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Top 100 Quotes About Jaws

#1. When TJ and I got to the bottom, we found Hope staring terrified at Molly. The dog had something long and horrible and meaty in her jaws. It took me a moment to register that it was a very fresh-looking human spine. Damn, she was hungry.

David Wong

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#2. I thought about the relentless thought-processing, soul-devouring machine that is my brain, and wondered how on earth I was ever going to master it. Then I remembered that line from Jaws and couldn't help smiling: 'We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#3. My wife is my favorite actress. Without question. I have seen more jaws drop in little theaters when people see my wife up on that stage than you can imagine.

Jim Parrack

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#4. I love working with an audience. I love working with actual people who, you know, if they're moved, you see it. If you say something they're stunned by, you see their jaws drop. If they're amused, they laugh - that kind of reinforcement, I totally adore.

Jane Pauley

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#5. Having in my life been bitten by the jaws of both victory and defeat, I must rush to add that success is to failure as butter pecan ice cream is to death.

Rupert Holmes

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#6. For the love of the gods, Lorenzo. Just kill the man."

I grinned even as a struggled to pull my arm free from his jaws. "Yes, dear.

Ellis Leigh

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#7. To become wise you have to want to experience certain experiences, and so to run into their open jaws. This is very dangerous, tobe sure; many a "wise man" has been eaten up in doing so.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#8. I did 50 takes on Robert Shaw assembling the Greener Gun on 'Jaws.' The shark wasn't working, so I just kept shooting to make the production report look like we were accomplishing something and to keep cast and crew from going crazy from boredom. It was a strategic indulgence.

Steven Spielberg

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#9. I have stood your meanness as long as I intend to. You have played the part of a damn scoundrel, and if you were any part of a man I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it ...

Nathan Bedford Forrest

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#10. Jaws 4 is so bad it makes Jaws 3 look like Jaws 2.

Neil Perryman

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#11. Shri Ramakrishna use to say, "As Long as I Live, so long do I learn". That man or that society which has nothing to learn is already in the jaws of death.

Swami Vivekananda

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#12. There's nothing in the sea this fish would fear. Other fish run from bigger things. That's their instinct. But this fish doesn't run from anything. He doesn't fear.

Peter Benchley

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#13. I've seen Jaws [movie], like, 800 times. And I love it.

Rob Huebel

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#14. 'Jaws' was the ultimate man vs. nature movie, and it was a movie that was basically three people against the elements, so that was the biggest influence on 'Frozen.'

Adam Green

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#15. Sooner or later, there's always a Jaws: a mental hurdle we can't clear, a decision too dangerous to attack head on. In those situations, sideways is forward.

Steven Kotler

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#16. We are not just tickling the dragon's tail; we are timing a flyby through its open jaws while it is yawning.

Marko Kloos

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#17. I'm as guilty as anyone, because I helped to herald the digital era with _Jurassic Park (1993). But the danger is that it can be abused to the point where nothing is eye-popping any more. The difference between making Jaws (1975) 31 years ago and War of .

Steven Spielberg

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#18. I hate that people think it's wrong to say you're inspired by Jaws or by Raiders Of The Lost Ark. You're allowed to be.

Steven Spielberg

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#19. Love is a hawk with velvet claws
love is a rock with heart and veins
love is a lion with satin jaws
love is a storm with silken reins

Kurt Vonnegut

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#20. The fish might well have disappeared already, but Brody wasn't willing to gamble lives on the possibility: the odds might be good, but the stakes were prohibitively high.

Peter Benchley

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#21. Clamp its jaws on the Black Hawk's landing gear and drag it underwater.

James Patterson

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#22. In those jaws of swift destruction, like another Jonah (by which name they indeed called him), bustles a little withered old man, who, for their money, dearly sells the sailors deliriums and death. Abominable are the tumblers into which he pours his poison.

Herman Melville

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#23. Cambrian animals were not particularly large at first, but they were plentiful and innovative. Jaws appeared. Eyes appeared. Nature began experimenting with weaponry.

Wendy Williams

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#24. For her were meant those terrible words of Louis-Philippe, and a night comes when all is over, when so many jaws have closed upon us that we no longer have the strength to stand, and our meat hangs upon our bodies, as though it had been masticated by every mouth.

Henry Miller

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#25. Being a wizard gives you more power than most, but it doesn't change your heart. We're all human. We're all of us equally naked before the jaws of pain.

Jim Butcher

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#26. The jackal with one eye that looks back and one that regards the path you consider taking. In his jaws are pieces of the past he delivers to you, and when all of that time is fully discovered it will prove to have been already known.

Michael Ondaatje

Quotes About Jaws #169975
#27. How cheerfully he seems to grin, How neatly spread his claws, And welcome little fishes in With gently smiling jaws!

