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#1. Approaching the state of Delaware, the dreamer is a small dog, dreaming impatiently of a past life, long forgotten, when he sailed tall ships across uncharted. The salt spray of the ocean stings my face. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#2. I'm pretty sure my dog, Pip, gets lonely when there is no one to be with him. But we humans can end up with a gnawing worry about that separation possibly becoming a permanent condition. - Author: Thomas L. Dumm
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#3. Desmo is my guard dog, but he has a sweet side, too. Nothing entertains him (or me) more than when I blow bubbles and he can chase them. - Author: Debi Mazar
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#4. Why do I dislike nationalism? First it starts with 'birds of a feather flock together' and it gradually becomes more a case of 'my dog is better than your dog' - with knives in it... - Author: Christina Engela
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#5. I wonder if you know at all what is happening in my heart, what a word. I suppose you don't. You've so many females, wife, sister, daughters, cousins, dog, in your life that you've probably confused me with them all. - Author: Renata Adler
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#6. My favorite time in music is probably 1970-75. Still Bill by Bill Withers, Harvest by Neil Young, John Prine's first album, James Taylor's One Man Dog-I hope I can bring the same sort of spirit I hear on those records. - Author: Amos Lee
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#7. 'Zolten' is a common Hungarian name, it's my wife's maiden name and most importantly, it's the name of Dracula's dog. - Author: Penn Jillette
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#8. And my poor fool is hanged! No, no, no life! Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life, And thou no breath at all? Thou'lt come no more, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never! Pray you, undo this button. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#9. You ate my dog, you undead freak!"
Hey! Watch the slander. I hear the acceptable term is 'corporeally
challenged' now. No need to be rude. - Author: Adam P. Knave
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#10. I like animals. I like people who like animals. I hate people who love animals to the point they lose their sense of reason. I'm talking the 'my computer wallpaper is my dog,' 'I hang a Christmas stocking for my cat' crowd. - Author: John Ridley
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#11. Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?'
'To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.'
'The dog did nothing in the night-time.'
'That was the curious incident,' remarked Sherlock Holmes. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#12. Well, I'm pretty domestic actually. I walk my dog. I go grocery shopping. I hang out with friends. I'm pretty normal, whatever normal is, on my off time. - Author: James Iha
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#13. I've always felt almost human. I've always known that there's something about me that's different than other dogs. Sure, I'm stuffed into a dog's body, but that's just the shell. It's what's inside that's important. The soul. And my soul is very human. - Author: Garth Stein
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#14. What I love doing is taking my dog for runs. - Author: Seann William Scott
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#15. This dog is mine," said those poor children; "that is my place in the sun." Here is the beginning and the image of the usurpation of all the earth. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#16. I like to make big decisions when I am at home living a routine life, getting up, walking my dog, having breakfast, when I have no pressure. I do not like doing it when I making a film. It is too stressful. - Author: Paul Walker
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#17. Fatty, a bearded collie-terrier mix, is the kindest, cuddliest dog. And Oliver, a white golden retriever, even looks like me! My dogs have taught me to be more loving, more nurturing, and happier. - Author: Nicollette Sheridan
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#18. My advice to any diplomat who wants to have good press is to have two or three kids and a dog. - Author: Carl T. Rowan
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#19. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, I'm as near to being the perfect dog owner as it is possible to be. - Author: Mark Barrowcliffe
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#20. It's my chance to challenge myself to the fullest, which is one of the great joys about my job ... I love it when a character requires me to look less than my red-carpet best. It's more fun playing a character that requires you to look like dog s - t. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#21. I get stoned, I can't get home, I'm calling long distance on a public saxophone. My head is achin', my back is breakin', feel I got run over by Captain Coconut and his dog named Rover. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#22. I've always been an animal lover. I've grown up with dogs my whole life. I think that is what helped me get the role on 'Lassie', I was comfortable around the dog, where many of the kids were afraid or intimidated by Lassie. - Author: Will Estes
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#23. My dog of 17 years just died. Oh you're kidding? ... Noooo ... as funny as that is, I'm not - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#24. My name is Oprah Winfrey. I have a talk show. I'm single. I have eight dogs-five golden retrievers, two black labs, and a mongrel. I have four years of college. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#25. When we hear the phrase "rescue animal," we tend to think of a dog or cat being rescued by a human. But when Enzo came into my life, I learned that more often than not, the rescued animal is the human, and the rescuer usually has four legs (or sometimes three). - Author: Tracey Stewart
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#26. I don't like leaving my dog when I go to England and she is with me all the time. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
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#27. Right now Jack lives with me. Jack is my Jack Russell. I also have a Yorkie named Ginger, but Jack and Ginger can't be in the same place at the same time because she is very jealous. Even if Jack's not in the same state, she would growl if she heard his name. - Author: Mariah Carey
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#28. I opened my eyes to find a fuzzy face staring into mine. I laughed and scratched Boomer's head. "Your dog is a pervert, he watched the whole thing. - Author: E.M. Denning
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#29. Love is love," I told her, as I tell all of my patients who are ashamed to find themselves shattered by the death of a dog. "Loss is loss. - Author: Meg Donohue
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#30. Oh, is that my report, father?' said Mike, with a sort of sickly interest, much as a dog about to be washed might evince in his tub.'
