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#1. , and if one has only one good memory left in one's heart, even that may sometimes be the means of saving us. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#2. I eat soup noodles for comfort. In fact, noodles of any kind. It's a food that is very easy to eat; it's very soothing and comfortable, too. If I could choose any, I'd say buckwheat was my favourite: it has a very good flavour and is healthy, too. - Author: Nobu Matsuhisa
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#3. Maybe that's some of the reason I feel so good today. Maybe I finally realised that it's just a game. - Author: David Duval
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#4. I know that's the sort of thing people say and I really hate it when people say the sort of things people say. I always think, 'You don't mean that, you just think it sounds good. - Author: Russell Brand
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#5. Some people are very dictatorial and it's not a good feeling, and it kind of inhibits you, because you feel like you have more to offer than what they're trying to squeeze you into, some kind of box or something like that. - Author: Sasha Grey
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#6. I'm probably at my least religious I've ever been in a while. When you're moved by music, that's always good. But I haven't been talking to God too much lately. - Author: Stone Gossard
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#7. I love Mexican food, and there's a really good restaurant called El Parador that I love. - Author: Jacquelyn Jablonski
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#8. My brother, Jason, came into the bar, then, and sauntered over to give me a hug. He knows that women like a man who's good to his family and also kind to the disabled, so hugging me is a double whammy of recommendation. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#9. Being able to hear an opinion. And then how to apply that opinion is something I am learning and working with every day. What can be tricky is how to differentiate a good suggestion that you should apply to your work [from] someone's personal taste at their opinionated best. - Author: Tori Amos
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#10. Clinton's an unusually good liar. Unusually Good. Do you realize that? - Author: Bob Kerrey
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#11. Some kids are good at math, some kids can run, and acting was an interest of mine. Because I knew you could do it for a living I decided, that's what I'm going to do. - Author: Jonny Lee Miller
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#12. It's not a hard-and-fast rule, but I believe that one of the key factors in being a good sister wife is having the ability to see the needs of another sister wife and considering her needs more important than your own. - Author: Meri Brown
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#13. Unholy delight lit Giles's dark face to flashing brilliance. She realized that while he mightn't be handsome, he was breathtakingly attractive and brimming with potent masculinity more powerful than mere good looks. - Author: Anna Campbell
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#14. It's good for art to make us think, to give us a shared experience that creates a dialogue, makes us talk to each other, including strangers. - Author: Janet Echelman
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#15. It's not good enough to just keep producing technology with no notion of whether it's going to be useful. You have to create stuff that people really want, rather than create stuff just because you can. - Author: Genevieve Bell
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#16. I haven't been in politics too long so that's a good thing. - Author: Justin Amash
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#17. One of the greatest feelings in life is the conviction that you have lived the life you wanted to live-with the rough and the smooth, the good and the bad-but yours, shaped by your own choices, and not someone else's. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
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#18. It's cool because you get to see that some of these women are there because they should be. They're actually not good people to be in society. And then, other people are there because they just made a really retarded mistake. - Author: Laura Prepon
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#19. I do feel like, now, approaching fifty, I am definitely at a crossroads and having to reevaluate things and look at things. It's time for more change, and that's good. - Author: Mike Ness
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#20. A lot of the players are very complimentary about each other; they embrace at the end of matches because the level of the tennis has been so good. I think that's something that tennis has got to be proud of. - Author: Andy Murray
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#21. All the collaborators of storytelling, in film and television, have to be partly self-centered because they need to do their work the best they can, and that's what makes them really good at what they do, but then they also have to be a part of the socialist society, for the greater good. - Author: Ray McKinnon
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#22. Let's promise to each other that if we ever meet again we will never plow and push our new-fallen snow. We will not become slush. We will stay like this field and melt away together only in the sun's good time. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#23. A brand is a little different. Me, as Carrie the person, wanders around in sweatpants. And then, when I have to be Carrie Underwood, there is definitely a departure from your human side. It's good to make that separation from person to brand. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#24. The good thing about the truth is it's true, and there's no arguing with the truth. You may not like it, but that doesn't make it any less true. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#25. That headlong ivy! not a leaf will grow But thinking of a wreath, ... I like such ivy; bold to leap a height 'Twas strong to climb! as good to grow on graves As twist about a thyrsus; pretty too (And that's not ill) when twisted round a comb. - Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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#26. We've had a problem finding a vocalist. We have not been lucky yet to find the one. I think the problem is that the three of us have such a pedigree of vocalist, that if we come out with someone that's not good we'll obviously be slated! - Author: Peter Hook
