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Top 100 Quotes About Bonding

#1. Betrayal is a more subtle, twisted feeling than terror. It burns and eats, but terror stabs right through. - Author: Wendy Hoffman
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#2. You really get to meet people on such a personal level. There's a real bonding in someone beating the crap out of you. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#3. Marriage, and the process of coming to it, is not heaven! It is the bonding together of two needy sinners in order to make a partnership which is substantially greater than either of them alone. - Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
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#4. Bonding through caregiving..I don't think I'd ever realized until then that so much affection, so much heart connect, happens when we take care of someone. - Author: Lindsey O'Connor
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#5. His bonding scent became so intense it was all she could smell. Xcor - Author: J.R. Ward
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#6. Cult recruiting methods based on dosing victims with the brain chemicals released during capture bonding would make cults even more of a problem than they are now. - Author: Keith Henson
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#7. [How to train your dragon] is beautiful to look at and, again, those values that it contains about relationships, friendships, and bonding in the face of ignorance. - Author: Gerard Butler
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#8. Cary Benjamin sleeps dreamily on my stomach as we're both bonding and recuperating. He's phenomenal. - Author: Jennifer Grant
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#9. Intimacy requires a slow, cumulative build of safety between people who agree to a relationship, an ongoing connection of care and concern. The performance of pain is essentially a form of bonding over trauma, and people can get addicted to their endorphins. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#10. Mrs. Edmund smiled and then turned to go. "I'll leave you two alone."
Who? Me and the door? Yes, we were bonding quite well. - Author: Renee Carter
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#11. Commitment. That's what it's all about. Taking that convenant together. Bonding yourselves for all eternity. Isn't that what we are all looking for? Maybe Alexander wasn't ready to do that with me, but it's obvious he isn't ready to do that with you, either. - Author: Ellen Schreiber
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#12. A good conversation always involves a certain amount of complaining. I like to bond over mutual hatreds and petty grievances. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#13. To receive many blessings, read to your children from the womb to the tomb. - Author: Joyce Herzog
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#14. What appealed to me was the intimacy of the medium, the fact that I was doing it from my home, and the fact that I wanted to talk. I was not there to plug things. I don't do a hell of a lot of research. I go on a sort of kindred-spirit bonding that preexists the interview, and just see what unfolds. - Author: Marc Maron
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#15. Playboy isn't like the downscale, male bonding, beer-swilling phenomena that is being promoted now by (some men's magazines). My whole notion was the romantic connection between male and female. - Author: Hugh Hefner
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#16. Neither books nor people have Velcro Sides
there must be a bonding agent
someone who attaches child to book. - Author: Jim Trelease
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#17. Maybe it was our shared trauma, or maybe it was a combination of things, but I felt warmth emenate from my heart and spread throughout my chest. - Author: Theresa Braun
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#18. But at the same time that the experience is pulling you apart, it's also bonding you. You have this joint venture! You both made this baby. And that's the thing I still can't get over. - Author: Paul Reiser
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#19. If it's public, it's not bonding. - Author: Will Advise
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#20. Choose love as your priority: Establish the rule at home that money is only secondary and that love reigns supreme. Don't allow money to get in the way of your relationship. Rejoice over sufficient resources, while making the lack of it an occasion for deeper bonding.
