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Top 100 Vader's Quotes

#1. At home it's all Batman and Star Wars and they do gang up on me. Sometimes I don't want to dress up as Darth Vader or play train sets, so I'll go out for a drink with the girls.

Sadie Frost

Vader's Quotes #6616
#2. Coach Hedge grunted like he was pleased to have an excuse. He unclipped the megaphone from his belt and continued giving directions, but his voice came out like Darth Vader's. The kids cracked up. The coach tried again, but this time the megaphone blared: The cow says moo!

Rick Riordan

Vader's Quotes #19469
#3. At this moment, I know that the answer has to be yes. I am defeated. By my own father. How Darth Vader.

Denis Markell

Vader's Quotes #29594
#4. I don't think it's fair to compare Dick Cheney to Vader - it's unfair to Vader.

Mark Hamill

Vader's Quotes #35595
#5. One last thing, Vice Admiral," Vader said as Rancit was being escorted aft down the walkway. "Moff Tarkin sends his regards.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #38020
#6. Oh! Hello! I didn't see you there. My name is Darth Vader, and I'm the president of Evil Villains In favor of Leukemia, a.k.a. EVIL. Appearing in the lower left-hand corner: Evil Villains In favor of Leukemia

Jesse Andrews

Vader's Quotes #38313
#7. It was like finding Attila the Hun at a yoga class. Like finding Darth Vader playing ultimate Frisbee in the park. Like finding Megatron volunteering at a children's hospital. Like finding Nightmare Moon having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Cory Doctorow

Vader's Quotes #47650
#8. Even fictional characters sometimes receive unwarranted medical opinions. Doctors have diagnosed Ebenezer Scrooge with OCD, Sherlock Holmes with autism, and Darth Vader with borderline personality disorder.

Sam Kean

Vader's Quotes #75993
#9. Tarkin had long nursed suspicions about who Vader was beneath the black face mask and helmet, as well as how he had come to be, but he knew better than to give open voice to his thoughts.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #79851
#10. I like the incongruity of how in Iran, these people we think of as being revolutionaries or fanatics or whatever are just as aware of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as our people are back home.

Ben Affleck

Vader's Quotes #101661
#11. Star Wars was magnificent, but you could tell Darth Vader's ships were glued together.

Gary Coleman

Vader's Quotes #119936
#12. Always live in the moment but plan and enjoy the journey ahead

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #134785
#13. Son," he said, "you monkeyed up.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #143999
#14. The attraction, and my particular participation is in being able to communicate with my fans, answer their questions, get a feel for how they respond to Vader.

David Prowse

Vader's Quotes #154970
#15. Material possessions do not last, but memories last forever.

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #157731
#16. To me, Darth Vader is the epitome of evil.

Manu Bennett

Vader's Quotes #190220
#17. I was in love with Darth Vader. He was extremely sexy to me. Once I had almost a sexual dream about Darth Vader. At the moment he was about to pull his helmet off, my husband woke me up and I was so annoyed. I told him, "I was on my way to kiss Darth Vader."

Marjane Satrapi

Vader's Quotes #203606
#18. No," Vader replied calmly. "I am your father." Stunned,

George Lucas

Vader's Quotes #206296
#19. Vader approached, drawing and igniting his Sith blade. Shryne blinked blood from his eyes; lifted his lightsaber hand only to realize that he had lost the sword during his fall. Slumping back, he loosed a ragged, resigned exhalation.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #206929
#20. You sound like Darth Vader," I say bluntly. Elinor doesn't even flinch. "So be it," she says, and sips her water. That is totally a Darth Vader thing to say. Next she'll be ordering the destruction of a thousand innocent Jedi younglings.

Sophie Kinsella

Vader's Quotes #216263
#21. Every child needs a father. Even if he turns out to be Darth Vader.

Jackson Radcliffe

Vader's Quotes #224775
#22. We are individually responsible for our own happiness and destiny

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #241534
#23. They could think they'd taken the parts of her that mattered most. That they'd broken her. But there was a part of Leia that the Emperor, Vader, Tarkin, any of them could never touch. Her heart was a star that would never burn out. And she would outshine them all.

Alexandra Bracken

Vader's Quotes #241853
#24. The first movie I can remember seeing in the theater was 'Return of the Jedi.' I can remember seeing Darth Vader's helmet come off. The shock of that moment.

