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#1. I flipped open my phone and sent Daniel a text: I love you.
As I crawled into bed, my phone beeped with a message back from him: Always. - Author: Bree Despain
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#2. Give your false prophet a message for me. Tell him Jesus befriended the whores and the thieves and the sinners. Tell him his Old Testament God is dead. God doesn't punish the wicked and save the righteous. God is love. - Author: Jennifer Bosworth
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#3. I think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. And I don't think people are ready for the message that I'm delivering, and delivering with a sense of violent love. - Author: Charlie Sheen
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#4. When an Angel whispers in your ear, it is your heart that hears thy message. - Author: Molly Friedenfeld
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#5. It was a message from her. A reminder - here among hundreds of people - of a moment that had been theirs alone. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#6. I had something I was trying to say and sometimes the message is an easy transmission and sometimes it's a difficult one but I love the power of saying it so I'm gonna do it whether it's hard or easy. - Author: Faith Ringgold
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#7. I can't wait to design the performance. I want to make a moment that is about much more than me. Performing in space is such an honor. I want to challenge myself to come up with something that will not only bring everyone together but will also have a message of love that blasts into the beyond. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#8. I'm not involved in the politics of religion, but I love what the message is. - Author: Jane Seymour
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#9. In the best case, notions of God's love and grace provide some relief - but the central message of these faiths is that each of us is separate from, and in relationship to, a divine authority who will punish anyone who harbors the slightest doubt about His supremacy. - Author: Sam Harris
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#10. For love doesn't stand alone, nor can it, but trails like a blazing comet, bringing with it other shining goods - forgiveness, kindness, tolerance, fairness, companionability and friendship, all bound to the love which is at the heart of Jesus's message. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#11. We love to receive praise, but usually we're not certain what message, precisely, we should take from it. On the other hand, when someone points out our flaws, we realize immediately that something needs to change. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#12. I never try to give a message in my books. It's about living with characters long enough to hear their voices and let them tell me the story. Sometimes I would love to have a happy ending, and it doesn't happen because the character or the story leads me in another direction. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#13. I'm talking about the language of flowers. It's from the Victorian era, like your name. If a man gave a young lady a bouquet of flowers, she would race home and try to decode it like a secret message. Red roses mean love; yellow roses infidelity. So a man would have to choose his flowers carefully. - Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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#14. The respect + love for humanity that's why I travel.
We are all special and gifted beings, no matter our religious differences. The message should be peace,
love and prosperity. There should be no adversity but solidarity. - Author: Henry Johnson Jr
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#15. My life's message is my kindness and love. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#16. or maybe love is summed up in moments - that day in the park, the time you had chinese food by candlelight, when the boy you liked left a message, finally, on your machine. maybe the telling of those moments is even better than the moments themselves. - Author: Emily Franklin
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#17. The message of Christ's love is found in Isaiah, chapter sixty-one," the man was saying. "God himself will restore the crumbling foundations of your life. He will give you beauty for ashes. He'll provide redemption, no matter who you are, where you are. . . . - Author: Karen Kingsbury
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#18. I think God isn't interested in intervening every time some little bad thing happens. God is interested in getting the message of good news and love and comfort and hope across through people like us, ordinary people, or extraordinary people like Bono. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#19. Art as language ... in the future there will only be art. This common language will carry the message of love. - Author: Theo Van Doesburg
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#20. Don't know when my life came to visualising intense pain and tragedy to putting it down on paper, to putting across a message of love in times of abject hate. Thank you everybody and the conspiracy of the stars for showing me this day. To many, many more books, inshallah, and to many more launches. - Author: Simran Keshwani
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#21. Twilight, I'm sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship. She falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she's going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve, - Author: Shailene Woodley
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#22. Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#23. All songs have a message whether it's I love you, do you love me or this government sucks in a basic format and then you expand upon your beliefs and your thinking process about what's going on around you in the world. - Author: Rob Halford
