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#1. I'm the one who requires a nice scratch behind my ears, and then I'll tap my toe, and that'll be fine. - Author: Mike Pesca
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#2. My main point is to be funny; if I can slip a message in there, fine. - Author: Flip Wilson
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#3. Paranoid can also be defined as "carefully smart"! Almost every episode of SVU is based on a true story; I'd watched my fill until they moronically cut Detective Stabler's fine-ass character. - Author: Angela Graham
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#4. I feel like I walk a very fine line between wanting someone to be open and vulnerable and honest with me and the listeners, but not wanting anyone to ever feel like I'm exploiting them. - Author: Alison Rosen
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#5. There will be four ancillary shows on the MyMusic channel, and we'll be updating an entire blog with up-to-the-minute music news. You can visit it like BuzzFeed or Pitchfork and get album reviews. It's all as part of the sitcom experience, written by the characters. - Author: Benny Fine
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#6. Love is a wonderful thing. It is more precious than emeralds and dearer than fine opals. pearls and pomegranates cannot buy it, nor is it set forth in the market-place. It may not be purchased of the merchants, nor can it be weighted out in the balance for gold. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#7. The evidence in this universe for design - or, if you will, the fine-tuning that cannot be explained by chance or by 'enough time' - is so compelling that the only way around it is to suggest that our universe is only one of an infinite number of universes. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#8. Work and thou canst escape the reward; whether the work be fine or course, planting corn or writing epics, so only it be honest work, done to thine own approbation, it shall earn a reward to the senses as well as to the thought. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#9. Fine colour implies a unified relationship, in which each part is subordinate to the whole, and the transitions between them are felt to be as precious and beautiful as the colours themselves. In fact, the colours themselves must be continuously modified and broken as part of the transition. - Author: Kenneth Clark
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#10. Everything was fine, would continue to be fine, would eventually get even better as long as the supermarket did not slip. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#11. You need to have tremendous confidence in your work, even a touch of arrogance, chutzpah. Many very fine researchers lack intellectual daring. It's human nature to want to be cozy, secure. But that can be a cul de sac. - Author: Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
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#12. I have no idea where I want to go musically, but I'm fine that way. I don't need to be faithful to any concept, you know. - Author: Shakira
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#13. Please help me, I begged her silently. "I'm fine." I'm not fine, and I am going to kill someone, and I don't know if I'll be able to stop "I'm fine, let's go back. - Author: Dan Wells
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#14. I'll be fine, I'll be with Dumbledore,' said Harry. p.552 - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#15. The future of commerce is going to be all electronic. The gold standard was a fine idea, but electronic changes of funds and credits will be the future. - Author: Bill Nye
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#16. I may not be an expert in women, but I know enough about them to know that fine means definitely not fucking fine . - Author: Vi Keeland
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#17. I was rather a poor student, too easily distracted - did a lot of gazing out of windows, fine for training to be a writer, but not a great way to achieve in the classroom. The truth is that I was happy to bumble along and do enough to avoid detention, but not much more. - Author: Michael Morpurgo
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#18. Should I pull on a shirt?" he asked with hint of amusement. I WILL NOT BLUSH. "No." He'd be doing the world a favor if he never wore a shirt again, but I wasn't going to tell him that part. "You're fine. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#19. Blood and tears are going to be our lot, whether we like them or not. Our blood and tears will flow; maybe the parched soil of India needs them so that the fine flower of freedom may grow again. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
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#20. [Hillary Clinton] and I are fine. Are we going to be besties for the rest of our lives? No. - Author: Claire McCaskill
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#21. Would that the majority could inflict the greatest evils, for they would then be capable of the greatest good, and that would be fine, but now they cannot do either. They cannot make a man either wise or foolish, but they inflict things haphazardly. - Author: Socrates
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#22. So I'd be quite happy to have a three-hour Lincoln-Douglas-style debate with Barack Obama. I'd let him use a teleprompter. I'll just rely on knowledge. We'll do fine. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#23. You are a fine and talented woman, whose potential is yet to be realized given the love and support and luck we all need. Where you lost the will to fight for what is yours, where you gave away control of your life, is the mystery you are now unraveling. When you get it all back, hold on to it. - Author: Isabel Vincent
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#24. I guess my feeling is is that if you're going to make a joke, that's fine, but you should also sort of stand behind it, you know? A joke should be more than a joke, it should be a point that you're trying to make. - Author: Adam Carolla
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#25. I think it rather fine, this necessity for the tense bracing of the will before anything worth doing can be done. I rather like it myself. I feel it is to be the chief thing that differentiates me from the cat by the fire. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#26. Quinn," Alaric said quietly. "His aim is to ignite your temper. Perhaps you might allow me the chance to assist you this one time?"
