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#1. Captain Phasma. Remember me?" He moved his weapon slightly. "Here's my blaster, ya still wanna inspect it?" Phasma held on to her dignity. "Yes, I remember you. FN-2187." Finn shook his head curtly. "Not anymore. My name is Finn. A real name for a real person. And I'm in charge now. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
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#2. Tell me what you want?" His breath was warm against her lips.
"I want you."
"How? Give me permission, tell me it's okay to strip you naked, kiss you wherever the need takes me, and f**k you until you can't see straight."
"Yes, yes, please, all of that. - Author: Dominique Eastwick
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#3. Yes or no?"
"It's always yes with you."
"Except when it's no."
"If you have to keep asking because - I'll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes."
"Don't 'always' me."
"Don't ask for the truth if you're just going to dilute it. - Author: Nora Sakavic
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#4. Is everything funny? For me, yes. There's a positive to every negative. Even my divorce? For me, yes. If you go back and look at it, why it happened or how it happened, there's something in there that'll make you laugh. - Author: Kevin Hart
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#5. Yes," the snake king agreed. "Only this girl's music controls me. I hate it. Please, sing some more. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#6. Are you calling me your gift?"
"Yes." She smiled. "How do you feel about that?"
"Like it's my turn to be unwrapped."
He nibbled at her mouth. "Do it slow. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#7. Isn't there perhaps something the matter with you and me? (May I join you in the honor of having something the matter?)" "(Yes, thanks.) No, I think it's the town. - Author: Sinclair Lewis
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#8. Don't worry. I know the truth."
"The truth about what?"
Cam stepped back. "You want to say yes, but you're just not ready."
My jaw dropped.
"It's okay." His grin turned cocky. "I'm a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you'll have fun handling me. - Author: J. Lynn
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#9. Isabelle is like a warrior going into battle and she needs ... you said yes? You'd really choose an inexperienced squire?" she asked, her voice incredulous.
He laughed. "I would."
She smiled. "You're lying to me to make me feel better. It's all right. It's working. Now tell
me another lie. - Author: Julie Garwood
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#10. I didn't see it as someone who worked as hard as I did. But now that Saint Laurent is part of history, it makes me a part of history, so, yes, finally it's not such a bad thing to have been a muse. - Author: Loulou De La Falaise
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#11. I myself am opaque, for some reason. Their eyes cannot see me. Yes, that's it: The world is autistic with respect to me. - Author: Anne Nesbet
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#12. Say yes. Open your eyes, see that it's me, and say yes. - Author: Kelly Moran
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#13. I think that if you're just a good person, you work hard, you say "yes," and you are driven, you will eventually work your way to the top. At least that's how it's been for me. - Author: Ainsley Earhardt
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#14. It's amazing how sudden the effect is - it must be the result of a deep atavistic mating urge buried inside us. A glance and you think: 'Yes, this is the one, this one is right for me.' Every instinct in your body seems to sing in unison. - Author: William Boyd
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#15. I squinted. "What's that on your hand, Barrons? Blood?" He started, glanced at me, then at his hand. "Ah yes," he said, as if remembering, "I was out for a walk. There was a badly injured dog in the street. I returned it to its owner's shop to die. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#16. This is me.'" He handed her the precious scrap of paper. 'Call me or I'll call you, but one of us will call, yes? What I mean is it's not a competition. You don't lose if you phone first. - Author: David Nicholls
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#17. All I'm saying, Isaiah, is I want you to to think about it. You don't owe her anything." "Yes, I do. We all owe her. Me especially. It's more difficult to distinguish the good from the bad every day- and she needs people that she can trust. Because the world is full of people she can't. - Author: Nathan Edmondson
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#18. You asked me to go out with you. I know you probably changed your mind. But you should know, the answer was yes. It's always been yes when it comes to you. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#19. Lonnie's monotonous speech gives him an advantage, the same advantage foreigners have: his words are not worn out. It is like a code tapped through a wall. Sometimes he asks me straight out: do you love me? and it is possible to tap back: yes, I love you. - Author: Walker Percy
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#20. Is saying yes to this project, activity, or commitment going to better me or my family? Do I really want to do this? A friend once said to me, "If it isn't a heck yes, then it's a no. - Author: Jessica N. Turner
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#21. MARGARETE. Yes, out of sight is out of mind. It's second nature with you, gallantry; But you have friends of every kind, Cleverer by far, oh much, than me. FAUST. Dear girl, believe me, what's called cleverness Is mostly shallowness and vanity. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#22. Is that a yes?" he asked, pushing his fingers through my hair, fanning it out around my shoulders and searching my face intently. "Please let it be yes," he said with a gravelly edge. "Stay with me tonight. Let me hold you, even if that's all it is. Let me keep you safe. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#23. Becky!" I had to laugh. "You're worse than me! It's no wonder he's such an egomaniac."
