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Top 50 Quotes About The Metro

#1. In the wasteland of metro Boston, at thirteen, fourteen, his big dream had been of a gun to his own head, putting him out of his misery - a misery that by sophomore year of college was indistinguishable from everybody else's.

Garth Risk Hallberg

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#2. Just because some dreams never see light that doesn't make us nonbelievers, they are wings to our sky and fiction makes us dream. I know the truth is fatal, especially for the stubborn's but trust me the illusion is worse.

Parul Wadhwa

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#3. Everything I've done in my career has started in and around Detroit, you know, the metro area and Michigan.

Kid Rock

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#4. I believe in miracles. At the age of 13, I was on holiday in Moscow with my mother. It was the only trip I took in my whole childhood. We stepped off a metro train and were approached by a talent scout who told me that she wanted to sign me to her modeling agency.

Olga Kurylenko

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#5. The attacks on the Paris Metro in the 1990s were committed by members of the local Muslim community, immigrants from the Maghreb region of North Africa.

Otto Schily

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#6. I have against me the bourgeois, the military and the diplomats, and for me, only the people who take the Metro.

Charles De Gaulle

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#7. Metro, built in the late 20th century, is the most escalator-dependent system in the world.

Robert James Thomson

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#8. The food in the hostel mess is worst of a kind. The grief in my words reach easily to those who have "been there and done that" Chapatti in the meal is either so uncooked or overly cooked and you can only expect dal in the ocean of water when you are ready to swim.

Parul Wadhwa

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#9. In March 2005, I was appointed to the board of the Santa Barbara metro transit district. I was incredibly optimistic about how public transportation can be the solution to help people live in the city and not need a car.

Logan Green

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#10. I hate people walking down the street listening to the soundtrack of their lives which responds to them but not their setting. I hate the overspill of sound which metro and subway riders are oblivious to because they notice no one and nothing around them.

Margaret Heffernan

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#11. Pardon the plug, but what I like most about Toronto is Metro Morning's audience. I think it's got to be the most multi-faceted, multi-lingual, omni-curious collection of plugged-in people I've ever encountered.

Andy Barrie

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#12. Women should never carry purses in the Metro or on the street in Paris. Unless the bag is purely for show, that is. Money, credit cards and ID should never be put in a purse.

James Laxer

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#13. The man is well inside the train before the dreadful truth occurs to me. He is the man from the newspaper. The rapist. My doppelganger. My mirrored doppelganger.
William Wilson in the short story 'Metro' by Steen Langstrup.

Steen Langstrup

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#14. I'm Detective Piper of the Fairyland Metro Police, and I've been called in to investigate the incident of the missing frog prince ...

A.F. Stewart

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#15. San Diego has the finest zoo in America, but the Los Angeles Zoo is not much more than a home for retired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lions.

Vincent Price

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#16. ("We will call Chase, Jeans Are Too Thight, and Fulton shall be Short One Chewing Tobacco," Hassan whispered to Colin.)

"Je m'appelle Pierre," Colin blurted out after the boys had introduced themselves. "Quand je vais dans le metro, je fais aussi de la musique de prouts.

John Green

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#17. Inside Metro Diner, we grab a table near the back. A waitress who clearly ate a water buffalo for breakfast waddles to our table.

Victoria Scott

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#18. In England when you make a movie even the weather is against you. In Hollywood the weatherman gets a shooting schedule from all the major studios and then figures out where he can fit in a little rain without upsetting Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer too much.

Bob Hope

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#19. Metro never really wanted me for anything. I was always the one who happened to be free when their first choice was not.

Laraine Day

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#20. The biggest audience for Off Broadway is mostly coming in on a train - either Upper East Siders or Metro-North. I go to the theater, and everyone around me is over 50. How interested will they be in my kind of work?

Adam Rapp

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#21. Nostalgia washes over me with tons of memors and lifetime rolled on this land. Every oblivious memory from the childhood wraps open in the fragrance of these busy roads and familiar land, long signals, irritating traffic,honking cars,rushing people,excessive pollution defining Delhi at its best.

Parul Wadhwa

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#22. RESPECT THE PEDESTRIAN, say the street signs of Metro Manila. As soon as Randy saw those he knew that he was in trouble.

Neal Stephenson

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#23. services as a tree trimmer.92 In the fall of 1975, while still promoting Cuckoo's Nest, Nicholson played a very small part in his pal Sam Spiegel's production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon, based on the life of MGM wonder boy Irving Thalberg, who made Metro the dominant

Edward Douglas

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#24. Never follow the crowd ...
Until and unless you're crossing the road ...

Sanhita Baruah

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#25. It seemed Luke sucked in every molecule of oxygen in the Denver Metro area when he did a swift intake of breath. With one look at his face it would not have surprised me if he had walked to his Porsche in Incredible Hulk style, picked it up and hurled it down the street.