Lewis Carroll

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#28. Wow. That's sort of pretty. In a Jaws kind of way.

Jim Butcher

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#29. I eat till, honest, I felt every button on all my clo'es. The folks where we were stayin' were the old-fashioned hospitable kind; they didn't let you off till your jaws struck work and wouldn't wag no more.

Laura E. Richards

Quotes About Jaws #205132
#30. The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.

John Adams

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#31. But soft you, the fair Ophelia: Ope not thy ponderous and marble jaws, But get thee to a nunnery - go!

Mark Twain

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#32. I'm an old school guy and love the guys in the monster suits and JAWS; even though everyone makes fun of the shark I think it's awesome. You know it's fake, but with my generation that was part of the charm.

Larry Fessenden

Quotes About Jaws #211924
#33. In a movie that's sort of a single monster movie, like 'Jaws,' once you see the animal, it identifies the threat, and you're able to start working on ways to take down the threat.

Colin Trevorrow

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#34. The devil take these people and their language! They take a dozen monosyllabic words in their jaws, chew them, crunch them and spit them out again, and call that speaking. Fortunately they are by nature fairly silent, and although they gaze at us open-mouthed, they spare us long conversations.

Heinrich Heine

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#35. From the practice of wise men. - To become wise, one must wish to have certain experiences and run, as it were, into their gaping jaws. This, of course, is very dangerous; many a wise guy has been swallowed. 301

Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Jaws #262888
#36. Lovecraft dangles like a rabbit from the jaws of his unconscious.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Jaws #263475
#37. The shark's just a shark, right? No one calls it Jaws. It doesn't call itself Jaws. The film is called Jaws, the shark is just a fucking shark. So how can you say, "I like the bit where Jaws bites the boat"?

Jonathan Trigell

Quotes About Jaws #271496
#38. For a moment, half blinded by dirt, I couldn't see Jamie at all. Then I spotted him. He was under the bear, one arm locked around its neck, his head tucked into the joint of the shoulder just under the drooling jaws.

Diana Gabaldon

Quotes About Jaws #284606
#39. She standing there looking me straight in the eye. She look tired and her jaws full of air.
I say it's cause I'm a fool, I say. I say it cause I'm jealous of you. I say it cause you do what I can't.
What that? she say.
Fight. I say.

Alice Walker

Quotes About Jaws #305324
#40. The best scientific minds of the system were staring at the data with their jaws slack, and the reason no one was panicking yet was that no one could agree on what they should panic about.

James S.A. Corey

Quotes About Jaws #315247
#41. The novel succeeds on terms exclusive to literature. A good film succeeds on terms exclusive to the cinema. That's why so many bad novels can become good movies, like 'Jaws' or 'The Godfather.'

Alexander Payne

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#42. Give me mine angle, we'll to th' river: there, My music playing far off, I will betray Tawny-finned fishes. My bended hook shall pierce Their slimy jaws; and as I draw them up, I'll think them every one an Antony, And say, 'Ah, ha! are caught!'

William Shakespeare

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#43. The Set animal's jaws were pried open so fast that it yelped and let go of my arm. I stood, now encased in a magical barrier twice my normal size, and kicked Leroy into a wall.
Good! said Horus. Now dispatch the beast to the netherworld!
Quiet man. I'm doing all the work.

Rick Riordan

Quotes About Jaws #351170
#44. Seven hearts the journey make.
Seven ways the hearts will break.
Bravest heart will carry on
When sleep is death, and hope is gone.
Look in the fiery jaws of fear
And see the answer white and clear,
Then throw away all thoughts of home,
For only then your quest is done.

Emily Rodda

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#45. We were equals once when we lay new-born babes on our nurse's knees. We will be equal again when they tie up our jaws for the last sleep.

Olive Schreiner

Quotes About Jaws #358570
#46. I was in a kind of agony. I was right on the point of coming out with the words, "Lloyd, I'm a pauper myself - absolutely penniless, and in debt!" But a white-hot idea came flaming through my head, and I gripped my jaws together, and calmed myself down till I was as cold as a capitalist


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#47. There is hook in every benefit, that sticks in his jaws that takes that benefit, and draws him whither the benefactor will.

John Donne

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#48. When I said that Mercy stood Within the borders of the wood, I meant the lenient beast with claws And bloody swift-dispatching jaws. - LAWRENCE SPINGARN

Thomas Harris

Quotes About Jaws #386136
#49. The jaws' hooked clamp and fangs Not to be changed at this date; A life subdued to its instrument.

Ted Hughes

Quotes About Jaws #399977
#50. The crocodile cannot turn its head. Like all science, it must always go forward with all-devouring jaws.

Pyotr Kapitsa

Quotes About Jaws #401635
#51. Someone has to pay. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to pay. When a snake bites your children, you don't go and look for the snake that has blood on it's jaws, any old snake will do. Any old snake will do!

