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#1. It was a bright, defrosted, pussy-willow day at the onset of spring, and the newlyweds were driving cross-country in a large roast turkey.

Tom Robbins

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#2. If it's cross-country ski season, I'll be out doing that, or snowshoeing up in Quebec. In my California home, I go to the local Y and I like doing yoga. It's been hugely beneficial to me in injury avoidance.

Neil Peart

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#3. Running taught me valuable lessons. In cross-country competition, training counted more than intrinsic ability, and I could compensate for a lack of natural aptitude with diligence and discipline. I applied this in everything I did.

Nelson Mandela

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#4. It was as if I had been following a narrow trail, and had suddenly realized that at any time I could leave it and strike out cross-country.

Robin Hobb

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#5. There was no girls' cross-country team at our high school, since cross-country courses were two or three miles long, and, at that distance, a girl's uterus could fall out.

Gretchen Reynolds

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#6. In cross-country skiing, athletes propel themselves over distances of ten and twenty miles - a physical challenge that places intense demands on the ability of their red blood cells to deliver oxygen to their muscles.

Malcolm Gladwell

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#7. For years I drove cross-country, back and forth a dozen times, sometimes on book tour, sometimes just to get lost and found.

Jami Attenberg

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#8. My dad was a cross-country truck driver.

John Searles

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#9. My fastest time in high school was a 4:29 mile. I think cross-country has something to do with my longevity in my business. When you're in an eight-mile race, you never give up.

Alice Cooper

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#10. I started with paragliding. Paragliding is taking off from mountains with a paraglider, with the possibility to fly cross-country, distance, just with the use of thermals to soar. Also, different aerobatic maneuvers are possible with a paraglider. From there, I started with skydiving.

Ueli Gegenschatz

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#11. Cross Country: No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport.

Chuck Norris

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#12. What is love but a nostalgia for someones history? Their boyhood haunts and sullen adolescence, their teenage trips cross-country and fights with their fathers and especially their old lovers?

Darcey Steinke

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#13. Our family has made its livelihood from the land, digging trenches for hundreds of miles cross-country. You could say this is a real paradox, to destroy the land, yet love it at the same time. This is a typical story of Westerners, how we build community through change.

Terry Tempest Williams

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#14. Polls? Nah ... they're for strippers and cross country skiers.

Sarah Palin

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#15. The time groaned by as John made a fool of himself. Eventually, he grew numb to the death and sin around him. He even came to enjoy gallivanting cross-country like a true crusader. His name brought tears of joy or pain of anger to those he left in his wake. The result of his own unresolved pain.

Solange Nicole

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#16. I found I could also be good in cross country. I don't think my running style has anything to do with it. If you have speed and your body feels good, you can do any distance.

Catherine Ndereba

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#17. Guilt wears track shoes. Sprint, marathon, or cross-country, it doesn't matter. It runs tireless to catch you, and it carries a sledgehammer.

Jamie Mason

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#18. Enter with the torch in the stadium. 80,000 people screaming. I was waiting downstairs for the start for 10 hours; I was so tired with the torch. I give the torch to the combined ski cross country that they win gold in Lillehammer in 1994.

Alberto Tomba

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#19. The freedom of Cross Country is so primitive. It's woman vs. nature.

Lynn Jennings

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#20. When I started running cross-country and track in high school, literally every race was a failure.

Chad Hurley

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#21. I started competing in cross-country when I was seven years old.

Tora Berger

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#22. Tortoises are not well equipped for cross-country navigation. They need longer legs or shallower ditches.

Terry Pratchett

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#23. Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.

Steven Wright

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#24. The emotional stakes a memoirist bets with could not be higher, and it's physically enervating. I nap on a daily basis like a cross-country trucker.

Mary Karr

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#25. In the winter, I enjoy cross-country skiing and raising orchids and amaryllises. If I could grow tropical flowers as perennials, I would, especially hibiscus and mandavilla.

Diane Ackerman

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#26. This explains the running, at least, but how on earth did it happen? Am I some kind of freak? No wonder my parents didn't want me on a cross-country team; I'd end up on Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Mark Frost

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#27. I guess I'm a semi-retired person. I work out of my house. I'm a skier in the winter - downhill and cross country. I have a place in Montana for the down-hilling.

Greg LeMond

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#28. I'm a writer-director-actor, which I've always kind of enjoyed. I compared it to the Olympic biathlon. "Not only can he cross-country ski, but he's a terrific marksman as well." I want people to say, "You mean that writer performed a tracheotomy?" That's right, I do everything.