Kristen Ashley

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#26. These three things:the smell of Shepelevo, the smell of the Metro and the taste of creme brulee ice cream. The essence of my childhood in Russia.

Paullina Simons

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#27. No matter where he went in the City, there was an odoriferous mix of food and vehicles, like the alchemic concoctions of some mad gourmet mechanic: Kung Pao Saab Turbo, Buick Skylark Carbonara, Sweet-and-Sour Metro Bus, Honda Bolognese with Burning Clutch Sauce.

Christopher Moore

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#28. Today, Leslie writes at least a thousand words a day on DC Metro orange line trains. Most of them perish behind the delete button.

Leslie Welch

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#29. I grew up in the city. Both my mother and father were factory workers, and I loved the life in the 'metro.' Everybody saw me as a very urban guy. And I was.

Per Petterson

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#30. I think the men in L.A. are very rugged, good-looking. Men in New York look metro with their manis and pedis and their Bruno Magli loafers, but inside they're very masculine - aside from the Meatpacking District. The problem is the men in New York are five to one: five women to one man.

Patti Stanger

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#31. Hotel bars are pretty good. No one bothers me there. Restaurants are safe. People are quite respectful when you're eating. But what I never do now is go to a busy bar on the weekend, or after 8 o'clock at night. That's the danger zone. Also being trapped. Never go on the Metro, or a bus.

Ricky Gervais

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#32. The politics of the Cape Town Metro, which allows an executive Mayoral committee to make secret decisions which affect you, behind closed doors, is wrong!

Mangosuthu Buthelezi

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#33. Don't come all the way across town. There's a Metro station right outside of Arlington. I'll meet you there, all right?

Connie Willis

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#34. I am not suggesting that just by taking the Metro, I will save billions. But I hope others will follow.

Veerappa Moily

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#35. We all pay federal taxes that we send to Washington and it is not unusual that as Americans we would expect some federal investment in the cities and metro areas because we're the ones that are generating the economic activity.

Michael Nutter

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#36. South Delhi is such a rich area in Delhi, you could call it the heart of Delhi or a slice of heaven for the rarest sight of Delhiites served with cherry.

Parul Wadhwa

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#37. Who is more in touch with the problems of this country? One of those guys who goes off to Oxford or to University of Yale, or someone who has lived in buses, in the Metro, in the street?

Gloria Trevi

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#38. sarcastic. It was a crack at him being old school and set in his ways. The Metro was new

Michael Connelly

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#39. Not a lot of attention has been paid to the Asian tiger mosquito, which is another species which we believe can also transmit Zika virus. It has a much broader range. It's found all the way north into coastal areas of Connecticut, Long Island and the New York metro area.

Laura Harrington

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#40. I was born at the age of twelve on a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot.

Ed Koch

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#41. I do have ambition - I can dress up for a premiere, get in a limousine, but it's not my life. My life is wearing jeans and tennis shoes and travelling on the metro. I have to do that because otherwise my acting is going to be false.

Caterina Murino

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#42. But that was a long time ago and since then a crab has been gnawing at my vitals. All this began in the Metro (first-class) with the phrase - 'l'homme que j'etais, je ne le suis plus.

Henry Miller

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#43. I emceed in metro Detroit throughout college, and even when I moved to New York, I would actually fly back on a Friday, emcee on a Saturday, and fly back on Sunday so that I could audition during the week. It was a big part of my life.

James Wolk

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#44. If someday, in a morning, you see you, in a mirror or the dent of a spoon, and wonder Where is my soul and Where has it gone, remember this: Catch the gaze of a woman on the metro, subway, tram. Look at a man. Seek and you will find you in the silvered space, a flash between souls.

Naomi Shihab Nye

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#45. You can live well here. Compared to the top 40 metro areas in the nation, Charlotte has the 12th lowest cost of living.

Harry Hoover

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#46. Enfield MA is one of the stranger little facts that make up the idea that is metro Boston, because it is a township composed almost entirely of medical, corporate, and spiritual facilities.

David Foster Wallace

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#47. Rationality is the way to lead life. So high time,
let's stop feeding our dreams and shake hands with the reality.

Parul Wadhwa

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#48. Bus routes reach the most obscure corners of Paris. There's also the Metro - and especially the great Line No. 1, which runs on tires under the Champs-Elysees and beyond.

Serge Schmemann

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#49. She is too upfront for her own good

Parul Wadhwa

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#50. In London, there is a section in a newspaper, the Metro, where people write in and thank strangers for their lovely or kind actions throughout the week. It brings me such happiness reading it and makes me know that, ultimately, human beings are amazing.

Rosie Fellner

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