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#1. No. You hurt people because you didn't have any idea what love really was. You were trying to understand it in the only way you knew how. It's horrible, yes. But it's forgivable. I forgive you. I forgive a thousand worse things you may have done. I can forgive anything. - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#2. Of course I am very proud of being a Tory. Yes, in my head and in my heart I regard myself as a Tory. As I have said, I was born that way; I believe it is congenital. I am unable to change it. That is how I see the world ... is the most un-Tory thing that can be conceived. - Author: Enoch Powell
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#3. I'll take you hard, and soft, and every way in between." He grips my face in his hands and looks down at me, his nose touching mine. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."
Oh God, yes!
"And I'm going to make love to you until you're shaking and don't remember who you are. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#4. Be nice to his family. Pretend not to notice the way their house smells. Pretend to like their food. Mimic their barbaric customs at the dinner table. - Author: Laura Yes Yes
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#5. Yes, thought Vimes. That's the way it was. Privilege, which just means "private law." Two types of people laugh at the law; those that break it and those that make it. Well, - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#6. Would I put my daughter in a private all-girl school? No. Would I put her in a private co-ed school? Yes. Would I put her in the school I went to? No way. - Author: Emmanuelle Vaugier
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#7. Like it! Yes - the way I'd like a hot stove if I was to set on it long enough. No, Tom, I won't be rich, and I won't live in them cussed smothery houses. I like the woods, and the river, and hogsheads, and I'll stick to 'em, too. - Author: Mark Twain
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#8. I suppose if you take enough slim chances, you are bound to create success out of one if you stick with it long enough. Either way, imagine what you might be able to learn in the process - about the work, and yes, of yourself too. - Author: Chris Hill
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#9. I am an average mother in almost every way, so yes, much to my regret, I do yell at my children. - Author: Kelly Corrigan
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#10. The nerds are rich and successful, and those jocks are dumb divorced guys with beer bellies. By the way, in high school, I also played football and, yes, I have a beer belly. Jeannie can't divorce me. We are Catholic. Thank you, Jesus. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#11. Here's an easy way to figure out if you're in a cult: If you're wondering whether you're in a cult, the answer is yes. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#12. People are calling a lot, sending scripts my way. Yes, it's wonderful because, let's face it, there aren't many wonderful scripts for women over the age of 10. - Author: Janet McTeer
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#13. Only a Bush could answer a 'yes' or 'no' question two different ways and be wrong both times. - Author: Bill Maher
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#14. How can you not know?" Silvestri said again. "Has twelve years of living the way you've been living not shown you how badly people live? The poverty, the hunger, the ignorance, the fear?" "Yes, but times have changed ... " "Yes, times have changed, but people haven't. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#15. Saba: "You want this one to guide you?" Leia: "If you would consider it." Saba: "This one?" Leia: "Yes. I want someone who will challenge me in unexpected ways. I want someone who will teach me what I don't know. - Author: Troy Denning
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#16. All this technology has not changed the way NFL Films does business and our process. Yes, with one touch of a button now you reach millions of people but it is still the same approach that my father and I started out with. - Author: Steve Sabol
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#17. The mind gives us thousands of ways to say no, but there's only one way to say yes, and that's from the heart. - Author: Suze Orman
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#18. Any change of my style, the way I've played for 10 years, will not be a drastic one. Yes, I've always given as good as I've got; as a forward you have to do that because, if you don't look after yourself, you might find yourself being thrown in a hole and buried. - Author: Alan Shearer
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#19. What of all the entrepreneurs that fail? Well, many do, particularly the successful ones; often several times. And if you ask them the secret of their success, they'll tell you it's all that they learned in their struggles along the way; yes, it's what they learned from failing. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#20. Why do you give me cars?"
"It's fun," Ranger said."And it keeps you safe. Do you want to know why keeping you safe is important to me?"
"You love me?"
A sigh inadvertently escaped. "We're really screwed up, aren't we?"
"In a very large way," Ranger said. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#21. WHERE did you say it was?' asked Pooh.
Just here,' said Eeyore.
Made of sticks?'
Oh!' said Piglet.
What?' said Eeyore.
