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#1. No matter how well you know the rules of netiquette, you will eventually offend someone who doesn't. - Author: Don Rittner
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#2. Look for light
Listen for inspiration on the wind
Let water cleanse your soul
Set yourself on a firm foundation
Serve as the plants
Do not offend your fellow creatures
Live in harmony with all creations - Author: Anasazi Foundation
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#3. When the only rule is there are no rules becomes literal, we'll all become illiterate and unable to offend one another at all. - Author: Brian Spellman
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#4. By definition, though, we are family. And in difficult times-- times like these-- despite our differences, we stand together as family. - Author: Stephen King
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#5. Are we not rude and deserve blame, if we leave Him alone, to busy ourselves about trifles, which do not please Him and perhaps offend Him? 'Tis to be feared these trifles will one day cost us dear. - Author: Brother Lawrence
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#6. It's time for students to learn that Life is Triggering. Once they leave college, they'll be constantly exposed to views that challenge or offend them. There are a lot of jerks out there, and no matter what your politics are, a lot of people will have the opposite view. - Author: Jerry A. Coyne
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#7. Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you." But there are others, such as, "Criticize by creating," "Thou shalt offend Pharisees," and "Catch people doing something right. - Author: Mark Batterson
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#8. People invade your space and offend your sensibilities because, to be plain, they couldn't care less about you. - Author: Laurie Graham
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#9. If anything should offend a minority, that's it: a bunch of elitists telling them, 'You can't possibly succeed unless we give you a head start.' And yet the politicians who say that always get the bulk of the minority vote. - Author: Larken Rose
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#10. I believe I have a calling. Do you know what that calling is? To stand up in a new and hard core, radical way for the Lord. In the process, if I insult a couple of people, if I offend a couple of people, and if I got to shake it up a little bit, as long as it is led by the Holy Spirit, amen. - Author: Stephen Baldwin
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#11. A gentleman can always be told by the way he speaks to those that he thinks are his inferiors in some respect. His equals he does not wish to offend, his superiors he does not dare to offend, and of those whom he considers his inferiors he would be all the more considerate. - Author: Fanny Jackson Coppin
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#12. Averse alike to flatter, or offend;
Not free from faults, nor yet too vain to mend. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#13. Have recourse trustfully to Gods loving kindness and He will not forsake you, for He longs to bestow His graces. Though you may have had the misfortune to offend Him, He is always ready to receive you, provided you return humbly to Him. - Author: Margaret Mary Alacoque
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#14. Women preach all over the world as foreign missionaries, and it doesn't offend - it - Author: David Frost
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#15. I don't know of many evangelicals who want to deny gay couples their legal rights. However, most of us don't want to call it marriage, because we think that word has religious connotations, and we're not ready to see it used in ways that offend us. - Author: Tony Campolo
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#16. There is an unfortunate disposition in a man to attend much more to the faults of his companions which offend him, than to their perfections which please him. - Author: Sir Fulke Greville
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#17. The secret to success is to offend the greatest number of people. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#18. If I ever did cross over I would like to do it tactfully. I don't want to offend anyone in country. Can you have the best of both worlds? I sure like the idea of it! - Author: Bryan White
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#19. My family was all born in Sicily and I'm Italian-American. They're the real thing. They're authentic Italians, and honestly they're the most open-minded, nicest people in the world and nothing can really offend them. That's the way I think true Sicilians are. - Author: Vinny Guadagnino
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#20. Everything is a sin. It all depends on which person you happen to offend with your free will. - Author: Michelle Anderson Picarella
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#21. But rabbits belong to the Children of Oryx and are sacred to Oryx herself, and it would be a bad idea to offend the women. It - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#22. There is a magic formula for resolving conflicts. It is this: Have as your objective the resolving of the conflict, not the gaining of advantage. There is a magic formula for avoiding conflicts. It is this: Be concerned that you do not offend, not that you are not offended. - Author: Peace Pilgrim
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#23. I don't set out to offend or shock, but I also don't do anything to avoid it. - Author: Sarah Silverman
