Top 100 Black And White With Quotes

#1. The outside world is black and white with only one color dead.

Peter Gabriel

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#2. What I think is a really special movie is 'Black and White' with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, which Mike Binder directed. I got to see a screening of it, and I think Kevin and Octavia and Anthony Mackie and Bill Burr all give such beautiful performances in that movie.

Gillian Jacobs

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#3. The fact that picking out china patterns was pretty gay didn't bother me, since we were picking them out to shoot them. Frank chose the design. Ivory white with solid black borders and real gold edging. Fucking expensive. He made me pay.

Nicole Castle

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#4. Workers, black and white, need some kind of international affirmative action to protect them from unfair competition with unorganized or slave labor abroad and unfair competition with robots at home.

Jesse Jackson

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#5. There are black men who are madly in love with white women. God bless them, if that's what works for them. I just hope that we can strike a balance that portrays black folks and the black family in a light that's not extreme. Those are the types of characters that I find myself attracted to.

Nia Long

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#6. You and I are black and white - a film noir, filled with gestures, poignant and tender

John Geddes

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#7. I'm not so in with the prescriptive avant-garde agenda. I can do that sort of thing, but I feel that I'm still interested enough in song structure. When I look at a lyric on the page, the lyric is alive to me, looking like soldiers in a field. I can move it around, and it's very black-and-white.

Scott Walker

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#8. The screen blanked, then produced a book cover. The jacket image - in black-and-white - showed barking dogs surrounding a scarecrow. In the background, shoulders slumped in a posture of weariness or defeat (or both), was a hunter with a gun. The eponymous Cortland, probably.

Stephen King

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#9. Country music is the combination of African and European folk songs coming together and doing a little waltz right here in the American south. They came together at some cotillion, and somebody snuck a black person into the room, and he danced with a white lady, and music was born.

Ketch Secor

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#10. I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#11. It is the mission of the printer to diffuse light and knowledge by a judicious intermingling of black with white.

Frederick Douglass

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#12. Europeans forget that one-third of the American people have had a personal conversation with Jesus Christ and that the born-again are not just little old ladies in black but also CEOs and provosts of universities and candidates for office.

Edmund White

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#13. I hate to get on the racial thing because that's something I've always been totally against. But the problem with the media is that they think that the word rock means white and the word rap means black.


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#14. Who that man in the black Sedan
With two cheap hookers and a Mexican
Pumpin' white lines, sippin' warm Coors Light
Mickey Avalon, call me Mr. Right

Mickey Avalon

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#15. The great white sharks with their rough, pale sides, the killer whales striped in black and white like an Edwardian garden chaise.

Cassandra Clare

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#16. Blackness is a state of mind, and I identify with the black community. Mainly, because I realized, early on, when I walk into a room, people see a black woman, they don't see a white woman. So out of that reason alone, I identify more with the black community.

Halle Berry

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#17. I feel so lucky that my high school was right in the middle of Denver, which is one of those sort of segregated towns, with black and white and Hispanic neighborhoods. But the school I went to was right in the middle of the whole thing.

Bill Frisell

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#18. In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line, but I can't seem to get there no-how. I can't seem to get over that line.

Harriet Tubman

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#19. Life is diverse. Living is to live with difference. Anyone telling you that difference should be stamped out is stamping out life. Those people insisting that there are black and white answers to the difficult questions are stamping out the diversity that is inherent in life.

Omar Saif Ghobash

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#20. Black people dance well because we start early - there's music being played everywhere. White people? They don't start dancing until they get to college, and by then, it's too late; the bottom don't move with the top no matter how hard they try.

Tracy Morgan

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#21. Young men seemed to collect by her side, ready with drinks and conversation. She tanned quickly and easily, her delicate limbs oiled and gleaming. In the evening, she made the most of her new tan in low-cut clinging evening dresses in white or black.

Kathleen Tessaro

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#22. Then there was silence, the air like ice. Brittle-looking birch trees with black marks on their white bark, and some kind of small untidy evergreens rolled up like sleepy bears. The frozen lake not level but mounded along the shore, as if the waves had turned to ice in the act of falling.

