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#1. The problem with cosmetic surgery is that people who have it can only see how they look in the mirror. They don't realise how weird they look from other angles. I particularly hate the injections that puff out the face, which are hideous. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#2. And I loved the whole idea behind the story, which is that you're beautiful, so don't let other people tell you that you're not just because you don't look like the people in magazines. Or because you're not that weird ideal body image that's out there right now. - Author: Mike Myers
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#3. I did an interview once where I was asked who I found attractive and I went on about cartoons and Nala from 'The Lion King' - and it's a bit weird but various of my ex-girlfriends actually did look like Nala. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
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#4. I am totally amazed at the spread of interest in meditation. When I first came back from studying in India in 1974, I would be asked in social situations what I did. When I replied, "I teach meditation" they would frequently look at me as though to say "That is weird," and sort of sidle away. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#5. This capacity to fold the completely weird into daily life, to make the aliens ourselves, is a quality I look for in a good, weird book. - Author: Jacob Bacharach
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#6. I'm usually a bit awkward in houses that I haven't been to before, so it's a way to not look weird. If I find something I've read before it automatically makes me more comfortable. - Author: Adi Alsaid
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#7. It's a little weird when people turn around and look at you, but I don't mind. I really don't think I've changed. - Author: Thomas Vanek
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#8. Everyone loves a flawed hero. I don't want perfect people. I want people who have a story, have been through some shit, dance to their own beat and still make i work, not the fake-arsed posh fuck-wits who look down on us slightly geeky weird-but-cool entrepreneurs. - Author: Dan Meredith
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#9. Sometimes I love looking super groomed, and sometimes I like to look super weird. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#10. I'm not a jukebox; I don't play exactly what the crowd wants to hear - that doesn't make sense. But, I do look at people requests. At the end of the day, they are the ticket payers and they are the ones that come to the show. If I played music that purely entertains me, I'd play very weird music. - Author: Armin Van Buuren
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#11. I'm not interested in being one of those comedians who wants to look good and be this 'cool' funny person. I don't care how weird or ugly I look. - Author: Chris Lilley
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#12. I first became interested in style when I was 16 and I had my first couple of gigs. I realised I couldn't look like the people I was performing to. Not in a condescending way, but just that it would be weird if I was wearing exactly what someone in the crowd was wearing. - Author: Tinie Tempah
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#13. I love my kids, and the moments I have with them, and it's kind of weird, it's such an age old cliche, but the way that my sons, the way they make me feel when I look at them, the way they say things, no one else would probably react to them, but it's a special thing for me. - Author: Michael Rapaport
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#14. I'm still figuring out why people would want to look at me. Maybe it's generic beauty, but it's weird to be valued for something I was born with. - Author: Josie Maran
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#15. There's something about you, Lorenzo," I say, shaking my head as I look away, unconsciously returning his smile. "Sometimes I think you might just be human."
"You're making shit weird again, Scarlet."
I roll my eyes. "Whatever. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#16. When I look at it now, the whole punk thing is sort of comedy in a weird way. - Author: Simon Cowell
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#17. I didn't look back, but I knew you were still watching. It probably sounds weird, but I could just feel it. The hairs on my neck bristled when you blinked. - Author: Lucy Christopher
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#18. I mean if you look at the Charger and you compare it to other cars, the way the lines work, the tires, in 3-D it's gorgeous. One thing that we found was that the reflective surface was weird. It does funny things in 3-D. So you have to deal with that. - Author: Todd Farmer
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#19. My jeans, the ones I got from the teen section, the ones made for chicks. And I look fucking perfect in them. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#20. I have days when I go to the gym and I can't push that 315, but then I look at my video of me benching 6 reps at 315, and I know I did do that. That wasn't a dream. That wasn't some weird fantasy. So I know that next time I'll go in and I'll do that. - Author: Joseph Gatt
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#21. People would look at me weird. You know, like, 'Why is this guy's hands always in his pockets?' But I was embarrassed by the size of my hands. - Author: Jerry Rice
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#22. Girls love it when you have some weird nerdy thing in your room. It makes you look less threatening, even though I'm, like, very threatening. I'm the most threatening guy ever. - Author: Ansel Elgort
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#23. Makeup is such a weird concept. I'll wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. 'Gee, I really don't look so good. Maybe if my eyelids were blue, I'd be more attractive. - Author: Cathy Ladman
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#24. It's kind of weird, because I look at myself as just a normal person. My friends get rejected all the time, so why shouldn't I? I don't think I'm anything special. - Author: Nick Carter
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#25. It's always weird when people approach me to make an investment. I tell them, 'I don't need any more money. I'm good.' Then I wait for their expression. That part is entertaining, because people look at you like you're crazy when you say you don't need any more money. Who says that? - Author: Dr. Dre
