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#1. I could hear you, talking to the daffodils and tulips, whispering to the fairies that lived inside their petals. Each separate flower had a different family inside it.

Lucy Christopher

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#2. The chicken thing let out a whispering cackle.

Terry Goodkind

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#3. The crowd slowly dispersed in soft, whispering groups, voices muted by the fascination of death that all men carry with them in small pockets deep inside them.

Rod Serling

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#4. Fire is calling my name. It is whispering words of encouragement, sweet things. It wants out, for me to fan the heat until it's a vortex that can't and won't be stopped.

Alexandra Bracken

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#5. I don't see a way in," Eve whispered.
Why are you whispering?" Myrnin whispered back. "Vampires can hear us, anyway.

Rachel Caine

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#6. The face of the night will be an old wound that reopens each evening, impassive and living. The distant silence will ache like a soul, mute, in the dark. We'll speak to the night as it's whispering softly.

Cesare Pavese

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#7. Heard ten thousand whispering and nobody listening. Heard one person starve, I heard many people laughing. Heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter.

Bob Dylan

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#8. You said, "Ellie, this is the truth, everybody leaves. Everybody." I was just seven, and when I reached for you, you were death and absence and missing take you. You were where bad husbands disappear to. And you were whispering. "Just ask them.

Carmen Rodrigues

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#9. Sometimes I wonder if she's whispering to hear heart: Beat. Beat. Beat. To her lungs: In, out. In, out. Like it takes all her time and energy to exist.

Emery Lord

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#10. Whispering against her ear, he confessed, "When I'm really stressed out ... I play with my toes."
Gwen leaned back a bit and stared at him. "Seriously?"
"It's really relaxing and very bearlike."
And very weird. And yet ... "I'm oddly comforted by this information.

Shelly Laurenston

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#11. Till Homer's ghost came whispering to my mind.He said: I made the Iliad from such
A local row. Gods make their own importance.

Patrick Kavanagh

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#12. I became quite taken over by Johnson's personality at some points while writing the biography, and since I went straight on to The Closed Circle afterwards, I did sometimes feel I could hear him whispering in my ear while I was working on it.

Jonathan Coe

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#13. Poor Earthworm,' the Ladybird said, whispering in James's ear. 'He loves to make everything into a disaster. He hates to be happy. He is only happy when he is gloomy.

Roald Dahl

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#14. I followed the river to the shallows where it spoke of its bed, in whispering tones as gentle as the sun's growing warmth.

Miles Richardson

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#15. The last cell in the row, whispering a prayer beneath her breath, a prisoner spat, the small splat landing just beside Katie's sneaker. In the exercise yard, Duvall grew chatty. Haven't seen you around. You been

Jodi Picoult

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#16. I would like whispering with someone who is like me. But no one is.I think it is because my sizzle doesn't match anyone else's. I want something to happen so bad that it sizzles inside of me. It never stops, but it also never fits any of the choices presented.

Sarah Bird

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#17. Float beyond the world of trees. Out into the whispering breeze, past the rushes, past the weeds, past the marsh's waving reeds.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#18. It's like a door open at the side of the house and this cool breeze is blowing in over the back of my neck. The breeze is Death whispering and that door is open for me to go through anytime I want. And I want to go through. I want the confusion to stop
no, not only confusion but pain too.

Walter Mosley

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#19. Everywhere was filled with painful, jarring reminders of what I'd lost: an elderly couple sitting on a bench, gnarly, arthritic fingers interlaced; a handsome young man in a baseball cap whispering something in his pregnant wife's ear, his arm draped protectively around her shoulders.

Catherine Sanderson

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#20. It's like these ideas, these characters, kind of bubble up inside me, and one day they're not there, and the next day they are there. They're alive, and they're whispering in my head and all that stuff, and I want to write about those things.

George R R Martin

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#21. Everyone needs a place where they can go to just ponder for a while. Silence is important; it's the only time you can hear the whispering of truth.

Glenn Beck

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#22. I assume the Spirit is always whispering, "Abba", to God's children, assuring them that they are safe in His care. And he is continually calling them to become what God saved them to be, solid people, indestructibly alive, hurting perhaps, but consumed with pleasing the Father.

