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#1. Song-writing is therapy for me. I'm a very moody person, very difficult to live with. There's a lot going on and a lot of contradictions. My life is always one step away from disaster. - Author: Gary Numan
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#2. What in the world is a leave of presence? It means I am not going away, - Author: Roger Ebert
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#3. I just scribbled away and eventually a C-major chord was there. I didn't ever decide I was going to be a composer. It was like being tall. It's what I was. It's what I did. - Author: Richard Rodney Bennett
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#4. When you lick me," he said roughly, "I want to be alone - far away from everyone. Because when you lick me, Feyre," he said, pressing nipping kisses to my jaw, my neck, "I'm going to let myself roar loud enough to bring down a mountain. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#5. What's funny about that office is it's entirely dependent on how close you are to the president, because the president decides what your role will be. If you get on with the president, that's great; if you fall out with the president, power can go away. - Author: Armando Iannucci
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#6. Go away, dig a hole, do something else, come back and it magically rejuvenates your creative impulses and stuff. - Author: Mel Gibson
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#7. It'll never go away until the fear you are running from is finally embraced. - Author: Garth Brooks
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#8. There is always a certain amount of 'transmission loss.' You can have a power generator and if the power is going on 100 miles away, even with very efficient cable there could be a certain amount of loss. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#9. The mob dispersed, going ragged at the edges as people legged it down side alleys, threw away their makeshift weapons and emerged at the other end walking the grave, thoughtful walk of honest citizens. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#10. I don't want to be overly dramatic about it, but I think people more and more wonder, is this living, or are we just going through the motions? What's happening? Is everything being leached out of life? Is the whole texture and values and everything kind of draining away? - Author: John Zerzan
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#11. It's going to go away because we all need silence. We all need time to reflect and think. I am not at all pessimistic about this. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#12. Gas is almost a give-away in the U.S. at the moment. They've gone for fracking in a big way. This is what makes me very cross with the greens for trying to knock it ... Let's be pragmatic and sensible and get Britain to switch everything to methane. We should be going mad on it. - Author: James Lovelock
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#13. You touch some of the reasons for my going, not for my staying away. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#14. I believe there is a great deal too much mutual confession going on today, as if sharing one's problems somehow makes them go away. All it really does, of course, is increase the number of people who have to worry about a particular issue. - Author: Helen Simonson
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#15. What was funny if you were there is that we were all immensely sophisticated people who knew exactly what she was going to say and we're chatting away, nice to see you. - Author: Anthony Holden
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#16. The real reason why people are going with digital is that it's extraordinarily mobile, and it's cheaper, and it has a great image, and you just can't beat it at night. It's pulling in variations of colors; it's pulling in lights from 40 miles away - a candle would be seen. - Author: Dan Gilroy
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#17. Death is going to take the boundaries away from us, that we should no more be persons. That's what death is about. When that is what life also wants to be about, how can you feel except rebellious? - Author: Saul Bellow
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#18. If you're going to while away the years, it's far better to live them with clear goals and fully alive then in a fog, and I believe # running helps you to do that. Exerting yourself to the fullest within your individual limits: that's the essence of running, and a metaphor for life, - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#19. I'm going to memorize your name and throw my head away. - Author: Oscar Levant
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#20. Vimes' meeting with the Patrician ended as all such meetings did, with the guest going away in possession of an unfocused yet very nagging suspicion that he'd only just escaped with his life. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#21. What do you want me to do?
Marry you?
