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#1. It always interested me that 'Goodness Gracious Me' and 'The Kumars,' when shown around the world, were referred to as British comedy. It was only here that they were referred to as Asian comedy, even though I always felt it was very British in its humour and structure. - Author: Sanjeev Bhaskar
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#2. Every bar mitzvah I ever went to was, 'Here comes 'Oh, What a Night.' - Author: Erich Bergen
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#3. I was surprised that President [Barak] Obama would be so bold to come here [UK] and tell people what to do.I think a lot of people don't like him and I think if he had not said it I think you're result might have been different. - Author: Donald Trump
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#4. I was singing doo-wop on the corner under the streetlight with four other guys when it wasn't called doo-wop. We just got together and sang, so that music is inside of me. It's a lot of stuff that has been rolling around in here and becoming this compost and has made me who I am as a singer. - Author: Al Jarreau
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#5. I'd been going up for things, but I hadn't got anything, and then 'Anne Frank' came out, and there was a sudden flurry. I got a call saying they wanted to see me at the Globe, which was incredible because I'd been coming here since I was 12. - Author: Ellie Kendrick
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#6. When I was a young man, King Francois of France greatly admired my bare buttocks. I have that information only by hearsay, of course, because my buttocks were in the king's chateau of Chambord while I was here in Italy. - Author: Alan Fisk
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#7. I tried not to feel hurt. Here was my own dad,telling me he was sorry i'd been born. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#8. One day I was driving down the farm track in the pickup,with two of the little boys, aged about four or five, sitting beside me. One of them turned to me conversationally and said, "Baba, don't worry. When you get old one day you'll be sitting here where we are, and we'll be driving you around! - Author: Angus Buchan
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#9. I'm the Captain of the Guard-I'm not exactly a catch for any of them." There was sorrow in his eyes, though it was well concealed.
"Are you mad? You're better than anyone in here. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#10. A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay. - Author: Antonio Banderas
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#11. So, I bought a new CD and I was trying to get it open but couldn't with all the layers ... I mean plastic and then tape, and the tape is like government tape. It says 'open here.' Is that sarcasm? - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#12. Yeah, you know, I performed occasionally. I was in such despair because I just - if I didn't have my music to connect with, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing. There was never a 'B' plan here; it was just this. So it took me a long time to find my way. - Author: Melissa Manchester
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#13. My father once asked me if I knew where yonder was. I said I thought yonder was another word for there. He smiled and said, No, yonder is between here and there. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#14. I was the real winner of Dom Wars. I'd won the treasure of a lifetime in Tara. Nothing else mattered except getting us both out of here alive. - Author: Lucian Bane
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#15. I'm so, so sorry. Can you forgive the dumbest guy on the planet for not realizing that the most perfect girl for him was here all along? - Author: A Meredith Walters
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#16. I truly, truly believe that I was going in that direction and all of a sudden fate took me and put me here. It's like something else has other plans for me. - Author: Christopher Atkins
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#17. If I have one special memory, it was when we recreated the trial of the Chicago Seven - and I'd known about it before - but this was a pivotal moment in my life. If my father had been found guilty of conspiracy, I wouldn't be here. - Author: Troy Garity
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#18. This is a lovely party," said the Bursar to a chair, "I wish I was here. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#19. So this world, I think, and an indefinite number of other worlds of our creation, are also - we're here for fun; we're here for learning; we're here for remembering who we are, and who we are, are expressions of life so absolutely linked with the life that is, always was, always will be. - Author: Richard Bach
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#20. But I didn't walk a single step. I stopped a lot to stretch, but I never walked. I didn't come here to walk. I came to run. That's the reason-the only reason-I flew all the way to the northern tip of Japan. No matter how slow I might run, I wasn't about to walk. That was the rule. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#21. I slept in the grip of that love, comforted, thinking I should forget my longing within it, knowing that all was somehow well...In the morning when I stirred, I knew...I knew I lay here in my own flesh, but not alone. - Author: Tosca Lee
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#22. Reality, my strange and precious one. Reality is fabric. Fabric is
reality. And your reality here is far easier to live with than where I
was on the other side. So that's why I don't want to go back, and
why you wouldn't like it. - Author: Esme Ellis
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#23. So here I was expecting at the very best a cordial welcome from the girls who were prepared to fight me to the death for someone I didn't want. Instead I was embraced. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#24. It's good to be back in New York. I have lived here ten years. I'm originally from Indiana. I know what most of you are thinking: Indiana: Mafia. But the fact of the matter is where I grew up there was something very similar to the Mafia: 4-H. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#25. My dad is from Panama; he came to the U.S. in 1971. He came to study chemical engineering at the University of Delaware. He thought he would go back, and then he met my mom here. I was born and mostly raised in Delaware. - Author: Cristina Henriquez
