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#1. You know, comics and movies, even if you take a comic and turn it into a movie, we can't all be Joss Whedon. - Author: Kevin Smith
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#2. I'm not the best person to analyze any kind of evolution in my work, but I do feel like it's been an ongoing struggle to basically teach myself how to tell the kinds of stories that interest me in comics form. - Author: Adrian Tomine
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#3. I think the best thing I learned from drawing comics is that it's a great exercise in concision. - Author: Patrice Leconte
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#4. One of the best decisions we made on the 'Arrow' pilot was to have the Deathstroke mask. Within 30 seconds, you knew you were watching a DC comics show. - Author: Andrew Kreisberg
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#5. Whether I'm doing music or I'm walking down the street or I'm in a record store buying a record or I walk into a comic store and I'm buying comics or having a drink with my friends, it's the same me. - Author: Glenn Danzig
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#6. I do like to keep abreast of what the hardcore vocal members of the comics-reading audience are talking about on Internet message boards, but there are so few of them, as a percentage of the buying audience, that I can't allow their opinions to dictate story direction. - Author: Grant Morrison
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#7. When I first started lifting I wanted to be a Super Hero.. But that was my motivation. I was huge into comics at a very young age and nothing made me feel better than helping people. So I wanted to build muscle to be like Superman, Captain America, Wolverine, etc. - Author: Scott Herman
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#8. Not everyone reads comics, although most people know the major superheroes, but the majority of people play video games. - Author: Jim Lee
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#9. They are not grey roots! This is my new fifty shades of grey OMBRE hairstyle! - Author: Tanya Masse
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#10. I would love to learn archery. Unfortunately I'm too busy writing and drawing ten thousand comics a month. Maybe one day! - Author: Jeff Lemire
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#11. Motion comics take the underlying physical book material and enhance or modify it slightly enough to make it unique and, we think, best-suited for a digital environment. - Author: Diane Nelson
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#12. When I was auditioning for 'Gotham,' I got a handful of comics from different decades, so I had a perspective - it's been around for 75 years, which is a long time. - Author: Cory Michael Smith
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#13. Hanging out with comics, all they did was make fun of me. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#14. A father's love can be a terrible thing - Author: Jeph Loeb
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#15. TV and comics and movies are what you think about when you think about geek, but people can be a geek about anything. - Author: Felicia Day
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#16. I love getting on You Tube to look at the old comics. I am in my element seeing guys like Jack Benny and Phil Silvers give interviews. - Author: Bruce Forsyth
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#17. I've gotten more and more cut off from the regular comic-book world, from straight comics and stuff like that. Once in a while, I'll take a look at something. - Author: Harvey Pekar
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#18. As a master of graphic creation, as teacher, historian, and roving ambassador of comics, Jerry Robinson has ensured that future generations of talented kids will continue to imagine and then put marks on paper. - Author: Pete Hamill
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#19. I found a great deal of relief and excitement watching comics when I was very young. My grandmother was very into them and so was my grandfather. They had a profound effect on me, so I just found myself watching comedians on the after-school shows: Merv Griffin and that kind of stuff. - Author: Marc Maron
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#20. The best comics editors have the smallest egos. The worst ones feel like they have to justify their salaries by making changes just so they can leave their fingerprints. Every creative medium has those guys, and they're all loathsome. - Author: Mark Waid
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#21. Scott Adams: From him, I learned how to write a three-panel comic. Probably the best pure writer on the comics page. - Author: Stephan Pastis
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#22. I read the Bible when I was 12 while studying for my bar mitzvah. I was also reading a lot of Dilbert comics at the time, and I guess the two kind of got fused in my mind. I've always imagined God as an irrational, distractible boss. It's my best explanation for our planet. - Author: Simon Rich
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#23. Ty is green but never with envy. Best of all, he's usually available to help move a heavy piece of furniture. - Author: John Hopkins
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#24. I'm supposed to be making comics, so I had to do it the best way I knew how, which is what those guys at the beginning of the Twentieth Century were doing. - Author: Art Spiegelman
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#25. You have a valid complaint, and I do recognize it ... but you are reading into things a little bit. Just the same, I will do my best to make horrible things happen to a bunch of white people before something else so graphic hits a minority character. - Author: Robert Kirkman
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#26. I think the best collaborations in comics come from a lot of talks with the artists where you are finding out what they want to draw, what kind of villains they want to do. - Author: Ann Nocenti
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#27. I grew up when comics were only sold in food markets and news stands, so the direct market is vital to me. The best way to make it stronger is if everybody buys my comics in multiple copies before they buy any others. - Author: Gilbert Hernandez
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#28. The best books - like the best music or television or movies or comics or video games - can challenge us and force us to think or perceive aspects of life that we may prefer to avoid. In a sense, they threaten us. - Author: Geoffrey Reiter
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#29. I prefer working out of strict continuity, because no normal human being can have a firm grip on the constantly shifting bardo-like territory of a comics universe, where entire histories can be erased by a strong enough super-sneeze. - Author: Grant Morrison
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#30. I was born in Detroit. I never really saw myself working in comics, I just fell into it. But it's been one of the best things to happen to a kid from Detroit. - Author: Dwayne McDuffie
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#31. One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet a lot of great children's and YA authors at events all over the country. So I figured it might be fun to interview some of them and turn the interviews into short online comics. - Author: Steve Sheinkin
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#32. I love comic book movies, and Marvel Comics obviously are the best. - Author: Maria Menounos
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#33. Comics are such a powerful educational tool. Simply put, there are certain kinds of information that are best communicated through sequential visuals. - Author: Gene Luen Yang
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#34. When people say 'What are underground comics?' I think the best way you can define them is just the absolute freedom involved ... we didn't have anyone standing over us. - Author: Robert Crumb
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#35. Life at best is bittersweet. - Author: Jack Kirby
