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#1. To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukaemia with leeches. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#2. Every believer is made complete when placed under the complete claim of Christ, and all the spiritual ills of our world find their only cure in him. - Author: David E. Garland
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#3. It is too late in the day-there are simply too many of us now-to follow Thoreau into the woods, to look to nature to somehow cure or undo culture. - Author: Michael Pollan
Jah Cure Sayings #80634
#4. The disease is painless; it's the cure that hurts. - Author: Katharine Whitehorn
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#5. In modern medicine, we have a name for nearly everything, but a cure for almost nothing. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#6. I do not understand how anyone can, in good conscience, tell a family whose child is suffering from a life-threatening disease that politics is more important than finding a cure. - Author: Jim Doyle
Jah Cure Sayings #79345
#7. We're fighting internal struggles, I am the cancer for my own cure. - Author: El-P
Jah Cure Sayings #78595
#8. Anger was a reliable defense, but one that allowed no chance of final victory. Anger was a medicine but never a cure, briefly numbing the pain without extracting the thorn that caused the agony. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#9. A new question for the psychotherapist to ask is whether a theory can go beyond mere effectiveness in achieving either a so-called cure or even personal growth into its implications for the nature of an evolving society. - Author: Erving Polster
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#10. Despite the hour, customers already flooded the market, men, women, and children of every color and race looking for the magic cure to their problems. They were what allowed the poachers to exist. They'd stop poaching if people stopped buying. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Jah Cure Sayings #71947
#11. My love is a thousand French poets puking black blood on your Cure CD collection. - Author: Henry Rollins
Jah Cure Sayings #71683
#12. Hee that bewailes himselfe hath the cure in his hands. - Author: George Herbert
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#13. A broken heart is a distemper which kills many more than is generally imagined, and would have a fair title to a place in the bills of mortality, did it not differ in one instance from all other diseases, namely, that no physicians can cure it. - Author: Henry Fielding
Jah Cure Sayings #70993
#14. I can't cure anyone. I can't guarantee they will heal. I can only tell them my story, remind them that they are not alone in their journey and offer a glimmer of hope for healing. - Author: Sharon E. Rainey
Jah Cure Sayings #82890
#15. Hallucinogens then do the same job as religion - they provide proof of unity, which is still the only known cure for fear of death. - Author: Steven Kotler
Jah Cure Sayings #68613
#16. I'm not stupid. I know exactly what's going on, and I'm not fighting it. If I have to go through this, I will glean from it any small benefit I can receive. I will not fight this. Bring it on. Bring on the cure. Bring on the fucking happy. I'm committed. - Author: Emilie Autumn
Jah Cure Sayings #66004
#17. The man was right who said that salt water was a cure for everything ... in one of three forms, tears, sweat, or the sea. - Author: Arthur Gordon
Jah Cure Sayings #64571
#18. Remorse is the poison of life. Reformation may be its cure. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#19. Sometimes a broken heart can mend something else's brokenness - Author: Munia Khan
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#20. A world full of happiness is not beyond human power to create; the obstacles imposed by inanimate nature are not insuperable. The real obstacles lie in the heart of man, and the cure for these is a firm hope, informed and fortified by thought. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Jah Cure Sayings #62644
#21. There's nothing wrong with the Little League World Series that locking out the adults couldn't cure. - Author: Mike Penner
Jah Cure Sayings #61060
#22. While the world has found the right names for all chronic mental diseases, I believe poetry is also a brain dysfunction, yet the only one that owns itself the mastery for the cure. Isn't it lovely to say, "He/She suffers of Poetry?". - Author: Ioana-Cristina Casapu
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#23. Deflation isn't good, and inflation is easier to cure than deflation. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#24. We cannot idealize technology. Technology is only and always the reflection of our own imagination, and its uses must be conditioned by our own values. Technology can help cure diseases, but we can prevent a lot of diseases by old-fashioned changes in behavior. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#25. The junkie can never start to cure himself until he recognizes his true condition. - Author: Malcolm X
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#26. Patient sees [lithium] medication as a promise of a cure, and a means of suicide if it doesn't work. She fears that by taking it she will risk her last resort - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
Jah Cure Sayings #97062
