Top 100 Quotes About Soccer

#1. I was a part of Backyard Soccer, and I hear that I score a lot of goals in it.

Brandi Chastain

Quotes About Soccer #1222091
#2. You know, a lot of those angry sort of Southern man characters that I've been doing are based on different people I might've had as, like, a soccer coach or as a teacher.

Danny McBride

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#3. As long as the human race is able to concern itself with more than mere survival, soccer will have its place.

Desmond Morris

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#4. We have a lot of pressures on children very young. We have ambition. We over-schedule our children. We want them to have soccer lessons and violin lessons ... I think children need to have at least an hour of fun a day.

Julia Cameron

Quotes About Soccer #1445464
#5. People think I like partying, but I actually don't like going out. I'm a homebody. I like chilling in with friends and playing PlayStation 3 Pro Evolution Soccer.

Tinchy Stryder

Quotes About Soccer #1442445
#6. My mom was always the supplier of soccer balls, and so people were always knocking on my door, and trying to get me out so we could play.

Freddy Adu

Quotes About Soccer #1441739
#7. I think if you're writing about cricket, you're obviously writing about power, because cricket is such a loaded sport, much more so than soccer.

Joseph O'Neill

Quotes About Soccer #1441257
#8. I've used my experience from playing sports in almost every aspect of my life. Playing soccer is where I found my voice, and playing softball was where I learned precision, and in every game I learned to play as a member of a team - to work not for my own glory, but for a shared goal.

Linda Sanchez

Quotes About Soccer #1438237
#9. I swim. I do a little bit of surfing. I would say I'm a beginner at surfing. I run. I cycle. I play a little bit of soccer.

Henry Ian Cusick

Quotes About Soccer #1437998
#10. What's your favourite position?"
"I usually play winger."
"Zach, I adore you, but you can't make soccer jokes during phone sex. It just isn't done.

Tiffany Reisz

Quotes About Soccer #1435295
#11. Of course I wanted an agent from the time I was like 5, but my mother was like, 'No, you're going to be normal, you're going to go to school, you're going to get good grades, you're going to play soccer, and if you do well, if you keep your grades up, you can do one community-theater show a year.'

Laura Benanti

Quotes About Soccer #1432370
#12. My heroes were always soccer players.


Quotes About Soccer #1431491
#13. I started playing soccer at age 6 and played both outfield and goalie. Back then, no one wanted to go on goalie - coaches would make deals with me so I'd do it. It's a tough position as a kid.

Tim Howard

Quotes About Soccer #1428078
#14. As a lad growing up in the Fifties and Sixties, I played both Gaelic football and soccer and loved them both.

Martin McGuinness

Quotes About Soccer #1427758
#15. I believe that a bad Super Bowl halftime show is still better than a soccer game.

Ron White

Quotes About Soccer #1426995
#16. I was on Oprah's show recently talking about the people who impacted me the most. One was a teacher and one was my soccer coach. I didn't even go into my family, who had the most influence.

Andrew Shue

Quotes About Soccer #1423499
#17. My background playing soccer gave me a natural advantage over many of the American-born players.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Quotes About Soccer #1410723
#18. No. I do not fucking play soccer. Do you think I'd be this fat if I played fucking soccer?

Michael Hassan

Quotes About Soccer #1408797
#19. When I see myself in the videogame it's amazing how realistic I look. This is the most authentic and realistic soccer game I have ever seen. It is like I'm looking in a mirror. The attention to detail is incredible.

Claudio Reyna

Quotes About Soccer #1400044
#20. I think foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabobs.

Mitch Hedberg

Quotes About Soccer #1399791
#21. The manager believes soccer is a science and the field a laboratory, but the genius of Einstein and the subtlety of Freud is not enough for the owners and the fans. They want a miracle worker like Our Lady of Lourdes, with the stamina of Gandhi.

Eduardo Galeano

Quotes About Soccer #1396832
#22. What those anti-cookie-baking mothers wanted me to do was turn baseball into soccer.

Chuck Klosterman

Quotes About Soccer #1392232
#23. I'm not silly enough to think I'm going to change the whole culture ... but I do have a belief that soccer can go to a different level.

David Beckham

Quotes About Soccer #1391455
#24. I like tricks; I like to dazzle. Dribbling and leaving your opponent on his backside is what life is for. If I achieve what I want to, then I'll mark a distinct era in football. I'm the Che Guevara of modern soccer.

Sergio Aguero

Quotes About Soccer #1389211
#25. I manage a team, for beach soccer. I'm the coach. Player, coach.

Eric Cantona

Quotes About Soccer #1377586
#26. I love being an older comic now. It's like being an old soccer or an old baseball player. You're in the Hall of Fame and it's nice, but you're no longer that person in the limelight on the spot doing that thing.

