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#1. A bulger of a place it is. The number of the ships beat me all hollow, and looked for all the world like a big clearing in the West, with the dead trees all standing.

Davy Crockett

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#2. Me? I slept like the dead, which I hoped wasn't a sign of things to come.

Rick Riordan

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#3. It must be that I am not made to be a dead man, but these places and this discussion seem like a dream, and not a dream dreamed by me but by someone else still to be born.

Jorge Luis Borges

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#4. When a film like Chris Nolan's Memento cannot get picked up, to me independent film is over. It's dead.

Steven Soderbergh

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#5. I felt betrayed and absolutely livid, but my body wasn't smart enough to know it. It had liked the feel of his hands, wanted more of it, wanted it now. It was almost like there were two of me, one who heartily approved of the mage and one who would have dearly loved to see him dead.

Karen Chance

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#6. I had never traveled alone before and I discovered that I liked it. No one in the world knew where I was, no one had the ability to reach me. It was like being dead, my escape allowing me to taste that tremendous power my mother possessed forever.

Jhumpa Lahiri

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#7. Me personally, I side more with punk rock bands. I grew up with The Misfits, The Dead Boys, The Damned, Dropkick Murphys, and early AFI. That was the stuff that really got me into music. Song writing wise, bands like Alkaline Trio were very important to me for beginning to write songs.

Andy Biersack

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#8. They told me I had been sick twelve days, lying like dead all the while, and that Whirlwind Chaser, who was Standing Bear's uncle and a medicine man, had brought me back to life.

Black Elk

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#9. And just when I thought the pain had dulled, my mind would betray me and bring Dad back to life in my dreams. Sometimes I didn't realize that he was dead until I awoke and then it was like a punch in the stomach. And sometimes I knew in my dream that I was dreaming, and I woke up crying.

Ilona Andrews

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#10. Very few men can fall as far as I have and come back. People see me and it's like they've seen a ghost, like I'm back from the dead.

Mickey Rourke

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#11. If I were dead like Snow White and he kissed me like that, surely my heart would kick back to life. That I'd be the one to slay dragons for that kiss.

Tarryn Fisher

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#12. If Mr. Selwyn calls again, show him up; if I am alive I shall be delighted to see him; and if I am dead he would like to see me.

Henry Fox

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#13. The blackness that smothers me is total, and in the moment before everything falls away, I know what it feels like to be dead.

Michelle Zink

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#14. They all want to leave the Gray Space, Liv, she'd tell me. They don't realise they're dead until they remember what it sounds like to be alive.

Kate Ellison

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#15. He gave the body a final kick and then turned to face me.
"You and I need to talk, Kitten."
"Now?" I asked in disbelief, gesturing to the dead vampire near his feet.
"It's not like he's going anywhere, so yeah. Now.

Jeaniene Frost

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#16. Oh, what would you like on your vegetarian pizza?" "Dead pigs and cows," I said. She glanced up at me and wrinkled her nose. "They're vegetarians," I said defensively.

Jim Butcher

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#17. No, I don't like legend. I mean, I don't like the category. And to begin with, to me, a legend is something that is not on the Earth, that is dead

Lauren Bacall

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#18. I'm interested in how things are put together, and that's more interesting to me than just regular shows, even though I like The Walking Dead.

Ice Cube

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#19. Small said, "But what about when we are dead and gone, will you love me then, does love go on?"
... Large (replied) "Look at the stars, how they shine and glow, some of the stars died a long time ago. Still they shine in the evening skies, for you see ... love like starlight never dies ...

Debi Gliori

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#20. It is a dead heart.
It is inside of me.
It is a stranger
yet once it was agreeable,
opening and closing like a clam.

Anne Sexton

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#21. She is Living and I'm Dead, but I'd like to believe we're both human. Call me an idealist.

Isaac Marion

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#22. I have heard my fill of hurtful words. I think it's especially egregious when citizens like me, who point out abuses in their country, are referred to as 'do-gooders.' This is how a phrase that can be used to stop an argument dead becomes part of common usage.

