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#1. Nolan Ryan is pitching much better now that he has his curve ball straightened out.

Joe Garagiola

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#2. He woke up to knocks on his door.
"Just a minute!" he said out loud. "I'm coming!"
He got up and straightened himself as he opened the door.
"Besi!" he said, overcome with emotion.
He held her and never let go.

Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini

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#3. Just for once I'd like to see all these things sort of straightened out, with each person getting exactly what he deserves. It might give me some confidence in this universe.

Joseph Heller

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#4. I once told Tommy Smothers, 'If I could just get the money and the women straightened out, the rest of my life would be easy.'

Pat Paulsen

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#5. I hate marmalade." "I like it," I retorted. "I could eat pots of the stuff." He straightened a little, turned to fully examine me. "Are you ... threatening me with breakfast condiments?

Claire North

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#6. I would show her I wasn't a bit of cobweb in the corner, something to be wiped or straightened, but a rival worth her notice. I would learn her ways and habits, and track her closely until I knew what she was and how to best her, and what precisely it would take to steal my good life back.

Paula McLain

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#7. Abel caught my eyes, and half a second later he was bending over me, his face an inch away.
"Why are you crying ?" he demanded to know, then didn't wait for my answer. He ripped the phone out of my hand, straightened , put it to his ear, and clipped, "You made her cry.

Kristen Ashley

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#8. When people find out what it is that's ticking in them, they get straightened out.

Joseph Campbell

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#9. A new artist today has to get their teeth fixed, has to tighten their jeans up, and they have to get 'em the right kind of hat, and if anything's wrong with their nose, if it's a little crooked, it's got to be straightened up.

George Jones

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#10. I shook my head. "Not Interested" I said.
he straightened up. "Not interested in what?"
In you." I couldn't be more blunt.
Excuse me, miss, but I was going to ask if you would like to sign up for karaoke.

Karen E. Olson

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#11. Albert grunted. "Do you know what happens to lads who ask too many questions?"
Mort thought for a moment.
"No," he said eventually, "what?"
There was silence.
Then Albert straightened up and said, "Damned if I know. Probably they get answers, and serve 'em right.

Terry Pratchett

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#12. Though weary, it is not tired: though pressed it is not straightened; though alarmed, it is not confounded; but as a living flame it forces itself upwards and securely passes through all.

Thomas A Kempis

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#13. Helped Grandma off and removed her helmet. She stepped away from the bike and straightened her clothes. "I can see why people like these Harleys," she said. "They really wake you up down there, don't they?

Janet Evanovich

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#14. Wait!" she cried, and she yanked away from him and gathered her heels and her ruined
purse. She slid the shoes on and straightened her shoulders. "I will go as a lady should," she claimed bravely. "In patent leather heels.

Abigail Roux

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#15. Lynx, why are you staring at me like that?" she asked. He straightened and shrugged. "I was just thinking how close I came to losing you. Now that I have you, Callie, I can't imagine my life without you."

-Calinda & Lynx

Janelle Taylor

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#16. Ties are straightened and expressions banished.

Rana Dasgupta

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#17. The Gates Foundation has learned that two questions can predict how much kids learn: 'Does your teacher use class time well?' and, 'When you're confused, does your teacher help you get straightened out?'

Bill Gates

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#18. Dia wrinkled her nose. "Gross. You need a decent girl, one that can straighten you out."
"I don't need to be straightened out," Carmine said. "Why drown in love when you can have so much fun swimming in lust?

J.M. Darhower

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#19. Stand still for a while
Our blood entered this soil
But we straightened up again

Miroslav Florian

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#20. She straightened. "You tried to seduce me, for information."
"You can't hold that against me forever."
"It was last night."
"Well I was running out of options, and I figured it was worth a shot."
Lila rolled her eyes. "You really know how to make a girl feel special.