Harold Ramis

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#29. The footing was really atrocious. I loved it. I really like Cross Country; you're one with the mud.

Lynn Jennings

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#30. I told my mom I was going to do a movie about a son who hears a story about his mom and takes her on a cross-country road trip, and I wanted to actually take the trip with my mom to see what it would be like to drive cross-country with your mom.

Dan Fogelman

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#31. I tried to go out for theater or theater arts, but I was too scared or too intimidated. But I had a lot of friends on the cross country team that had great senses of humor.

Dana Carvey

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#32. Cross-country skiing is fine as long as you live in a small country.

Steven Wright

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#33. Downhill's the future of the sport. Cross-country's not geared for TV. Some fat guy watching it with a beer in one hand and potato chips in the other is going to say, I can do that. America likes to see people crash.

Missy Giove

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#34. I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster.

Aaron Patzer

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#35. A couple times a year, I get in the car, and I'll drive 1,000 miles cross-country, going through side streets. I'll stay off the highways as much as possible. And I realize it's a huge country, and for us to be in so many places in the country is an amazing thing.

Fred DeLuca

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#36. I love running cross-country ... You come up a hill and see two deer going, 'What the hell is he doing?' On a track I feel like a hamster.

Robin Williams

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#37. Cross-country running was so beautiful with all the trails and the lake regions ... very physical and also a bit spiritual, where you could come over the mountain and all of a sudden you'd see a Buddhist landscape fog.

Robin Williams

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#38. I've always wanted to drive cross-country.

Mila Kunis

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#39. Eventing is way too dangerous. People get killed every year doing cross-country.

Charlotte Casiraghi

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#40. I saw at once that I had only to rise in my machine, fix my eyes upon the castle, fly over it and speed directly across to the French coast. It seemed so easy that it looked like a cross-country flight. I am glad I thought so and felt so.

Harriet Quimby

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#41. Those days if you drove cross country and you broke down on the side of the road, and the sign says 200 miles to the next gas station, you knew you were so screwed.

Rob Zombie

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#42. I'm not a big fan of my books going on cross-country road trips. They get arrogant and, next thing, start aspiring to become 'large-print' books. I say, let them stay home and be regular small-print books.

George Saunders

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#43. It was actually drumming that gave me the stamina to get into sports later. I started playing drums at 13, and when I got to the international touring level ... I got interested in cross-country skiing, long-distance swimming, bicycling ... things that require stamina, not finesse.

Neil Peart

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#44. With the exception of buying a big rig and becoming cross-country truck drivers, most of Jerry and Ben's ideas for a business involved food. They both liked to eat, so it seemed like a logical career move.

Fred Lager

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#45. It is September 11, 2013. Twelve years have gone by. I'm on a flight from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, a cross-country flight loaded down with fuel.

Hugh Howey

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#46. I'm a runner from sports. I've been a runner, but I wasn't a cross-country runner or anything like that. I played a lot of soccer growing up.

Scott Bakula

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#47. The start of a World Cross Country event is like riding a horse in the middle of a buffalo stampede. It's a thrill if you keep up, but one slip and you're nothing but hoof prints.

Ed Eyestone

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#48. My introduction to track racing was through the background of cross country running, which is not a sport perhaps as popular in America as it is in England.

Roger Bannister

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#49. I've survived beach bunny cheerleaders, a sluthunting , ex-boyfriend, and five years of cross-country camp. I'm not afraid of some throwback to ancient myth with astrocious highlights and a Barbra Streisand nose.

Tera Lynn Childs

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#50. I think that when I was child, acting was mostly just a hobby for me. It was something that my parents encouraged me to think of the way that my brothers thought of their cross-country classes, or my little sister to dance classes and art classes, and it was something like that for me.

Mara Wilson

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#51. School cross country runs started because the rugby pitches were flooded. There was an alternative: extra studying. This meant there were plenty of runners on sports afternoons.

Gordon Pirie

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#52. You can either invade a country or leave them alone and trade with them. When goods cross borders, armies don't.

John Stossel

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#53. In the city that the wolf enters, enemies will be close by. An alien force will sack a great country. Allies will cross the mountains and the borders.


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#54. In some countries, if you carry the Gospel, you can go to jail. You can't carry a cross, because you'll have to pay a fine. But still, the heart rejoices.

Pope Francis

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#55. If there is one thing for which we stand in this country, it is for complete religious freedom, and it is an emphatic negation of this right to cross-examine a man on his religion before being willing to support him for office.

