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#1. The sweet traditional art of Seduction has been replaced with the weird spirit of hit and run' - Love Isn't For Cowards: Just Let love Be - Author: Francis Otieno
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#2. One reason why it has become harder to promote the beneficial side of emotions such as anger is that the moral vocabulary of good and bad has been replaced by the self-help lexicon of positive and negative thinking. - Author: Julian Baggini
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#3. Parts of my soul had always been missing, but I felt whole for the first time. The emptiness inside of me was gone and had been replaced by a warm glow that made my entire world look brighter and more bearable. I had to have more. - Author: Elizabeth Garrison
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#4. Lourdes was an intoxicating place. I remember thinking that it was probably what Las Vegas would have been like if casinos and nightclubs had been replaced by Catholicism. - Author: Arthur Matthews
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#5. In The Craft the clockwork God of Newtonian determinism has been replaced by the quantum-aware Great Architect who is ready and willing to allow us to contribute to His malleable Plan for the cosmos. - Author: Robert Lomas
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#6. Every hangover feels like the worst hangover you've ever had, but this one was definitely a classic. One for the ages. He felt like all the water had been forcibly sucked out of his body, like an apricot in a dehydration chamber, and replaced with venom from an angry adder. - Author: Lev Grossman
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#7. Under the Bush administration, openness and accountability have been replaced by secrecy and evasion of responsibility. They abuse their power, conceal their actions from the American people, and refuse to hold officials accountable. - Author: Edward Kennedy
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#8. People continue to conduct a heroic struggle against racism without noticing that the battlefront has shifted, and that the place of racism in imperial ideology has now been replaced by 'culturism'. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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#9. In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat. - Author: Leon Trotsky
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#10. Was that Will?" she said finally.
Henry arched one ginger eyebrow. "Perhaps he's been kidnapped and replaced by an automaton," he suggested. "It seems possible ... "
For once Charlotte could only find herself in agreement. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#11. The Ten Commandments have never been replaced as the moral basis upon which society rests. - Author: Edwin Louis Cole
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#12. I felt like an integral part of my being had just been ripped out of me, only to have it replaced with something that did not belong. - Author: Theresa Smith
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#13. God has been replaced, as he has all over the West, with respectability and air conditioning. - Author: Amiri Baraka
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#14. And it is one of the miracles of science and hygiene that the germs that used to be in our food have been replaced by poisons. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#15. MY OLD HEART was broken. It'd been replaced with something not of flesh and blood but diamond and immortality. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#16. God's grace in saving miserable sinners has been replaced by heretical teaching, such as saying that it is because we are so valuable that Christ came to redeem us. Not all who hold self-esteem views go so far, but many do. - Author: Jay Adams
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#17. Wine, women and song have been replaced by prune juice, a heating pad and the Gong Show. - Author: Bob Hope
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#18. See? The moment you quit chasing him, that's when he wants you. He looks jealous. He thinks he's been replaced. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#19. It took me a long time, but I don't feel as anxious about stupid things anymore - or perhaps they've just been replaced by more complicated stupid things. - Author: Neil Finn
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#20. Science had given mankind many gifts, and she valued it. But the one important thing it had taken away was the value of subjective, personal experience. That had been replaced with the idea that only measurable and testable concepts had value. But humans didn't work that way ... - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#21. An acrobatic dunk will make it onto Sports Center. A simple, unspectacular bounce pass in the rhythm of the offense will not. System basketball has been replaced by players who want to be the system. - Author: Phil Jackson
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#22. What's the difference in opening from scratch in Philly or opening from scratch in New York? The old out-of-town tryout circuit - taking the show pre-Broadway to cities like Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, Washington - has sort of been replaced with the amount of workshops we do. - Author: Patti LuPone
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#23. I've been on a show before where I was on a billboard and then, after like three or four weeks, they took the billboard down and replaced it with nothing. Took my face down and put a white board up. - Author: Matthew Perry
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#24. By the early 1920s, the America of Jefferson, Lincoln, Whitman, and the young William Jennings Bryan had ceased to exist. It had been replaced by the world of McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, J. Edgar Hoover, and Woodrow Wilson. - Author: Oliver Stone
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#25. The trustworthy postman dressed in khakhi uniform riding a bicycle has been an integral part of urban and rural landscape in India; I wonder if this cultural icon will ever be replaced by the local pizza delivery man? The - Author: Ambi Parameswaran
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#26. Sweaty palms. check. shaky bones. check. the feeling that all oxygen in the air has been replaced by helium. yup. - Author: David Levithan
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#27. The press pass and the a title of "journalist" had been replaced by a smart phone and a Twitter account. - Author: Nick Bilton