Oscar Isaac

Vader's Quotes #252157
#25. Happiness is creating special memories around the table

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #268175
#26. Stay away from her."
"Keep your hands off her."
"I'll try."
He scowled at me.
"I will," I said.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #272440
#27. Love always and be responsible for your own happiness and actions

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #287970
#28. I need to explain all this to Adam in private. I can't get McGillicuddy to explain it to him. Something will be lost in translation."
"Well, excuse me that I can't look at him all googly-eyed," my brother said.
"And he's liable to punch you," I said.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #295415
#29. Her dad turned to me. "You. Follow Me."
"Woof," I said.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #301060
#30. One night we argued for a solid hour over who would win in a duel between Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader. I'm surprised we're still friends.

Adam Silvera

Vader's Quotes #330329
#31. Other than the Emperor, only Vader knew the false names were ancient Sith words that meant "death" and "fate.

Paul S. Kemp

Vader's Quotes #350510
#32. Vader might very well be Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, whom Tarkin had fought beside during the Clone Wars, and for whom he had developed a grudging appreciation.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #358813
#33. There was Malcolm in the front row, his hand resting on the shoulder of the knight I knew as Poe. I looked at the list of names beneath the photo.
-James Orcutt.
What a ridiculously normal name. I'd half been expecting Darth Vader

Diana Peterfreund

Vader's Quotes #409242
#34. Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director," the voice from the abyss said.

Alexander Freed

Vader's Quotes #443582
#35. I was dressed like Darth Vader. Vader was my man, even with the villainy. He wore all black and had a deep voice; he reminded me of my uncle. I had a cheap mask-cape combo, the kind available at any pharmacy during October.

Victor LaValle

Vader's Quotes #459951
#36. I felt that one of the major issues in the third film is that Luke is finally on his own and has to fight Vader and the Emperor by himself. If you get a sense that Yoda or Ben is there to help him or to somehow influence him, it diminishes the power of the scene.

George Lucas

Vader's Quotes #500325
#37. Could Vader actually be Anakin Skywalker? the two men wondered. Based on Obi-Wan's account of what had occurred on Mustafar, Anakin's survival didn't seem possible. But perhaps Obi-Wan had underestimated Anakin. Perhaps Anakin's peerless strength in the Force had allowed him to survive.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #517793
#38. Life made easier for others is a life so worthwhile living

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #524747
#39. I owe you a debt," he told Vader. "It took you to bring me back to the Force." "And you to firm my faith in the power of the dark side, Master Shryne.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #525440
#40. Hard work is the Darth Vader of success - you can't become Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, without it.

Steve Windsor

Vader's Quotes #526240
#41. I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I lost my Darth Vader watch.

Rhona Mitra

Vader's Quotes #554494
#42. Mr. McGregor's a nasty piece of work, isn't he? Quite the Darth Vader of children's literature.

Jasper Fforde

Vader's Quotes #556150
#43. What did Kevin Ye get arrested for anyway? Didn't he steal a car?"
"He stole the driver's ed car."
I laughed. Then I saw how Adam was looking at me.
"He gave it back."
"They MAKE you give stuff back, Lori, after they arrest you for stealing it.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #556421
#44. Not yet," Shryne said, as if to himself "Then you're his apprentice?" His eyes darted right and left, searching for some means of escape. "Is Sidious also in league with Emperor Palpatine?" Vader fell silent for a moment, making up his mind about something. "Lord Sidious is the Emperor.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #565218
#45. Life is happening so make it happen before it's happened

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #567641
#46. Slowly turning into Darth Vader was not all it was cracked up to be.

Jennifer Foehner Wells

Vader's Quotes #581700
#47. And you're beautiful. You'd have to work pretty hard to mess that up.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #588430
#48. He looks like Darth Vader sounds like him too
Right and he member what happens he turns into a good guy at the end.
Only after he blows up a whole planet and kills a lot of people.

Rick Yancey

Vader's Quotes #617352
#49. Was it like this? (Jesse)
(Jesse made an inhuman ghost noise.)
That sounds like Darth Vader choking on a chicken bone. (Gloria)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vader's Quotes #624917
#50. I find," Vader ventured mildly, "this lack of faith disturbing.

George Lucas

Vader's Quotes #636560
#51. the scarred face of a clone, the features an echo of so many faces from Vader's past. Rex. Cody. Fives. Echo. The roster of names moved through Vader's mind, each of them a trigger for a memory, each of them a ghost from his past.

Paul S. Kemp

Vader's Quotes #648403
#52. Live responsibly and eat healthily

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #679091
#53. Understand what he was saying. Nico wished the coach hadn't brought the megaphone. Not only was it loud and obnoxious, but also, for no reason Nico understood, it occasionally blurted out random Darth Vader lines from Star Wars or yelled, THE COW GOES MOO!