Malcolm X

Quotes About Jaws #403734
#52. I'm a fan of the old 'Creature Features' like 'Critters,' and 'Gremlins' and 'Tremors.' 'Jaws' is classic. It's funny that I still like those films because I remember my mom would tease me about getting a pet Critter to keep under my bed.

Brooke Nevin

Quotes About Jaws #404054
#53. I don't know how much movies should entertain. To me I'm always interested in movies that scar. The thing I love about JAWS is that I've never gone swimming in the ocean again.

David Fincher

Quotes About Jaws #409424
#54. That's cool." Hale nodded, unfazed. "But just so you know, that"
he pointed to the piece of metal peeking out from behind the stage
"is a Hurst 5,000 PSI hydraulic spreader-cutter, more commonly know as the Jaws of Life."
"So I'm not a normal boy.

Ally Carter

Quotes About Jaws #430028
#55. Something brushed his leg, and he gazed down into the face of Pippi Tucker. The theme from Jaws raced through his head.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Quotes About Jaws #434136
#56. I think Jaws is one of those movies that, if it is on, I will watch it until it's finished.

Paul F. Tompkins

Quotes About Jaws #446545
#57. The fish was an enemy. It had come upon the community and killed two men, a woman, and a child. The people of Amity would demand the death of the fish. They would need to see it dead before they could feel secure enough to resume their normal lives.

Peter Benchley

Quotes About Jaws #447654
#58. I think 'Jaws' is a remarkable film.

Peter Jackson

Quotes About Jaws #458585
#59. We need the slower and more lasting stimulus of solitary reading as a relief from the pressure on eye, ear and nerves of the torrent of information and entertainment pouring from ever-open electronic jaws. It could end by stupefying us.

Storm Jameson

Quotes About Jaws #481035
#60. Caleb's hands pulled my face up and he still looked like that boy that would move mountains and break jaws for me.

Shelly Crane

Quotes About Jaws #506987
#61. It seemed remarkable to Gregor that above all the various noises of eating their chewing teeth could still be heard, as if they had wanted to show Gregor that you need teeth in order to eat and it was not possible to perform anything with jaws that are toothless however nice they might be.

Franz Kafka

Quotes About Jaws #508492
#62. You see a panther opening its jaws, you don't get your dick out.

C.S. Pacat

Quotes About Jaws #518118
#63. Tightened jaws may be inappropriate in present therapeutic situations, but they either indicate that there is much that still needs to be expressed or that this mode of physical response has become habitual.

Jeffrey Gorrell

Quotes About Jaws #549748
#64. The past always seems better when you look back on it than it did at the time. And the present never looks as good as it will in the future.

Peter Benchley

Quotes About Jaws #552686
#65. In the mouth of Society are many diseased teeth, decayed to the bones of the jaws. But Society makes no effort to have them extracted and be rid of the affliction. It contents itself with gold fillings.

Khalil Gibran

Quotes About Jaws #554987
#66. Sure, you could go out and make Jaws today. But all of the sequels to Jaws weren't good. They are all worthless. The Godfather II is the only sequel that I have ever seen that is as good as or better than the original.

William Friedkin

Quotes About Jaws #555384
#67. But I'm more interested in why people are frightened by Jaws and why Jaws was such a hit than saying Spielberg's my main influence.

Damien Hirst

Quotes About Jaws #572554
#68. Movies like 'The Abyss' and 'Jaws' make people think the ocean is threatening. It's not. It's very tranquil.

Graham Hawkes

Quotes About Jaws #575748
#69. The house is eaten by cold. We hear its bones crack in the jaws of sub-zero.

Bruce Meyer

Quotes About Jaws #595545
#70. Harry would have pointed out that trouble didn't come much worse than having slugs pouring out of your mouth, but he couldn't; Hagrid's treacle toffee had cemented his jaws together.

J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Jaws #598328
#71. Gatekeepers will always try to stop you getting in. But as a true hero, you have to snatch victory from death's jaws.

Bangambiki Habyarimana

Quotes About Jaws #613808
#72. There could be no real dialogue between those who still thought that time was on their side and those who realized that they were dangling from its jaws, like Saturn's children, already half-devoured.

Edward St. Aubyn

Quotes About Jaws #641656
#73. I read 'Jaws' and 'The Godfather' back to back one summer when I was 14 and was suddenly aware of how powerful fiction could be.

