Top 100 Quotes For Teenage Girls

#1. I like the idea that I can talk to any teenage girls. You know, in a language that makes sense to them.

Louise Rennison

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#2. As much as I'm drawn to writing about teenage girls, I like the idea of having the freedom to branch out and write about different ages, for different ages.

Ann Brashares

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#3. I'm definitely very interested in doing female narrators that aren't typically feminine or emotional or soft - especially teenage girls - because I have such a hard time relating to so many of them that I read. They feel psychologically cuter to me than I ever was.

Andrea Seigel

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#4. We watched Vamps hunting Vamps, Vamp hunters and Witches torching Vamps, teenage girls kissing Vamps. And we giggled and swooned through it all.

Shelly Crane

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#5. It was something of a mystery how a couple of teenage girls had managed to escape detection for two years, especially when one of them was a privileged Moroi princess and the other a delinquent dhampir with a disciplinary file so long that it broke school records.

Richelle Mead

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#6. Of course, the methods for human population control are enormously controversial. One contraceptive measure seems to be humane and acceptable: If you teach calculus to teenage girls, they go on to have far fewer babies. Calculus is the contraceptive of the future. It doesn't work for boys.

Kenneth S. Deffeyes

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#7. If we're going to reach a broader audience, we have to stop thinking about that audience strictly in terms of teenage boys or even teenage girls. We need to think about things that are relevant to normal humans and not just the geeks we used to be.

Warren Spector

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#8. The interesting thing about 'True Blood' is that its appeal is not contained to teenage girls. I get stopped in the street and questioned by 70-year-old men whose wives and daughters are making Bloody Marys and throwing 'True Blood' parties.

Stephen Moyer

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#9. Not eating breakfast is the worst thing you can do, that's really the take-home message for teenage girls.

Bruce Barton

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#10. I always say there's no more little girls, just boys with breasts. Girls act like boys nowadays. Teenage girls, they go after boys. They're predatory just like boys. My goal is to keep my girls, girls.

Chris Rock

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#11. Teenage girls read in packs. It's true today, and it was true when I was a teen growing up in a small town in northeast Oklahoma.

Ally Carter

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#12. As a general rule, teenage girls never, ever see solitude as a choice.

Alice Pung

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#13. What a horrible feeling that is, to know that if the disease [AIDS] had primarily affected PTA presidents, or priests, or white teenage girls, the epidemic would have been ended years earlier, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.

David Levithan

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#14. Don't be afraid of failure. That's not an easy lesson for teenagers - especially teenage girls - to learn. Our society sends us a lot of messages that imply we're supposed to be ashamed when we fall short. But I think we should be throwing each other failure parties!

Reshma Saujani

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#15. I definitely have breast envy. When teenage girls were saying 'I wish I had breasts', I was thinking the same thing.

Eddie Izzard

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#16. Japan is formally apologizing and admitting the state was responsible for the system of comfort stations or brothels for soldiers in which mostly teenage girls were expected to service 60 to 70 men a day. That is from a U.N. report.

Elise Hu

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#17. There are very few things that I love more than being on stage and performing, but more than anything, I want to be a positive role model for teenage girls.

Lindsey Stirling

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#18. I have this dream that, secretly, all teenage girls feel exactly like me. And maybe one day, when we realize that we all feel the same, we can all stop pretending we're something we're not...

Zoe Sugg

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#19. The dream of all men is to meet little sluts who are innocent but ready for all forms of depravity - which is what, more or less, all teenage girls are.

Michel Houellebecq

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#20. Whenever teenage girls and corporate CEOs covet the same new technology, something extraordinary is happening.

Michael J. Saylor

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#21. Lots of teenage girls have taken comfort under the wings of half-closeted gay boys.

Tina Fey

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#22. Adapting a Judy Blume book is something I really wanted to do, and you couldn't grow up in the '90s without knowing about 'Tiger Eyes' and reading it. It should've been assigned to all teenage girls.

Willa Holland

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#23. Teenage girls engage in emotional reasoning, which is the belief that if you feel something is true, it must be true. If a teenager feels like a nerd, she is a nerd ... There is a limited ability to sort facts from feelings. Thinking is still magical in the sense that thinking something makes it so.

Mary Pipher

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#24. Everyone just talks about the problems our teenage girls are facing and what they're dealing with. But there was, to me, a void in how they were being served or helped. I thought, 'Wow, I'd love to create something.'

Elizabeth Berkley

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#25. Alexander's top generals were about to tangle with one of history's toughest teenage girls.

James Romm

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#26. His grandparents lived on an old farm. Like he should have considered that psycho teenage girls might be leaving tainted steaks for his dog to find. If you hurt him, I'll kill you.

