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#1. Boobs have always been sort of a problem for me." Will's eyes widened. "Boobs are never a problem for anyone. Ever. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#2. It's wherever you are. If it's tapped into any of your senses, it knows where you are and what you're doing."
Oh no, I thought, my spirits sinking. I hadn't considered that. Did that mean nothing I did was ever anymore?
"Even in the bathroom?" the Gasman's eyes widened with surprise. - Author: James Patterson
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#3. Aren widened his stance, his eyes locked on his twin's. "So help me, Adam, I don't want to hurt you, but if you threaten her one more time I will. That's a promise." - Hunter's Moon - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#4. You dress like that all the time. Like a man."My eyes widened. "I don't dress like a man," I said. "I dress practically. Because I live on a farm. And do icky, farmy things all the time."
Lorenz grinned, which was breathtaking. "A cute little man. - Author: Cate Tiernan
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#5. They all did. "Then tell him you came to see me and I specifically told you I'm not available." Emma's eyes widened just a little bit more, if that was even possible. Her - Author: J.C. Reed
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#6. Can you get me home by nine?" His grin widened. "Isolde, my friend, I can get you back by quarter 'til. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#7. Son, how violent is yer woman?" The older man asked sounding curious. Aiden leaned in and whispered. "She knocked me unconscious once with the back of my toilet." The older man's eyes widened. "Better get you some chocolate bars. You can throw those from a distance." Aiden nodded. - Author: Anonymous
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#8. Squirrelpaw's eyes widened, though she looked more impressed than frightened. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#9. Kissi frowned ar him, then looked at me for explanation. I widened my eyes, grimaced: the look women give each other when they're embarrassed of the men they're with. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#10. The dragons live in the casino?
Tee's eyes widened and alarm coursed through her.
My God, it's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. - Author: Susannah Scott
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#11. You love me?"
He smiled. "Fuck yeah."
"I'm glad, because it's rare for one-sided relationships to work out well."
His smile widened. "Is that your very poor way of telling me you love me?"
"It was pretty poor, wasn't it? - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#12. You took so long I got bored." She widened her smile, teeth showing. "Next time freshen up quicker, princess. - Author: Katherine McIntyre
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#13. You want me to marry Paul? But he is a moron and an idiot! He hasn't learned to fight properly, and he can't even read."
The king's smile widened. "I knew you'd like him. - Author: Katharina Gerlach
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#14. The final result of our researches has widened the class of substances sensitive to light vibrations, until we can propound the fact of such sensitiveness being a general property of all matter. - Author: Alexander Graham Bell
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#15. Pangborn took the satchel by the straps. "What is it?" "A bomb." The mechanic's eyes widened. "Thanks? - Author: Larry Correia
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#16. You know how to be a good boy?" Anna widened her eyes in surprise. "Why, Archer, I'm certain I never recognized that quality in you. - Author: Lora Leigh
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#17. ...a fissure appeared. Splinters of plastic broke away around it, and the fissure widened, radiating further fractures.

When the first leg broke out, Simon tried to shriek. - Author: A. Ashley Straker
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#18. When you told me you loved me," Lily's eyes widened when she looked at Lux, "You saved the world. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#19. His smirk widened into a grin. "Well, I might need to get to know you a bit before we start biting each other. You know, exchange names at least." He stuck his hand out. "Ian Stirling. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#20. Still dressed in matching butler suits with pink bow ties, the redcaps filed into the dining room, every one of them scowling at me. Ash's eyes widened and he quickly hid his mouth under his laced fingers, but I saw his shoulders shaking with silent laughter.
Luckily, the redcaps didn't notice. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#21. He felt his body stirring again at the memory of what she had been like under him.
Rowena's eyes widened as she noticed it herself. "Does it do that a lot?"
He shook his head and pulled her closer to him. "Only when I think of you."
-Rowena & Stryder - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#22. You give me things too," he said in a hushed voice as he bit off the cap.
