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#1. Don't criticise them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances." Yet - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#2. I'm going to pull you under and drown you in me until you can't forget. - Author: Ella Frank
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#3. You don't dare to think ahead too much, for you don't want this melted under the heat of your attention, don't want it gone from your life. - Author: Nikki Gemmell
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#4. There isn't very much of the little boy left in Oscar; he didn't get to his position without being able to keep it under very tight control. - Author: Charles Stross
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#5. I write very rarely. Only, in fact, when the sheet of paper suffers an existential crisis and threatens, if I don't surrender to it, to bury me alive under its whiteness. - Author: Kiki Dimoula
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#6. She was alive, and she was stuck in this fucking tunnel, and she had just broken a fuck of a hex ward, and now she was going to have to walk through the toad-door into who-the-fuck-knew-what with someone who touched her only under duress. Some days it just didn't pay to get out of bed. - Author: Stacia Kane
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#7. You were upset. I hurt you. Something must have happened to make you stay away from me. Is that right?" His nose was pressed under my ear and I fought back another round of tears because he just didn't fully grasp it. He could have been repeating Sheila's words for all I knew.
"You're leaving. - Author: Amber L. Johnson
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#8. It was the early 1970s and I was recently divorced. I had three kids and was totally broke. I managed to find work back east on the straw-hat circuit - summer stock - but couldn't afford hotels, so I lived out of the back of my truck, under a hard shell. - Author: William Shatner
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#9. "Specifically, Hercules. Yes, the strong man often is perceived as an oaf. Light on the brain cells, heavy on the the biceps."
Cole leaned over and said under his breath, "We all know someone like that, don't we? - Author: Brodi Ashton
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#10. Ce'Nedra returned, frowning and a little angry. "They won't give me their eggs, Lady Polgara," she complained. "They're sitting one them." "You have to reach under them and take the eggs, dear." "Won't that make them angry?" "Are you afraid of a chicken? - Author: David Eddings
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#11. I operate under the assumption that people don't notice the good in me. That's just how things always seem to play out. I get blamed, while con-artist kids like Venus, and Camille, and Gemma get believed. But the rescue lady noticed. In the background, just observing, she noticed. - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
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#12. I love information. I want to stay current. I don't want to be under-informed. But I'm busy. Sometimes, I need an instant overview of a situation that I can grasp in a second. - Author: David McCandless
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#13. And she had the magic I had never come across all my life. A minute with her messed up my mind and heart in a way that all the theories of right and wrong didn't matter anymore. All of a sudden opening my arms to the storm seemed a better choice, than dancing under the rainbows. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#14. Blue does not go with everything," Will told her. "It does not go with red, for instance."
"I have a red and blue striped waistcoat," Henry interjected, reaching for the peas.
"And if that isn't proof that those two colors should never be seen together under Heaven, I don't know what is. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#15. It is not classified as a pagan religion. The so-called New Age activities and this are not called religions and therefore don't come under the prohibition of mingling church and state that we have in this country. - Author: Dixie Lee Ray
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#16. Don't be surprised. There is nothing new under the sun. Only endless repackagings - Author: John Piper
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#17. Does he understand now that 'what if?' isn't fair when, under a different set of circumstances, you were asked to polarise things into one moment in time, when you had to defend what you wanted at a completely different moment? Kamryn to Luke - Author: Dorothy Koomson
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#18. I was singing doo-wop on the corner under the streetlight with four other guys when it wasn't called doo-wop. We just got together and sang, so that music is inside of me. It's a lot of stuff that has been rolling around in here and becoming this compost and has made me who I am as a singer. - Author: Al Jarreau
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#19. I'm always aware that under the spritely twitter of birds, bones are being crunched and ribbons of flesh are being stripped away, all of it the work of bright-eyed creatures without feeling or conscience. I don't look to nature for comfort or serenity. - Author: Sue Grafton
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#20. Said we'll discuss it when I commit." She smoothed the area under the eye crevice. "I wonder who they think it is ... " He watched her for a moment without speaking. "Louisiana in October isn't too unpleasant. We could take - Author: Iris Johansen
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#21. How comes Eskimos haven't turned into icy-cubes? Like ice people?....when they die where do they go? They can't get buried under the grass like we do....it's a whole new whole this Eskimo world, it really is - Author: Jade Goody
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#22. I don't have to come back politically, but I would like to do something that will help the people of Thailand. There must be a process under which I can come back. I want to come back to clear the chaos in Thailand, the civil war in Thailand. - Author: Thaksin Shinawatra
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#23. Two boys, both in varsity football, kissing under the bleachers, muscular silhouettes merging against the deep purple sky. I wasn't the only one with a secret. In the grand scheme of things, my secret wasn't even as dangerous as some of theirs. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#24. That lifestyle? It's bad, Kylie. I don't want you anywhere near that. It's dark, and it's dangerous, and it can suck you under so fast. So fast. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#25. Don't take me under your wing and tell me that scent is duck sauce - Author: Josh Stern
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#26. Don't vote for Republicans or Democrats until they clean up the open system of bribery that we live under. - Author: Bill Maher
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#27. My cat, Ethel, is an indoor cat but somehow she's sneakin' out at night. 'Cause the other morning I found a stamp on her paw ... I wouldn't have noticed myself, but I just bought this new black light and she passed right under it and I said, 'Hey, what's that on you paw? - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#28. She's my sister. I'll handle this."
"She's my wife," Arik shot back. "Husband trumps the brother card. So get the fuck out and don't come back until you have your temper under control. - Author: Larissa Ione
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#29. How this woman had managed to get under his skin and claw her way inside was a mystery.
