Top 100 Makes My Day Quotes

#1. When I realize I made someone's day, it makes my day.

Genesis Quihuis

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#2. Company makes my day.

Jenny Holzer

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#3. There's nothing that makes my day more than getting an e-mail from some random person in the universe who just bought an iPad over in the UK and tells me the story about how it's the coolest product they've ever brought home in their lives. That's what keeps me going.

Steve Jobs

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#4. If young children boo me, that makes my day.

Tom Felton

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#5. I find that going to bed without my phone or an iPad makes me sleep better and helps me wake up without obsessing over emails. It makes my day better.

Jane Levy

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#6. That's disappointing," Nick said. "I was hoping to see you in action again. It's kind of sexy in a violent, perverted sort of way."
"Gosh, knowing that makes my day complete."
"I thought you'd want me to be open about my feelings now that we're married.

Janet Evanovich

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#7. Yoga makes my day better as I am less likely to fall victim to my otherwise foolish & forgetful mind.

Jason Mraz

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#8. Being mom is one of my favorite things. It makes my day watching my kids grow and accomplish things in their lives.

Amanda Penland

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#9. A while ago, I wished upon a shooting star that one day I'd find someone to love ... and now holding you in my arms makes me realize that wishes really do come true,

Sherry Soule

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#10. ...every day we fill up with anxiety just makes life much harder than it needs to be." Those are words I need tattooed to my forehead!

John I. Snyder

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#11. She's my mate; that makes her mine. Forgetting that will see your neck no longer serving its purpose." "I love it when you talk dirty," she purred. "Give my regards to Lindsay.

Sylvia Day

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#12. The process of doing films is not my favorite, but I love television. Television is a quicker turnaround. You shoot more during the day, which makes me feel more productive. It would be like, 'I did five scenes today and ten pages.' That's television.

Jaime Pressly

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#13. My wife's a loving, funny, Irish-spirited person, and I'm still surprised at some of the things she says. She makes me laugh every day.

Gary Sinise

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#14. I do love improvisation, I love when I find an object in my studio or kitchen (look, a tea sample's tiny glass jar!) and instantly incorporate it in a project. It makes me feel creative on an every day basis.

Signe Baumane

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#15. Every day, I have something that is so full of nutrition and so full of foods that give you life, rather than take them away, that it makes me feel amazing and really good inside. It balances my blood sugar, balances out all of the things that I need, the nutrition that I need to get into my body.

Vani Hari

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#16. My love runs by like a day in June, And he makes no friends of sorrows. He'll tread his galloping rigadoon In the pathway of the morrows. He'll live his days where the sunbeams start, Nor could storm or wind uproot him. My own dear love, he is all my heart,
And I wish somebody'd shoot him.

Dorothy Parker

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#17. My son was diagnosed with autism. He's OK, he makes eye contact, but he doesn't talk. He needs eight hours a day of very intensive school, and you wouldn't even believe me if I told you how much it costs.

Steve Earle

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#18. My sleep is very important, and I have to have at least eight hours every night in order to function properly the next day. Unfortunately, flying through several time zones makes me disorientated, and it takes several days to readjust.

Olly Murs

Makes My Day Quotes #82342
#19. Reading has made me more open, has improved my understanding, and has made me a better artiste, but it also makes me live in my own bubble. My mom keeps asking me, 'What do you read in that room the whole day?' Once I am into a book, I will finish it.

Sonam Kapoor

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#20. Every law that curbs my basic human freedom; every lie about the things I care for; every crime committed against me by their politics; that what's makes me get up and hound these fuckers, and I'll do that until the day I die ... or until my brain dries up or something.

Warren Ellis

Makes My Day Quotes #141669
#21. I like to get input from all different kinds of listeners, including the really conservative ones, and sometimes those listeners steer me in a direction that I haven't seen. But at the end of the day, my vote is always to go in the direction that makes me the most excited.

Rivers Cuomo

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#22. I love the idea of getting up early on Sundays and walking to the market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. It's a good way to start my day, and it makes me feel like I've accomplished something before other people are even awake.

Mandy Moore

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#23. My son. He makes my heart grow bigger and bigger each day. There is nothing I love more than being his mommy.

