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#1. It is certain that I cannot always distinguish my own thoughts from those I read, because what I read becomes the very substance and text of my mind. - Author: Helen Keller
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#2. I remember my first visit with my guru. He had shown that he read my mind. So I looked at the grass and I thought, 'My god, he's going to know all the things I don't want people to know.' I was really embarrassed. Then I looked up and he was looking directly at me with unconditional love. - Author: Ram Dass
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#3. I have read a lot about God and soul, but I have no experience of it; my name is Mind. - Author: Saurabh Sharma
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#4. And spare me the jokes about scoring."
"Dammit, woman, you read my mind," he said. "Is there no filthy wordplay you can't forsee?"
"It's my special magical power. I can read your mind when you're thinking dirty thoughts."
"So, ninety-five percent of the time. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#5. I read for the 'ah-ha's,' the information that makes a light bulb go off in my mind. I want to put information in my mind that is going to be the most beneficial to me, my family and my fellow man - financially, morally, spiritually, and emotionally. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#6. Other kids' parents wouldn't let them read magazines like 'Weird Tales,' but my folks were big readers themselves, so they didn't mind. - Author: Robert Weinberg
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#7. Ugh! Why can't you just read my mind already? It's so inconvenient to be a mental mute! ~Bella - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#8. Whenever I read _Time_ or _Newsweek_ or such magazines, I wash my hands afterward. But how to wash off the small but odious stain such reading leaves on the mind? - Author: Edward Abbey
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#9. I have a visual mind, so when I read a book, I get an instant picture in my head and it's very clear. - Author: Richard C. Armitage
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#10. There was a time when I thought I turned terrible things over in my mind because I read and wrote too many scary stories. (Note self: start writing about unicorns and bunnies) - Author: Patrick Carman
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#11. The audience may not have felt it was right, and the author may have felt a little upset, but every part I've played I've twisted around in my mind until I've made it into something of my own. Looking back over it, I didn't deliberately sit down and plan like that, but it does read like it. - Author: Katharine Cornell
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#12. It must be a really great book because one can read it as a boy in one way, and then re-read it in middle life and get something very different out of it - and that to my mind is one of the best tests. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#13. I understand loud and clearly, with my sound mind - Author: Andrea L'Artiste
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#14. I forget most of what I read, just as I do most of what I have eaten, but I know that both contribute no less to the conservation of my mind and my body on that account. - Author: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
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#15. My advice to photographers is to get out there in the field and take photographs but also if they are students to finish their course, learn as many languages as possible, go to movies, read books visit museums, broaden your mind. - Author: Martine Franck
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#16. 'If You Could Read My Mind' was written during the collapse of my marriage. It's a great song. No one has any gripes about it. I wondered what my wife and daughter might think. My daughter is the one who got me to correct 'The feelings that you lacked' to 'The feelings that we lacked'. - Author: Gordon Lightfoot
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#17. Once I had opened a book and read its pages, those characters could never be taken away from me. Even if the books were burned, they would still live on in my mind. - Author: Jennifer Wilson
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#18. Before you can become a writer, you have to be a reader, and a reader of everything, at that. To the best of my recollection, I became a reader at the age of 10 and have never stopped. Like many authors, I read all sorts of books all the time, and it is amazing how the mind fills up. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#19. I bury my mind in my book, the Bible. Every morning it's the first thing that I do. I've been doing it for years and years. So I want to come back here [to Israel] to see the places that I read about every day. It's very important to my faith to feed [my] spirit in Israel. - Author: Bobby McFerrin
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#20. All my life I've read that the life of the mind is preeminent, and that it can transcend all bodily degradation. But that's just not my experience. When your body has to deal all day with shit and string beans, your mind does too. - Author: Marilyn French
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#21. I don't know what to do or where to turn in this taxation matter. Somewhere there must be a book that tells all about it, where I could go to straighten it out in my mind. But I don't know where the book is, and maybe I couldn't read it if I found it. - Author: Warren G. Harding
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#22. I just read anything I could find. Fairy tales and mysteries and history and poetry. It didn't matter what it was. I would read it over and over and over again. The books, they helped keep me from losing my mind all together. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#23. Ever since I could first write I have been doing so. When I was taught how to write and read at school, I made up my mind that this was what I love to do best and this was the world I was going to occupy. - Author: Anita Desai
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#24. Anyone who claims that truth is stranger than fiction has never gazed into a writer's mind, or read my stories. - Author: Lucian Barnes
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#25. But it must be borne in mind that, if there is a Scylla before me, there is also a Charybdis - and that, in my fear of being read as a jest, I may incur the darker destiny of not being read at all. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#26. That is why we need to come with you," Logan replied as if he read my mind. "You don't have to do everything alone, Rose." He placed his hand on top of mine which was resting on the table.

