Top 100 I'm Just Fine Quotes

#1. I can have as many bad days as anyone. But I choose to say, 'I'm just fine.'

Mary J. Blige

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#2. I used to be a good party boy. I'm old. I'm an old man. You pay the consequences. I'm just fine with a couple of drinks, no more than that.

Javier Bardem

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#3. I get called an adrenaline junkie every other minute, and I'm just fine with that.

Steve Irwin

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#4. I don't need a boyfriend to be happy. If I meet someone and I want to be with him, then I will be. I'm very confident in being single until I find someone who I'm extremely crazy about and who I want to devote my time and love to. Until then, I will just be on my own and I am totally fine with that,

Nina Dobrev

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#5. Gabriel raised an eyebrow. "Are you seriously going out with a dagger strapped to your back? You might as well just wear a sign that says Look at me, I'm a killer!

Chelsea Fine

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#6. My life is fairly normal. I didn't wake up one morning and find out that I'm suddenly a star, with people clamoring at me. I feel like I'm moving up the ladder just a little, which is fine.

Daniel Stern

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#7. Katie leaned forward conspiratorially. Oh, sweetie, I just said that because Alice is an old bag. You go after Devon. The man is fine. I don't blame you for changing your look for a shot at that. When the pool about you two gets going at Petie's Pub, I'm putting my money on you.

Susan Meier

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#8. So you can say whatever you want and quote me however you want about politics and make the next payday, and that's fine because I'm making that deal with you, but just mention the movie along the way, OK?

James Woods

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#9. I don't care about losing people who don't wanna be in my life anymore. I've lost people who meant the world to me and I'm still doing just fine.

Karl May

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#10. This book probably makes it seem like I hate myself and everything I do. But that's not totally true. I mostly just hate every person I've ever been. I'm actually fine with myself right now.

Jesse Andrews

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#11. Because I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes, talking with strangers, waiting in line. I'm through with these pills that make me sit still, are you feeling fine? Yes, I feel just fine.

Aurelien Budynek

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#12. I know that life, I've done all those things, and I can still tell you that just being you is perfectly fine.

Charles M. Blow

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#13. I'm human, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I'm already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.

Selena Gomez

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#14. Once I actually get in the studio and I start working, I'm fine, but it's just getting there and these hours of torment with myself and self doubt, thinking 'I'm useless' and 'Who am I, conning myself into thinking I can do it again.'

Imogen Heap

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#15. I'm *fine*. I'm alive and believe me, I gave as good as I got, if not better. You don't need to go kill anyone.'
'I'm not killing anyone. I'm just going to shoot them all several times. If they die, that's their fault.'

Dee Tenorio

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#16. I'm always fine," Andi snapped. But she knew that Lira sensed the lie the moment it left her lips. She sighed. "I'm just in shock. Seeing Dex again after I thought her was gone for good... I stuck a knife through him, Lira. And now he's come back to haunt me.

Sasha Alsberg

I'm Just Fine Quotes #231080
#17. I'm just confused as to where we lost that in America because it is everyone's God-given right to think the way they think and that's fine. That's why our ancestors came here to America, to believe what they want, pray how they want and follow a religion with whoever they want.

Angie Harmon

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#18. I don't believe in pretending to be someone else. I'm what I actually am in real life. For instance, like any normal girl, I fight with my mother. I mean, it is just fine. In fact, I fight daily with my mother.

Shreya Ghoshal

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#19. I'm just happy that I'm able to take care of what I need to take care of, live, and do the thing that I love the most and that is to sing. People want to hear it, buy it, see it, hold it, record it, bootleg it. It's fine with me as long as it's good but when it's bad I'm in trouble!


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#20. I'm not a very fancy person. I've been a writer a long time, and right now 'The Hunger Games' is getting a lot of focus. It'll pass. The focus will be on something else. It'll shift. It always does. And that seems just fine.

Suzanne Collins

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#21. I'm going to be singing Dreams and Rhiannon when I'm 75 - and that's just fine with me. I just hope my chiffon doesn't get tangled in my rocking chair.

Stevie Nicks

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#22. He's fine," Kamala said. "It's not like that. You're not listening." "I am listening! You just told me he's delusional, and I'm asking - " "I DID NOT SAY HE IS DELUSIONAL. I SAID HE WAS TALKING TO HIS MOTHER." "Who is dead," Amina said gently. "Obvious." "And that's not delusional?