Gunter Grass

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#23. You ask me, you think dead forgotten. But they no forgooten because teh dead like to follow. They stay close.

J.C. Burke

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#24. Shut up!" Dacia digs her nails into my skin. "You do not do the talking. I do not need you to tell me about your other phantom . . ." She waves her hands, like she can't find the word. "The dead-in-your-head people.

Rysa Walker

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#25. Since I was shot, everything is such a dream to me. Like I don't know whether I'm alive or whether I died. I wasn't afraid before. And having been dead once, I shouldn't feel fear. But I am afraid. I don't understand why.

Andy Warhol

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#26. When I start getting old, I'm going to start ending my prayers like, "Lord, it'd be a good day to die." I don't wanna be 130 years old with a diaper on, all my friends dead and gone. I wanna get to heaven, come get me!

Suge Knight

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#27. 'Great Expectations' was an important novel in my adolescence. It was very much one of those emblematic novels that made me wish I could write like that. It helped that my models as a writer were dead over a hundred years before I began to write.

John Irving

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#28. If I am dead, well, then there's somethin' 'bout you, Eleanor, that's makin' me feel like I'm still alive.

Tabitha Freeman

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#29. Tell me my little children, what crime has this lizard committed that it must die this evening?" There was silence. In raising my head like a joke, I tried to laugh. That was the same time I realized that grandma was dead serious with us.Pg.26

Obehi Peter Ewanfoh

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#30. When Kleiner showed me the sky-line of New York I told him that man is like the coral insect - designed to build vast, beautiful, mineral things for the moon to delight in after he is dead.

H.P. Lovecraft

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#31. No astrophysicist would deny the possibility of life. I think we're not creative enough to imagine what life would be like on another planet. Show me a dead alien. Better yet, show me a live one!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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#32. You're dead inside, just like me.

K.I. Lynn

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#33. Fix me up with a mannequin, just remember I like blondes. I'll be the life of the party, even when I'm dead and gone.

Joe Diffie

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#34. The dead are the best listeners in the world. The corpse takes it all in, never interrupts, doesn't criticize me, lets me waffle on for as long as I like.

Darren Shan

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#35. He's fine," Kamala said. "It's not like that. You're not listening." "I am listening! You just told me he's delusional, and I'm asking - " "I DID NOT SAY HE IS DELUSIONAL. I SAID HE WAS TALKING TO HIS MOTHER." "Who is dead," Amina said gently. "Obvious." "And that's not delusional?

Mira Jacob

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#36. If you battle L, you picked the wrong head
I smash mics like cornbread
You can't kill me, I was born dead

Big L

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#37. The days after that, I felt so many different things, sad, angry. Guilty, but for the mostly just numb, like part of me was dead.

Alex Flinn

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#38. Has there always been someone like me to bury the bodies, to have regrets, to carry on after everyone else was dead?

Jeff VanderMeer

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#39. I can't imagine anything more fun that spending a holiday in the home of the man who wants me dead. Like our own fuckin' Hallmark movie, but with live ammo.

Joanna Wylde

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#40. To me, all the juice of a book is in an unpublished manuscript, and the published book is like a dead tree - just good for cutting up and building your house with.

Christina Stead

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#41. Rook. You fit me. When I saw you crouching in that stairwell last week I felt like I knew you. You stopped me dead in my tracks, you wiped my mind.

J.A. Huss

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#42. So the ghostly figure which has haunted these pages, as it haunted my life, goes down into the impenetrable gloom. Like a shadow she first came to me in the loneliness of the night. Like a shadow she passes away in the loneliness of the dead

Wilkie Collins

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#43. I saw that she was looking right at me. Not dead - dying. Funny how two things could be so similar and yet so far apart. Something about the expression in her liquid black eye made my chest hurt. It was like - patience. Or forgiveness.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#44. I love it. Reminds me of you." "It reminds me of a man I don't like." I never want to hear it again. "I'm sorry." He nips at my neck, drawing his tongue up the length to my jawbone. "My arse is dead.