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#27. Real success in the kingdom of God is not about being strong and looking good and knowing all the right answers. It's about continually yielding oneself to Jesus and determining to take purposeful little steps of obedience, and the ragged reality that it's all about God and His grace at work in us. - Author: Mary Beth Chapman
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#28. When you don't sleep, you start to hallucinate, and that's not good. - Author: James Tate
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#29. When the desire ain't on me I don't need help. When it is on me I don't want any. See? Like the old fellah that never mended his roof. Said on a wet day he couldn't do it and on a dry day it was as good as anybody's. - Author: Agnes Sligh Turnbull
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#30. Our towers aren't fair and lovely they're valor and honor that's what good is. - Author: Soman Chainani
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#31. Any good production team is going to allow an actor to breathe life into the characters - that's why they hired that woman, that man, whatever the case. - Author: John DiMaggio
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#32. The good thing about being an actress is that it's very children-friendly. I can work for three months and then I can have six months off. And then I can work for six months and have six months off. - Author: Gal Gadot
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#33. If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul - Author: Harold S. Kushner
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#34. I think the decision that's been made with respect to allowing gays to serve openly in the military is a good one. - Author: Dick Cheney
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#35. We all thought of chicken as lean, protein-rich food that's good for weight watching, but the truth is chicken might actually be making us fatter! - Author: Kathy Freston
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#36. He balled up my discarded sweatshirt and put it against his shoulder. "Go on," he said. "I don't bite." "And from what I hear, that's a good thing." He gave a rumbling chuckle. "Yeah, it is." I leaned against his shoulder. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#37. No-not other than making a record that I was satisfied with. That's usually my only goal-to make it good enough to hopefully put out there. I just tried to finish what I started, as far as my ideas for the record. Hopefully I was able to do it. - Author: David Eugene Edwards
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#38. Just try to do the right thing, and that's immediate karma: 'I feel good about myself.' - Author: Linda Thompson
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#39. What use is it that knowledge mounts? It's knowing something good that counts. - Author: Friedrich Von Logau
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#40. But she was not even grateful to him for it; nothing good on Pierre's part seemed to her to be an effort, it seemed so natural for him to be kind to everyone that there was no merit in his kindness. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#41. It's really hard when people write nasty things about you all the time. As much as good things are said about you, it's always those one or two bad comments that really stay with you and gnaw at you. I try not to read that stuff if I can. - Author: Jordin Sparks
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#42. I'm good at thinking outside the box, so much that you realise it's not a box to begin with. - Author:
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#43. I'm sorry. I can't serve him that item," the waitress said, only somewhat surprising her since she had a pretty good idea why.
"Why not?" she found herself asking anyway out of curiosity to see if she was right.
"Because he's a Bradford," the woman explained with a shrug. - Author: R.L. Mathewson
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#44. Independent dance - and, fine, it's a very good thing that it remains independent - is a much tougher life: all dancers expect that, and accept that there will be periods of not being able to work, provided there are choice moments during the year when they really can work. - Author: Siobhan Davies
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#45. If you can play lots of different characters, that's fun. As long as the material is good, that's what the attraction is for me. - Author: Freddie Stroma
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#46. As for restaurants, I'd say I'm always down for Wendy's. A little fry dipping in a Frosty - that's a good deal. - Author: Justin Deeley
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#47. We continue to fight for good jobs that pay well and jobs that last. Helping to get folks back to work is about helping them to regain their dignity and pride. That's what families care about. - Author: Jodi Rell
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#48. As his (C. S. Lewis's) good friend Owen Barfield once remarked, Lewis radiated a sense that the spiritual world is home, that we are always coming back to a place we have never yet reached. - Author: David C. Downing
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#49. Pilates makes you feel good because you're doing something that's good for your body, and you start seeing it. It elongates the muscles. - Author: Behati Prinsloo
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#50. Like many self-help books, The Deepest Blue is full of horrifyingly simplistic language and some admittedly good advice. Somehow the women in the book learn to say: That's my depression talking. It's not "me."