Mira Jacob

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#23. I'm into a casual-dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy. But the sexiest thing on a girl - when I see it I'm like, oh my God - is these little tight boxers. Don't get me wrong, g-strings are fine, but those cover a little, to where it's just enough.

Jensen Ackles

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#24. So, I'm going to go over on Angel. Joss is just going to find a way to keep me bleaching my hair, which is fine.

James Marsters

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#25. By the way, Doc Edwards said. How's that book coming along?
Oh, it's coming along.
Fine. What's it about?
Just what I'm writing down: one word after another.

Richard Brautigan

I'm Just Fine Quotes #380890
#26. Some people think they can just decree that everything will be fine. The world doesn't work like that. I'm not sure the world gives a crap about anyone's promises, well-meaning or otherwise. Sometimes the Universe just takes what it wants.

Paula Stokes

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#27. It's sort of a fine line where you're dying to express it and then hoping no one really gets it that closely. But I'm pretty much over that. I'd really just like to be understood.

J. Robbins

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#28. I consider myself a lyricist first and foremost, but if you get something else out of what I do, that's fine too. I'm not sitting back here telling people how they have to take my stuff. We just want to play music, and hope that people like it.

John Darnielle

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#29. I'm a firm believer in God himself, but that's as far as I can go. I'm not any denomination. I'm not Catholic or Presbyterian or Baptist or Methodist or Jewish or Muslim. I'm none of those things. And I'm sure that's just fine with God.

Ray Charles

I'm Just Fine Quotes #481983
#30. Peter, when you feel like this, i just want you to include me. It's fine that you come here, just tell me. I wanna understand what you're going through and I need you to understand what i'm going through.

Olivia Dunham

I'm Just Fine Quotes #518679
#31. What's the big deal? I have really strong morals, and just because I look sexy on the cover of Rolling Stone doesn't mean I'm a naughty girl. I'd do it again. I thought the pictures were fine. And I was tired of being compared to Debbie Gibson and all of this bubblegum pop all the time.

Britney Spears

I'm Just Fine Quotes #571086
#32. I'm not a jazz artist. Don't get me wrong now, it's all music to me. I just played music and if it's likeable, someone liked the sound, then fine, but I'm not interested in being a jazz musician. I don't consider myself a jazz musician. I don't have anything to do with that word.

Pharoah Sanders

I'm Just Fine Quotes #599115
#33. The ambition of most beings is just to stay alive, overeat, spend too much, and avoid hard work. I'm happy that I can achieve much more than that ... and we all die sooner or later. A death in service of a great ideal is a fine thing.

Karen Traviss

I'm Just Fine Quotes #609087
#34. It's exciting to see how fast your kids learn and grow. I'm not too worried about them, particularly the ones who like to break rules and don't follow instructions; those are the ones that will do just fine because they know what's important to them.

Michael Dell

I'm Just Fine Quotes #612986
#35. I'm sorry, Heather, but everything was not just fine before I got here. You know how I know that? Because you're dead. Okay? You are dead. Dead people don't have lockers, or best friends, or boyfriends. You know why? Because they're dead.-Suze Simon

Meg Cabot

I'm Just Fine Quotes #617974
#36. I'm not stupid, I realise selling it is not as important as it used to be that way, I think it's more important to get your music out there and if people want to hear it an mp3 form or whatever I'm fine with that, I just don't enjoy the sound of it at home for personal taste.

Butch Walker

I'm Just Fine Quotes #624539
#37. Sometimes the criticism is actually useful and constructive and actually informs what I do, but most of the time, it's sort of mindless, or they're receiving something on a different frequency than I was sending it. They're just not getting what I'm doing, and that's fine.

Michael Ian Black

I'm Just Fine Quotes #651390
#38. I'm autistic and most of my children are autistic as well. Please don't tell me how sorry you are for me. I don't need pity. I'm just a mother who has children. Our unique identities and neurology make us who we are. We are perfectly fine just like this, thanks

Tina J. Richardson

I'm Just Fine Quotes #651741
#39. When something's really bothering me, I just like to get it out. I like to completely give in to the emotion. If I pretend I'm not sad - if I try smiling through it, and pretending like everything's fine - it makes it worse. When I give in and let it out, I feel better.

Michelle Madow

I'm Just Fine Quotes #667054
#40. I just want to know if you're okay, he says, so soft I barely hear it through the static.
I'm not, not at all; but his worry gives me the strength I need to lie. To pull back and smile and tell him I'm fine.

Victoria Schwab

I'm Just Fine Quotes #687068
#41. I think guns are just a symbolic substitute for male genitalia, and I'm okay in that respect." "Fine. If they get in the house, you can whack them with your genitals.

