Top 100 Black Guy Quotes

#1. Bill Cosby is a famous black guy who has a bully pulpit the size of the world; it's global. He puts his colossal foot on the vulnerable necks of poor people, and as a result of that, we don't have a balanced conversation.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#2. It's amazing that people still feel, 'Oh my gosh, it's a black guy.' We've been here for a long time; let's get used to it. Let's get used to other cultures.

John Boyega

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#3. For instance, if you're a black guy and you got pulled over, and you didn't know that any other black men were being pulled over, you would constantly in the back of your head be thinking, "What did I do?" rather than, "I didn't do anything, these are just the conditions I live under."

Claudia Rankine

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#4. It is frustrating having to walk through America having to bob and weave people's impressions of me because they see a tall, black guy walking down the street. That is frustrating.

Justin Simien

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#5. I hate painting with a broad brush, but I think the birther thing, at its root, is racist. The guy was born in Hawaii. A black guy is president. It's cool. Get over it. Just deal with it. There's nothing you could show these birther people that would shut them up.

Henry Rollins

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#6. I don't think I'm egotistical, and I know what my limits are: I'm a black guy who's probably losing his hair. But I'm happy to play roles that I'm given, and I'm happy to play roles that I write.

Noel Clarke

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#7. You never want to be the whitest-sounding black guy in a room.

Jordan Peele

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#8. Lieutenant Governor Paterson - blind, black guy - gets sworn in. First thing he says is, 'By the way, cheated on my wife. Let's just get that out in the open right now.' He didn't need to admit that. He's blind. Could have said it was an accident.

Greg Fitzsimmons

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#9. I think my friends wife has been banging a black guy. Because they just had a baby. And the baby had a hole in it.

Anthony Jeselnik

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#10. All I'm saying, as a fan, is I'm tired of the same song for 30 years. Can't we change the message a little? You've arrived. You have a black president. Every white guy in a commercial doesn't have to be the idiot and every black guy in a rap song doesn't have to be God's gift to the world.

Bill Maher

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#11. I would love it if, even for one day, you could walk through a neighborhood and see an Asian guy sitting on his stoop, then you look across the street and see a black guy and a white guy sitting on their porches, and a Mexican dude walking by.


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#12. It was really bizarre. I was learning how to be a black guy from a white guy pretending to be a black man.

Lenny Henry

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#13. I've never understood people who say they're not a practicing Jew. You never hear a black guy say he's not a practicing African-American. What does it even mean?

Gilbert Gottfried

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#14. Put the strong, masculine figure in a school with tough kids and you have a certain control. It's very demeaning to the kids and very demeaning to the tough, black guy, but that's how they worked it.

Lynne Stewart

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#15. The USPS is the only place in the world where you will find a black guy, a white guy, and a hispanic guy playing Filipino poker! And we love it that way!

Rhoda D'Ettore

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#16. I'm a gay black guy. If I can't ask questions without caring what people think of me, who can?

Don Lemon

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#17. Why is it that it's okay to call a white person "mate" yet it's not okay to call a black guy "primate"?

Frankie Boyle

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#18. My mom, God rest her soul - she liked nicknames. In the womb she named me Skip. There was another black guy in Piedmont, W.Va., and his name was Skip. They called him Big Skip, and I was Little Skip.

Henry Louis Gates

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#19. I voted for the black guy, and what we got was the white guy

Michael Moore

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#20. If the tea party is so racist, how come when they have straw polls the black guy keeps winning?

Herman Cain

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#21. If you're looking for the safe choice, you shouldn't be supporting a black guy named Barack Obama to be the next leader of the free world.

Barack Obama

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#22. You know the world's gone mad when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the USA of arrogance and the Germans don't want to go to war !

Chris Rock

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#23. Race makes things funny. A black guy driving in NASCAR: not funny. A black guy driving a car sponsored by Tide: not funny. A black guy driving a car sponsored by Aunt Jemima: hilarious.

Carlos Mencia

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#24. I'd go for roles that would say 'for all ethnicities,' but what they're pretty much saying is, 'We want a Caucasian guy or a black guy.' One or the other.

Bronson Pelletier

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#25. Everyone has a black guy inside them. Mine is a Cuban sonero who is 80-something years old and sings better than I do. His name is Medoro Madera. Medoro has been recording since 1997.

Ruben Blades

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#26. I'm a little concerned I'm always going to be playing a black guy, you know what I'm saying?

Dule Hill

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#27. It's not that white guys shouldn't be allowed to engage in discussions on race in America. But there's nothing more exhausting than white male liberals' dogmatisms on race that were clearly formed during a conversation they had with that one black guy they met back in college.