"What? You're telling me you can say no to that face?"
I wanted to say yes, but it would have been a lie and we all knew it. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#24. Yes, it's me, your PA, now your stripper for the evening. How do you do? - Author: Kate Meader
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#25. So, Noah, Echo's the coat girl." I had a nickname? Noah chuckled. "Yeah." "Echo, is your father aware of this relationship?" "Would you believe me if I told you I didn't know about it?" Her eyes laughed. "Yes. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#26. We may not be as perfect as we used to be,' says Raffe, 'but it's all relative.'
I try to give him a dirty look, but I can't help but laugh. 'Yes, I'm laughing at you.'
Raffe pulls me closer and kisses me again. I melt into his taut body. I can't help myself. I'm not even sure I should try - Author: Susan Ee
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#27. The fountain of youth [for me], let's see ... I guess it's exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex - yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It's healthy, it's natural, it's what we are here to do! - Author: Cameron Diaz
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#28. It really isn't anybody's business how many people we have working for us. What's offensive is that I'm portrayed as this prima donna with these sycophants telling me how great I am all the time. Yes, they do work for me, but we're working together for a higher good ... - Author: Demi Moore
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#29. And yes, I let him fuck me because it's been so bloody long I've almost forgotten what my prick's for. - Author: J.L. Merrow
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#30. Then it's not a waste of time. Believe me, Rose, God hears you. It's just that sometimes the answer doesn't come right away. Or sometimes the answer is simply no."
"It is?"
"Yes. No one gets everything they want. - Author: Alexis Harrington
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#31. Why do you give me cars?"
"It's fun," Ranger said."And it keeps you safe. Do you want to know why keeping you safe is important to me?"
"You love me?"
A sigh inadvertently escaped. "We're really screwed up, aren't we?"
"In a very large way," Ranger said. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#32. One question," I said. "Did you tell me all that because you think I'm going to die?"
"No," he said. "It's because you're doing something brave, and I felt I should too."
"I'll take that as a yes," I said. - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#33. Yes. I guess it's the foolish romantic in me, but you see, I don't think that sex is my Muse. - Author: Peter Murphy
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#34. Tarnelius leaned forward to give her a chaste peck on the lips.
"That's all I get?"
"Yes, that's all you get until you make the bond with me," Tarnelius said, smiling.
"That's blackmail."
"Hmm, so it is. I can live with that. - Author: D.S. Schmeckpeper
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#35. Are you lovers?"
"Excuse me?"
"Do you mind my asking you?"
"It's off the record."
"Then why do you need to know?"
Daniel Moore smiled. A large, happy smile.
"Because I would like to ask you to dinner. - Author: Francesca Marciano
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#36. I pointed to the wound. "It's missing," I said.
My grandmother smiled, and that was all it took for me to stop seeing the scar, and to recognize her again. "Yes," she said. "But see how much of me is left? - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#37. You made the right choice," Roden whispered. "Though you did choose his name rather quickly.
"He has a skinny neck. He'd have died faster." (Jaron)
"That's why you chose me? Because it'll take me longer to die?"
"Yes, Roden, that's exactly why."
"Enough bickering!" (Vargan) - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#38. Something occurred to me on the way. "Does your dad know you've got his his flask?" I asked Josephine.
"Yes, he's probably worked it out by now," Josephine said. - Author: Sophia McDougall
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#39. You love me?"
"Yes, you great lummox. I love you."
He lets out a sigh. "Sweet Camulos! It's about time. - Author: Robin LaFevers
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#40. And there's no sex, hardly any love stuff at all, in Middle Earth, which always made me think, yes, the world would be better off without it. - Author: Jo Walton
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#41. Yes, it was dangerous, but we are not put into this world, Mr. Burton, to avoid danger when an important fellow creature's life is at stake. You understand me? - Author: Agatha Christie
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#42. And I guess I'm the assignment that will put you right with your family?"
"It's no' going to happen, lass."