J.A. Konrath

I'm Just Fine Quotes #687241
#42. I just swallow hard.
Nod and smile.
One foot in front of the other.
I'm fine, thanks for not asking.

Sarah Ockler

I'm Just Fine Quotes #691350
#43. You don't have to be bound by the barriers of the past. God wants you to go further than your parents. I'm sure your parents were fine, hardworking people, but don't fall into that trap of just sitting back and accepting the status

Joel Osteen

I'm Just Fine Quotes #726107
#44. I like to pretend that I'm covering my tracks, bracing for any contingency. Ready for the worst, and all that jazz. I always feel better if there's a plan in place. And in this case, the plan was, Leave the blind guy in charge of the juvenile delinquents and everything will be just fine. Probably.

Cherie Priest

I'm Just Fine Quotes #730367
#45. Mind you, I'm a fine one to talke. I mean, I killed myself and just look at me now: I'm a qualified pilot, I can escape from a cockpit in five metres of water and I'm halfway up a mountain with a nutty gymnast who wants to chuck herself off the edge.

Steve Voake

I'm Just Fine Quotes #732399
#46. Miss? Miss Phryne? Are you all right?' 'Come in, Dot. I'm fine. Some son of unmarried parents just tried to kidnap me.' 'What did you do with the body, Miss?

Kerry Greenwood

I'm Just Fine Quotes #738136
#47. I'm not unsympathetic. But do you like me? Because this being gay business doesn't mean you can just throw yourself at any guy and it'll be fine because he's not a girl. There are still people you like and people you don't.

Cassandra Clare

I'm Just Fine Quotes #748052
#48. Here I am, Lord. I am tired, Lord. Please stop calling me in the night. I just got some decent sleep, Lord. I'm hanging out here for a while. Your people will be fine.

Melinda Means

I'm Just Fine Quotes #752668
#49. I'm tired of pretending that everything's fine just so I can please everyone else.

Spencer Tracy

I'm Just Fine Quotes #776538
#50. I've got eighteen-year-old twins that need to go to college, so there's still a financial issue, but I could retire tomorrow and just count ducks by the side of the lake, and that would be just fine by me. I'm not a high-energy guy.

Jonathan Banks

I'm Just Fine Quotes #787793
#51. How I'm portrayed in films has more to do with the filmmaking and what they need in the story than anything else. I'm the same person I've always been, I just get used in different ways according to the filmmakers' needs - which is fine with me; it makes for great films.

Alex Honnold

I'm Just Fine Quotes #794383
#52. Congresswomen are congresswomen - you are, sorry. And for women who want to be congressmen, there's a screw loose in their head. I'm proud of being a woman. I think 'congresswoman' is the appropriate term, and 'Madame chair' is just fine with me.

Linda Sanchez

I'm Just Fine Quotes #808467
#53. So, you know what? I'm not ready to write Gen Y off just yet and neither should you, because I think we're going to grow up just fine. Yeah, it pains me to admit it, but the kids are all right.

Sarra Manning

I'm Just Fine Quotes #821194
#54. I don't believe in politics. I'm an anarchist, I guess you could say. I think people could be just fine looking after themselves.

Woody Harrelson

I'm Just Fine Quotes #848363
#55. If this is love, no thanks. I don't want any part of it. When I'm older, I'm just going to do my own thing. If I like a boy, fine, I'll date him, but I'm not going to sit at home and cry over him. I cry over important things.

Jenny Han

I'm Just Fine Quotes #883229
#56. I haven't tried anything like this since the accident."
"I believe in you," I say. I mostly do.
"I'm just saying that there's a very small but not statistically insignificant chance that this care could explode."

John David Anderson

I'm Just Fine Quotes #888230
#57. I'm fine, love. Agent Grady just needed a cuddle. And possibly a piece of my spleen.

Abigail Roux

I'm Just Fine Quotes #892760
#58. People like to pigeonhole. People like to label - not just books and movies, but everything in their life. If people want to call me 'literary horror,' I guess that's fine. What I'm trying to do is be both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Benjamin Percy

I'm Just Fine Quotes #918182
#59. I don't abuse my body, I've been off 10 months, I still train and I'm always thinking about boxing, so I felt like I would be fine and I just wanted to challenge myself against another top caliber fighter.

Andre Ward

I'm Just Fine Quotes #923603
#60. I didn't check into rehab. Instead of me heading into a place - I was just drinking too much and I needed to get my life together. I'm still in therapy and stuff like that, but it's good. I'm great. I feel fine.