People grow up! Move away! I'm going to college, not the moon! - Author: Kim Harrison
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#22. I was a good 30 pounds overweight throughout high school, and it wasn't until I was going away to college that I really wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible to feel as confident as I could. - Author: Daphne Oz
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#23. The left, liberals, believe that if we just have more gun control laws, all the problems are going to go away. Well, I don't think so. I don't think so. I think - yes, it will, it will be reduced. There's no question about that. - Author: Michael Moore
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#24. I was given away. If your mother gives you away, you think everybody who comes into your life is going to give you away. - Author: Eartha Kitt
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#25. It's the only way I think I'm ever going to walk away from the game, is to go ahead and say I'm going to, and then I've got to. There's no turning back now - win, lose or draw. - Author: Bobby Cox
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#26. I don't blame her for walking away; I shoved her out the door and told her to go. I should have realized that she was my light. She was everything bright and beautiful about my life and it went to shit after she left. I'm going to fix this. I have to fix this. - Author: Tara Sivec
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#27. I like my privacy. I love being a part of [films], but when I'm not doing stuff, I like to go away. I enjoy being a person, a great deal. - Author: Mike Myers
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#28. You couldn't know how much going away had changed you until you tried to go home. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#29. I know the food groups that I like to have and are good for me and those that I have to stay away from. And so, I don't need to know exactly what I'm going to eat, but I take my insulin probably 20 minutes before I'm going to sit down. - Author: Mary Tyler Moore
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#30. If people are going to run you over for no reason and think they're going to get away with it, you just go out there and ruin their day, too. That's they way I feel. - Author: Kasey Kahne
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#31. Everything changes once you start trying to market the film. Part of you feels like everything is slipping away from you. For me, I don't want people going to the theater thinking it's going to be a laugh-a-minute comedy, like a Will Ferrell film or something. Because it's not. - Author: Taika Waititi
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#32. People think they will wake up one day and I'll be gone. But I'm never going away. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#33. If I'm going to be away from my family, I'd rather it be working with my friends. - Author: Adam Scott
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#34. I'm not an artist that strays away from my fans. Nah, everybody is open to come and talk to me respectfully and I'm going to give them the same respect. - Author: Raekwon
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#35. Slowly, we drew away from the kiss. His hands remained on my back and at my hip. I wasn't ready to let go of him either.
"Are we going to talk about that?" I asked.
"Do we need to?"
"Most people would."
"What would most people say? - Author: Devon Monk
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#36. I'm putting a temporary hold on the 'stay away from me' thing,'" she said. "just for a minute while I yell at you, and then we're definitely going right back to it. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#37. Good karmas are an illusion and bad karmas are also an illusion. Despite this, I am not telling you to stop doing good karma. Going from bad to good is a good thing. However, in spite of doing good; the illusion doesn't go away. True religion begins after the illusion has gone away. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#38. MR.GOUDY: I believe you testified that you backed away from Aaron Wharton.
MR.COGBURN: That is right.
MR.GOUDY: You were backing away?
MR.COGBURN: Yes sir. He had that ax raised.
MR.GOUDY: Which direction were you going?
MR.COGBURN: I always go backwards when I am backing up. - Author: Charles Portis
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#39. It's going to cost trillions of dollars to rework the energy sources all over the world. Were going to have to move away from fossil fuels. - Author: Ted Turner
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#40. It's a very worthy cause. This should happen, and I do believe that tenacity counts. Not going away matters. - Author: Carole King
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#41. We lived in a tall, narrow Victorian house, which my parents had bought very cheaply during the war, when everyone thought London was going to be bombed flat. In fact, a V-2 rocket landed a few houses away from ours. I was away with my mother and sister at the time, but my father was in the house. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#42. So are you going to marry me or what?
He smiled that smile that had been making me feel something like drunk these past few months, and I felt all my sensibility and reason start to beat their wings as they prepared to fly away. Again. - Author: Dorothy Koomson
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#43. When the virus of restlessness begins to take possession of a wayward man, and the road away from Here seems broad and straight and sweet, the victim must first find himself a good and sufficient reason for going. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#44. I am quitting this thing, but not what you think. I am not going away. I will give you this, my love, and I will not bargain or barter any longer. I will love you, as sure as He has loved - Author: Donald Miller
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#45. If someone feels negative about the way society or culture seems to be going, what it probably suggests is that it's just moving away from the state that they are comfortable with or used to. It's understandable why someone would feel that way. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#46. Quinn wanted to make her see that people didn't live like this; but what was the use. No one was going to get her away from Bird Man out there. - Author: Thomas McGuane
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#47. I can't work any harder. I can't do any more. I am literally just blown away and humbled by the volunteers and how hard they're working. I think they've got a sense that they're going to be part of something bigger than themselves. - Author: John Kasich
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#48. Why are we up here?" Mark asked. Alec pointed a finger at him. "Because it's what you do when someone comes to your house and attacks your people. You fight back. I'm not going to let these bloodsuckers get away with that crap. - Author: James Dashner
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#49. When I go away from you
The world beats dead
Like a slackened drum. - Author: Amy Lowell
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#50. Humility comes from understanding that the obstacles in front of you are not going to go away. - Author: Sarah Ferguson
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#51. There's nothing I can do that's going to drive you away, is there?" I murmured.
Owen flashed me a sly grin. "Finally figuring that out, are you?
I nodded.