"Like what?"
"A headache," his smile widened. - Author: Leah Spiegel
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#23. The boundaries of democracy have to be widened so as to include economic equality also. This is the great revolution through which we are all passing. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
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#24. Even as U.S. policy in recent decades has become progressively militarized, so too has the Vietnam-induced gap separating the U.S. military from American society persisted and perhaps even widened.47 - Author: Andrew J. Bacevich
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#25. That cocky smile widened. "Hello, bitch," Ansel purred.
"Hello, traitor," Aelin purred right back... "Meet Ansel of Briarcliff, assassin and Queen of the Western Wastes. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#26. I'm assuming the widened eyes and squished up mouth are your way of entreating me to take you to the train station and help you question the humans. Either that or you're constipated." "I'm not constipated." I resumed The Look. - Author: Debra Dunbar
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#27. Shaun's eyes widened, and for a minute, he was speechless. It was a nice minute. When his mouth wasn't messing things up, he was serious eye candy. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. - Author: Jus Accardo
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#28. Big cows,"
"lumps of meat"
. His eyes widened. "Give me milk"
"warm and sweet"
thump. - Author: Julianne Donaldson
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#29. Oh well, it's over for you. Call the code at 2:03 p.m."
My eyes widened in shock. "That's what they say when someone dies."
"Exactly." He nodded. "Woman have fallen in love with me after staring like that for only thirty seconds and
I think you just took a full minute. You're doomed. - Author: Michele Jaffe
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#30. The Angel's eyes widened curiously and her lips parted. a deep colour swept into her cheeks. She had intended to arouse him. She had more than succeeded. She was too young to know that in the effort to rouse a man, women frequently kindle fires that they neither can quench or control. - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
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#31. Her eyes widened. "My." She looked at him hesitantly and then bit her lip. "This might be more difficult than I realized. You're a large man, aren't you?" She blushed. "I mean, all over."
He managed to nod. Yes, damn it. And getting excruciatingly larger by the minute. - Author: Monica McCarty
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#32. Does Chloe remind you of anyone?"
One corner of his mouth lifted. "Linda Blair in The Exorcist?"
He laughed. "All right, then, maybe a little bit of a stretch. Who did you have in mind?"
His eyes widened. "Good God, I'd almost have Linda Blair. - Author: Karen Robards
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#33. Trying to care about that," he said. He cocked his head and widened his eyes. "Huh. I guess I'm not managing it. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#34. She had imagined Jace leaping from the bed in astonishment and gasping something like "Egad!" This didn't happen-largely, she suspected, because Jace had seen much stranger things in his life, and also because nobody used the word "Egad!" anymore. His eyes widened, though. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#35. The prison keeper choose an inopportune time to look around the doorway into the cell. He and the king locked gazes, and the king's eyes narrowed while the prison keeper's widened. - Author: Megan Whalen Turner
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#36. Then she turned to me and her eyes widened. "Holy shit. It's a girl." She dropped a hand over her heart, backing up a step. - Author: C.L.Stone
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#37. Good night, Gabriel.' [Kaitlyn] said
You jerk
[Gabriel] widened his eyes. 'Don't you want to stay? It's a big bed. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#38. The green has widened for an Arcadian delight, and over the sky, the sun had departed. But the moonlit beams unshackled the sulky spells of life. Moon adorned with eloquent jewelry of purple as a semblance to her inward gloom and outward passion. - Author: Nithin Purple
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#39. How could you be watching me the whole year?" I asked, sensing my eyes bulging, but unable to control it. "I think I would've noticed."
His smile widened. "What, you mean, since you where always checking me out? - Author: Ramona Wray
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#40. Both of us widened our eyes and said, "Woah."
Then I immediately blushed. Oh my God, had I just looked at Archer and said, "Whoa"?