She turned her head to him. "Then why did you bring me with you tonight?"
"Something I've been asking myself. - Author: Donna Grant
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#43. Yes, Mom, I know that I'll never find anybody who loves me with blue hair. That's why I dyed it pink. - Author: Lila Felix
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#44. When I was about eight, I asked my mother if it was true that God knows everything about you. When she answered yes, I said, 'Then there's no hope for me, Mum.' - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#45. Putting a label [homosexual] on myself was a big step forward ... once I said, 'Yes, that's me, that's what I am,' I was able to work with it. - Author: Barbara Gittings
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#46. Can I ask you a question? I swear it's not about heaven."
Joi laughs. "Shoot."
"Why do you love me?" I ask her.
"Because you love me back," she says without hesitation.
"You have no idea how much," I tell her.
"Yes, I do," she says. - Author: Kirsten Miller
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#47. It would be nice if I did have a good relationship with my family, and yes, part of me longs to have a mum and dad who love and accept me for who I am. But if they never do, it's OK. - Author: Heather Graham
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#48. I do believe in a God, yes. But that's as far as I want to discuss. If I get too detailed on some things that are personal like that, it gives people an easier way to alienate themselves from me and that's all they are looking for now. - Author: Timothy McVeigh
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#49. Oh, sure. What's this supposed to teach me?"
"Is it what the teacher teaches? Or what the students learns?"
"What's the difference?"
"That is, itself, a question worth considering, yes?"
-Jacen & Vergere - Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
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#50. Pavlik denounced his father's crimes, and when Trofim shouted out, 'It's me, your father,' the boy told the judge: 'Yes, he used to be my father, but I no longer consider him my father. I am not acting as a son, but as a Pioneer. - Author: Orlando Figes
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#51. When God provides more money we often think, This is a blessing. Yes, but it would be just as scriptural to say, "This is a test." Abundance isn't God's provision for me to live in luxury. It's his provision for me to help others live. - Author: Randy Alcorn
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#52. Yes we dream of our selves, of what we will become," Chi Ling told me, "but it's the environment that tells us what is possible. I don't think our dreams are limitless; they are bounded by the society we live in and its conception of what is respectable and good. - Author: Julie Lythcott-Haims
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#53. Francesca: It's still a bit cold yet.
Michael: Never stopped John and me.
Francesca: Yes, well, you're Scottish. Your blood circulates quite well half frozen. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#54. - Is that for me? said he.

- Yes, it's for you.

He took it carefully in his hands, and stroked it.

- Do you think it's nice?

- Nice - why I could go round the world in such. - Author: Knut Hamsun
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#55. It's a privilege to have the career I have, to love every day and be following my passion, the stories that interest me, to remote locations and people. So nothing stops me from that - but yes, it seems redundant in documentary-filmmaker circles today to say the biggest struggle was financing. - Author: Pietra Brettkelly
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#56. Sebastian, women like sex just as much as men ... if it's good."
He tried to smile but still looked uncertain, his forehead creasing with worry.
"Am I ... ?"
He bit his lip.
I knew what he was trying to ask me.
"Yes, you're good. In fact I'd say you're amazing: in so many ways. - Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick
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#57. Is there something else you have to say? Something you're not telling me?" "Yes. Up your game, Stark. These might be the End Times. I don't want you half-assing your way through them." It's a good party-line statement, but it's not what he's thinking about. There's something else. - Author: Richard Kadrey
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#58. Forgive me, I guess I am off in the head, but I mean, except for a quickie piece of ass it wouldn't matter to me if all the people in the world died. Yes, I know it's not nice. But I'd be as contended as a snail; it was, after all, the people who had made me unhappy. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#59. Try not to scream when I break your bones. It bothers me. You can cry if you want; that's fine."
He burst out laughing. I didn't realize that was a funny statement.
"Got it," he said, trying unsuccessful to cover his grin. "Screaming, no. Crying, yes - Author: Amy Tintera
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#60. There's no boot."
No boot?"
That makes me sad."
I ate it."
You ate the boot?"
Was it good?"
No. Were the cigarettes good?"
No. I couldn't finish them."
