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#1. I always at home as a kid tried to move something with your hand and it doesn't move and then you get to do it in a movie. I mean my superpower is quickness but you know what I'm saying. You get a superpower and you're like "Man this is awesome. I get to pretend I have a superpower."

Evan Peters

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#2. Nico di Angelo ran up to me with a big grin on his face.
"Percy, this is awesome!" His blue-feathered bronze helmet was falling in his eyes, and his breastplate was about six sizes too big. I wondered if there was any way I'd looked that ridiculous when I'd first arrived.

Rick Riordan

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#3. My favorite days off on the road are typically nowhere, like Bismarck, North Dakota, and you find yourself in a mall, and you're like, 'This is awesome!'

Jenny Lewis

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#4. Wow I can't belive I won,
This is awesome,
Don't trip and fall,
I'm gonna get to thank the fans,
This is so cool,
Oh kany'e west is here,
Cool haircut,
What are ya doing there ...
Ouch ...
I guess I'm not gonna get to thank the fans

Taylor Swift

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#5. X Games, it's an event but it's still ... it's a show. I try to put on the best show possible, ... I'm thrilled. This is awesome.

Travis Pastrana

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#6. The kids didn't call me Amy Schumer; they called me Amy Jewmer. One summer, I'll never forget this, all the kids took turns throwing handfuls of pennies at me. I know, I was like, 'Excuse me - this is awesome!

Amy Schumer

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#7. The biggest difference in writing a sequel is that now there are expectations. But also - and this is the awesome part - now there are fans, too!

Tim Federle

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#8. One thing that is sometimes forgotten in this "future of books" discussion is that there are all these awesome presses - big and small - that are producing and designing amazing books.

Kevin Sampsell

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#9. And don't bother to deny it, because you just read it, so you have to be thinking about it. This is the way books work. Also? Velociraptors. Ha! I just made you think about velociraptors. Awesome. This is probably why Stephen King writes so many books. I am totally controlling your mind right now.

Jenny Lawson

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#10. Jesus is the reason for the season

Jessica Andersen

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#11. Ted, I believe you and I met for a reason. It's like the universe was saying, Hey Barney, there's this dude, he's pretty cool, but it is your job to make him awesome

Barney Stinson

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#12. But extraordinary life is possible - find it. There's a better, higher, eternal life that can begin during this earthly life. It is an awesome life found in Christ! And we can live it now!

James MacDonald

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#13. If you listen long enough to the whispers, you will hear the truth. Until then, I will tell you this: the world is made safe by a woman. She bound the monster up and cast him out, and the man who was left was saved.

E.K. Johnston

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#14. It is amazing how much more amazing sleep is in the morning. You wake up and you're like, "I stayed up to do what?! Watch Growing Pains? What was I thinking!?" But at night you're like, "La La La La La, Hey! Growing Pains, awesome! And I've seen this episode. That Kirk Cameron's always in trouble."

Jim Gaffigan

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#15. Had an awesome time. You tell me to show up and all I have to do is drink beer, play guitar all day and I can lift weights and you're going to pay me for this!

Zakk Wylde

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#16. In this sometimes turbulent world, the river is a cosmic symbol of durability and destiny; awesome, but steadfast. In this period of deep national concern, I wish everyone could live for a while beside a great river.

Helen Hayes

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#17. From one point my father is dead I need time to get rid of this topic, from other side I will have a big holiday from 3.28.2016 up to the end of the April Vacation. That's awesome, isn't it??
I will be a lot of time out of school!

Deyth Banger

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#18. On the morning in question, she wore white shorts and a pink T-shirt that featured a green dragon breathing a fire of orange glitter. It is difficult to explain how awesome I found this T-shirt at the time.

John Green

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#19. Shh. Shh. This is getting awesome."

John Green

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#20. Infinity exist unfortnately what will happen if we accept it??
After all numbers are taken what happens??
We will start with Omega+1 Then Omega+Omega+1... Think on this, this is the infinitive road, I gave it to you but what you will do?