Brigid Kemmerer

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#27. If I've learned one thing today, it's that teenage girls make Moriarty look like a babe in the woods. Detective Stephen Moran

Tana French

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#28. A friend told me that teenage girls are always looking for someone to pin their dreams on. That doesn't make it any less weird though.

Orlando Bloom

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#29. I have started my own foundation. It's called Follow Your Art. It's at its infancy but my goal is to mentor teenage girls through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Nadine Velazquez

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#30. I want to make sure that teenage girls know that if you decide to keep your child, you have to get an education. You have to have a plan A, B, and C. Make sure you have a good support system. If all those things are not in place, it's going to be very, very hard - very, very lonely.

Paula Garces

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#31. Gays feel about popularity the same way teenage girls do. Is it that we really want friends we can count on, or do we just want guys around us whom we can share our curlers with?

Perry Brass

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#32. Teenage girls these days are more and more getting lured into thinking they should dumb themselves down, and that's going to attract the wrong kind of guy, and it's serious. It's serious business.

Danica McKellar

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#33. I mean, teenage girls and their fathers don't have a lot in common, but when you add something like comedy into the mix, it just opens up all sorts of doors for them to bond.

Stephanie Beatriz

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#34. Jack Thorne writes so well for messed-up teenage girls.

Holliday Grainger

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#35. She moved in for a better look.It was a portrait of Bob Marley,a pretty good one,actually.No Woman, No Cry ... that's right.No teenage girls either.All right,ten points if you'Re a poet,minus twenty-five if you're in a band and minus fifty if you're into the ganja.

Sheri Meshal

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#36. Lyrics are for teenage girls, brah.

Eric Anthony

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#37. We teenage girls are faced with a quandary: we know what we want but are forced to wait for our male counterparts to grow up. We are ready for intense and meaningful relationships, but research indicates that males will not reach maturity until their mid-20s.

Alexandra Adornetto

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#38. I remember walking the dog one day, I saw a car full of teenage girls, and one of them rolled down the window and yelled, 'Marc Jacobs!' in a French accent.

Marc Jacobs

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#39. You actually don't exist while you're in your bedroom," I say to the dog, so that she knows this important fact. "Teenage girls in bedrooms aren't real.

Caitlin Moran

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#40. We were all well-off, grown-as-fuck men, but you'd be surprised by how similar we were to a group of teenage girls sometimes. "And

Max Monroe

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#41. I'm not some three-hundred-year-old pervert who kisses teenage girls, okay? I'm the same age as you. Born just like you.

Kelly Keaton

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#42. In football, you're dealing with grown men. In gymnastics, you're dealing with prepubescent teenage girls. There's a huge difference. At that age, you're not confident enough to have a voice.

Dominique Moceanu

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#43. Although my mother didn't necessarily approve of teenage girls wearing heels, she made an exception for me when I was 14 because she didn't want me to be self-conscious about my height - or to slouch.

L'Wren Scott

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#44. All teenage girls like to look good and tennis players are no different.

Maria Kirilenko

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#45. Even as zombies, ridiculous prom gowns were the downfall of teenage girls, crippling them at the knees.

G.G. Silverman

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#46. You watch teenage girls and feel shivers up and down your arms
those poor creatures don't know the first thing about time or agony or the price they're going to have to pay for just about everything.

Alice Hoffman

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#47. The single-biggest proof that the Dixie Chicks are Van Halen is their audience; they are singing to the same teenage boys, except those boys are now teenage girls.

Chuck Klosterman

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#48. Most teenage girls don't give old people the time of day which is sad because all old people do all the time is think about how nice it was to be a teenager so long ago.

Aimee Bender

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1160591
#49. Teenage girls like certain things I wear - or certainly did when that whole boho thing happened.

Sienna Miller

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1165434
#50. The national policy of promoting abstinence-only programs is a $1.5 billion failure and teenage girls are paying the real price.

Cecile Richards

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1188428
#51. The waiting area was jammed with the sort of egalitarian cross-section only genuine misery can provide: Hispanics and blacks and Russians and various indeterminate, red-eyed teenage girls with children you prayed were siblings; junkie veterans petitioning for painkillers they wouldn't get;

Jonathan Lethem

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1196946
#52. The stark truth is that as long as the welfare state makes it possible for young women - or teenage girls - to have children without a husband and survive without a job, out-of-wedlock births will remain ruinously high, and the inner city will continue to be marked by crime, poverty, and despair.

David Boaz

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1316848
#53. There's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls.

Megan Abbott

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1366906
#54. When I was young, there weren't any teenage girls I could relate to in film. They were all put in boxes: the virginal good girl, the really sarcastic asexual one. I wanted to do something that represented how I felt then.

Bel Powley

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1379799
#55. Vanity's really overrated. When I was 20, teenage girls had my picture on the wall ... I don't need to be pretty anymore. I just am who I am.