I just said "Oh!"' said Piglet nervously. And so as to seem quite at ease he hummed Tiddely-pom once or twice in a what-shall-we-do-now kind of way. - Author: A.A. Milne
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#22. EB: Perhaps it's her way of rebelling. You know a thing or two about rebellion, I think.
NW: Yes, but I did it the proper way. I drank and smoked and took lovers. Who rebels with mathematics? - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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Yes,I'm afraid you're right. Trial and error isn't a bad way to learn how to build an aircraft,but it can be a disastrous way to learn how to build a civilization. - Author: Daniel Quinn
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#24. He says no in order that He may, in some way we cannot imagine, say yes. All His ways with us are merciful. His meaning is always love. - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
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#25. Yes, sampling has changed not just my way of playing and composing. - Author: Klaus Schulze
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#26. Meanwhile, we should supress the army and the navy.
Both at once?
Yes, in order to have universal peace!
But if others don't supress theirs wouldn't they be tempted to invade us. How can we know?
By supressing ours. In that way we shall know. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#27. I do believe in a God, yes. But that's as far as I want to discuss. If I get too detailed on some things that are personal like that, it gives people an easier way to alienate themselves from me and that's all they are looking for now. - Author: Timothy McVeigh
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#28. Yes, it seems that as the President (George W. Bush) comes to the end of his two terms, he's finally realized the best way to get things done for you, is for you to do it. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#29. And yes, it was a high school romance, but it was still the kind of romance where I thought we were trying to find a way to make it forever ... - Author: Gayle Forman
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#30. When we ask for heaven, we are asking for stasis. A form of comfort that will last for eternity. Yes, that is what we all want, the way we understand happiness. - Author: Ruben Papian
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#31. Is God somehow responsible for the suffering of this world? In this indirect way, yes. But giving a child a pair of ice skates, knowing that he may fall, is a very different matter from knocking him down on the ice. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#32. Once you dye your hair for the first time, you see other people with dyed hair, and you see them differently than you did before. And you're just like 'Yes! Live! Work that color! Yes, I love you in every way! You're killin' it! I want to do that color next!' - Author: Tyler Oakley
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#33. He feels the way he used to feel passing love notes to girls in elementary school. Do you like me? the notes always read. Check yes or no. But he is older now and his question is older, too, not Do you like me? but Shouldn't someone? - Author: Kevin Brockmeier
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#34. Oh yes, I know the way to heaven was easy. We found the little kingdom of our passion that all can share who walk the road of lovers. In wild and secret happiness we stumbled; and gods and demons clamoured in our senses. - Author: Siegfried Sassoon
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#35. No one wants to live in a wheelchair unable to talk, only winking once for yes and twice for no. It's perfectly reasonable that there will come a point where the balance of judgment of life over death swings the other way. - Author: Tony Judt
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#36. Yes. Go away." I stare at the ceiling. Having him this close makes me sad for some reason. Must be the drugs again. I never did like being on them. Wine is way better.
He takes my hand back. "Don't be like that. - Author: Elle Casey
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#37. Didn't you find it all ... rather unsatisfying?"
"Yes, but I couldn't seem to see a way out. It was like being three different people, and they all wanted to go different ways."