Deyth Banger

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#21. If the choice is to take what you're offering or to walk away, I choose this. I choose you. I choose whatever you're willing to share with me. Even though I'm never going to stop wanting more from you than just awesome sex. Even though I'm always going to want to change you're mind.

Bella Andre

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#22. It is impossible to count the blessings I have received over my years at Microsoft. I am humbled by the professionalism and generosity of everyone I have had the good fortune to work with at this awesome company.

Steven Sinofsky

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#23. That is, so to speak, my own story. If I had a wish, I would wish that the sounds of the turning pages of my story after this encounter would resound like the sound of footsteps.

Sorata Akizuki

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#24. Wait a minute," he says, holding up one of his large handa. "A green bomb?"
"I'm not making this up."
"Why green, though?"
"Because green is the color of money, grass, oak leaves, and alien bombs. How the hell would I know why it was green?

Rick Yancey

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#25. I wasn't hip to 'Samurai Jack' until I saw it, but then I was all, 'This show is awesome!'

John DiMaggio

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#26. The fundamental question in everything we do must be: Will this honor God? Does this display Jesus Christ? Does this make people see how awesome the LORD is? Failure to answer "Yes!" invites Ichabod. I have many, many wonderful

James MacDonald

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#27. Porsche is a driver's car - a performance car. That was funny - here's this awesome car, but it's got no cup holders.

Jason McCoy

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#28. Sometimes, we try to stifle that fact or hide it, ... But the profound, and ultimately most important, reality is that we are not only citizens of this blessed country, we are citizens of the same awesome God.

Joe Lieberman

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#29. This is my one beef with Hollywood: It's great for movie sales, but they've created this fiction for us that, when you have a hard thing in your life, it's going to get fixed, and then your life will be awesome! Forever!

Laurie Halse Anderson

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#30. They try to paint the picture that I was this downtrodden, ugly girl who was unpopular in school and in life, and then I got this role and now I'm awesome. But the truth is that I've been awesome, and then I got this role.

Gabourey Sidibe

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#31. Now, stopping thought is only the beginning. As Brahmananda, who was a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, once remarked: The inner life begins with samadhi. This is an awesome thought, I realize, for the average person who meditates, that it could begin with samadhi.

Frederick Lenz

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#32. I'm just living in Eau Claire, not really leaving for much. I go to the farmers market, go to the studio, go home and play with my cats. I don't know if I've ever been this happy, which is really awesome.

Justin Vernon

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#33. It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging. If you have to work this hard at sexual freedom, maybe it isn't worth the effort.

Roger Ebert

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#34. Sex scenes in books are always like first person, from this male perspective and just about how awesome he is. It feels like such a fantasy.

Joe Meno

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#35. So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.

Suzanne Collins

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#36. The first acting I ever did was an Italian commercial. Once I did that, I said, 'this acting thing is awesome.'

Laura Prepon

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#37. When Holden pointed out that the Roci was already capable of accelerating fast enough to kill her crew and asked why they'd need to upgrade her, Amos had replied, "Because this shit is awesome." Holden had just nodded and smiled and paid the bill. Even

James S.A. Corey

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#38. So the moral of this week is: if u do something really, really stupid in front of someone ur just getting to know & they still think youre awesome, then you got yourself a friend .

Alicia Witt

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#39. Don't those girls know that beneath this goofy exterior is someone honost and generally awesome in every way? I'm a winner dammit

Elizabeth Rudnick

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#40. I am up for anything, but my favorite show in the whole world is this English series, 'Skins.' It would be awesome to be able to go on that somehow.

Kevin McHale

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#41. This is an awesome time to be a knowledge seeker, no better time, but it's also the best time in history to be a complete idiot.

David Weinberger

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#42. [I have] occasional depersonalization disorder, (which makes me feel utterly detached from reality, but in less of a "this LSD is awesome" kind of way and more of a "I wonder what my face is doing right now" and "it sure would be nice to feel emotions again" sort of thing).

Jenny Lawson

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#43. This is good."
"Why is it good?" I asked.
He pulled out a stethoscope. "It's a good indication that the mutation is on a perfect, cellular level."
"Or an indication that I'm pretty damn awesome," Daemon suggested coolly.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#44. But this is what friends do. We remind each other how awesome we are.