As if we could scrape the color off the iris and still see. - Author: Maggie Nelson
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#51. To have a film where there's an evil figure and a good person fights against the evil figure and everything becomes a happy ending, that's one way to make a film. But then that means you have to draw, as an animator, the evil figure. And it's not very pleasant to draw evil figures - Author: Hayao Miyazaki
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#52. It's important to preach like there's a broken heart on every pew. That's always been a phrase that stuck with me. Not everybody is having a tough time, but you can bet your buck that there's a good tenth of your church that's going through a hard season. There really is a broken heart on every pew. - Author: Max Lucado
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#53. Amy said, "So, you're making a flamethrower?"
"Amy, we gotta be prepared. We don't know what we'll find in that place, but for all we know it could be the Devil himself."
"David, what possible good is that thing gonna do?"
"Oh, no, you didn't hear me. I said it's a flamethrower." Girls. - Author: David Wong
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#54. Strike noticed that, in spite of Duffield's air of disorientation and distress, he had made a good job of applying his eyeliner. - Author: Robert Galbraith
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#55. When the taste changes with every bite and the last bite tastes as good as the first, that's Cajun. - Author: Paul Prudhomme
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#56. It seems that nothing ever gets to going good till there's a few resignations - Author: Kin Hubbard
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#57. I think one of the things the writers' festival does that is very good is that it brings writers from around the world and around the country and locally and puts them all in the one spot together, and that's what a lot of the world's great writers' festivals do. - Author: Nick Earls
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#58. I also feel fairly confident that the original Texaco Salvatore was a good family man, with perhaps a propensity for wearing his wife's panties and betting his kids' college money at the track, but otherwise a solid dude. - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#59. The Good Friday Agreement was an incredible breakthrough. But it's my view that the Hillsborough Agreement could see politics in the north come of age, and see us all move forwards on the basis of equality and partnership. - Author: Martin McGuinness
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#60. We are continuing to look for ways that we can do something that's good for both of us. Good for both of us being the Cowboys relative to relief as to our cap management and good for him that would maybe be some pluses for him on his contract. - Author: Jerry Jones
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#61. Why everything that's supposed to be bad
Make me feel so good? - Author: Kanye West
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#62. I think that technologies are morally neutral until we apply them. It's only when we use them for good or for evil that they become good or evil. - Author: William Gibson
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#63. All will concede that in order to have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors. That applies in every field of human endeavor. - Author: Harry S. Truman
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#64. I want to be a good example for my son. That's the best way to parent - to be the example of what you want to see in them. That's definitely how my parents parented and how my grandparents parented. And it works. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
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#65. The bad news is that time is finite, but good news is that it's enough for a life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#66. The view backward showed you all the twists and turns your life had taken, all the contingencies and chances, the random elements of good luck and bad luck that made up one person's existence. - Author: William Boyd
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#67. I only have control over one person and that's myself. And I feel good about it. - Author: Mac Danzig
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#68. When I work as a model, it feels like holiday. Doing a shoot is so light in a way that it's really a good break from being a mother or running a charitable organization and other philanthropic projects that I'm really passionate about. - Author: Natalia Vodianova
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#69. You can talk yourself into a good emotional state. I stop for a second, take a deep breath, and think about something that's beautiful. A beautiful thought for me is cutting the umbilical cord for my child. I can guarantee you that your emotional state will change. - Author: Montel Williams
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#70. Oh, alright. You're no fun," he sighed. "My name is Razor."
"What kind of a name is that?"
"It's a nickname."
"What kind of a nickname is that?"
"Spike, Blade, Fang - all the good, deadly objects were already taken. It was the best I could do. - Author: Ada Adams
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#71. I'm a Dreamer that's no Secret it's make me Happy, Positive, Satisfied and to see the good side of Life. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#72. I was kicked off a record label and didn't get picked up again. It was devastating at first because I thought, 'Oh my God. My career is over. What's gonna happen? What am I going to do?' Once I got that I could have a career, a very good career, without having a hit record, then I changed. - Author: Thelma Houston
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#73. I've had sex that didn't feel as good as Maeve's smile. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#74. I'll tell you something that's completely true - you can, as a man, obtain everything you want with the truth. If you lie, first of all you've got to be a very good lying actor, which is tres difficile. And it's going to give you poison inside the body. - Author: Jean Reno
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#75. We're under some gross misconception that we're a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we'll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It's delusion. - Author: Farley Mowat
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#76. I think Eric Bana would be a good Superman. He's got that look. I think he'd be a great Superman. - Author: Lou Ferrigno
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#77. Your boyfriend's penis is not an awkward string of spaghetti that has to be scooped up and sucked down. The Emperor of China once asked Lao-tzu: How should I rule the kingdom? To which Lao-tzu replied: Rule the kingdom as you would cook a small fish. A really good blowjob is the same. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
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#78. That's sort of what I like about this character is that he's not the good guy, he's not truly the bad guy. - Author: Nicholas Lea
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#79. Any human being is really good at certain things. The problem is that the things you're good at come naturally. And since most people are pretty modest instead of an arrogant S.O.B. like me, what comes naturally, you don't see as a special skill. It's just you. It's what you've always done. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#80. I miss my dog."
