Top 100 You're Not Old Quotes

#1. You're not ethnic enough. You're not fat enough. You're not thin enough. You're not blond enough. You're not dark enough. You're not young enough. You're not old enough.

Nia Vardalos

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#2. So stop sulking. You're not old enough for the cool, tortured look.

Tite Kubo

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#3. I want to prove to people who sit on a couch and don't do anything but criticize other people that, if you're a true athlete or martial artist, you're not old until you can't get up and walk around anymore.

Herschel Walker

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#4. Why do you get to act all crazy over a guy and I don't?" Anna asked.
"You have to earn the crazy," Grace said. "You're not old enough yet.

Jill Shalvis

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#5. So what's your favorite Synism? (Kiara)
Duwad. (Nykyrian)
Which means? (Kiara)
You're not old enough for me to answer that. Hell, I'm not even old enough to say it. (Nykyrian)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#6. The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old.

Rosalyn S. Yalow

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#7. People are expecting me to still be fourteen years old. It cracks me up, especially when people see me walk by with my husband. They're like, 'What? You're married? You're not old enough to be married.' Thank you. I'm glad that you think that.

Alexa Vega

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#8. You're not old enough to have a real boyfriend," he muttered.
I stiffened.
"If I'm old enough to have babies, then I'm damn well old enough to have a boyfriend," I ground out. "And just as soon as I decide on who it's going to be, I'll let you know.

Katherine Allred

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#9. If the stories of our faith are such that you're too young to remember them, then you are not old enough to preach.

Fred B. Craddock

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#10. It's not simply about reading fairytales as you grow older. It's about still finding the magic in fairytales when the world tells you you're too old to believe either.

Elle Alexander

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#11. you're entire life is going to change. you should try to accept that, because there's no possible way to avoid it. like it or not, fight it or don't, your old life is over. it was over long before you woke up here."

C.J. Roberts

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#12. Roger nodded. He was too old to hug his dad for long, and returned to his chair. "I'm gay." Saying it out loud was a relief. It was over! The hiding, the worrying, at least here, at home. "Well, you're not the only one in the world." Roger

Brad Vance

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#13. When people say you're doing something radical in rock or dance music, I'm not sure how special that is. What we do is so old-fashioned. It's like trying to do something innovative in tap-dancing.

Jonny Greenwood

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#14. Hey, just be grateful I'm old. When an Arcadian first starts time-walking, we only have about a three percent chance of success. I once ended up on Pluto. (Sebastian) Are you serious? (Channon) They're not kidding about it being the coldest planet. (Sebastian)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#15. How about some hot chocolate, Mrs. C?" Beck asked. "Warm those crabby old bones of yours." "Let's hope you're hung, young man, because you're certainly not charming.

Kate Meader

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#16. You're not going to see a new Bernard Hopkins. I'm too old for that crap. I think what you will see is something different that I know I am capable of doing.

Bernard Hopkins

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#17. When you're old nobody touches you nobody listens to you - not in this bloody that's what I do. I touch and I listen.

Rose Tremain

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#18. I don't consider myself a particularly young chess player. I have been playing in the best tournaments in the world since I was 16 years old. In other sports, if you have been playing for seven years, you are not a young prodigy any more. You're one of the pros.

Magnus Carlsen

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#19. He isn't mine to miss,' I say a minute later, after I control the quiver I know would have crept into my voice if I'd responded right away.
'No one belongs to anyone, Clem. Especially not when you're sixteen years old.

Melissa C. Walker

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#20. In the Old Testament, it says that if you have the power to do something good, then you have to do it. You're not to avoid helping somebody in their time of need.

Rick Warren

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#21. You're as young as your dreams, not as old as your calendar

Shimon Peres

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#22. Just so you know," I begin, "when they say 'Once upon a time' ... they're lying. It's not once upon a time. It's not even twice upon a time. It's hundreds of times, over and over, every time someone opens up the pages of this dusty old book.

Jodi Picoult

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#23. My grandmother had flawless skin just from using basic skincare - an old herbal remedy in the form of a white powder and cream. I don't actually know what was in it because when you're young, you're not interested in skincare, and I didn't want to walk around the house with a white face.

