. I do trust you, is what I want to say. But it isn't true
I didn't trust him to love me despite the terrible things I had done. I don't trust anyone to do that, but that isn't his problem; it's mine. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#77. Not being appreciated for 40 years or something ... It feels like I was accused of something that I didn't do, which was breaking up the Beatles. That was like being somebody who is in prison without having done anything wrong. - Author: Yoko Ono
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#78. Mr. Meant-to has a friend, his name is Didn't-Do. Have you met them? They live together in a house called Never-Win. And I am told that it is haunted by the Ghost of Might-have-Been. - Author: Marva Collins
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#79. He leans forward and kisses me hard on the mouth.
"Don't ever do that again," I tell him.
"Why? Because you liked it or because you didn't?"
"Both. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#80. Um, didn't Mythbusters once do an episode about how you couldn't use sheets as a way out of prison?" I laughed. "I don't remember if they busted it or not. - Author: Jesse Petersen
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#81. When I met Michael Jordan on a basketball court at an athletic club - we hooped together in Chicago - he came to me and asked me if I wanted to do a song for his upcoming movie. I was like, 'Yeah!' I didn't even ask what it was. - Author: R. Kelly
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#82. I'm glad I get singled out for my slide guitar-playing, which isn't that difficult to do. I didn't take guitar lessons, but I just love the way it sounds, almost like the human voice. - Author: Bonnie Raitt
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#83. Fill me in on the details of your life."

"I thought you didn't give a shit."

"It'll give me something to do while I wait for you to stab me to death. - Author: Christina Dodd
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#84. I didn't want to go marching down the street with camera crews. Oy. To get married? Really? It seems like you have an agenda when you do it that way. I wouldn't want to get married to be an example. - Author: Neil Patrick Harris
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#85. I didn't know how to grab your best material and put it together into a comedy set. I would just choose subjects and do it onstage. That's what I learned. I didn't know how to put a set together. - Author: Felipe Esparza
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#86. I never regret anything. I always said that when I'm old, I want to be sitting there regretting the things that I did and not the things that I didn't do; and now I'm old, and I don't regret anything! I had fun. I had fun, and I'm still having it. - Author: Michael Caine
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#87. Most of promoting seems unnatural to me, and I wish I didn't have to do it. I'm not especially good at tooting my own horn. However, I do love to connect with readers. That's why I try to keep up with my social media even when I don't have a new book coming out. - Author: Linda Conrad
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#88. It is sort of boring to stay in the same spot. You know, I didn't set out to become the first to do this, the first to do that. It was just that my interests were so diversified. - Author: Barbra Streisand
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#89. You exposed your penis on national television, Max. What am I supposed to do?"
"I didn't expose it, Howard, it just sort of peeked out. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
I Didn't Do It Quotes #98852
#90. I struggled to get through high school. I didn't get to go to college. But it made me realize you can do anything if you want to bad enough. - Author: S. Truett Cathy
I Didn't Do It Quotes #104404
#91. I didn't realize I was crying until it was time to say the blinding words. 'I do,' I managed to choke out in a nearly unintelligible whisper... When it was his turn to speak, the words rang clear and victorious. 'I do,' he vowed. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#92. Very much like that, and very much a loner, do you know and I didn't fit really into sport or all kind of group activities as a kid, I couldn't find a niche. And music was not really part of the kind of village curriculum it would, you know. - Author: Eric Clapton
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#93. I've never really done anything to create what has happened. It creates itself. I'm here because it happened. But I didn't do anything to make it happen apart from saying 'Yes' - Author: Ringo Starr
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#94. I think I wrote 'The Trysting Place' in about three weeks. But it was inexperience that made me have to do that. I didn't feel good about the book all the time I was writing it. It felt a bit like wading through molasses. - Author: Mary Balogh
I Didn't Do It Quotes #108399
#95. Yes, he wanted me to do Funny Games before, which I didn't want to do because the film was very theoretical - the way people experience violence on screen. There was very little space for fiction, it was more like a sacrifice for the actors than anything else. - Author: Isabelle Huppert
I Didn't Do It Quotes #108792
#96. I didn't have any inhibitions. I saw Elvis and Gene Vincent, and I thought, "Well, I can do this." And I liked doing it. - Author: Mick Jagger
I Didn't Do It Quotes #109828
#97. I'd never been around a capella or really knew much about it. I feel like I know a lot about music, but what I didn't anticipate is that when every actor has to sing a different part and then do all their choreography on the same beat or on the same word, it's really hard. - Author: Jason Moore
I Didn't Do It Quotes #111706
#98. I used to think that you could get to a level of success where the laws of the universe didn't apply. But they do. It's still life on life's terms, not on movie-star terms. I still have to work at relationships. I still have to work on my weight and some of my other demons. - Author: Chris Farley
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#99. Because I was starting out in my 20's. I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't want to use my dad or have people say I was using him. - Author: Rosanne Cash
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#100. My mother gave me singing lessons; that was totally painful, because I couldn't do what she wanted to hear. She used to say: there's more there, there's more voice but I just didn't want to give it to her. - Author: Linda Lavin
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