John Ridley

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#28. It's barely OK for me to be dressed up as a black guy. But part of me kind of enjoys provoking people.

Chris Lilley

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#29. Prince is king to me. As this half-naked, short black guy who looked like a girl in the 70s and 80s, he was talking about women in a way that was very unusual because he didn't objectify them.


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#30. Holyfield won the fight. It's not the first time Romney has been knocked out by a black guy.

David Letterman

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#31. When you see a black guy on TV, he's always a thug or always portrayed as someone that's in trouble. It spreads the message to everyone else that that's who we are. People often don't try to understand black men as a whole. We're creative, strong and influential.

Thomas Jones

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#32. I stop and think what they call 'punk rock' today ... give me a break! Let me know when they can walk in the vapor trail of Little Richard, which was punk. You've got a gay black guy with a pompadour singing about tutti frutti with your white girl? F-k you!

Ted Nugent

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#33. Why it's been left to me to smooth things over, I don't know. Dennis Rodman, of all people. Keeping us safe is really not my job; it's the black guy's [Obama's] job. But I'll tell you this: If I don't finish in the top three for the next Nobel Peace Prize, something's seriously wrong.

Dennis Rodman

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#34. a black guy who met his gaze sullenly, arms folded across his chest.

L.A. Weatherly

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#35. I'll give you an example. Henry, the old black guy who cooks the corn bread, he worked on the railroads for about 20 years so he knows how to lay and build track.

Marc Singer

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#36. Until Eric had explained that it was really just an excuse for a guy to rub his penis all over a girl and not get slapped in the face. After that,

Shayla Black

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#37. Night was a very different matter. It was dense, thicker than the very walls, and it was empty, so black, so immense that within it you could brush against appalling things and feel roaming and prowling around a strange, mysterious horror.

Guy De Maupassant

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#38. Glenn Beck is offended! Glenn Beck thinks playing the Nazi card is going too far. Glenn Beck. this is a guy who uses more Swastika props and video of the Nuremberg rallies than the History Channel.

Lewis Black

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#39. I have no problem dressing up ... because I know I'm a nice-looking guy. But as far as chains, I definitely feel that's a racial statement. Almost 100% of the guys in the league who are young and black wear big chains. So I definitely don't agree with that at all.

Stephen Jackson

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#40. I'm not a big birthday guy; I never have been.

Lewis Black

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#41. Want to shut a racist white guy's mouth. Put him around Super human athletic black dudes.


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#42. The guy is a total idiot. Forget him," Luke said, and wiped the lone tear that was running down her cheek. "I promise I won't ever do that to you."
"Please don't make promises if you can't keep them," she said, feeling her guard going up a little.
"I always keep my promises.

Kat Green

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#43. It's a mixed crowd at the dogs - black, white, hispanic - but to Walt they all look like Jackie Gleason. Heavyset guys with big plans and polyester souls.

John Sayles

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#44. Black Sabbath wasn't like the Bon Jovis of the time. We were just a bunch of guys that were against the grain of society. And we sung about things that people thought back then.

Ozzy Osbourne

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#45. Back then I thought Mother Nature split the good guys from the bad guys with a fat black line. But the thing is, in real life, they're often the same guy.

Kirsten Hubbard

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#46. Human beings go to church. The guy in the front dressed in black is the guy you defer to. He is in charge of the mysteries of universe, which ordinary human beings don't seem to have the inclination to understand.

Frederick Lenz

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#47. It's so pathetic, the tough-guy posturing, but so sinister, because, to put it plainly, that's how black men die. Insecure, pee-pants white men assume that any disagreement is a life-threatening situation.

Lindy West

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#48. I do not diminish the incredible symbolic importance of a black man getting elected president. But my euphoria was a smart guy getting elected president. Maybe for the first time in my lifetime we had elected one of the thousand smartest Americans president.

Aaron Sorkin

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#49. When I was a kid, I thought I was the strongest man in the world. Then, the fastest runner and then the smartest person in the world. One by one my delusions got shut down. Now I just see myself as the lamest guy in the world.

Jack Black

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#50. Black Market, like a lot of teams, is a family for me. Just guys that I grew up with that I trust and would do anything for.

JD Era

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#51. It was perfect. She was perfect. And I was the luckiest guy.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#52. Texting has reduced the number of waste words, but it has also exposed a black hole of ignorance about traditional - what a cranky guy would call correct - grammar.

Richard Corliss

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#53. I like guys with a nice smile. I know it's cliche, but it's so true! I like a guy with a nice smile and nice eyes.

Rebecca Black

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#54. I never really understood what was expected of me as a man, or how I was supposed to interact with women, but worse, with other guys. I did not relate to them.