Michelle Yeoh

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#24. You're the Baba Yaga?" He gazed at her in disbelief. "But the Baba Yaga is an ugly old crone, and you're, you're... not!

Deborah Blake

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#25. Goddamn it. You'll never be without me. We're going to grow old together. Die together. I'm not going to live a single day without you.

Sylvia Day

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#26. Splendid architecture, the love of your life, an old friend ... they can all go drifting by unseen if you're not careful.

Ian McKellen

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#27. I like to think that I gave Jack Warner Brothers inking and Joe Sinnott gave him MGM inking. If you're not as in love with old movies as I am you might not make that connection, but I can see that connection.

Mike Royer

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#28. When you're five years old, and you're running a business that people did not think there was room for, getting attention is not a bad thing. Letting it be known by whatever colorful language is necessary is not a bad thing.

Brit Hume

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#29. You can always think that we're old and not innovative, but there is no company that can limp on for 139 years without being creative and having the genes to change.

Hans Vestberg

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#30. You're probably also wondering how in the hell I can possibly be twenty-five years old when just yesterday I was four. I know, it's a tough pill to swallow. I'm not a foul-mouthed, cute little kid anymore. I'm now a foul-mouthed, cute adult.

Tara Sivec

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#31. When you're young, you wonder what all these old people are droning on about, trying to impart their wisdom. It's not relevant to you because being young is such a specific thing. Thank God for that. Thank God for the young people who go out and demonstrate against rampant capitalism or whatever.

Helen Mirren

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#32. I'm kind of old-fashioned in a lot of ways. I prefer mano a mano. Even if you have two girls in the house, it's not like we're together all the time. But I need variety.

Charlie Sheen

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#33. Indeed," Fowler answered. He turned and looked at Tony critically. "I say, old man, but you're not much older than that German kid."
Yeah," Tony grinned. "But I'm from Texas and meaner than a junkyard bulldog. Makes a difference, you know.

Robert L. Wise

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#34. Everything is old, here. We are old - the Masters."
"You're not," Irian said. She thought him between thirty and forty[ ... ]
"But I came far. Miles can be years.

Ursula K. Le Guin

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#35. The sort where moon don't rhyme with June, and you're not up to your backside in bloody buttercups. Songs that aren't about your mum and dad. A bit rough, a beat that busts up the old way, the old stodge, the empire and knowing your place and excuse me and the dressing up and doing what you're told.

Francis Beckett

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#36. An adult can take a principle and adapt it to his needs. But we're not ready for that yet. We're children. And when you're teaching a child, you require him to do what is right until he grows old enough to make his own choices.

Brandon Sanderson

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#37. No, you're just old. You've seen everything." "Not so old that I can't still kick your ass, girl," Gwyn said.

S.M. Reine

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#38. I tell you, old friend, I'd rather be stuck here in a Strander burrow than blowing smoke rings in Glipwood, where the Fangs spit and howl and kill our spirits. At least we're here because we choose to be. We're here out of bravery and not cowardice.

Andrew Peterson

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#39. I was always in complete control of everything in my life and I was just so tired of having to do that alone. Not that I wanted someone else to take over my life for me or tell me how to do things, but when you're the only one accountable for everything, that can get old.

Beth Harbison

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#40. If you are truly offended by an 80-year-old man saying you're not funny, then you're probably not funny.

Sarah Silverman

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#41. We may be old, boys, but we're not dead."
"I will murder you if you ever, ever imply that my mother has sex ever again," Isaac mutters as he cringes.

Kristen Proby

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#42. I had to start being aware of what I ate, what I'm planning to eat and take my twice-daily medication accordingly. That's not so difficult now, but when you're 10 years old, it's tough, let me tell you.

Dana Hill

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#43. And so I write this for you, My Sarah. With the hope that one day, when you're old enough, this story that lives with me, will live with you as well. When a story is told, it is not forgotten. It becomes something else, a memory of who we were; the hope of what we can become.

Tatiana De Rosnay

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#44. Isn't it weird how people grow up when you're not looking?

Ann Benjamin

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#45. Selling records is fantastic. But if you're not loving what you do, and if everybody is throwing knives at you, it can get old very fast.