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#28. The perception of the West as mostly a "knight of democracy" has been replaced with the disappointed belief that pragmatism, often cynical and selfish, lies at the core of Western policies. For many Russians it was a grave disillusion, a crushing of ideals. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#29. My colleagues and I have done a survey of 13,000 students on more than 17 campuses, and we found that while sex in college has always been a bit more casual, "hooking up" has pretty much replaced other traditional forms of dating. - Author: Michael Kimmel
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#30. In the 1950s, the average person saw science as something that solved problems. With the advent of nuclear weapons and pollution, the idealistic aura around scientific research has been replaced by cynicism. - Author: Sheldon Lee Glashow
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#31. You go in and meet the head of BBC One and get an assurance about not dumbing down. And then, of course a few months later, he's been replaced by someone you haven't met. - Author: John Cleese
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#32. What Australia was before is the fullest Australia has ever been ... as created and made and valued by indigenous people. The white man came here and took it away, took it away and replaced it ... - Author: Galarrwuy Yunupingu
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#33. The library, with its Daedalian labyrinth, mysterious hush, and faintly ominous aroma of knowledge, has been replaced by the computer's cheap glow, pesky chirp, and data spillage. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#34. It has been argued that food and eating have replaced sex as our foremost cultural taboo.7 To some extent I agree with this but would point out that the taboo is not against food, or sex, or flesh, but against a loss of control. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#35. Blank eyes stared from sunken sockets as if the divine force, the daimon, had been extinguished like a lamp, replaced by a weariness beyond description, a stare without effect, the hollow gaze of hell itself. - Author: Pressfield, Steven
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#36. I caught my reflection in the tall mirror. I looked like one of Henry VIII's wives who'd been told she'd soon be replaced. - Author: Andrea Cremer
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#37. Fact: The new '90210' is cooler than the old '90210.' It's the lithe, streamlined Skipper to the elder series' venerable Barbie. Gone are the traditional parents - they've been replaced by a hipster mom n' pop who get busted necking in the car. - Author: Diablo Cody
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#38. If it's true that every seven years each cell in your body dies and is replaced, then I have truly inherited my life from a dead man; and the misdeeds of those times have been forgiven, and are buried with his bones. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#39. Traditions have been replaced by lifestyles. - Author: Lars Fr. H. Svendsen
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#40. Since we replaced the compulsory military draft with an all-volunteer force in 1973, our nation has been making decisions about wars without worry over who fights them. I sincerely believe that reinstating the draft would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
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#41. Marriage is a difficult project. When seven years have passed and all your body's cells have been replaced, you're meant to experience that seven-year itch. - Author: Yoko Ono
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#42. Between 1776 and 1789, Americans replaced a government over them with a government under them. They have worried ever since about keeping it under. Distrust of its powers has been more common and more visible than distrust of the imperial authority of England ever was before the Revolution. - Author: Edmund Morgan
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#43. Noise has taken the place of punk rock. People who play noise have no real aspirations to being part of the mainstream culture. Punk has been co-opted, and this subterranean noise music and the avant-garde folk scene have replaced it - Author: Thurston Moore
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#44. The earliest example known to me of replaced body parts is exemplified by a Mayan skull dating back to 1400 BC. In this skull, false teeth made of stone had been implanted. - Author: John Gurdon
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#45. The image of the Lord has been replaced by a mirror. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#46. In this modern world, the celibacy of the medieval learned class has been replaced by a celibacy of the intellect which is divorced from the concrete contemplation of the complete facts. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
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#47. After a childhood of hungering to be an adult, my hunger had passed. Unexpected fates had begun to catch my notice. These middle-aged women seemed very tired to me, as if hope had been wrung out of them and replaced with a deathly, walking sort of sleep. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#48. The king that "never dies" here has been replaced by the king that always dies, and suffers death more cruelly than other mortals. - Author: Ernst H. Kantorowicz
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#49. Liberalism, the dominant ideology of our time, has been dangerously distorted by the impact of economism. It is that impact which has knocked the citizen off his pedestal and replaced him with the consumer. - Author: Larry Siedentop
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#50. Healthy debate has been replaced by automatic sensors that eliminate the need for actual talking during a filibuster - a la 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.' Robust debate is necessary in a democratic society. Instead, our discourse has been relegated to media spin by expert entertainers. - Author: Douglas Wilder
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#51. Who can now deny the loss of natural light, of skin tones, of real place, and common but precious things in our movies, to be replaced by the gorgeous imagery of things that have never been and never will be? The most special effect in movies is always the human face when its mind is being changed. - Author: Edward Jay Epstein
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#52. In city after city, newspaper after newspaper has diminished its staff of critics, sometimes to zero. Film and T.V. critics have been dropped and not replaced. Maybe they're deemed unnecessary because nobody cares if anything's good or not. - Author: Tom Shales