Alice Munro

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#23. Do you think that they, with their Battles, Famine, Black Death and Serfdom, were less enlightened than we are, with our Wars, Blockade, Influenza, and Conscription.

T.H. White

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#24. It was a figure of a whale, with a white triangle that was supposed to be its spray. The spray moved up and down above the blowhole. On top of the spray sat a black-haired woman.

Paul Fleischman

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#25. Raw, naked truth exchanged between the black man and the white man is what a whole lot more of is needed in this country - to clear the air of the racial mirages, cliches, and lies that this country's very atmosphere has been filled with for four hundred years.

Alex Haley

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#26. Stupid presidents, smart presidents, white presidents, black presidents
doesn't work! What this country needs is a crazy Third World dictator. And Donald Trump has what it takes to be that. He's already got a plane with his name on it, solid gold buildings, a harem ...

Lewis Black

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#27. It's a mixed crowd at the dogs - black, white, hispanic - but to Walt they all look like Jackie Gleason. Heavyset guys with big plans and polyester souls.

John Sayles

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#28. In the gates of eternity, the black hand and the white hold each other with an equal clasp.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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#29. I feel like Dorothy, back in Kansas, a black-and-white girl in a black-and-white world, with memories in color.

Kristin Hannah

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#30. Rock'n'roll is nothing but Boogie Woogie with stuff on top of it. And if you're black, they name it rhythm'n'blues, and if you're white, they name it rock'n'roll. So, I don't give a ... You know.

Ike Turner

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#31. I'd like to do a reality show with four white people ... who are dropped off in a really bad black neighborhood. And the show would be called ... Cracker Hunt.

Zach Galifianakis

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#32. I never refused my help to any person black or white; and I liked the office nonetheless because there were neither fees nor salary connected with it.

Salmon P. Chase

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#33. But gossip must see its characters in black and white, equip them with sins and motives easily conveyed in the shorthand of conversation.

John Le Carre

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#34. It was a place for people with mental health problems and not alcoholics; as though the two could be neatly divided like that; as though the world was black and white and not a murky grey.

Victoria Spry

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#35. Everytime I look at a zebra, I can't figure out whether it's black with white stripes or white with black stripes, and that frustrates me.

Jodi Picoult

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#36. In the middle of the night she woke up dreaming of huge white heads like turnips, that came trailing after her, at the end of interminable necks, and with vast black eyes. But being a sensible woman, she subdued her terrors and turned over and went to sleep again.


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#37. I prefer to work with grey characters rather than black and white.

George R R Martin

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#38. They put me in a holding cell with a black kid and a white kid and a Chinese kid. We're the United Nations of juvenile delinquents.

Sherman Alexie

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#39. When I first heard bands like Tortoise, it seemed to come off the back of that world, like let's make a record with three vibraphones and release it on a seven-inch with black-and-white artwork.

Kieran Hebden

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#40. I used to get my hair dyed at a place called Big Hair. It cost $15. They just used straight bleach, so my hair was the color of white lined paper, and my eyebrows looked like they were done with a thick black marker.

Amy Poehler

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#41. She wore a pleated skirt, a white cotton blouse, and simple black shoes with knee high stockings. At the arc of each step, the skirt would rise to expose a few inches of her taut thighs. Neither Earl nor Duke could recall what Chad was wearing.

A. Lee Martinez

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#42. As the thought comes to me to exorcise and transform this black with a white drawing, it has already become a surface..Now I have lost all fear, and begin to draw on the black surface.

Hans Arp

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#43. No characters in 'Stay Close,' including the leads, are black and white. I want them to be grey. I think that makes for a much more interesting reading experience, something that will stay with you a little bit longer.

Harlan Coben

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#44. I finally made up my mind that I would neither disclaim the black race nor claim the white race; but that I would change my name, raise a mustache, and let the world take me for what it would; that it was not necessary for me to go about with a label of inferiority pasted across my forehead.

James Weldon Johnson

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#45. There is nothing, under present conditions, that can be more easily and exactly reproduced than a technically good black-and-white photograph, and it is utter rot to burden those interested in them with irrelevant biographical trivia and pet longwinded theory.