Richie Sambora

I'm Just Fine Quotes #927740
#61. They're looking for guys like us, he says, young and hungry, not done yet. I say I'm not hungry, Rick, all I am is angry. He says that'll do just fine.

Garth Ennis

I'm Just Fine Quotes #942815
#62. Goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream, I'm tryin not to think about you, Can't you just let me be? So long, my luckless romance, my back is turned on you, should've known you'd bring me heartbreak, almost lovers always do

A Fine Frenzy

I'm Just Fine Quotes #967627
#63. I had to do this album. I tried thinking, "I'm not going to do it." But then I'm sitting there getting all suicidal and depressed, and I just start writing. It's like this inner drive. If I could choose, I would probably be living in the countryside and be fine with that, but I'm not.

Lykke Li

I'm Just Fine Quotes #977799
#64. I'm very sad about Mitch McConnell probably getting to be Senate majority leader, if only for two years. To me, he is just everything that is wrong with the world, a bullying obstructionist blowhard liar (not to put too fine a point on it).

Anne Lamott

I'm Just Fine Quotes #988975
#65. Dear Alec and Magnus, How are you? Everything's just fine here. Thanks for you postcard with the picture of the Taj Mahal. It looks nice. Disregard my last few postcards. I see I overdid it. To make it up to you, I'm going to redecorate Magnus's loft for free. -Izzy

Cassandra Clare

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1014149
#66. I've heard that I've gotten a lighter complexion, as if I've bleached my skin. I think that is so stupid and ludicrous. For those who want to bleach their skin, that's fine. I just didn't bleach mine. I'm a black woman. I don't want to be anything but a black woman.

NeNe Leakes

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1016386
#67. Labels don't mean anything to me. I'm trying to play as passionately as I'm able to. If they want to call that cool, that's fine. Just spell the name right, is the formula.

Lee Konitz

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1019902
#68. I'm not asking you to love me. I'm asking you to let me love you. I'm fine if you never say it. I just want you, Madison.

R.L. Mathewson

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1065803
#69. Just like you mistook lust for love, you have mistaken with being alone for loneliness. So I'm fine. Thanks for asking.


I'm Just Fine Quotes #1121335
#70. Even when people are so judgmental about what you wear or your weight you just have to step away and be like, 'I'm a normal, fine human being.'

Leighton Meester

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1127046
#71. It's absolutely fine to think of new ways of doing things, and I'm not just asking for the traditional reporter to look into our living rooms night after night.

Jonathan Dimbleby

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1128011
#72. I'm going to kill you." Gabriel pointed at Tristan.
"For what?" Tristan raised a brow at his twin. "It's not like I asked Scarlet to come lie on top of me. I woke up and she was just ... there.

Chelsea Fine

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1147198
#73. Every night there's a moment that I just wanna go back to bed. I just get nervous. Then I run on (stage) and as soon as I grab the mic then I'm fine.

Ringo Starr

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1152540
#74. See? Small steps. Just take it one thing at a time and you'll be fine. Angel, I'm not going to hurt you. You know that, right? Can you nod for me? Breathe a little? Tender humor mixed with the concern in his face could undo her. And give her reassurance. She was rather amazed at the combination.

Joey W. Hill

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1153880
#75. Okay. Fine. Just be careful, okay? Whatever. I'm going to go get a drink.
And just like that, her parental energies were expended.

Maggie Stiefvater

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1181595
#76. I don't get involved in casting, budgets, location or promotion. Just the script. And, of course, the promotional tour. Which is fine with me - I'm a novelist.

Nicholas Sparks

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1186416
#77. I'm not important. Everyone will do just fine without me," I say.
"Who cares about everyone? What about me?

Veronica Roth

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1187693
#78. I am always going to be in the hood in my heart, but what I did was added on the masters of arts, fine arts and the doctorate ... if you want me to pull that out, I can get very distinguished ... but I'm not going there ... I don't have to put on airs; the knowledge comes out - just listen.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1220173
#79. I've accomplished everything I wanted out of life, like way beyond my wildest dreams. Anything from here on is just icing. Seriously, if you find out that I died tomorrow, I'm fine. Don't be sad for me, because I'm not sad. I died with a smile on my face.

Ryan Dunn

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1221479
#80. Screw caution," Tori said. "I'm outta here." We looked at her. "Well, I am. As long as someone comes with me." We kept looking at her. She sighed. "Fine, but when everything goes to hell, just remember, I get to blame you guys, because I wanted to leave right away.