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#24. People are going to say what they say. I know sometimes I say things; I offend people. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#25. I feel that America is like a child that grew up so strong and so fast and so tall that it became self-conscious about its size and started to stoop over so as not to offend anyone. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#26. It's OK to burn a Bible, that's OK. OK to burn a flag, OK, that's all right. But just, you know, for heaven's sake, don't say anything that might offend someone of the Islamic religion. - Author: Louie Gohmert
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#27. The man who is really forgiven, is anxious not to offend again; the possession of justification leads to an anxious desire for sanctification. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#28. We all love best not those who offend us least, nor those who have done most for us, but those who make it most easy for us to forgive them. - Author: Samuel Butler
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#29. Nor custom, nor example, nor cast numbers Of such as do offend, make less the sin. - Author: Philip Massinger
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#30. All the best writers take risks, offend people often and say fuck you to the critics. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
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#31. Everything written, if it has anything in it, will offend someone, and if the mere taking of offence was to amount to a licence to kill the offender, well the world would be sadly underpopulated of novelists, columnists, bloggers, and the writers of editorials. - Author: Rex Murphy
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#32. People offend you, irritate you, breathe contempt and malice against you; do not repay them in the same way, but be gentle, meek, and kind, respectful and loving towards those very persons who behave unworthily to you. - Author: John Of Kronstadt
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#33. This is a work of fiction. All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence. Or lack thereof. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#34. The last thing we wanted to do was offend you."
"The last thing you wanted was for me to take offense. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#35. The hill, though high, I desire to ascend, The difficulty will not me offend;
For Iperceive - Author: John Bunyan
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#36. I think if a book has the power to move a reader, it also has the power to offend a reader. And you want your books to have power, so you just have to take what comes with that. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#37. Those who offend us are generally punished for the offence they give; but we so frequently miss the satisfaction of knowing that we are avenged !. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#38. This hill though high I covent ascend;
The difficulty will not me offend;
For I perceive the way of life lies here.
Come, pluck up, heart; let's neither faint nor fear. - Author: John Bunyan
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#39. I don't see me doing $100 million films because $100 million films, the very nature of them, you need to offend as few people as possible just to make your money back. - Author: Eriq La Salle
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#40. I can't get upset about 'offensive to women' or 'offensive to blacks' or 'offensive to Native Americans' or 'offensive to Jews' ... Offend! I can't get worked up about it. Offend! - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
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#41. If thine enemy offend thee, give his child a drum. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#42. I left this conversation hours ago, but somehow my mouth is still moving, words are still forming, and none have seemed to offend. Amazing, the mind. My mind, I mean. Not hers. - Author: Peter Hedges
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#43. John Kerry didn't out me, nor did he offend or attack me by calling me a lesbian. I certainly couldn't be offended by the truth. - Author: Mary Cheney
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#44. Forsake me not till I deserve
Nor hate me not till I offend;
Destroy me not till that I swerve;
But since ye know that I intend,
Forsake me not. - Author: Thomas Wyatt
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#45. I don't aim to offend. - Author: Billy Connolly
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#46. Political correctness is as exploitable as any other progressive ideal, but its aim is to stifle the incessant noise of those who flap their careless lips without a thought about those they might offend and why that might be important. - Author: Marcus Brigstocke
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#47. Tolerance should really only be a passing attitude: it should lead to appreciation. To tolerate is to offend. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#48. For injuries ought to be done all at one time, so that, being tasted less, they offend less; benefits ought to be given little by little, so that the flavour of them may last longer. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#49. Some argue that recognition of the genocide has become even more problematic now, when the world is at war with terrorism and the United States cannot afford to offend the sensibility of our Turkish ally. - Author: Adam Schiff
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#50. Never let anyone offend you or upset you. They don't deserve that attention. - Author: Krystal Volney