Wes Borland

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#46. You're not simply getting old, you're getting decrepit.... You

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#47. I guess you're not gonna be happy til' it's for real. Four year old kids, doing drive-bys on Big Wheels.

Big Daddy Kane

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#48. Your system kills, too. You're not eliminated sacrifices [to gods], you're democratized them - everyone dies a little every day, and the poor and desperate are the worst injured.

We honored our sacrifices in the old days. You sneer at them.

Max Gladstone

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#49. Just leave her alone. You're annoying her.'
'I'm not annoying her. She doesn't even know how to be annoyed. She's, what, a week old?'
'She's three months.'
'She's three months in our years, but what is she in baby years?

Derek Landy

You're Not Old Quotes #268483
#50. If you are an eighteen or nineteen-year-old with little education, as is often the case, and you're put in charge of many, many people on the other end of the world, you have absolute power and you're not prepared for it.

Yaroslav Trofimov

You're Not Old Quotes #271797
#51. But interestingly its [Star City's] technology is all 1970s - still. In fact, it's alarming because you think, "You're not going to send someone up into space in something that old, are you?" But it works and it always has worked and it doesn't fail and it's incredibly reliable.

Danny Boyle

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#52. You're not in a pissing match with a seven-year-old, are you? Gunner called.

Lizzy Ford

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#53. Because, well, you're not immortal anymore. At least as far as we know; just because you can bleed doesn't mean you'll grow old and die. Maybe you won't."
"How can we know?"
"There's only one way to find out."
He smiles. "You'll just have to live.

Jessica Khoury

You're Not Old Quotes #302358
#54. This doesn't mean you're getting a discount."
Audrey heaved a mock sigh. "Oh well. I guess I'll have to ply you with sexual favors, then."
Gnome choked on the soup. "I'm old enough to be your grandfather!"
Audrey winked at him, gathering the empty bags. "But you're not.

Ilona Andrews

You're Not Old Quotes #306410
#55. Look, Paul. I appreciate what you're telling me, but I gave Jake my word. Not to mention the fact, he'd throw my ass in jail if he found out I tried to go around him."
"He wouldn't, you know," he said. "Jake's a pussycat."
Yeah, just a big old saber-toothed tiger.

Josh Lanyon

You're Not Old Quotes #323603
#56. They think that you bear old age more [e] easily not because of the way you live but because you're wealthy, for the wealthy, they say, have many consolations.


You're Not Old Quotes #331234
#57. I just think if you're 44 years old and you're not smarter than you were when you were 35 years old or 25 years old, just stay in your room.

Keith Olbermann

You're Not Old Quotes #346625
#58. I realize thirty is just a number, that you're only as old as you feel and all that. I also realize that in the grand scheme of things, thirty is still young. But it's not that young.

Emily Giffin

You're Not Old Quotes #352717
#59. In the complete overall history of tennis, I figure I'll be worth a sentence or two ... That's why my place in the all-time rankings means so very little to me, because I know I won't be anybody's number one, and it's that same old thing: if you're not number one, then what does it really matter?

Billie Jean King

You're Not Old Quotes #354507
#60. People say that if you're still angry at 52, you're not an angry young man, just a grumpy old git.

Paul Weller

You're Not Old Quotes #358365
#61. It's not so much that the old friend is a better friend. It's just that you know the person better, and you know they don't really care if you're acting like a poor, grovelling idiot. They know you would do the same for them.

Markus Zusak

You're Not Old Quotes #381519
#62. If you are 26 years old and you're waking up under Star Wars sheets ... the Force is not with you.

Gary Gulman

You're Not Old Quotes #392676
#63. You ask people what their ethnicity is, and a lot of Scots-Irish people either don't know or if they know it they just don't acknowledge it. It's not something they really identify with. They're just plain old Americans, plain vanilla. I don't think they are a self-conscious voting bloc.

John Shelton Reed

You're Not Old Quotes #403093
#64. It was a time of great loneliness. He had a group of friends, and suddenly I had no one and did not understand why. I felt excluded. Some days, the majority was in high school and did not know who to talk to. And that is something really terrible when you're twelve years old.