A slight smile. "The result was I went nowhere. - Author: Pat Barker
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#38. I have been married to my wife, Paula, for 25 years. We have wonderful kids. Things are - it's been a really rich life, so I started thinking, is there a way to get valence a little more into the stories, the idea that, yes, things can go wrong, but also they can go right. - Author: George Saunders
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#39. What is 'no'? Either you have asked the wrong question or you have asked the wrong person. Find a way to get the 'yes'. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#40. Was it wrong to be so deceitful? Well, yes, it probably was. But if God hadn't wanted me to be the way I am, He would have arranged to have me born a haddock instead of Flavia de Luce - wouldn't He? - Author: Alan Bradley
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#41. Yes, another April; in a way, in this story, it is always April. - Author: John Banville
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#42. I am my own worst enemy. My friends and family will say, 'You've got everything going for you right now', and I say, 'Oh yes, but!' Which is not a good way to be. - Author: Tamsin Egerton
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#43. For tomorrow would be different. Still wonderful, yes. But not filled with this strange wonder. You don't have to be grown up to understand the way things change. To understand that a thing can be truly new only once, and precious because it came to you when you did not look for it. - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#44. I change clothes at least three times a day. It's the only way I can justify all the shopping I do. Prada to the grocery store? Yes! Gucci to the dry cleaner's? Why not? Dolce & Gabbana to the corner deli? I insist! - Author: RuPaul
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#45. Christie led the way - with a bulldozer. The governor is blunt, brash, and self-consciously authentic, the antithesis to what turns off today's voters: flip-flopping politicians who speak in poll-tested platitudes. Yes, he's the anti-Romney. - Author: Ron Fournier
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#46. He was a thorough good sort; a bit limited; a bit thick in the head; yes; but a thorough good sort. Whatever he took up he did in the same matter-of-fact sensible way; without a touch of imagination, without a sparkle of brilliancy, but with the inexplicable niceness of his type. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Yes Way Sayings #321733
#47. There is no music more powerful than hip-hop. No other music so purely demands an instant affirmative on such a global scale. When the beat drops, people nod their heads, "yes," in the same way that they would in conversation with a loved one, a parent, professor, or minister. - Author: Saul Williams
Yes Way Sayings #307012
#48. I suppose all couples feel this way at some point - that their bond is the most special, the strongest, the Greatest Love of All. Not all the time, just in those few and far between moments where you look at the person you're with and think: Yes. It's you. - Author: Colleen Oakley
Yes Way Sayings #305662
#49. Something occurred to me on the way. "Does your dad know you've got his his flask?" I asked Josephine.
"Yes, he's probably worked it out by now," Josephine said. - Author: Sophia McDougall
Yes Way Sayings #305190
#50. No, I am quite content with you, Bertie. By the way, I do dislike that name Bertie. I think I shall call you Harold. Yes, I am perfectly satisfied with you. You have many faults, of course. I shall be pointing some of them out when I am at leisure. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Yes Way Sayings #303998
#51. Can you sacrifice people?' I asked. 'Take their magic that way?'
'Yes,' he said. 'But there's a catch.'
'What's the catch?'
'You get hunted down even unto the ends of the Earth and summarily executed. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
Yes Way Sayings #62847
#52. Oh yes. Blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. This is the way we survive! We are BloodClan! - Author: Erin Hunter
Yes Way Sayings #110842
#53. Yes, he wanted me to do Funny Games before, which I didn't want to do because the film was very theoretical - the way people experience violence on screen. There was very little space for fiction, it was more like a sacrifice for the actors than anything else. - Author: Isabelle Huppert
Yes Way Sayings #108792
#54. This desire to govern a woman
it lies very deep, and men and women must fight it together ... But I do love you surely in a better way then he does." He thought. "Yes
really in a better way. I want you to have your own thoughts even when I hold you in my arms. - Author: E. M. Forster
Yes Way Sayings #97441
#55. I think that if you're just a good person, you work hard, you say "yes," and you are driven, you will eventually work your way to the top. At least that's how it's been for me. - Author: Ainsley Earhardt
Yes Way Sayings #92065
#56. Some of God's greatest mercies are in his refusals. He says no in order that he may, in some way we cannot imagine, say yes. - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Yes Way Sayings #91614
#57. Is there a way to to contact someone's computer with yours?"
"Yes. It's called email," Wyatt replied. - Author: S.J. Kincaid
Yes Way Sayings #87064
#58. So yes I know how angry, or naive, or self-destructive, or messed up, or even deluded I sound weaving my way through these life stories at times. But beautiful things. Graceful things. Hopeful things can sometimes appear in dark places. Besides, I'm trying to tell you the truth of a woman like me. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
Yes Way Sayings #86457
#59. You want me,Andy. I can feel it.
Yes I want you, I admitted.
