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#1. Fifteen-year-old Sam had seen twenty-year-old Ryan for the first time and had immediately run upstairs and jerked off. It had been a revolutionary and enlightening experience that essentially answered the question that yes, I was indeed very, very gay. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#2. She was going to go to her room,munch on chocolate,then collapse into bed.
And if her upstairs neighbors decided to talk about who the daddy was or cry again about how much David was loved,she'd go up there and give them somthing to really bloody cry about. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#3. I think we better move this elsewhere," Aaron kissed her gently. "I have a room upstairs, you still wanting this?"
She looked up at him, "Yes. - Author: Leanne Claremont
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#4. Sometimes I work upstairs projecting the movies, and the rest of the time I'm just selling tickets or popcorn. - Author: Kyle Parker
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#5. Emma giggled. "I don't think so." She nudged him playfully. "Just go on over and make them an offer they can't refuse on taking your fiancee upstairs to consummate your engagement."
He scowled at her. "You're supposed to consummate a marriage, not an engagement. - Author: Katie Ashley
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#6. The house burned an hour before midnight on the last day of April. The wild, distant ringing of the fire bells woke George Hazard. He stumbled through the dark hallway, then upstairs to the mansion tower, and stepped outside into the narrow balcony. - Author: John Jakes
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#7. Portia remembered her interview in the small office upstairs ... in which she had been so shy, so terrified about not being good enough, not getting this thing, this chance, which she had only just discovered she wanted very badly. - Author: Jean Hanff Korelitz
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#8. Only those who attempt the absurd ... will achieve the impossible. I think ... I think it's in my basement ... Let me go upstairs and check. - Author: M.C. Escher
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#9. That fat fairy upstairs would scream all the way to Denver when he saw the water bill. Ain't that right?" "I'd say that's a remarkably astute analysis. - Author: Stephen King
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#10. I am a product of long corridors, empty sunlit rooms, upstairs indoor silences, attics explored in solitude, distant noises of gurgling cisterns and pipes, and the noise of wind under the tiles. Also, of endless books. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#11. My mom's whole side of the family, they're all Packers fans. My mom's a Bears fan. My stepdad is a Vikings guy. So that gets ugly. My mom sits upstairs watching the Bears game; he sits in the basement. They can't watch it together. Football's a violent anger in our family dynamic. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#12. I went upstairs to my office. Lay in the dark among my books. The only comforting thing I have. An exile in my own house, my own family. Maybe in my own country. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#13. Want to go upstairs and play ball?"
"Now, you're talking. Naked basketball. Always my favorite."
"Loser gets fucked first."
"Jesus, Thursday, every time you set that rule you cheat."
"What do you mean, I cheat? I usually lose."
"That's exactly what I mean. - Author: Mercy Celeste
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#14. There are people out there dying every day, so when you wake up, you just have to thank the Man Upstairs for another day on this planet. There's not much else we can ask for. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
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#15. Repeatedly Yates went berserk - raging over grievances old and new, hurling furniture at phantoms out of his past. The nurses who lived upstairs complained about the racket to the landlady, an eccentric woman who adored Yates and did nothing. - Author: Blake Bailey
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#16. I do have one slightly crooked wheel upstairs, but everything else is ticking along just four-o, thank you very much. - Author: Stephen King
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#17. I know. I'm sorry. And the bizarre part is that I really am. I want to be good, to use the right fork and wear a pretty linen dress to breakfast. I want to be the girl in the pictures upstairs. But I can't be. That girl is dead. - Author: Ally Carter
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#18. Woodwake wants you in her office. What did you do?" "I invaded Egypt and they're very annoyed about it." "Who is? Them upstairs or the Egyptians?" "Both. - Author: P.N. Elrod