Michael J. Fox

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1391279
#56. We did a 'Vanity Fair' spread for 'The Hunger Games,' and we were on set, and I saw a little head pop up from the tree. There were three teenage girls who snuck past security and made it into the forest.

Alexander Ludwig

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1400602
#57. She did love him, in that way that teenage girls love, like a lemming. Which is not love, of course.

Lisa Unger

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1442615
#58. Teenage girls know more than we're given credit for. We sense danger even when everyone's telling us it's fine, he's a perfectly nice man, an upstanding member of our community, have you tasted his sugar-cream pie?

Nova Ren Suma

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#59. Teenage girls in television and film, in my experience, oftentimes are portrayed as either the sweet, innocent virgin or the super-sexy, experienced, town bicycle. There never seems to be an in-between. I think most girls are somewhere in between those two tropes.

Tara Lynne Barr

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#60. On the floors above Delivery, in flowerless rooms, women lay recovering from hysterectomies and mastectomies. Teenage girls with burst ovarian cysts nodded out on morphine. It was all around me from the beginning, the weight of female suffering, with its biblical justification and vanishing acts.

Jeffrey Eugenides

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1506100
#61. Elphaba gave him a sidelong glance. "I think you enjoy going to school, Nick. Are you sure canoodling with teenage girls isn't your ulterior motive?"
"Perish the thought, Elphaba, perish the thought. I'm too old for that." Nick winked. "By about eight hundred years.

Abramelin Keldor

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1530970
#62. Sometimes I think opposable thumbs were invented so teenage girls could use text messaging.

Diane Lane

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1534441
#63. A solid 90 percent of my readers are teenage girls. You are a force. You influence art and fashion and culture. You're eight different kinds of cool. You get overlooked far too much, but my 17 year old soul loves you endlessly.

Kiera Cass

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1588807
#64. As everyone knows, the only population more catty than a pack of actual cats is a clique of teenage girls.

Gina Damico

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1600948
#65. Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Frogs, skinned knees, and the insults of teenage girls are not meant for the wimpy.

Danielle Steel

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1677706
#66. I suppose a lot of teenage girls feel invisible sometimes, like they just disappear. Well, that's me - Cammie the Chameleon. But I'm luckier than most because, at my school, that's considered cool.
I go to a school for spies.

Ally Carter

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1757502
#67. With 'Kids React,' it started, hilariously enough, by thinking, 'Why, teenage girls seem to love 'Twilight' so much!' We went from wanting to ask them ourselves to coming up with the larger and more universal concept of a bunch of Kids reacting to viral videos.

Rafi Fine

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1839726
#68. People say 'teenage girls aren't so clever. Your characters should be less articulate to reflect our youth.' People who say that aren't spending time with teenagers.

Diablo Cody

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1840009
#69. Teenage years are hard. And, having taught high school for a number of years, I think they're particularly hard on teenage girls. The most self-conscious human beings on the planet are teenage girls.

Rob Thomas

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1842092
#70. Because teenage girls don't pray to God, they pray to each other. They clasp their hands over a keyboard and then they let it all out, a (stupid) girl's heart tucked into another girl's heart.

Courtney Summers

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1878435
#71. [Flowy]'d undertaken this mainly because he'd known that going to public school, with girls, would sentence him to fatherhood by age sixteen, and he wanted to evade that pattern, one from which he himself had been born.

Jeff Hobbs

Quotes For Teenage Girls #132498
#72. But good girls dont do that, dont make a fuss, dont upset parents. and i was a good girl so i curled up on the floor and sobbed silently instead

Laura Jarratt

Quotes For Teenage Girls #265907
#73. We hit every jazz and blues club on and off Bourbon Street, dancing and drinking until we girls were drunk enough to go with the boys to the strip clubs which outnumbered all other businesses in the French Quarter. Here is where my solution unfolded.

Darwun St. James

Quotes For Teenage Girls #276466
#74. I didn't get along with Lindsay Lohan on 'Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen', but you have to consider that we were 16-year-old girls. I haven't seen Lindsay since then, but I imagine she's grown and become a different person. I know I have.

Megan Fox

Quotes For Teenage Girls #346061
#75. He would know a number of grown women in his life who did not possess even a small portion of the grace his middle sister owned at the age of fourteen.

James Carlos Blake

Quotes For Teenage Girls #407088
#76. The New Coach. Did she look at us that first week and see past the glossed hair and shiny legs, our glittered brow bones and girl bravado? See past all that to everything beneath, all our miseries, the way we all hated ourselves but much more everyone else?

Megan Abbott

Quotes For Teenage Girls #507477
#77. I see it as more of a teenage activity than, you know, she's only 11, but you know, I think it's great that she knows so many girls who want to play music. And I see it more as a teen activity than I do as going into music.