He couldn't leave her there though. His entire being was screaming at him to get her out. - Author: Caroline Cairn
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#30. Some people thrive under pressure, but pressure can also ruin your performance, it can push you down angles which you don't want to go. - Author: Henry Cavill
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#31. One of the things I liked about playing Tony Gates in 'Line of Duty' was that I don't think he gave much thought to justifying his actions until he was under investigation. - Author: Lennie James
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#32. So why did I think about her every second? Why was I so much happier the minute I saw her? I felt like maybe I knew the answer, but how could I be sure? I didn't know, and I didn't have any way to find out.
Guys don't talk about stuff like that. We just lie under the pile of bricks. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#33. Malaria-hosting mosquitoes will not wait politely during their most active evening feeding hours for people to go to bed under mosquito nets. - Author: T.K. Naliaka
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#34. I don't have a lot of recreation time. I've always been under the assumption that if you're selling tickets you need to work. The kind of success that's happened to me maybe only happens to one comedian every twenty years and so I'm on the road constantly. - Author: Larry The Cable Guy
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#35. It didn't occur to either of them that lives would be lost, that the world they were to defend would shift under their feet and never be the same again. They only dreamed of the adventure. A - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#36. I don't mess with that cat. I'm pretty sure he carries a blade under his jersey. - Author: Charles Barkley
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#37. Graham licked his lips. Merry fucking Christmas to me. How could he say no? He'd dreamt of what Michael might look like under those jeans for almost as long as he'd known him. His imagination wasn't nearly as good as he thought it was. - Author: Em Woods
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#38. Everywhere I go, kids walk around not with books under their arms, but with radios up against their heads. Children can't read or write, but they can memorize whole albums. - Author: Jesse Jackson
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#39. Many immigrants do not talk about what they endured back home. They were fleeing that world, and when they left they didn't want to talk about it because there had been pain and heartbreak under the caste system of the South. They didn't want to burden their children with what they had endured. - Author: Isabel Wilkerson
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#40. So, the MacGregors."
"Yeah." Jane nodded with a long sigh. "The MacGregors."
"I don't get what the big deal is with them," Charlotte said.
"If you saw under their kilts, you would get what the big deal
" Annabelle tried to break in. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#41. I do a little bit of hand-holding on the big cases. You know, like health care, I'll call over and say, "Don't worry. We've got it under control. We have the best people working on it. We're on schedule. Stay calm." So, those kinds of things. - Author: Donald Verrilli Jr.
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#42. The real Oxford is a close corporation of jolly, untidy, lazy, good-for-nothing humorous old men, who have been electing their own successors ever since the world began and who intend to go on with it. They'll squeeze under the Revolution or leap over it when the time comes, don't you worry. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#43. Jason had joked that dust bunnies under the bed were pets he didn't mind keeping: they never whined for food and didn't require a litter box. They also didn't wake you up at night by barking at passing raccoons. - Author: Erik Bundy
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#44. I tell you there isn't a thing under the sun that needs to be done at all, but what a man can do better than a woman, unless it's bearing children, and they do that in a poor make-shift way; it had better ha been left to the men. - Author: George Eliot
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#45. Unless you're under 12 or into role playing, you shouldn't be wearing Mickey Mouse ears #AHOLE - Author: A.O. Storm
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#46. It's funny how we all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. - Author: Habeeb Akande
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#47. You can't build a life
on another human being. We're foundations
of sand. We're Atlas buckling under the sky. - Author: Elisabeth Hewer
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#48. Writers of historical fiction are not under the same obligation as historians to find evidence for the statements they make. For us it is sufficient if what we say can't be disproved or shown to be false. - Author: Barry Unsworth
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#49. Flat was good; flat meant she didn't care, meant she wouldn't get sucked under this time, but she knew not to hope too much. - Author: Lindsay Chamberlin
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#50. It's strange, isn't it? You go on and on, or I do rather, seeing God knows what horrors and learning not to care or anyway not to care more than you need to do the job, and then something happens that gets right under your skin. - Author: Pat Barker
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#51. Well, I was making a record, and I had to choose a name, because they said, you know, you can't make a record under the name of Reg Dwight, because it's never going to - you know, it's not attractive enough. - Author: Elton John
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#52. Selective ignorance, a cornerstone of child rearing. You don't put kids under surveillance: it might frighten you. Parents should sit tall in the saddle and look upon their troops with a noble and benevolent and extremely nearsighted gaze. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#53. Scary things only go on in our minds if we let them. Monsters don't live under beds; in our minds is where they truly reside. Remember that. - Author: Kathryn Perez
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#54. I haven't written in a week. It's like holding your breath under water. You feel an awful constriction and then the instinct to propel yourself. - Author: D.A. Botta
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#55. I am a journalist and, under the modern journalist's code of Olympian objectivity (and total purity of motive), I am absolved of responsibility. We journalists don't have to step on roaches. All we have to do is turn on the kitchen light and watch the critters scurry. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#56. I sleep on my stomach with my head under a bunch of pillows so if someone wants to come in and try to kill me they can't tell if I'm there or not, so they'll just leave. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
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#57. As you get ready to walk out under the bright lights of the improvisational stage of the rest of your life be bold. Don't always worry about what your next line is going to be. - Author: Dick Costolo
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#58. I was actually under a lot of heaviness when I was younger. I thought of myself as an old soul. I was very obsessed with death. Basically, I didn't really have a youth - I sublimated all that into my identity and my music. - Author: Ariel Pink
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#59. You have me under your spell.