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#19. My husband would say my signature dish is pasta with a tin of tuna plonked on top. So, no. Although I make a good bangers and mash. I have been known to stick cocktail umbrellas in it, take a photo and send it to James upstairs with a text saying, 'Your food's ready'. - Author: Joanna Page
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#20. Today Google celebrated its 13th anniversary ... That's right, Google turned 13 years old. Which explains why today when I searched for something, Google was just like, I don't know. Stop asking me questions! I'm going upstairs. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#21. Thursday," McMurphy says again. "Looooo," yells that guy upstairs. "That's - Author: Ken Kesey
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#22. They stuff people's heads down the toilet the first day at Stonewall," he told Harry. "Want to come upstairs and practice?" "No, thanks," said Harry. "The poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick." Then - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#23. So much for the bimbo alert; if she read books like that, then there was a light on upstairs, above the splendid front porch. - Author: C.I. Dennis
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#24. Don't tell them he's upstairs , I commanded my brain. Tell them he moved to Pacoima to start a commune for vegetarian vampires. Tell them he's looking into getting a sex-change operation and renaming himself Lulu Pleshette. - Author: Molly Harper
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#25. I didn't cry when they buried my father - I wouldn't let myself. I didn't cry when they buried my sister. On Thursday night, with my family asleep upstairs, my eyes filled as Agassi and Marcos Baghdatis played out the fifth set of their moving second-round match. - Author: Greg Garber
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#26. I get up around 8 o'clock, which gives me enough time to walk dogs and feed chickens and horses. Then I get to work in my home office upstairs, and basically, I don't stop until I've written 2,000 words and/or the Stephen Colbert show is over. - Author: Lisa Scottoline
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#27. When you go upstairs, go up with high spirits; when you go downstairs, go down with high spirits. - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#28. David!" Xander yelled, because he had to yell something. His eyes snapped back to the figure in the upstairs doorway, but it was gone. "What do you want?" David asked.
"I ... were you just upstairs?"
"I haven't looked up there yet."
"But I just saw you up there. - Author: Robert Liparulo
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#29. The music is the message, the message is the music. So that's my little ministry that the Big Man upstairs gave to me - a little ministry called love and happiness. - Author: Al Green
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#30. I went upstairs to my room. Momentarily I felt a sense of calm, almost acceptance. Rest beyond the river. I knew now what that meant. It meant Nothing. It meant only silence forever. - Author: Margaret Laurence
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#31. The Greater Man upstairs know when it's my time. Right now isn't the time. - Author: LeBron James
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#32. Talking is a hydrant in the yard and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second. - Author: Robert Frost
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#33. The man upstairs is pushing the buttons, and if your name happens to be on that button, well, thank you. - Author: Mario Andretti
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#34. The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don't find very often, then that is what love is all about. - Author: Bruce Forsyth
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#35. You'd better be upstairs already, Maxim. You'd better be out of sight, asleep, behind a closed door. I can't fight myself anymore tonight. I - Author: Melanie Harlow
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#36. We had reached Leastways Cottage, and Poirot ushered me upstairs to his own room. He offered me one of the tiny Russian cigarettes he himself occasionally smoked. I was amused to notice that he stowed away the used matches most carefully in a little china pot. My momentary annoyance vanished. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#37. The division in our lives was curious. Downstairs there was pure convention; upstairs pure intellect. But there was no connection between them. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#38. The worship of God ... should be free at table, in private rooms, downstairs, upstairs, at home, abroad, in all places, by all peoples, at all times - Author: Martin Luther
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#39. Once they were beyond hearing, Miss Darling said, "The upstairs is rather boring. It's only bedchambers."