Clarence John Laughlin

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#46. His little black-and-white cat with the black-and-white wings would fly through the rooms sometimes, but most often it would be discovered sleeping somewhere where it was most inconvenient for it to sleep. And

Michael Moorcock

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#47. I invented the colors of the vowels!
A black, E white, I red, O blue, U green
I made rules for the form and movement of each consonant, and, and with instinctive rhythms, I flattered myself that I had created a poetic language accessible, some day, to all the senses.

Arthur Rimbaud

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#48. The idea of 'talking white,' a lot of people grew up around that, just the idea that if you speak with proper diction and come off as educated that it's not black and that it's actually anti-black and should be considered only something that white people would do.

Chance The Rapper

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#49. People will always prefer black-and-white over shades of grey, and so there will always be the temptation to hold overly-simplified beliefs and to hold them with excessive confidence

Thomas Gilovich

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#50. And my point was one I think that you'd agree with, which is there's no room in America for a black racist, a Latino racist, or a white racist, or an Asian racist, or a Native American racist. Now, we're either color blind or we're not color blind.

Newt Gingrich

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#51. Racism was not a problem on the DIscworld, because - what with trolls and dwarfs and so on - speciesism was more interesting. Black and white lived in perfect harmony and ganged up on green.

Terry Pratchett

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#52. I have just one black and white photograph left of my mother when she was younger. She was 17 when it was taken and beautiful with wispy curls and eyes that shone like dark marbles.

Liz Murray

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#53. Soul was the music made by and for black people. For most of the Sixties it was thoroughly divorced from white popular music, but by the end of the decade several artists with their roots firmly in both soul and R&B traditions had crossed over.

Jon Landau

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#54. And, as with all retold tales that are in people's hearts, there are only good and bad things and black and white things and good and evil things and no in between anywhere.

John Steinbeck

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#55. I love to snuggle up on the sofa wrapped in my duvet watching old black and white films, and catching up with friends and family on the phone.

Martine McCutcheon

Black And White With Quotes #432109
#56. Love is not black and white. It's not even gray. Love is every shade of color in the spectrum, changing with every ray of light given and stolen.

Cassia Leo

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#57. At that time in IBM you had to wear a white shirt, dark pants and a black tie with your badge stapled to your shoulder or something," said Steve Bristow, an engineer. "At Atari the work people did counted more than how they looked.

Walter Isaacson

Black And White With Quotes #440061
#58. The claustrophobia of the forest. The first few trees visible before her, monochrome contrasts of black shadow and white moonlight, and beyond that an entire continent, wilderness uninterrupted from ocean to ocean with so few people left between the shores.

Emily St. John Mandel

Black And White With Quotes #445194
#59. Am I a hypocrite?" I ask. "You're a black girl who fell in love with a white boy." "And a black girl who cares about race and class issues." Nikki leans back in the chair. "You can be both.

Renee Watson

Black And White With Quotes #453725
#60. A lot of my friends were mostly working in black-and-white - people like Lee Friedlander, Diane Arbus, Garry Winogrand, and others. We would exchange prints with each other, and they were always very supportive of what I was doing.

William Eggleston

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#61. It was '86. We were a big enough name and we had enough cache that MTV wanted to play us, so, along with Michael Jackson and Madonna, they played our upside-down, black-and-white, backward, single unedited footage of a rock quarry with orange letters over the top of it and called it art.

Michael Stipe

Black And White With Quotes #455508
#62. The problem with hatred and violence is that they intensity the fears of the white majority, and leave them less ashamed of their prejudices toward Negroes.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Black And White With Quotes #456939
#63. I make a composition with a white and a black, and make adjustments when the white has become a paper and the black a shadow.

Juan Gris

Black And White With Quotes #467713
#64. When I first started dating my husband, I had this weird fascination with the circus and clowns and old carnival things and sideshow freaks and all that. About a month after we started dating, he bought me this amazing black-and-white photo book on the circus in the 1930s, and I started sobbing.

Christina Hendricks

Black And White With Quotes #469860
#65. The wings of Time are black and white,
Pied with morning and with night.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Black And White With Quotes #494054
#66. I knew a girl and she felt like art.
Sometimes colorful, sometimes dull,
Sometimes with bright, hopeful eyes,
Sometimes only black and white,
But she was always a piece of exquisite art.

