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#1. But then again, those who argue against squatting and deadlifting on the same day may just be pussies. - Author: Mark Rippetoe
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#2. I didn't want to fuck either of those girls because I'm in love with your fucking sister! Are you happy now, bitch! I'm fucking whipped ... just like these other pussies. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#3. Guns turn you boys into pussies, sex change - Author: Lil' Wayne
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#4. Sometimes men are pussies, and they need you to dangle yours in front of them to remember that they're all dicks. - Author: K.A. Linde
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#5. But thinking was for pussies, and I wasn't one of those, even if I had one. - Author: Anonymous
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#6. Bullying is beneath alphas. Bullies are just pussies that are big enough to get away with exorcising their emotional problems. - Author: A.D. Aliwat
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#7. leaving Will to stand by and watch, wearing that stupid grin he never seemed to shake anymore. I missed his ironic scowl. I missed his insistence that we were a bunch of pussies. God, he was the biggest fucking pussy now. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#8. And you can't do anything without God. God hates us, you know. That's why so many believe we have to love Him so much. What feeble goddamned pussies we are. - Author: Larry Kramer
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#9. I hate almost throwing up. Only pussies throw up. - Author: A.D. Aliwat
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#10. Growing old isn't for pussies. - Author: Hanif Kureishi
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#11. Before modern medicine, would pussies just generally rot up inside you and fall out of you like spoiled oysters on the sidewalk? - Author: Doug Stanhope
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#12. We live in a society that makes it really easy for these pussies to get by. - Author: Joe Rogan
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#13. I don't change my style for anybody. Pussies do that. - Author: Michael Bay
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#14. The Russians haven't been to the moon. You know why? Because they're space pussies ... You really want to impress us? Bring us back our FLAG! - Author: Sam Kinison
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#15. It was almost funny, to be making this mistake. She was too old for this shit. Crying was for pussies. Making a mess of herself served no purpose at all. Now was the time to toughen up. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#16. Pussies [10w]
Pussies are like parachutes ~
they work best when wide open. - Author: Beryl Dov
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#17. That's the problem with this never-ending centipede of lemmings, Beck. You know they're all pussies, each and every one of 'em. They buy these books to get scared because their lives are too easy. How pathetic is that? - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#18. Red Bull is for pussies! - Author: Pittacus Lore
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#19. Life isn't about gold dust farting unicorns, sugar coated mountains, and fairies. It's about fun. Romance and romance novels are for pussies and dreamers. - Author: Scott Hildreth
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#20. I'm a bad motherfucker, don't you know
and I'll crawl over fifty good pussies just to get to one fat boy's asshole, said Stagger Lee. - Author: Nick Cave
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#21. People who take more than 2 weeks to plan a wedding are pussies - Author: Riki Lindhome
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#22. The golden years are for pussies. We went straight to brass. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#23. The kids who thought of snappy things on the spot never had to worry about being fat or smart or pussies. You had to have a little meanness in you to do it. You had to be willing to embarrass other people sometimes. - Author: Matthew Thomas
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#24. This entire generation seems to have become pussies, you know? Nobody seems to enjoy themselves much anymore.They are all knocking each other down for enjoying themselves. - Author: Lemmy Kilmister
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#25. He was a soldier. He was a fucking veteran when it came to pillaging pussies. - Author: Amelia Hutchins
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#26. Be very careful what you say. Daddy's being very strange about pussies at the moment.' Orla - Author: Carole Matthews
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#27. Ye Gods and Little Fishes," said Sir Henry, "can it be? George, it's my own particular, one and only four starred Pussy. The super Pussy of all old Pussies... - Author: Agatha Christie
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#28. Of course you can. It's a woman's prerogative. We get our way. Why else would god give us pussies if we weren't supposed to use them to control men? It's in the Chick Bible. - Author: Celia Kyle
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#29. Shirts are for pussies. I take my pants off! - Author: Linden Ashby
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#30. The lack of imagination or invention most people display in naming pussies is almost beyond credence. - Author: Carl Van Vechten
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#31. Shit. Dean and I had gone from workout buddies to acting like a bunch of overanalysing pussies. Next thing you knew, we'd start having our periods at the same time. - Author: Karina Halle
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#32. Some men don't eat pussy. I think those men are pussies. - Author: C.J. Roberts
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#33. Directing is for pussies. - Author: Eran Creevy
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#34. Americans are desperately, here on the West Coast, buying up and hoarding iodine pills ... Isn't it great that in a land that is divided between conservative morons and liberal pussies, somehow we have managed to find a way to pull together and behave like moronic pussies? - Author: Bill Maher
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#35. One of my father's lessons that stuck: lying to someone gives them power. Makes them the judge and you the defendant. Tell the truth and deal with the results. Lying's for pussies. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#36. Can't is for pussies. - Author: Allison Pearson
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#37. You have one chance in life to make it something special. Why would you waste it on mediocrity? Safe and easy is for pussies. Be amazing and different. Be grateful for the uniqueness in you. - Author: Tara Brown
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#38. Rose Marie, wrapped in a wool shawl, was sitting on a lounge chair, smoking a cigarette; nicotine gum, she said, was for pussies. She was a short woman, going to weight, with an ever-changing hair color. - Author: John Sandford
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#39. So biggest pussies in METAL, I'd say a lot of these emo bands come off as pussies.They have those beards and tight jeans and to me they all look so fake. - Author: Charlie Benante
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