A few volts of electricity ran up my spine. - Author: Claudia Caren
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#27. My mother read that parents should spend quality time with their children. One way is to sign up for organized activities together. This month we're taking meditation to free the mind. Last month it was Rolfing. Have you ever Rolfed, Tone?"
"Only after the school's shepherd's pie," I said. - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#28. I forget the greater part of what I read, but all the same it nourishes my mind. - Author: Georg C. Lichtenberg
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#29. . . . you can read my mind," Parmida realized.
"When it is open to me," Azra admitted apologetically. ". . . I love you too, by the way. - Author: Ash Gray
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#30. Learning lines is on my mind until I do know them. I'll read the paper or paint the house to keep from starting to memorize. I've never found an easy way. - Author: Paul Lynde
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#31. If you could read my mind love,
What a tale my thoughts could tell... - Author: Regina O'Connell
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#32. The manner in which I learned to read and write, not only had great influence on my own mind, as I acquired it with the most perfect ease, so much so, that I have no recollection whatever
of learning the alphabet. - Author: Nat Turner
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#33. I've deliberately studied many things that I know, going in, I won't be able to assimilate. I read Plato, St. Thomas, the mystics, to exercise my mind. - Author: Don Ameche
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#34. Sometimes people try to read into my strip and find out what my state of mind is. And I can say if I'm in a good mood, generally the comic strip starts out in a good mood, but the punchline is very negative and sour. - Author: Matt Groening
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#35. When you read my poems or quotes remember you're stepping into the mind that steps outside of me - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#36. So don't try to touch my heart, it's darker than you think
And don't try to read my mind because it's full of disappearing ink - Author: Elvis Costello
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#37. Wow ... At least I can rest assured that you definitely can't read my mind," I remarked. "Clearly you know nothing about me ... because the surest way to keep me from doing something is to tell me I have no other choice. - Author: M.A. George
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#38. Usually, a number of events will be going on around me to start me on a book. What I mean is, I will have read a poem or seen a picture that is lingering in my mind. - Author: Chris Raschka
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#39. I don't like to read books. They muss up my mind. - Author: Henry Ford
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#40. I KNEW I MUST do all as I was told, yet something burned inside me, a seed of defiance that must have derived from a long-ago ancestor. Perhaps my mind was inflamed from the books I had read and the worlds I had imagined. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#41. I have a fondness for historical fiction, something wondrous like 'Wolf Hall,' but I'll read most anything as long as the story grabs my mind or my heart, and preferably both. You would be hard pressed, however, to find science fiction on my shelves. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#42. I was raised in a household where I read Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky and Kant, and I was never taught that my mind was feminine. I'm aware that my body is. - Author: Jewel
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#43. I usually plan to read a book for a half-hour before bed, but then I end up staying awake until 3 A.M. to finish it. Fortunately, my dog doesn't mind when I keep the bedside lamp on. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#44. I have a brother and sister; my mother does not care for thought, and father, too busy with his briefs to notice what we do. He buys me many books, but begs me not to read them, because he fears they joggle the mind. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#45. Oh, he's not like that," said Favonius.
Jason flinched. "You can read my mind?"