Rick Riordan

Vader's Quotes #692305
#54. Even to this day, when I think about the fact that I'm in this 'Star Wars' world, that I'm a half-brother to Darth Vader and an uncle to Luke Skywalker, it's too hard to wrap my head around.

Joel Edgerton

Vader's Quotes #728713
#55. When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely solely on each other, the Force, and their awesome martial skills to prevail.

John Jackson Miller

Vader's Quotes #740846
#56. Jedi Master. What would happen if Luke ever came face to face with the Sith? If he hunted Luke down, looking for the droids, looking for the princess? Luke had had a few hours of training; Ben had had decades! And still Vader had cut the Jedi Master down with a single blow. Leaving ... nothing.

Alexandra Bracken

Vader's Quotes #754656
#57. His voice was metallic and deep and resonant, his breath a rasping hiss underneath the impact of his words.
"Where is Skywalker?"

Alexander Freed

Vader's Quotes #773614
#58. Science offers no brief for the telekinetic powers of Darth Vader and hardly any greater justification for the faster-than-light travel that makes his empire possible. And yet what is 'Star Wars' if not pure quill SF?

Paul Di Filippo

Vader's Quotes #775449
#59. I'm a big fan of 'Star Wars.' Some of the most iconic characters of 'Star Wars,' we didn't see their faces but to this day you can say Jabba the Hutt or Darth Vader and people know what you mean around the world.

Laz Alonso

Vader's Quotes #817884
#60. There are occasionally eureka moments - off the top of my head, maybe Darth Vader's theme, you know, the imperial march.

John Williams

Vader's Quotes #829918
#61. I hate to tell you this, but you will never actually go to a galaxy far, far away and encounter Darth Vader. That's science fiction; it isn't going to happen.

Margaret Atwood

Vader's Quotes #833025
#62. Life without a pasta machine is like life without music!

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #859587
#63. the rasp of the respirator's filter were about as comforting as Darth Vader reading a bedtime story,

Andy McNab

Vader's Quotes #863896
#64. I am your father

Darth Vader

Vader's Quotes #864548
#65. Sometimes I wish Darth Vader had been my father. I'd have been better off. I wouldn't have a right hand, but I definitely wouldn't have the burden of being black and constantly having to decide when and if I gave a shit about it. Plus, I'm left-handed.

Paul Beatty

Vader's Quotes #868685
#66. My instructions to Lord Vader and Moff Tarkin were to make an example of the shipjackers, not to allow the shipjackers to make a laughingstock of the Empire's intelligence chiefs.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #872241
#67. Live, think and eat healthily

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #879189
#68. Even though Sean still held my head down I was the only one who thought to ask
"Who's driving the boat?"
Over the motor I heard girls screaming at us the instant before we crashed.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #895840
#69. Every Luke Skywalker needs his Darth Vader.

Paul Di Filippo

Vader's Quotes #910810
#70. Let's go," I said.
"Go where?"
"On Lori's date with Parker."
Now he looked at me over the nerdy spectacles he wore for reading.
"I wasn't aware it was a double date. And you're not my type.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #911661
#71. You are Lord Vader?" Organa asked. "Senator," Vader said, inclining his head slightly "I demand to know why you've come to Alderaan." "Senator, you are in no position to demand anything.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #925613
#72. In three hundred feet, turn right, Darth Vader said. The Darth Vader. I felt like we were friends now. Like I could tell him anything.

Darynda Jones

Vader's Quotes #929939
#73. O Luke, I would not lose thee as I lost
Darth Vader. His betrayal made my life
A bleak and tragic thing. Thy loss unto
The dark would make my death a hellish, cold

Ian Doescher

Vader's Quotes #965608
#74. Maura (fucking witch ass bitch Mussolini Al Qaeda darth vader non-entity)

John Green

Vader's Quotes #982953
#75. Musk loves costume parties as well, and turned up at one dressed like a knight and using a parasol to duel a midget wearing a Darth Vader costume.

Ashlee Vance

Vader's Quotes #1000294
#76. I loved Luke Skywalker and I loved Darth Vader and I loved watching them work it out.

David Fincher

Vader's Quotes #1005472
#77. Better you than Cameron " McGillicuddy grumbled. "I know where Cameron's been."
Sean snorted.
Cameron said "I already told you I did NOT come on to Lori.