V.E Schwab

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#21. I love my dad. He's the biggest thing in my life. He taught me and he straightened me out and he kept me in line. If it hadn't been for him standing behind me and pushing me and driving me, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Anthony Perkins

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#22. My spine straightened as I gaped at him. "Are you fucking serious?"
He blinked once and then narrowed his eyes. "You don't need to cuss."
"I'll fucking cuss if I want to fucking cuss," I snapped. "Fucker.

J. Lynn

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#23. It was very painful combing my hair. My grand-uncle was a Pentecostal bishop, and he was very strict: our hair couldn't be permed or straightened. So I just cut it all off.

Grace Jones

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#24. I said I'll need to get my nose straightened one day so that I can breathe properly and that was translated by the press into me having it done.

Mike Tindall

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#25. When he straightened up again, there were six Harry Potters gasping and panting in front of him.
Fred and George turned to each other and said together, Wow
we're identical!

J.K. Rowling

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#26. I know by now you think I should have straightened myself out - Thank you, drop dead!


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#27. I've never had white teeth. To be honest, I've never been told to do any of those horrible things - get your teeth whitened or your nose straightened.

Helena Bonham Carter

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#28. I started working with Bob in 1965. We did go through a lot of changes from 65 to 74, a lot of changes. By 1974, everything had straightened itself out.

Rick Danko

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#29. Well I am still not drunk" I straightened up against the pillows as best I could. "You told me once that if you could still stand up, you weren't drunk."
You aren't standing up." he point out.
You are.

Diana Gabaldon

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#30. To stand up straight - not straightened

Marcus Aurelius

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#31. Listen, Jutsin. I released a breath and straightened to my imposing

Rachel Harris

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#32. I think I'd better take some of Gramps' sleeping pills, I'm never going to be able to sleep without them. In fact I think I'd better take a supply of them. He's got plenty, and I'm sure I'll have a few bad nights at home before I get straightened out. Oh, I hope it's just a few.

Beatrice Sparks

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#33. I used to say, 'Things cost too much.' Then my teacher straightened me out on that by saying, 'The problem isn't that things cost too much. The problem is that you can't afford it.' That's when I finally understood that the problem wasn't 'it' - the problem was 'me.

Jim Rohn

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#34. I wish they'd had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would've been straightened out.

Jimi Hendrix

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#35. When I was younger, I went through a phase when I didn't like my hair. Because the school I went to was primarily Caucasian, there wasn't anyone who had my hair texture. I remember one day I straightened my hair, and that was the first day that people gave me compliments on it.


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#36. A women can hold a grudge for a long time. The longer it simmers, the longer the grudge lasts and I advise you to get this straightened out quick like fashion.

Georgia Cates

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#37. I told my brothers what happened. Are you ready to come meet them?"
She straightened. "Aye."
"I warn you," he teased in an attempt to lighten the mood. "They're big, burly bampots.

Lisa Carlisle

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#38. She reached down and picked up one of the stakes she'd dropped, running the tip along her thigh as she straightened. "Want to play hunter and vampire?"
Reynard quirked his eyebrow. "Madam, I came equipped with my own stake."
"Whoa! Points to the old guy.

Sharon Ashwood

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#39. Finally, after several more breathless moments, he straightened, disentangling his limbs from mine. "That's how you should be kissed. Every single time." And then he patted my head like a small child and walked away.

Rachel Higginson

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#40. I didn't like the idea of changing myself for the industry. I felt to have my teeth straightened and bleached and to starve myself to change my body was not respecting who I was.

Laetitia Casta

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#41. We got through it. Haven made excuses for me to friends, and made an appointment with a terrific doctor, who put me on Effexor, 150 milligrams a day, enough to get my brain straightened out.

Tyler Hamilton

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#42. During the Reagan years, government shut down eight different times under a Democrat Congress. The president and Congress worked together and got things straightened out. Under the Carter years, again a Democrat Congress, the government shut down five times.