Taylor Swift

You're Not Old Quotes #405236
#65. Groundhog found fog. New snows and blue toes. Fine and dandy for Valentine candy. Snow spittin'; if you're not mitten-smitten, you'll be frostbitten! By jing-y feels spring-y.

Old Farmer's Almanac

You're Not Old Quotes #415121
#66. Revolution ain't nothing but an extent of evolution; Evolution is a fact of nature. So when old folks tell me that they don't understand hip hop and the music is too loud, well I guess it means you're not supposed to be in there.

Dick Gregory

You're Not Old Quotes #432623
#67. I really think we should pass a law in every state, I don't care whether it takes the independence away from an old person or not. You shouldn't be driving a car if you're over the age of 80. Maybe even less than that.

Evel Knievel

You're Not Old Quotes #451566
#68. The thing that I see disappearing is just the love of old movies among kids. Everything's accessible, so you can get it, but when everything's accessible, that means you have to access it. And if you're not interested, you don't.

Rob Zombie

You're Not Old Quotes #461730
#69. Now the culture is made of old things, it's a collage. Art made out of art is not art. You're supposed to make art out of life.

Fran Lebowitz

You're Not Old Quotes #462520
#70. The brain likes to be efficient and so even as its strengthening the pathways you're exercising, it's pulling - it's weakening the connections in other ways between the cells that supported old ways of thinking or working or behaving, or whatever that you're not exercising so much.

Nicholas G. Carr

You're Not Old Quotes #471412
#71. You have to watch your step with women these days, Pops. She could be involved with Yakuza or something. Even some of the girls in my class
you should hear the stuff they talk about. Fifteen years old, and there's nothing they don't know. We're not in the age of Peace and Love anymore.

Ryu Murakami

You're Not Old Quotes #472730
#72. Tough old world, baby. If you're not bolted together tightly, you're gonna shake, rattle, and roll before you turn thirty.

Stephen King

You're Not Old Quotes #498039
#73. All evidence indicates that the neuron does not reset. The synapses do not reset. They are always different. They're changing every millisecond. Your brain today is very, very different from what it was when you were 10 years old, and yet you may have profound memories from when you were 10.

Henry Markram

You're Not Old Quotes #506783
#74. I know forgiveness is a man's duty, but, to my thinking, that can only mean as you're to give up all thoughts o' taking revenge: it can never mean as you're t' have your old feelings back again, for that's not possible.

George Eliot

You're Not Old Quotes #510878
#75. Hopefully you'll grow old enough to realize that Achilles was a gorydamn fool. And we're fools all the more for not realizing he wasn't Homer's hero. He was warning.

Pierce Brown

You're Not Old Quotes #523121
#76. When you're six years old, you do not appreciate that you're living in the Alps. My sisters and I, all we wanted was to go to Disneyland.

Ahna O'Reilly

You're Not Old Quotes #526626
#77. With still, underneath, the old respectable-girl-versus-slut thing. It's OK to fuck around if you're a feminist but it's also not OK to fuck around because most guys aren't feminists and won't respect you and won't call you again if you fuck around.

David Foster Wallace

You're Not Old Quotes #533970
#78. They don't talk to me much; I don't feel like i know them." Simon said.
You're not supposed to. It's a members-only club."
Simon accepted this. "So Akira is the angry one, Kisho is the crazy one, Toyo is the old fart ...

Jason Hightman

You're Not Old Quotes #549585
#79. What do you want with me? (Simone)
Not a damn thing. All I want is an entrance into the Daimon hell so that I can visit and kill an old friend. You're just the poor sap who got caught in the crossfire. (Xypher)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

You're Not Old Quotes #577167
#80. It never seemed fair that just when you're old enough to do anything you want, you can't. You have to start working, so there's no time. And if there is time, you're not working, so there's no money.

Terri Farley

You're Not Old Quotes #612295
#81. How the hell old is she? "You're not in junior high, are you?" "God no. I've just never held anyone's hand before. The guys I've been with seem to forget this part. But it's nice. I like it." "Yeah," I agree. "It is nice." "Wait," she says. "You aren't in junior high, are you?" "No. Not yet," I say.

