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#1. God's got a lot of explaining to do. Of course, God never explains. When life breaks your heart, you're just supposed to pick up the pieces and start all over, I guess. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#2. I know all we're doing is travelling without moving. Speed freak faster than a speedin' bullet, slow down. If I don't, I might just lose it, locked up. You've got me honey, locked up under heavy brakin', yeah. You know I've got to hang on, drive too fast, I might be last. - Author: Jay Kay
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#3. Also I've got a dozen pencils, all sharpened and laid out in a row. They're brand-new. I just bought them at the stationery store - especially for writing to you (not that I'm trying to make you feel grateful or anything: just-sharpened, brand-new pencils are really nice, don't you think?). - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#4. Oh, mercy, I think we're all storytellers, you know. You think of the excuses you told your parents for why you got home late. I just never gave it up. - Author: Utah Phillips
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#5. I got the message. All of us get the message, sooner or later. If you get it before it's too late or before you're too old, you'll pull through all right. - Author: Nat King Cole
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#6. Becca remembered something Chris had said earlier. "Wait, I thought you would be benched all year if you got in another fight."
Gabriel laughed. "You're sweet. I'm not worried."
"You're not?"
"Nah. Don't you remember? They all think I'm Nick. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
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#7. You get depressed because you're like, 'Everybody's working and I'm here sitting.' I feel for all gymnasts who get hurt. Injuries are just awful, but at least I had 'Bones' to work on when I wasn't training. It got my mind off the fact that I couldn't do anything. - Author: McKayla Maroney
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#8. I think that probably the most important thing about our education was that it taught us to question even those things we thought we knew. To say you've got to inquire, you've got to be testing your knowledge all the time in order to be more effective in what you're doing. - Author: Thabo Mbeki
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#9. I never really did years of movie-after-movie-after-movie but when you've got three toddlers in the house you're performing all day long, anyway, with puppet shows and stories - I act around the clock. - Author: Julia Roberts
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#10. I know the true meaning of getting by by the skin of my teeth; I do. It doesn't matter whether you've got money or you haven't, whether you're famous or not. This is the case for all women, actually; you have to carry on. You always have to carry on. And you can, because you have to. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#11. All these words we use, anybody can be a genius now. It used to be you had to have a thought no one ever had before or you had to invent a number. Now, it's like, Hey, I've got a cup in case we need another cup. Dude, you're a genius! - Author: Louis C.K.
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#12. If I couldn't play drums it would have destroyed me. If you're thrown in the deep end you swim, and that's basically what I did. I had to do it and with the rest of the band behind me and the encouragement I got from people from all over the world, I knew that I was going to play - Author: Rick Allen
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#13. Then nothing worries you?" "Only being sent away from you. You're my religion. You're all I've got. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#14. Free will is the thing you have to have if you're going to be responsible in this all-or-nothing way. That's what I mean by free will. That's what I think we haven't got and can't have. - Author: Galen Strawson
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#15. If you set yourself to it, you can live the same life, rich or poor. You can keep on with your books and your ideas. You just got to say to yourself, "I'm a free man in here" - he tapped his forehead - "and you're all right. - Author: George Orwell
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#16. Baby," he said, "listen to me. I ain't beautiful, you are. You're so damn beautiful you got it spillin' out all over the place, blindin' you into thinkin' I'm beautiful when I ain't. Farthest thing from it. - Author: Madeline Sheehan
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#17. Do what ya have to do to pay off yer debt with Heaven,' he said, his concern for proper speech abandoned. 'But ya do not die on me, ya understand? I can't live without ya. Yer all I got, woman.' Her breath caught in her lungs. 'I don't want to be here if you're not. - Author: Jana Oliver
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#18. All the kids that I grew up with, in an almost idyllic environment - I've got to tell you, it was so wonderful - they've gone on and they're doctors and Ph.D.'s and everybody has a four-year college degree. None of our parents, I think, had a four-year degree. - Author: Jeff Sessions
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#19. I just got tired of being sick and tired and feeling down. Unfortunately, you don't realize this until you're getting sober but the reason why you're depressed all the time is it's the drugs that are depressing you. - Author: Steven Adler
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#20. What do you want with me? (Simone)
Not a damn thing. All I want is an entrance into the Daimon hell so that I can visit and kill an old friend. You're just the poor sap who got caught in the crossfire. (Xypher) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#21. Keep your distance, boss! Don't make men too bold, don't go telling them we're equal, we've got the same rights, or they'll go straight and trample on your rights; they'll steal your bread and leave you to die of hunger. Keep your distance, boss, by all the good things I wish you! - Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
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#22. I pulled out the small velvet box I had kept in my pocket all day and got down on one knee.