#27. You start to understand that grief is chronic. That it's more about remission and relapse than it is about a cure. What that means to you is that you can't simply wait for it to be over. You have to move through it, like swimming in an undertow. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#28. There's nothing the matter with Hollywood that a good earthquake couldn't cure. - Author: Moss Hart
Jah Cure Sayings #110858
#29. He wasn't a patient. I expect someone cured him. You cure a lot of people in this country, don't you, with bullets? - Author: Graham Greene
Jah Cure Sayings #110589
#30. Working on television is therapeutic to me. When that camera comes on all negativity vanishes. I forget about the fight I had with my neighbor. I forget about the pain in my left foot. I forget about my dog dying. Performing, for me, is an emotional cure all. - Author: Todd Newton
Jah Cure Sayings #107175
#31. Some injuries can only be cured by our creator. We can try to hide them but the pain is too deep. These are the moments in every human's life that we seek for a cure, when the pain becomes too much to bare. - Author: Ellen J. Barrier
Jah Cure Sayings #104498
#32. To seek death is death's only cure. - Author: Farid Al-Din Attar
Jah Cure Sayings #101936
#33. What's wrong with people is people. There's no cure for that. - Author: Marty Rubin
Jah Cure Sayings #100667
#34. I bet that smile could cure cancer. - Author: S.L. Morgan
Jah Cure Sayings #100638
#35. I hope we find a cure for every major disease, because I'm tired of walking 5K. I'm pretty sure I don't have to sweat for cancer. I'll write a check. - Author: Daniel Tosh
Jah Cure Sayings #99070
#36. Happiness is the cure - a cheerful mind the preventive: cultivate both. No mockery in this world ever sounds to me so hollow as that of being told to cultivate happiness. What does such advice mean? Happiness is not a potato, to be planted in mould, and tilled with manure. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Jah Cure Sayings #98849
#37. Our cure, to be no more; sad cure! - Author: John Milton
Jah Cure Sayings #98006
#38. Intellectual curiosity about one's own illness is certainly born of a desire for mastery. If I couldn't cure myself, perhaps I could at least begin to understand myself. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Jah Cure Sayings #97416
#39. Racism is a cancer that America does not want to cure. - Author: Willie D
Jah Cure Sayings #56727
#40. Even if we never cure a single disease, the Human Genome Project and other ventures will have been worth it. - Author: Sam Kean
Jah Cure Sayings #96859
#41. No one can be the total cure for another person. - Author: Frank Lentricchia
Jah Cure Sayings #96162
#42. Just because it wouldn't cure everything doesn't mean it wouldn't make things better than they are. - Author: Sara Raasch
Jah Cure Sayings #95547
#43. Anarchism? You bet your sweet betsy. The only cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy. Much more. - Author: Edward Abbey
Jah Cure Sayings #93385
#44. The artist, surgeon, through clay form, can only look for cure with great obstinacy until he discovers, repeatedly, that love is god's only gift that enables man to transcend his tragedy and regain his wholeness and well-being beyond the claws of evil, rampaging as evil may be. - Author: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
Jah Cure Sayings #92629
#45. Commerce is the cure for the most destructive prejudices. - Author: Bill Vaughan
Jah Cure Sayings #92364
#46. There are many troubles which you cannot cure by the Bible and the hymn-book, but which you can cure by a good perspiration and a breath of fresh air. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
Jah Cure Sayings #91285
#47. Jesus." Blake rubbed his throat. "You have anger management problems. Its like a disease."
"There's a cure and it's called kicking your ass. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Jah Cure Sayings #89387
#48. I too searched far and wide for the cure to addiction, but my medical and psychiatric background did not lead me to the cure because the source of addiction does not lie here,. - Author: Abraham J. Twerski
Jah Cure Sayings #85866
#49. There are two reasons for drinking: one is, when you are thirsty, to cure it; the other, when you are not thirsty, to prevent it. - Author: Thomas Love Peacock
Jah Cure Sayings #83916
#50. If I found a cure for a huge disease, while I was hobbling up onstage to accept the Nobel Prize they'd be playing the theme song from 'Three's Company'. - Author: John Ritter
Jah Cure Sayings #83447
#51. With words ... one can cut & kill:but also one can cure and heal. - Author: Darrius Garrett
Jah Cure Sayings #19718
#52. A half-educated physician is not valuable. He thinks he can cure everything. - Author: Mark Twain
Jah Cure Sayings #27936
#53. A will to be unkind is like a sickness. It can be healed or driven out. But to be unkind because you are thoughtless is the worst kind of blindness: difficult to cure, because you cannot see the fault even as you commit it. - Author: Cameron Dokey
Jah Cure Sayings #26036
#54. America is a young country, young and brash and prone to errors. Like teenagers. For all our inherent goodness, we've been cursed with bright, shiny object disease and we don't want a cure. Not now. Not till we get our little taste, till our kids get theirs. - Author: Heather Choate Davis
Jah Cure Sayings #26010
#55. A journey is not a cure. It brings an illusion, only, of change, and becomes at best a spartan comfort - Author: Colin Thubron
Jah Cure Sayings #24324
#56. To try to cure unemployment by inflation rather than by adjustment of specific wage-rates is like trying to adjust the piano to the stool rather than the stool to the piano. - Author: Henry Hazlitt