Larry Crabb

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#23. Depression is the feeling of someone whispering in your ear and telling you that you are worthless. Every time you make a mistake, you keep getting reminded of it, it's never painless. From these mistakes, it makes you reckless. Now you ask yourself, is my life priceless or worthless ?


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#24. Get out of my head." "I can't help it," Archer replied from where he sat on the couch. "You're broadcasting your thoughts so damn loudly I feel like I need to go sit in the corner and start rocking, whispering Daemon's name over and over again.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#25. As winds come whispering lightly from the West, Kissing, not ruffling, the blue deep's serene.

Lord Byron

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#26. There ain't nothing like being in the corner, and the trainer is whispering in your ear and another guy is putting in your mouthpiece. Five seconds to go, the boom! The bell. It's more exciting than looking down a cliff.

George Foreman

Whispering's Quotes #522366
#27. We are like ghosts whispering around the edges of each other's lives. Or perhaps it's more like a cruel farce with one of us entering the stage, just as the other leaves.

Saskia Sarginson

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#28. I like to feel the burn of the audience's eyes when I'm whispering all my darkest secrets into the microphone.

Conor Oberst

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#29. Oh My God," I blurted, grabbing onto Phin as we faced the open bedroom door. "It's the axe murderer."
"I doubt he would knock," she said, but she was whispering, too, and didn't move away from me.

Rosemary Clement-Moore

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#30. He circled around me, whispering in my ear. "I'm O positive. I'm everyone's type.

Dannika Dark

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#31. Only one without a weapon is Peeta, but anyone whispering my name with a bunch of mutts doesn't need one anyway. We leave the room free of everything but our scent. There's no way to erase that at the moment. I'm guessing that's how the hissing things are tracking us,

Suzanne Collins

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#32. If I had the power to resurrect, I'd use it on you." Now he was the one whispering. "There's an important part of you that's dead: the part that cares.

Dia Reeves

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#33. Through windows,
in wishing wells,
whispering in the wind...
that's where I find you.

Jessica Kristie

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#34. Best friends are always together, always whispering and laughing and running, always at each other's house, having dinner, sleeping over. They are practically adopted by each other's parents. You can't pry them apart.

Jerry Spinelli

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#35. He stroked Sido's cheek and bent down to kiss her, whispering what his heart had always known, what he had never said before to anyone. 'I love you, I always will.

Sally Gardner

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#36. What is this bluestocking?"
"A woman who fancies herself a member of the intelligentsia." He lowered his voice. "It's against the laws of nature."
Alexsey lifted his brows. "Why are you whispering? Afraid of bluestockings, are you?"
"All smart men are.

Karen Hawkins

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#37. My grandmother whispering to herself, over and over, David is in heaven now, David is in heaven now,' my mind repeating Schrodinger's Cat, Schrodinger's Cat.

Jeanette Winterson

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#38. Thomas: Wow, that treehouse is like twice the size of our actual house.
Pam (whispering): Don't say 'like.'
Me: Oh, ha ha, let him say what he wants, let's not be
Thomas: That treehouse is twice the size of our actual house.

George Saunders

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#39. The small hand of a clock taps me at one and two, three and four, whispering hello, get up, stand up, it's time to
wake up
wake up
"Wake up," he whispers.

Tahereh Mafi

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#40. July.
I am anxious, and it soothes me to express myself here. It is like whispering to one's self and listening at the same time.

Bram Stoker

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#41. Derek lunged. He hit me in the shoulder and knocked me to the floor, landing on top of me. His body jerked, like he'd been hit with the spell, and I let out a yelp, struggling to get up, but he held me down, whispering "I'm okay, it's okay" until the words penetrated.

Kelley Armstrong

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#42. The night's chilly breath tickles up my neck and finds my ear, whispering secrets only the wind knows.

Libba Bray

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#43. I don't know what they did to him to make him sign, but I know that it must have been something terrible. Everybody thinks so. Everybody's whispering about it, wondering what sort of pressure was used on him. .