And then she did the craziest thing.
She fell down to her knees in front of me.
I'm the one who's supposed to be on my
knees here. You're ruining the moment - Author: A Meredith Walters
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#23. I guess the best thing about marriage is the fact you've got the coolest partner you can imagine by your side for all the things you're going to face in your life. So far, Juliet's been there for me. She's been good for my voice, good for my everything. - Author: Julian Casablancas
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#24. I guess we're even,Sadie.First,Walt and I rushed off to save you in London.Then,you and Walt rushed off to save me.The only one who got shafted on both deals was Walt.Poor guy gets hauled all over the world pulling us out of trouble - Author: Rick Riordan
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#25. I got uncertain from this, I'll be perfect from now on. But all my promises, they're out the window once you're gone. You pack your bags. You say I love you but I cannot stay. - Author: Tegan Quin
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#26. In 'Hell Ride,' I play a biker - it's about the bikers. It's with Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen, Larry Bishop and myself. We're bikers, and I play Billy Wings; I've got all sorts of wings, and you have to watch the movie to find out what the wings are about. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#27. This is why you're all kernels and I'm a major general. 'Cause you got corn silk in your ears. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#28. On the first day of school, you got to be real careful where you sit. You walk into the classroom and just plunk your stuff down on any old desk, and the next thing you know the teacher is saying, 'I hope you all like where you're sitting, because these are your permanent seats.' - Author: Jeff Kinney
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#29. Cause when it comes to you, darlin', I got no fuckin' sense. You fuckin' pull me in until you're all I can fuckin' see. Suddenly, I can't fuckin' breathe, but I don't care 'cause you, babe, you're you. And I ain't ever met anyone as fuckin' perfect as you. - Author: Madeline Sheehan
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#30. Once I got to know you, I would come to find it was that I wouldn't want to watch another sun rise or set without knowing you're mine. I don't have a lot to offer you yet, but without you, I'll never be anything. Together, we can do anything, and I promise to keep you safe for all of eternity. - Author: Jody Morse
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#31. They got all the size over there, and the teams are really good, so, I think night after night you're just going to have to be ready to lace them up and be ready to play. The teams out there are really good. - Author: Latrell Sprewell
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#32. Even when you write it, someone's got to play it. So if you can play it and bypass all the rest of the things, you're still doing as great as someone that has spent forty years trying to find out how to do that. I'm really pro-human beings, pro-expression of everything. - Author: Ornette Coleman
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#33. I used to be a person who just peaked for the big events, not doing too many competitions, but now you've got to go round chasing all the points because if you're not taking them, someone else is. - Author: Jade Jones
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#34. We're supposed to be doing the devil's work and you've gone and contaminated it all with the whiff of virtue. I really don't think you've quite got the hang of being an agent of evil. - Author: Jonathan L. Howard
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#35. I think having eight kids evens things out a bit. You learn about the world; you learn about the world; you learn you've got to get along. We're all - if anything - very adjustable. - Author: Matthew Ashford
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#36. I've got the weed, Jane said, and we all laughed the way you laugh when you're trying to be brave in the face of something that scares you. - Author: Emily M. Danforth
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#37. You don't come to work going, 'Oh my God, I've got all this money I have to worry about'. You come to work going, 'I need more time and more money'. Because whatever resources you're given, you're always trying to push the envelope. - Author: Jonathan Mostow
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#38. All performances are different. I don't think it's necessary to compare one with another. I am just me playing the role of Lear. You're bound to get a Holm approach to it, whatever that may be. I just got out there and did it. I'm very much a doer in my acting. - Author: Ian Holm
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#39. It's all about the sensuality of movement, every movement you make. That's why I love doing action movies. It's all about movement, dance - even if you're hitting someone in the face. You've got to sell it all with great passion. There's a narrative to the body. It's exactly the same as dance. - Author: DeObia Oparei
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#40. Let go into the Mystery, let yourself go. You've got to open up your heart, that's all I know. Trust what I say and do what you're told, and baby, all your dirt will turn into gold. - Author: Van Morrison
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#41. Now, my brothers are bustin' their asses to cover our shit, and you race to the bathroom like you're fifteen, we're in your bedroom, I just popped your cherry, and your Dad's at the door. Babe, I get you got issues but on top of all our other shit, we gotta spend some time sortin' those out. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#42. You've got your way, the way you are and the way you are with the ones you care about. And that tells me, a man gets in there, you give that to him, the children you give him, that man will be all kinds of lucky. And I've decided we're gonna see if that man is me. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#43. I have been a big guy all my life, I am not going to lose a bunch of weight, because then you're like that weird fat person that got skinny but still has a big head. I don't want to do that. So I'm just trying. - Author: Billy Gardell
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#44. I got all these books about, like, what you need to know to enter the entertainment industry. And I remember I sent my music to record labels, and I took these little DVDs and sent them all over the place. And either no one got back to me or they just kept saying, 'You're too different.' - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#45. When I stopped going to school, I got the strongest dose of perspective. When you're a kid, your friends, your school, your teachers, your family - that's your whole world, your whole existence. And then when I stopped going, I lost all my friends but the few that were really close to me. - Author: Kristen Stewart
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#46. Maybe I should have got some chili-slaw dogs from Shorty's. Everybody loves those."