Zoe McLellan

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#24. There's something about the darkness that I find unavoidably intoxicating. The knowledge that other people are sleeping and, therefore, unavailable to ruin my solitude, makes me more peaceful than I am during the day.

Rachel Nichols

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#25. I love to watch to him while he sleeps. Besides everything else he is really my best friend now. It's a different kind of friendship ... It makes me wish I could share every day with him.

Judy Blume

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#26. Looking around, I wonder what is it that makes my fellows able to bear such a life. How can they face the day, when I can't? Is there some secret to living that makes its conditions irrelevant? A neutering of expectation, a mastery of the mundane? Or have they just grown accustomed to rape?

D.B.C. Pierre

Makes My Day Quotes #220243
#27. I just work - however people feel about it, I mean, at the end of the day, if I'm waiting for accolades, I could be waiting all my life, but I don't need that stuff to validate me. I just do what makes me happy.

Nick Cannon

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#28. Monday is a sloppy umbrella day, which makes everybody a little blue. Cole, dropping by my office in the morning, wastes no time in blowing off steam. "You can TAKE this DAY and SHOVE IT where the SUN DOESN'T SHINE," he growled.
"Too late. Somebody already DID THAT.

Giorge Leedy

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#29. I try not to talk during the day when I have a show that night. My voice is my instrument, just like a saxophonist's instrument is his saxophone, plus also his voice, if he's the one between tunes that makes announcements.

Emo Philips

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#30. My average day on 'Leverage' starts at 5 A. M. and ends 12 to 14 hours later. An hour drive to the set and back sometimes makes the day unbearably long. You have to grab a few minutes to yourself where you can.

Gina Bellman

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#31. It makes me wonder what I might become that day when I've nothing to hold me back, when I've only the flame in my gut and the beat of my wings to take me through the dark.

Rebecca Hahn

Makes My Day Quotes #296876
#32. Time and space are but physiological colors which the eye makes, but the soul is light; where it is, is day; where it was, is night; and history is an impertinence and an injury, if it be any thing more than a cheerful apologue or parable of my being and becoming.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Makes My Day Quotes #315091
#33. I was signed to a record label at the same time as my friend Elliot Murphy, who makes great records to this day.

Bruce Springsteen

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#34. Every year I want to experience something that makes me say, "this is the best day of my life."

Robert Cheeke

Makes My Day Quotes #320624
#35. You threaten my balls every day."
"That's because they're hanging around my sister," Rose snaps. I hate that she makes a good point. "And you have full right to threaten my eggs or fallopian tubes. Have at them."
I grimace. "I'm not going anywhere near your vagina.

Krista Ritchie

Makes My Day Quotes #323602
#36. Wanna fuck you and smack the living shit out of you all at the same time. Don't know what this is, but it makes me want to keep you filled with my cock all day long and dripping with my cum. I want to mark you. I want to fucking own you.

T.M. Frazier

Makes My Day Quotes #351613
#37. I look at you and everything just makes sense. And I can't see another day in my future without you in it.

Samantha Towle

Makes My Day Quotes #384103
#38. I hadn't seen Jennifer in a week. Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder.Whoever said that was a damn fool. Absence makes the heart suicidal. Take my heart for example. It hadn't stopped hurling itself against my ribs - at odd times, day or night - for a week.

Penny Reid

Makes My Day Quotes #402461
#39. That if you were mine I would hold you close every day. I would tell you that you are my breath, my life. That you are the thing that gives my life meaning. That makes me whole.

J. Kenner

Makes My Day Quotes #420917
#40. I use humour a lot because humour is a great equaliser. Everyone laughs at the same things if you set them up properly, and that makes everybody equal. At the end of the day, I see my job as being there to entertain as well as inform and provoke.

Gurinder Chadha

Makes My Day Quotes #448871
#41. My mother is my friend
Who shares with me her bread
All my hopelessness cured!
Her company makes me secured!

Israelmore Ayivor

Makes My Day Quotes #449984
#42. They said when you are in love you will be happy but when the day comes i fell in love with someone.i regret the day that i met him.. it gives to much pain inside i feel everything is wrong.
knowing that loves is happiness.but in me it has a reversed makes my life unhappy.