Kelley Armstrong

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1254895
#81. This, I think, is a little glimpse of what life could be like without my family. Home could be a place of laughter and love, a refuge. I'm filled with a terrifying weightlessness, like I've jumped off a cliff, but I know that if I don't look down, I'll be just fine.

Heather Demetrios

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1308981
#82. After being impaled by a javelin, while officiating- I'm doing fine now, just resting and hanging around.

Jeremy Campbell

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1319986
#83. I'm fine, I am just going to go over here and puke shards of my own pelvis into this bush.

Dane Cook

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1367930
#84. When I'm in there I'm just in my zone. What people think about when they're looking at me, that's their business. If there is a bit of that, I am fine with it, each to his own.

Conor McGregor

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1392087
#85. A man like you is a god, not just a machine covered with skin, but a theater where fine feelings sprout and grow-and feelings are all that matters, as far as I'm concerned. Is a feeling anything but an entire world poured into a thought?

Honore De Balzac

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1396408
#86. I have children. I have a family to support. But I really could live in a one-room apartment, as long as the television worked. I never needed anything. Just a comfortable chair and I'm fine.

Albert Brooks

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1411159
#87. Moments later, there was a loud, protracted crashing sound. "Motherfucker!" "What was that?" "I just backed through the garage door." "Jesus. You okay?" "I'm fine," she said. "The whole damn door came down. I'll just drive over it." "Drive carefully.

Jonathan Tropper

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1418022
#88. I'm fine. I'm at an antique store, by the clothes store just a mile or so from-"
"Which clothes store, Tess? If you haven't noticed, there are about a million.


I'm Just Fine Quotes #1425713
#89. Hope is hugging me, holding me in its arms, wiping away my tears and telling me that today and tomorrow and two days from now I will be just fine and I'm so delirious I actually dare to believe it.

Tahereh Mafi

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1435922
#90. If he thinks I'm going to sit around crying over him, he's got another thing coming. I can live without him, I can do without him just fine - but I don't like to lose. It's not like me. None of this is like me. I don't get rejected. I'm the one who walks away.

Paula Hawkins

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1445838
#91. I'm really an outdoorsy girl. People think I can't go anywhere without getting all primped up, but I love to go camping, and I'm totally fine with not doing my hair or makeup, not taking a shower and just hiking.

Vanessa Hudgens

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1463399
#92. I'm in total celebrity denial in general, but there's awareness that probably if somebody has met you, they might go and tell somebody. I just would rather have the word on the street stay at a neutral, not like, "She shows up in a ball gown," but "She seemed nice." That's fine.

Julie Bowen

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1483974
#93. I'm just getting settled as a responsible man - but if you split the elephant into little mouthfuls it will be fine.

Tom Hardy

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1485404
#94. Oh, I had, 'No one will ever fancy me!' I had that well into my teens. Even now I do not consider myself to be some kind of great, sexy beauty. I don't mind the way I'm ageing. No reason to panic just yet. I think I look my age, and that's fine.

Kate Winslet

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1499751
#95. Oh my God, if I know anything, I know I'm gonna die! I never forget that. I know I'll be forgotten in a minute, and that's just fine with me.

Mike Nichols

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1511006
#96. I don't have a problem with my body. I'm not just going to strip off all my clothing, but if the part calls for it and I don't think there's any way round, I'm absolutely fine.

Keira Knightley

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1513795
#97. He said, 'Ifemelu is a fine babe bu she is too much trouble. She can argue. She can talk. She never agrees. But Ginika is just a sweet gil.' He paused, then added, He didn't know that was exactly what I hoped to hear, I'm not interested in girls that are too nice

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1514470
#98. Lame. Fine, work on your mural. I'll go suck on a Froot Loop or something. Or maybe I'll just eat straight sugar. Yeah, I'll do that."
"Good-bye, Mo."
"A raisin. We probably have raisins. I'm sure nature's candy will hit the spot.

Jessica Martinez

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1522693
#99. I'm just a bloody guy in a bathroom waiting for the girl of my dreams to realize that she's in love with me.

Chelsea Fine

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1525120
#100. I'm going to kill you." "You look fine." "I'm quite serious. I'm going to murder you. I'm going to murder you to death. And then, after I've finished doing that, I'm going to kill you again, just to be sure you got the point." "Shelby, honestly, you look fine.

Seanan McGuire

I'm Just Fine Quotes #1575260

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