"Buddy," Lars said, dropping his shoes to the deck with a thump, "sit yourself down and stop fussing. You're reminding me of my Aunt Glynna with all this temperature takin' and foil tuckin'. This food is fine. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
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#47. With everything I've done from "Jackie Brown" on, I got really into really writing more prose in the - in what you're calling the stage directions, all right. And consequently my scripts have gotten bigger and bigger, and got to "Kill Bill" volume 1 and 2. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#48. Even if you're Bill Gates, you've got problems. I'm sure he would probably easily give a few billion dollars to get rid of all the problems that he has. - Author: Ben Carson
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#49. I thought I'd done with it all. Now I've begun again."
"Begun what?"
"Life!" she re-echoed, with a queer thrill.
"It's life," he said. "There's no keeping clear. And if you do keep clear, you might almost as well die. So if I've got to be broken open again, I have
. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#50. Everyone asks how I felt before the perfect game. You never feel bad when you're in the World Series. You've got all winter to rest. - Author: Don Larsen
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#51. But - but the greatest way to witness is by walking that straight and narrow and also realizing that you're going to mess up. That's what grace is for. We're going to fall, but we've got to get back up. And you've got to improve. And that's what I'm all about. - Author: Tim Tebow
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#52. My parents always put more of an emphasis on who I was as opposed to what I achieved. They were never like, "You won that! You did this!" It was all about, "You've got a good heart. You're a good friend. You're a good daughter." So that other stuff in no way defines my sense of self. - Author: Emma Stone
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#53. There's this whole idea that you've got the blues and you're going to write. Bullshit. When I feel really bad, all I want to do is sit in front of the TV with the remote control and check out. - Author: Lucinda Williams
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#54. There's a bigger cause out there. It's bigger than any of us here. But we stick together, all right? We stick together and look out for each other. Because you four are all I've got left. And I'm not going to see you die. Forever alive, all right? We're not going to die."
-Sirius Black - Author: Mordred
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#55. The odd thing about this form of communication is you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many ... somethings. So, thanks. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#56. You're not a bad person," she told him, knowing where his thoughts had taken him. "I'm not saying you're perfect. You're cocky and a know-it-all and you're addicted to working. But you've got a nice big dick and great bedroom skills, so I'm willing to overlook all that. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#57. I try not to think about what people think of me. You can't, because then you get hung up in all the people who love you, and you've also got all the people who hate you, because of what you're doing. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#58. One senses with so many Democrats who support the Clintons an unspoken sentence: "They're all we have." They're the only big national winners the party has left. I always want to say to them: That's not true, you've got better than that, you've got good people, go look and you will find them. - Author: Peggy Noonan
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#59. All I'm saying is that, unless you're immortal, nothing can really belong to you. The best you can hope for is to hold something for a while, but in the end you've got to give it back. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#60. Movies these days have made killers into funny people. What's that all about? I've got kids and family and friends, and I don't like bad things. I don't think they're funny, and it's irresponsible to make movies that don't show you how that's not good. - Author: Billy Bob Thornton
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#61. Making a record? You've got to have the song, then you create a record. I think it's the same with a live performance. If the material is strong, you're already 90% there. I always tell young people it's all about the music, the songs. Work on the songs, work on the songs, work on the songs. - Author: Tom Petty
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#62. But when you have a baby inside you, you're like 'Whoa!' Anything can happen here, I've got to give this baby all the nutrients it needs and really take care of myself, so this is definitely the healthiest I've ever been in my life. - Author: Holly Madison
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#63. I got into moisturiser when I played football. If you're out in all weathers you have to take care of your face. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#64. Find something you enjoy and love and you're passionate about. And then dedicate all you've got to make it a success. And if you have those two things, I think with your passion and dedication, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. - Author: Anousheh Ansari
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#65. I laughed. "I don't care if you're nice or not. I just want you to be you. No more pretending. I think it's time we all got to know the real Logan Lyke."