"I've never found bedchambers to be boring. - Author: Lorraine Heath
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#40. Please your mother: just lie around upstairs and smoke some pot. Be a revolutionary. - Author: Kenneth Logan
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#41. As I stood there absorbing Hammett's novel, the slot machines at the back of the shop were clanking and whirring, and in the billiard room upstairs the perpetual poker game was being played. - Author: Ross Macdonald
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#42. My mortgage isn't getting any cheaper and I can't run that Ferrari on faith alone," Reverend Jones said. "Don't get me wrong, the Big Man upstairs does what he can but I've never once seen him filling up the tank of my car. - Author: Mark Jackman
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#43. We depend a lot on the guy upstairs in dire times, in addressing our concerns and looking for help. - Author: John Sweeney
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#44. A sound from upstairs sends my thought process reeling. It's just a small noise, perhaps the sound of your feet brushing the crimson carpet in the bedroom? It's not loud or menacing, but it sends a wave of adrenaline crashing through me. You're on your way! - Author: Felicity Brandon
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#45. A landlord is showing a couple around an apartment. The husband looks up and says, 'Wait a minute. This apartment doesn't have a ceiling.' The landlord answers, 'That's OK. The people upstairs don't walk around that much.' - Author: Gilbert Gottfried
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#46. Like the locked room upstairs? Listen. I've read Jane Eyre. That better be a red room of pain up there, and not your ex-wife. - Author: Kristan Higgins
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#47. I terminated the interview when I didn't know what he was talking about and went upstairs to lunch. - Author: Graham Kennedy
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#48. Trevor, let's go upstairs and take a really hot bath with extra bubbles so that my skin gets all sudsy and slippery so you can run your incredibly gifted naughty hands over me while we see how many times you can make me come before the water gets cold - Author: R.L. Mathewson
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#49. How are you feeling?" "Your eyes look like chocolate," I mumbled. He smiled. "And yours look like the morning sky." "Can I have water?" "Yes. Lots," he promised. "Let's get her upstairs," he said to someone else. And I fell asleep to the rocking of his steps. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#50. The house in the story is based on my friend Tori's house in Kinsale, Ireland, which is obviously not actually haunted, and the sound of people upstairs moving wardrobes around when you are downstairs there and alone is probably just something that old houses do when they think they are unobserved. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#51. Now let's get upstairs and fight, or all the good Death Eaters'll be taken. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#52. Bodybuilders party a lot, and once, in Gold's
the gym in Venice, California, where all the top guys train there was a black girl who came out naked. Everybody jumped on her and took her upstairs, where we all got together. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#53. At home in Ghaziabad, everyone is a pure vegetarian. In fact, when I want to cook non-veg there, my mum shoos me out on the terrace where I have my cooking utensils. I'm told categorically that whatever non-veg or egg, etc., that I have to cook, I should do upstairs and not enter her kitchen at all. - Author: Suresh Raina
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#54. On my first evening in the back country, I skipped down the porch steps of the farmhouse-leaving my father inside and the radio playing and my small suitcase decorated with neon flower stickers unpacked-and wandered towards the upside-down school bus I'd spied from an upstairs window. - Author: Mitch Cullin
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#55. One gets tired of the role critics are supposed to have in this culture: It's like being the piano player in a whorehouse; you don't have any control over the action going on upstairs. - Author: Robert Hughes
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#56. Perhaps the House had heard Harvey wishing for a full moon, because when he and Wendell traipsed upstairs and looked out the landing window, there
hanging between the bare branches of the trees
was a moon as wide and as white as a dead man's smile. - Author: Clive Barker
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#57. So now what? Kick down the door . . . and then what? Find an old lady in a weird white dress and demand she explain her whack-a-doodle rants? Maybe she had gone upstairs. Maybe Bat Lady was now getting ready for her loony day, changing out of her white dress, heading to the shower . . . Ugh. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#58. I started on 'Saturday Night Live' the same time Conan started on Late Night. We just had a relationship because I would be upstairs in the studio and whenever he couldn't get a guest - which was often back then since he was just starting out - he would just call me down to be a guest. - Author: Norm MacDonald
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#59. Allowing alternative narrative modes in popular entertainment may seem obvious, yet when you turn a pilot into the people upstairs and the main character isn't after what she wants by the top of page two, you get treated as if you've failed at writing. - Author: Andrea Seigel
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#60. I'm not like a religious exerciser. My parents go down to the gym everyday now, and I'm the one that stays upstairs. But I definitely need to start exercising. - Author: Mark Indelicato
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#61. 'The Exorcist' is absolutely my favorite horror film, and I watched it when I was, like, seven years old with my mother for the first time. I don't know why my mom let me watch that. I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself. I couldn't go upstairs by myself. I couldn't sleep. - Author: Odette Annable
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#62. There's a reason I always look nice when I go to work." I kept a scowl on my face while she hustled me upstairs.