"What was his name again?"
"That was very unkind of you."
"Naming him mouse?"
"Isn't he a greyhound?"
"I could have named hum Turtle."
"Frederick!" ...
"It's better than Frederic," Annabel said, "Good heavens, that's my brother's name. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#81. Somebody's on a man hunt. And she's accepting all applicants with a big wallet, a penis, and a beating heart. Good luck with that. - Author: Kim Holden
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#82. I'm loving the ingredients that are in Pantene, and it smells so good, and that's important to me. It has cassia and aloe vera. The cassia flower is really good for strengthening hair strands and the aloe is wonderful for moisturizing. - Author: Sanaa Lathan
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#83. Heroes aren't supposed to do bad things. That's what villains are for. So either the good supersedes the bad, or the bad makes it impossible to remember the good. We don't like it when such duality exists in one person. We don't want to know our heroes are human. - Author: LZ Granderson
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#84. When something bad happens to us, something good happens - often to someone else. And that's The Good Luck of Right Now. We must believe it. We must. We must. We must. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#85. I'm not good at living in the grim places ... when we did Gatsby, I lived in Claridges, that's where I wanted to live. I can't live in grimness and then go play a classy human being. - Author: Bruce Dern
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#86. Getting more exercise isn't only good for your waistline. It's a natural anti-depressant, that leaves you in a great mood. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#87. Why do we go to all this trouble' Parker asked. 'Men don't notice anyway.'
'Because what we wear affects how we feel, how we act, how we move. And that they do notice. Especially the move. Get dressed, smoke the eyes. You'll know you look good so you'll feel good. You'll have a better time. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#88. Brazilians need to work on their own national pride. I always think that they suffer from national low-self esteem. It's a lesser-developed country, and they have struggled so much. Sometimes they have an attitude that, if it's Brazilian, it can't be good. - Author: Amy Irving
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#89. You need to be, like, turning down high-paying illustration work because you want to work on your comic. That's when you know you're doing something good. - Author: Daniel Clowes
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#90. Remember to enjoy everything. The things that feel good, the things that hurt. It's all gonna make you better. Stronger. - Author: Hayley Williams
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#91. but it's a good feeling and one does so like to have that. - Author: Barbara Pym
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#92. One can feel the urge, the need to give, coming from within him. He is such a pure and true person. It's my deepest, most heartfelt conviction that Michael Jackson is a good person, a fine young man with an incredible burden - responsibility - to carry on his shoulders. - Author: Marcel Marceau
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#93. An army isn't made of its officers, you know, though we officers like to think it is. An army is no better than its men, and when you find good men, you must look after them. That's an officer's job. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#94. You know, I'm really not interested in someone telling me that something's good or bad. - Author: John Malkovich
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#95. I tell people that I'm not necessarily any good, it's just that there is nobody like me. I just promise you will not be bored. - Author: Andy Andrews
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#96. It's morning when I go to sleep
In the distant dawn a church bell rings
Another day is coming on
A baby's born, an old man dies
Somewhere young lovers kiss good-bye
I leave my soul and just move on
And wish that I was there to sing this song - Author: Jon Bon Jovi
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#97. When I look at the fields, all I can see is how fake they are, how poor an imitation they are of the pictures of Sol-Earth fields.
[ ... ]
And that's why I'll never be as good an Eldest as he is.
Because I like a little chaos. - Author: Beth Revis
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#98. I'd be the last colonel in the world to order you to go to that U.S.O. show and have a good time, but I want every one of you who isn't sick enough to be in a hospital to go to that U.S.O. show right now and have a good time, and that's an order! - Author: Joseph Heller
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#99. Here in Cameroon, football is our leading political party. It's football alone that that unites us, it's football alone that brings us good things - football is the window into our country - so we don't mess around with it. - Author: Roger Milla
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#100. My heart is broken," she goes. "It's turned to a piece of stone. I'm no good. That's what's as bad as anything, that I'm no good anymore. - Author: Raymond Carver
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