Eric Idle

Quotes About Soccer #1375054
#27. It's a lot tougher to play soccer and make it look believable. But in boxing, it was easier for me. I got injured a lot more in the soccer world. In soccer, I pulled muscles. I thought boxing was going to be tougher.

Kuno Becker

Quotes About Soccer #1373570
#28. Like most people I can be lazy, so it's nice to have a goal or deadline or reason to work out. I feel better when I get to exercise, or when I'm outdoors. I like to hike, swim and run, and I love to play soccer.

Viggo Mortensen

Quotes About Soccer #1372525
#29. I'm loving motherhood. It's way harder than soccer, but I love a challenge.

Brandi Chastain

Quotes About Soccer #1367584
#30. My daughter loves horses. My other daughter loves soccer.

Kyle Chandler

Quotes About Soccer #1367179
#31. Soccer Tip: Try not to land at the bottom of a pile-up, wear tough shoes and shin guards.

Jean M. Cogdell

Quotes About Soccer #1366424
#32. Soccer isn't the same as Bach or Buddhism. But it is often more deeply felt than religion, and just as much a part of the community's fabric, a repository of traditions.

Franklin Foer

Quotes About Soccer #1364279
#33. During the Japanese invasion, bombs had fallen from the sky and people could run for cover. Now, they exploded in the middle of the road, or in the fields while people were playing soccer.

Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Quotes About Soccer #1358277
#34. I had aspirations to do different things with my life. I wanted to play soccer. I wanted to be a lawyer. Serendipity.

Pete Wentz

Quotes About Soccer #1353450
#35. But I think it's also hard to get into soccer here. I think purely on a time level on television as well because of the ad breaks. It's something to do with that as well. You can't show a complete soccer match here. Which I kind of find a bit of an odd thing.

Parminder Nagra

Quotes About Soccer #1350731
#36. It turned out that the buckyball, the soccer ball, was something of a Rosetta stone of an infinite new class of molecules.

Richard Smalley

Quotes About Soccer #1350532
#37. From a pretty early age, my mother realized that I was a little bit more gifted and talented than my own age group. So, she moved me over to play with the boys' travel soccer team when I was about 11 years old.

Abby Wambach

Quotes About Soccer #1334740
#38. I don't pay attention to target audiences and therefore I often hear that I am a ratings killer, somebody who fundamentally doesn't care whether one person is watching or an entire soccer stadium.

Alexander Kluge

Quotes About Soccer #1330831
#39. There is a great gulf between the Christianity that wrestles with whether to worship at the cost of imprisonment and death, and the Christianity that wrestles with whether the kids should play soccer on Sunday morning.

John Piper

Quotes About Soccer #1329452
#40. If soccer was an American soft drink, it would be Diet Pepsi

Lewis Grizzard

Quotes About Soccer #1326456
#41. In general I like a guy who is athletic, somebody who can teach me something. Whether it's teaching me a new way to cut on a wave or teach me a three-point conversion or teach me how to dribble a soccer ball. There's something really cool about that.

Aimee Teegarden

Quotes About Soccer #1325825
#42. Kicking the football and the soccer ball is all the same, just a different shape, like an egg. It doesn't make any difference.

Sebastian Janikowski

Quotes About Soccer #1323239
#43. I wasn't good enough to be a professional soccer player obviously but that was my first goal in life.

Sean Durkin

Quotes About Soccer #1318524
#44. I am happy with being a tennis player and the choice I took when I was 12. But clearly, if I wouldn't have been a tennis player, I would have loved to be a soccer player. But again, I am happy with the choice I made.

Rafael Nadal

Quotes About Soccer #1311608
#45. I think we have a good team, but soccer fans will know that we're in a really tough group. The three teams in our group are really strong. The Czech Republic is a very good team, Italy is traditionally a powerhouse, and Ghana is one of the best teams in Africa.

Claudio Reyna

Quotes About Soccer #1307174
#46. What I learned from directing, I learned from soccer, where it's like a coach-player relationship.

Sean Durkin

Quotes About Soccer #1305467
#47. Kinsley Grace Bryant, you crazy beautiful loon, marry me so we can make hundreds of little soccer prodigies.

R.S. Grey

Quotes About Soccer #1303250
#48. My mood, as I identify with each of my heroes, resembles what I used to feel when I played alone as a child. Like all children, I liked to play make-believe, to put myself in someone else's place and imagine dream worlds in which I was a soldier, a famous soccer player, or a great hero.

Orhan Pamuk

Quotes About Soccer #1301848
#49. Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence.

Bobby Charlton

Quotes About Soccer #1301673
#50. I've played soccer since I was five.

Cameron Bright

Quotes About Soccer #1291172
#51. Football (soccer) is a matter of life and death, except more important.

Bill Shankly

Quotes About Soccer #1291088
#52. The philosophy of FIFA is to expand world soccer space, to spread out the world football space.

