Top 100 Quotes About A Cat

#1. We call ourselves a dog's 'master' - but who ever dared to call himself the 'master' of a cat? We own a dog - he is with us as a slave and inferior because we wish him to be. But we entertain a cat - he adorns our hearth as a guest, fellow-lodger, and equal because he wishes to be there.

H.P. Lovecraft

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#2. Do not put this product in a big vat and drop rats into it from a cat-walk.

Dave Barry

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#3. God, she wanted to tackle him and roll around in him like a cat in a field of daisies.

Rainbow Rowell

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#4. I was like a cat always climbing the wrong tree.

Carson McCullers

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#5. I'm pretty much a cat that way. Scratch my stomach, and I'll purr at you, but I'll want to gut you with my claws even more than if you'd ignored me.

Tad Williams

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#6. In the silence I heard Bastet, who had retreated under the bed, carrying on a mumbling, profane monologue. (If you ask how I knew it was profane, I presume you have never owned a cat.)

Elizabeth Peters

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#7. The night was as black as the inside of a cat.

Terry Pratchett

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#8. Death looked up angirly, and found himself staring into eyes that were black as the inside of a cat and full of distant stars that had no counterpart among the familiar constellations of the realtime universe.

Terry Pratchett

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#9. Old Herriot may be limited in some respects, but by God, he can wrap a cat.

James Herriot

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#10. Well. I am not afraid. But to protect you, Katerina, I will be discreet. Plain Kate considered a cat's idea of discretion, and was frightened.

Erin Bow

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#11. Why would you get a cat?" "Because it's my destiny.

Heather Demetrios

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#12. That's one of the most reliable things about a long road trip. There's always a cat, just when you need one.

Vivian Swift

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#13. this has more aspects than a cat has hair.

Robert A. Heinlein

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#14. With dogs and people, it's love in big splashy colours. When you're involved with a cat, you're dealing in pastels.

Louis J. Camuti

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#15. Aunt Agnes said, "It's hard to make a good Christian out of a cat.

Richard Peck

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#16. You can manicure a cat but can you caticure a man?

John Lennon

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#17. A cat's idea of a 'good time' is to kill something.

Andy Rooney

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#18. A lot of the situations that we put ourselves in are similar to a cat in a yard full of dogs. We rarely ask ourselves how we got here, (which doesn't help with the question of how we get out of here), all of which rarely keeps us from finding ourselves in the next yard asking the same questions.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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#19. I have a cat, so I know that when she digs her very sharp claws into my chest or stomach it's really a sign of affection, but I don't see any reason for programming languages to show affection with pain.

Erik Naggum

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#20. I loved Catwoman's sense of humor. I love how sly she is. I love how she, to use a cat metaphor, walks the fence and you don't know which side she's going to come down on. She's totally independent. And let's face it, she's badass.

Anne Hathaway

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#21. A Klaner (KKK) is a cat who gets out of bed in the middle of the night and takes his sheet with him.

Dick Gregory

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#22. Jesus, Steve hated cats. "They're so precious." Chenco crouched to love on the calico's belly. "I always wanted one, but my mom said no, and of course Cooper would have killed it for fun." Fuck, Steve was going to have to get a cat.

Heidi Cullinan

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#23. The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail learns something that will always be useful and which never will grow dim or doubtful.

Mark Twain

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#24. The world of a cat is unlike any other. What is seen through their eyes cannot be understood by anyone besides another cat. Their world is filled with secrets and adventures that are always present and forever changing. To look at the world as a cat is to look through the veil of reality.

Alex G. Zarate

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#25. The cat looked at its paws and frantically back at its body, as if it had just been transformed into a cat and couldn't accept it.

Heather O'Neill

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#26. Since I'm a cat who doesn't know what I am, I wear track pants with old-skool Nikes but Gina Lollobrigida skintight sweaters. I am caught between childhood and va-va-voom.

Emma Forrest

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#27. All day long the door of the sub-conscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side, and return again, as easily and secretly as a cat.

Walter De La Mare

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#28. Chibi was a jewel of a cat.