Ayn Rand

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#44. Deep down, below the surface of the average man's conscience, he hears a voice whispering, "There is something not right," no matter how much his rightness is supported by public opinion or moral code.

C. G. Jung

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#45. Poetry Calling [10w]
Poetry's not a calling.
It's a whispering in your ear.

Beryl Dov

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#46. Whispering like it's a secret, only to condemn the one who hears it, with a heavy heart.

Florence Welch

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#47. They're Caesar's praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the avenue, 'Remember, Caesar, thou art mortal.

Ray Bradbury

Whispering's Quotes #932669
#48. Kids need to remember that when you put something on Twitter, it's not like whispering to your friend, you've put it on a billboard that the whole world, including your own kids someday, can see.

Bill Cosby

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#49. Stage 13 was, then, a toy shop, a magic chest, a sorcerer's trunk, a trick manufactory, and an aerial hangar of dreams at the center of which Roy stood each day, waving his long piano fingers at mythic beasts to stir them, whispering, in the ten-billion-year slumbers.

Ray Bradbury

Whispering's Quotes #946105
#50. In the Heaven's above, the angels, whispering to one another, can find, among their burning terms of love, none so devotional as that of 'Mother.

Edgar Allan Poe

Whispering's Quotes #952744
#51. Tucker strokes my hair. There's something so tender about the gesture. It might as well have been him whispering I love you.

Cynthia Hand

Whispering's Quotes #957155
#52. Syn was braced on one forearm while he rubbed Furi's back with his other hand. Whispering soothingly in his ear, "You feel so good. You're so beautiful." He waited for Furi to adjust as he clenched his abs in determination. He wouldn't move until Furi was ready.

A.E. Via

Whispering's Quotes #960231
#53. Then the flight attendants, garbage bags in hand, glided down the aisle, looking each one of us square in the face and whispering, without discrimination, Your trash. You're trash. Your family's trash.

David Sedaris

Whispering's Quotes #969343
#54. The answer came to me before I'd even finished asking myself the question. I couldn't be Mason's girlfriend because when I imagined someone holding me and whispering dirty things in my ear, he had a Russian accent.

Richelle Mead

Whispering's Quotes #985259
#55. To sing a song is like whispering to a child's ear. It is an art heavily relying on improvisation.

Andrea Bocelli

Whispering's Quotes #998507
#56. Bad news. If you can see it coming, you brace yourself; you weigh the outcome. But there's always that niggling voice, that voice of hope whispering, 'Maybe it's good news.' Whether you can admit it or not, that little whisper is a potent thing.

Lily Gardner

Whispering's Quotes #1013057
#57. Test it out, whispering my own name in Claire's ear, but the syllables are lost in a sudden breeze, and the soft sound is carried far out to sea, where it will swirl and mingle and be lost and present for all the rest of time.

Hugh Howey

Whispering's Quotes #1015680
#58. I actually have a life I said I wanted to have. I wanted to tell stories I want and be with my family. I'm whispering it, because I'm a quarter Jewish and afraid it's all going to be taken away.

Helen Hunt

Whispering's Quotes #1024281
#59. Life is complex and prone to being pedantic
Always little things crawl, flutter
and creep in.
Nesting in cracks in our psyches
Gibbering, whispering and scratching
on sanity's walls.
Messages without form or reason
Teasing us to come out
And blend in.

Neil Leckman

Whispering's Quotes #1048574
#60. He habitually contrasted the beaten, penniless, half-naked King of the Jews screaming betrayal on a cross with the bejeweled, glamorously dressed pope whispering homilies above the Vatican's vault.

Toni Morrison

Whispering's Quotes #1160899
#61. The best picture I got was Bianca Jagger whispering in Mick's ear. I caught them telling a secret, which is sort of rude.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Whispering's Quotes #1163693
#62. Her heart pounded as [Cam's] lips bypassed hers and came to a stop, whispering in her ear: 'Don't let him flip you off next time.

Lauren Kate

Whispering's Quotes #1171744
#63. It's something that I had been pushing down my whole life. The search for meaning, I guess, the whispering of the soul.