But ... wait a minute. Had Archer just looked at me and said "Whoa"? - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#41. Bartender's smile widened. His ugliness was the stuff of legend. In an age of affordable beauty, there was - Author: William Gibson
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#42. Eleanor's eyes widened at the sight of the man.
"I love that reaction." He pointed at Eleanor's face. "That is the 'you didn't tell me how pretty he was look, oui? - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#43. Scooting forward, I pressed my lips to his smooth cheek. His eyes widened. - Author: J. Lynn
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#44. Where are we going?"
Rhy's smile widened into a grin. "To Velaris - the City of Starlight. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#45. The family circle has widened. The worldpool of information fathered by the electric media
movies, Telstar, flight
far surpassesany possible influence mom and dad can now bring to bear. Character no longer is shaped by only two earnest, fumbling experts. Now all the world's a sage. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#46. The smile widened, and she decided it ought to be classified as a misdemeanor. Grinning with Intent to Discombobulate. - Author: Ruthie Knox
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#47. Hello, Darkness," Caine said.
Gaia's face fell. Her bloody, feral grin faded to be replaced by lips drawn right with fear. Her killer blue eyes widened as she looked at Caine who was no longer Caine.
"Nemesis," Gaia said. - Author: Michael Grant
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#48. Unfortunately, that was not my father's intent at all, and my eyes widened in horror as my father leaned over and yelled in his booming, cheerful voice, "HELLOOOO, VICTOR," while tossing a live bobcat on him. Most - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#49. Her eyes widened slightly at the words and she played the last moments of their conservation over in her head. We are in love. He met her gaze, not letting her look away as he spoke. You appear to have missed my meaning. Allow me to repeat myself more plainly. I love you, Alex. - Author: Sarah MacLean
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#50. What are you?" Conor asked, pulling his arms closer around himself. I am not a "what," frowned the monster. I am a "who." "Who are you, then?" Conor said. The monster's eyes widened. Who am I? it said, its voice getting louder. Who am I? The - Author: Patrick Ness
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#51. The eligibility for food stamps has widened and widened; welfare has been widened - unemployment insurance and disability insurance. These are all incentives not to work. - Author: Lawrence Kudlow
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#52. He smiled. Rather, he widened his mouth, exposing teeth. - Author: Stephen Lloyd Jones
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#53. One of the greatest kings?" My smile widened. "That's it? Why not the greatest?"
"This will only make your arrogance worse, I'm sure."
"Really? Do you think that's possible? - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#54. I knew there was a reason I didnt turn you into a banana slug."
Leonid'd eyes widened. "No banana slug! Please!"
"It was a compliement, silly. Forbidden is good! Sadie likes forbidden! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#55. It's a very small object to be capable of doing many wonderful things, don't you think?"
"It does much more that that," Valkyrie said, opening up a game and showing it to him.
His eyes widened. "What wonder is this?"
"It's called Angry Birds. Now do you believe me? - Author: Derek Landy
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#56. His eyes widened. Oh, hell, you think I'm going to let him bite me? No way. It's too risky and way too guy. - Author: C.C. Hunter
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#57. I'm not going to die," she said. "Not till I've seen it."
"Seen what?"
Her smile widened. "Everything. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#58. I complacently accepted the social order in which I was brought up. I probably would have continued in my complacency if the happynecessity of self-support had not fallen to my lot; if self-support had not deepened and widened my contacts and my experience. - Author: Mary Barnett Gilson
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#59. Those baby blues widened and he swaggered around the railing. I couldn't help but notice how his gym shorts hung low on his narrow hips. Or his stomach. It was ripped, taking six pack into eight pack territory. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#60. I swept down the stairs to find Fade waiting for me at the bottom. His dark eyes widened, and for the first time since I'd known him, he was speechless. He stared up at me like I was everything he ever wanted. - Author: Ann Aguirre
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#61. Hey Rose, welcome back. You still breaking hearts?"
"Are you volunteering?"