With all the secrets you tell.

I can't make it stop.

Please don't let it stop.

You have me under your spell.

If you knew me as well,

You would make it stop.

I can't let it stop. - Author: Kasie West
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#60. I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I'm 50. I'll try anything. Except I won't do Botox again, because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers! - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
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#61. HelL!?...Hell!?

This here, should be under the category Hell, what's impressive that you don't know that.. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#62. He's out there waiting for us. We his the street, and we're ducks in a barrel. (Steele)
Isn't that fish in a barrel? (Syd)
Don't fuck with my metaphors right now, Syd. Can't you see that I'm under stress? (Steele) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#63. I'm opposed to censure, .. Whether or not one will be permitted, it's under discussion. It isn't ruled out, but it's not a dead-bang certainty either. - Author: Henry Hyde
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#64. If you're looking for a place to rest Cold Mountain is good for a long stay The breeze blowing through the dark pines Sounds better the closer you come And under the trees a white haired man Mumbles over his Taoist texts Ten years now he hasn't gone home He's even forgotten the road he came by - Author: Hanshan
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#65. Where'd the days go, when all we did was play? And the stress that we were under wasn't stress at all just a run and a jump into a harmless fall - Author: Paolo Nutini
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#66. I've never been bothered by proximity to special effects and I've never felt disadvantaged by them. They're all part of a movie, and when the movie's under control I don't feel upstaged by them. - Author: Harrison Ford
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#67. Suffering isn't a moral endowment. People don't always do well under duress, and it seemed to me to be truer to a fellow in that situation to make him angry. - Author: E.L. Doctorow
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#68. Well you know
that I'm cold
black on constellations gold
and you know
that your soul's
black top under lacing
won't let it go - Author: Pierce The Veil
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#69. I can understand going for Botox at 45-50, when you want to keep things in place. But I don't understand 25 year olds going for Botox or under the knife. You don't require it. Your skin is fresh, young. Why would you do that to yourself? - Author: Kajol
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#70. You can find bacteria everywhere. They're invisible to us. I've never seen a bacterium, except under a microscope. They're so small, we don't see them, but they are everywhere. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#71. We don't consider black, urban films as 'indies,' though many of them are shot for under $10 million which is kind of the definition of an indie. - Author: Gabrielle Union
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#72. In the aftermath of September 11, you can't - as Tony Blair was so fond of suggesting - draw a line under historical events. They don't go away. They come back. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#73. I don't buy into that pressure to be glamorous all the time. It's impossible, I mean, you get a pimple in the morning, you wake up with bags under your eyes, you see if you can use it in your work, maybe incorporate it into your character. - Author: Halle Berry
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#74. Get you dead ass out of the sarcophagus and follow along," Tern muttered. "And no yelling for guards, and no continuing forward when we stop and then stomping all over us and crushing our spines and skulls under your undead feet because we didn't explicitly tell you not to do that. - Author: Patrick Weekes
Under't Quotes #1528
#75. Well, I don't know. It's long, it's longer than both of the other books put together, so it's more ambitious. I think I get under the skin of the people a lot more than in the other books. - Author: Cory Doctorow
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#76. You got no soul, Cap'n," he said. "When a stranger comes into the city under the thrall of the dragon and challenges it with a glittery sword, weeell, there's only one outcome, ain't there? It's probably destiny. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#77. Privilege, if you're very strict, is an immoral and unjust thing to have, but if you've got it you didn't choose to get it and you might as well use it. You're privileged to be at Yale, but you know you're under an obligation to repay what's been put into you. - Author: Walker Evans
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#78. The traceur doesn't knock an obstacle out of the way unless it's absolutely necessary. He meanders his way past it. Over. Under. Through. Around. He gets past not by moving the obstacle but by moving himself. That is parkour, and working this job I use every technique I know just to get it done. - Author: Sam A. Patel
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#79. Don't forget, Alexa. I longed for you before you were even born. There is no one deeper under your spell than me. - Author: Trina M. Lee
