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#1. A woman is a highly developed, deeply intelligent, infinitely complicated being. And it needs to be carefully tricked into doing things. - Author: Arj Barker
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#2. I am my own woman ... and was, long before I became Prime Minister. Attending to my family's needs only made me stronger as a leader because if you know how to run a home and ensure each person's particular need is met, it's the best leadership training you can have. - Author: Kamla Persad-Bissessar
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#3. Many of my friends and colleagues are in the public eye, so they have to pay close attention to what they wear. But every woman needs to stay on her toes in this era of cell-phone cameras and Facebook. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#4. Who needs the fairy tale when crazy, messy, sexy reality with the woman I adore is a million times better? - Author: Kate Meader
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#5. There is an instinct in a woman to love most her own child - and an instinct to make any child who needs her love, her own. - Author: Robert Breault
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#6. Your brother needs to stop watching the BBC network." Logan shouted from inside, "I heard that, and never, woman. BBC holds my heart like no vixen ever shall. - Author: Tijan
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#7. If you can capture a woman's imagination, then you will have her. But imagination is a strange creature. It needs time and distance to function properly. - Author: Kathleen Tessaro
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#8. A supreme love, a motive that gives a sublime rhythm to a woman's life, and exalts habit into partnership with the soul's highest needs, is not to be had where and how she wills. - Author: George Eliot
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#9. A goodlookin horse is like a goodlookin woman, he said. They're always more trouble than what they're worth. What a man needs is just one that will get the job done. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#10. Loyalty ruled this woman's soul, but loyalty needs a partner. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#11. A woman can plan. A woman thinks she needs a man for nothing in this world but soon realizes she is wrong. The same way every black- owned business has to acquire goods from a white distributor, women have to do business with men, be it professional or personal, to achieve too many of our goals. - Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
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#12. I think that each woman, whatever age, needs to recognize something good in her body. Someone has beautiful legs, someone has beautiful hair, someone else has beautiful decolletage or a beautiful waist or beautiful hands. Everyone has something great. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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#13. A business woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality. - Author: Donatella Versace
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#14. I tell you there isn't a thing under the sun that needs to be done at all, but what a man can do better than a woman, unless it's bearing children, and they do that in a poor make-shift way; it had better ha been left to the men. - Author: George Eliot
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#15. On the beach, we women are at our most exposed and therefore most vulnerable. As any woman deserves to look and feel good, especially when she's away on holiday, she needs swimwear that pays proper attention to comfort and function. And there should also be some thought put into value. - Author: Geri Halliwell
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#16. I wasn't mean; I wasn't evil. I was nice. And let me tell you, a hesitant man is the last thing in the world a woman needs. She needs a lover and a warrior, not a Really Nice Guy. - Author: John Eldredge
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#17. Sometimes a woman needs a man for company, no matter how useless he is. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#18. This place," Sophie said, looking around at the ranch-house kitchen the next morning, "needs a woman's touch. Or maybe a crack decorating crew from HGTV or DIY. - Author: Linda Lael Miller
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#19. A woman needs to know about blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. And she needs to know the kinds of things she can do to stay healthy. - Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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#20. I have something to prove, as long as I know there's something that needs improvement, and you know that everytime I move, I make a woman's movement. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#21. I want Little Noah looking like a beat-up mess by the time he's eighteen."
"Cause no woman wants a delicate man. He needs to be sporting at least five scars. - Author: S. Walden
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#22. The phenomenon of the woman who's asked what movie she wants to see, and she says, "I don't know. What do you want to see?" It's a tiny version of a big tendency. Women need to say, "This is what I want." - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#23. Even a woman who has the soul of a pirate, at least pirate morals, even a woman who ... has constraints to heterosexual marriage, even a woman who is a freak in our society needs a home. The only characteristic freaks share is our knowledge that we don't fit in. - Author: Kathy Acker
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#24. He was no god, he was just an artist; and when an artist is a man, he needs a woman to create like a god. - Author: Roman Payne
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#25. Sometimes a beautiful woman just needs a hard, slow fuck against a wall with a perfect stranger. I understand. - Author: Olivia Cunning
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#26. I believe in the Yves Saint Laurent woman who either has her hands in the pockets of her pantsuit or is holding her lover's hand. She doesn't need a bag. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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#27. How often we set this trap for ourselves. I had learned to act as if I were the person I wished to be: an ascetically self-sufficient woman, a woman without needs, a woman immune to disappointment. And I found or urged myself to be attracted to people whom only such a woman should love. - Author: Melissa Febos
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#28. An educated woman carries herself with a humble, quiet grace, yet her presence is powerful. She does not feel as thou she needs to act masculine to exude authority and power. - Author: Daniel Whyte III
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#29. I'm not saying to be happy you must be married. Nor am I saying that to be happy you need children. I'm saying that if you opt for children - be you man or woman - you have to take care of them. - Author: Barbara Bush
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#30. All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to be combed. These things she can do herself. I very seldom go to the hairdresser, but when I do, I just marvel. - Author: Hedy Lamarr
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#31. Let woman out of the home, let man into it, should be the aim of education. The home needs man, and the world outside needs woman. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#32. I don't care how happily married you are or how deeply enmeshed you are with your children and family and career