Michael Ian Black

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#55. Whatever expectations I had for myself, none of them have come to pass. I grew up thinking I was going to be an actor, which I am. But I thought I'd be a very serious sort of Shakespearean guy going from town to town having sex with various Juliets all over the country.

Michael Ian Black

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#56. As far as playing, I didn't care who guarded me - red, yellow, black. I just didn't want a white guy guarding me, because it's disrespect to my game.

Larry Bird

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#57. Bill Clinton is a liar, a perverted kind of a guy anyway, and he is always stroking black folks rather than telling them the truth.

Tucker Carlson

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#58. Language dazzles and deceives because it is masked by faces, because we see it emerging from the lips, because lips please and eyes beguile. But words on paper, black on white, reveal the naked soul.

Guy De Maupassant

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#59. Americans see everything too simply-a good guy, a bad guy, does he have a white hat or a black hat? But it's the wrong question.

Claire Messud

Black Guy Quotes #303901
#60. According to today's Los Angeles Times, Gray Davis now gets negative job ratings from white people, black people, Latinos, Republicans, Independents and even Democrats. Say what you want about the guy but he's a uniter!

Jay Leno

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#61. I'm determined to disagree with people without being disagreeable. That's part of the empathy. Empathy doesn't just extend to cute little kids. You have to have empathy when you're talking to some guy who doesn't like black people.

Barack Obama

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#62. You know, I don't play the race card a lot. I'm half-black, half-white, and I'm proud of - my skin is brown. The world sees me as a black man, but my mother didn't raise me as a black man. She didn't raise me as a white guy.

Shemar Moore

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#63. He's really sweet, actually."
"I don't think we're talking about the same Sed. Sedric Lionheart. Tall guy. Broad shoulders. Blue eyes. Short black hair. Body befitting a Greek god. Sings. La la la la.

Olivia Cunning

Black Guy Quotes #388344
#64. This is the part in the movie where that guy says, "Zombies? What zombies?" just before they eat his brains. I don't want to be that guy.

Holly Black

Black Guy Quotes #415747
#65. The day guy was an aquiline black man about seven feet tall, but slender as a pencil, folded into a desk chair that was far too small for him.

Lee Child

Black Guy Quotes #446098
#66. 'The Ballad of Black Tom' was written, in part, during the latest round of arguments about H. P. Lovecraft's legacy as both a great writer and a prejudiced man. I grew up worshipping the guy, so this issue felt quite personal to me.

Victor LaValle

Black Guy Quotes #448850
#67. Either this guy's one in a million or you're a psychotic bitch.
Torre, Alessandra (2014-08-24). Black Lies (Kindle Locations 1787-1788). Alessandra Torre. Kindle Edition.

Alessandra Torre

Black Guy Quotes #471679
#68. We got no wealthy black people. We got rich people. Shaq is rich. The guy who signs his checks is wealthy.

Chris Rock

Black Guy Quotes #506342
#69. It's good to play something that's black and white, and a guy that sees right and wrong. I've never played a character like that.

David Lyons

Black Guy Quotes #513696
#70. There are words that I wouldn't say because they hurt people's feelings. I just happen to be a white guy who writes for a lot of black comedians but if I wrote for a lot of gay comedians there might be stuff I would say then.

Neal Brennan

Black Guy Quotes #517795
#71. Excuse me, have you seen Death? Big guy with black feathery wings? Likes to reap souls?

Rick Riordan

Black Guy Quotes #518329
#72. There were some television sets back in the '50s, but they were expensive. People would gather at the rich guy's apartment down the hall to watch Milton Berle on his 10-inch black-and-white screen.

Al Feldstein

Black Guy Quotes #525333
#73. Cassel, she said, you want to know how to be the most charming guy anyone's ever met? Remind them of their favorite person. Everyone's favorite person is their own damn self.

Holly Black

Black Guy Quotes #534352
#74. I'll be real discreet, Tank said.
As discreet as a six-foot-six, no-neck guy weighing three hundred and fifty pounds, all dressed in black SWAT clothes, with a Glock holstered at his side could be.

Janet Evanovich

Black Guy Quotes #537738
#75. Actually, it's my younger brother who has me ticked, but since you brought up the boyfriend thing, take my advice; Be the black widow. Find a guy, have fun with him, then eviscerate him in the morning before he can brag about it to his friends. (Chrissy)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Black Guy Quotes #562569
#76. Falconer was wearing his street clothes - jeans, a black turtleneck and an empty shoulder holster under his armpit. Cowboy boots. Little bit of beard stubble. John wondered if the guy would walk from one end of the street to the other without winding up covered in bitches.