"I don't need to." Favonius tossed his bronze hoop in the air. "Everyone has the wrong impression of Cupid ... until they meet him. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#46. I have dyslexia, and I never did learn to read music, and I even had a problem in reading because everything was turned upside down, so I just had to draw from the lyrics and the voice that I would hear in my mind. - Author: Andrae Crouch
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#47. We've got to listen to other people's voices, respect them, but keep in mind, and I believe in terms of the things that I've read in my lifetime, the Lord is not picking us. But because of how we respect human rights, because that we are a good force in the world, he wants America to be strong. - Author: John Kasich
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#48. I was tired of this silly joking about my 'speaking countenance'. I could keep a secret as well as anyone. Poirot had always persisted in the humiliating belief that I am a transparent character and that anyone can read what is passing in my mind. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#49. I personally read criticism - at least by writers I enjoy - to stimulate a conversation in my own mind, and I like to think that's the function I serve for others. - Author: Ben Brantley
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#50. When I read I get lost into the book my mind is set into the setting." -
Kate - Author: Kate
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#51. You can be someone's friend and have sex with them. The trick is you have to want their emotional and physical well-being more than you want to fuck them. If you cross that line and want sex more than their happiness, then you aren't their friend. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#52. No one can command over the images of your mind but an Author can and if you won't believe on me then read my book. - Author: Prakhar Srivastav
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#53. 'Would I mind if someone wrote a sequel to one of my books?' I asked myself, and I decided that I wouldn't, providing that the writer was respectful, had read my book first, and wasn't drunk when doing it. - Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
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#54. is that you read my thoughts using magic, and that's how you found out my real name." "Mind - Author: Claire Legrand
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#55. I was going for the devious smile that would suddenly light up his face each time he'd read my mind, when all I really wanted was skin, just skin. - Author: Andre Aciman
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#56. I Want A Million Dollars A Year For Illegally Having My Mind Read And Privacy Stolen - Author: Amanda Bynes
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#57. I would like my book to give people insight to the war before and after, but I don't think anyone could read my book and suddenly make up her mind about the war. I want to write for everybody. - Author: Asne Seierstad
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#58. But eating was the last thing on my mind. And I didn't see how Miss Wilcox could eat, or teach, or sleep or ever find any reason to leave this room. Not with all these books in it, just begging to be read. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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#59. The only reason I remembered this play was because it had a mad person in it, and everything I had ever read about mad people stuck in my mind, while everything else flew out. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#60. Just as "normal" as anyone... only I write my thoughts out on paper & illustrate a world of Romance in your mind as you read my creations. ~ A. L. Woodz - Author: Angel L. Woodz
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#61. Anyway I read more contemporary poetry than contemporary fiction so my mind goes first to a kind of crass "conceptualism" that repeats vanguard gestures of the past minus the politics and historical context. - Author: Ben Lerner
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#62. I sort of try to read the books when they come out impartially and not make up my mind, but the fact is when I was reading the sixth, 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince', there were bits in there where I was going, 'God, I would love to do that because it's so good'. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#63. My grandfather is hard of hearing. He needs to read lips. I don't
mind him reading lips, but he uses one of those yellow highlighters. - Author: Brian Kiley
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#64. Livingston, if you could read my mind, you would start feeling really shy around me. - Author: Katy Evans
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#65. ATLANTA NIGHTS not only changed my life, it changed my mind. An astonishing read, worth it at half the price. - Author: Robin Wayne Bailey
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#66. I just can't find the time to write my mind the way I want it to read. - Author: Wilco
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#67. My yacht. I don't mind going for a coupla hours' cruise. I'll even lend you that book so you'll have something to read on the revenue - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#68. And as soon as I thought this, I tried to think of something else quickly. Because we were so close that I felt sometimes like she could read my mind. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#69. I wanted to go into prison and come out a better person - mentally, physically. So, I read a lot of books, got my GED while I was in there, and worked out every day. Strong body, strong mind. - Author: Ja Rule
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#70. My favorite sort of read is the kind that opens my mind to new ideas. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#71. I read because I have to. It drives everything else from my mind. It lets me escape to find other world. - Author: Adeline Yen Mah
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#72. My life - my personality, my habits, even my speech - is a combination of the books I choose to read, the people I choose to listen to, and the thoughts I choose to tolerate in my mind - Author: Andy Andrews
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#73. In truth, I wanted her to read my mind so I didn't have to stoop to the womanly art of articulation. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#74. Every night, I have to read a book, so that my mind will stop thinking about things that I stress about. - Author: Britney Spears
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#75. People who read my books have an open mind when it comes to new, bizarre, interesting and exciting ideas. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#76. It was as if I had been looking at the whole thing clearly on the blackboard of my mind, but when I turned to read it, part of it had been erased and the rest didn't make sense. - Author: Daniel Keyes
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#77. I've always been drawn to writing for young readers. The books that I read growing up remain in my mind very strongly. - Author: Meg Wolitzer
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#78. I don't have the feeling that as a very young person I read books that absolutely made their mark on my mind. - Author: Robert Jay Lifton
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#79. Most of us have collections of sayings we live by ... Whenever words fly up at me from the printed page as I read, I intercept them instantly, knowing they are for me. I turn them over carefully in my mind and cling to them hard. - Author: Ray Stannard Baker
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#80. I have an unconscious burglar living in my mind: If I read something, it's mine. - Author: David Eddings
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#81. I like to read and write because it is the ONLY thing that takes my mind off of the real world and my spinning worries. It is a time I can be free of anxiety, worry, and stress. When my life gets hectic I HAVE to read and write or I'll drown. - Author: Shandy L. Kurth
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#82. If I could read any person's mind, it would be my cat's. - Author: Kristen Stewart
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#83. Other people's history can be read comfortably, the way a novel can be read comfortably. By my own history? I'm on the run from my own history, and catching my breath in the present. Escapist. But the merciless present pushes us back again toward our history. The mind keeps talking. - Author: Intizar Hussain
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#84. I think you should read everything you can. In my case, by the age of 10, I'd read every book in the Omaha public library about investing, some twice.