Mitt Romney

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#43. Renee Anabeth Cooper, even though you are bossy, and you think that you know everything because you're three years older than me," he chuckled and then straightened up his angelic face. His blue eyes looked up at her with all the love that he muster. "Will you do me the honor of being my wife.

Latrivia S. Nelson

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#44. I'm sure I have a lot to atone for, if there is a judgment day. It's gonna be a long list for me. It goes right up until I was about 18, and then I sort of straightened out.

Ryan Reynolds

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#45. Sir,' she called out. 'Lord Bradford.'
He turned. His eyes lit up, seeing Azalea.
'Thank you,' said Azalea.
Lord Bradford bowed deeply, removing his hat, which re-rumpled his hair. When he straightened, he was smiling, as crooked as his cravat, and Azalea couldn't help but smile back.

Heather Dixon

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#46. I have examined all religions, as well as my narrow sphere, my straightened means, and my busy life, would allow; and the result is that the Bible is the best Book in the world. It contains more philosophy than all the libraries I have seen.

John Adams

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#47. Fiddler straightened, eyes on the stars glittering overhead. Desert stars, sharp diamonds that ever seemed eager to draw blood.

Steven Erikson

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#48. He bowed at the dark, straightened, tossed his hat over his shoulder, and, carrying the muleta in his left hand and the sword in his right, walked out toward the bull.

Ernest Hemingway,

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#49. The queen straightened her back and tilted her head back ever so slightly, giving power to her husband's troops through her own regality.

Samantha Wilcoxson

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#50. Even the air between them seemed to be dented, waiting to be straightened again.

Vendela Vida

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#51. And although I broke a lot of laws as a teenager, I straightened out immediately upon turning eighteen, when I realized the state had a legal right to execute me.

George Carlin

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#52. Manual labor to my father was not only good and decent for it's own sake but, as he was given to saying, it straightened out one's thoughts.

Mary Ellen Chase

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#53. The Gray Man stood in the doorway behind Maura, his gray suitcase in one hand and a gray jacket slung over the other. He set them both down and straightened. There was that heavy silence that sometimes happens when a hit man enters a room.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#54. It turned out that some crooked things looked even worse when straightened. Some tangled knots only made sense once unraveled.

Hugh Howey

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#55. If you find him," she whispered, "when you find my father - give him this." She bent and kissed me, fiercely, gently, then straightened and turned me toward the stone. "Go, Mama," she said, breathless. "I love you. Go!

Diana Gabaldon

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#56. Every girl needs to make an entrance. It's part of her signature. My hot pink high heels hit the sidewalk and I straightened. My blue jean skirt was brand new and had a bunch of totally rad colorful ruffles on it. My neon green top was spandex and fit like a glove.

Cambria Hebert

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#57. Dumbledore's man through and through, aren't you Potter?"
"Yeah I am," said Harry. "Glad we straightened that out.

J.K. Rowling

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#58. If Harry had been less noble, less fair-minded, Cedric would have lived. It is a very classic example of how noble intentions often lead to tragic results." He straightened, squared off with the hunter. "I have no desire to be Harry Potter.

Joey W. Hill

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#59. The figure in the doorway ducked; the brick hit the wall, and Luke straightened up and looked at her curiously. I hope when we're married, that's not the way you greet me every day when I come home, he said.

Cassandra Clare

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#60. paused for a moment, and a wild feeling of pity came over him. After all, what right had he to pry into the life of Dorian Gray? If he had done a tithe of what was rumoured about him, how much he must have suffered! Then he straightened himself up, and walked over to the fire-place, and stood there,

Oscar Wilde

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#61. The idea that my brains could be untangled, straightened out, and thus refashioned into a state of peace and sanity was a comforting fantasy.

Ottessa Moshfegh

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#62. off the leaves and straightened my clothes, wishing there was

Louis L'Amour

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#63. Mandy stammered. "I've never been to a town council meeting."
"No reason you should. They're kind of like root canals." Jake straightened a tie that didn't need straightening. "You don't go in for one unless you really need to.