Jah Cure Sayings #24036
#57. I mean," Minnie continued, "I don't have a problem with anyone who has a disability and wants to find a cure. But I'm good." "Don't you get it?" Flexis argued, "I'm giving you the chance to be normal!" "Your definition of normal severely contradicts mine," Minnie quietly said. Victor's - Author: Burgandi Rakoska
Jah Cure Sayings #23741
#58. Scientists announced today that they have discovered a cure for apathy. However, they claim no one has shown the slightest interest in it. - Author: George Carlin
Jah Cure Sayings #23283
#59. In the traditional urban novel, there is only survival or not. The suburban idea, the conformist idea, that agony can be seen to and cured by doctors or psychoanalysis or self-knowledge is nowhere to be found in the city. Talking is a way of life, but it is not a cure. Same with religion. - Author: Jane Smiley
Jah Cure Sayings #22456
#60. This fact provides a rebuttal to the argument "What if a young woman aborts a baby who would have gone on to become a doctor and find the cure for cancer?" A rejoinder is, "What if a young woman who would have gone on to become a doctor and find the cure for cancer dies in childbirth? - Author: Michael Shermer
Jah Cure Sayings #21466
#61. Thoughts are chemical. They can either kill us or cure us. - Author: Bernie Siegel
Jah Cure Sayings #21195
#62. Moon-Watcher felt the first faint twinges of a new and potent emotion. It was a vague and diffuse sense of envy
of dissatisfaction with his life. He had no idea of its cause, still less of its cure; but discontent had come into his soul, and he had taken one small step toward humanity. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Jah Cure Sayings #21075
#63. I have trust issues."
"I know. I'm on a mission to cure you of that. - Author: Simone Elkeles
Jah Cure Sayings #20652
#64. The best lesson that any people can learn is that there is no patent cure-all which will make the body politic perfect, and that any man who is able glibly to answer every question as to how to deal with the evils of the body politic is at best a foolish visionary and at worst an evil-minded quack. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Jah Cure Sayings #29645
#65. War is a disease without a cure, and we're all infected. - Author: R.V. Doon
Jah Cure Sayings #17524
#66. Cities were built to measure time, to remove time from nature. There's an endless counting down, he said. When you strip away all the surfaces, when you see into it, what's left is terror. This is the thing that literature was meant to cure. - Author: Don DeLillo
Jah Cure Sayings #15762
#67. But sweat is the kindest creature of the three - far better than philosophy, as a cure for ill thoughts. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Jah Cure Sayings #11794
#68. You can get tested now for early onset Alzheimer's. Hold on a second, could someone hire a marching band, cause I'm so happy I feel like having a parade. You mean I can find out early if I'm going to die of a super horrible disease that there's no cure for? Well, whoopee! - Author: Arj Barker
Jah Cure Sayings #9726
#69. I have a sickness doctors can't cure,
Inexorably pulling me to the well of my destruction,
Consented to be a sacrifice, killed for her love,
Eager, like the drunk gulping wine mixed with poison,
Shameless were those my nights,
Yet my soul loved them beyond all passion. - Author: Ibn Hazm
Jah Cure Sayings #8807
#70. Wine is an escape from grief,
a slip into sleep,
a cool forgetting of the hot pains of day.
What better cure for being human? - Author: Euripides
Jah Cure Sayings #6734
#71. While England endeavors to cure the potato-rot, will not any endeavor to cure the brain-rot, which prevails so much more widely and fatally? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Jah Cure Sayings #5447
#72. The sicknesses of the soul have their ups and downs like those of the body; what we take to be a cure is most often merely a respite or change of disease. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Jah Cure Sayings #5231
#73. In a while he would make the necessary notes, describing the only known cure for Vitriol: an awareness of life. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Jah Cure Sayings #4034
#74. Rarely do I truly understand the disease which ails me. Therefore, rarely do I truly understand the fix that would cure me. And so maybe I should truly contemplate how rarely I recognize that God understands both. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Jah Cure Sayings #3114
#75. Focusing on our individual steps can cure the paralysis and overwhelm, which sometimes occurs when staring into the future. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
Jah Cure Sayings #2099
#76. [U]nemployment is ... a side effect of the cure for inflation. - Author: Milton Friedman
Jah Cure Sayings #40620
#77. Though we don't have a cure for cancer we at least have stopped being too ashamed to even say the name of the disease - and the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic is edifying, isn't it? Shame shuts down productive thinking, and I'd like to open the doors. It's a first step. - Author: Laura Mullen
Jah Cure Sayings #56577
#78. Art is neither a muscle nor a cure for ugliness. Ugliness has its own reasons and convictions to stay here. Art has a patience of a civilized, patience to withhold the gentleness of the civilization. - Author: Ashutosh Gupta
Jah Cure Sayings #56418
#79. There's only one cure for weirdness."