"Fine, but you seem to be making a habit of it," she shot back. "We can discuss that later, too. Be my guest." - Author: Alyssa Day
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#27. Later still, the war memorials would sprout from the earth, dwelling not on the loss, but on what the loss had won, and what a fine thing it was to be victorious. "Victorious and dead," some muttered, "is a poor sort of victory. - Author: M.L. Stedman
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#28. It would be a fine thing if war could be conducted as a game where no lives were lost. At the end of a battle combatants could meet [ ... ] and drink and talk. - Author: David Gemmell
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#29. I guess I found it useful to realise that everything is true at once, you know? You can pull back and say, 'Everything will be fine,' but you can also be in a situation and say, 'Not everything is going to be fine.' - Author: Feist
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#30. I think your eyes might be the exact same color as mine," she said wonderingly.
"What fine gray-eyed babies we shall have," he said, before he thought the better of it. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#31. There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes. We cannot see it, but when our bodies are purified, we shall see that it is all matter. - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
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#32. Motivation is a fine example of social complexity. It is nonlinear and sometimes unpredictable. It cannot be defined or modeled with a single diagram. - Author: Jurgen Appelo
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#33. Sometimes, for a moment, everything is just as you need it to be. The memories of such moments live in the heart, waiting for the time you need to think of them, if only to remind yourself that for a short while, everything had been fine, and might be so again. - Author: Ami McKay
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#34. At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#35. I've learned that it's fine to have expectations, and dreams are wonderful, but once in a while, it would be good to have something come my way without having to fight for it. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#36. It's fine to be on the hamster wheel, running and running, trying to grab the brass ring or whatever you define as success, but your relationships, that's really all that matters when it's all said and done. - Author: Katie Couric
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#37. the text box (see screen shot in Step #5) that there is a bullet. This might be fine for listing items, but when you want to type a paragraph, this feature can be annoying. To eliminate bullets, click on the text box. Choose Bullets and Numbering from the - Author: Anonymous
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#38. Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I'm totally fine with that being me. - Author: Abby Wambach
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#39. A great wine served in fine glassware is beautiful. But it is also seductive and full of strange promise and perhaps the slightest hint of naughtiness, all waiting to be uncoiled. - Author: Dave Chambers
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#40. I hated the Naked Chef. Fine, yes, he did good things for school food or whatever, but, you know, I don't want my chefs to be cute and adorable. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#41. I've been used to consider poetry as the food of love " Mr.Darcy
Of a fine, stout, healthy love it may. Everything nourishes what is strong already. But if it be only a slight, thin sort of inclination, I am convinced that one good sonnet will starve it entirely away." Eliza - Author: Jane Austen
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#42. Tarver lifts one hand to touch my face, tracing the curve of my cheek. "Lilac, if something happened to you," he murmurs, "I would be anything but fine. - Author: Amie Kaufman
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#43. You were born not to be just fine - Author: Mel Robbins
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#44. Everything was fine, and she had the rare, new sensation of being exactly where she wanted to be. - Author: David Nicholls
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#45. Be true to yourself.
Make each day your masterpiece.
Help others.
Drink deeply from good books.
Make friendship a fine art.
Build a shelter against a rainy day.
Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day. - Author: John Wooden
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#46. Ever' man wants life to be a fine thing, and a easy. 'Tis fine, boy, powerful fine, but 'taint easy.