- Mike and Psmith - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#31. Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I'm like Pavlov's dog. My mouth starts watering immediately, like, 'Man, that is so good,' but I can't take a bite of it. - Author: Morgan Spurlock
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#32. I remember my father explaining, "A capitalist system is a dog-eat-dog system." - Author: Frances Fox Piven
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#33. We have a really, really great dog. It doesn't bark. My dog almost smiles, which is weird. He's just a very happy dog. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#34. My dog is going to come back to me. I'm going to find him, and I'm going to bring him home. We're going to be together, again. - Author: Gail Graham
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#35. When people ask me which is your favourite portrait, they expect it to be Diana, or someone famous. But the answer is my dog, Puffy. They think I mean Puff Daddy. No, it is the dog, - Author: Patrick Demarchelier
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#36. Every Clayr is given the gift to See some portent of her death, though not the death itself, for no human could bear that weight. Almost twenty years ago I Saw myself and your little dog, and in time I realized that this was the vision that foretold my final days. - Author: Garth Nix
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#37. The essence of Druidry is training the mind to both handle contradictory input and construct contradictory output.'
What? Oh. Well

'I continued to lecture a bit more, to disguise the fact that I was getting my ass handed to me by my dog. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#38. I love, love, love apricot baby food. My closet in the kitchen is filled with jars of it. I love Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I love my purple couch, and I love dancing. I used to have the best stuffed animals, but Samson [her dog] ate them. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
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#39. I always think before an important shot: What is the worst that can happen on this shot? I can whiff it, shank it, or hit it out-of-bounds. But even if one of those bad things happens, I've got a little money in the bank, my wife still loves me, and my dog won't bite me when I come home. - Author: Cary Middlecoff
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#40. My fashion philosophy is, if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#41. I always loved strange stories like the Dr. Seuss stuff. 'Go, Dog. Go!' was one of my favorite stories - it still is. It's just such a bizarre yet true book. And I did well reading and writing as a kid throughout school. I think early on that's what made me realize what an advantage that is. - Author: Jon Scieszka
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#42. People love dogs. This is, I hope, the least surprising sentence you will read in this book. I myself have had long discussions with my dog friends, and by that I mean my friends who are dogs. - Author: Bill Nye
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#43. And my poor fool is hanged. No, no life. / Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life, / And thou no breath at all? O, thou wilt come no more. / Never, never, never. Pray you, undo / This button. Thank you, sir. O, O, O, O! - Author: James Shapiro
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#44. I was bit by a dog when I was two years old, and it almost mauled my face. It almost killed and/or blinded me. I was this close to dying at two, which is terrible. I survived it, and there was no head trauma or anything like that. Honestly, it was a miracle. - Author: Charlie Puth
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#45. If you like judging, please: be a lawyer. Run a dog show. There's a whole lot of jobs if judging is your passion in life. But take my advice: if you want to be happy, keep your judging professional. And don't start putting in practice at home. - Author: David Hare
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#46. I wiggle my eyebrows. 'Sorry, Evan, I can't make out with you wile the dog is aligning himself with a magnetic field. - Author: Cheyanne Young
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#47. My dog is vicious to the uninvited guest, lavishly affectionate to the invited one, and so freakishly acute that he has mastered the English language. - Author: Jean Hanff Korelitz
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#48. My person says I don't understand cause and effect. That's not true, I get it: roll in the mud, you get the bath. But what she
doesn't understand is, sometimes it's just plain worth it. - Belle, Dog Only Knows - Author: Terry Kaye
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#49. Miguel: Merle? What kind of hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle. - Author: The Walking Dead
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#50. My son Matthew's beloved dog is a Jack Russell. His name is Buster. Matthew picked him as a puppy, when he was tiny himself. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#51. My sex life is terrible; my wife put a mirror over the dog's bed. Actually she did put a mirror over our bed. She says she likes to watch herself laugh. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#52. If Hitch were a person, he'd be Mother Theresa or Gandhi or someone who treated all living creatures with the respect they deserve. It's depressing how my dog is a better human being than I am. - Author: McCall Hoyle