His grin widened." Let's hang out sometime and find out. If you ever get parole. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#62. The ethic of Reverence for Life is the ethic of Love widened into universality. - Author: Albert Schweitzer
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#63. Her cerulean eyes widened.
"You dream about me?"
His gaze snapped back to hers.
"Nightmares only - Author: Morgan Rhodes
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#64. The front of the man's kilt suddenly became very wet and Ian's eyes widened in surprise.
"Did he jsut piss in a Munro kilt?"
Ruairi smiled. "I think he did."
"The bastard has nay respect. - Author: Victoria Roberts
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#65. Though she would never say so, Sandy holds the opinion that mothers who keep their figures have sacrificed less than mothers who have widened and softened. - Author: Maggie Shipstead
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#66. Marshall perched hesitantly beside me.
"They asked me to protect you."
My eyes widened. "What? Who did? The Sisterhood?"
"No, the Teletubbies did. Of course, the Sisterhood." Marshall rolled his eyes at me, and it took all of my will power not to shove him off the bench. - Author: Chanelle Gray
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#67. Then I shall be devastated. My heart will be crushed as thoroughly as dust beneath your feet". "Oh, we can't have that". Her eyes widened in an innocent manner he didn't believe for a moment. "I quite detest dust". - Author: Victoria Alexander
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#68. My eyes widened as I looked at him. 'Then you bit me, you weirdo. - Author: Michelle Rowen
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#69. He unsnapped the top button on his jeans.
My eyes widened."Sneaky bastard."
I gnawed my lip in pleasure,watching the past,present,and future Master of Cadogan House in the state of utter abandon:shirt on the floor,jeans unbuttoned,his arousal obvious. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#70. widened greedily, Meggie concluded they could only be discussing a book, - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#71. Scarlet blinked tears from her eyes. "I ... this is ... it's perfect, but I think you might have forgotten one important element." She turned back to Wolf. "There's no officiant here. Who's going to marry us?" Wolf's grin widened, and he glanced at Kai. Scarlet followed the look. "Seriously? - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#72. Her eyes widened, convinced by the size of it that his shaft was fully erect. She blinked several times. No, she was wrong. The bulge moved, growing as she watched it.
Not that I mind ya staring, love, but I've got an appointment I must keep. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#73. Roar's smile widened. "I know. You missed me."
She rolled her eyes. "It's barely been three weeks since I last saw you."
"Miserable stretch of time." He said. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#74. Maurice," she croaked one last time, as loudly as she could. His eyes widened. "Rosalind?" he murmured. Then his face went red in a mask of rage and fury. "ROSALIND!" He - Author: Liz Braswell
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#75. Jacob cut his gaze to me. I wasn't quiet sure how to convey, /I know we hate him, but based on the circumstances, it was the most logical thing to do/, with a nonverbal signal. I widened my eyes a little. - Author: Jordan Castillo Price
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#76. When you move, I'm available to do any heavy lifting you need done." "Sure, if you'll do it shirtless too." My eyes widened. Holy crap. "Um, did I just say that out loud?" "Yeah. - Author: Gayla Drummond
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#77. Tammy's eyes widened. "Oh, my God, Dorian, it's not only lust, is it? You're starting to fall for her. She matters."
Tammy was wrong, Dorian thought, looking out and into the yard again.
The truth was, he'd already fallen for her. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#78. I must remember to be troublesome now and again, else you are going to be impossible to live with. And by what magic did you find the gown and the horse?"
"Scottish fairy magic." His grin widened.
"Do you mean that fairies are real in Scotland? - Author: Shelly Thacker
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#79. Prior to 1940, the affluent and the middle class began to converge, but after 1979, the economic gap between the middle class and affluent widened significantly. - Author: William Julius Wilson
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#80. Your prowess in the bedchamber, my lord." His eyes widened. "How would they know what I'm doing in bed? - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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#81. Hey, Ms. P," Tad called, "what's going on?"