Vladimir Putin

Quotes About Soccer #1282997
#53. I went to professional men's soccer games, the old North American soccer league at that time, and I used to be a ticket holder with my family and family friends. We would go every weekend and I thought it was great, but I just thought of it as recreation, as family fun.

Brandi Chastain

Quotes About Soccer #1281218
#54. Europeans take their soccer pretty seriously. So, when this Turkish TV host had the nerve to criticize the local team, the fans decided to do something about it, something like storm the TV studio during a live show.

Tucker Carlson

Quotes About Soccer #1280808
#55. Baseball in Canada is like soccer in the U.S. It is growing, and some people are starting to gain interest. The way that there are Americans playing high-level soccer, there are Canadians breaking into the Major Leagues.

Joey Votto

Quotes About Soccer #1277265
#56. Growing up, I played about every sport imaginable except soccer and hockey. I've always had a passion for basketball. I remember actually playing basketball when I was two or three years old. The time I knew that I could really take my game to the next level.

Dwight Howard

Quotes About Soccer #1274580
#57. My kids have played soccer and baseball and basketball, and the parents who come to games are always saying and doing things that are just wildly inappropriate.

Jeff Garlin

Quotes About Soccer #1272744
#58. We won the European Championship last September and now the world title. That is some year for French beach soccer! Now comes the hard part. We have to keep improving and that's difficult because it's tough to do better than winning a world title.

Eric Cantona

Quotes About Soccer #1271592
#59. At least for soccer players, it comes down to a blend of two types of fitness - your base endurance, which comes from longer distance running, and your speed, which comes from sprint-based workouts.

Heather O'Reilly

Quotes About Soccer #1269698
#60. I love soccer. My father is from Argentina and my mother is from El Salvador. I grew up watching Argentinean soccer. I get really worked up watching soccer. It's in my blood.

J. D. Pardo

Quotes About Soccer #1267906
#61. American football seems to resemble soccer in that one scores by putting the ball through the opponent's goal; but football, truly is about land. The Settlers want to move the line of scrimmage Westward, the Native Americans want to move it East.

David Mamet

Quotes About Soccer #1266336
#62. Liberal moms like soccer because it's a sport in which athletic talent finds so little expression that girls can play with boys. No serious sport is co-ed, even at the kindergarten level.

Ann Coulter

Quotes About Soccer #1266029
#63. I feel very privileged to be asked to be featured in another FIFA Soccer release, ... The game gives me the opportunity to play the matches I want to play every day of the week
even while away from the field.


Quotes About Soccer #1256763
#64. Music and soccer. They would be my two major passions.

Joe Elliott

Quotes About Soccer #1249964
#65. I don't just want to focus on soccer, soccer, soccer.

Hope Solo

Quotes About Soccer #1248071
#66. Some people believe that football[soccer] is a matter of life and death. I'm very dissappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much more important than that.

Bill Shankly

Quotes About Soccer #1245390
#67. If TV were only an invention to broadcast soccer, it would be justified.

Roberto Fontanarrosa

Quotes About Soccer #1243367
#68. Watching soccer is my main hobby, really. I'm no tactician or coach, but I enjoy watching the free flow of it, the different styles, and the histories behind clubs. Like Barcelona vs. Madrid - it's not just a soccer game; it's a geopolitical struggle. There are great storylines and no commercials.

Andrew Luck

Quotes About Soccer #1239640
#69. Like many a Yank before me, I have tried to explain to European friends that Americans actually know soccer quite well, that many of us played it in school and college, but that, well, we just don't find it quite as exciting as, say, what we call football.

Serge Schmemann

Quotes About Soccer #1236924
#70. No one needs to be reminded of racism in soccer: the xenophobia, the nativism and, yes, nationalism.

Rabih Alameddine

Quotes About Soccer #1236694
#71. A game of soccer induces more than enjoyment, more than entertainment.

Rabih Alameddine

Quotes About Soccer #1236451
#72. Its a way for you to support the children by sending pencils, beanie babies or soccer balls. That all started because of one of those convoys I was on.

Gary Sinise

Quotes About Soccer #1233584
#73. Soccer matches in Europe have riot police. Metal is just people sloshing around drunk and sloppy and having fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. It is a great outlet for aggression.

Chris Reifert

Quotes About Soccer #1231820
#74. I don't think special attention should be given to an actor or a singer or a baseball player or a soccer player more than anyone else, but they do have an opinion like anyone else.

Viggo Mortensen

Quotes About Soccer #1222186
#75. After I suffered a labral tear in my hip while playing soccer, I realized that many sports-related injuries can be prevented and I dedicated myself to helping young athletes learn more about injury prevention.

Cobi Jones

Quotes About Soccer #1027707
#76. I have some cool talents. I'm really flexible and can do all sorts of twisted yoga positions. And I'm a big athlete and especially love soccer.