O.v Grace

Makes My Day Quotes #451361
#43. My buddy tells me a lot of interesting stories about what goes on in prison - it just makes my head spin about what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Aaron Douglas

Makes My Day Quotes #478512
#44. And what if one of the gods does wreck me out on the wine-dark sea? I have a heart that is inured to suffering and I shall steel it to endure that too. For in my day I have had many bitter and painful experiences in war and on the stormy seas. So let this new disaster come. It only makes one more.


Makes My Day Quotes #569509
#45. I hate being away even for a day. But I'm happiest when I'm working and have my own things going on, so it ultimately makes me a better mother and wife.

Kristin Cavallari

Makes My Day Quotes #605918
#46. I'm tempted by everything. My husband makes fun of me because every day it's a new food that I love. I have a weakness for butterscotch pudding, ice cream in any flavor and dark chocolate, although that's one thing I do keep in my house - 70% dark chocolate.

Gail Simmons

Makes My Day Quotes #652775
#47. Every day my conscience makes confession relying on the hope of Your mercy as more to be trusted than its own innocence.

Augustine Of Hippo

Makes My Day Quotes #653269
#48. It makes me feel like a very special person, that I'm able to make my living with my imagination. I developed a big respect for my calling while I was in school, and it remains with me to this day.

Tommy Lee Jones

Makes My Day Quotes #657215
#49. Seeing you lights up my day, to hear your voice makes me smile all cheesy, to see you smile makes my heart all warm and fuzzy, when you say I love you makes my body weak.

Alice Gardner

Makes My Day Quotes #657735
#50. Coldness settles again in my stomach. I do not want a nice Hmong girl. I want a nice Egyptian boy who teaches me about colors and makes me appreciate poetry. I want the nice Egyptian boy who stops in the middle of the day to say Thank you, God. For everything.

Rose Christo

Makes My Day Quotes #697047
#51. Love is undying,of that I feel certain.I mean deep,abiding,cherishing love.The love that gives protection even as you,my guardian angel,gave me protection long after you had gone-and continue to give this very day ...
A love beyond Death-a love that makes Life alive!

Ruskin Bond

Makes My Day Quotes #715809
#52. I open up my violin case every day, and have one of the great creations. It is very inspiring. It makes you want to practice. How can you open up a case and look at a violin that was made in 1713 by one of the greatest artists in history and then say, "No, I don't feel like practicing today."

Joshua Bell

Makes My Day Quotes #743499
#53. Seeing my children in the morning as they come down from their bedrooms makes my heart come alive. There's just no better moment in my day.

Kevin Griffin

Makes My Day Quotes #772535
#54. One tradition I have with my friends is that when one of us gets married, we have a ton of fragrance oils and pretty bottles at the bachelorette party. Everyone puts a drop or two in a bottle for the bride and makes a wish, and the bride wears our creation on her wedding day.

Jennifer Aniston

Makes My Day Quotes #780690
#55. What makes me happy is having a really nice day out with my mum, or getting better at something I've been working hard at.

FKA Twigs

Makes My Day Quotes #784782
#56. In my experience, we don't make thoughts appear, they just appear. One day, I noticed that their appearance just wasn't personal. Noticing that really makes it simpler to inquire.

Byron Katie

Makes My Day Quotes #801248
#57. It's my job to be better than the rest, and that's enough reason to go for me. It's my job to be better than the rest, and that makes the day for me.

Jimmy Buffett

Makes My Day Quotes #819658
#58. The United Nations did a study just over two years ago, and that blew my mind. I started thinking that if people are vegetarian for one day a week, that makes a huge difference!

Emily Deschanel

Makes My Day Quotes #850970
#59. We make authentic Maharashtrian food at home. My mother supervises the preparation and the menu every day. She has been doing this since before I was born. I absolutely love the mutton sukka that she makes.

Riteish Deshmukh

Makes My Day Quotes #861786
#60. There's a conflicted look in Day's eyes, a joy and a grief, that makes him so vulnerable. I realize how little defense he has against my words. He loves so wholly. It is his nature.

Marie Lu

Makes My Day Quotes #865581
#61. Now I'm starting, relatively, to think straight again. I live one day at a time, one hour at a time. What makes it all worthwhile is my children.

Paula Yates

Makes My Day Quotes #875617
#62. Each day I take time out to study the Bible, no matter where I am. The teachings of the Bible have added a new dimension to my life. It, somehow, makes me whole.