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#26. When I look back, I don't remember the best of the best. I don't remember arena shows with 20,000 people. I remember funky little bar gigs where nobody shows up. The weirdest of the weird are what you retain. - Author: Vince Gill
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#27. Animals in general have sparked a weird depression in me, because as much as I tried, I couldn't layer a personality over them. You know what I mean? I would stare at the cows, and I would sing to the cows, and they would always just look at me blankly. - Author: Kristen Schaal
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#28. I like carrots that have got a bit of personality and have three or four legs! They may look weird but they taste fantastic. - Author: William Katt
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#29. I love how you aren't weird and awkward, despite the fact that you've been severely cut off from socialization to the point where you make the Amish look trendy. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#30. For me, Halloween is the best holiday in the world. It even beats Christmas. I get to dress up in a costume. I get to wear a mask. I get to go around like every other kid with a mask and nobody thinks I look weird. Nobody takes a second look. Nobody notices me. Nobody knows me. I - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#31. This thing with everyone knowing you, it's weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don't really know myself that well. - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#32. I'm a Virgo and the sign is a virgin. So when I was 16, I got the word virgin tattooed on my wrist, thinking I was sooo deep and cool. And now I just look really weird having virgin written across my wrist and I have to explain it. - Author: Nicole Richie
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#33. Nobody taught me my slider. I mean, if you look at my grip, I don't think anyone has the same grip as I do. It's a separate grip. I hold it kind of weird and everything. When I started throwing it, I just wanted to start throwing something different and came up with that. I turned it a little bit. - Author: Scott Kazmir
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#34. For ages, I had this mullet until someone on the street stopped me and said, 'Darling, can I cut your hair for free? Because you look a bit weird.' - Author: Natalia Tena
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#35. I always thought models had to fit a certain mould. I never thought I had what it takes. I'm too small and my look's pretty weird. - Author: Devon Aoki
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#36. I'm at a weird spot because I look so young and I feel young, but I'm not young. - Author: Kay Panabaker
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#37. I refuse to dress 'hot' for Halloween, 'cause I always have to have makeup and hair and look cute for my job. So on Halloween, I either go gory or weird or funny. - Author: Rachel Platten
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#38. It's really weird 'cause when you're 21 you think, 'Oh God, when I'm 36, oh God, that's nearly 40, and I'll look really old and wrinkly by then.' And actually, I quite like the way I look. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#39. But I don't ask him anything, because he's driving with that weird fake-happy look on his face, as if he's about to chop me up into little pieces and feed me to a tiger. - Author: A.S. King
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#40. Before, when I looked at her, she was just the girl who as experiencing this weird phenomenon with me. Now when I look at her, she's the girl I've apparently made love to for a while. The girl I apparently still love. I just wish I could remember what it's supposed to feel like. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#41. Cosmetic surgery is terrifying. It never looks good. Those women look weird. They look in the mirror and think they look great, but they don't see what we see. I think it's hideous. They scare small children. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#42. I do not give a damn what I look like, I don't. I wish I could pay attention because Gwen Stefani, say, looks flawless. Of course, when I'm on red carpets, I'm nervous, sweaty, and weird. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#43. If you look at anyone at the top of their profession, there has to be something a little bit different. Some of the top musicians are quirky aren't they, to say the least. You have to be driven, cold, hard and mentally tough as iron. My missus thinks I'm a bit weird. - Author: Michael Owen
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#44. It's hard to get the downtrodden working-class wifey sometimes because 'You don't look like it'. Well, that's weird because I grew up on a scheme in Paisley. But everyone's got a viewpoint about what you should look like, and it's tainted by prejudices and assumptions. - Author: Neve McIntosh
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#45. The weird thing about houses is that they almost always look like nothing is happening inside of them, even though they contain most of our lives. I wondered if that was sort of the point of architecture. - Author: John Green
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#46. When I first got sick, they told me I had a year to live, and I was writing my memoir really fast. There were really weird things happening with my nervous system and my heart and stuff, and it didn't look like I was gonna make it, so I was writing really fast, and then I couldn't write anymore. - Author: John Lurie
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#47. I'm weird. On the surface I look quiet and composed, but inside I have a hundred voices raging at full volume. - Author: Ksenia Anske
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#48. But let's face it, the world of sex is weird no matter how you look at it. I mean-fourteen hours after you've had your face smashed into someone's genitals, you're walking down the street with the boy as though that were all just fine, thank you, how are you! - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#49. I'd meet a new filmmaker that I'd always loved, and I'd think, "Great! I'm in the right place." It's a weird way to look at it, but I don't care as long as I'm able to make stuff that I want to make. - Author: Amy Seimetz
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#50. What exactly are you looking for in a job? Like, what's your best-case scenario for a new career?"