Elizabeth Eulberg

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#45. I found awesome quotes here which are marvel, but the main problem is that from 10000000000000000000000000 people which is an endless result few of them read them. What happens with the other part?? To clever to read this?

Deyth Banger

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#46. Make today the day you begin that awesome idea you have had for years. Now go, write this book, and remember that today is an important day in history.

M. Kirin

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#47. This is going to be awesome, Jackie gurgled. Deborah did not appear to agree.

Jeff Lindsay

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#48. Most consumers don't have a good metric for deciding on whether the dictionary they want to use is a good one ... so they flip the book over, then go to the back, and it says, 'Over 250,000 entries.' And they go, 'Great, this dictionary must be awesome!'

Erin McKean

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#49. Vampires smiled for many reasons, but when a vampire male smiled at you from this distance with that kind of look in his eyes it was done for one purpose only: to impress. Look at my big teeth. I'm an apex predator. My genetic material is awesome.

Ilona Andrews

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#50. The best kept secret in the global economy today is this: When your service is AWESOME you get so stinking rich you have to buy new bags to carry all the money home.

Tom Peters

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#51. I'm very touchy feely with my fandom, in part because they've never done me wrong or hurt me in any way. This is an awesome balance. I hope it stays that way forever.

Catherynne M Valente

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#52. You're crazy."
"No one sane is this awesome," he said as he pointed a finger at himself

L.A. Casey

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#53. This PRS is perfect for anyone who wants an awesome quality, versatile, rockin' guitar at an affordable price. I love it; try it out!


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#54. The fact that this is getting released, and people are just now hearing it, kind of tickles me. This is just awesome that the media is excited to talk to me and find out what's happening.

Jessi Colter

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#55. I am sure everyone reading this book values their sleep, but I am a sleep enthusiast! My dream is to become one of those grandpas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who just lives in bed. That looked awesome.

Jim Gaffigan

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#56. I grew up in the industry, so this whole entertainment thing is my world. If I had to leave it, maybe I'd be a race-car driver. That'd be awesome.

Mitchel Musso

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#57. God, I realize they need me, but even more, they need You. I need You because this mothering thing is awesome and hard. When I look back, I won't remember the days. I will remember the moments. And I'm thankful for that because, believe me, there are days I don't want to remember!

Kristen Welch

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#58. It's a sign of this film's greatness that the enormous sadness that accompanies the final leave-taking of the circus interior is a good deal more than the conclusion of an unpretentious evening's entertainments; it's a sublime and awesome coda to the career of one of this century's greatest artists.

Jonathan Rosenbaum

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#59. The one thing I've come to figure out is this equation where the more uncomfortable I am, the better I'm going to look. I'm like, "This one really hurts. I must look awesome!" The corsets are uncomfortable, but they are so flattering. No, my waist will never be that small.

Kristin Bauer Van Straten

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#60. Don't be afraid ... " We need this reassurance. Even for those of us who believe implicitly in angels, to be confronted by one is an awesome thing."

Madeleine L'Engle

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#61. God gives me the children's ministry heart and patience. This is what He wants. It's awesome. I don't know where He's gonna take it - but God is building this thing.

Willie Aames

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#62. My father is an architect, so I often think like a designer or an architect. I remember when I was admiring buildings, I would look up at them and see this perspective and this awesome power of the monument in front of me.


This Is Awesome Quotes #109648
#63. Memories have big value,... look back look what you have lost (For a moment)..., look what you have been making with this something or somebody... (For a moment) and look now without it... That's value, this is what robots don't have but humanity have!

Deyth Banger

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#64. Billions of people have traveled and continue to travel the other path, and it grows wider every year ... The trouble is that on this wide path, you don't end up at awesome. You just end up at old. This path is called 'average'.

Jon Acuff

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#65. My wife is the most awesome person in the universe. She's made this experience much less miserable for me, with her compassion, patience and understanding.

Wil Wheaton

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#66. Superman is such an old character. He's an old character with this huge legacy behind him. And one of the awesome things about the fact that he's been around for these decades is that he's gone through these different phases.