Jodi Ellen Malpas

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#45. I'm a successful businessman, a very successful bussinessman,' he said, dead-eyed to the camera. 'Guys like me don't kill our wives. We trade 'em in and get a new one

Gregg Olsen

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#46. Pointing into the ice, she said, "See that potted plant on the desk in there?" I saw. Nodded. "It's green now, preserved by the ice. But inside it's dead. And the moment that ice melts, it'll turn brown and wither into mush." She locked eyes with me. "I'm like that plant.

Ransom Riggs

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#47. They have so smothered me in their middle-class refinement that I don't know how there can be any blood left in my veins. I lowered my eyes, put on a dismal, silly expression, just like them; I was just as dead-and-alive as they were.

Emile Zola

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#48. When I was born, I was effectively dead. Weird, I know. The doctors couldn't get any reaction from me, so I had to be brought round, and although it seemed like I was okay, there were underlying problems.

Liam Payne

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#49. Like the dead-seeming, cold rocks, I have memories within that came out of the material that went to make me. Time and place have had their say.

Zora Neale Hurston

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#50. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. It's weird - I can feel exhausted but still, I just lie there wide awake, staring up into the dark with all sorts of ideas bombarding me like dead pelicans

Tim Tharp

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#51. We do not explain my husband's insane abuse
and we do not say why your wild-haired wife has fled
or that my father opened like a walnut and then was dead.
Your palms fold over me like knees. Love is the only use.

Anne Sexton

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#52. And then the line was quite but not dead. I almost felt like he was there in my room with me, but in a way it was better, like I was not in my room and he was not in his, but instead we were together in some invisible and tenuous third space that could only be visited on the phone.

John Green

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#53. Believe me, Kelley. If I'm not ... it's because I'm already dead." He stroked her hair, and she could feel his breath warm on her forehead, like a kiss. "Because anyone that would seek to hurt you would have to kill me first.

Lesley Livingston

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#54. I want to be so famous that drag queens will dress like me in parades when I'm dead.

Laura Kightlinger

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#55. Okay. Sometimes the truth just lands at your feet in a lump, like a big, dead bird falling out of the sky. No warning...I stand there under the branches of the Honesty Tree. More dead birds of truth fall down all around me.

Gayle Friesen

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#56. John Updike, in that book you gave me, he said the dead make space. Do you know what I think? Updike doesn't know dick about what it's like to be a homicide cop in Baltimore.

Laura Lippman

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#57. It's looking like a quiet night," [Magnus] said. "Come on. Finish up and let me take you home."
"Is this chivalry?" Catarina said with a smile. "Thought that was dead."
"Like us, it never dies.

Cassandra Clare

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#58. Don't be like me. Look at me: monogamous, in shape, no debt, sober ... I'm dead inside.

Greg Fitzsimmons

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#59. There's a black Mercedes rollin' through the combat zone
Your servants are half dead; you're down to the bone
Tell me, tall man, where would you like to be overthrown
Maybe down in Jerusalem or Argentina?

Bob Dylan

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#60. People around me die. They drop like flies. I've gone through life leaving a trail of dead bodies behind me. My mother is dead, my guardian is dead, my aunt is dead - because I killed her, and when my real father finds me, he'll move heaven and earth to make me dead.

Ilona Andrews

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#61. I loved doing 'Dead Like Me.' That role was phenomenal to me.

Cynthia Stevenson

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#62. For me, being in a car or on an airplane is like being in limbo. It's this dead zone between two places. But to walk, you're some place that's already interesting. You're not just between places. Things are happening.

Rebecca Solnit

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#63. Sliced off like a chicken neck and stuck with a hatpin. Reminded me of my husband." Lula leaned forward so she could whisper. "You talking about size? Was your man's part that big?" "Heck no," Grandma said. "His part was that dead.