"I haven't really thought that far. The best-case scenario is just that I look back on this entire era of my life and laugh and say, 'What a weird time that was. I can't believe I did that. - Author: Drew Nellins Smith
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#51. I don't know if I get recognized necessarily, though I do get looked at a lot - but I don't know if it's because of who I am, or if people just think I look weird. - Author: Joan Jett
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#52. I tell my staff, we're riding a tour bus around, and we're going to stop and look at some weird stuff - but we're taking our viewers around safely. They're just looking out the window at it. I'm trying to create a sense of comfort for my center audience. - Author: Chris Matthews
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#53. Ryan stared at me as I pulled my phone out to see who was calling at this late
hour. "You have the Fraggle Rock theme song as your ring tone," he said, with a
bemused look on his face. "You are so weird. - Author: Diana Rowland
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#54. People might look at you as super-weird, but if that's your obsession, go for it. I do like a lot of mainstream stuff, and sometimes I also like different stuff. I tend to always root for the underdog. - Author: Kristen Bell
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#55. Whales, for example, also navigate with sound, but they're now beginning to be beached because the ocean is getting too noisy. Weird things like that. I mean this is very real. Like, if you look at the satellites in the sky at night you know it's an eerie sense of we're ... - Author: DJ Spooky
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#56. I'm just saying, 'Hey, throw me a bone. How about a smile, cute t-shirt? Look at me.' Nothing - unless it's a turn to their friends to go, 'Hey, why is that weird guy looking at us?' - Author: Marc Maron
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#57. Somehow you've been voted something for a magazine, and it's a complete mystery to me. I mean, I wake up and I have to look at that head when I brush my teeth every morning. And it's weird and it's unpleasant at times. - Author: Johnny Depp
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#58. It's definitely a thing to be sitting there, getting a pedicure, and you look over and someone is reading an article about an aspect of your life that you know is not true. It's weird, it's uncomfortable, but I don't see it changing anytime soon, so I should figure a way to laugh through it. - Author: Anne Hathaway
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#59. I train all the time and the weird thing is I'm in the gym with people between 20 and 25 years old and I look in the mirror and I look better than they do and they are young kids - either they haven't trained hard enough or they aren't serious enough. - Author: Hulk Hogan
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#60. I have a good imagination. Look, I know what it feels like to have a broken heart. I know what it feels like to feel something for somebody. I'm just too weird to be in a relationship. - Author: Diane Warren
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#61. I'm five feet tall - I'm very petite - so for me, if I'm wearing a skirt or dress, it needs to be short, or else it makes me look frumpy. I need to wear either something really short or a maxi dress; anything in between just looks weird. - Author: Kourtney Kardashian
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#62. I all of a sudden got to feeling like talking to people. Whenever I look at the ocean, I always want to talk to people, but when I'm talking to people, I always want to look at the ocean. I'm weird like that. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#63. I'm really not that weird. I'm a combination of a lot of different things. Maybe it's just easier to make me look weird than another model who is specifically Caucasian. - Author: Devon Aoki
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#64. I think we get stuck in routines so easily that when an absurd moment in life seems to be there for no reason, it wakes you up out of your everyday pattern. You pull back and look at life a little bit wider because of that one weird thing you weren't expecting. - Author: Kurt Braunohler
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#65. People look at me weird because I'm a Howard Stern fan, but he's very misunderstood. It's the first thing I do when I get in my car at a tournament - just pray that I get Howard 100 on Sirius or XM. - Author: Keegan Bradley
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#66. I think, being emotional is this thing that people think you're not strong. They don't look at you as a strong person, and it's weird 'cuz honestly being emotional has nothing to do with your strength. - Author: Melanie Martinez
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#67. He's such a creep. He gave me that up-and-down look with those weird grunting and moaning sounds he makes. I feel like I need a morning-after pill and strong antibiotics. - Author: Georgia Cates
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#68. Girls are supposed to be feminine and demure. Comedy isn't about that, so you just have to unlearn it. Certain women are so pretty, they can't go weird enough to be funny. You have to be willing to be ugly. I'm lucky my face can look so hideous. - Author: Jennifer Coolidge
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#69. I kind of wanted to tell them that. Like, it's okay, I know I'm weird-looking, take a look, I don't bite. Hey, the truth is, if a Wookiee started going to the school all of a sudden, I'd be curious, I'd probably stare a bit! - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#70. I don't want to sound too mystical or weird but it's important to know what garlic smells like when it's cooking, or what eggs look like when they're cracked out of a shell. - Author: Joel Salatin
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#71. When people look at me, they automatically assume I'm dark and weird. Why can't they see the truth? I'm just a girl, trying to find my place in the world. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#72. It's weird to say, but every time I look at my daughter and I see this little living breathing thing that came from me, that represents all of the hopes and dreams that I would want for her, I see a miracle. - Author: Josh Gad