His grin deepened. "Well, it sure took you long enough. - Author: Jennifer Estep
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#52. A few stray leaves are floating along the surface, and I like how peaceful they look, not going under the water, and not blowing away either. Just floating, weightless and effortless. I want to be a leaf. - Author: Carian Cole
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#53. You've always been my girl and always will be. No one will ever take me away from you, Tweet. You're my heart and soul and that's never going to change, no matter what you say. - Author: Alison G. Bailey
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#54. Gardening is a madness, a folly that does not go away with age. Quite the contrary. - Author: May Sarton
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#55. It was as if a different person put the key in the ignition and drove away from everything that was familiar. There was no going back now. There was no going forward either. He was going in sideways, sort of, and as frightening as that was, there was the thrill ... - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#56. We like things to manifest right away, and they may not. Many times, we're just planting a seed and we don't know exactly how it is going to come to fruition. It's hard for us to realize that what we see in front of us might not be the end of the story. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#57. Describing passive violence in this culture is kinda like someone who is drowning in the middle of the ocean giving you the low-down on water. The only way you can really understand passive violence is by going somewhere far, far away from phones, news, TV, the Internet. - Author: Inga Muscio
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#58. This entire most beautiful order of good things is going to pass away after its measure has been exhausted; for both morning and evening were made in them. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#59. Our job in gospel is not going away. It's a sustainable genre. It sells - without question. - Author: Marvin Sapp
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#60. Somewhere a million miles away, the girl I once loved was going down her road, and I was stuck back on mine. - Author: Jennifer Flackett
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#61. I think one thing that kids who grow up on farms really have going for them is they have exposure to death and birth in a totally different way. I think it takes away a little bit of the mystery and a little bit of the fear, and I do wish I had that. And I wish I was able to grow my own food. - Author: Rachel McAdams
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#62. A Christian is not somebody who stays away from all the wicked things he loves and clings to all the righteous things he hates so that he can go to heaven. The fear of the Christian is not going to hell. The fear of the Christian is being separated from Christ. - Author: Paul Washer
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#63. When you owe money to people, you're always going to owe money to people, so you should take care of it as soon as possible. It doesn't go away just because you ignore it. - Author: Sophia Amoruso
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#64. Mum was thinking 'bout going back to study creative twatting writing. She had a novel in her, whatever the fuck that meant. She was going to do all the stuff that having me when she was twenty had stopped her from doing. She said I'd made her tits little and taken away her identity. - Author: Caroline Smailes
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#65. This was the life I was going to be living, everybody separated from everybody else, hanging on for a moment, only to be washed away. I could grow up and drift away too. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#66. The idea that somebody is going to come in and make your debt go away and all be well for the future is really a fantasy. - Author: Victoria Moran
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#67. The thing you love right away, don't do it, because that's the very thing that's going to be your addiction for the rest of your life. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#68. There was a time when television was sort of frowned upon among people who wanted to be serious artists. John Travolta kind of exploded that. He was one of the [actors] who made that go away. - Author: David Rasche
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#69. Is it because she's a challenge to you?" she asked, not looking away. "Because if you're going out with her because she's not easy, I swear to God, I will cut you."
I burst into laughter. "Cut me?"
Her eyes narrowed. "I'm not joking. - Author: J. Lynn
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#70. We are vulnerable in the military and in our governments, but I think we're most vulnerable to cyber attacks commercially. This challenge is going to significantly increase. It's not going to go away. - Author: Michael Mullen
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#71. I'm going to grab hold of this night and crack it open, eat the fruit right out of the middle, and throw away the rind. - Author: Tim Tharp
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#72. What are they going to do about it?"
"So far? Get drunk. Yell at each other or at us. Design theoretical judicial systems. Most of them seem to want the whole thing to just go away sot hey can get on with their research."
Murtry chuckled. "God bless the eggheads. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#73. I see young quarterbacks just coming into the league, and they're throwing screens and layoffs right away. As funny as this might sound, I really learned a lot by going downfield, even in tight coverage. - Author: Peyton Manning
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#74. In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away. - Author: Kristin Mayer
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#75. I rallied all the youth around me, all the people who liked Compa, but felt like it was dying, going away, being replaced with Zouk. So it became a movement. So, through the years, I've played my music with dedication, discipline and originality, and controversy also. - Author: Michel Martelly
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#76. I love to post behind-the-scenes photos of what is really going on. My twitter friends really seem to like that and the great thing is I can deliver them information right away. - Author: Nancy O'Dell
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#77. Is she forever for you then? She's worth throwing it all away?"