- Author: Good Housekeeping
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#21. Girls' weekend with the 'Vampire Diaries' girls has become a big deal! It's our quality time. It's so much fun to unload and not feel guilty complaining or talking about your insecurities or bonding over things that you thought you were on your own about. - Author: Nina Dobrev
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#22. My mom is a great cook, and family dinners were a must growing up, even if that meant eating at 10 p.m. when my dad got home from the hospital. It's where we did our family bonding. - Author: Daphne Oz
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#23. Somehow I should have been able to say how strong and resilient you were, what a patient and abiding and bonding force, the softness that proved in the long run stronger than what it seemed to yield to ... You are at once a lasting presence and an unhealed wound. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#24. I wanted us to share the sense that the number of wrong moves far exceeds the number of good moves, to share the frightening instability of the correct decision, to bond in being confounded. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#25. My dad's idea of bonding was throwing me in the tar pits to teach me a lesson, though I'm not sure what the lesson was, except to stay the hell away from Da. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#26. Nobody gets me like paper and pen - Author: Lisa Sharpe
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#27. I liked climbing trees and could often be found up one reading a book. I played games with Dad and drew maps for him on isometric paper. It was very bonding. - Author: Rhianna Pratchett
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#28. I shivered as the cold was all encompassing, not just from being outdoors, but from being read as well. He had a way of seeing through me. It was as unnerving as it was bonding and I couldn't figure out how the two could co-exist. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#29. Anybody with a good sense of humor is one-up on their competition. We respond to somebody who has the ability to make us laugh. It's a bonding influence. - Author: Robert Orben
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#30. I never had a ton of male friends and it's always been something that's really interesting to me, what brings guys together? The bonding. 'Old School' is a good example of that. And even 'Starsky' and even 'Road Trip.' - Author: Todd Phillips
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#31. I believe people leave a theater bonding with characters. Story is the vessel that carries character. Comedy is a very important component of expressing character. - Author: Chris Meledandri
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#32. Dog owners who stare into their pet's eyes experience a rapid increase in oxytocin - a neuropeptide involved in attachment and bonding. Exchanging gazes full of empathy and trust, we enjoy a special relationship with the dog.42 - Author: Frans De Waal
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#33. Nothing bonds two solitary individuals like a good shared drunk. This is a scientific fact. It's important, even necessary for the long-term welfare of the planet to get good and shit-faced with your neighbor every now and then. - Author: Sol Luckman
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#34. I used to listen to my dad a lot as a way of trying to be close to him, as well, because my parents were divorced and I didn't spend that much time with him. And I used to put headphones on and listen to my dad talk and sing and I found that quite ... bonding with him, in a weird way. - Author: Teddy Thompson
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#35. Even if you couldn't see it beneath the surface, molecules were bonding, energy pushing up slowly, as something worked do hare, all alone to grow. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#36. When I go to my live shows it's often a multigenerational audience, a family bonding experience. - Author: Al Yankovic
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#37. The need to belong goes beyond the need for superficial social ties . . . it is a need for meaningful, profound bonding. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#38. It was not just friendship that we are attached to each other, it was sisterhood that made that bonding between us, but now that love doesn't exist anymore as people changes with time- that's reality. - Author: Debolina
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#39. One of the other experts we consulted with, this guy named Dacher Keltner, he was big on sadness as community bonding - I think is the word he used. - Author: Pete Docter
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#40. Commitment is Circumstances - Author: Leju Thomas
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#41. You get home okay or are you deep in the mountains recovering from a ceremonial male bonding ritual after killing a bear? - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#42. You're a friend of Ev's and Lauren's. We talked. I tackled you. We rolled around on the floor together. It was a real bonding experience. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#43. If one is enlightened, one does not perceive life with North, South, East and West. There is no California, there is no New York. In a higher bonding state of attention, everything is fluid light. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#44. To insult a friend implies that you respect his masculinity enough to know he can take it without acting like a crybaby. The swapping of insults, like the fighting between brothers, becomes the seal of the male bonding. - Author: Frank Pittman
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#45. Problems rarely exist at the level at which they are expressed. If you are arguing for more than ten minutes then you are probably not discussing the real conflict. - Author: Kare Anderson