Sierra Donovan

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#64. Are you going to make me work for it?"
I nodded and straightened up from the post, bringing our bodies so close I could almost feel him against me. "If I don't believe I'm worth the effort, why the hell would you?

Samantha Young

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#65. The situation is not good with the record companies. It's just not working out, so I don't plan to record until it's straightened out. In the meantime I'm happy doing my movies and writing the music for the theme songs, whether I sing them or not.

Irene Cara

Straightened Quotes #340502
#66. Is this your bedroom?" she asked, and turned to look at him. Myrnin straightened and jammed the big red floppy hat back on his head. The feathers waved back and forth.
"Don't get any ideas," he said. "I'm far too young and innocent for that kind of thinking.

Rachel Caine

Straightened Quotes #306745
#67. I hear so many things about who I am supposed to be I hardly know what to believe. I am willing to tell all, but what Is it? Doubtless all these myths and legends will be straightened out eventually, but It may take years.

Will Cuppy

Straightened Quotes #301167
#68. Michael straightened. "I still married her, and I'd marry her again if I had it to do over." A simple statement, calmly and quietly delivered, but his eyes were burning with wrath.

Francine Rivers

Straightened Quotes #206224
#69. You bent my words again," says Goto Dengo. "You spoke crooked words and I straightened them,

Neal Stephenson

Straightened Quotes #198328
#70. I went and got a tire tool out of my truck, and straightened him out as cold as a block of ice. It was an attitude adjustment, and it'll work every time.

Hank Williams Jr.

Straightened Quotes #186933
#71. Yeah, that went really well. What, I wasn't gentle enough for you? Were you looking for flowers and candles? You don't like to sweat? Are you really a romantic under the tough guy swagger?"

Gabriel straightened. "No, but Oz said that you are."


Sydney Croft

Straightened Quotes #164576
#72. It is the quick path. We turn everything inside out and upside down - which is when it gets straightened out very neatly and in an orderly fashion.

Frederick Lenz

Straightened Quotes #143985
#73. Jason straightened his shirt. "What's 'chauvinistic' mean?"
"It's in the dictionary next to a picture of your father," muttered

Kathleen Peacock

Straightened Quotes #83463
#74. All - all right," she said, looking dubiously at the chair. "I - um, I need to change, though."
"I'll just wait in the hall." He straightened his spine and walked from the room, deciding he was the noblest, most chivalrous, and possibly the most stupid man in all Britain.

Julia Quinn

Straightened Quotes #55984
#75. My grandfather blasted in. "Aw now, hell, carolyn, don't go twisting the boy back up in knots all over again now that you finally got him straightened out. They aren't leprechauns, son. they're elves. Leprechauns are those little drunk motherfuckers from Ireland.

Augusten Burroughs

Straightened Quotes #954347
#76. I asked Ochto what in the name of all that was sacred he thought he was doing.
"Helping you," said Dirnes.
They put the soldier down, and Ochto straightened to look me in the eye. "Because I know nothing about kings and princes, but I know men.

Megan Whalen Turner

Straightened Quotes #1137792
#77. One would think that the larger the company is in which we are engaged, the greater variety of thoughts and subjects would be started into discourse; but, instead of this we find that conversation is never so much straightened and confined, as in numerous assemblies.

Joseph Addison

Straightened Quotes #1117270
#78. Paul straightened, raking Elijah with a sweeping glance. "I've never seen a lycan shift so fast." "Betcha never seen a lycan who's nailing a vampress either," Vash said. "Syre's second, no less. It's a whole new world.

Sylvia Day

Straightened Quotes #1113672
#79. He straightened quickly and looked round at her. "Oh, Claire!" He patted the breast pocket of his shirt, making a hollow drumming

Robin Pilcher

Straightened Quotes #1080435
#80. Jaska straightened, though his whole person seemed to wilt.

