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#1. I went to my son's graduation this weekend, and I heard a great quote I've never heard before from Albert Einstein. It was that the greatest danger to the world is not the bad people but it's the good people who don't speak out. - Author: Hamilton Jordan
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#2. How does Reyes feel about him?"
"He would rip out his spine if I let him."
She patted my knee. "I would expect nothing less from the son of evil incarnate. He's a good guy. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#3. You know the best part of being a mom is getting that love. Honestly, you know, my son's love ... a child's love is so pure, it just makes you feel so good no matter what. - Author: Ciara
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#4. Son, this is a sad thing," Augustus said. "Loss of life always is. But the life is lost for good. Don't you go attempting vengeance. You've got more urgent business. If I ever run into Blue Duck I'll kill - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#5. There's another problem," Percy said. "I'm not good with air travel. It's dangerous for a son of Neptune."
"You'll have to risk it ... and so will I," Frank said. "By the way, we're related."
Percy almost stumbled off the roof. "What? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#6. Becca took the opportunity to say good-bye to Derric by touching his hand. The heart monitor raced suddenly. She looked from it to Rhonda.
Rhonda's expression said what her voice did not. Who are you really and why is my son reacting to the touch of your hand? - Author: Elizabeth George
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#7. Why can't my successes be associated with the Hale family? Is it so fucking hard for the media to believe that addicts can raise a good man? A good son? - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#8. Peleus lived to a good age and survived his famous son Achilles, an initiate of the Centaur Horse fraternity, who was killed at the siege of Troy. - Author: Robert Graves
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#9. But the Wisdom of God, which is His only-begotten Son, being in all respects incapable of change or alteration, and every good quality in Him being essential, and such as cannot be changed and converted, His glory is therefore declared to be pure and sincere. - Author: Origen
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#10. The care of a wise and good man for his only son is inferior to the regard of the great Parent of the universe for his creatures. - Author: John Woolman
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#11. Ulysses is son to Laertes, but he is father to Telemachus, husband to Penelope, lover of Calypso, companion in arms of the Greek warriors around Troy, and King of Ithaca. He was subjected to many trials, but with wisdom and courage came through them all ... he is a complete man as well, a good man. - Author: James Joyce
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#12. Eminem. My son was listening to that and I was like, "What is that junk?" Then I started listening and I thought, You know, that kid is pretty good. It's the storytelling. - Author: Larry Bird
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#13. I had to make a choice, either take care of my family and become a good son, or be a bad son and start working towards constructing a world of harmony and peace. I chose the later. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#14. I love my country. I love my guns. I love my family. I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it has to come through me. That should be all of our attitudes. Cause this is America, and a country boy is good enough for me, son. - Author: Charlie Daniels
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#15. A bad habit or two is good for a man or a beast. Did you ever know a man who didn't have any bad habits? I have, and I always hated the son of a bitch." -- Charlie Flagg - Author: Elmer Kelton
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#16. Son, you've got a good engine, but your hands aren't on the steering wheel. - Author: Bobby Bowden
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#17. Pops smiled. "Son, the more people I meet, the less good I get at labeling them. That's a wisdom I hope you acquire. - Author: Christopher Scotton
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#18. I remember those faces of people who were good I saw that. I saw a father who gave his bread to his son and his son gave back the bread to his father. That, to me, was such a defeat of the enemies, will of the enemies, theories of the enemies, aspirations, here [in Auschwitz]. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#19. Stealing is the worst kind of cheating. It's cheating at life, son. It's for folk that arenae any good at life, so they have to cheat. - Author: Christopher Brookmyre
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#20. Bernstein Death, my son, is a good for all; it is the night of this worrisome day that one calls life. - Author: Jacques-Henri Bernardin De Saint-Pierre
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#21. A boy who could make his mother feel special inspite of his own ordeals is the boon from God in lieu of some good deed. - Author: Adhish Mazumder
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#22. Atticus - " said Jem bleakly. He turned in the doorway. "What, son?" "How could they do it, how could they?" "I don't know, but they did it. They've done it before and they did it tonight and they'll do it again and when they do it - seems that only children weep. Good night." But - Author: Harper Lee
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#23. I made the decision when I came to Seagram that it had to be OK that my public persona would be bad. It's the downside of a family business: anything good is because I'm somebody's son; otherwise, I'm a schmuck. - Author: Edgar Bronfman Jr.