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#46. While at a biological disadvantage in competitions, women - who even make trips to restaurant bathrooms in pairs - are at a clear advantage when it comes to grouping together and the activities that accompany it: gossiping, sharing, bonding, assisting, scrapbooking, and building networks. - Author: Sandra Tsing Loh
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#47. Remember that every child and every parent has a completely unique and special rela- tionship. That child knows his dad and loves his dad. Our job is to watch that communication, to nurture it, and to support the parents in their heart-to-heart relationships with their children - Author: Vimala McClure
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#48. With the breast-feeding, I really love the bonding. Real life is more important to me. - Author: Debi Mazar
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#49. The capacity for dissociation enables the young child to exercise their innate life-sustaining need for attachment in spite of the fact that principal attachment figures are also principal abusers. - Author: Warwick Middleton
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#50. It is so unkind--' 'Perhaps. But sometimes a compulsion comes over one to speak the truth! - Author: Agatha Christie
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#51. Shopping with friends is a great way of still enjoying the thrill of the chase without having to make a purchase. It can also be a real bonding opportunity. Helping your friend find something nice is just as rewarding as helping yourself. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#52. I'm from Santa Cruz in Northern California, and the 49ers were my dad and I's bonding time. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#53. Someone walking past might think that he was being cruel, making fun of his young son. They would be missing the mark. It wasn't my ability to catch a ball that we were bonding over, it was my ability to catch his sarcasm. - Author: Jack D. Ferraiolo
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#54. Ritual and ceremony are powerful bonding tools. They result in a sense of community, a feeling of unity far beyond what you might expect. - Author: Del Suggs
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#56. what the hell is 'emotional bonding,' anyway? It sounds like something out of Fifty Shades of Grey. - Author: Connie Willis
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#57. There is something ineluctably male about coalitional aggression - men bonding with men to engage in aggression against other men, - Author: Rose McDermott
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#58. Reading is one of the best ways to bond with your child. Bond this Christmas with "It's Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus - Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt
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#59. My father and I used to watch movies all the time. That was our bonding time, so that's when I kind of fell in love with acting. - Author: Jessica Barth
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#60. Theirs was a tug-of-war and neither could let go. Both felt the burn and still wouldn't let go. Some might call it a game for neither could admit defeat. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#61. How can you lose me? You've owned me from the first moment I saw you. - Author: Dianna Hardy
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#62. People leave imprints on our lives, shaping who we become in much the same way that a symbol is pressed into the page of a book to tell you who it comes from. Dogs, however, leave paw prints on our lives and our souls, which are as unique as fingerprints in every way. - Author: Ashly Lorenzana
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#63. When he turned and walked into the living room he knew instantly why it was that he hadn't wanted to come here, and that he ought to get out as soon as he possibly could. There, staring him in the face, was everything he'd been deprived of for the last five years. - Author: William Maxwell
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#64. It is an intensely beautiful world. More and more, I think of it as Cicely's world. More and more I wish it were my world, too. A minute ago, I hoped I wasn't bonding, but now, I almost hope I am. Because its either that or I'm falling in love. - Author: Laura Bradley Rede
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#65. Emotion brings in the dimension of bonding or tuning in: An experience that touches your heart makes the meaning that much more personal. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#66. When I wrote 'Silver Linings,' I thought I was writing a book about the Philadelphia Eagles and male bonding, but when the book came out, it was surprising to me that the mental health community embraced it. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#67. I like being alone and I think this movie, as much as it is an investigation of connection and people bonding, I also think it's just as much about loneliness. - Author: Jason Schwartzman
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#68. I grew up watching science fiction with my dad. It was kind of our little secret. It was our bonding time as father and daughter. - Author: Katee Sackhoff
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#69. I loved shooting 'iGo to Japan' because we got to be outside a lot, and our call times were really late because we had so many night scenes. It was pouring rain, so the cast would huddle together in between takes and drink hot chocolate. Shooting that episode was such a great bonding experience. - Author: Jennette McCurdy
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#70. I mean being a knight," she said."Was it worth it?"