every woman needs a couple of chicks who'll break out the sangria just because you need to vent. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#33. It is as absurd to say that a man can't love one woman all the time as it is to say that a violinist needs several violins to play the same piece of music. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#34. Enough, woman who needs no sleep! It is past my bedtime! But I will ponder your suggestions in the morning when I wake up, which will be long after you've already risen. - Author: Mike Brown
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#35. More a woman is filled by herself, Less she needs a man to fill her inner emptiness. - Author: Sheryn Kay
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#36. No woman needs intercourse; few women escape it. - Author: Andrea Dworkin
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#37. I was born with confidence in myself and who I am. Even when I was a little kid, I felt that, and I carried it all through my years. I'm 26 now, and I'm still that person. I think every woman needs to have that self-love. - Author: Ricki-Lee Coulter
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#38. You can't have it all, all at once. Who - man or woman - has it all, all at once? Over my lifespan I think I have had it all. But in different periods of time things were rough. And if you have a caring life partner, you help the other person when that person needs it. - Author: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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#39. A woman does not need to live among many people to be content. She needs but one true companion, one soul mate with whom to share this long journey we call life. - Author: Mary Alice Monroe
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#40. Because man and woman are the complement of one another, we need woman's thought in national affairs to make a safe and stable government. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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#41. Somebody has said that woman's place is in the wrong. That's fine. What the wrong needs is a woman's presence and a woman's touch. She is far better equipped than men to set it right. - Author: James Thurber
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#42. A fighting man will die without something to fight for."
"And a woman?" I asked her.
She drew in a slow breath. "Everyone needs something - someone - to fight for, Marian. - Author: A.C. Gaughen
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#43. What I really need is a woman who loves me for my money but doesn't understand math. - Author: Mike Birbiglia
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#44. A day's work is a day's work, neither more nor less, and the man or woman who does it needs a day's sustenance, a night's repose and due leisure, whether they be painter or ploughman. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#45. It is not the intelligent woman v. the ignorant woman; nor the white woman v. the black, the brown, and the red, it is not even the cause of woman v. man. Nay, tis woman's strongest vindication for speaking that the world needs to hear her voice. - Author: Anna Julia Cooper
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#46. He spent his life immersed in books to the cost of everything else, even personal relationships. "Friends," he'd once said, "are probably great, but I have forty thousands friends of my own already, and each of them needs my attention. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#47. The silliest woman can manage a clever man; but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool. - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#48. He was no longer an individual, functioning solely to satisfy his personal needs. Something now bound him to every other man and woman in this hangar. All - Author: George Lucas
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#49. Each of us, I suppose needs his illusions. Life after death. A maker of planets. A woman to love, a man to hate. Something sacred. But what a waste. - Author: Tim O'Brien
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#50. A woman needs to know that her man are strong enough to handle her. - Author: Leah Brooke
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#51. Stella McCartney, not only is she a designer, she is a mother of four, and she lives for practicality. She understands what a woman needs to wear to work and what a woman needs to wear when it's time to go out and put on the Ritz! - Author: Andre Leon Talley
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#52. A woman only needs one pair of shoes for an outfit. But God, you've got to get it just right. - Author: Allan Dare Pearce
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#53. My mother says men are different from us. She says we want to be in love, but only with the one we want; a man needs to be in love, but he will love the first woman to tie a string to his heart. - Egwene, speaking to Elayne - Author: Robert Jordan
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#54. You see, baby, you have to protect yourself. If you don't protect yourself, you look like a fool asking somebody else to protect you. I thought about that for a second. She was right. A woman needs to support herself before she asks anyone else to support her. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#55. You think that all a cruel-looking man needs is the love of a good woman and then he won't be cruel any more. But he stays cruel and you eat your heart out. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#56. Why must the woman apologize for not having a baby just because she happened to get pregnant? It's as if we think motherhood is the default setting for a woman's life from first period to menopause, and she needs a note from God not to say yes to every zygote that knocks on her door. - Author: Katha Pollitt
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#57. It's a tough case and the first time Reacher needs to recruit somebody to help him out. He uses a woman he knew in the army she's a fascinating character. - Author: Lee Child
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#58. Ambition - what is the good of pride of place when you cannot appear there? What is the good of the love of woman when her name must needs be Delilah? - Author: H.G.Wells
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#59. Women - - and men - - need to understand that a woman's transition is often much longer. The caretaker must leave the place of orientation to the needs of others to the place where she focuses on herself. - Author: Esther Perel
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#60. Now I have a theory that if a woman wants to keep a man she only needs to say two things: She believes in him and he's got a big a cock. That's all it takes. It doesn't even have to be true. - Author: Ethan Hawke
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#61. It's up to the man to not be offended when she tells him what she needs. He shouldn't say, "I know that!" And he shouldn't say, "The woman that I had before you had ten orgasms without her telling me anything!" - Author: Ruth Westheimer
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#62. The goal of my work is to help assure that we can create a world of abundance in which we meet the basic needs of every man, woman and child. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#63. Woman
with a capital letter
should by now have ceased to be a specialty. There should be no more need of "movements" on her behalf, and agitations for her advancement and developmentthan for the abolition of negro slavery in the United States. - Author: Mary Virginia Terhune
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#64. Men need to be needed. When we are needed, we feel powerful. We thrive on helping a woman who needs us. - Author: C.T.
