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#1. The goals of American Christianity are often a nice marriage, children who don't swear, and good church attendance. Taking the words of Christ literally and seriously is rarely considered. - Author: Francis Chan
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#2. Wow, you know a lot of swear words," Sam commented at one point. "And here I thought I had a dirty mouth."
"What can I say? Apparently candid porn starring my boyfriend brings out the best in me. - Author: Gemma Halliday
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#3. I shrieked incoherent, made up swear words as the pain stopped messing bent me over, and made me its bitch - Author: Nicole Peeler
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#4. Archie says -Science- the same way he says -Modern-, as if someone has lent him the words and made him swear not to break them. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#5. Bran was the only person I knew who could use words like "blackguard" and make them sound like swear words-but then he could have said "bunny rabbit" in that tone of voice and weaken my spine with the same shiver of fear. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#6. I'm going to get even, I swear I will. Mark my words, I'm a pregnant cranky woman with insomnia. I have time to plot my revenge. - Author: Kim Gruenenfelder
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#7. Without thinking, Lillian let out a few curse words that caused Evie to blanch. One of Lillian's more questionable accomplishments was the ability to swear as fluently as a sailor, acquired from much time spent with her grandmother, who had worked as a washwoman at the harbor docks. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#8. Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words. - Author: Bill Watterson
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#9. There was something musical about Ronan when he swore, a careful and loving precision to the way he fit the words together, a black-painted poetry. It was far less hateful sounding than when he didn't swear. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#10. Oh.' A syllable can express a great deal. Will's sounded of resignation but also of swear words, and the smell of rotting vegetation, and wary amusement and bitten fingernails. - Author: Katherine Rundell
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#11. A boy without a mother is a very curious creature. If Travis is anything like his father, and I know that he is, he's a deep ocean of fragility, protected by a thick wall of swear words and feigned indifference." -Diane Maddox - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#12. I swear to God, Boss," he said one day. "Ya ain't never been a talker, but lately, if ya'd a had to rub two words together to make a fire, you'd a done froze to death. - Author: Eli Easton
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#13. Try and write straight English; never using slang except in dialogue and then only when unavoidable. Because all slang goes sour in a short time. I only use swear words, for example, that have lasted at least a thousand years for fear of getting stuff that will be simply timely and then go sour. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#14. Just listen to these people. You'd swear they understood each other though not one of them has any idea what their words actually mean to another. - Author: Andre Alexis
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#15. What a shame swear words aren't allowed in diplomacy. - Author: Ayse Kulin
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#16. I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again. I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world. It is all at an end. And indeed he does not want my help; you do not know him as I do; he is safe, he is quite safe; mark my words, he will never more be heard of. ~Jekyll - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#17. Veins practically popping out of his neck, the jerk leaned out his window and yelled a bunch of swear words, including a new one I tucked away in my brain for future use, if necessary. - Author: James Patterson
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#18. I know all the swear words. I just don't use them. There are worse things in life than being called a Lady. - Author: Irene Dunne
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#19. I thought I'd learn a few new words, but the men were too shocked to even swear this time. - Author: Kiersten White
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#20. The spirit of wrath - not the words - is the sin; and the spirit of wrath is cursing. We begin to swear before we can talk. - Author: Mark Twain
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#21. It's likely that taboo words are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Massive left hemisphere strokes or the entire surgical removal of the left hemisphere can leave people with no articulate speech other than the ability to swear, spout cliches and song lyrics. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#22. After the engine had faded away she did not dismount, but sat for a few minutes with her face in her hands, almost as if she was praying. If it was a prayer she was muttering, however, it was one full of all the swear words that Not-Triss had ever heard, and quite a few she had not. - Author: Frances Hardinge
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#23. Art is a service, not a product. Created beauty is a relationship, and a relationship with the Holy at that. Reducing such work to 'content' is like praying in swear words. End of Sermon. Back to business. - Author: John Perry Barlow
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#24. Mean words
Once upon a time,
I loved you
But I will never
I swear. - Author: Arzum Uzun
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#25. Swear words and profanities are mere abbreviations of speech, similar to the abbreviations in writing. - Author: Franz Grillparzer
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#26. Good. Come along you lot. And stay in pairs. You look like shit after someone ate beans. I will need more swear words, too; I love the startled faces when I use them. - Author: K.F. Breene
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#27. Go out there and swear to this world your oath, not with your words, but with what you do. Not with your hand over your heart, but with your hand outstretched to a world that desperately needs your hand, your help, your insights, your creativity, your honor, your courage. It needs you. - Author: Cory Booker
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#28. I could not have written this book the way I wanted to without the insight of one such friend, Brent Dempsey. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so generous with your time and for helping me get it right. I solemnly swear to never again use the words stakeout or perp. - Author: Julie James
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#29. I had a love affair with books, with characters and their words. Books kept me company. When the voices of the book faded, as with the last long chord of a record, the back cover crinkling closed, I could swear I heard a door click shut. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#30. He remembers his fathers last words: Stay out of churches, son. All they got a key to is the shit house. And swear to me you'll never wear a lawman's badge. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#31. If human beings weren't 'dumbable' enough to be made soldiers, war would be nothing but an exchange of swear words between a handful of individuals. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#32. I get that. For you, it's more than following a bunch of rules - no sex, no booze, no swear words, pray every night and twice on Sunday. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
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#33. Fricking son of a popcorn pimp! - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#34. Learn to feel sorry for music because, although it is the international language, it has no swear words. - Author: Billy Connolly
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#35. Should they whisper false of you, never trouble to deny. Should the words they say be true, weep and storm and swear they lie! - Author: Dorothy Parker
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#36. There are so many little girls who follow me and look up to me. I'm their role model, so I have to make sure I'm always being professional and not putting any swear words out there - just really putting positive things out there on the Internet. - Author: Jordyn Wieber
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#37. You cannot conceive of the magnitude of this mystery." He spoke in a confidential whisper. "You cannot conceive of this complexity." He was saying these words as if he'd just discovered them. He wept. I swear it. He wept. - Author: Anne Rice
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#38. There's so much poison dripping from her words that I could swear she's been soaking her tongue in arsenic - Author: A.G. Howard
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#39. Minsk! How pissed-off that sounded! It was great. You could scare the bejayzus out of someone if you said it right. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#40. I don't swear much; I've taken those words out of my vocabulary, and having kids, you have to have two sets of language! - Author: Keith Urban
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#41. I looked at her, exhausted in the hospital bed, and she looked at you, and you looked at me looking at her with eyes that had never known anything else, and for a moment there I swear we saw each other with a clarity that nothing can alter, not time, not heartbreak, not death. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
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#42. But friends invited me to a private screening of Emmanuelle and said I'd learn a few things. But I know all the swear words. I just don't use them. So I declined. - Author: Irene Dunne
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#43. I swear it looked like she wanted her words to slither around us and go out the door unheard. - Author: Jazz Feylynn
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#44. Someone's an easy grader."