"Because you'll get fired if you look like a slob?"
"Because, my little grouch, it makes me feel better on the inside if I like how I look on the outside. - Author: Stephie Davis
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#63. Yeah. Go ahead and pick something to watch," he answers. "I'm just popping upstairs to jerk it and then I'll join you."

"Okay, I think I'm in the mood for - wait, what? - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#64. He'd pissed the bed. It was awful. I couldn't even look, really. I just shouted for his parents and they came down, and I went upstairs while they cleaned him up. When - Author: John Green
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#65. Are you going to tell me what that was about?" Adam asked as we went back upstairs.
"Sometime," I told him. "When we're telling ghost stories around a campfire, and I want to scare you. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#66. I spend a lot of time working as a painter and in my studio I go from upstairs where I paint to downstairs where I play and record, so I get this thing crossing over. - Author: Andy Summers
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#67. He went through the cupboards, found the olive oil, and started upstairs again. He glanced down at the green and gold label and had to bite back a laugh at the words Extra Virgin.
That about summed it up. - Author: Josh Lanyon
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#68. I've got allergy pills upstairs in my room, and it says 'For Cat Work' right on it. - Author: Mimi Kennedy
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#69. You'll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you'll be played in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we'll have a lot more of them. And they'll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#70. In hindsight I can see that my love for the arts began by watching my father and his colleagues perform on stage in Jamaica, and running a muck among the exhibits of fabulous Jamaican art at the National Gallery while mum was upstairs curating. - Author: Michael Hyatt
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#71. Hobbits do not like heights, and do not sleep upstairs, even when they have any stairs. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#72. He forgot everything: the sorcerer upstairs, the mission, his own imperfection, and the shame and bitterness that came with it. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#73. I was swimming in my swimming pool when 'The Secret Lovers' popped entire into my head. I got out, dried off, went upstairs, and finished the book in about 50 days. - Author: Charles McCarry
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#74. Punctured, utterly deflated, he dropped into a chair and, covering his face with his hands, began to weep. A few minutes later, however, he thought better of it and took four tablets of soma.
Upstairs in his room the Savage was reading Romeo and Juliet. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#75. I want to take you upstairs, and turn off the lights, and watch your skin turn pink as I move inside you. When I've kissed you and your skin's marked by my mouth, you look like a rose in the moonlight. It gets darker when I'm moving inside you, that blood flush. - Author: Anne Calhoun
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#76. Smote.' I haven't gotten to use that word since my days upstairs. I kind of miss it. Lots of pomp and circumstance in a word like that." He tapped his chin as the smile became sly. "Downstairs we just say slaughter or massacre or team-building exercise. - Author: Rob Thurman
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#77. I was never bitter because I believed in the man upstairs. I continue to do my best. I let someone else be bitter. If I was bitter, I was only hurting me. I prefer to remember Bill Veeck and and Jim Hegan and Joe Gordon, the good guys. There is no point in talking about the others. - Author: Larry Doby
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#78. I need to get ready. Ash? Touch the food and I won't take you for a driving lesson tomorrow. Dad? Touch it and I'll make you take him for a driving lesson tomorrow.
Dad backed away from the counter. Ash scowled. I laughed and continued upstairs. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#79. When we had neatened the upstairs rooms we came downstairs together, carrying our dustcloths and the broom and dustpan and mop like a pair of witches walking home. - Author: Shirley Jackson
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#80. Before I leave, the Eurotrash girl tells me she likes my gazelleskin wallet. I tell her I would like to tit-fuck her and then maybe cut her arms off, but the music, George Michael singing "Faith," is too loud and she can't hear me. Back upstairs I find Patricia where I left her, - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
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#81. I mean to explore you thoroughly this time."