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#51. Death can only be profitable: there's no need to eat, drink, pay taxes, offend people, and since a person lies in a grave for hundreds or thousands of years, if you count it up the profit turns out to be enormous. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#52. Please, your story, or I shall offend the dignitaries of my kingdom by yawning at holy things. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#53. Offend in neither word nor deed. Eat with moderation. Live in your heart. Seek the highest consciousness. Master yourself according to the law. This is the simple teaching of the awakened. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#54. We cannot choose who offends us, but we can choose how to respond when we are offended. - Author: Moffat Machingura
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#55. It is difficult to offend a New Yorker. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
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#56. I think the biggest insult, the worst way you can offend a Mexican, is to insult their mother. A mother is the most sacred thing in life. - Author: Emiliano Salinas
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#57. We've all become so conscious of how we'll be perceived and so frightened to
possibly offend someone that we've filtered ourselves to what borders on dishonesty. Sure, as my wife constantly reminds me, you don't have to say everything you think; but when did speaking plainly become such a sin? - Author: Aaron Blaylock
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#58. Thou shalt not offend against the notions of thy neighbor. - Author: James Branch Cabell
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#59. It doesn't matter how many people you offend, as long as you're getting your message to your consumers. I say to those people who do not want to offend anybody: You are going to have a very, very difficult time having meaningful advertising. - Author: Phil Knight
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#60. Thou knowest not the endless artifices of a court. Invented crimes are often there alleged; but real ones, and those especially, which may offend his pride, are oftentimes not to a king divulged. - Author: Vittorio Alfieri
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#61. Every man should follow the bent of his nature in art and letters, always provided that he does not offend against the rules of morality and good taste. - Author: Thomas Edward Brown
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#62. That text-books be permitted in Catholic schools such as will not offend the religious views of the minority, and which from an educational standpoint shall be satisfactory to the advisory board. - Author: Charles Tupper
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#63. We must not mind insulting men, if by respecting them we offend God. - Author: Saint John Chrysostom
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#64. Stories matter. Stories are how we make sense of the world, which doesn't mean that those stories can't be stupid and simplistic and full of lies. Stories can exaggerate and offend and they always, always matter. - Author: Laurie Penny
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#65. I hope I did not offend Miss Nightingale by complaining about the rat," said the countess. "I like her very much. Miss Nightingale, I mean, not the rat. - Author: Mary Pope Osborne
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#66. We should do by our cunning as we do by our courage
always have it ready to defend ourselves, never to offend others. - Author: Sir Fulke Greville
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#67. When you disarm your subjects, however, you offend them by showing that either from cowardliness or lack of faith, you distrust them; and either conclusion will induce them to hate you. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#68. I don't like offending people, and it's easy to offend people when you don't know as much as they do. This group knows more about what it takes to lead in this way than I ever will. My goal is to push people, but I need to do it from a place of respect. - Author: Seth Godin
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#69. My father always wanted to be 'Col-bear.' He lived in the same town as his father, and his father didn't like the idea of the name with the French pronunciation. So my father said to us, 'Do what you want. You're not going to offend anybody.' And he was dead long before I made my decision. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#70. We're not mindless golems, designed to think exactly the same thing. To try to suppress those thoughts is no better than slavery, and being free to say what you want, write what you want or draw what you want, as long as it doesn't offend anyone... That's no freedom at all. - Author: T.J. Dixon
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#71. No longer were there "doctors" of anthropology and physics and literature to offend the real doctors and confuse the public; they had put a stop to that, as they had put a stop to so many things that were unseemly and inappropriate. - Author: Suzette Haden Elgin
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#72. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly refuses to show the Muslim cartoons on The O'Reilly Factor, saying he doesn't want to offend anyone's religion. Someone should tell him those endless interviews with prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch and porn stars aren't high on Christians' list of enjoyable viewing either. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#73. What is reprehensible is that while leading good lives themselves and abhorring those of wicked men, some, fearing to offend, shut their eyes to evil deeds instead of condemning them and pointing out their malice. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#74. Love God and do whatever you please: for the soul trained in love to God will do nothing to offend the One who is Beloved. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#75. Be modest! It is the kind of pride least likely to offend. - Author: Jules Renard