I couldn't finish the boot. - Author: Yann Martel
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#61. Hey have you noticed-"
"People are staring at us. Yes I have and I have to admit it's a little weird," He finished for me. - Author: Sydney Proctor
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#62. To me YEs, AND means don't be afraid to contribute. It's your responsibility to contribute. Always make sure you're adding something to the discussion. Your initiations are worthwhile. - Author: Tina Fey
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#63. Actually, I have this random fear, and it's of bees and wasps. Bees and wasps actually scare me just a little bit. I'd rather have a snake or a crocodile, yes ... I appreciate them, and I love them, but I have a slight fear. - Author: Bindi Irwin
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#64. It's my first record since my son is old enough to understand and I can't even show it to him. Yes, it's affected me, probably in the opposite of how anyone would have thought. - Author: Paul Westerberg
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#65. If you want to know the Correct term for me, I'm a Dark-Hunter."
Nick digested that word slowly. "Which means what? You hunt darkness?"
"Yes, Nick. That's exactly what I do. There's just not enough of it." Now, there was some sarcasm you could cut with a knife. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#66. I don't doubt you can handle it; you've
handled so much. You've always been so strong. It's what - "
"I know - it's what infuriated you about me."
He squeezed her hand. "Yes - and it's
what made me fall in love with you. - Author: Aleatha Romig
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#67. Not really. It's called OCD and -
'Yes, yes, so my psychiatrist tells me.'
'You have a shrink?'
'Apparently, I have some repressed anger and unresolved abandonment issues after my experiences with God. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#68. What I need to do is have a great positive attitude and a great work ethic. Those two things validate me. Yes, it's important that I have good numbers, and I'm well-respected as a player. But I think it's more important that I'm respected as a man. - Author: David Robinson
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#69. I'm getting chest pains ... You give me chest pains Uncle Willie.
It's my fault you get excited.
Yes, it's your fault! I only get chest pains on Wednesdays.
So come on Tuesdays. - Author: Neil Simon
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#70. If I had to play only for people who liked the music because they heard it on the radio, it wouldn't make me happy. That's why I'm working so hard to have, yes, a profile as an artist, but also a profile as a DJ. - Author: David Guetta
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#71. I don't conduct myself like a rock 'n' roll star in my day-to-day living. Am I a celebrity? Yes. Do people recognize me on the street? Yes, they do. But at the same time, it's not a media center out here. People get used to you. - Author: Dee Snider
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#72. Life has no adjective. It's a mixture in a strange crucible but that allows me on the end, to breathe. And sometimes to pant. And sometimes to gasp. Yes. But sometimes there is also the deep breath that finds the cold delicateness of my spirit, bound to my body for now. - Author: Clarice Lispector
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#73. My lifestyle, my life, everything has changed because of this show. Has it made me look different? Yes, it's changed everything for me, everything from this show. And I cannot thank every single part of 'Sons of Anarchy' enough. - Author: Theo Rossi
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#74. A bike ride. Yes, that's it! A simple bike ride. It's what I love to do and most days I can't believe they pay me to do it. A day is not the same without it ... - Author: Lance Armstrong
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#75. I feel that's the richest gift that's ever been given to me: I get to do what I love. And it's a really brutal business, and no matter how successful you are you hear "No" more than "Yes." - Author: Carla Gugino
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#76. Humour is often linked to shared experience. Like, a guy gets up and says, "Have you noticed public restrooms have really inefficient hand-dryers?" Oh my God, yes I have, hahaha, really
good point, they should ... fix that. It's good to know that somebody finally gets me! - Author: Bo Burnham
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#77. Hell, yes," Dev says, sitting up now. "Don't get me wrong - we're totally going to make the beast with two backs tonight. But if we do it right, it's going to feel like holding hands. - Author: David Levithan
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#78. Don't pretend you want to talk to me, I know you hate me." "No, I don't." "Yes, you do, everybody does. It's part of the shape of the Universe. I only have to talk to somebody and they begin to hate me. Even robots hate me. If you just ignore me I expect I shall probably go away. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#79. Natasha Williams? Yes, I've already spoken with her. She said it's best, in this case, if I speak with you directly; she gave me your private cell phone - Author: A.R. Winters
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#80. Yes, I am a prisoner of sorts, but my prison isn't the house. It's my own thoughts that lock me up! - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#81. It's only going to get worse now isn't it
Most of the time Bones's honesty was what I loved about him. Then there were the times when I wished he would just fucking lie to me. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#82. Yes, my boy, you are indeed much faster, bigger, and stronger than me and an altogether superior speciman of God's creation, but I have seen your like before. Only one of us can be master, and it won't be you. - Author: Emery Lee
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#83. Besides, Southerners are hospitable. They'll probably offer me lemonade."