Gene Luen Yang

This Is Awesome Quotes #24949
#67. It is an awesome tragedy in this life that, when asking what a person is and they reply doctor or lawyer or engineer, we don't say Well thats a nice little hobby, but why don't you take up writing or painting or music?

D.A. Botta

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#68. (Awesome is the word one uses for Eleanor Roosevelt, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and pitching a no-hit no-run ballgame. Not available for the crappy cheese quesadilla you had this afternoon, nor for anybody who Dances with the Stars. With or without a wooden leg.)

Harlan Ellison

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#69. I love doing big movies. It's awesome! You have all these toys. The thing I like about this movie is, like they always say, directors have the biggest train sets! Don't tell anyone, but I'd do this for free.

Michael Bay

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#70. But, nevertheless, if there is even the slightest recognition, liberation is easy. Should you ask why this is so - it is because once the awesome, terrifying and fearful appearances arise, the awareness does not have the luxury of distraction. The awareness is one-pointedly concentrated.


This Is Awesome Quotes #859014
#71. My job was basically to look at a good friend completely naked and rub lotion on her back. I was naked too, but I got to put a towel on almost immediately. So I was like, "Well, this is going to be embarrassing, but it's also going to be kinda awesome."

Rob Corddry

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#72. I always love coming to Disneyland but celebrating my birthday here with my family, friends and the kids from YSA is really awesome!, this is a night I'll never forget.

Miley Cyrus

This Is Awesome Quotes #736014
#73. New Self, New World is an extraordinary work - an awesome display of wisdom distilled from the world's great wisdom traditions and the majestic individuals who have experienced them. This book is about achieving the highest dimensions of which humans are capable. Highly recommended.

Larry Dossey

This Is Awesome Quotes #713697
#74. The hardest thing about getting publicity is doing it on a budget ... you can hire people to market you but it's hard in this industry when it comes out of pocket. I've found that if the music is awesome, that helps a lot.

MC Lars

This Is Awesome Quotes #702883
#75. What makes you happy is seeing someone else smile because you put it there. That's what's awesome about living in this world.

Zach Sobiech

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#76. You have this idea that you think is awesome. You want to have that broadest group you possibly can. You don't want to just talk to 1 type of person and learn that, you want to get familiar with the space.

Emmett Shear

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#77. What's great is that a lot of us are playing so against type in this, and it's awesome. All of the writers put faith in the fact that we know what we're doing. We have creative freedom, and it's awesome. I think it all worked out. Everybody on the show is so good.

Laura Prepon

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#78. After all it was for one justice which is short..., but the journey up to this justice was very long.
(Red 2008 Film)

Deyth Banger

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#79. Okay, let's see if I got this straight. The butt is the new breast, and the lower back is the new ankle. Now if only we could figure out where the brain has moved.

Celia Rivenbark

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#80. I'll say this: Google is the best 9-5 anyone could ever get. Awesome environment, I loved my time there, but I grew up with my dream to pursue music full time.

Hoodie Allen

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#81. This idea that you can watch a show like 'True Detective,' and it was awesome, but is it really ruined for you if the finale is not your favorite episode of it? It's just odd to me.

Carlton Cuse

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#82. I had amazing stuff happen right off the top. I thought this was how it worked. Hollywood is awesome! Cut to three years later: What happened?

Dana Fox

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#83. FUCK. This is not good. I'm allergic to whiskey. I think maybe I should explain this to her, and request a different alcohol. Then I remember that I am awesome. Even fighting through anaphylactic shock, I can STILL bury this emotionally unstable, bulimic undergrad.

Tucker Max

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#84. I am so grateful to be here on this awesome planet with it's diverse life - everything we need to not just survive but to thrive. I am excited to continually learn more about it, and always curious to see what is going to come up next.

Jay Woodman

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#85. Whether you like it or not, this man is the future of the WWE and I really wouldn't talk to him like that. Because he is The Miz and he is awesome.

Alex Riley

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#86. Everything is about "IF", if there was a way to avoid this I will do it. If I could win without giving a chance to the people to return objects in the board it will be awesome - So you get it!

Deyth Banger

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