Janet Evanovich

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#64. Great writers are indecent people they live unfairly saving the best part for paper. good human beings save the world so that bastards like me can keep creating art, become immortal. if you read this after I am dead it means I made it.

Charles Bukowski

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#65. I consider telling him the truth. That if I were dead like Snow White and he kissed me like that, surely my heart would kick back to life

Colleen Hoover

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#66. Lilac curled her upper lip in a dead-eyed sneer, and it made my skin crawl. The girl looked like she might fillet me and have me for a snack later. She made the Dale R. Fielding High School Cheer Squad look like Barney and Friends, and I vowed to give her a wide berth.

Veronica Wolff

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#67. I could become a nun even if I am a non-believer. I'll learn to fake it like Nick did with me. I will minister the gospel of compassion and kindness and please, always use a condom, from famine-stricken nations to war-torn dead zones. It's possible I might become a nun who kisses other nuns ...

Rachel Cohn

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#68. I wouldn't change it," Simon said. "I wouldn't give up loving you. Not for anything. You know what Raphael told me? That I didn't know how to be a good vampire, that vampires accept that they're dead. But as long as I remember what it was like to love you, I'll always feel like I'm alive.

Cassandra Clare

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#69. I assume most guitar players are like me. They're playing, having fun; then they get a magazine in the mail that says "Shred Is Dead" and they say, "What the Hell?" They throw it away and keep on playing.

Joe Satriani

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#70. It wouldn't have mattered if they were scratches or not," he says, his voice like liquid. "I was bitten during the escape from the house." My limbs go weak, everything inside me folding in collapsing on itself.
"I was already dead," he says, opening his eyes.

Carrie Ryan

Dead Like Me Quotes #688805
#71. The stone is strong. Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I'm not dead either.

George R R Martin

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#72. Like a crowd in my head, so loud.
I wonder what it's like to be dead, I hope it's quiet.
Noise in my head like a riot.
Any remedy you have for me, I'll try it.

Maxwell Frazer

Dead Like Me Quotes #736733
#73. Something's died in me," she goes. "It took a long time for it to do it, but it's dead. You've killed something, just like you'd took an axe to it. Everything is dirt now.

Raymond Carver

Dead Like Me Quotes #757479
#74. And feast on the dead, I thought with a shudder. As if he could read my thoughts, he pressed a hand to my shoulder. His fingers were long and white, splaying over my arm like a waxen spider. If the gesture was meant to comfort me, it failed.

Leigh Bardugo

Dead Like Me Quotes #797947
#75. Do you see that tree? It is dead but it still sways in the wind with the others. I think it would be like that with me. That if I died I would still be part of life in one way or another.

Anton Chekhov

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#76. Oh, to me not drinking is like being dead, almost. I sit here taking endless journeys down memory lane. It gets boring.

Jeffrey Bernard

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#77. From the hills in the early dawn,
Small, thin, mist-wreathed, she came upon him;
Hair sodden to the brow,
Eyes like agates,
Lips apart, tongue flicking at words frozen in her head.
Gliding to his feet,
She caught his hand and said
'come help me, mister, or she'll be dead.

Catherine Cookson

Dead Like Me Quotes #824765
#78. To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second that couldn't exist before and couldn't exist after. It's almost like a cowboy that draws his gun. You draw a second before or after, you miss and you're dead - not them. To me, photography's always like that.

Mario Testino

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#79. I was dead, then alive. Weeping, then laughing. The power of love came into me, and I became fierce like a lion, then tender like the evening star.


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#80. 'Entertainment Tonight' would send me out to do interviews with musicians like Sting and Coldplay, and I was able to watch how they plan their shows. The late Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead always had a game plan, but he also was flexible if he had to change something at the last minute.

John Tesh

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#81. We had this talk," she said. "You may be dead sexy, and I mean, like, really dead and really sexy, but you don't get to tell me what to do. Right? And no head-shrinker stuff, either, or I swear to God, I'll pack my shit and move!