Melanie Sargsian

Black And White With Quotes #513815
#67. Jeremiah Wright is one of the greatest prophetic preachers that black America has produced. What I find striking is that many white brothers and sisters miss the fact that there would be no black church if the white church wasn't political and racist in refusing to worship with us.

Michael Eric Dyson

Black And White With Quotes #523887
#68. Our personal past is only available to us now through black-and-white film, it's a medium for communication with the dead, including our dead selves, the way we used to be, which is why we're drawn to it.

Frank Lentricchia

Black And White With Quotes #533792
#69. Dammit, white folk are always giving orders, it's a habit with them. Why didn't you make an excuse? You're black and living in the South
did you forget how to lie?

Ralph Ellison

Black And White With Quotes #540353
#70. I come in with this rock 'n' roll-oriented music, and it's not black enough ... I've always had to deal with this black-white thing.

Lenny Kravitz

Black And White With Quotes #541236
#71. Some people hurt themselves with a blade and others do it with poisonous thoughts

Dee Juusan

Black And White With Quotes #542415
#72. Remember those black-and-white films with Frank Sinatra? Those guys looked like men and they were only 27! Listen to Otis Redding singing 'Try A Little Tenderness'. That was a man who understood what a man has to know in the world. Show me a real man now! Where are they?

Chrissie Hynde

Black And White With Quotes #557933
#73. He traced a line in the dirt with his toe. 'This is a battlefield. Has been since Cain killed Abel. And don't let it get complicated. Gray it ain't. It's black and white. Good versus evil. You might as well choose sides right now.

Charles Martin

Black And White With Quotes #560651
#74. It's not anything that is just perpetuated by White America or just perpetuated by Black America. It's just a cultural understanding that you're just not a part of the equation when it comes to sexuality and I think that people mistake your lack of opportunity with the level of your talent.

Viola Davis

Black And White With Quotes #563374
#75. For a moment I was filled with the sensation of white snow against black water. The way the whiteness erases all the detail around a lake or a river in the forest so that the difference between land and water is absolute, and the water lies there as a deeply alien entity, a black hole in the world.

Karl Ove Knausgard

Black And White With Quotes #565192
#76. I'm not a painter by any stretch of the imagination; I'm a dyed-in-the-wool traditional illustrator, and I begin with black and white. If I need colour, I add it over the top. There's a calligraphic element to it ... it's about the texture of lines on the page.

Chris Riddell

Black And White With Quotes #566356
#77. Seattle is like a global gumbo, a melting pot with all kinds of people - the rich, the poor, white people, some Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and black people - they're all here.

Quincy Jones

Black And White With Quotes #574904
#78. It doesn't matter if it's black-and-white. If a movie has a story that is filled with emotion, you can have as much pleasure, and it's very good for cinema.

Thomas Langmann

Black And White With Quotes #577995
#79. Sophie got out the modish black-and-white, which was the only hat even remotely likely to interest this lady. The lady looked at it with contempt. "This one doesn't do anything for anybody. You're wasting my time, Miss Hatter." "Only because you came in and asked for hats," Sophie said.

Diana Wynne Jones

Black And White With Quotes #585836
#80. I always enjoyed playing ball, and it didn't matter to me whether I played with white kids or black. I never understood why an issue was made of who I played with, and I never felt comfortable, when I grew up, telling other people how to act.

Willie Mays

Black And White With Quotes #594417
#81. I could never live with you; not 'cause I'm racist or nothing. It's just 'cause as a black man in America, I need to have someone I can come home and complain about white people to. And that just don't work with my white wife.

J. B. Smoove

Black And White With Quotes #595473
#82. The blast that swept him came off New Hampshire snow-fields and ice-hung forests. It seemed to have traversed interminable leagues of frozen silence, filling them with the same cold roar and sharpening its edge against the same bitter black-and-white landscape.
("The Triumph Of The Night")

Edith Wharton

Black And White With Quotes #601084
#83. Healing is not a 'black and white' process, it's not even a 'grey' process, it more like a; 'pinky, yellowy, orangy, greeny, bluey and purply' process with a hint of 'gold and silver' and a huge jar of 'faith

Wayne Lee

Black And White With Quotes #603506
#84. I've always loved black, and I realized that, from the beginning, man went into completely dark caves to paint. They painted with black too. They could have painted with white because there were white stones all over the ground, but no, they chose to paint with black in the dark.