Charlie N. Holmberg

Straightened Quotes #1014651
#81. Thank God for Heaven! - That's where everything will get straightened out and made right!

David Berg

Straightened Quotes #1013369
#82. And don't put a bunch of bullshit in my mouth, or get cute and try to make me look stupid. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the salon to have my pubic hair straightened and dyed white so that my dick looks like Santa Claus." He closed the door, farting loudly all the way to his car. I went

David Wong

Straightened Quotes #1001028
#83. Ennis was back on his feet and somehow, as a coat hanger is straightened to open a locked car and then bent again to its original shape, they torqued things almost to where they had been, for what they'd said was no news. Nothing ended, nothing began, nothing resolved.

Annie Proulx

Straightened Quotes #997729
#84. Silas straightened in his seat, clearly uneasy. "This is so bad for my asthma," he said, the familiar phrase coming from him startling her.

Kim Harrison

Straightened Quotes #986089
#85. If you start climbing on car hoods, I think I might marry you."
I rolled my eyes and straightened, giving my head one more shake. "Done."
He stared at me. "You're cute."
"You're weird.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Straightened Quotes #985940
#86. Groaning, he gripped his fists in the wild stuff. "Contessa.God, Contessa."
She straightened, changing the angle, changing the pleasure. She shook her hair back and undulated. She was a contessa.A princess.No,a queen.

Christie Ridgway

Straightened Quotes #957501
#87. No politics, Murphy," Eve chided with a wag of her finger. "You're here to do a job." "Work." His furry mouth drooped. "How depressing. I'm a god. I should be having fun." "How about causing mischief?" His bearing straightened. "I'm good at doing that.

Eve Langlais

Straightened Quotes #55554
#88. She straightened her shoulders as her chin jutted out. "Sorry." Then she fired back, "I'll have to remember to forget I have any emotions. Should be easy with you in the lead." Ouch! That fucking hurt more than I was willing to admit.

Lora Ann

Straightened Quotes #953036
#89. I straightened up, pulling just a little away from him. He looked at me questioningly. "Something wrong?" "Nice aftershave," I said. No need to confess that I'd had an almost irresistible urge to nibble his neck. It was too embarrassing. The

Laurell K. Hamilton

Straightened Quotes #950390
#90. Grow up? Get herself straightened out? Her mind reeled from the verbal battering. No matter what she did, her father would tell her she was wrong. Worthless. Undeserving.

Ted Dekker

Straightened Quotes #948199
#91. (On period costume posture coaching
We all stand about like parboiled spaghetti being straightened out.

Emma Thompson

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#92. Think of it as an eight-dimensional onion.' Justine straightened her back and gave her father an exasperated look. 'Thanks, Dad. That's helpful. I always think in those terms, it really helps a lot.

Peter F. Hamilton

Straightened Quotes #929633
#93. The most brilliant satire of all time was 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift. You'll notice how everything got straightened out in Ireland within days of that coming out.

P. J. O'Rourke

Straightened Quotes #920899
#94. I want to be with you." He straightened and brought her against his chest. "I like being with you," he continued. "When I'm not with you, I'm thinking about you. No one else. Just you.

Rachel Gibson

Straightened Quotes #890158
#95. It often happens that when couples get their relationship to God straightened out, their relationships with one another begin to straighten out as well.

Wayne Mack

Straightened Quotes #870789
#96. During my first photo shoot, I was unhappy because they put so much makeup on me and straightened my hair. I've been stubborn ever since.

Norah Jones

Straightened Quotes #820697
#97. God is in the forgiveness business. You don't have to get your life all straightened up before you talk to him.

Lorena McCourtney

Straightened Quotes #800640
#98. You're still mad at me." She straightened. "You tried to seduce me, for information." "You can't hold that against me forever." "It was last night.

V.E Schwab

Straightened Quotes #780453

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