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#24. When you start (telling it like it is) speaking the truth, those who opposed it are part of the on-going problems that exist in any society. But it's always good to acknowledge the rebuttal of an opposition. Because the better rebuttal will often win the debate. - Author: Henry Johnson Jr
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#25. The life of discipleship is not the hero-worship we would pay to a good master, but obedience to the Son of God. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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#26. The way good inventions are made is to familiarize yourself with those of others. The men who cultivate letters and the arts are all sons of Homer. - Author: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
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#27. The great thing about being the son of Maya Angelou is that I had the good fortune to grow up around some of the greatest black artists, dancers, singers, musicians, and actors of our time. - Author: Guy Johnson
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#28. People used to say my son looked like a Mexican Biggie. And when he was first born, memories of Biggie ... you know, we didn't always have the greatest days. For at least half the length of our marriage we were separated, so everyday was definitely not a good day. - Author: Faith Evans
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#29. Physical attributes can make you appealing, but to keep the appeal going, one has to draw from within. You have to be a real person. Your fans and the people you associate with have to be able to see beyond your looks. You have to be a good friend, dutiful son and a good family man. - Author: Arjun Rampal
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#30. I say that the God who created the world in six days and who sent His son, and also his son himself, are not God, but that God is the one existing, incomparable good, the beginning of everything. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#31. When God wanted to defeat sin, His ultimate weapon was the sacrifice of His own Son. On Christmas Day two thousand years ago, the birth of a tiny baby in an obscure village in the Middle East was God's supreme triumph of good over evil. - Author: Charles W. Colson
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#32. Cinnamonrolls are good for harpies.' She [Ella] said. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#33. Listen, son. Most women are damn fools and children. But they've got more range then we've got. The brave ones are braver, the good ones are better - and the vile ones are viler, for that matter. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#34. Rage makes a man sick, my son. It spoils his appetite for life and keeps him from sleep at night. We cannot change our world, so we must look for the good things in life and enjoy those to the full. - Author: Wilbur Smith
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#35. The fact my relationship with my son is so good makes me forgiving of my father and also appreciative. - Author: Anthony Kiedis
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#36. You weasel, good-for-nothing, scumbag, swine,
sleazebag, scumbucket, scoundrel, son-of-a-bitch!"
In the midst of everything, we all looked at Rosina,
who smiled sheepishly.
"Sorry. I was reading the Dictionary the other day."
I stared at her with incomprehension. - Author: Kelly Batten
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#37. Being educated in the United States gave me a good understanding of American culture. I think I got a lot of influence from the entrepreneurial mind in the United States. - Author: Masayoshi Son
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#38. On every pack leaned an M16, except Lori's. Her son was playing soldier with it in the bleachers. There was no clip in it, which was a good thing. - Author: Rick Bragg
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#39. You know, son, I don't think there's such a thing as an easy life. There's always going to be hard work and there will always be misfortunes we can't control, lurking out at the edges - storms, sickness, wolves. But there is such a thing as a good life and I think that we have one here. - Author: Jeanne DuPrau
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#40. Death, my son, is a good thing for all men; it is the night for this worried day that we call life. It is in the sleep of death that finds rest for eternity the sickness, pain, desperation, and the fears that agitate, without end, we unhappy living souls. - Author: Jacques-Henri Bernardin De Saint-Pierre
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#41. That's the law, son. But you were never much of a one for following the law. - Author: Anthony Burgess
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#42. A determined Yankee book drummer once told a Southerner that 'a set of books on scientific agriculture' would teach him to 'farm twice as good as you do.' To which the Southerner replied: 'Hell, son, I don't farm half as good as I know how now. - Author: Grady McWhiney
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#43. I saw pure love when my son looked at me, and I knew that I had to make a good life for the two of us ... - Author: Suzanne Somers
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#44. Sancho, when a man knows not how to read, or is left-handed, it argues one of two things; either that he was the son of exceedingly mean and lowly parents, or that he himself was so incorrigible and ill-conditioned that neither good company nor good teaching could make any impression on him. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#45. I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#46. I want my son to become aware that he is in charge of the choices he makes, and it's good to make thoughtful, good choices. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
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#47. Simon said nothing, thinking of all the good men who'd died because this inept, faithless fool had been born a King's son. - Author: Sharon Kay Penman
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#48. We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." And "he who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all - how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? - Author: Philip Yancey
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#49. Discernment is the son of good judgment and the father of self-control. When mixed with an already clear conscience, the ability to read the true motives of a critic keeps one's conscience both clear and at ease. - Author: Criss Jami
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#50. When I hear Mitt Romney say that he believes that Jesus is the Son of God, that He's the Christ, raised from the dead, that He's his savior - that's good enough for me. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#51. Don't take no shit off fools. An' you judge a person by what's in 'em, not how they look. An' you do the right thing. You gotta be one of the good guys, son: 'cause there's way too many of the bad. - Author: Garth Ennis