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#24. Sincere, heartfelt appreciation is pure love, and is the strongest message to the Universe that this is more of what you want to experience. Feel grateful and attract more reason to be grateful for. It works like magic. - Author: Malti Bhojwani
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#25. The message of Love is in the way I live my life, and not in my words or my deeds. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#26. My hope is that this movie will affect people on a very profound level and reach them with a message of faith, hope, love and forgiveness. - Author: Mel Gibson
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#27. When we resort to screaming at someone, we are revealing weakness and a sense of helplessness. If we can't seem to get our message or feelings across any other way, then we get angry, and we get loud! - Author: Cathy Burnham Martin
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#28. Mind you, I've always been a very off-message type of fat broad; one who gladly admits she reached the size she is now solely through lack of discipline and love of pleasure, and who rather despises people (except those with proven medical conditions) who pretend that it is generally otherwise. - Author: Julie Burchill
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#29. Men who fear God will walk on a righteous path; however, men who Love God will not only walk on the righteous path, but will also want the world to know of his wonderful message of hope and salvation. - Author: Ivan King
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#30. I still believe that love is all you need. I don't know a better message than that. - Author: Paul McCartney
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#31. I nod, understanding the unspoken message: No matter what, he will never stop looking out for me. I can't argue with him about that, after all, I feel the same way. - Author: J. Kenner
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#32. I really do love social media. I've always been crazy about - even like, remember AOL chat rooms? I always loved message boards, and I was always interacting on the computer. - Author: Chrissy Teigen
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#33. The message of love can never come into a human soul, and pass away from it unreceived, without leaving that spirit worse, with all its lowest characteristics strengthened, and all its best ones depressed, by the fact of rejection. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
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#34. I think commercial success is really important. It means there are more people listening, and you're affecting the zeitgeist more. If only a hundred people know you exist, it's harder to get your message across. - Author: Courtney Love
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#35. America, you're sending girls a mixed message. On one hand, you're saying to have positive body image and love who we are; on the other, we're being marketed makeup and clothing that obviously turns us into someone different. - Author: Adora Svitak
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#36. Treacherous assassins, enemies of the people, and worthy of everyone's ridicule are those who, under the pretext of guiding future generations, teach them an isolated system of doctrines and whisper in their ear (instead of the sweet message of love) the barbarous gospel of hate. - Author: Jose Marti
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#37. Intentionally, or unintentionally, Kat had spoken with her eyes; tenderly and lovingly conveying a message to Freya that her tongue wouldn't let her speak. It was glaringly obvious they both felt it. The words were not important. The pauses, gazes, and drawn out breaths were what mattered. - Author: Kiki Archer
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#38. First and foremost, if we maintain healthy emotional boundaries and direct love and kindness inwards, we are taking care of ourselves and secondly we are giving a subliminal message to others about how we wish to be treated. People tend to subconsciously treat us how we treat ourselves. - Author: Christopher Dines
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#39. I love swimming, swimming's my passion and I hope I swim until the last day of my life, so I really, really do enjoy swimming, but swimming for me is simply a way of carrying a message. - Author: Lewis Pugh
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#40. Love cannot be quieted when it has a message to share. Love is not prejudiced and it is not blind; love sees through eyes that are as clear as the sky is blue. - Author: Camille Lucy
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#41. His mind was constantly thinking about her, while he decided to recite a poem that he had written for her long ago. While he narrated, the words conjured memories like ghosts into the room. - Author: Sulaiman Sait
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#42. The message of the Nazarene had been turned into a weapon in some religious power game. 'Look how they love one another' just didn't seem an apt description of the bizarre religious theatre I'd just witnessed. - Author: Dylan Morrison
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#43. 'Jesus' message was to love your neighbour as yourself, and there are people in need. I hope that people got that message. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#44. I may not be able to leave behind wealth or splendor, but I will try to leave behind examples and stories of my love and kindness to inspire you to be kind and spread the message of kindness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#45. Fear is to begin with the end in mind. There is no end. Life is eternal. Live life knowing that the end was your past, and the future is only full of beautiful beginnings through an eternity built around God's love. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#46. The baby, when he or she is ready to be born,
will send a message that tells the mother's body that it is ready.
The mother's body can then begin labour by slowly releasing oxytocin, the hormone of love.