Ricky Williams

Whispering's Quotes #1178376
#64. Your iPod is whispering in your ear. It was keeping you company, but now it's like a good friend turned bad [ ... ] It is turning your life into a dark, looping rock opera.

Meg Jay

Whispering's Quotes #1234517
#65. Soundlessly whispering into the void, my lips moving quickly, silently, without ceasing. Calling his name, calling him to me.
Even though there's no use.
Even though it's futile.
Even though it's way past too late.

Alyson Noel

Whispering's Quotes #1235401
#66. Nakao: Koizumi, I'm so sorry I said such cruel things.
Otani: What's that?
Nakao: The whispering of your heart.

Heikichi Nakao Otani

Whispering's Quotes #1239438
#67. When he overheard the boys whispering that he was a queer, he said he regarded that as a compliment since so many of the world's great men had been homosexual. Alas, I've been sentenced to a life mundane heterosexuality. I can only hope that a few of you will be more fortunate.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Whispering's Quotes #1253653
#68. I'm glad that it didn't take as long to get Shepard off the ground as it's taken this series. I'd begun to think the Congo would be ahead of us in the space race before Whispering Smith ever got on the air.

Audie Murphy

Whispering's Quotes #1258592
#69. Sometime whispering's okay but maybe you'd feel better if you screamed today.

Kimya Dawson

Whispering's Quotes #1258832
#70. There's too much insecurity on studio sets, with all the people standing around, whispering.

Illeana Douglas

Whispering's Quotes #1293812
#71. We go through life and don't pay attention to God even when he's yelling. Then there are the moments you never expect and can't avoid. It is at those times when you can hear him ever so clearly; even when he's whispering.

Benjamin J. Carey

Whispering's Quotes #1294366
#72. I believe that uncertainty is really my spirit's way of whispering, I'm in flux. I can't decide for you. Something is off-balance here.

Seth Godin

Whispering's Quotes #1360891
#73. As she starts crushing the nuts and cloves, the maid's whispering, her air of secrety and conviction tastes more delicious to Nella than the pasty on her plate.

Jessie Burton

Whispering's Quotes #1370261
#74. There is something powerful in the whispering of obscenities, about those in power. There's something delightful about it, something naughty, secretive, forbidden, thrilling. It's like a spell, of sorts. It deflates them, reduces them to the common denominator where they can be dealt.

Margaret Atwood

Whispering's Quotes #1399745
#75. Perfect, that's our plan then. But you'll have to give up being a priest first. I wouldn't want to just sit around whispering and sipping hot chocolate.

Ted Dekker

Whispering's Quotes #1404174
#76. I wrote a script and I've been whispering in director's ears for a really long time and I'd love to direct.

Jeremy Piven

Whispering's Quotes #1405298
#77. And Green held him right back, whispering quietly, "It's okay. You're going to be okay now. I've got you. I never meant to hurt you. I swear. I didn't know. I promise you I didn't. I never would've gone out with her. Why didn't you just tell me? Damn you." Ruxs

A.E. Via

Whispering's Quotes #1406469
#78. You want the greatest trick for writing a novel? Here it is: imagine urgently whispering your story into one person's ear - and only one. This one visualization will clarify every word choice you make.

Julianna Baggott

Whispering's Quotes #1446367
#79. It's not gender-specific, but I do think it's women who tend to start having that sort of little whispering voice of "I want more here" and "I want more for my family."

Dani Shapiro

Whispering's Quotes #1453944
#80. Success? You can't get a big head about it. When people stare at me, they could be whispering to their friend, 'That guy sucks! Have you seen him before? He's horrible.'

David Spade

Whispering's Quotes #1456415
#81. Power is a fickle mistress, easy to seduce, but even easier to lose. That's how it works. One moment she is your closest confidant, whispering the secrets of the universe into your ear; the next, she is your vilest oppressor - and once her ears close to your plights you are well and truly screwed.

Nenia Campbell

Whispering's Quotes #1457627
#82. When I wear her clothes, I just feel safer, like she's whispering in my ear.

Jandy Nelson

Whispering's Quotes #1458347
#83. For what it's worth" - he rose from his seat, moved around the table and bent over her, whispering in her ear as he pressed a kiss to her cheek - "I like you better in a pair of worn jeans, and I think you deserve someone who appreciates what he's got. Not someone out to have a good time.