Takashi Hiraide

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#29. For wolves and pigs and bears, thinking that they're human is a tragedy. For a cat, it's an experience.

Terry Pratchett

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#30. There is no animal lazier than a cat.

Evelyn E. Smith

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#31. But think of the glory of the choice! That makes a man a man. A cat has no choice, a bee must make honey. There's no godliness there.

John Steinbeck

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#32. Cruel, but composed and bland,
Dumb, inscrutable and grand,
So Tiberius might have sat,
Had Tiberius been a cat.

Matthew Arnold

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#33. In the matter of animals I love only cats, but I love them unreasonably for their qualities and in spite of their numerous faults. I have only one, but I could not live without a cat.

Joris-Karl Huysmans

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#34. A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was gitting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and warn't ever going to grow dim or doubtful.

Mark Twain

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#35. Work - other people's work - is an intolerable idea to a cat. Can you picture cats herding sheep or agreeing to pull a cart? They will not inconvenience themselves to the slightest degree.

Louis J. Camuti

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#36. I suggest starting with a cat; they have unusual personalities.

Christopher Paolini

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#37. Derangement is the only possible explanation for owning a cat, an animal whose preferred mode of communication is to sink its claws three-quarters of an inch into your flesh.

Dave Barry

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#38. A cat chooses its owner, not the other way around.

Helen Brown

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#39. You may have a cat in the room with you without anxiety about anything except eatables. The presence of a cat is positively soothing to a student.

Philip Gilbert Hamerton

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#40. Even now, my back was still arched with sensual invitation, my bottom was questing up like a cat in heat, and my every move was supple, sinuous. I was one great big come-hither.

Karen Marie Moning

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#41. Everyone should have two or three hives of bees. Bees are easier to keep than a dog or a cat. They are more interesting than gerbils.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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#42. In Proverbs, a wisdom book of the Hebrew Scriptures, a cat would find a few "wisdom" passages as noxious as the Garden of Eden passages. Again the symbology of fruit being eaten

Leviak B. Kelly

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#43. The son of a human is human, just as the son of a dog is a dog and the son of a cat is a cat. And so what is the son of God?

Bart D. Ehrman

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#44. I collect records. And cats. I don't have any cats right now. But if I'm taking a walk and I see a cat, I'm happy.

Haruki Murakami

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#45. He has a great smile, a cat's smile. He should cough out yellow Tweety Bird feathers, the way he smiles at me.

Gillian Flynn

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#46. If you have a dog or a cat, you know how developed they can be. How sensitive, how aware. They suffer. We all do.

Lily Tomlin

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#47. I have a cat. When I was younger, I had a guinea pig.

Alison Goldfrapp

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#48. A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs.

Sarah Thompson

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#49. My nan used to look after me in the summer holidays and she had a cat with one eye. It used to walk into walls and tables. I used to think it was hilarious. It was a slapstick cat.

Noel Fielding

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#50. Life is sometimes like a cat, the more you chase it the faster it runs.

Ken Wahl

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#51. There's no point trying to work, Moira won't allow it, she's like a cat that crawls onto the page when you're trying to read. You

Margaret Atwood

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#52. I woke up in bed with a man and a cat. The man was a stranger; the cat was not

Robert A. Heinlein

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#53. Looking at a cat, like looking at clouds or stars or the ocean, makes it difficult to believe there is nothing miraculous in this world.

Leonard Michaels

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#54. Fans think they want to see more than the 10 to 20 seconds of Itchy and Scratchy that we put on the show, but my feeling is less is more. Once you've skinned and flayed a cat, ripped his head off, made him drink acid and tied his tongue to the moon, there really isn't that much to say.

Matt Groening

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#55. I have never known a cat that couldn't quiet me down just by walking slowly past my chair.

Rod McKuen

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#56. William untucked the covers and stood, making a mental list of everything he'd need for the coming trip. A few blades, serrated and non serrated. A vial of acid. A bone saw. A spiked paddle. A cat-o'-nine-tails. And a bag of Gummy Bears.

