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Top 100 Clueless Quotes

#1. I think we have to help the helpless. The clueless? I don't give a rat's ass about the clueless. - Author: Dennis Miller
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#2. A young and clueless second-lieutenant straight out of the factory, I was very much surplus to the requirements. - Author: Patrick Hennessey
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#3. Believe in everything you do cause if you don't have self-belief, you'll be clueless. - Author: Shannon Leto
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#4. Six of Crows
A smol precious deadly flower, two gaybies, a beautiful Grisha warrior, a grumpy convict, and their brilliant, fearless (and sometimes clueless) leader perform a heist of epic proportions. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#5. Sometimes I think I'm an alien that accidentally fell off the mother ship, destined to wander among clueless earthling parents for all eternity. - Author: Sarah Ockler
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#6. I hardly broke any laws at all. I should drive more often. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#7. Most people are great at absorbing information. Guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses a delightfully unfair advantage: certainty in an uncertain world, economy in a high-priced world, simplicity in a complicated world, marketing awareness in a clueless world. - Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
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#8. I did a movie called 'Clueless' when I was first starting out. And with that paycheck, I went and bought a car, which I had no use for, because I lived in New York City, where you can take a train for a dollar anywhere. But instead, I bought a $20,000 car with a $12,000 check. - Author: Donald Faison
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#9. You remind me of myself " Bes continued "back when I was a young dwarf. You got a stubborn
streak. When it comes to girl problems you're clueless. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#10. But as soon as I joined 'Six Feet Under', I felt like I was finally doing something again that the fans really loved, and I could stop being afraid of 'Clueless' fans! - Author: Jeremy Sisto
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#11. Most of my critics don't even listen to me; they are clueless. They just go to Web sites that report what I say out of context. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#12. The truth of the matter is, that most English people don't know how to make tea anymore either, and most people drink cheap instant coffee instead, which is a pity, and gives Americans the impression that the English are just generally clueless about hot stimulants. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#13. No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don't ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#14. Do not gossip with new coworkers, admit to any insecurities or concerns, complain to them, or solicit too much in the way of guidance (they will peg you as clueless), especially - Author: Kate White
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#15. I've heard of sweatin' to the oldies, but this was like drowning to the moldies." - Cher - Author: Randi Reisfeld
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#16. I might be clueless about many, many things, but even I know that I can't make someone like me. If someone likes you, they'll realize it. And then it will be worth the wait. - Author: Courtney Cole
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#17. The list of lifesavers left him numb, clueless - the action, indifferent. - Author: Noorilhuda
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#18. How two people can be so completely in sync and so completely clueless about each other at the same time is absolutely beyond my ability to comprehend. - Author: Susan Bischoff
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#19. Everything I think and everything I do is wrong. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
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#20. Among Arabs he was a Berber, among Frenchmen an Arab, among his own a nothing, as I'd been a Jew among Arabs, an Egyptian among strangers and now an alien among WASPs, the clueless janitor trying out for the polo team. - Author: Andre Aciman
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#21. In fact, looking back, it seems to me that I was clueless until I was about 50-years-old. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#22. I don't follow fashion. I need people to style me because I'm pretty clueless about it and I don't really care. I pretty much wear the same outfit every day when I'm not working. - Author: Megan Fox
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#23. Do I have clueless tattooed across my forehead?"
Narrowing my eyes,I leaned toward him. "Yeah,I think maybe you do. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
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#24. Casey Anthony was found not guilty. This means that President Obama's economic team is only the second-most clueless group in America. - Author: Jay Leno
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#25. I'm ashamed to say, I'm one of those guys who's been so busy bringing home the bacon I'm clueless about frying it. - Author: Laurie Kellogg
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#26. Nowadays some people have become
intimate with thoughts
but unfriendly with the heart
They have become a clueless eye
that does not see itself - Author: Santosh Lamichhane
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#27. I believe that the market is slowly waking up to the fact that the Federal Reserve is a clueless organization. They have no idea what they're doing. And so the confidence level of investors is diminishing, in my view. - Author: Marc Faber
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#28. I want to help the helpless, but I don't want to help the clueless. - Author: Dennis Miller
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#29. With Google I'm starting to burn out on knowing the answer to everything. People in the year 2020 are going to be nostalgic for the sensation of feeling clueless. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#30. A lot of companies are clueless, because they spend most or all of their security budget on high-tech security like fire walls and biometric authentication - which are important and needed - but then they don't train their people. - Author: Kevin Mitnick
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#31. You have to realize I grew up in a real hockey town. And there I was wearing bow ties and watching the gayest movies on the face of Earth, like 'Clueless.' - Author: Brad Goreski
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#32. Politics is clueless; I can claim -"I am a politician" only because I am not. - Author: Munia Khan
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#33. And one of Richard's few merits was being able to recognise his limitations, and so he enlisted under any flag that William was able to wave. That is a universal law: the clueless obey the insane. - Author: Albert Sanchez Pinol
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#34. I'm like this yo-yo with a three-thousand-mile string." - Tai - Author: Jennifer Baker
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#35. Gruff," I said, "I find myself largely clueless about why mortal women do what they do. It will take a wiser man than me to understand what's in a fae woman's mind. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#36. I've watched 'Clueless' as many times as humanly possible. Like, I would run home from school to watch it. Like, I can quote it backwards. - Author: Krysten Ritter
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#37. Anyone, from the most clueless amateur to the best cryptographer, can create an algorithm that he himself can't break. - Author: Bruce Schneier
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#38. Since I was five, I've known that I was adopted, which is a politically correct term for being clueless about one's own origins. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#39. I need an irony punctuation mark for the clueless. - Author: Gene Weingarten
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#40. Anyone have a pen and paper?"