Theodore Roosevelt

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#56. I live in the country, so I get a fair amount of exercise. We heat our house with wood, so I split wood. We also live on a steep hill, and I have to rake and put in cross-stitches to keep the road from washing out when there's a big rain.

Pete Seeger

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#57. Who do you think keeps this country safe so you can sleep at night?"
"I don't sleep most nights. And to be honest, Your Grace, I don't feel all that safe.

Kady Cross

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#58. There were a number of referendums in '98 that most of the things I voted for passed. That's very satisfying when you feel that most of the country is in step with your views.

David Cross

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#59. Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead.

Attila The Hun

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#60. People who were not active in the intellectual life of the country could go on without feeling restricted, except they could not go where they wanted. They could not cross the border to the West whenever they liked.

Stefan Heym

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#61. Our country today is at a cross-point of several crises that were triggered by three groups of causes: the effects of the 2008 world crisis, the external political and economic pressure, and the internal problems and constraints that have built up in our economy

Dmitry Medvedev

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#62. I came from an upper-middle class home, which is always a hard cross for a country singer to bear.

Kinky Friedman

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#63. All communication is more or less cross-cultural. We learn to use language as we grow up, and growing up in different parts of the country, having different ethnic, religious, or class backgrounds, even just being male or female - all result in different ways of talking ...

Deborah Tannen

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#64. Motherhood doesn't have a nationality

Melinda Cross

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#65. In that instant she knew what it must feel like to cross a river into a foreign country, and then set fire to the bridge behind you, and stand on the riverbank, watching and breathing deeply as your only chance of retreat went up in smoke.

Stephen King

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#66. Cross-cultural marriage is difficult, especially when one person has to live in another country. But I thought there was a very good chance of it working because people grow together if they have a common passion.

Imran Khan

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#67. Terenty comes to them, makes the sign of the cross over them, and puts bread under their heads. And no one sees his love. It is seen only by the moon which floats in the sky and peeps caressingly through the holes in the wall of the deserted barn."
from "A Day in the Country

Anton Chekhov

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#68. For 'Around the World in 80 Plates' we got to travel all over, having what was like a cross between a culinary competition and races. And in each country we had a chef Ambassador. We went to London, Barcelona, Bologna, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco ... It was amazing.

Curtis Stone

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#69. I get cross about 13 years of Labour government that brought the country to the state it did.

Theresa May

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#70. Does [America] realize the meaning of every Iraqi becoming a missile that can cross to countries and cities?

Saddam Hussein

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#71. The woman who is liberated must never cross the line in which we ask men to examine their actions; we are a country built on the ideas, ingenuity, canniness, and downright brutality of man - to question their motives is to question our existence.

Kristen Kehoe

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#72. I had never been out of the country before. And maybe this trip didn't technically count because, well, America had officially imploded and I hadn't needed a passport to cross the border, but I was more than a little disappointed we hadn't run into a mariachi band yet. Donde esta el Zombies?

Rachel Higginson

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#73. Radicalism was like a cancer, metastasizing around the globe until every country was infected by it.

Kaylea Cross

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#74. Humility is that simple, inner life of real greatness, which is indifferent to magnificence, and, surrounded by it all, lives far away in the distant country of a Father's home, with the cross borne silently and self-sacrificingly in the heart of hearts.

Frederick William Robertson

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#75. I prefer to scare myself in the ordinary ways, Daddy. Like letting my children cross the country for college. Why bungee jump when you can put a kindergartener on a school bus? Now, that's real terror.

Kristin Hannah

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#76. If I ever did cross over I would like to do it tactfully. I don't want to offend anyone in country. Can you have the best of both worlds? I sure like the idea of it!

Bryan White

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#77. Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them.

Chrissie Wellington

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#78. The people who illegally cross into the country are from countries that have very close ties to al Qaeda, whether it's Yemen or Afghanistan, Pakistan, China. It is an absolute national disgrace.

Rick Perry

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#79. On the radio, turned low, Reba sang of hard times with the full authority of a cross-eyed redheaded millionaire.

Christopher Moore

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#80. The South has more of a disproportionate amount of irony on T-shirts than any other region in the country.

David Cross

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#81. I am more anxious than I can express that my men should be not only good soldiers of their country, but also good soldiers of the cross.

Stonewall Jackson

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#82. I'll be at the table, as I've been, willing to talk to any Republican who says, 'Look, my country is more important, this pile of bills is not going to go away, the challenges that we have is not going to disappear, we need to cross that divide.' I'm ready. I'm waiting.

Patty Murray

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