Colleen Hoover

You're Not Old Quotes #620225
#82. You can't please everybody. There's that old saying that there's no sure formula for success, but the only sure fire formula for failure is to try to please everyone. You're not going to do that.

Matt Bomer

You're Not Old Quotes #622439
#83. 'Aeric!' Grayson exclaimed, with genuine delight. 'You're not dead yet?'

'Not yet,' Aeric replied, looking pleased with his continued viability. 'But I keep trying. And so do you, I hear!'

L.S. Baird

You're Not Old Quotes #636792
#84. No matter how old you are, if you're just not an empathetic person, it's a lot easier to concentrate solely on something that is injuring another person to even some score. Hopefully as people grow older, their ability to empathize deepens.

James Scott

You're Not Old Quotes #661942
#85. Realizing you're not anything special to the kids is always a great sort of reminder that you're just a regular person. A regular, embarrassing old mom.

Reese Witherspoon

You're Not Old Quotes #664240
#86. The day you become old is the day you're not looking for new experiences anymore.

Green Day

You're Not Old Quotes #681411
#87. By the time you're 30 years old, you can be on a nowhere street, if you're not careful.

Gerry Cooney

You're Not Old Quotes #686054
#88. How old are you? Twelve?"
"Fourteen & three quarters."
His eyes sparkled. "You're kind of little for fourteen and three quarters."
"Am not," I replied indignantly. "I'm a sophomore this year. How old are you?"
"Seventeen and two fifths."
Hardy Cateses & Liberty Jones.

Lisa Kleypas

You're Not Old Quotes #705743
#89. They're old enough to know how the world really works, so why are they so stupid? It's easy to talk big, but the important thing is whether or not you can clean up the shit.

Haruki Murakami

You're Not Old Quotes #708873
#90. One of the hardest aspects of this protracted public persona is not knowing others as well as they feel they know me. It's a rather clumsy feeling actually; to not know someone who acts as though you're old friends.

Christopher Knight

You're Not Old Quotes #714225
#91. Old soldier's trick, sir. Sleep when you can." "You're not sleeping, Staff." "Staff sergeants never sleep, sir." "Ever vigilant?" "You've been reading the brochure.

Tanya Huff

You're Not Old Quotes #720567
#92. The teachers complain that the students today are all lazy, ignorant, and stupid. But the truth is that you're smarter than they are. You're not even old enough to drive and you already know that none of this matters.

Charles Benoit

You're Not Old Quotes #726708
#93. When you're with a girl, it's always best to act like you're an old hand at everything - not to impress her, but just to make sure she feels safe.

Tim Tharp

You're Not Old Quotes #741715
#94. He'd say, "If my mother was here, I wouldn't be like this." We'd say, "Shut up boy, you're not in your mama's house no more." We said that a lot. As children, seven or eight years old, we know nothing about the world, just that we were not in mama's house no more.

Alephonsion Deng

You're Not Old Quotes #749265
#95. It's not all about love. That's half of it ... The other half is about that moment you have with yourself when you're looking in the mirror, and you just go, 'Oh man. I'm going to compromise my dreams, get fat, sick, old and die someday. I kind of want to have someone around for that.'

Marc Maron

You're Not Old Quotes #770432
#96. People see me, and they see the suit, and they go: 'you're not fooling anyone', they know I'm rock and roll through and through. But you know that old thing, live fast, die young? Not my way. Live fast, sure, live too bloody fast sometimes, but die young? Die old.


You're Not Old Quotes #771960
#97. If you have this idea that the earth is only 6,000 years old, you are denying, if you will, everything that you can touch and see. You're not paying attention to what's happening in the universe around you.

Bill Nye

You're Not Old Quotes #791848
#98. My own philosophy is if you're not having sex, you're finished. It separates the girls from the old people.

Helen Gurley Brown

You're Not Old Quotes #804931
#99. When you're two, three, four years old, it's not really modelling. You run around, and they give you toys in a fun place, and they take pictures of you playing.

Gigi Hadid

You're Not Old Quotes #811550
#100. I think of an old sermon my grandfather quoted from time to time - something about not looking back when you're plowing a field, but instead finding a mark in the distance and focusing on that. Otherwise, the rows won't come out straight.

Lisa Wingate

You're Not Old Quotes #816180

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