In a way you'll never want me. - Author: Ginger Voight
Yes Way Sayings #84855
#60. Yes, life was very sweet and cosy with Scarlett - as long as she had her own way - Author: Margaret Mitchell
Yes Way Sayings #79485
#61. Perhaps some of the appeal of the dangerous-but-yummy paranormal anti-hero lies in his scorn for societal expectations. Yes, women have come a long way, but there are still some cultural stigmas more associated with women than men. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Yes Way Sayings #72393
#62. We do not act as your precious Christians do, slaughtering other Christians for believing the wrong way. Yes, we ask for payment. That is the price of safety. But we allow all people under our rule to believe what they will, so long as they do not disturb the peace. - Author: Kiersten White
Yes Way Sayings #65913
#63. Would anyone choose Hell over Heaven? YES! Why? Pride. They don't want to go in the only way you can go in, on your knees. They don't want to admit they are a failure, that their life is a mess. - Author: Alistair Begg
Yes Way Sayings #63894
#64. I have stepped outside my comfort zone enough to know that, yes, the world does fall apart, but not in the way that you fear. - Author: Tan Le
Yes Way Sayings #114940
#65. You can't hold it in forever," Colton said, apropos of nothing. "Yes, I can." I had to. "You'll go crazy. It'll come out, one way or another." "Better crazy than broken." I wasn't sure where that came from, hadn't thought it or meant to say it. "You're not broken. You're hurting. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
Yes Way Sayings #62691
#66. Yes is what I like doing more than anything else. Somewhere along the way, as people came and went, it fell to me to kind of keep it going and oversee the spirit of the enterprise, as it were. - Author: Chris Squire
Yes Way Sayings #58420
#67. Yes, it benefits the planet, but I don't lead with the green message anymore because I think there's a more evergreen way to look at it, which is efficiency. - Author: Elizabeth Rogers
Yes Way Sayings #52390
#68. Yes, I have had difficult times on court and at certain tournaments but you need to forget about it and go forward because that's the way it works in our world. - Author: Amelie Mauresmo
Yes Way Sayings #50309
#69. the rich just bribe their way out. So yes, as far as the rulers are concerned, it works. - Author: Iain M. Banks
Yes Way Sayings #49724
#70. Were you always such a stubborn, blind, obtuse girl?"
"Are you calling me stupid?"
"Yes, but in a more poetic way!"
"Well, here's a poem for you. Get lost! - Author: Colleen Houck
Yes Way Sayings #40435
#71. Did you refuse to be tested to see if you and he were Soul Complements because you were afraid you might want sex with him?
Yes, I am tactful that way. - Author: Devon Monk
Yes Way Sayings #23917
#72. Was it so wrong to relish the feeling anyway? To enjoy the way it lingered, leaving her with a wistful awareness, a pleasant unease, as if she had forgotten to do something? Yes, it probably was wrong. But she did not wish it away. - Author: Julie Klassen
Yes Way Sayings #21321
#73. Yes ... I am a demon. There's no way I could understand my prey, a human's sense of taste. What I understand is ... only the taste of a human's soul. - Author: SebastiAn
Yes Way Sayings #16936
#74. Given a fair wind, we will negotiate our way into the Common Market, head held high, not crawling in. Negotiations? Yes. Unconditional acceptance of whatever terms are offered us? No. - Author: Harold Wilson
Yes Way Sayings #6863
#75. You can't force yourself to say "yes" to a bigger life. You will do it in your way. You will do it when smallness hurts too much. - Author: Tama J. Kieves
Yes Way Sayings #3511
#76. Oh, yes, men are very simple and obvious in some ways, you know. They generally react in the way one would expect and it is often rather a cowardly way. I - Author: Barbara Pym
Yes Way Sayings #176888
#77. But no one ever said yes to make sex consensual. You took hints from body language, from the way two people came together. Why ... didn't a shake of the head or a hand pushing hard against a chest speak just as loudly? Why did you have to actually say the word no for it to be rape? - Author: Jodi Picoult
Yes Way Sayings #212640
#78. Her eyes were full of a hot liquid (she did not think of tears at first) which, without disturbing the firmness of her lips, made the air thick, rolled down her cheeks. She had perfect control of herself-Oh, yes!-in every other way. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Yes Way Sayings #212182
#79. The way you want to respond is to ask a question: Is this technology directly relevant to our hedgehog concept? If the answer is YES, then we want to become pioneers, not in the technology, but in the application of that technology specifically linked to our hedgehog concept. - Author: James Collins
Yes Way Sayings #211061
#80. Yes! If you really love your beautiful garden of dreams, you will never allow any hungry beast to have its way in. Keep dream killers away! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Yes Way Sayings #210937