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#76. But because of the religious element in our message, and the desire of the authorities not to offend our religious - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#77. When any practice has become the fixed rule of the society in which we live, it is always wise to adhere to that rule, unless it call upon us to do something that is actually wrong. One should not offend the prejudices of the world, even if one is quite sure that they are prejudices. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#78. Let a thing here be noted, that the prophet of God sometimes may teach treason against kings, and yet neither he nor such as obey the word, spoken in the Lord's name by him, offend God. - Author: John Knox
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#79. It is safer to offend certain men than it is to oblige them; for as proof that they owe nothing they seek recourse in hatred. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#80. The movie industry would never purposely offend homosexuals, native Americans, environmentalists, animal rights activists, or women's groups, but they don't think twice about something that might offend Christians. - Author: Tim LaHaye
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#81. Apparently, there's this whole set of disgruntled people but obviously it's not my intention to offend anyone by changing the style of music that I've done. - Author: Jonny Lang
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#82. I assure you by the Lord, your adversaries shall get no advantage against you, except you sin, and offend your Lord, in your sufferings. - Author: Samuel Rutherford
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#83. Offend her, and she knows not to forgive; Oblige her, and she'll hate you while you live. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#84. Things are not more or less perfect, according as they delight or offend human senses, or according as they are serviceable or repugnant to mankind. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
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#85. It's easier not to make a particular joke in case it offends. But every joke will offend someone, and I've always believed that the audience is bigger than one person. The danger is that things will become bland. - Author: David Walliams
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#86. Art has an obligation to offend - Author: Edward Albee
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#87. Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#88. If I don't offend somebody, then I'm probably not funny. - Author: Tracy Morgan
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#89. I ain't no saint, but I've tried never to do anything that would hurt my family or offend God ... I figure all any kid needs is hope and the feeling he or she belongs. If I could do or say anything that would give some kid that feeling, I would believe I had contributed something to the world. - Author: Elvis Presley
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#90. I have thick skin. I'm not a baby. Nothing really offends me. If there's something I think might offend me, I don't listen to it. - Author: Larry The Cable Guy
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#91. REPARTEE, n. Prudent insult in retort. Practiced by gentlemen with a constitutional aversion to violence, but a strong disposition to offend. In a war of words, the tactics of the North American Indian. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#92. Did I offend you?" Lannister said. "Sorry. Dwarfs don't have to be tactful. Generations of capering fools in motley have won me the right to dress badly and say any damn thing that comes into my head. - Author: George R R Martin
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#93. It's really grinding to always play out of both sides of your mind and always be thinking what will offend people. Or what won't. But I'm strong enough to deal with that. I own that I'm freakish in my way. - Author: Johnny Weir
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#94. There is no other way of guarding oneself against flattery than by letting men understand that they will not offend you by speaking the truth; but when everyone can tell you the truth, you lose their respect. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#95. Man is the sole animal whose nudities offend his own companions, and the only one who, in his natural actions, withdraws and hides himself from his own kind. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#96. You decent?"
I pulled the towel up a little higher. "Yes, if my wrinkled toes don't offend."
Marco's swarthy head popped around the doorjamb. "Naw, they're cute. - Author: Karen Chance
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#97. In regular circumstances, 60 percent of criminal psychopaths released into the outside world go on to re-offend. What percentage of their psychopaths had? As it turned out: 80 percent. The Capsule had made the psychopaths worse. - Author: Jon Ronson
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#98. People with motorcycles always assume that everyone without one wants a ride. I didn't want to offend him, so I said sure. - Author: Hilary Thayer Hamann
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#99. The sage is sharp but does not cut, pointed but does not pierce, forthright but does not offend, bright but does not dazzle. - Author: Laozi
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#100. I have to be careful, as I don't want to offend Midlanders, but growing up, it wasn't like growing up in London. Anything you were interested in, you'd be able to find someone also interested in it. In the Midlands, nobody came out as gay at my school at all. - Author: Alice Lowe
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