J.M. Stewart

Whispering's Quotes #1476888
#84. Age was a demon, a haunting that slipped into the bones whispering weakness and frailty. It stole his muscles, his agility, and the quickness of his wit. It seemed a miserable reward for surviving, all things told, which was proof enough that life was a fool's bargain.

Steven Erikson

Whispering's Quotes #1535510
#85. The melancholy ghosts of dead renown, Whispering faint echoes of the world's applause.

Edward Young

Whispering's Quotes #1546720
#86. A four year old girl was overheard whispering in her newborn baby brother's ear: "Baby," she whispers, "tell me what God sounds like. I'm starting to forget." -- Between the Dreaming and the Coming True

Robert Benson

Whispering's Quotes #1566186
#87. That mad and oppressive demon that had possessed him from the instant he set his eyes on her by the banks of the King's Flow kept whispering to him his heart will freeze if he stayed away from her for up to a work period.

Ray Anyasi

Whispering's Quotes #1591561
#88. In college there is no time to commune with one's thoughts. One goes to college to learn, it seems, not to think. When one enters the portals of learning, one leaves the dearest pleasures - solitude, books and imagination - outside with the whispering pines. I

Helen Keller

Whispering's Quotes #1594354
#89. Cut Men's throats with whisperings.

Ben Jonson

Whispering's Quotes #1608249
#90. I would like to invite you to savour every moment of this experiential journey. Feel the energies of the earth, listen to them calling on the wind, whispering their secrets and beckoning you to explore their mysteries.

Carole Carlton

Whispering's Quotes #1650328
#91. God's voice was not in the earthquake, Not in the fire, nor the storm, but it was in the whispering breezes.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Whispering's Quotes #1684560
#92. Here's to all the places we went. And all the places we'll go. And here's to me, whispering again and again and again and again: iloveyou

John Green

Whispering's Quotes #1688874
#93. [Mama's] voice was surprisingly calm and caring. As you can imagine, this worried the girl a great deal. She'd have preferred to hear them arguing. Whispering adults hardly inspired confidence.

Markus Zusak

Whispering's Quotes #1689791
#94. I was just sitting in Target, just getting over my cold. I blew my nose and I see these people looking at me and kind of whispering and pointing. Finally, I went, 'Is everything okay? Did I do something wrong? Do I have a booger on my face and no one's telling me?' I'm just not used to it.

Atticus Shaffer

Whispering's Quotes #1715277
#95. He keeps whispering, "You're okay," and I simultaneously love him and hate him for saying that. I'm fucking not okay at all. And yet it's exactly what I most want to be: okay. He can't give that to me, but I love him for trying.

Matthew Quick

Whispering's Quotes #1806883
#96. Peace and rest at length have come
All the day's long toil is past,
And each heart is whispering, 'Home,
Home at last.

Thomas Hood

Whispering's Quotes #1859362
#97. We want what the woman wanted in the prison queue in Leningrad, standing there with cold and whispering for fear, enduring the terror of Stalin's regime and asking the poet Anna Akhmatova if she could describe it all, if her art was equal to it.

Seamus Heaney

Whispering's Quotes #1859699
#98. He steps over to me and takes the empty bowl from my hand, setting it on the desk. Grasping my chin, he pulls my face up so I'll look at him. His thumb brushes across my bottom lip, and he's quiet for a minute before whispering, "Only a fool would be bothered by being with you.

J.M. Darhower

Whispering's Quotes #1870338
#99. Eli: [whispering to Solara, after seeing the graves George and Martha made] We gotta go now.
Solara: They killed all these people.
Eli: Not just killed them, they ate them.
Solara: Her hands, her hands were shaking.
Eli: Too much human meat. Let's go.

Book Of Eli Movie

Whispering's Quotes #1872851
#100. It's always you and me." I nodded again and felt my lips quivering. He kept whispering, "Always me and my Sylvie, yeah?" "Yeah," I whispered.

Kristen Ashley

Whispering's Quotes #1875919

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