The mother and baby work together to bring the baby into the world. - Author: Ruth Ehrhardt
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#47. The Secret's message is to let go of all blame because it only destroys you, and to move forward with hope, love, compassion and kindness. - Author: Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi
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#48. For her, the message from Romme, the love letter's message, was: Cut off your left breast, that rustling bag of insects, because if you don't, those insects will spread their insect religion to your entire body. - Author: David Cronenberg
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#49. Your most vital necessity in this life is that you shall love your wife completely and implicitly and in an entire nakedness of body and spirit ... this that I tell you is my message as far as I've got any. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#50. My message is very simple and universal, not very intellectual, but humane. Just love each other and live. - Author: Alton Ellis
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#51. I love exploring the characters that I play, but the reason I sign on for something isn't the details of the story but the universal message. - Author: Brie Larson
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#52. There is only one all pervading God. It has only one message - Love all, encompass all and transcend the limits of the selfish gene. - Author: Amit Ray
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#53. The Bible is the loving heart of God made visible and plain. And receiving this message of exquisite love is the great privilege of all who long for life with God. - Author: Richard J. Foster
Quotes About Love Message #436992
#54. Compare sending someone a text message and getting a love letter delivered by carrier pigeon. No contest. - Author: Bryan Callen
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#55. All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#56. A heartsong doesn't have to be a song in your heart. It doesn't have to be talking about love and peace. It can just be your message. It can be your feeling. Some people might even call it a conscience, even though that's not really what it is. It's your message, what you feel like you need to do. - Author: Mattie Stepanek
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#57. Because a loveless world," said Jesus, "is a sightless world. If anyone loves me, he will carefully keep my word and my Father will love him - we'll move right into the neighborhood! Not loving me means not keeping my words. The message you are hearing isn't mine. It's the - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#58. It's funny how the littlest things can make you feel larger than life; the right lyric, the most heartfelt melody, the clearest message. Love. - Author: Alex Gaskarth
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#59. A song fluttered down in the form of a dove,
And it bore me a message, the one word-Love! - Author: Paul Laurence Dunbar
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#60. Kindness is the greatest love,
it is the healing touch,
it is the light of our soul,
it is a message from the heart. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#61. 'Touched by an Angel' started my calling to be the messenger, and on a weekly basis, I was able to deliver the message of God's love to the world. - Author: Roma Downey
Quotes About Love Message #533985
#62. I am focused on the work. I am constantly creating. I am a busy girl. I live and breathe my work. I love what I do. I believe in the message. There's no stopping. I didn't create the fame, the fame created me. - Author: Lady Gaga
Quotes About Love Message #537885
#63. When you find your definitions in God, you find the very purpose for which you were created. Put your hand into God's hand, know His absolutes, demonstrate His love, present His truth, and the message of redemption and transformation will take hold. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#64. I will be dead in five years' time, but while I am here, I will travel many highways and I will, of necessity, die at a time when my message of love, peace, and freedom can be shared with people all over the world. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#65. As a candidate, I intend to let everyone hear my message, including the many who can express their love of country in a different language. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#66. I love the protests. And if you think about it, what better way to send a message to Wall Street than by sitting in a pup tent banging on a drum. - Author: David Letterman
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#67. The message received from the mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling; that it is ignorance that gives love its erotic and transgressive edge. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#68. But over and above the offers of help and love, precious and determined though they are, is the fact that we are public knowledge. Our signal has been heard. By each response a friend is activated. Our message had a single note. Here is its returning chord. - Author: Marion Coutts
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#69. Angelic Sookie, vision of love and beauty, I am prostrate that the wicked evil maenad violated your smooth and voluptuous body, in an attempt to deliver a message to me. -Eric - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#70. My religion is truth, love and service to God and humanity. Every religion that has come into the world has brought the message of love and brotherhood. Those who are indifferent to the welfare of their fellowmen, whose hearts are empty of love, they do not know the meaning of religion. - Author: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Quotes About Love Message #598187
#71. Reggae music is a music of integrity; reggae's consciousness was built on a message. My music speaks of love, equality and spirituality, and I would hope that one finds this integrity in my music. - Author: Stephen Marley
Quotes About Love Message #633825