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#53. My notion of a great novel is something like a five-hundred-page shaggy-dog story, with only the punch line omitted. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#54. Frankie is my baby. He is the sweetest dog in the world. Frankie is like the son I never had. He keeps me healthy; I walk and run him. I always feel that I need to spend more time with him and give him more attention. I find myself unloading my emotions on him. - Author: Esai Morales
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#55. My perfect day is to work incredibly well in the morning and write something wonderful, then take the dog for a walk and go for a swim in the ladies' ponds on Hampstead Heath or work in my allotment. Then I get tarted up in the evening and go out in London to dinner or the cinema. - Author: Deborah Moggach
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#56. The taste of chalk. The sun lays its copper thumbs on my eyelids. The radio plays the monologue of a dog. What is the formula for tomorrow? - Author: Warren Heiti
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#57. What kind of dog is that?" I would always give the same answer: "She's a brown dog." Similarly, when the question is raised, "What kind of God do you believe in?" my answer is easy: "I believe in a magnificent God. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#58. I do not think you are wrong for living the life you were born in. A dog must be a dog and a wolf must be a wolf, that is the proverb in my county - Author: Chris Cleave
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#59. No one in my family is in show business, unless you count dog shows as show business. - Author: Rebel Wilson
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#60. ... and I'm thinking how nothing is as simple as you guess-not right or wrong, not Judd Travers, not even me or this dog I got here. But the good part is I saved Shiloh and opened my eyes some. Now that ain't bad for eleven. - Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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#61. I love my life. I'm very fortunate for the opportunities that I have and whatever, but I haven't got to the level where people are interested in where I walk my dog or anything like that, which is fine by me. - Author: Jamie Murray
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#62. I am helpless.
I am stupid, and all I do is want and need things.
My tiny life. My little shit job. My Swedish furniture. I never, no, never told anyone this, but before I met Tyler, I was planning to buy a dog and name it "Entourage."
This is how bad your life can get. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#63. Working on television is therapeutic to me. When that camera comes on all negativity vanishes. I forget about the fight I had with my neighbor. I forget about the pain in my left foot. I forget about my dog dying. Performing, for me, is an emotional cure all. - Author: Todd Newton
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#64. I'm not going to star in every one of my movies. But I'm telling you [pounds fists] what I will bring to this film industry is the same thing I brought to the record industry when I came into it. Realism. Uncompromised, unconditional dog love. - Author: DMX
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#65. I'm married but the special man is my dog, Henry. - Author: Ana Gasteyer
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#66. On my days off, I like to be outdoors - on my bike or walking the dog or swimming - so it's important anyone I date is also into fitness. - Author: Mollie King
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#67. My dog's name is Tucker, and his DNA is unidentifiable and suspect. - Author: Bruce Cameron
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#68. Work is so much fun that it doesn't really seem like downtime when I'm not. But cooking, spending time with my family, friends and dog are what I'm usually doing when I'm not working on something. - Author: Bailee Madison
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#69. I'm not thin, but I'm strong - plus my balance is such that I can navigate a flight of stairs with a basket of laundry and a stack of Pottery Barn catalogs, vaulting over cat-and-dog hurdles, never once spilling my coffee. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#70. If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am. - Author: Charles Yu
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#71. 6th grade. My dog, Katie, is hit by a car and killed. A mean girl during recess says it committed suicide because it didn't love me. I cry and swear revenge on mankind. - Author: Eugene Mirman
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#72. I was like, what the hell is my life coming to? I'm a trained actor! I've done Shakespeare and here I am having farting contests with an imaginary dog! - Author: Matthew Lillard
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#73. One memory I have is there were a lot of dogs at this one place and my brother got in a horrific fight with a dog and the dog bit his toe off. They became fast friends after that. He lost a toe and gained a friend. - Author: Jared Leto
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#74. The dog that I was given on The Hills for Christmas is with my best friend's family. - Author: Heidi Montag
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#75. Most dancers I know, especially the talented and successful ones, seem to possess [my dog's] knack for living moment to moment. You see, their idea of time is related to those infinitely short moments when they are onstage being their superselves. - Author: Paul Taylor
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#76. I think there is a total equality for me between painting a literary figure or Kate Moss or my Mum or a dog or a bird. To me, they are all absolutely equal. - Author: Stella Vine
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#77. You ain't too smart, are ya boy? I'm Javier "Bones" Jones. I'm the baddest man there is in this town or any town through The Mississippi. You thinking you're gonna waltz up on me and kill me? Ha! I'll do for you like I did for my late dog and put you out of your misery. - Author: Justin Bienvenue