"What if I don't know who the real me is?" he asked.
"Then I guess you better find yourself," I smiled. - Author: Micalea Smeltzer
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#66. You've got to stay in pretty good shape to be a pro wrestler, and all the TNA wrestlers get a bit nervous when I wrestle them because they're afraid I'll tire them out, but the Olympics is a whole different level. - Author: Kurt Angle
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#67. Got here half an hour ago and had a look, eyeballin' it," Sawyer said. "It's murder, all right. Tell you something else - the sun went down, and it's as dark as the inside of a horses's ass out here."
"You're sure?"
"Well, I've never actually been inside a horses's ass. - Author: John Sandford
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#68. Babe, I can't promise you that I'll always be perfect, but I'll do my straight best to try, and I'll make it my life's goal to always make sure you're happy. All you've got to do is marry me, and I'll do the rest. - Author: Elle Casey
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#69. You're in for it this time,' she said. 'Father's been looking for you all afternoon, He's just got off the telephone with Constable Linnet, in the village. I must say he seemed rather dissapointed to hear that they hadn't fished your soggy little corpse out of the duck pond. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#70. You want everyone to be a full character. No one is just evil, or very few people are, hopefully. They're characters, so you want to flush them out. You've got to show all sides of them. There is definitely an antagonistic relationship between guards and prisoners, and I do think it flares up. - Author: Jenji Kohan
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#71. My so-called faith went up in flames Till I believed in all your lies, For the life of me I don't know why. They got you wrong , You're not that strong. I don't belong here! - Author: Alicia Witt
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#72. You got beat up. Bones and bruises heal. Those girls didn't win because they didn't do what they wanted. They wanted to break you.
I was already broken.
You're not broken at all. - Author: Tijan
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#73. I'm sayin' that I care about you, I do it deeply and I have for a really fuckin' long time. We're gonna explore this and I hope to God the feelin' I got is not wrong because I tried time and again to make it feel wrong but all it ever felt was right. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#74. We've all had those phone conversations. Things are heated, you're in a position where you're gonna say something nasty. Instead, you say, "Oh, I've got that thing in the oven." Lie. Get off the phone. Don't perpetuate a bad situation. - Author: Joe Manganiello
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#75. All my films have some kind of statement about something - but I have to coat it with entertainment to make it palatable. Otherwise it becomes a polemic, and people don't want to see it. If you're trying to get a message out to people, you've got to entertain them at the same time. - Author: Larry Cohen
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#76. All through my career I've written 1,000 words a day - even if I've got a hangover. You've got to discipline yourself if you're professional. There's no other way. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#77. As we all know, when you're an athlete things are a little bit easier for you. It didn't mean that what was going on inside my heart wasn't a bit of a thunderstorm, but outwardly I got along ok. I was really shy in seventh grade. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#78. He patted my shoulder. "What's up with you? All of a sudden, you're bucking the system."
"i got drunk and had an epiphany."