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#52. Here sleeps Saon, of Acanthus, son of Dicon, a holy sleep: say not that the good die. - Author: Callimachus
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#53. Ian did, with a blackened eye, skinned knuckles, and the terse report that Manfred had declared a set intention of going off and hanging himself, and good riddance to the fornicating son of a bitch, and might his rotten bowels gush forth like Judas Iscariot's, the traitorous, stinking wee turd. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#54. The good news of Jesus Christ is that, although the law comes and destroys us, the Son of God comes and resurrects us. Our death is overturned by Christ's death. Our life is created by Christ's life. - Author: Tullian Tchividjian
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#55. 'I believe that you will never know victory because you already assume you have it. And that, my son, will be your undoing.' He's still smiling when the gray-eyed man shoots him in the head. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#56. The blueberry-soy weight-loss smoothies my son makes for me taste terrible, but my doctor says they're good for me. - Author: Sirio Maccioni
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#57. My son once said Sometimes you have to dig thru the bad to get to the good. So true! - Author: Amanda Penland
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#58. The system of Christian celebrity was not a good space for me, and it was brutal on my kids - my son in college was frequently confronted by people railing against me as a heretic. - Author: Erwin McManus
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#59. But fear no more! I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway. Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#60. You know, I've kinda been freaking out over being a father, but then I read in a men's magazine somewhere that as long as you can keep your son off the pipe and your daughter off the pole, that you've done a good job. - Author: Jillian Dodd
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#61. Ah, that's an argument I hear often," Father Alberto said. "How can a God exist when it seems so many have been forsaken? But you fail to realize, son, without the bad we can't truly appreciate the good. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#62. When you love people, you see all the good in them, all the Christ in them. God sees Christ, His Son, in us and loves us. And so we should see Christ in others, and nothing else, and love them. There can never be enough of it. There can never be enough thinking about it. - Author: Dorothy Day
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#63. Hope," Frank grumbled. "I'd rather have a few good weasels. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#64. Poor-country surf communities can be complex and, to some extent, leveling. The fisherman's kid is competing head to head with the plutocrat's gilded son. Your father can't buy you a good frontside hack. - Author: William Finnegan
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#65. Do you want to buy a bloody flower or don't ye?
Aye. As a matter of fact I'll take the whole soddin' bunch.
Aye well, good. It's time you treated m'Ma better.
Oh, they're not for your Ma, son. These are for you.See because I'm gonnae ram them doon y'delicate bloody Karma hole! - Author: Ian Pattison
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#66. The nation becomes the master of its fate not only when it has many good sons, but also when it possesses enough strength to restrain its bad ones. - Author: Roman Dmowski
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#67. Last night me and Kate we laid in bed talking about getting out, Packing up our bags, maybe heading south. I'm thirty-five, we got a boy of our own now. Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said, Son, take a good look around, This is your hometown. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#68. So far so good. I had a recently widowed mother and her orphaned son crying hysterically. Maybe for an encore I could shoot the family dog. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#69. Son, you can do more good at Yamacraw than you could ever do in the Peace Corps. And you would be helping Americans, Pat. And I, for one, think it's very important to help Americans. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#70. Simon Gathercole argues that both Paul and the Gospel writers considered the good news to have three basic elements: the identity of Jesus as Son of God and Messiah, the death of Jesus for sin and justification, and the establishment of the reign of God and the new creation.12 - Author: Timothy Keller
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#71. Oh God, that hurts," she whimpered.
"What hurts?" Kye asked, sounding concerned.
"The invisible man pounding spikes into my head."
"That doesn't sound good. Maybe you should take out an invisible Taser gun and zap the son of a bitch. - Author: Julie James
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#72. I thought, how would I feel if my son gave one of those [underprivileged] kids chicken pox? For him it's not a terrible thing. We have good insurance and easy access to health care. It's a different situation for another family. I didn't want to make the decision for them. - Author: Eula Biss
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#73. When every piece of furniture and your underwear are taken by the bank, when you lose your house in Florida, in New York, in Amsterdam and L.A., when your wife is dying and your son abandons you, you don't feel very good. - Author: Al Goldstein
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#74. The primary thing I should do, apart from being a good husband, brother, son, and friend, is to be a citizen activist. But I'm afraid it takes away from the writing. Not that anything depends on whether I put an essay in 'The Nation' or not. But you want to participate. - Author: Tony Kushner
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#75. Don't give your sons money. Give them horses. Many a good son has been ruined through the acquisition of money but no good son has been ruined through the acquisition of horses. Unless they fell and broke their neck, which when taken at the gallop is a very good death to die. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#76. When you've got a teenager and a pre-teen, especially a son and a daughter, and they're going at each other at the table, all you really want is just five minutes of quiet, but sometimes I have a moment during the chaos when I think, 'Yes, this is good.' - Author: Al Roker