David Wong

Black Guy Quotes #573335
#77. It was shocking to see Nirvana play, because it was like, "Here's this little guy with a monster-guitar sound." And it was heavier than Black Sabbath. That was shocking.

Billy Corgan

Black Guy Quotes #573555
#78. Put black on white.

Guy De Maupassant

Black Guy Quotes #577102
#79. I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross?

Paris Hilton

Black Guy Quotes #584913
#80. This guy had taken great care to not allow even a piece of his skin to be observed. They didn't even know if he was black or white. Although most mass murderers were white. And male.

David Baldacci

Black Guy Quotes #592085
#81. You can have a wrestling idea, but you need to have these momentum-shifting moves. We had the Hulkamania movement, then it shifted to the beer-drinking, Stone Cold era, we reinvented the business with growing the black beard and becoming the bad guy, what's that next level.

Hulk Hogan

Black Guy Quotes #637843
#82. You realize the bad guy isn't wearing a black cape or easy to spot; he's funny, makes you laugh, and has perfect hair.

Taylor Swift

Black Guy Quotes #641020
#83. I don't remember any impression [from blues].The blues was just everywhere in the Mississippi Delta. It was mostly black sharecroppers living there, and there was a lot of blues around. Sometimes the guys would sing the blues in the fields, working.

Mose Allison

Black Guy Quotes #641568
#84. Only happy people have nightmares, from overeating. For those who live a nightmare reality, sleep is a black hole, lost in time, like death.

Guy Sajer

Black Guy Quotes #642457
#85. You have a white guy as an announcer and sportscaster. Me, I'm black. I do it and I've already done some stuff in the past. We're more expressive than the white guys. You look at the skill players. We're the ones that get into the end zone. We get in the end zone more than they do.

Terrell Owens

Black Guy Quotes #646039
#86. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is.

Taylor Swift

Black Guy Quotes #695249
#87. I consider myself a pretty rounded guy. I've done pretty elite things in business, sport and academics and all of a sudden I woke up one morning and I'm a 'big, black, British, gay guy'. That was frustrating at times

John Amaechi

Black Guy Quotes #695992
#88. I've always taken pride to be the white guy that can talk to the black people, that can refer to them truly as a brother from a different mother.

Duane Chapman

Black Guy Quotes #715495
#89. I'm to trying to say I'm something I'm not. Black people understand that. I'm just doing my raps, my way. Rap is black. I recognize that and respect that. I'm just a white guy trying to rap, and I got lucky.

Vanilla Ice

Black Guy Quotes #764263
#90. If black people mistrust white people, they are mistrusting racism, and that is appropriate.

Jasmine Guy

Black Guy Quotes #766934
#91. My perspective is hard because I look at wardrobe from very much a guy's perspective. You look at my closet and I have pairs of black jeans and five button-downs, but one's silk, one's cotton. They all are slightly different, so that's my perspective.

Erin Wasson

Black Guy Quotes #830809
#92. It looks scary. And reminds me of the street that is usually the first we see in Vice City. You know after the first meeting when the guy plans to do his first job? The street on which the building of his first client is? Well, that particular street.

Ritika Chhabra

Black Guy Quotes #831989
#93. I've always known the greatness of black people.

Jasmine Guy

Black Guy Quotes #842698
#94. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.

Donald Trump

Black Guy Quotes #864122
#95. Handsome guy, Victor, in a brutal, black-Irish way. Like most New York bartenders, he was really an actor, or was it the reverse? ("Novelty")

John Crowley

Black Guy Quotes #870883
#96. Do not tell me what I think you're going to or I swear to God, I'm going to fly to Brazil and go all black ops on this guy for cheating on you.

Melissa Cutler

Black Guy Quotes #884648
#97. You don't recognize the actor, because he's not from Hollywood's generic teen male pool; the director hat to go off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, to the little back stages to find this guy, olive-dusted skin, straight black hair, face that looks like he's never cracked a smile on his life.


Black Guy Quotes #902876
#98. When people nowadays say that Elvis was the first white guy to sound black, I have to shake my head; what can you do? At the time of 'That's My Desire' 1947 they were saying that I was the only white guy around who sounded black.

Frankie Laine

Black Guy Quotes #913287
#99. Why did you draw the chick in the ocean so fat and ugly?" asked a guy in a black tank top.
"Where?" Kayla said.
"Right there by the sandcastle. There on the right."
"It's not a girl. It's a manatee.

Thomas Pack

Black Guy Quotes #917048
#100. I was arrested and put in murder's row. They were trying to get me for some murders I didn't do. They had me in a cell next to Charles Manson; he was going to trial at the time. And it was all a row of black and brown guys and one white guy: Charles Manson.

Luis J. Rodriguez

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