Excuse me? You're going to sit on a porch and drink lemonade while I plow a swamp with a goat's horn?"
Yes, ma'am. And I aim to wear my seamless shirt while you do it. - Author: Nancy Werlin
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#84. Will you kiss my envelopes before you mail them?"
"Will you give me my job back if I say yes?" He gestured towards the doorway to her old office.
"It's all yours. - Author: Kitty French
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#85. Yes, I am sinful and flawed, but I am also loved and welcomed. It doesn't really matter what other people say or do. God loves me, even in my brokenness, and that's all that matters. - Author: Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
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#86. Excited my little whore? Yes, that's what you are, letting me fuck you the way I do. You know that's not good. Letting me punish you. My cock wants to be down your throat, inside your pussy and ... In your ass. You tease me with it every fucking day. - Author: K.I. Lynn
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#87. Botvinnik's right! When he says such things, then he's right. Usually, I prefer not to study chess but to play it. For me chess is more an art than a science. It's been said that Alekhine and I played similar chess, except that he studied more. Yes, perhaps, but I have to say that he played, too. - Author: Mikhail Tal
Yes It's Me Quotes #669372
#88. The high-grossing films are not all that interesting to me, I have to say. It's not stuff I would want to be in. Yes, you would want the big paycheck, but that's never really been my concern. - Author: Edie Falco
Yes It's Me Quotes #671048
#89. I'm not sure what it would mean to have "made it." Made what? Yes, I can make a decent living in show business, so if that's the criteria, then I've made it. But that doesn't feel that important to me. The stuff that matters to me are the new challenges. I know that sounds hokey, but it's true. - Author: Michael Ian Black
Yes It's Me Quotes #677337
#90. I've worn so many things, I've tried on so many things ... I've spent probably thousand of hours in fittings. I can know so quickly how something's going to feel on me, look on me. It's a pretty fast courtship. I say yes or no pretty quickly. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
Yes It's Me Quotes #683249
#91. I said yes to so many things, from a sex change to gastric by-pass surgery, so it's always paid off for me. - Author: Jim Carrey
Yes It's Me Quotes #685106
#92. I'm not wise at all. I told you, I know nothing. I know books, and I know how to string words together
it doesn't mean I know how to speak about the tings that matter most to me."
"But you're doing it now
in a way."
"Yes, in a way
that's how I always say things: in a way. - Author: Andre Aciman
Yes It's Me Quotes #689910
#93. Will you return to your home if Prince Grotto's reign is ended?"
"Yes. It is home."
"Will you take me back as your gardener? - Author: Terry Spear
Yes It's Me Quotes #697541
#94. Nobody's bought this land. And no one's going to want it either. It's dying land, lonely land."
"Like me, then," I said.
"Yes, like you." You chewed the corner of your lip. "You both need saving. - Author: Lucy Christopher
Yes It's Me Quotes #708249
#95. Yes, you have the very soul of me, Elisabeth."
"Then your name, mein Herr."
He laughed softly, but it was a gasp of pain, not of joy. "No."
"So you will forget me," he said simply. "You cannot love a man with no name. - Author: S. Jae-Jones
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#96. I cannot be called upon to know a negative or to prove a negative. if there is a god and you prove it, that's fine. but you don't tell me you can't know that there isn't. i would say yes i know there isn't because i have been given no evidence. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#97. This emotion I'm feeling now, this is love, right?"
"I don't know. Is it a longing? Is it a giddy stupid happiness just because you're with me?"
"Yes," she said.
"That's influenza," said Miro. "Watch for nausea or diarrhea within a few hours. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#98. Yes, it's true I once knocked out a horse. It was at a fiesta in my mother's home town of Guarare. Someone bet me a bottle of whiskey that I couldn't do it. - Author: Roberto Duran
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#99. May I ask why you're passing notes to Aiden?" He eyed the letter like it was a bomb.
"It's a love note. I'm asking him to circle 'yes' or 'no' if he likes me. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#100. Leah, wake up." Dougal sat on the edge of her bed and patted her shoulder.
"Mmm," she moaned. "What is it,Howard?"
"Howard? Are ye dreaming of Howard?"
Her eyes flickered open. "Dougal?"
"Aye, 'tis me, yer true love, Dougal."
She smiled drowsily at him. "Yes, that's true. - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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