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#26. Here is my biggest takeaway after 60 years on the planet: There is great value in being fearless. For too much of my life, I was too afraid, too frightened by it all. That fear is one of my biggest regrets. - Author: Diane Keaton
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#27. Cool it," cried Olga. "Working hard is what I do! Can't be perfect. Going to school not cheap and what are you doing here, a beauty nobody want. My first year was ok, only five or ten times knocked down, then later more and more. He says I'm no lady and gotta work harder for his dollar. - Author: J.M.K. Walkow
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#28. I think we're losing sight of what our ultimate goal is here, said Genevieve. But we feared that if she was washed out, people would look right past the flyer. - Author: Joshua Ferris
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#29. In another place was a vast array of idols - Polynesian, Mexican, Grecian, Phoenician, every country on earth I should think. And here, yielding to an irresistible impulse, I wrote my name upon the nose of a steatite monster from South America that particularly took my fancy. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#30. I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#31. The moment I was introduced to my wife, Emma, at a party I thought, here she is - and 20 minutes later I told her she ought to marry me. She thought I was as mad as a rat. She wouldn't even give me her telephone number - and she wrote in her diary: 'A funny little man asked me to marry him.' - Author: Julian Fellowes
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#32. As I look back at the span of the Cold War in those early days, in the '50s, for example, there was a great deal of Soviet propaganda here in the United States, but it was clumsy, and it was anchored to a lot of ideological support in certain circles in America itself. - Author: Alexander Haig
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#33. I've got to worry about Alonzo Mourning, because a year or two ago there was a chance that Alonzo Mourning wouldn't be standing here talking to you. That's the cold reality of it. - Author: Alonzo Mourning
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#34. I was born in West Plains, and we lived here till I was one. Then my dad needed to get a job, so we moved to the St. Louis area. I lived in St. Charles, on the Missouri River, till I was 15. - Author: Daniel Woodrell
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#35. A wide valley of the dead spread out below me, hundreds of them gently tucked into the ground in neat rows, their whispers frozen into the stones above them: I am here. I was here. Remember me. Remember. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#36. the spoons jumped off the rack. And a couple of times I've heard a man call my name when no one else was here - Author: Leslie Rule
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#37. When I was a teenager, I worked in New Orleans for a chef named Paul Prudhomme. That was a very important time in my life as a chef. I developed my palate and learned a lot. And here I am now. I specialize in modern Mexican and contemporary Latin cuisines. - Author: Aaron Sanchez
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#38. It was starting to smell really good in here. And if I liked what it smelled like, then they were liking what they were smelling, and ah ... that would be me. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#39. We sent a troupe to Edinborough, and then in Edinborough, there was a producer from the Melbourne Comedy Festival, so we went to Melbourne. So it's one of these shows that kind of organically developed and it started developing momentum way before I even thought there was a show here. - Author: Brian Henson
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#40. As I came to New York, it was for me a new beginning. To discover what people are living here. What do they need, what do they expect, what would they like to be the image and the performance of the New York Philharmonic? - Author: Kurt Masur
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#41. FEMA I always thought was a bone here in your ass. - Author: Lewis Black
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#42. I was just a little girl watching TV and wanting to be in it. My parents had no idea how to get me there, but here I am as a part of this great cast on the Disney Channel. Truly, if you just want to do this, then you have to commit to it. - Author: Brenda Song
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#43. I love New York. I love to come here, to play here, the tradition here. I'll never forget my first home run here was over Mickey Mantle's head. - Author: Tony Oliva
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#44. Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art. - Author: Felix Gonzalez-Torres
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#45. I would like to make it clear here that Avantika was neither a very friendly person nor a friendly boss - she was just a bossy boss. - Author: Sandhya Jane
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#46. If you thought the army was here protecting people like yourself, I've some news for you, we're here to defend wealth. - Author: Billy Bragg
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#47. The risk for me has to do with the nudity aspects. I'm an American actress in mainstream movies, and I would like to always be able to do them. For some reason, nudity is perceived differently here than it is elsewhere, and I didn't want to lose any American audience that I was building. - Author: Amanda Seyfried
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#48. Death was hard, I got that, but it was only hard for those you left behind. Life was what was really difficult. Everyone here no longer had to suffer, be in pain, relive past mistakes. They were sleeping on, unaware of the problems around them. Death seemed like the easy way out. Life was harder. - Author: Bailey Ardisone