"Shit, this is serious!" He gasped. "Last time that happened to me, i woke up gay. - Author: J.C. Isabella
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#79. We're hideously rich, Annabelle - and I've got three older brothers, all unmarried. Would you possibly consider one of them? If you like, I'll have one shipped across the Atlantic for your inspection. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#80. We're LOVE! We came straight outta LOVE & that's where we're headed. From love to love - is what we call LIFE! Love is the only truth & love is what we've got. So spread LOVE wherever you are! I LOVE YOU ALL!! YOU'RE AWESOME! - Author: Abhishek Kumar
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#81. After writing for TV for a while, I got sort of fed up with all of the cancellations and the volatility in that industry. Also, you're always writing for someone else's character and story, and I really wanted to develop my own. - Author: Kristin Gore
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#82. One of my suppliers told me, "Ray, you know you aren't in the hamburger business at all. You're in the french-fry business. I don't know how the livin' hell you do it, but you've got the best french fries in town, and that's what's selling folks on your place. - Author: Ray Kroc
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#83. When you've got a teenager and a pre-teen, especially a son and a daughter, and they're going at each other at the table, all you really want is just five minutes of quiet, but sometimes I have a moment during the chaos when I think, 'Yes, this is good.' - Author: Al Roker
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#84. The simplest way to say it is that I think we're all dealt these cards in life, but the cards in and of themselves don't read one way or the other. It's up to you to home in and cultivate whatever you've got in your hand. - Author: Pharrell Williams
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#85. I'm not the hero, Blair. And somehow I still got the princess."
"Honey, I'm pretty sure you're the beast. And I am definitely not a princess. I thought we just established that."
"You're my princess. Dirty mouth, naughty lingerie, wicked tongue, formidable temper, and all. - Author: Chanel Cleeton
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#86. The way you treat me baby
Cheat and tell me lies
I guess I shouldn't care at all
But still I sympathize
'cause you got heart trouble
Coming on
Yeah you got heart trouble coming on
Well you think that you don't need me baby
But you're gonna miss me when I'm gone - Author: Martina Mcbride
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#87. The way I see it, men and women oughtn't to get married just because. You should marry when you're really truly in love, forever. When you've found the one girl you'd most want in the whole world. If you haven't got that, then best not to marry at all , I think. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#88. That's what you're up against. That's what I've got to teach you to fight. You need preparing. You need arming. But most of all, you need to practice constant, never-ceasing vigilance. Get out your quills . . . copy this down. . . . - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#89. Be're all I've got left, to remind me who I really am. - Author: Garth Nix
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#90. You're amazing," she whispered hoarsely.
He pushed back the hair from her face. "You too."
"How? All I do is let you play me like a piano."
He chuckled. "You've got a great keyboard. - Author: Ashlyn Chase
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#91. I've got five grandkids. They play baseball, they play football, they play basketball. I go to all the games. You always have that urge to say something when you're watching them. But I've learned to keep it to myself. I've blurted out some things and embarrassed myself. - Author: John Madden
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#92. Stevens, who knew that mouth could do more thana rgue? You're a true blue friend, a red-hot lady and all that other good yearbook shit. You've got a big heart and I've got an even know. So we're both winners. KG - Author: Robin Wasserman
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#93. If I were a liberal Democrat, people would say I'm the super genius of all time. The super genius of all time. If you're a conservative Republican, you've got to fight for your life. It's really an amazing thing. - Author: Donald Trump
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#94. I just got one last thing, I urge all of you, all of you, to enjoy your life, the precious moments you have. To spend each day with some laughter and some thought, to get you're emotions going. - Author: Jim Valvano
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#95. I love you, Half-Pint. Love that little baby. You understand where I'm at with all of that?" ( ... ) "I know you aren't on the same page as me just yet, Cora, and for right now I'm happy enough we're reading the same book. Eventually you have to turn the page, though, you got me? - Author: Jay Crownover
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#96. I think it's all about the people who listen to your music, and loving playing and writing. Once you've got those two, and they're your main two priorities, then radio and TV and all the other stuff that comes with it will come. But that's not the be-all end-all. - Author: Gabrielle Aplin
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#97. I'm not an artist, and I want to take risks, and when the possibility of failure occurs, it's because the idea is all exciting or interesting as a high wire act, and sometimes you've got to fall off, just by virtue of the fact that you're constantly trying to evolve and do new things. - Author: Peter Morgan
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#98. Not true," said Adrian. "All guys mean the same thing when they want to 'get to know a girl better.' You're a wellbred young lady, so I understand why you'd be too innocent to understand. Good thing you've got me here to interpret. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#99. You're a rotten driver," I protested. "Either you ought to be more careful, or you oughtn't to drive at all." "I am careful." "No, you're not." "Well, other people are," she said lightly. "What's that got to do with it?" "They'll keep out of my way," she insisted. "It takes two to make an accident. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#100. You're my religion. You're all I've got. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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