She let out a slow breath before she answered. "You won't believe this ... Brian Murrey tried to eat Scott Morgan."
Nick's eyes widened at the unexpected explanation. Had he heard that right? - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#82. Sam reached his hand toward mine and I automatically put my fingers in his. With a guilty little smile he pulled my hand toward his nose and took a sniff and then another one. His smile widened though it was still shy. It was absolutely adorable and my breath got caught somewhere in my throat. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#83. Satire is used for political purposes all the time, but obviously there's a time and a place. I think in the current climate, it can be very difficult to speak your mind, but sometimes, I believe, we're all in danger and I think this discussion needs to be widened. - Author: George Michael
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#84. You see, I'm not really left-handed."

"No!" Robert and Oliver spike together in joint outrage.

Sebastian's eyes widened. "An infidel! Stone him!" He looked wildly around, found a scrap of paper on the floor, and hurled it ineffectually at him. "Die, fiend, die! - Author: Courtney Milan
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#85. He turned to face me and his eyes widened. "Are you crying?"
He sounded a little panicked, like the sight of a crying girl was scarier than anything that had happened over the past forty-eight hours. - Author: Kathleen Peacock
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#86. Sorvus's eyes widened then fell as she accepted whatever fate had in store for her. "It will be as it will, Thristan." Thristan looked at her intently, bringing his head back with a frustrated sigh. "Ah, this 'destiny' crap you all talk about! - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#87. Not looking up at me, his smile widened. "I'm reading your porn."
Smacking his foot as I walked by, I scoffed, "That's not porn ... it's romance. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#88. Brenna's eyes widened. Raising a hand, she brushed his hair gently off his forehead.
"Why do I keep telling you things I swore I'd take to my grave?"
The contact shot electricity through his nerves. "Because you know I'll always be your shield against the nightmares. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#89. My nipples hardened (traitorous little bitches) and my eyes widened. - Author: Joanna Wylde
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#90. Falco's eyes widened in fake shock. "Well, then perhaps I should ask for a tour of the house." He grinned, clearly relishing Cass's embarrassment. "Can we start with your bedroom? - Author: Fiona Paul
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#91. Eyes widened, and a tear slid down her cheek. I've never - Author: Colleen Coble
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#92. Lacey?" He bowed his head until his face was inches from mine. His smile was still in place, and as his eyes swept over my face, it widened. "Uh-oh. Did you break? - Author: Violet Cross
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#93. 'What i you're the Big Bad Wolf?' he managed to quip.

Neal's eyes widened. 'Then you'd better be Little Red Riding Hood, son.' - Author: Rachel Wilder
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#94. ... he grabbed my hand again. That same warmth hit me, seeping into my skin. I bit my lip and forced myself not to relish in the tingling heat. Samuel's eyes widened. Fangs erupted from his gums. His nostrils flared as he inhaled me. - Author: Kenya Wright
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#95. Surprise widened his eyes as he stepped back. "Caving in so easily?"
"Caving in?" I laughed without feeling. "I just want you out of my face."
Daemon chuckled deeply. "Keep telling yourself that, Kitten."
"Keep using your ego steroids. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#96. Books have been my classroom and my confidant. Books have widened my horizons. Books have comforted me in my hardest times. Books have changed my life. - Author: Po Bronson
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#97. Andi's eyes widened. "Bob. . .is it really him?"
"Yes, but he works for the bad guys now," Bob said. "It's probably safest to shoot him. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#98. Now I am discovering the world once more. England has widened my horizon. - Author: Stefan Zweig
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#99. He felt goaded by her impenetrability, by what clawed at him from within. He started to growl.
Her eyes widened in surprise. Are you growling at me? - Author: Thea Harrison
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#100. The Grand Canyon is carven deep by the master hand; it is the gulf of silence, widened in the desert; it is all time inscribing the naked rock; it is the book of earth. - Author: Donald C. Peattie
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