Michael Jackson

Makes My Day Quotes #886577
#63. I couldn't sew on a day like this. There's something in the air that gets in the blood and makes a sort of glory in my soul. My fingers would twitch and I'd sew a crooked seam. So it's ho for the park and the pines.

L.M. Montgomery

Makes My Day Quotes #895138
#64. It may be my rather puritanical upbringing at odds with my inborn laziness that makes me feel guilty at the end of the day, unless I am able to point at some achievement. But this need be no more impressive than cooking a meal or going for a long walk.

Ian McKellen

Makes My Day Quotes #904235
#65. Each day I connect with my inner being. Doing so, makes navigating through life so much easier.

Renae A. Sauter

Makes My Day Quotes #910042
#66. It's funny about a face, how big a difference it makes. I mean, one day you look in th mirror and you think, yeah, that's me, that's my face. And then another day ... you think, that's not me, that's not my face. So am I my face? I mean is that all I am?

John Marsden

Makes My Day Quotes #913578
#67. I wouldn't call myself successful, just obsessively exhausted. The music makes me smile, the movies make me feel humbled, and the comedy saves my life every day.

Vir Das

Makes My Day Quotes #921182
#68. But then I think about my sister and what a shell-less turtle she was and how she wanted me to be one too. C'mon, Lennie, she used to say to me at least ten times a day. C'mon Len. And that makes me feel better, like it's her life rather than her death that is now teaching me how to be, who to be.

Jandy Nelson

Makes My Day Quotes #960105
#69. Every time I overcome it makes me stronger. So, yes I believe in the good things to come. I have total faith that my steps are divinely set before me and thou I walk through the valley now.....I know one day, I'll reach the mountain top.

Nakeesha Cluse

Makes My Day Quotes #964055
#70. However, amidst the bouquets of laughter that people tried to gift me, there was that memory of yours, lips curled up in a fashion, which makes my heart skip a beat even now. And then the happiness felt incomplete, because I missed you, missed you everyday more than the previous day.

Anmol Rawat

Makes My Day Quotes #979705
#71. Get off your ass and do something. All you need is the right inspiration. Anger has fueled me my entire life. It makes me feel good and ... I'm okay with that. My fear is that my anger will one day make me so damned successful that I'll actually be happy. And then I'll just stop.

Christopher Titus

Makes My Day Quotes #999796
#72. Kodachrome, it gives us those nice bright colors
Gives us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph
So momma, don't take my Kodachrome away ...

Paul Simon

Makes My Day Quotes #1023856
#73. My parents taught me to do whatever makes you happy - follow your bliss. That's why I don't make a lot of movies. I'm very meat and potatoes when it comes to work, putting in eight hours each day. I only do what I love.

Mike Myers

Makes My Day Quotes #1030383
#74. I try to make films that I find exciting. It makes me want to get out of bed at five in the morning, have my make-up done and play for the rest of the day.

Kristin Scott Thomas

Makes My Day Quotes #1053737
#75. If I weren't acting, I would own my own chocolate shop in Paris. I would be a nice, overweight person that makes chocolate all day long.

Emma Bell

Makes My Day Quotes #1059265
#76. When lifting, I'm always with a trainer because the thing that makes a difference is that last 20% in your training, and he very scientifically looks after my food as well, because when I'm going for a 'shirt off' shot, everything changes the month before, and I'm timed down to the day.

Hugh Jackman

Makes My Day Quotes #1082032
#77. Writing is how I process the cacophony of each day. Prayer is how God makes sense out of my scribbles.

Donna Pyle

Makes My Day Quotes #1103004
#78. My wigs are ever changing in height, width, color, size. They make me feel happy. Wearing them makes me feel like I can be a different person every day and that is kind of exciting.

Nicki Minaj

Makes My Day Quotes #1114410
#79. It makes me crazy, your voice. Every day, after we'd hang up the phone, I would sleep with the fucking thing on my chest. Like maybe part of your voice, part of you was still in it.