There was a moment of stillness as the four of us looked around, totally clueless. The only things any of us ever wrote with were our phones. And there was no way this was going to be a vote via group text. - Author: Goldy Moldavsky
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#41. Politicians are terrified of losing touch with folks back home but content to be clueless about government's failure to fix real problems. - Author: Jim Cooper
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#42. People were clueless. All
they ever went by was appearance and rumor. - Author: Jay Bell
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#43. Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there's no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value. - Author: Cher
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#44. I haven't decided yet if you're witty or clueless."
"All of the above," Napier answered. "Unless charming is an option, of course. - Author: Emory Sharplin
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#45. In the future, it will become increasingly obvious that your competitors are just as clueless as you are. - Author: Scott Adams
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#46. I've never done a teen movie before, but I certainly could tell you some of the ones I came very close on. I was very close on Clueless and She's All That. - Author: Mia Kirshner
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#47. My first audition was an open call and I had no picture and no resume - that's how clueless I was. I just thought I could show up. - Author: Adepero Oduye
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#48. Whaddaya want?" growled Viola, our small, surly, octogenarian waitress.
What did I want? A job. A clue. A love.
"Two coffees," Len answered for me.
Coffee would do for now, I guess. - Author: Megan McCafferty
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#49. It's embarrassing when a leader is clueless about his/her limitations (blind spots) while his/her people are well aware and making fun out of them. - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#50. He's a sucking chest wound of a human being. But if you're going to have a jailer, better a clueless one than one who's really on the ball. - Author: Cory Doctorow
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#51. Whitney misread my silent horror. "I'm excited, too! And don't worry, I snagged your friend Ella Francis as well. We can all hang together." Emphasized in that clueless way adults speak when trying to sound hip. - Author: Kathy Reichs
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#52. I'm ambidextrous when I eat. But playing tennis right-handed - I can't do it. I'm clueless. - Author: Rafael Nadal
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#53. Being clueless isn't in the inability to use the brain but in the inability to see. - Author: Adeola O. Ajibabi
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#54. I felt clueless and nervous--pretty much the same way I'd been feeling ever since I came back from Italy. - Author: Maria Grazia Swan
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#55. I wasn't brave, or strong, or badass. And all those quirky lines I fed you? A foolish attempt at sounding strong.
The truth is: I was just a lost girl. Someone who was clueless on how to get out of the hole she'd dug for herself.
I didn't want to be the way I was. I wanted to be normal. - Author: L. Duarte
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#56. Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It's my most capable-looking outfit! - Author: Cher
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#57. The good news about psychedelics is that they are incredibly democratic. Even the clueless can be swept along if the dose is sufficient. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#58. Gabriel Scott might not know how to manage me, but I sure as shit am clueless when it comes to him too. - Author: Kristen Callihan
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#59. Before I was a mom I used to think that parents who worried about their kids watching MTV were just clueless. Now that I'm a mom, I see what the fuss was all about! - Author: Martha Quinn
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#60. Experts are clueless. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#61. Charles Manson loved the Beatles but didn't understand them. Governor Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn't understand him. And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine. - Author: Tom Morello
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#62. I wondered when I would stop feeling like such a clueless twit for that misplaced trust. - Author: Tammara Webber
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#63. Growing up like rewriting is simply admitting how clueless you were not so long ago. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#64. He knew today that his life was forever changed in that one moment and he was clueless as to why or how it was. Never in his life had he ever felt that quick response to anyone. Breathless and unable to look away from her, like if he did she would disappear. - Author: P.J. Fiala
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#65. You really are pretty stupid sometimes, you know that? I think you must be more man than demon." With that, she stormed off. Sam sat where he was, feeling bewildered. "Did I say something wrong? - Author: Phillip W. Simpson
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#66. You are a moron.
Jackson wanted to bash the message into his head. Because obviously his brain wasn't going to be of any help in the matter. And God knew his friend that lived behind the zipper of his jeans was clueless. - Author: Candis Terry
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#67. Now he laughed again. "I'm sorry. I just tend to get on the defensive." "That's okay. I tend to get on the clueless. So we're even." He - Author: N.R. Walker
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#68. Educating people beyond their intellectual means is a disservice to humanity. A clueless person who knows little is a nuisance; a clueless person who knows a lot is a menace. - Author: George Jonas
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#69. Joe, I think I might be clueless when it comes to love. Afraid I wouldn't know real love if it bit me in the ass." He chuckled in spite of himself. "Been there," he said. "Pretty recently, in fact." "I - Author: Robyn Carr
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#70. Would you look at that body language? Legs crossed towards each other. That is an unequivocal sex invite. - Author: Cher
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#71. Ignorance and arrogance are the artist's and entrepreneur's indispensable allies. She must be clueless enough to have no
idea how difficult her enterprise is going to be and cocky enough to believe she can pull it off anyway. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#72. Your excellence is what will leave your competition clueless.