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#49. I've just been imagining that it was really me you wanted after all and that I was to stay here for ever and ever. It was a great comfort while it lasted. But the worst of imagining things is that the time comes when you have to stop and that hurts. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#50. It was tough at the time but when I was younger, my Dad. I would say my Dad, because without him I wouldn't have been here. I mean it was tough for me because he was really demanding. With him, it was never enough, you know, anything I did was never enough. - Author: Thierry Henry
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#51. Childhood was very nice. The only thing wrong was that I was so introverted, everything became a big deal ... 'Oh, no, here comes the bus. Where am I gonna sit on the bus?' - Author: Steven Wright
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#52. All of a sudden I had a baby, because it went really quick. It was like, 'Oh! I have a baby!' So, it's great. I'm just having a great time with my children. They're here in New York with me. - Author: Catherine Zeta-Jones
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#53. But no one was asking me. I was here to do a job, and gray steel lockers or pale peach jukebox was no business of mine. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#54. I've been a foodie most of my life. I started when I lived for a year in Germany in my early 20s, and here was this new food environment, and I decided I needed to make sense of it. And I found it was the rules of economics that do the best job. Food is a capitalist product of supply and demand. - Author: Tyler Cowen
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#55. I took three steps and was wrapped in his arms, where I belonged. No confusion here. No worries here. No troubles here. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
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#56. I always wanted to have a family - that was one of my big wishes. And in school, I'd taken drama, and I'd always wanted to act. I did go to drama school in New York, Los Angeles and London, and I did small parts here and there, but I never really had the time. Modeling was always paying more. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#57. Roger nodded. He was too old to hug his dad for long, and returned to his chair. "I'm gay." Saying it out loud was a relief. It was over! The hiding, the worrying, at least here, at home. "Well, you're not the only one in the world." Roger - Author: Brad Vance
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#58. I was never a joiner. I tried - I had people I admired and liked and wanted to hang with, but I ended up starting a theatre company and that took me back to Chicago ... I guess I wasn't a scenester in the end. Something must have worked out right, as I'm still here - but I'm only a binge socialite. - Author: John Cusack
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#59. There aren't many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don't speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself - people were curious about what I was doing. - Author: John Foster
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#60. I was here, and I loaded a shotgun on Independence Day, but I didn't kill anybody. I didn't drone any children. I didn't steal any children's future. I didn't sell this country into debt. I didn't do any of the crimes that the man two blocks over at the White House is responsible for, - Author: Adam Kokesh
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#61. When I first started, I wasn't really into movies that much unless it was an action-packed gunslinger with naked women here and there. - Author: Josh Duhamel
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#62. I moved my arms through the water, feeling them float on the surface, watching the waves and wake that followed my gesture. Here was magic, I thought. Here was something holy. - Author: Anita Diamant
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#63. I had no idea the amount of people who even knew who I was. Suddenly, they were coming up and saying, "You're my favorite artist." Very surreal. After years of trying to get work, and then coming here and being able to meet some of the fans of Array. - Author: Eric Wight
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#64. I know my life's meaningful because" - and here he stopped, and looked shy, and was silent for a moment before he continued - " because I'm a good friend. I love my friends, and I care about them, and I think I make them happy. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#65. There was once a caustic comment from someone suggesting I was breeding a new race. Fans from different countries have married, amazing things like that. I've been to some of the weddings. I went to one here the other day, a pagan ceremony. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#66. My first thought about acting, growing up here in New York, was theater, and I feel like I need to force myself to go get my ass kicked in a rehearsal room and do one of those plays at some point. - Author: Paul Dano
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#67. I had been an activist on the issue of HIV, primarily in the African American and Latino communities here in the U.S. for many years. It was horrifying to me how the pandemic was raging right here in this country but no one was talking about it. - Author: Gloria Reuben
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#68. It's fall coming, I kept thinking, fall coming; just like that was the strangest thing ever happened. Fall. Right outside here it was spring a while back, then it was summer, and now it's fall-that's sure a curious idea. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#69. Once I had feared that telling the truth would be like falling, that love would be like hitting the ground, but here I was, my feet firmly planted, standing on my own. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#70. I hate to think of you stuck here all day every day, doing nothing with that brilliant brain of yours."