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#53. The romantic idealism of my youth has been replaced with realism and hard work at what I love. - Author: Monique Roffey
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#54. I woke up one morning, and all of my stuff had been stolen and replaced by exact duplicates. - Author: Steven Wright
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#55. There's a lady slumped on the edge of the landing and her face is gone, replaced by melted skin and blood. Mark feels as if he's been given a glimpse into hell. - Author: James Dashner
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#56. In today's gig economy, where jobs have been replaced by 'portfolios of projects,' most people find themselves doing more things less well for two-thirds of the money. - Author: Tina Brown
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#57. My father was always suppressing the softer side of my nature; it seemed to have disappeared in the course of those boxing lessons, that's what boxing did to me. My father took away the real me and replaced all what I could have been by imposing his brutal regime of terror upon me. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#58. Dad's final will was written and signed eleven days before he died. The original will it replaced disappeared and has never been found....I can't imagine him wanting to make such radical changes a few days before he died. I don't believe for one minute that he truly understood what was going on. - Author: Deana Martin
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#59. The age of printed pamphlets and political essays has long since been replaced by television, a distracting and absorbing medium which seems determined to entertain itself more than it informs and educates. - Author: Al Gore
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#60. To look forward to whatever flowed through the doors. To save a life? Two lives? I felt proud. The burden of treating the intractable, untreatable, unplaceable, unwanted, had been replaced by the fantasy of being a real doctor, dealing with real disease. - Author: Samuel Shem
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#61. In a thousand years, if humans survive that long, everything you know will have been disproved. And replaced by even bigger myths. - Author: Matt Haig
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#62. Hope replaced fear. Light subsumed darkness. Strength, born of the power of this presence, mingled with Kathryn's own determination and reordered the last of her mangled body and soul, realigning them into all that she had once been.
What she would now be was once again an open question. - Author: Kirsten Beyer
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#63. Representative democracy had been replaced by the surveillance camera and the private police force. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#64. My original fear that my daughter was going to die before BettyJane and myself has now been replaced with the fear that she is going to outlive us. - Author: JohnA Passaro
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#65. Syd remembered that he had been surprised when he first learned that settlers on the Outer Worlds didn't infect their children with shark genes so that their adult teeth replaced themselves constantly as they wore out, - Author: Tom Bruno
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#66. 'Educational' refers to the process, not the object. Although, come to think of it, some of my teachers could easily have been replaced by a cheeseburger. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#67. The warmth and sun-drenched days of late summer, had been replaced by the cold, darkness of November, where the crisp chill served as a precursor to a winter that would long overstay its welcome once the holidays had past. - Author: Matt Micros
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#68. Since the end of the Cold War, Soviet aggression had been replaced by a number of particularly venomous threats, from Timothy McVeigh to Osama bin Laden. - Author: Barbara Olson
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#69. She'd been here long enough that all of her feelings had been replaced with high-end linoleum. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#70. This is worth an eternity of torture," he whispered. "I'm quite certain I love you more than anyone I've ever loved, in any life. I may have lost my soul when I was turned, but it's been replaced by you, Cassandra. I'll never let you go. - Author: L.J. Kentowski
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#71. Fraternity means that the father no longer sacrifices the sons; instead the brothers kill one another. Wars between nations have been replaced by civil war. The great settling of accounts, first under national 'pretexts,' led to a rapidly escalating world civil war. - Author: Ernst Junger
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#72. In the Catskills, nostalgia runs backwards. The upwardly mobile Jewish masses of the 1950s and 1960s have been replaced by the Jews of 19th century Poland. - Author: Kevin Haworth
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#73. The image of the scientist who puts the pursuit of truth before anything else has been shattered and replaced by a man on the make or a quasi-religious enthusiast who wants to prove his case at any cost. Science is becoming the tool of campaigning warfare, in which truth is the first casualty. - Author: Paul Johnson
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#74. It is not wrong to think that the traditional buying of a product has been replaced with an unwritten contract of shared values between a business and its customers. - Author: David Amerland
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#75. The Obama administration has been trying out a new policy toward Syria since the day it came to office. The Bush cold shoulder was viewed as a primitive reaction, now to be replaced by sophisticated diplomacy. Outreach would substitute for isolation. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#76. When the morning's freshness has been replaced by the weariness of midday, when the leg muscles give under the strain, the climb seems endless, and suddenly nothing will go quite as you wish it is then that you must not hesitate. - Author: Dag Hammarskjold
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#77. Personal relationship with God has been replaced by church activities. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#78. I suspect it's because Truman Democrats have been replaced by Gruber Democrats - self-styled elitists who feed lavishly at the public trough and think government should serve them, not the hoi polloi they disdain and deceive. - Author: Jack Kelly
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#79. Freedom of religion has been replaced by freedom from religion. - Author: Ralph E. Reed Jr.