Gena Showalter

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#57. I struggled to hold her. It was not unlike holding a cat. Some wild, ninja, cat.

Melissa Wright

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#58. Cats are a standing rebuke to behavioral scientists wanting to know how the minds of animals work. The mind of a cat is an unscrutable mystery.

Lewis Thomas

Quotes About A Cat #1307797
#59. All you need for a movie is a gun and a cat.

Jean-Luc Godard

Quotes About A Cat #1308217
#60. In Istanbul I met a man who said he knew beyond a doubt that God was a cat. I asked why he was so sure, and the man said, "When I pray to him, he ignores me."

Lowell Thomas

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#61. I'm just saying it's easier to kill a cat than dispose of a car.

John Dobbin

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#62. Whether out of professional pique or some instinct of fear, the ship's mascot - a cat named Dowie, after Captain Turner's predecessor - fled the ship that night, for points unknown.

Erik Larson

Quotes About A Cat #1418080
#63. In the Hautes-Alpes region, it was still believed in 1962 that witches often assumed animal form and entered houses through the chimneys, keyholes, or cat doors. When in the form of a cat, it would sit on the chests of those who were sleeping and press down on them, preventing their breathing.

Claude Lecouteux

Quotes About A Cat #1418016
#64. If it weren't for this hyena, the sailors wouldn't have thrown me into the lifeboat and I would have stayed on the ship and I surely would have drowned; and if I had to share quarters with a wild animal, better the upfront ferocity of a dog than the power and stealth of a cat.

Yann Martel

Quotes About A Cat #1415648
#65. You can't swing a cat in Ancient Greece without hitting one of Zeus's ex-girlfriends.

Rick Riordan

Quotes About A Cat #1414436
#66. So, that notion of hypertext seemed to me immediately obvious because footnotes were already the ideas wriggling, struggling to get free, like a cat trying to get out of your arms.

Ted Nelson

Quotes About A Cat #1413191
#67. Emma had honest-to-God fantasies about stopping by a pet store and getting a cat. Emma was allergic to cats. That's how bad things were.


Quotes About A Cat #1411817
#68. The tea-hour is the hour of peace ... strife is lost in the hissing of the kettle - a tranquilizing sound, second only to the purring of a cat.

Agnes Repplier

Quotes About A Cat #1410632
#69. With electricity we were wired into a new world, for electricity brought the radio, a "crystal set" and with enough ingenuity, one could tickle the crystal with a cat's whisker and pick up anything.

Theodore White

Quotes About A Cat #1408429
#70. In Chicago, you can't swing a cat without hitting an Irish pub (and angering the cat), but McAnally's place stands out from the crowd.

Jim Butcher

Quotes About A Cat #1408406
#71. The bad jazz that a cat blows wails long after he's cut out.

Lord Buckley

Quotes About A Cat #1407668
#72. Hope has as many lives as a cat or a king.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Quotes About A Cat #1404169
#73. You have more baggage than United Airlines. Cross that out. You have more issues than Medusa, and that woman makes the inside of a cat lady's thoughts seem like a calming place.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About A Cat #1402339
#74. Well, they came the day after you did, but they made me angry, so I sent them away." Noah did not understand. "Sent them away?" Cord rejoined the conversation. "Ran them out of the house with a rifle." Noah couldn't have shown more astonishment if they'd said a mouse had killed a cat.

Ellen O'Connell

Quotes About A Cat #1400472
#75. I have three dogs, a cat, fish. I'm a huge animal lover. They're amazing.

Willow Shields

Quotes About A Cat #1397447
#76. She sounded about as displeased as a cat who'd just cornered a mouse.

Marissa Meyer

Quotes About A Cat #1396250
#77. She was regal as a queen. Eager as a child. Proud as a cat. And she was like none of those things. Nothing like them. Not in the least little bit.

Patrick Rothfuss

Quotes About A Cat #1392819
#78. No animal is a better judge of comfort than a cat ...

James Herriot

Quotes About A Cat #1390694
#79. FIDDLE, n. An instrument to tickle human ears by friction of a horse's tail on the entrails of a cat.