"Someone just has a soft spot where you are concerned." He was leaning down towards me and even though his face was a good foot away from me, I swear I felt those words like he'd whispered them into my ear. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#45. When I was three, my dad thought it would be hilarious to teach me swear words, then have me say them to his friends. They would laugh and laugh. I realize now the laugh was pure shock value, but it felt really good, and I've been chasing it ever since. - Author: Sarah Silverman
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#46. Have you ever tried to vent your frustration by writing down swear words? Try it, it's just not the same. - Author: Frank Tayell
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#47. I've got to learn French because I've been going there for years and still, the only words I know are the swear words. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#48. What 'SNL' taught me that was useful on 'The Watch' was, only put in bad words if they can get a laugh - there was no need for swear words and beeps in places that weren't necessary. Those beeps should only be in there when they mean something and it's important to the joke. - Author: Akiva Schaffer
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#49. I'm only civil because I don't know any swear words. - Author: Bill Watterson
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#50. I had one really memorable line. It was all the words you're not allowed to say on the airwaves, so it's one long list of swear words. I knew it anyway, because I was a huge George Carlin fan. - Author: Peter Jacobson
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#51. He smelled the smells of commerce and listened to the cursing of the sailors, both of which he admired: the former, as it reeked of wealth, and the latter because it combined his two other chief preoccupations, these being theology and anatomy. - Author: Roger Zelazny
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#52. Smeagol,' said Gollum suddenly and clearly, opening his eyes wide and staring at Frodo with a strange light. 'Smeagol will swear on the Precious.'
Frodo drew himself up, and again Sam was startled by his words and his stern voice. 'On the Precious? How dare you?' he said. 'Think! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#53. The man who first abused his fellows with swear-words instead of bashing their brains out with a club should be counted among those who laid the foundations of civilization. - Author: John Denham
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#54. He swore loudly, confused. I won't repeat the word here. I'm a gentleman. - Author: Rose Christo
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#55. Supposedly Kaidan's having a difficult time 'cause he can't say swear words in every sentence," Marna said with a smile. "He's determined to find signs for cursing or make some up himself. - Author: Wendy Higgins
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#56. Smitten kitten? I swear a piece of my manliness just died. "Promise me you wont ever say those words again. - Author: N.R. Walker
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#57. County library? Reference desk, please. Hello? Yes, I need a word definition. Well, that's the problem. I don't know how to spell it and I'm not allowed to say it. Could you just rattle off all the swear words you know and I'll stop you when ... Hello? - Author: Bill Watterson
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#58. I'm in a band. I don't go to church every Sunday. I love punk rock music. Sometimes I use swear words a lot. I respect and admire gay men and women. I'm obsessed with horror films. I know what shame feels like. And guess what old man? Jesus is still my Savior. - Author: Hayley Williams
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#59. He was a bad, bad bastard. He abused the privilege of being a cunt, as my old Da would say.' I smiled, picturing the cozy fireside scene of young son on father's knee being inducted into the world of abusive epithets. - Author: Craig Russell
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#60. If you kiss me and then leave again to go write another
twangy song," she said, eyes closed, lips barely moving, "I swear to God, I will snap that guitar in half and feed it to you for breakfast."
"You use the prettiest words. - Author: Jamie Farrell
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#61. There are times over different projects when I've asked the writers why people are swearing for no good reason. I tell them that it would be funnier if there weren't these swear words. - Author: John Ratzenberger
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#62. Friends, you are lucky you can talk about what you did as lovers; the tricks, laughter, the words, the ecstasy. After my darling put his hand on the knot of my dress, I swear I remember nothing. - Author: Vidya Balan
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#63. I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell - Author: Walt Whitman
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#64. I swear and it comes off a little angry, no matter how funny I'm trying to do it. If I use certain words with a certain intensity, it's like 'Whoa whoa whoa, buddy buddy!' - Author: John C. Reilly
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#65. Stay out of the gutter in your conversation. Foul talk defiles the man who speaks it ... Don't swear. Don't profane. Avoid so-called dirty jokes. Stay away from conversation that is sprinkled with foul and filthy words. You will be happier if you do so, and your example will give strength to others. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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