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#65. For the longest time, Indian women have been okay with being curvy. But I think the modern Indian woman needs to get toned. I don't endorse being thin. Anorexia and bulimia are a reality in India because everybody wants to be thin. - Author: Bipasha Basu
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#66. I don't mind being disliked - I will be the one to step up and say what needs to be said if it helps one woman who comes after me. - Author: Rose McGowan
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#67. Every one needs to talk to some one," the woman said. "Before we had religion and other nonsense. Now for every one there should be some one to whom one can speak frankly, for all the valor that one could have one becomes very alone. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#68. When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. When you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman. - Author: Gail Simone
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#69. Man without religion is a diseased creature, who would persuade himself he is well and needs not a physician; but woman without religion is raging and monstrous. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
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#70. You talk about Cal, you look like a woman who's talkin' about the man she needs to breathe. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#71. A beautiful woman needs no embellishments. But a prideful man may give them to her nevertheless. - Author: Katharine Ashe
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#72. You know, there's nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. It's kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen. - Author: Ginger Rogers
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#73. Every sitcom needs their straight man or straight woman. - Author: Aarti Mann
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#74. I am stealing more and more money. I keep it in my top drawer beneath my underwear, along with my diaphragm and lipstick and switchblade - these are things a woman needs - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#75. Every woman should have access to the healthcare that she needs. - Author: Barack Obama
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#76. A bachelor has to have an inspiration for making love to a woman
a married man needs only an excuse. - Author: Helen Rowland
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#77. Everybody needs love. There are a lot of guys that you think are hard-core gangsters, but all these guys' weaknesses are women. Look at the movie Scarface. At the end of the day, all he wanted to do was to have kids with his woman. - Author: Master P
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#78. I'm a woman and I'm a backbone ... everybody needs one. - Author: Chaka Khan
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#79. Things are changing. They need to change more. It should not be of any note that a woman does something, because women do everything. - Author: Ronee Blakley
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#80. This virtuous and very industrious woman needs physical strength and ability to do the work of her life, the work of love. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#81. I am intrigued by glamorous women A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup. A glamorous woman knows she doesn't need to. - Author: Clark Gable
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#82. I hope the average woman feels she needs practicality but with a little bit of fantasy. Otherwise, it's just not fashion. - Author: Francisco Costa
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#83. She is a woman who needs someone to take care of her, but it isn't going to be me. - Author: Gregory Galloway
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#84. I don't know Bill Clinton as someone who needs to literally sexually harass a woman. I'm sure that he could have found many willing participants. - Author: Gennifer Flowers
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#85. I am persuaded that the rights of woman, like the rights of slaves, need only be examined to be understood and asserted. - Author: Sarah Moore Grimke
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#86. Hair is associated with sexual power. With passion. The woman's sexual passion needs to be minimized, so that the spectator may feel that he has the monopoly on such passion - Author: John Berger
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#87. I could never be with a woman who felt like she needs to change me. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#88. The number one way a man can succeed in fulfilling a woman's primary love needs is through communication. By learning to listen to a woman's feelings, a man can effectively shower a woman with caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance ... - Author: John Gray
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#89. Love is never going to go out of style, a man is always going to want to have the love of a woman. She just needs a game plan to work out how to get his love. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#90. Any woman with kinky textured hair - can wear it, love it and manage it. She only needs the right tools, inspiration and motivation. - Author: Monica Millner
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#91. When a woman earns a dollar, the payback is higher. She'll invest in her children, in their education, health care, and basic needs. The impact of a woman's role in the economy benefits society at large. - Author: Andrea Jung
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#92. You must remember that a woman, by nature, needs much less to feed upon than a man, a few emotions and she is satisfied. - Author: Alice James
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#93. Writing jokes for others is like having babies for someone else. It's sad. Like the woman who gives up her baby but needs to be close so she secretly becomes the maid in the household. - Author: Emo Philips
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#94. Basic principles: no matter what, no matter when, no matter who ... any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom. - Author: Will Smith
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#95. Makes sense," Cal said. "A bike needs to be taken care of just like a woman. Treat her right and she'll bring you happiness you never knew existed. Lock her away and she'll make you suffer a worse fate than hell. - Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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#96. A woman needs what a woman needs. - Author: Ted Dekker
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#97. The older woman smiled. 'You're a good girl, my dear. Just what His Grace needs - someone to take him in hand.' Finley didn't think that meant quite what came to mind. - Author: Kady Cross
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#98. My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it's very open-ended: every woman has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#99. The concept of a woman with a terrible life who needs a man to come and rescue her, doesn't apply and isn't something we should probably be teaching kids. - Author: Richard Madden
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#100. Jessica - "You might be a Mistress, but you're also in our gang. And a woman needs her posse around her when things go bad. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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