"Take heed, Captain. I'm prepared to answer all threats measure for measure. - Author: Sherri Browning
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#82. I'm certainly not suggesting we nip upstairs and have a quick one now, but I do know that I'd like to spend time with you. Walk with you. Eat with you. Talk to you. - Author: Catherine Alliott
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#83. Never discuss the poem you contemplate writing. It's like turning on the outside spigot. It takes all the pressure off the upstairs bathroom. - Author: Robert Frost
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#84. I was asleep, in the upstairs bedroom, in the rear of the house. There was this tremendous crash, there was a terrible wind force hitting my body, and then I blanked out. - Author: Larry Miller
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#85. I'm going to brush my hair and change my clothes if we're going out. That gives you two ten minutes to get it out of your system, so I'm not stuck with a couple of frustrated horndogs all day. But no pressure, she added on a laugh as she swung out of the room and started upstairs. - Author: Lynsay Sands
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#86. Never run upstairs when someone's chasing you. Don't try to quick-draw a man who already has his gun out. Never light a match in the dark in a strange building. Half of staying safe is just keeping your head and being prudent. - Author: Mark Zero
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#87. The problem is these days people don't watch television together. The husband is downstairs watching The Game and the wife is upstairs watching The Good Wife. They don't need a show they can watch together. What family dramas are on now that are working? - Author: Warren Leight
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#88. Ty was a force to be reckoned with, though, fueled by betrayal and pain and righteous anger. Neither man could make any headway with him, and so Nick had remained upstairs, unconscious and handcuffed to the brand-new bed Ty had bought Zane as a wedding present. Ty - Author: Abigail Roux
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#89. My mom would give me a piece to play, but I wouldn't do any theory because when it came time to do it I would sneak back upstairs and watch TV. So, I had these kind of nonchalant lessons for years, then it just started soaking in. - Author: Vanessa Carlton
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#90. Upstairs on a bus! It's Unbelievable - Author: Diane Samuels
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#91. I don't think the pain of a broken heart is one I will survive," I said, lying across the upstairs landing so that everybody would notice my plight. - Author: Matthew Crow
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#92. Harry ran upstairs to their dark dormitory. He pulled out the cloak and then his eyes fell on the flute Hagrid had given him for Christmas. He pocketed it to use on Fluffy - he didn't feel much like singing. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#93. Shrago stayed on his feet for a long second, and then his knees got the message that the lights were out upstairs, and he went down in a vertical heap, like he had jumped off a wall. - Author: Lee Child
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#94. When she had gone upstairs, he walked to a window and stood looking up at the sky. His head thrown back, he felt the pull of his throat muscles and he wondered whether the peculiar solemnity of looking at the sky comes, not from what one contemplates, but from that uplift of one's head. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#95. When I am upstairs in my little garret I have only to remember and imagine the rustle of your dress, and I am ready to bite off my hands. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#96. Nothing is quite clear from the drug-fueled night when a blaze set in her apartment killed the little boy upstairs. But when the media brands Jess a child-killer, she starts to believe it herself. - Author: M.R. Carey
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#97. Upstairs Margaret said abruptly, 'I suppose it starts to happen first in the suburbs,' and when Brad said, 'What starts to happen?' she said hysterically, 'People starting to come apart. - Author: Shirley Jackson
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#98. I always performed when I was a child. My parents got very annoyed, because my brother and I had our little bedrooms upstairs, and I would plaster the house with posters with arrows pointing upstairs. - Author: Franka Potente
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#99. I have hitched and hiked over every state and half the nations, through blizzards and under rainbows, in deserts and cities, backward and side-ways, upstairs, downstairs and in my lady's chamber. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#100. Life itself, she thought, as she went upstairs to dress for dinner, was stranger than dreams and far, far more disordered. - Author: Nancy Mitford
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