--Penny Baxter to his son, Jody - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#47. I don't care about losing people who don't wanna be in my life anymore. I've lost people who meant the world to me and I'm still doing just fine. - Author: Karl May
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#48. I do not know what the spirit of a philosopher could more wish to be than a good dancer. For the dance is his ideal, also his fine art, finally also the only kind of piety he knows, his 'divine service.' - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#49. It's fine, I repeated. And whatever. It was fine. It had to be. - Author: John Green
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#50. It is a fine thing to be out on the hills alone. A man can hardly be a beast or a fool alone on a great mountain. - Author: Francis Kilvert
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#51. I need you. I need you safe and well and whole. I need you to be okay, because that's the only thing that will keep me from going crazy right now. And I need you to let me look at your hand. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#52. There's handsome and then there's he-just-shouldn't-be-able-to-walk-this-earth-fine. We - Author: Kenya Wright
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#53. Though a quarrel in the streets is a thing to be hated, the energies displayed in it are fine; the commonest man shows a grace in his quarrel. - Author: John Keats
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#54. One is rarely an impulsive innovator after the age of sixty, but one can still be a very fine orderly and inventive thinker. One rarely procreates children at that age, but one is all the more skilled at educating those who have already been procreated, and education is procreation of another kind. - Author: Georg C. Lichtenberg
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#55. Sir Thomas More: Why not be a teacher? You'd be a fine teacher; perhaps a great one.
Richard Rich: If I was, who would know it?
Sir Thomas More: You; your pupils; your friends; God. Not a bad public, that. - Author: Robert Bolt
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#56. Now if the wearing of fine and precious robes were not a fault, word of God would never have so carefully expressed this. For no one seeks costly garments except for vainglory, that he may seem more honorable than others; for no one wishes to be clothed with such, where he cannot be seen by others. - Author: Pope Gregory I
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#57. Independent dance - and, fine, it's a very good thing that it remains independent - is a much tougher life: all dancers expect that, and accept that there will be periods of not being able to work, provided there are choice moments during the year when they really can work. - Author: Siobhan Davies
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#58. You say, "Well, I am not going to be anyone's 'yes man.' If I see something wrong in a person, I'm going to warn others about it." Fine. But beware that what you are calling "courage to speak out" is not more truly a deception masking a rebellious, dishonouring attitude. - Author: Francis Frangipane
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#59. I regret the times I've been mean to people ... It's fine to pick on people who can defend themselves and deserve it. Some people don't deserve to be picked on who I picked on, so I don't do it anymore. - Author: Don Imus
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#60. It was exactly the sort of thing I needed to be reading that afternoon: a story where, no matter how bad things got, you knew everything was going to turn out fine in the end. - Author: Heather James
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#61. At midlife, you're pregnant with the best self you can be - someone who has learned enough from both successes and failures to add up to a fine human being. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#62. The fine thing about pacts with the devil is that when you sign them you are well aware of their conditions. Otherwise, why would you be recompensed with hell? - Author: Umberto Eco
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#63. How learned and fine we believed ourselves to be! How shitty of the world to deal with us this way. - Author: Robert Stone
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#64. A great many years ago I purchased a fine dictionary. The first thing I did with it was to turn to the word "impossible," and neatly clip it out of the book. That would not be an unwise thing for you to do. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#65. A family of ten children will be always called a fine family, where there are heads and arms and legs enough for the number. - Author: Jane Austen
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#66. There is two types of Larceny, Petty and Grand. They are supposed to be the same in the eyes of the law, but judges always put a little extra on you for Petty, which is kind of a fine for stupidness. - Author: Will Rogers
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#67. Find the audience, be excellent, and you will be fine. - Author: David Oyelowo
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#68. I know. You can be fine, and then,
out of nowhere,
a memory blindsides you. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
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#69. History is admirably dangerous. It is not the soft option. Teachers need to be grown up and brave. Sensitivity is fine, but it stops at the door of honest narrative. - Author: Simon Schama
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#70. The death I should prefer would be to break my neck off the back of a good horse at a full gallop on a fine day. - Author: Fanny Kemble
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#71. I think there's nothing better than laughing in life, so that's nice, to be thought of as someone who can make someone laugh. It's 'cause I think life is hard. You know, my dad was a really silly man. A great Irish silly man. And that's fine. - Author: Joan Cusack
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#72. Charity is a fine thing if it's meeting a gap where needs must be met and there are no other resources. But in the long term we need to support people into helping themselves. - Author: Annie Lennox
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#73. I bet things will turn out okay," I said, gripped by an urge to say some cheerful thing - it rose up from my throat like a cough. "I bet it will be fine. - Author: Karen Thompson Walker
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#74. But you'll be killed!"
"I'll be fine. Besides, we've got no choice."
Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#75. To be vested with enormous authority is a fine thing; but to have the on-looking world consent to it is finer. - Author: Mark Twain
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#76. Susan, you were a mighty fine woman when you were alive and all, but personally I'd rather be gang-raped by giant, rabid, syphilitic porcupines, than join your shithead, hippie-commune, undead family, you scrawny-ass, vampire skank whore. - Author: Larry Correia
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#77. The sky was clear and the stars were growing bright. 'It's going to be a fine night,' he said aloud. 'That's good for a beginning. I feel like walking. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#78. I have to be cautious, have my thyroid levels checked, and as long as I do that, I'm fine. - Author: Gail Devers
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#79. In my business, one learns there is a fine line between insanity and genius. We would be wise to give this man a little respect. - Author: Dan Brown
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#80. Surprise is not humor. I think that there can be a fine line there. - Author: Keegan-Michael Key
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#81. The ethical system that will dominate the world-state will be shaped primarily to favor the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity - beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds - and to check the procreation of base and servile type. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#82. Plutarch has a fine expression, with regard to some woman of learning, humility, and virtue;
that her ornaments were such as might be purchased without money, and would render any woman's life both glorious and happy. - Author: Laurence Sterne
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#83. Dress like Britney Spears and think like me, and everything will be fine. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#84. I told you what I wanted from you. If you're refusing, fine. I'll pull out and finish on my own. But you'll be wearing cum on your dress for the rest of the day. Either way those men are going to know you were in here being the dirty little slut that you are. Your choice. Do you understand? - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#85. There's like ten minutes when it's like, 'Okay, wait, who is this guy again?' And then, you know, I just put on the calculator watch and the glasses, and just be all, you know, inappropriate. And then it just works out fine. - Author: Rainn Wilson
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#86. If you would be just as content winning a local Golden Gloves fight as you would making a pile of money as a professional, then fine, go become a boxer. But if the whole idea is for you to get rich, my God, stay in school and learn a profession. - Author: Gerald McRaney
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#87. Still, I don't like his use of the word fine. I want to be better than fine. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#88. Fine blunderers in ethics we are, so generally conveying to children the basic impression that pleasantness must be wrong, and right doing unpleasant! - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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#89. I don't need a boyfriend to be happy. If I meet someone and I want to be with him, then I will be. I'm very confident in being single until I find someone who I'm extremely crazy about and who I want to devote my time and love to. Until then, I will just be on my own and I am totally fine with that, - Author: Nina Dobrev
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#90. Gabriel sighed and leaned back in the throne. Are we going to be dramatic now? Maybe I should call for some wine of my own and we can wallow and aimlessly fight through our miserable drunkenness. - Author: Chelsea Fine
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#91. Try patting them on the back or shoulder and telling them everything is going to be fine. Lots of times when girls cry, they don't want you to fix the problem, they just want to be consoled. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#92. Oh my god, you really are insane." "Probably," he said with a shrug, "but don't worry I doubt it's hereditary so the baby should be fine. - Author: R.L. Mathewson
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#93. People need to learn how to work, learn how to support themselves. I think it's just fine to be eccentric. - Author: Temple Grandin
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#94. I wrapped my arms around his neck, drawing him closer. Oh God, it was so out of control, but in this really sweet, beautiful way. I never thought I'd be allowed to have that feeling. I thought it had been completely beaten out of me, but there it was, untouchable and clean. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#95. To me, the excitement is in ordering a fine shotgun, going through the process that everybody who has bought one has gone through for 100 years. You order it, you make a significant down payment, and then you wait three or four years for the gun to be custom-made for you. - Author: Tom Selleck
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#96. If you love music and you are good in it, you will be fine. But be prepared to have to work hard. - Author: Nigel Godrich
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#97. It becomes possible to admit that plainness may coexist with nobility of nature, and fine features with baseness; and yet to hold that mental and physical perfection are fundamentally connected, and will, when the present causes of incongruity have worked themselves out, be ever found united. - Author: Herbert Spencer
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#98. I think what I do differently from a lot of TV chefs is that I break down barriers and make fine food more accessible to the regular person, who might be intimidated. I try hard, particularly with wine, to make it not intimidating. It's sort of a teaching job. - Author: Ted Allen
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#99. And those people like my grandmother, who are so free with their insults and their slaps, who say that it is a tremendous honor and a fine step up for a ninny like me, might well consider that a fool can be jumped up, but a fool can also be thrown down; and who is going to catch me then? - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#100. There's a fine line between helping others and being a people pleaser, and mistaking one for the other can be hugely detrimental. When we put others' needs before our own, we deplete our energy, which can lead to depression, physical illness, and overwhelm. - Author: Gabrielle Bernstein
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