Pierre Soulages

Black And White With Quotes #613823
#85. But, on the other hand, I get bored with racism too and recognize that there are still many things to be said about a Black person and a White person loving each other in a racist society.

Audre Lorde

Black And White With Quotes #614157
#86. I do remember being teased by my cousins on my mom's side for not being black enough. And then I'd spend the summer with my dad and be sent to all white summer camps where I was 'that black girl.'

Lauren London

Black And White With Quotes #620522
#87. Well, the most important thing a president will be is commander-in-chief. And that requires having an understanding of the complex issues on foreign policy. Foreign policy presents us often with hard choices, not black or white choices.

Marco Rubio

Black And White With Quotes #636767
#88. These superhero and mythical stories have, in many cases, replaced Biblical stories as vehicles for communal myths, but they are hardly any better than ancient magical adventures tinged with mythical archetypes and the decidedly unnuanced black-and-white struggle between good and evil.

Gudjon Bergmann

Black And White With Quotes #638753
#89. A tall man, thin and pale, with high nose and teeth so white, and eyes that seem to be burning. That he be all in black, except that he have a hat of straw which suit not him or the time.

Bram Stoker

Black And White With Quotes #640480
#90. I lifted my Bible in one hand and with my other scooped up all the papers on my adoption. Both hands held paper that contained words printed in black and white ink. Both contained facts. Yet only one held the truth. I had to choose which of these documents I would entrust with my life.

Christine Caine

Black And White With Quotes #642201
#91. People don't understand us. They don't understand me. They think it's so black and white, that he makes me miserable and that I should be with someone else and that I deserve something else.
But it's not black and white at all. It's gray. It's a never ending world of gray.

Amanda Grace

Black And White With Quotes #644996
#92. We have two nations, and it's not black or white. It's red and blue. Under Republican leadership, cities tend to do better. Cities are destroyed under Democrats, because they don't know how to deal with the constituency; they're terrified.

Greg Gutfeld

Black And White With Quotes #655926
#93. Bill Clinton is like a lot of white politicians. They eat soul food, they party with black women, they play the saxophone, but when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, they make the same decisions that are destructive to African people in this country and throughout the world.

Sister Souljah

Black And White With Quotes #666981
#94. A lot of wars are fought between black and whites daily in America.But if it's something I want to be with, the people who started it were black, I wouldn't not get in it.

Muhammad Ali

Black And White With Quotes #669812
#95. In the end, the only heritage we have is our planet, and I have decided to go to the most pristine places on the planet and photograph them in the most honest way I know, with my point of view, and of course it is in black and white, because it is the only thing I know how to do.

Sebastiao Salgado

Black And White With Quotes #677513
#96. That MacGregor and Bibighar are the place of the white and the place of the black? To get from one to the other you could not cross by a bridge but had to your courage in your hands and enter the flood and let yourself be taken with it, lead where it may.

Paul Scott

Black And White With Quotes #689529
#97. But just then the moon, sailing through the black clouds, appeared behind the jagged crest of a beetling, pine-clad rock, and by its light I saw around us a ring of wolves, with white teeth and lolling red tongues, with long, sinewy limbs and shaggy hair. They were

Bram Stoker

Black And White With Quotes #693501
#98. I agree with Balzac and 19th-century writers, black and white, who say, 'I write for money.' Yes, I think everybody should be paid handsomely; I insist on it, and I pay people who work for me, or with me, handsomely.

Maya Angelou

Black And White With Quotes #702152
#99. Black people have slavery. And white people have our own thing-stuff we went though that hurt us that we have to cope with. Like when they took our slaves away. That was really hard for us. So it's pretty even.

Louis C.K.

Black And White With Quotes #715116
#100. She wore a black pantsuit with a white silk shirt that had an almost metallic sheen to it. He wondered whom she had already gone into mourning for; then he reminded himself that she was the type of woman who mourned damaged reputations and lost opportunities, not human beings.

Christopher Rice

Black And White With Quotes #729854

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