Jennifer Echols

Vader's Quotes #1032053
#78. To her horror, Starstone realized she was suddenly alone with Vader, who immediately signaled his stormtroopers to leave her to him, and to devote themselves to slaughtering the few Wookiees who remained on the tier.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #1035134
#79. Small amounts saved daily add up to huge investments in the end

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #1049543
#80. The past is a ghost that haunts us. Ghosts must banished. Lingering on the past is weakness, Lord Vader.

Paul S. Kemp

Vader's Quotes #1087958
#81. Supportive friends help you to discover your hidden talents and encourage you to reach for your dreams

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #1151893
#82. Namir snorted. "What is it with you people and Vader?" he asked. "It can't be the helmet that scares people. Stormtroopers have helmets.

Ballantine Books

Vader's Quotes #1159612
#83. Good." The Emperor sat back. "And, tell me, what is your opinion of Lord Vader's handling of the occupation of Kashyyyk?" "He proved very capable, my lord. No one involved in the operation will soon forget his ... sense of commitment, shall we say?

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #1168479
#84. My voice is rather quirky. It's abysmally low. People often think I'm putting it on at first. Think drunk Darth Vader. Or Barry White singing country. It suits my dark material. When I do readings, I really play it up and go subterranean. I can make the phone book sound terrifying.

Benjamin Percy

Vader's Quotes #1209816
#85. You've either bat-shit insane or you've watched too many movies. This isn't Star Wars, Mandel. I'm not Luke Skywalker. My dad's not Darth Vader. And you sure as hell aren't my Obi-Wan.

Kirsten Miller

Vader's Quotes #1221911
#86. Be happy, be fun, let your hair down and be AGELESS!

Margo Vader

Vader's Quotes #1236484
#87. The Carrion Spike may already be in motion," Tarkin said, squaring his shoulders. As if in echo of Tarkin's posture of readiness, Vader planted his fists on his hips. "Then we have no time to spare.

James Luceno

Vader's Quotes #1248162
#88. Right. Because he seemed like such a normal kid. And he is a normal kid, he is just what you'd expect a baseline male child to be like if Darth Vader were his doting father.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

Vader's Quotes #1277319
#89. With none of Vader's backstory available at the time, and having just invented the Noghri species for this story, I came up with the idea that Vader might have designed his mask to look like a stylized version of a Noghri face, the better to facilitate his command of the death commando squads.

Timothy Zahn

Vader's Quotes #1295496
#90. Oh Crap," Connor muttered. "She's going Darth Vader on us.

Alyxandra Harvey

Vader's Quotes #1349213
#91. What's on your shirt?" she asked suddenly. "Darth Vader," I answered briskly. For someone who held me in such obvious contempt, she asked a lot of questions. "So you're a Trekkie." This was a statement rather than a question. I cringed. "Not exactly." "I think Star Trek is silly." "Not

James Ramos

Vader's Quotes #1386690
#92. We wish we were Obi-Wan Kenobi, and for the most part we are, but there's a little Darth Vader in all of us.

J. Christopher Stevens

Vader's Quotes #1419022
#93. The Emperor said, "My name is Krataa, and this" - he gestured at Vader - "is Irluuk.

Paul S. Kemp

Vader's Quotes #1428249
#94. Vader made most of the naval officers he encountered uncomfortable. To them, he was a towering dark figure outside their chain of command who had emerged from nowhere and possessed powers they did not understand.

Paul S. Kemp

Vader's Quotes #1431744
#95. Walls tagged with graffiti (one such piece of tagging: a stencil of a familiar Sith Lord's helmet with the phrase beneath it reading VADER LIVES).

Chuck Wendig

Vader's Quotes #1524602
#96. I desperately wanted to play the part of Darth Vader's mother - I think she ended up being played by a Scandinavian actress - because my son was completely crazy about 'Star Wars.'

Lindsay Duncan

Vader's Quotes #1554758
#97. The bareheaded others comprising Vader's squad were human regulars who had enlisted after the war.

John Jackson Miller

Vader's Quotes #1569459
#98. It's Star Wars golf. This place was designed by Darth Vader.

Ben Crenshaw

Vader's Quotes #1582513
#99. That furniture cost me a fortune! It's designer furniture." "Designed by whom ? Darth Vader ? The Hitler Youth ?

Jennifer Crusie

Vader's Quotes #1590474
#100. It's a truism in policing that witnesses and statements are fine, but nothing beats empirical physical evidence. Actually it isn't a truism because most policemen think the word 'empirical' is something to do with Darth Vader, but it damn well should be.

Ben Aaronovitch

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