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#80. I can no longer think what I want to think. My thoughts have been replaced by moving images. - Author: Georges Duhamel
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#81. Magic [has] been replaced by machinery. - Author: Shilo Shiv Suleman
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#82. What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced by what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure. So now we measure how well well we taught what isn't worth learning." Dosta and Bena Kallick, Habits of Mind - Author: Angela Provitera-McGlynn
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#83. In old stapled problems, you can see the TB vaccine marks in the upper left corner where the staples have been removed and replaced, as the problem - even the staple holes of the problem - was copied and sent on to other departments for further action, copying, and stapling. - Author: Nicholson Baker
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#84. We were best friends." pausing, he finally looked over at Ainsley. "But I think I've been replaced."
" you have," she quipped. " it's a good thing I like to share."
He chuckled. " I guess so. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#85. If there has been one overriding change in poetic practice, it is that under the influence of free verse the poets have made a primary virtue out of exactitude and economy of meaning: this has replaced metrical skill as the first thing the poet tunes to. - Author: Martin Langford
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#86. While my eyes adjust to the soft glow of the light, I'm suddenly face to face with a man the world dubbed nearly a year ago as the most beautiful man. That headline, however, has been replaced with ones that read along the lines of, Beautiful? Or Beautifully Terrifying? - Author: Ella Frank
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#87. Being interesting has been replaced by being identifiable. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#88. Onward and upward has been replaced by forward and toward. - Author: Julie Winkle Giulioni
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#89. But what was possible or practical had been replaced by a far baser impulse. Hope. - Author: Ted Dekker
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#90. The vocation of pastor(s) has been replaced by the strategies of religious entrepreneurs with business plans. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#91. Why? Why is there a crisis in literature? Because of lies and rottenness. Simplicity and sincerity have been replaced by obsfucation and pretense. Men, of course. They love to create mystery where none exists. It's the way they think. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#92. Death was an inverse Big Bang; an impossible magic trick where everything had become nothing in the very same instant, where one state had been replaced so completely by another that no evidence of the first could be detected, and where the catalyst had been vaporized by the sheer shock of the new. - Author: Belinda Bauer
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#93. It would seem that losing the sadness would be a good thing, but it has been replaced by nothing -a quiet acceptance of this boring, everyday life. I think it's even worse than being miserable. At least being miserable is active. - Author: Samantha Schutz
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#94. The image of the journalist as wallflower at the orgy has been replaced by the journalist as the life of the party. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#95. The silent horror of Archie's ordeal had been temporarily replaced by the howling, agonising pain of the blood refusing to drain from his penis, the end of which was a deep purple verging on black where Officer Griff had tested how hard it was by using the back of his hand to give it a solid twang. - Author: Dylan Perry
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#96. THE RICHTER SCALE, WHICH has technically been replaced by the "moment magnitude"1 scale, measures the energy released by an earthquake. - Author: Randall Munroe
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#97. We no longer have natural selection. We have unnatural selection. Survival of the fittest has been replaced by survival of the fakest. - Author: Maureen Dowd
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#98. I didn't tell him that it was all stored as binary information on rapidly spinning shiny discs, partly because I'd have to look up the details myself, but mostly because by the time he'd understood the technology it would have been replaced by something else. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
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#99. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology had been replaced by Fundamentals of Industry and Agriculture, because of Chairman Mao's instruction to "combine education with practical experience. - Author: Ji-li Jiang
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#100. In the early days of films, the movie star in this country replaced royalty. They've been demoted since then but they're still treated as beings larger than life. - Author: Paul Newman
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