Genevieve Padalecki

Quotes About Soccer #1081981
#77. I think where we're still a little bit behind some other countries is just our pure soccer knowledge and our savvy on the field. That takes time and generations that have watched soccer growing up, played the game growing up.

Landon Donovan

Quotes About Soccer #1081065
#78. I always think that I would have become an actor if I hadn't been a soccer player.


Quotes About Soccer #1073621
#79. Trying to coach kindergarteners in soccer is like trying to herd cats.

Mark R. Woodward

Quotes About Soccer #1071274
#80. She couldn't disappoint the whole village. There were no wallscreens here, no newsfeeds or satellites bands, and touring soccer teams were no doubt few and far between. ( ... ), that made stories a valuable commodity, and it probably wasn't very often that a stranger dropped in from the sky.

Scott Westerfeld

Quotes About Soccer #1070684
#81. Globalization really is a concrete, fundamental fact in everybody's lives, and you really see that come to life in soccer stadiums.

Franklin Foer

Quotes About Soccer #1068071
#82. Soccer was the first sport that my parents put me in, and ultimately, all the parents kind of came over to my mom and were, 'We think Channing would be better at football ... We love him, he's really great, but he's kind of hurting our children.' I was just a little wild.

Channing Tatum

Quotes About Soccer #1060319
#83. Most of us are in this more than just for playing soccer. We're in it for the bigger goal - to move it along for the next generation.

Landon Donovan

Quotes About Soccer #1059965
#84. Her teeth were like a soccer crowd, crammed in.

Markus Zusak

Quotes About Soccer #1056590
#85. Baseball is a team game but, at the same time, it's a very lonely game: unlike in soccer or basketball, where players roam around, in baseball everyone has their little plot of the field to tend. When the action comes to you, the spotlight is on you but no one can help you.

Chad Harbach

Quotes About Soccer #1054988
#86. I have a very broad demographic, from the 8-year-old who knows every word to 'Ice Ice Baby' and the college kid who grew up on 'Ninja Rap' to the soccer mom and grandparent.

Vanilla Ice

Quotes About Soccer #1054909
#87. In 1982 I was playing soccer at William and Mary, and a kid from Randolph-Macon called me a kike. I ran after him. 'I'm not a ... well, yes I am.

Jon Stewart

Quotes About Soccer #1052109
#88. If you want to be a professional soccer player, if you want to make the national team, you have to do everything possible to work hard. You've got to put it number one.

Carli Lloyd

Quotes About Soccer #1049548
#89. That's the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey - and know they can win a gold medal, too.

Angela Ruggiero

Quotes About Soccer #1040161
#90. Now, modern economies have a very effective mechanism for deciding if salaries are really too high: it's called the free market. That's how most people's salaries are set, after all, including those of major-league baseball players and European soccer players.

James Surowiecki

Quotes About Soccer #1038053
#91. I never thought then I'd be doing what I'm doing now. At my high school, being on the girls soccer team was the cool thing to do, but that was definitely never going to happen for me, so I played music. Not because everyone thought it was awesome, but for the love of it.

Kate Voegele

Quotes About Soccer #1035524
#92. To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life.


Quotes About Soccer #1032097
#93. One of my favorite things about soccer is how the art and the passion of the game somehow unites people and nations and classes and races. That's something that comes out of the game and how it's displayed and why people enjoy watching it and supporting it.

Tobin Heath

Quotes About Soccer #1030830
#94. Gymnastics is not at all as popular as, for example, soccer. Gymnastics as a sport isn't promoted very well.

Henrietta Onodi

Quotes About Soccer #952285
#95. The game of soccer has been able to give me what I wanted out of life. I just remember being a total Tomboy and athlete as a girl, but never having a lack of opportunity.

Tiffeny Milbrett

Quotes About Soccer #972187
#96. I am a big soccer fan, and a very big Liverpool fan.

Clive Owen

Quotes About Soccer #971750
#97. Someday when you're twenty, maybe, I'll see you again. You'll be this hot soccer star at some great school, with a million guys more interesting than I am chasing you down. And you know what? I'll see you and I'll pray you want me still.

Ann Brashares

Quotes About Soccer #963870
#98. The French team has given me so much and I want to help it. I told myself I did not have much time left in soccer, and I want to profit from it to the maximum.

Zinedine Zidane

Quotes About Soccer #957156
#99. Michael Sanchez and I grew up in New Jersey, not far from here, playing soccer together. When I was in high school, I worked to start an organization to help senior citizens, which I learned a great deal from.

Andrew Shue

Quotes About Soccer #950268
#100. I guess I was a child actor. Acting was one of the things I did alongside going to school: I'd be playing guitar, I'd be playing soccer, and I would be acting in movies.

Michiel Huisman

Quotes About Soccer #948468

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