You need to fill your mind with various competing thoughts and decide which make sense. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#85. I can read a newspaper article, and it might trigger something else in my mind. I often like to choose in historical fiction things or subject matter I don't feel have been given a fair shake in history. - Author: Kathryn Lasky
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#86. When I read War and Peace in Norway, really far away from humanity for a long time, it was such an amazing, affirming blast of "humanity" in all forms. It totally cracked my mind-nut open and rainbows shot out. I loved humanity and being alive, rather than wanting to bury my head in the snow. - Author: Phil Elvrum
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#87. How does a weaker minority dominate a physically superior majority? In my research I learned that this is accomplished by destroying the slave's mind. More effective than whips and guns was the simple act of outlawing the teaching of slaves to read and to write. - Author: Kyle Baker
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#88. I'd read a book called A Reliable Wife not too long before leaving on the world's strangest trip, and as I climbed into bed, a line from the novel crossed my mind: 'He had lost the habit of romance. - Author: Stephen King
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#89. I don't think of writing my poems for China or for the world. I mainly think of a small audience of friends and people I know. I am writing for that small group. They are not necessarily going to be able to read it, but that's what I have in mind when I write. - Author: Bei Dao
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#90. I never remain passive in the process of reading: while I read I am engaged in a constant creative activity, which leads me to remember not so much the actual matter of the book as the thoughts evoked in my mind by it, directly or indirectly. - Author: Nikolai Berdyaev
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#91. People place so much value on thought, but feeling is as essential. I want to read books that make me laugh and cry and fear and hope and punch the air in triumph. I want a book to hug me or grab me by the scruff of my neck. I don't even mind if it punches me in the gut. Because we are here to feel. - Author: Matt Haig
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#92. You'd commit suicide trying to read my mind - Author: Kid Cudi
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#93. I feel like I've been out of high school forever. So I just read to keep my mind going. - Author: Swae Lee
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#94. I cannot write the way some persons want to read my writings, my thoughts of mind do the job. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#95. Hey, if you don't want to tell me, don't. But I can tell when you lie."
Ok, that was super creepy. "You can?"
He smiled grimly down at the dirty dishwater. "Nope. But see? You fell for it anyway. Careful, or I'll read your mind with my incredible vampire superpowers. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#96. It is astonishingly satisfying to look at him and think Closet Case, and know he can read my mind as he looks away flushed. All Mormons are gay, I believe. Rick is merely a further example. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#97. My mind can be ugly. But when I read something of mine that I think is beautiful, I'm reminded mind can be beautiful too. - Author: Lisa M. Cronkhite
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#98. The Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti once remarked that observing without evaluating is the highest form of human intelligence. When I first read this statement, the thought, 'What nonsense!' shot through my mind before I realized that I had just made an evaluation. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
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#99. I don't write for money or for my words to be read. I write because it takes me to dark corners in my mind that I was to afraid to go. - Author: Zachary Koukol
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#100. Required to be constantly recumbent I write slowly and with difficulty ... Weakened in body by infirmities and in mind by age, now far gone into my 83rd year, reading one newspaper only and forgetting immediately what I read. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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