Kim Gordon

Quotes For Teenage Girls #626335
#78. The community in Utah was very religious. I was a typical teenage girl trying to find my sexuality. Unfortunately, girls do use their sexuality to find attention. I also understand why parents want to protect their kids.

Julianne Hough

Quotes For Teenage Girls #649856
#79. Umm ... abit gross it kinda about boyfriend and girlfriend kinda going throw then they break up then they love each other then they make up again and the girl father said u have to come home until 9pm but the girls want more time to be with her boyfriend

Jacqueline Wilson

Quotes For Teenage Girls #669285
#80. I didn't like his tone. In fact I didn't like boys' tone when they knew they were hot and tried to be rude to girls because they knew they were hot.

Luella Christie

Quotes For Teenage Girls #772493
#81. I'd also believe that all teenage boys go around calling girls baby, because apparently that's the express train to romance.

Katja Millay

Quotes For Teenage Girls #811583
#82. Summer isn't a season, it's a feeling.

Saumya Balsari

Quotes For Teenage Girls #983663
#83. Pubescent girls, it seems, are manifestly more likely to exhibit extreme and bizarre psychological symptoms than are teenage boys.

Caitlin Flanagan

Quotes For Teenage Girls #991362
#84. Lexie was the leader of the bobble heads. They were a group of girls best described as perfect, plastic, fake and hollow headed, hence the name bobble heads.

Ashley Jeffery

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1017919
#85. You're staring," Lana said.
"Yes. I am. I'm a teenage boy. Beautiful girls in wet underwear have a tendency to cause staring in teenage boys.

Michael Grant

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1065927
#86. Your friend Lila is calling from her car phone,' Ned said, half amused and half annoyed. 'Apparently something earth-shattering has come up, and unless she can talk to you this very second, she claims she will die.

Francine Pascal

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1105096
#87. Conspicuous lesbians abounded - it's hard to miss teenage queers who have yet to figure out subtlety - and, though I can't deny that I like my girls a little rough, most leaned so heavily on the dyke archetype that they looked like a Timberland truck crashed into Lilith Fair.

Valentine Glass

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1150920
#88. Nobody, she felt, understood her
not her mother, not her father, not her sister or brother, none of the girls or boys at school, nadie
except her man.

Raquel Cepeda

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1176000
#89. Someone's boyfriend died in a rock-climbing accident in Switzerland: everyone gathered around her, on fire with tragedy. Their dramatic shows up support underpinned with jealousy- bad luck was rare enough to be glamorous.

Emma Cline

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1351518
#90. I went to a girls' school, and it was awful. The combination of my teenage anger and their jealousy meant I was always getting into fights. There was a lot of pulling of hair and scratching of faces and rolling around on the floor.

Nadine Velazquez

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1452073
#91. Katherine stared intently at the cold, hard steel. She knew it would be loaded and that, if need be, there was extra ammunition in the back of the drawer. She would not be one of those girls, the ones who sit idly by and wait for the answers to come to them.

Gwenn Wright

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1503622
#92. We are in a boy recession," Eugene repeats. "There's been a sudden, drastic decrease in the male population at this school. And I'm gonna take advantage of it.

Flynn Meaney

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1550152
#93. I've been asking around to find out what girls are into," Eugene tells me, really pleased with himself. "So I'm gonna get a spray tan and make red-velvet cupcakes.

Flynn Meaney

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1563990
#94. She is a loner, too bright for the slutty girls and too savage for the bright girls, haunting the edges and corners of the school like a sullen disillusioned ghost

Eleanor Catton

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1597073
#95. My love life couldn't be more nonexistent if Julius was all all-girls' boarding school with a moat full of alligators around it.

Flynn Meaney

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1602340
#96. Colossus: The X-Men need me. But as I said...
Trance: Yeah, they don't trust you. I got it.
Colossus: What would Wolverine do?
Trance: He'd team up with a teenage girl and go kill bad guys.

Christopher Yost

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1679994
#97. 'The Girls' tells the story of Rose and Ruby Darlen, who are not only literally but spiritually attached for eternity. Born joined at the head in 1974 to a feckless teenage mother who abandons them, and reared by a delightfully open-minded adoptive couple, the Darlen girls are darling girls, indeed.

Stacey D'Erasmo

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1743754
#98. I was very protected growing up. My dad was very strict with me. I was the oldest of four kids, and there are three girls. So I kind of paved the way of what it was like to raise a teenage daughter.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1744073
#99. if you say!
"A woman is A problem"
"Probably you have never seen her sweeter part

Qalandar Nawaz

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1756928
#100. Teenage boys fall in love with girls who have blond hair and blue eyes. Basketball coaches fall in love with players who have a cerebral court sense and a great jump shot.

John Feinstein

Quotes For Teenage Girls #1783362

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