"Anal? - Author: Lauren Blakely
Jah Cure Sayings #54793
#80. Masturbation is an absolutely peerless cure for the hiccups - Author: Inga Muscio
Jah Cure Sayings #54169
#81. As soon as we find a cure, we will utilize any of the donations to go toward providing medication to those who can't afford it. That is my goal. - Author: Montel Williams
Jah Cure Sayings #53954
#82. I'm sorry, 'herbal medicine', "Oh, herbal medicine's been around for thousands of years!" Indeed it has, and then we tested it all, and the stuff that worked became 'medicine'. And the rest of it is just a nice bowl of soup and some potpourri, so knock yourselves out. - Author: Dara O Briain
Jah Cure Sayings #52509
#83. Making people change because you can't deal with who they are isn't how it's supposed to be done. What needs to be done is for people to pull their heads out of their asses. You say 'cure.' I hear 'you're not human enough. - Author: John Scalzi
Jah Cure Sayings #51529
#84. the cure for apathy is memory. - Author: Nayyirah Waheed
Jah Cure Sayings #51469
#85. I start to think there really is no cure for depression, that happiness is an ongoing battle, and I wonder if it isn't one I'll have to fight for as long as I live. I wonder if it's worth it. - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
Jah Cure Sayings #50915
#86. Yeah, I'm just here for - I stop for a second, because I'm not sure how to finish the line out loud. To see if I can ever be happy, or even remotely human, again. Would you happen to have the magic cure? - Author: Daisy Whitney
Jah Cure Sayings #50546
#87. You know, l don't kid myself about the show. If it doesn't get ratings, it's off. Look, if I came up with the cure for cancer and it didn't get ratings, they wouldn't put it on. That's how vicious that business is. - Author: Donald Trump
Jah Cure Sayings #48921
#88. I am an atheist and I consider religions to be a form of collective neurosis. I am not an enemy of the Catholics, as I am not an enemy of the tuberculars, the myopic or the paralytics; you cannot be an enemy of the sick, only their good friend in order to help them cure themselves. - Author: Diego Rivera
Jah Cure Sayings #42855
#89. The only cure for anxiety is to get down on our knees. - Author: R.C. Sproul
Jah Cure Sayings #1069
#90. Everybody seems to have given up hope of trying. I haven't. It isn't easy and it isn't supposed to be, but I'm accomplishing something. How many people give up a lot to do something good. I'm sure we would have found a cure for cancer 20 years ago if we had really tried - Author: Terry Fox
Jah Cure Sayings #38759
#91. No pills gonna cure my ill. - Author: Robert Palmer
Jah Cure Sayings #38335
#92. Once for all God made complete and perfect provision for the cure of man's sins; without the blood of Christ, it is indeed a fatal disease. - Author: Billy Graham
Jah Cure Sayings #37867
#93. Science can lift people out of poverty and cure disease. That, in turn, will reduce civil unrest. - Author: Stephen Hawking
Jah Cure Sayings #37381
#94. Is sex a cure for loneliness, and if it is, what happens if our body or sexuality is considered deviant or damaged, if we are ill or unblessed with beauty? - Author: Olivia Laing
Jah Cure Sayings #35385
#95. A feeble body makes a feeble mind. I do not know what doctors cure us of, but I know this: they infect us with very deadly diseases, cowardice, timidity, credulity, the fear of death. What matter if they make the dead walk, we have no need of corpses; they fail to give us men, and it is men we need. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jah Cure Sayings #34492
#96. Why do we live in a time where we only say what we feel when it's too late? We have evolved. We can split atoms and cure diseases and travel to other planets. Yet we can't say how we feel. We can't tell one another who we really are and be accepted for it. - Author: M. Jonathan Lee
Jah Cure Sayings #32703
#97. Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure. - Author: Petrarch
Jah Cure Sayings #31712
#98. As I write, there is a craze for what is called psychoanalysis, or the cure of diseases by explaining to the patient what is the matter with him: an excellent plan if you happen to know what is the matter with him, especially when the explanation is that there is nothing the matter with him. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Jah Cure Sayings #31500
#99. Journalism, like history, has no therapeutic value; it is better able to diagnose than to cure, and it provides society with a primitive means of psychoanalysis that allows the patient to judge the distance between fantasy and reality. - Author: Bill Vaughan
Jah Cure Sayings #30895
#100. Finding relief in your problem is fine, but it will not cure the problem. - Author: Henry R Brandt
Jah Cure Sayings #30860

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