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#77. Yeah, my son likes a lot of guitar bands. He gave me something the other day which was really good. He'll burn a CD for me full of things that he has, so he's a pretty good call if I want to check some of that stuff out ... The other two aren't quite into that yet. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#78. She kept repeating that if she had dedicated herself assiduously to every child in the neighborhood, in a generation everything would change, there would no longer be the smart and the incompetent, the good and the bad. Then she looked at her son and again burst out crying. - Author: Elena Ferrante
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#79. Good luck befriend thee, Son; for at thy birth The fairy ladies danced upon the hearth. - Author: John Milton
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#80. Her son would be incomparably handsome, good and powerful. He would be the expected Messiah; it is fortunate for humanity that all mothers have this pathetic faith, without it mankind would not have the ever-renascent strength to go on living. - Author: Emile Zola
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#81. Victory does not feel so good as losing feels bad. When you have a son, you are happy. But it's no comparison to the sadness you feel losing a son. - Author: Toni Nadal
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#82. My parents couldn't give me a whole lot of financial support, but they gave me good genes. My dad is a handsome son-of-a-gun, and my mom is beautiful. And I've definitely been the lucky recipient. So, thank you, Mom and Dad. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#83. I gave birth to my first son in April 1986. I thought it would be a good goal to get back in shape after having a baby if I ran the New York City Marathon. I ran in it November 1986. I had just shot the 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit issue, so I was in great shape. - Author: Kim Alexis
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#84. Never do business with a religious son-of-a-bitch. His word ain't worth a shit
not with the Good Lord telling him how to fuck you on the deal. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#85. Your mother wouldn't describe a combination of Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, and Prince William as 'quite a catch.' There is nobody walking the earth good enough to be her son-in-law. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#86. Honesty, good intentions and industry, you will have of course. Without these your career would soon end with the loss of your good name. But you must be ambitious to be a good deal more. Webb Hayes, his son, went on to found what had become the Union Carbide Corporation. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
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#87. You don't get a chance to take a breath but when you do, you have some really good comedy moments that ease up on the tension that the movie is centered around which is Kim being kidnapped and her son and husband being kidnapped and the jeopardy that they're in. - Author: David R. Ellis
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#88. I love my dad. There is no doubt about that. He is a wonderful man and a good person. Like many father/son relationships, we have our struggles, our misunderstandings, and our miscommunications. We are very different people, but also very similar at the same time. - Author: Brad Goreski
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#89. I want to be a good example for my son. That's the best way to parent - to be the example of what you want to see in them. That's definitely how my parents parented and how my grandparents parented. And it works. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
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#90. I am a murderer. I simply have not yet murdered. But I will, given time. The good in me is draining away into the dark hole in my center.

My soul is broken. I am broken.

I am my father's son. - Author: Paul S. Kemp
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#91. A Good Man. Every night, like a question-and-answer prayer, my son and I recite ... What are you going to be? And he says ... An honest man. A fair man. A courageous man. And a good man. That's the most important thing, Papa. And my job is finally done. For the night. - Author: Carew Papritz
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#92. A good father believes that he does wisely to encourage enterprise, productive skill, prudent self-denial, and judicious expenditure on the part of his son. - Author: William Graham Sumner
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#93. To exercise faith is to trust that the Lord knows what he is doing with you and that He can accomplish it for your eternal good even though you cannot understand how He can possibly do it ... Your Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son love you perfectly. - Author: Richard G. Scott
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#94. One Jewish lady was talking to the neighbor, and she said, "The psychoanalyst who is treating my son has said that my son suffers from an Oedipus complex." And the neighbor lady said, "Oedipus schmoedipus! Doesn't matter as long as he is a good boy and loves his mother! - Author: Osho
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#95. Two homes on either side of the road saw
Two women waving a good bye to their men

One was a newly married husband
Other was a proud son of a widow - Author: Bhavik Sarkhedi
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#96. One little second of pleasure, a whole life of pain ... my mother knew nothing of the pleasures of a good roll in the hay ... she missed out on all that ... like me, her son ... a lifetime of sacrifice! ... the woman who can grunt and rave in the throes of a deep fuck can die happy ... - Author: Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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#97. What good is a cow that neither gives milk nor conceives? Similarly, what is the value of the birth of a son if he becomes neither learned nor a pure devotee of the Lord? - Author: Chanakya
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#98. When a father inquired about the best method of educating his son in ethical conduct, a Pythagorean replied: Make him a citizen of a state with good laws - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#99. I've seen fathers criticizing their sons the moment a game's over. Not my dad. It doesn't matter if I threw an interception or a Hail Mary, he always says, 'Good job, son, I'm proud of you.' Then he shakes my hand and gives me a hug. Every time. - Author: Ben Roethlisberger
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#100. If my son wants to be a pimp when he grows up, that's fine with me. I hope he's a good one and enjoys it and doesn't get caught. I'll support him in this. But if he wants to be a network administrator, he's out of the house and not part of my family. - Author: Steve Wozniak
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