#81. I don't know if I feel a responsibility to encourage women, I just do! Yes, I think all of us chicks should be inspired and create! In whatever way that inspiration comes, we should shine! Honestly, I feel the same way about men. - Author: Angela Bettis
Yes Way Sayings #201519
#82. U.S. power flows from our unmatched military might, yes. But in a deeper way, it's a product of the dominance of the U.S. economy. - Author: David Ignatius
Yes Way Sayings #199977
#83. Much of our lives involves the word 'no.' In school we are mostly told, 'Don't do it this way. Do it that way.' But art is the big yes. In art, you get a chance to make something where there was nothing. - Author: Marvin Bell
Yes Way Sayings #198511
#84. Dreams do come true. Yes, even yours. But you have to meet them part way. Get up and do something towards them. Now. - Author: Joe Vitale
Yes Way Sayings #198450
#85. Just because somebody swings one way and I swing another way doesn't mean he's better than me or I'm better than him ... Does my swing get hits? Yes. - Author: Dustin Pedroia
Yes Way Sayings #197013
#86. I loathed school. I don't have an academic mind, and besides I was so bored by my teachers! How teachers can take a child's inventiveness and say yes, yes, in that pontifical way of theirs, and smother everything! - Author: John Hurt
Yes Way Sayings #188805
#87. Look at that. There one family lives, kitchen is in China, bedroom is in Myanmar. In this way, this family eats in one country, sleeps in other. I think this house been standing there for many centuries, yes, long time, before anyone decided where one country stops, the other starts - Author: Amy Tan
Yes Way Sayings #188045
#88. Leaders are not worried about what they can't do; they know themselves very well and focus on what they can do. Think this way if you are willing to lead! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Yes Way Sayings #181832
#89. Yes, I will probably be that way. I am sure I will. I think that it shouldn't stop you. I think of course my life is going to change, and I definitely will make sacrifices, but you know, I think I will be able to bring hopefully my little rider with me. - Author: Beyonce Knowles
Yes Way Sayings #1971
#90. What term do you employ when you speak of your progenitor?"
I answered with the term I'd always wanted to employ.
"To his face?" she asked.
"I never see his face."
"He wears a mask?"
"In a way, yes. Of stone. Of absolute stone. - Author: Erich Segal
Yes Way Sayings #174107
#91. Uh, all right. Boss, you're infuriating when you're logical!" "Yes, a most uncouth way to argue. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Yes Way Sayings #172331
#92. Birthdays? yes, in a general way;
For the most if not for the best of men:
You were born (I suppose) on a certain day:
So was I: or perhaps in the night: what then? - Author: James Kenneth Stephen
Yes Way Sayings #170995
#93. You believe in Destiny, don't you?"
"Yes," said Leah quietly.
"Then you have to believe that things happen for a reason, and even if you change something. Destiny will find a way to fulfill her needs." - Jasmine - Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Yes Way Sayings #156937
#94. Yes, a guide can help point the way to your own sense of self and your purpose in life. No, a guide can't replace your own search. When you are in your car driving through town, signposts can tell you where each road goes, but only you can turn the steering wheel. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Yes Way Sayings #143452
#95. I don't love him," Olivia snapped.
"Yes, you do," Chalton bit out. It was one thing to play hard to get or to take time to figure out feelings, but no way was she going to lie out loud to him. "It happens fast with vampires, so deal with it. - Author: Rebecca Zanetti
Yes Way Sayings #137087
#96. Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that. - Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Yes Way Sayings #134189
#97. Isn't he beautiful? Hadley says longingly.
Yes, I think, but not in the way she obviously sees him. He's beautiful in the way the apple in the banned book my father read to me ages ago was beautiful to the princess.
Tempting but deadly. - Author: Trisha Wolfe
Yes Way Sayings #129991
#98. Was Apollo worth all the effort and expense? If it had been about the Moon, the answer would be no, but it wasn't, it was about the Earth. The answer is yes. The only thing I can't see in all this is a rationale for going back. Unless we could find a way to take everyone. - Author: Andrew Smith
Yes Way Sayings #128214
#99. Yes, it does feel deceptively safer with two; but Thou is a slippery character. Every Thou I've known has had a way of going missing. They skip town or turn perfidious, or else the drop like flies and then where are you? - Author: Margaret Atwood
Yes Way Sayings #127581
#100. I'm very gay, but I love women. I'm not attracted to men in any way ... But yes I am gay, I'm so happy. I'm a gay, heterosexual male ... I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation. - Author: Lil B
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