"It never was brilliant. Anyway, who keeps these books to see who's used themselves wisely and who's wasted? - Author: Tessa Hadley
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#71. My main goal, starting out as a young actor, was to carry the reins that Pac left off and to reach the depths as an actor that I know he would have reached had he still been here with us. - Author: Michael K. Williams
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#72. In my tadpole stage I was delivered to Metron Ariston and transmogrified, and here am I. My name is Sporos, by the way, and I do not like your thinking names like mouse-creature and shrimp-thing at me. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#73. I brought you here to tell you this: sometimes what we are searching for does not exist. We may sacrifice for it, even bleed for it, but it was never meant to be ours. - Author: Esther Dalseno
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#74. I never took my SAT's. I never applied to college. I moved right out here and jumped into the thick of things. Whether that was the smart move or not, I'm sitting here talking to you now, so it paid off. - Author: Scott Foley
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#75. It was incredibly cheesy set with torches [TV's Survivor] - it looked like the lobby of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. And here as some guy pulling names out of a coconut, and I said, 'This is the thing that has made American mass media stop in their tracks? - Author: Tom Hanks
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#76. If there is an after, I hope it's not dark. And I hope you can remember. I'd hate to wander around in the dark forever, not knowing who I was or what I was doin' here, or not even knowing that I'd ever had anything different. - Author: Richard Bachman
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#77. So it happened at last: I was about to become a thief, a cheap milk-stealer. Here was your lash-in-the-pen genius, your one story-writer: a thief. - Author: John Fante
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#78. My heart pounded annoyingly in my ears, and it was getting harder to stay focused. I'd almost gotten trapped in here, and now I'd come back. Sometimes I did have truly terrible ideas. - Author: Gwenda Bond
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#79. Are you here to kill me? The question startled her, but with the day I was having, I thought it was justified. - Author: Kalayna Price
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#80. I was like, what the hell is my life coming to? I'm a trained actor! I've done Shakespeare and here I am having farting contests with an imaginary dog! - Author: Matthew Lillard
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#81. I'm currently between assignments and was looking for a change. I heard there was work in Nashville and it seemed like a good place to start over. So here I am stuck in the freezing cold with a ... serial killer. Has the making for a great horror movie, huh? (Leta) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#82. I've always liked New York, as I like towns with an edge and New York has a European feel, so when I came to play music here in the '80s it was a surprise to me. - Author: Billy Childish
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#83. The hate directed against the colored people here in St. Louis has always given me a sad feeling because when I was a little girl I remember the horror of the East St. Louis race riot. - Author: Josephine Baker
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#84. I appreciated her vigor. I admired her choices though I wouldn't have made them. Freak or fake, I'd been asking myself ever since I arrived at college, and here was someone bold enough to be both. - Author: Karen Joy Fowler
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#85. New York was the last place that my movies caught on. I didn't make underground movies in New York, and in the 1960s, they were very snobby about that, because the whole scene was here. - Author: John Waters
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#86. I was in shock. Funny how the world works. You don't get the something you really covet, but then the universe provides unexpected compensation. Here I thought you had to make a wish for it to come true. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#87. I had what AA calls 'a convincer' - which made me realize that I couldn't do it any more. I went out drinking for about 70 hours here in London. At the end I knew I was done. - Author: Gary Oldman
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#88. I've always thought flight was fun and wanted to write about flight, and I knew a lot of househusbands who were having a really bad time with it. I thought flight might perk up a marriage here or there. - Author: Steven Amsterdam
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#89. Where the vast cloudless sky was broken by one crow I sat upon a hill - all alone - long ago; But I never felt so lonely and so out of God's way, As here, where I brush elbows with a thousand every day. - Author: Harry Kemp
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#90. My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#91. My dad is from Queens. I remember visiting as a kid. My grandparents grew up here. All the actors I respected were coming out of here. All the hip-hop I was listening to - Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Wu Tang - was coming out of New York. I'm just into it. - Author: Bryan Greenberg
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#92. If you'll all just follow me over to our top sector here, I'll start your guided tour."
Ellis got up, then followed Riley and Heather, who was dragging her feet, as they fell in behind Deb. "Are there going to be snacks?" he
asked. "I do my best work with snacks. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#93. Here's a question I still can't answer: Did I see through the male tricks because I was destined to scheme that way myself? Or do girls see through the tricks, too, and just pretend not to notice? - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#94. My future was mapped in negatives. Next year, I could be anywhere but here. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#95. I was twenty one years old and I thought, here I am my health is at risk, my life is going to go down hill from here and I really had to have a look in the mirror to see what the cause was of that and the cause of that was me. - Author: John Assaraf
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#96. I closed my eyes. I forced myself to relax, to remember that here, now, and always, I was the predator. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
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#97. She sounded like she really meant it, and I wondered if I actually was standing here on the sidewalk with her, and not still asleep in my room. - Author: Claudette Melanson
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#98. he did not teach me how to love myself, but he was the bridge that helped me get here. - i thank the universe every day for you. - Author: Amanda Lovelace
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#99. When I talked to my medical friends about the strange silence on this subject in American medical magazines and textbooks, I gained the impression that here was a subject tainted with Socialism or with feminine sentimentality for the poor. - Author: Alice Hamilton
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#100. Brooke?" he finally found the sense to ask. "What are you doing here?"
"I need a gun."
This was not how his dream was supposed to go. - Author: Shannon K. Butcher
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