Mark Billingham

Quotes About Jaws #641892
#74. Grinding his jaws. Barb snapped, "Over and done, put a fork in it." Stan

Jonathan Kellerman

Quotes About Jaws #645745
#75. Money opens jaws

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Quotes About Jaws #675007
#76. The jaws of darkness do devour it up All's cheerless, dark, and deadly. The best is past Thou'lt come no more Sally

Jean Hegland

Quotes About Jaws #685457
#77. If people knew how many people, especially the very rich and powerful ones, went to psychics, their jaws would drop through the floor,

Carl Sagan

Quotes About Jaws #694665
#78. Trust to a plank, draw precarious breath,
At most seven inches from the jaws of death.


Quotes About Jaws #699945
#79. My favorite movie is Lawrence Of Arabia. But that's a long, long movie. So although I've seen it several times, it's not as fun as Jaws.

Paul F. Tompkins

Quotes About Jaws #714625
#80. I would give ten years off the beginning of my life to see, only once, Tyrannosaurus rex come rearing up from the elms of Central Park, a Morgan police horse screaming in its jaws. We can never have enough of nature.

Edward Abbey

Quotes About Jaws #714818
#81. The past is the Jabberwock. Forget not the fallen, but beware the jaws and claws. With your vorpal blade going snicker-snack, kill the fucker, as you go galumphing on.

Henry Rollins

Quotes About Jaws #714942
#82. 'Jaws' freed me to discover that a successful movie didn't make a damn bit of difference to my life.

Lorraine Gary

Quotes About Jaws #732554
#83. There was a minor burst of macho nuttiness after 'Jaws' came out, in which people would go off in shark tournaments and come back holding the bloody heads of these animals and say, 'Look what I did.' But they've been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years anyway.

Peter Benchley

Quotes About Jaws #760369
#84. The turning point in my career was Jaws. It was a turning point because I was a director-for-hire before Jaws and because it was such a big hit I could do any movie I wanted and Hollywood just wrote me a cheque.

Steven Spielberg

Quotes About Jaws #768058
#85. We're all snatching precious moments from the peaceful jaws of time.

Cressida Cowell

Quotes About Jaws #784134
#86. Cancer is the pitbull of diseases, and it had her in its jaws, biting and rending. It would not stop until it had torn her to pieces.

Stephen King

Quotes About Jaws #784714
#87. I became addicted to the movie-going experience in the 1970s, when I attended multiple screenings of films such as 'Chinatown', 'Jaws', 'Star Wars' and the original 'Rocky'.

Richard Roeper

Quotes About Jaws #789537
#88. It was the money from 'Star Wars' and 'Jaws' that allowed the theaters to build their multiplexes, which allowed an opening up of screens.

George Lucas

Quotes About Jaws #791941
#89. I have never seen it (Jaws 4) but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built and it is terrific.

Michael Caine

Quotes About Jaws #793918
#90. We think Eli is taller and handsomer now that he's won the Super Bowl. Imagine what would've happened if [Jaws] won the Super Bowl.

Tony Kornheiser

Quotes About Jaws #811282
#91. She grinned at me. 'You got types?'
'Only you darling - lanky brunettes with wicked jaws.

Dashiell Hammett

Quotes About Jaws #825680
#92. Moriarty rarely smiled,and then usually to terrify some poor victim. The first time I heard him laugh, I thought he had been struck by a deadly poison and the stutter escaping through his locked jaws was a death rattle.

Kim Newman

Quotes About Jaws #825752
#93. Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of hell.

Alfred Tennyson

Quotes About Jaws #836278
#94. People think that I reached the top overnight; well, it took me fourteen years. I was twenty-nine before I really made it. I've had my jaws and hands broken. One arm is out of place. I've paid my dues in this business.

Larry Holmes

Quotes About Jaws #839905
#95. To fantasies', he said. 'Tell me about yours.' His eyes were a bright, liquid blue, and his lips were parted in a half smile.

Peter Benchley

Quotes About Jaws #847817
#96. There he lay, a vast red-golden dragon, fast asleep; thrumming came from his jaws and nostrils, and wisps of smoke, but his fires were low in slumber.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Jaws #848861
#97. He felt at once betrayed and betrayer, deceived and deceiver. He was a criminal forced into crime, an unwilling whore.

Peter Benchley

Quotes About Jaws #853146
#98. The high point of the act is when he (Uri Durov) puts his head inside the bear's huge jaws. I wouldn't even try that with my agent.

Bob Hope

Quotes About Jaws #864088
#99. I want to map every inch of her skin with my mouth. I want to sit with her in my arms and kiss her for hours, until our lips are swollen and our jaws are tired. I want to know what she looks like when she comes. And I want to be the one who makes her come with my name falling from her lips.

Monica Murphy

Quotes About Jaws #875745
#100. Business is war! Its leaders are strategic commanders, who boldly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat - and who perform other acts of derring-do. This kind of talk sounds great in the boardroom, and, for that matter, in the bookstore, where dozens of authors counsel would-be corporate warriors.

Nathan Myhrvold

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