J.R. Ward

Makes My Day Quotes #1118331
#80. But at the end of the day, who I come home to, who I share my accomplishments with is what makes the struggle worth it

Kristen Callihan

Makes My Day Quotes #1136012
#81. As someone who makes his living as an actor, my routine varies almost every day. There are weeks I'm working and weeks I'm not. People think it must be great to have all that time off, but you'd be surprised how quickly that grass would become greener. The idle brain is the devil's playground.

Eric Lange

Makes My Day Quotes #1182443
#82. The thing that makes my generation The Greatest is our ability to hang out. We're spectacular at it. If you take somebody from my generation and sit them on a couch and bring them food and plumbing, they'll sit there and talk to you about anything you want until the day you die.

Lewis Black

Makes My Day Quotes #1216508
#83. Mostly though, Rubes, I want to go back in time and beat every single person's ass who's ever made you doubt yourself, because the girl who makes me smile 'til my face hurts even on a shit day needs to see that in herself. I feel like I owe it to you." Aaron

Mariana Zapata

Makes My Day Quotes #1220837
#84. There are things you're supposed to learn in life. My biggest regret was terminating a pregnancy when I was about 18. Every day, I think about who that baby would be now; it still makes me sad.

Suzi Quatro

Makes My Day Quotes #1225894
#85. That is another reason this transition for me into soaps makes sense for me, because I would get to work at my craft every day. I would be able to play this very real character.

Darius McCrary

Makes My Day Quotes #1229348
#86. Contouring makes a huge difference in your bone structure! I don't do it every day, because when I'm not working, I like to keep my skin fresh.

Jasmine Tookes

Makes My Day Quotes #1238573
#87. My work makes me a better mom. It gives me a little door to step out of my parenting and bring the excitement from my day back home.

Christie Brinkley

Makes My Day Quotes #1298289
#88. The quiet that envelops space makes the beauty even more powerful, and I only hope that the quiet can one day spread to my country.

Ilan Ramon

Makes My Day Quotes #1338678
#89. Being a little kinder, a little slower to anger, a little more loving makes my life better - day by day.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Makes My Day Quotes #1342816
#90. One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn't have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.

Gabourey Sidibe

Makes My Day Quotes #1364453
#91. I have the picture of Barack [Obama] and me dancing right outside of my dressing room door, I see it every single day, and it makes me very happy.

Ellen DeGeneres

Makes My Day Quotes #1376862
#92. Half an hour of exercise in the morning makes for better interactions all day. Then a sound night of sleep gives me energy to tackle the next day. I am a more active parent, a better spouse, and more engaged in my work when I eat, move, and sleep well.

Tom Rath

Makes My Day Quotes #1428993
#93. It makes it really hard to just go to a dinner party because, in my work life, I'm surrounded by the funniest people, ever. I'm really spoiled. I laugh a lot, in my day.

Jenna Fischer

Makes My Day Quotes #1450891
#94. Father's Day each year makes me grateful for what my father did for me. This has little to do with our relationship, and much to do with what he taught me.

Karen DeCrow

Makes My Day Quotes #1470027
#95. Father's Day makes me wish I could talk to my Dad just one more time, instead of all the time.

Anthony Jeselnik

Makes My Day Quotes #1485868
#96. I'm going to make decisions that I think are best for me and my family. So, when I make these decisions, of course I'm going to ask people for advice, but at the end of the day, Brandon Jennings makes the decisions. And I feel like the decisions that I've made so far have been successful.

Brandon Jennings

Makes My Day Quotes #1545726
#97. I hope that my children will someday be as proud of me as I am of my mom. I am so grateful to be her daughter. I'm so grateful that she is Charlotte's and Aiden's grandmother. She makes me proud every single day.

Chelsea Clinton

Makes My Day Quotes #1549236
#98. My fear is not that our great movement, known as the Methodists, will eventually cease to exist or one day die from the earth. My fear is that our people will become content to live without the fire, the power, the excitement, the supernatural element that makes us great.

John Wesley

Makes My Day Quotes #1594121
#99. My father was himself a college professor and a pedant to the bone. Every exchange contained a lesson, like the pit in a cherry. To this day, the Socratic method makes me want to bite someone.

Karen Joy Fowler

Makes My Day Quotes #1594590
#100. Makes you grow up quick. Hard work makes you strong. I work hard every day; that's where I get my strength. That and knowing who I am.

Dorothea Benton Frank

Makes My Day Quotes #1605715

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