"She's it. No one else. She's all I'm ever going to want. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#78. You have to go away to come back. That's just normal. That's with bands, actors, comedians, everything. - Author: Pauly Shore
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#79. Life is a game of snakes and ladders, sir. You are steadily progressing accros the board, rolling sixes on the dice and thinking you are going to win - suddenly you land on a long snake and slide several rows down, far away from the destination again. -Mr. Ali- - Author: Farahad Zama
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#80. I've interfaced with a lot of other creators of serialized shows, and I've really been blown away by the fact that they create a big spectacle, at the beginning, in the pilot, and they don't ultimately know where they're going. That's terrifying to me, and creatively disingenuous. - Author: Paul Scheuring
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#81. When I was in grade school I was into chess club, Latin club, D&D, computer camp - everything that made vaginas go away. - Author: Chris Hardwick
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#82. It is often thought that the Buddha's doctrine teaches us that suffering will disappear if one has meditated long enough, or if one sees everything differently. It is not that at all. Suffering isn't going to go away; the one who suffers is going to go away. - Author: Ayya Khema
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#83. The more time I spent with him, the more I knew the feelings weren't going away. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#84. The only thing going on was a war, and no one seemed to notice but Yossarian and Dunbar. And when Yossarian tried to remind people, they drew away from him and thought he was crazy. - Author: Joseph Heller
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#85. Maybe I am skipping over the city and going from very personal things to the world, from internal experience to giant, far-away-from-space experience. - Author: Regina Spektor
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#86. When I go out, I'm not going out to find a man; I'm going out to dance the night away with my best friends. - Author: Mollie King
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#87. The Germans will make a few scattered attacks, then go away. The Romans will enjoy a fine September. - Author: Pietro Badoglio
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#88. Oh the torn up ticket stubs
From a hundred thousand mugs
Now washed away with dead dreams in the rain
And the carparks going up
And they're pulling down the pubs
And its just another bloody rainy day - Author: Shane MacGowan
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#89. To have a girl two thousand miles away going to pieces over you, weeping at the mere memory of you, losing her appetite, losing herself and her self respect - well, that's a trophy enough for a guy's ego, huh? - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#90. I'm never going to be the lead actor guy. I'm real quiet and real happy and real fortunate to keep working. It's what I do. It's like the circus. I ran away and joined it a long time ago. - Author: Michael Ironside
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#91. Buy other authors' books when you go to their events. Even if you aren't going to read it. Even if you are going to give it away. Even if you aren't interested. Not just for the author but for the bookstore. It's karma and just plain good manners. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#92. What is going on with you?" she says, shaking her head and pushing me away. "What's up with all the love and affection? I mean, you of all people, you of the eternal iPod-hoodie combo. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#93. I'll be at the table, as I've been, willing to talk to any Republican who says, 'Look, my country is more important, this pile of bills is not going to go away, the challenges that we have is not going to disappear, we need to cross that divide.' I'm ready. I'm waiting. - Author: Patty Murray
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#94. This war proceeds along its terrible path by the slaughter of infantry ... I say to myself every day. What is going on while we sit here, while we go away to dinner or home to bed? Nearly, 1000 - Englishmen, Britishers, and the other is America ... Everything else is swept away. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#95. I was born I came into this world with empty fists. After seventy years I am going away from this world with empty fists. - Author: Mangalam Shiva
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#96. I don't always have to sing a song. There is something besides 'The Man That Got Away' or 'Over the Rainbow' or 'The Trolley Song.' There's a woman. There are three children. There's me! There's a lot of life going here. - Author: Judy Garland
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#97. I wish I could tell him that we're going through the same thing. I wish I could speak to him like I want to instead of like I'm supposed to. But the idea of admitting that I need help is too much to bear, so I turn away. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#98. Well, probably having to be away from home. When I come back I kind of feel like there's a routine going on that I'm not a part of, so that can be difficult. - Author: Lee Ann Womack
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#99. I am one who believes that we are, in fact, engaged in a worldwide war against terrorism. We must have the serenity to accept the fact that war is not going to go away if we ignore it. - Author: Robert Foster Bennett
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#100. I'm here. I'm always here. It's been how many years, Noah? How long are you going to push me away? I can't be with anyone else until I get closure from you. So tell me why? Why aren't we together? ... Stop being a little bitch and finally make a choice - Author: J.J. McAvoy
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