The drama, the heartache, the stress? The friendships, the conspiracies, the pranks, the bonding ... Was it worth it?Oh, yeah.But then her words sunk in. Was. Past tense. For I was no longer an active knight of Rose & Grave.I was a patriarch. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#71. There is a silent deference for one another, a distance that is kept, and lines that aren't crossed, but in their sharing, they each try to pay tribute to the bond in their own way. As often as possible, they open up a little and give what they can. - Author: Dan Groat
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#72. If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way. - Author: John Money
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#73. Primate and elephant and even pig societies show considerable evidence of care for others, parent-child bonding, solidarity in the face of danger, and so on. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#74. Over the course of a day, you get to get a feel for where you're playing, so when you get out on stage, you already feel like you've had a bit of a bonding experience with them. - Author: David Nail
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#75. The strands of the DNA double helix are held together by hydrogen bonding interactions between the complementary base pairs. Heating DNA in solution easily breaks these hydrogen bonds, allowing the two strands to separate - a process called denaturation or melting. - Author: Richard J. Roberts
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#76. Making a fool out of yourself and putting it on the Internet is one of the best bonding experiences you could have. - Author: Genesis Rodriguez
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#77. Whenever a group produces murderers, the early parental relationship must have been abusive and neglectful. Yet this elementary truth has not even begun to be considered in historical research; just stating that poor mothering lies behind wars seems blasphemous. - Author: Lloyd DeMause
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#78. Women eat ice-cream, men toast marshmallows. - Author: Dianna Hardy
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#79. I wonder if that's the difference between fathers and mothers. I'm friends with people who have kids that are like 5 and under, and they're still in that intense mother-bonding phase. It might just be that. Because the dads haven't changed. - Author: Jen Kirkman
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#80. The telling and hearing of stories is a bonding ritual that breaks through illusions of separateness and activates a deep sense of our collective interdependence. - Author: Annette Simmons
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#81. Bonding over illegal drugs hadn't magically solved our problems, - Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
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#82. Dorian's going to love this."
She glared. "I swear to God, you tell him, and I'll" - what the hell could you threaten an alpha with? - "I'll tell Hawke you want to go on daily bonding runs with him. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#83. I didn't have any problem bonding with Honey, but I was plagued with insecurities about my ability to bring up my baby. - Author: Gail Porter
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#84. The family that reads together grows together! - Author: Carmela Dutra
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#85. Three women bonding over household chores - my mother would be pleased if she could see us. That thought hardened my resolve that next week, some of the men would do cleanup. It would be good for them to expand their skill set. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#86. I like those crisis moments - if you're on top of it and don't get pulled under by panic and fear, it's a very bonding thing. - Author: Bill Pullman
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#87. Can you be bought?" Pilar demanded.
Maddy slid into the booth, grinned. "Sure."
"Let's negotiate." Pilar sat down beside her. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#88. Attachment to a baby is a long-term process, not a single, magical moment. The opportunity for bonding at birth may be compared to falling in love - staying in love takes longer and demands more work. - Author: T. Berry Brazelton
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#89. It doesn't take money to turn off the television and cultivate real bonding time. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#90. Bonding through dependence never works, whereas bonding through freedom always does. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
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#91. To share your food with your neighbour is a kind act of bonding. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#92. I enjoy going to the Y. I take all the fitness classes that my dad takes; that's sort of our bonding - anything athletic, anything sports related. - Author: Alyson Stoner
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#93. Tom has a theory that homosexuals and single women in their thirties have natural bonding: both being accustomed to disappointing their parents and being treated as freaks by society. - Author: Helen Fielding
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#94. Yes, I've heard you each and every time you've asked. But, I'm not ready to have that conversation and I have bigger stuff going on right now than having a bonding session with you over things we shouldn't be talking about in public anyway. - Author: Stormy Smith
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#95. Being in a bathtub with Jackie Chan, I don't know, it has a way of bonding you I'll tell you that. I don't know if there are some weird undertones. It was like we had met in Los Angeles and we didn't have that much to say to each other but, after that bathtub scene, we were great friends. - Author: Owen Wilson
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#96. The idea of bonding or whatever, with you was crazy. The idea of bonding with a total stranger, a stranger that happens to be a werewolf mind you, is beyond my ability to be reasonable about, - Author: Quinn Loftis
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#97. When you help someone through a health issue, positively impact someone's personal wealth, or take a sincere interest in their children, you engender life-bonding loyalty. - Author: Keith Ferrazzi
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#98. My mother always read to me as a child. I really believe that bonding time between a parent and child is so important and precious. I have lasting memories of those stories because the experience was special. - Author: Mary Engelbreit
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#99. It's better not to hold your feelings inside too much and express them to a dear one freely, than to pay thousands of dollars to a psychiatrist for the same outburst of emotions later. Emotions are a bonding mechanism for humans. So, use 'em, abuse 'em and utilize 'em. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#100. I love and appreciate the bonding time with Mason. Nursing is surprisingly one of my favorite things. - Author: Kourtney Kardashian
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