Rachel Caine

Dead Like Me Quotes #848026
#82. I'm making out with a dead girl in my dreams. I'm screwing women I have no business screwing. I'm pushing away the one person who actually gives a damn about me. It's like the Bermuda Triangle of heartache and I'm sinking fast.

Faith Sullivan

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#83. At 17, the first time I saw a dead body, I froze. By 31 it was a natural occurrence for me, and no group of people should live like that.

Leymah Gbowee

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#84. Miss Carson, you need to step outside and slap me again. The side you hit is mostly dead. You need to hit the other side of my face so I can feel it like I should.

Lorraine Heath

Dead Like Me Quotes #873139
#85. I had removed my patent leather shoes after a while, for they foundered badly in the sand. It pleased me to think they would be perched there on the silver log, pointing out to sea, like a sort of soul-compass, after I was dead.

Sylvia Plath

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#86. The old longing i had thought dead, rose in me like a flame

Samuel Selvon

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#87. As soon as I knew that I would be all right, I was sure that I was dead and didn't know it. I moved through the days like a severed head that finishes a sentence. I waited for the moment that would snap me out of my seeming life.

Amy Hempel

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#88. Edward,' she mumbled softly.
She was dreaming of me.
Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? It felt like mine was about to.
'Stay,' she sighed. 'Don't go. Please ... don't go

Stephenie Meyer

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#89. I am the harvest of man's stupidity. I am the fruit of the holocaust. I prayed like you to survive, but look at me now. It is over for us who are dead, but you must struggle, and will carry the memories all your life. People back home will wonder why you can't forget.

Eugene B. Sledge

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#90. If I was a nobody you wouldn't be so eager to see me dead. Just like these people you know that I am devoted to the truth. That is why you want to eliminate me. - Magda Searus

Terry Goodkind

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#91. It bothered me that he was right. Without Sir Stuart's intervention, I'd have been dead again already.
That's right
you heard me: dead again already.
I mean, come on. How screwed up is your life (after- or otherwise) when you find yourself needing phrases like that?

Jim Butcher

Dead Like Me Quotes #964615
#92. I will keep you, until the day I choose not to. You have destroyed and harmed all that is dear to me. In return, I want you to know what that feels like. I will not kill you. I will keep you alive. I will torture you." My voice drops to a whisper. "Until your soul is dead.

Marie Lu

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#93. I am the living dead girl because I am too weak to die. I hate those crying dough women on TV because they are just like me, weak and broken and clinging to the hands that hold us under.

Elizabeth Scott

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#94. I like to work in films, but I'd love to work in the technical side of film. I'd love to work with, say, Greg Nicotero [The Walking Dead] in kind of, like, special makeup effects. I'd probably say, "Good with clay and latex." Although I don't know what kind of job that'd get me.

Simon Pegg

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#95. Don't play games with me! You just killed someone I like, that is not a safe place to stand! I'm the Doctor, and you're in the biggest library in the Universe. Look me up.

Steven Moffat

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#96. Poet' had always sounded like a profession to me, or a talent. But the dead American [Muriel Rukeyser, The Life of Poetry] made it sound like a faith.

Ariel Gore

Dead Like Me Quotes #1018517
#97. So, you don't give out freebies? Like ever?" That just sounded so bizarre to me. I would've thought a gigolo would be a complete man-whore, even off the clock.
But when his jaw went dead still as he stopped chewing and he said, "Are you ... asking for one?

Linda Kage

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#98. I know it sounds silly, but disrespecting a dead writer by sitting in a chair that probably never belonged to him still felt like a risk to me. So I chickened out.

John D'Agata

Dead Like Me Quotes #1043298
#99. There is something about gin, the tang in it of the deep wildwood, perhaps, that always makes me think of twilight and mists and dead maidens. Tonight it tinkled in my mouth like secret laughter.

John Banville

Dead Like Me Quotes #1115463
#100. He shrugs as he slowly collects himself. I guess there was a part of me that kept hoping you would rise from the dead. Like a normal vampire.

Christopher Pike

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