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#36. When you're running a bureaucracy the best way to safeguard your job is to make sure you're the only one who knows how the whole thing works. -Lord Julius - Author: Dave Sim
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#37. Read something of interest every day - something of interest to you, not to your teacher or your best friend or your minister/rabbi/priest. Comics count. So does poetry. So do editorials in your school newspaper. Or a biography of a rock star. Or an instructional manual. Or the Bible. - Author: Jane Yolen
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#38. Your emotions are your own business. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#39. I know a lot of people who read 'Sweet Tooth' are the kind of people who don't read a lot of other comics. Whatever it was, I'm just glad it happened. - Author: Jeff Lemire
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#40. As a kid, I was a big comic fan and I liked foreign comics as well. - Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
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#41. Comics don't like to see other comics do well. - Author: Carrot Top
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#42. Some comics have long routines to get them in the mood - I just prefer to sit down, write out the same jokes in a different order and then have a little prayer that I won't be met by silence. - Author: Jack Whitehall
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#43. I'm back, boys and girls! back from the pink padded couch palace! - Author: Scott McCloud
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#44. So I'm happiest when I'm working with artists and writers, and involved in stories, whether we're talking about animation or movies or comics or television. - Author: Stan Lee
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#45. The stereotype of the supercrip, in the eyes of its critics, represents a sort of overachieving, overdetermined self-enfreakment that distracts from the lived daily reality of most disabled people. - Author: Jose Alaniz
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#46. I was a big TV kid.When I was a kid, I would go home at 3:00 and watch TV straight through to the end of Letterman at 1:30 in the morning.I was obsessed with comics.And I would watch Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno and study them as if it was Tolstoy. - Author: Judd Apatow
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#47. There's so much I want to do. I love emotions, I love drama, I love comedy and I also want to take action up to another level, I love comics. - Author: Gina Carano
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#48. I'm an avid reader. Novels, non-fiction, comics, it doesn't matter. Best way in the world to feed your head. - Author: Reid Scott
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#49. I think the genre of comics sometimes overtakes the medium, and people assume that they are kind of frivolous. If you have a good, strong story teller, they can be as affecting as any character in literature. Period. - Author: Chip Kidd
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#50. Space does for comics what time does for film! - Author: Scott McCloud
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#51. I think as time goes by you'll get female comics who are weirder - you'll get a female Mighty Boosh. - Author: Jenny Eclair
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#52. I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill ... as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything. - Author: Val Guest
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#54. There are very religious people who write comics and who love comics. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#55. The thing about 'Watchmen' that people should know is that when it came out there was absolutely nothing like it. Up until then, comics were about the same thing: a guy in tights fighting another guy in tights and saving the girl - that was it. - Author: Gerard Way
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#56. In general, I feel so much of pop culture is set in the generic big city, particularly comics. I feel like there are so many other stories to tell. - Author: Jeff Lemire
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#57. In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first. - Author: George Carlin
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#58. At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy. - Author: Jim Lee
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#59. Wives should be kissed - not heard. - Author: Stan Lee
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#60. Portraying Alex Summers, I want to look as athletic as his character is in the comics. - Author: Lucas Till
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#61. If a joke is too hard to visualize, I tell the young comics, then what the hell good is it? - Author: Henny Youngman
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#62. Do you know what the people will say about this day thousands of years from now? What they will say about these creatures and their valiant last stand? Nothing... because we will not tell them. Oblivion is all there is for-- - Author: Jonathan Hickman
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#63. In the world of late-night comics, Letterman made us feel any hometown boy from Indianapolis could poke fun at celebrities and politicians and do it right to their faces. - Author: Chris Matthews
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#64. I love comics. All I've been doing is reading every day, sitting in the house. Because I've not been feeling too good, so I've been reading and reading. - Author: Jason Mewes
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#65. Comics who grew up surviving their childhood by being able to be the first one to make the joke about their weight or their hairy arms - like me - whatever they're insecure about, whatever they're apologizing for, that becomes their strength. - Author: Sarah Silverman
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#66. I did comics on the Internet because it was free, and if I had made printed copies, I wouldn't have known what to do with them. But I knew how to make a website when most people didn't, and back then, that was enough! - Author: John Allison
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#67. Gamora: History repeating itself?
Warlock: History doesn't repeat itself, Gamora, but sometimes it rhymes. - Author: Dan Abnett
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#68. I always wanted to be a writer, but Alan Moore's work and help inspired me to write comics. In some ways the biggest influence on me writing was Punk. There was the idea that you could do something by simply doing it. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#69. There's a Marvel superhero called Black Bolt & his real name is Blackagar Boltagon & that really tells you a lot about superhero comics. - Author: Jamie McKelvie
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#70. I like making comics and animation because it takes such a long time. I'm not a runner of the 100 meter. I like marathons. The longer it takes, the better I feel. - Author: Marjane Satrapi
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#71. I've always wanted to write comic books, my earliest memories are of waiting for Dad to come home from work, and, secreted in his lawyer's leather briefcase, would be comics from the store. - Author: Arvind Ethan David
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#72. But she made his comics smell like roses. A whole field of them. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#73. There are very few comics that understand about exciting the crowd, and that's what I always prided myself on: giving a more confident macho attitude towards delivering material. - Author: Andrew Dice Clay
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#74. My favorite artists from comics were early ones like Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko who had a real heavy ink style. Captain America, co created by Jack Kirby, was a favorite of mine and I sometimes use an altered version of his costume on some of my characters. - Author: Marcel Dzama
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