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#73. I think I look nicer now. It's really weird cause when you're 21 you think, "Oh God, when I'm 36, oh God, that's nearly 40, and I'll look really old and wrinkly by then". And actually I quite like the way I look. I feel OK about myself these days. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#74. There was a photo of me with weird sunglasses on and a green sweatshirt, some striped thing, with tights and cowboy boots ... I just saw that photo and thought, 'God, I look crazy.' - Author: Mary-Kate Olsen
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#75. When you're looking for a band name, I know it sounds weird, but everything you look at, everything you observe and read, you kind of think, 'Man, maybe that could be our band name.' - Author: Dave Haywood
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#76. I don't care to be famous. But at the same time, you look at all the role models these little girls have, and they don't have anyone to look up to. I mean, it's weird, but if I just hid out and didn't let myself be known, who would they look up to instead, you know? - Author: Bethany Hamilton
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#77. It's really weird because my house is very ornate, but my writing lair is very, very blank. It's white, the furniture is white. It gives me nothing to look at, so I just have to concentrate! - Author: Jane Goldman
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#78. I like to move as much as possible and look at reflections, weird angles, subjects from airplanes and cranes. I feel sorry for the Jabba the Hut types who can't do this. Once an obese student told me that he wanted to be a war photographer. I said, "Really?" and then I shot him. - Author: Peter Menzel
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#79. I don't go to scary movies. I don't like the experience of being scared. I think it's very weird that some people do. Obviously, humans are the only animals that do that. You don't see a wolf walk to the end of a cliff and look over the edge to freak himself out. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#80. And if I don't want you to? (Ravyn)
You know, you'd look really weird in a dress and high heels. (Susan)
What's that supposed to mean? (Ravyn)
It means you're not my mother. Now stop arguing and help me find my shoes. (Susan) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#81. This is a difficult country to look too different in - the United States of Advertising, as Paul Krassner puts it - and if you are too skinny or too tall or dark or weird or short or frizzy or homely or poor or nearsighted, you get crucified. I did. But - Author: Anne Lamott
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#82. Well, we're friends. In that weird way where you're eternally mad at me, and I'm eternally imagining what you look like naked. - Author: Frankie Rose
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#83. I know what I look like - a weird, sad clown puppet. I'm fine with that. - Author: Rainn Wilson
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#84. Like most girls I'm always really self-conscious about do I look fat, if my legs are short, if I'm weird shaped, but when I go on stage, man, it never occurs to me. I think I look beautiful. - Author: Janis Joplin
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#85. I've been having this really weird anxiety dream about arriving too late or too early, and the people in charge are like, 'You have to leave! You have to go back to the hotel and get ready!' And I use the wrong exit, and I'm running down the red carpet in pyjamas, like, 'No! Don't look at me!' - Author: Florence Welch
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#86. I meet so many pretty girls who are like, 'Here I am! Don't you want me because I look good?' That concept is so weird to me. I want to know, 'What else do you have going on?' - Author: Malin Akerman
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#87. At this point I've got a bit of a track record. So people realize that when 'Weird Al' wants to go parody, it's not meant to make them look bad ... it's meant to be a tribute. - Author: Al Yankovic
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#88. Most things I get hired on, I get hired because I improvise something funny, or they just think I look weird. - Author: T. J. Miller
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#89. It's weird, but Scion is kind of cool. I couldn't drive one because I'd look like one of those McDonald's Happy Meal toys with giant heads sticking out the window. - Author: Brian Posehn
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#90. Latifah says don't stress too much though. She says if I'm patient, inshaaAllah, we'll all be together in Jannah.
I laughed when she said that. I mean, I know it sounds weird, butt i'd never thought of Paradise as something to really look forward to.
But I do now. - Author: Umm Zakiyyah
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#91. That was just a hug, and we were fully clothed."
He shot me a weird look, and the flush on his neck got redder.
"I mean
our skin didn't touch,' I hurried on, and now, oh God, I was blushing too.
"So maybe this thing needs skin-on-skin-contact. Or hand-on-hand. Or ... - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#92. It sounds so weird, but I'm totally pro-aging. If you look at the film industry, it's so funny how it's so much more accepted that actors begin their prime in their forties or fifties, and for women it's so different. I think it's time to change that. Aging is a beautiful thing. - Author: Michiel Huisman
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#93. If you look at the types of directors out there, I'm not as weird as most of them. - Author: Ben Lewin
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#94. My name is John Taylor. I'm a private eye, specialising in cases of the weird and uncanny. I don't solve murders, I don't do divorce work, and I wouldn't recognise a clue if you held it up before my face and said Look, this is a clue. - Author: Simon R. Green
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#95. Twenty minutes later, I walk out of Melinda's hotel with a plate of finger sandwiches, a bag of prostitute clothes, and a weird wedge on my head that makes me look like you could tip me upside down and fill it with cream of mushroom.
I need another donut. - Author: Cyn Balog
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