#72. Is it not true that what we call "nature" in a cosmic sense has its origin in "a plan of love and truth"? (Message for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace. 1 January, 2010) - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#73. while we are apart,
stars wink a message to you -
I (twinkle) love you - Author: Betsy E. Snyder
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#74. Do I take the Gospel message of reconciliation and love into the places where I live and work? - Author: Pope Francis
Quotes About Love Message #664758
#75. (Sebastian, for all his moodiness, at times devised some piece of ghoulish fun, as when in a crowded tramcar he had the ticket-collector transmit to a girl in the far end of the car a scribbled message which really ran thus: I am only a poor ticket-collector, but I love you); - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Quotes About Love Message #671758
#76. Every beat of your heart sends the message of love over the boundary of infinite time. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Quotes About Love Message #679902
#77. The music is the message, the message is the music. So that's my little ministry that the Big Man upstairs gave to me - a little ministry called love and happiness. - Author: Al Green
Quotes About Love Message #690943
#78. The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. - Author: Jennifer Salaiz
Quotes About Love Message #697521
#79. I've played an angel on 'Touched by an Angel,' bringing the message of God's love. It was such a privilege for me as a person of faith to deliver the message. - Author: Roma Downey
Quotes About Love Message #698385
#80. Anyway, I don't want anyone else, I just want Vaughn.' It was good to finally say it, as if Grace said it out loud then maybe the universe would get the message and send him back to her. - Author: Sarra Manning
Quotes About Love Message #718992
#81. If it's possible to send a message from heaven, I'll get one to you. - Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Quotes About Love Message #721366
#82. Angel means messenger. I dedicate this book to the angels in human form that deliver a message of love instead of fear, superstition, and emotional poison. To - Author: Miguel Ruiz
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#83. The Grateful Dead, they're my best friends. Their message of hope, peace, love, teamwork, creativity, imagination, celebration, the dance, the vision, the purpose, the passion all of the things I believe in makes me the luckiest Deadhead in the world. - Author: Bill Walton
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#85. We love making movies. We got into the business to make movies. At the end of the day, whether you're doing a low budget film or a big budget film, you want it to do well and you want people to see it. That's the whole point. You want to put some kind of message in it. - Author: Liam Hemsworth
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#86. I think people love this idea of leaving a message for the future. I was always fascinated by the idea of time capsules. - Author: Rick Smolan
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#87. Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. - Author: Tim Cook
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#88. I'm happy to stick with my persona. There are themes of love lost and love regained, but the main themes of all poems are basically love and death, and that seems to be the message of poetry. - Author: Billy Collins
Quotes About Love Message #835467
#89. Words travel as swiftly as desire, so it is possible to send a message of love without them. - Author: Laura Esquivel
Quotes About Love Message #837123
#90. I'm always uneasy with messages. I think if there is a message, it's about taking control of your life. Not becoming a victim. Be true to yourself. In essence it's about love in the drug culture. - Author: Neil Tennant
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#91. From Shore To Shore
Our Message of Love & Peace
To ALL OUR Kids - Author: Widad Akreyi
Quotes About Love Message #873962
#92. I think the overriding message would be that love is serious business. True, down-to-the-crap love is not for the shallow or faint of heart. People are messy. Marriage is messy. You have to bring your best self to the game despite your limitations. - Author: Ka Hancock
Quotes About Love Message #874239
#93. It wasn't until a year later, when a young woman with Danish pastries on either side of her head knelt down in front of a walking dustbin to record an important message, that love truly came to town. - p 16 [re: Princess Leia] - Author: Simon Pegg
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#94. the message of spiritual abuse is always the same: "God won't love you, unless ..." or "God will only love you if ... - Author: Jeff VanVonderen
Quotes About Love Message #875712
#95. Instead of communicating "I love you, so let me make life easy for you," I decided that my message needed to be something more along these lines: "I love you. I believe in you. I know what you're capable of. So I'm going to make you work. - Author: Kay Wills Wyma
Quotes About Love Message #889138
#96. I love being able to reach people directly, but in an ideal scenario, I would not have to rush the release of new music ... but the message is still there, - Author: Lauryn Hill
Quotes About Love Message #895190
#97. Before all else, the Gospel invites us to respond to the God of love who saves us, to see God in others and to go forth from ourselves to seek the good of others. - Author: Pope Francis
Quotes About Love Message #896519
#98. A message I've been telling myself: the cinema is very conservative, and unless you have a story that satisfies you, that is within the unchallenging zone, but you love it, you can't do it as cinema. Otherwise, you better go do it for television, which is more daring now. - Author: Jane Campion
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#99. All the great teachers have left a similar message: Go within, discover your invisible higher self and know God as the love that is within you. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#100. Words" he growled.
His mental message almost changed my mind.
"Your all the fun I need, Chloe. When will you figure it out? I. Want.You. - Author: Carol Van Atta
Quotes About Love Message #918991

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