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#80. Falling seemed to take forever as the water slowly rose to meet me. The dome of city hall continued to gleam in the distance, with its golden reflection extending to the river water. Strange that I hadn't seen that before. - Author: Patricia Mason
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#81. You know how to cook steak?" he asked, his voice warming slightly.
"Light a match under it. If it doesn't kick, it's dead and done. - Author: Faith Hunter
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#82. Teens want to read something that isn't a lie; we adults wish we could put our heads under the blankets and hide from the scary story we're writing for our kids. - Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
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#83. I have respected every manager I have played under, but if you can't learn from someone like Mark Hughes, it is going to be hard for you. - Author: Charlie Adam
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#84. The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.
The houses are all gone under the sea.
The dancers are all gone under the hill. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#85. I can't stop myself from reaching for the bottle that's under my seat. I've gone all night without a sip, but it's not about being addicted. It's about being told what to do my whole life and doing it and then losing everything anyway. - Author: A.S. King
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#86. ARTHUR: (indicates rain) Couldn't you have peed before we went under?
YUSUF: Sorry.
The front door OPENS and Eames climbs in, soaked.
EAMES: Bit too much free champagne before takeoff, Yusuf?
YUSUF: Ha bloody ha. - Author: Christopher J. Nolan
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#87. Avoid working directly under somebody you don't admire and don't want to be like. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#88. Get your emotions under control and your life under control. Work really hard and don't make a big deal out of yourself. Have humility. Believe in yourself. Don't get a fanatical fixation on a teacher. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#89. Do you have a name?" asked Gerta. "I do," said the raven. Gerta waited. The raven fluffed its beard. "I am the Sound of Mouse Bones Crunching Under the Hooves of God." - Author: T. Kingfisher
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#90. I'm beginning to wonder if the symbol of the United States pretty soon isn't going to be an ambassador with a flag under his arm climbing into an escape helicopter. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#91. Shouldn't someone tag Mr. Kennedy's bold new imaginative program with its proper age? Under the tousled boyish haircut is still old Karl Marx-first launched a century ago. There is nothing new in the idea of a government being Big Brother. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#92. I don't need friends. All they do is eat your food, drink your beer, then spew your secrets the first time you do something that displeases them. No offense, but when you have as many enemies as I do, you keep your secrets under lock and key. (Solin) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#93. My favorite time is now, like tonight, under a full moon. When a thousand crystals are sparkling at us. It's almost magical, isn't it? - Author: Dominique Eastwick
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#94. I had just climbed on top of the counter when Konrad reached over me and grabbed the bowls, smirking when I glared at him. He didn't even have to go on the balls of his feet. "Damn tall people." I muttered under my breath. "Hey - Author: Molly McAdams
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#95. We can't spend all day trying to get the performance exactly right and you just have to accept that and move on and accept the medium that you're working in and you know, there's a beauty in working under constraints and limitations. I think a lot of great things can come out of that. - Author: Emily Deschanel
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#96. Think we choose our lives?"
"No. But I don't think they're thrust upon us, either. What it feels like to me is, they're forever seeping up under our feet. - Author: James Sallis
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#97. Dear God, she couldn't give this man sex. She could barely give it to Van, and he currently smelled so good she just wanted to shove her face under his t-shirt and eat whatever she found there. - Author: Charlotte Stein
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#98. Under Medicare right now, I get paid to put a pacemaker in you, but I don't get paid to counsel you about end-of-life care. - Author: Richard Dooling
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#99. So they're looking for a new face, with a voice to go along. I can tell you right now that ain't my style. I don't do no sing alongs, with my freedom. - Author: Tegan Quin
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#100. I even went so far as to become a Southern Baptist for a while, until I realized that they didn't hold 'em under long enough. - Author: Kinky Friedman
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