Your uniqueness is what will leave your competition speechless.
Your brilliance is what will leave your competition breathless.
Your transcendence is what will leave your competition lifeless. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#73. Sometimes she despaired at other women - their feebleness, their triviality, the nonsense they absorbed. So many were like little doe-eyed deer waiting to be chased, clueless with a different mindset and a bit of effort they could be the predators. - Author: Dave Franklin
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#74. My attention since 'Clueless' has been on family, relationships, activism, the planet, and my career. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
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#75. Spar felt a tiny thud on the back of his shin, as if a moth had butted against him on its flight through the night air. Wait, had that been the small human? Had she kicked him? He could not tell by glancing at her face. - Author: Christine Warren
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#76. You know what truly aches? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out. - Author: Karen Quan
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#77. When Hillary Clinton talks about adding more restrictions and complexity to our financial system, as she did in her economic policy speech, it shows how clueless she is about how the economy actually works. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#78. I loved 'Clueless.' That was one of my favorite movies of all time. - Author: Amanda Bynes
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#79. Corporate irony not only ridicules the thing it is selling but the very act of selling it. In the process it disarms critics by making anyone who goes against the flow of commerce seem clueless. - Author: David Denby
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#80. Since the moment I laid eyes on Jericho Barrons, I wanted him. I wanted him to do things to me that pink and clueless MacKayla Lane was shocked and appalled and ... okay, yeah, well, utterly fascinated to find herself thinking about. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#81. I gave up writing for seven years (very biblical) and picked it up again, still clueless and still seeking the exotic, when I was twenty-one. - Author: David Bergen
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#82. I always wanted so much glamour in my life, so I have always been obsessed with class, and from dating a few people who were from old money and a few from new money in my 20s, I just sort of became obsessed with this idea of clueless rich people. - Author: Natasha Leggero
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#83. I felt impotent and out of control, which I really, really hate. I had to find sanctuary in a place where I could gather my thoughts and regain my strength. - Author: Cher
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#84. Never wrestle with pigs for the pigs remain clueless and you end up muddy. - Author: Orrin Woodward
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#85. Trey scoffed. "Between you and me, Brayden's probably the last guy in the world you have to worry about. I think he's as clueless as you are. If I didn't care about your virtue so much, I'd actually probably give him a lecture on 'how' to try something." -Trey, pg. 70 - Author: Richelle Mead
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#86. Workshops and seminars are basically financial speed dating for clueless people. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Clueless Quotes #503042
#87. Truly, the only stupid people I've ever met, the most absolutely clueless, are the very people that produce television. - Author: Bill Hicks
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#88. 'Clueless' is an adaptation of 'Emma' by Jane Austen. It works either way: if you know the book and if you don't. - Author: Jason Moore
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#89. I saw 'Clueless' five times in the theatre when I was growing up. - Author: Lizzy Caplan
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#90. People-clueless,clueless people-stood there,staring in confusion as they tried to figure out what kind of show I was doing and whether they should clap or call the police. - Author: Kiersten White
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#91. We'd been so ... clueless that being in heat is not, by a long shot, the same as being in love, or that being in love is not, by a long shot, the same as loving. - Author: Molleen Zwiker
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#92. Imagine how asleep or utterly unperceptive and clueless you would have to be not to see yourself as absurd for the most part. - Author: John Malkovich
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#93. Most of the equipment in the gym looked like it belonged in Christian's "Red Room of Pain." I didn't think NYSC was a front for a BDSM club, so there must be another purpose behind the various contraptions; I was just clueless as to what that purpose was. - Author: Genna Rulon
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#94. Javier Pastore wouldn't get a beach ball off me if we were locked in a phone box. He's turd. Anyone who thinks he isn't is clueless. - Author: Joey Barton
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#95. Rules are for the stupid, the clueless, those who cannot be trusted to do the right thing. - Author: Jared Dillian
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#96. Many (Christians) have zeal without knowledge, enthusiasm without enlightenment. In more modern jargon, they are keen but clueless. - Author: John Stott
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#97. I claim that all those who think they can cherry-pick science simply don't understand how science works. That's what I claim. And if they did, they'd be less prone to just assert that somehow scientists are clueless. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#98. I didn't want to, even in my imagination, even for a second, to conflate this sophisticated woman with my mother, a woman so frugal and clueless that she had once given me - to have! to know! to wear! - her stretch black lace underwear that had shrunk in the dryer, though I was only ten. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#99. Are non-readers totally clueless about how obnoxious it is to be engrossed in your book only to find someone suddenly talking to you? - Author: Stephanie Morrill
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#100. Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex. - Author: Cher
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