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#78. I am completely turning into my mom. Me, trying to be stern, is her. Or when I make silly voices. My mom always uses weird voices if she's talking to a kid or a dog. I'm the same person - completely my mother. - Author: Eve
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#79. They say that dog is man's best friend, and I think it's true. My dog does a lot of the same stuff my best friend does, like drool on my couch, mooch my food and hump my wife. - Author: Brad Wilkerson
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#80. My little dog, he did not get ill. It is so funny that people get ill on a boat and dogs do not. - Author: Anna Held
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#81. I enjoy working out. That is important for me. Whether it's a hike with my dog or an hour at the gym, I like to maintain an active lifestyle. - Author: Cara Santana
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#82. What I do know is I've got a brain filled with jokes I can't forget - like a tumor the size of a grapefruit inside of my skull. And I know that eventually even dog shit turns white and stops stinking, but I have this permanent head filled with crap I've been trained my whole life to think is funny. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#83. This is a bit different to the Thursday breakfast I'm used to. It's usually just me and my dog. - Author: Shane Tronc
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#84. I chose the title Dogwalker because that describes me pretty well. I spend a lot of time walking around with my dogs. I'd say the narrator is me in an alternate universe. - Author: Arthur Bradford
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#85. The strange thing is, this truly horrifying experience planted a seed deep within my heart that germinated and grew into a desire that, I have to admit, I've never completely overcome. - Author: Kathi Daley
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#86. I was taking my dog out the other day and I met this chap who asked me where I was going. The dog is foaming at the mouth, so I explained that I was on my way to the vet to have it put down. He asked if it was mad, to which I replied that it wasn't exactly pleased about it. - Author: Chic Murray
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#87. My campaign is about getting pets to be more active, and exercise with your animal is a great way for people to exercise. When you're out with your pet, it becomes fun. You don't think of it as a chore. For me, taking my dog out for a walk is very relaxing. - Author: Misty May-Treanor
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#88. He is my dog, Toto," answered Dorothy.
"Is he made of tin, or stuffed?" asked the Lion.
"Neither. He's a
a meat dog," said the girl. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#89. It is apparent that nations cannot exist for us. They are the playthings of children, such toys as children break from boredom and weariness. The branch of a tree is my country. My freedom sleeps in a mulberry bush. My country is in the shivering legs of a little lost dog. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
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#90. Rudy is a mutt; my father says he's a cross between a chihuahua and a German shepherd, which must've been some wild dog sex. - Author: Ned Vizzini
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#91. What is a family without love? And by family I don't just mean a packed kitchen table with a hoard of children around it. A family can be made up of any number of people. Me and my fiancee are our own little family, a family of two (and the dog!), and our love is at the heart of that. - Author: Pink
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#92. I don't really understand that process called reincarnation but if there is such a thing I'd like to come back as my daughter's dog. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#93. Word ... I like this hip-hop! You got more of it?" "Yeah, Doggystyle comes out soon and I'll send it to you." When I got Doggystyle, my dad took it away. "What is this stuff? These dogs are having sex on the back! Who is this Doggy Dog? - Author: Eddie Huang
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#94. A lot of people come up here and they thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. He didn't help me a bit. If it was up to him, Cesar Millan would be up here with that damn dog. So all I can say is, 'suck it, Jesus! This award is my God now'! - Author: Kathy Griffin
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#95. He was breakfasting in the marketplace, and the bystanders gathered round him with cries of " dog ." "It is you who are dogs," cried he, "when you stand round and watch me at my breakfast. - Author: Diogenes
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#96. My idea of absolute happiness is to be in bed on a rainy day, with my blankie, my cat, and my dog. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#97. The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog. My relationship with my dog, it's ridiculous. - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#98. My dog is an atheist: he no longer believes in me. - Author: Francois Cavanna
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#99. I play Beethoven and Bach. At the same
time, Biggie is my dog. - Author: Alicia Keys
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#100. My very beloved and deceased third-grade teacher, Cliff Kehod, was the one that I really remember calling me Ike a lot. It just stuck. It is a dog's name, but I love dogs. - Author: Ike Barinholtz
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