Ambrose Bierce

Quotes About A Cat #1388758
#80. I want someone to sit beside after the day's pursuit and all its anguish, after its listening, and its waitings, and its suspicions. After quarrelling and reconciliation I need privacy - to be alone with you, to set this hubbub in order. For I am as neat as a cat in my habits.

Virginia Woolf

Quotes About A Cat #1382451
#81. ThunderClan is doomed!" "There will be a cat who burns like fire!" "Trust no one, not even your Clanmates. Too many hearts are fickle." "Beware the striped face and snapping teeth!

Erin Hunter

Quotes About A Cat #1378865
#82. My eyes widened at the ball of orange fluff squeezing out from under the counter, blinking and stretching.
I looked again, not believing.
"It's a cat," I said, winning the Pulitzer prize for incredible intellect.

Kim Harrison

Quotes About A Cat #1378745
#83. If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a nonworking cat.

Douglas Adams

Quotes About A Cat #1376320
#84. If little fish get eaten by bigger fish, and bigger fish get eaten by bigger fish ... what happens when there are no little fish? The world's populations of little fish are being harvested to make catfood!? This nonsense has to stop. Feed a fish a cat a day!

Tony Bishop

Quotes About A Cat #1375682
#85. A poem is about something the way a cat is about the house.

Allen Grossman

Quotes About A Cat #1371908
#86. He's always been moody. Even when he was a baby he was like a cat. All snuggly one second and then the next, he'd be looking at you like he had no idea who you were.

Gillian Flynn

Quotes About A Cat #1371882
#87. I found many treasures in the woods over the years: shotgun shells, empty Colt 45 bottles, old railroad spikes, orange and black beetles eating a dead mouse, pebbles that looked just like teeth, old stone walls and cellar holes, a rusted out frying pan, the skull of a cat.

Jennifer McMahon

Quotes About A Cat #1370389
#88. A cat is only itself.

Charles Bukowski

Quotes About A Cat #1367337
#89. I'm always looking for the comfiest place to lie down, like a cat.

Naomie Harris

Quotes About A Cat #1318300
#90. Where have you been, Theodora?," Mrs Goodman asked.
"Walking, Mother."
"And whom did you see?"
Mrs Goodman flung her grammar like a stone.
"I did not see a cat," said Theodora.
Mrs Goodman looked at her daughter, who giggled before she left the room.

Patrick White

Quotes About A Cat #1336235
#91. At heart, Curran was a cat. He liked soft things, high places, and enough room to stretch out.

Ilona Andrews

Quotes About A Cat #1331894
#92. I lay under Luke, pretty certain I was going to die and wishing I'd made a will. Now, my sisters and mother were going to get all Aunt Ella's money. I should have left it to Sissy and a cat shelter.

Kristen Ashley

Quotes About A Cat #1331539
#93. An actor is never so great as when he reminds you of an animal - falling like a cat, lying like a dog, moving like a fox.

Francois Truffaut

Quotes About A Cat #1327884
#94. That does not mean he is smarter than I am. I mean, can he draw a cat ?

Meg Cabot

Quotes About A Cat #1325004
#95. I'm a wolf ma'am. Not a cat. I don't play around with my prey.

Patricia Briggs

Quotes About A Cat #1320745
#96. The only thing a cat worries about is what's happening right now. As we tell the kittens, you can only wash one paw at a time.

Lloyd Alexander

Quotes About A Cat #1320395
#97. Don't judge a cat by its coat.

Magdalena VandenBerg

Quotes About A Cat #1310392
#98. A cat likes to hear you calling him. He sits in a bush a yard from your shoes - and listens.

Pam Brown

Quotes About A Cat #1312436
#99. In Paris one could have the eyes of a cat (as he did) and tell people it was a trick of fashion.

Cassandra Clare

Quotes About A Cat #1313196
#100. If you pursue an evenhanded policy between a cat and a mouse, do you help the mouse to survive - or allow the cat to eat half the mouse?

Haim Harari

Quotes About A Cat #1310040

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