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Top 100 Moving Up Sayings

#1. It might be a move in six months. But I'll make up my mind. I'll have a look at where I've been and where I want to go and I'll continue in that way. - Author: Duncan Fletcher
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#2. [Answering whether there was life in other worlds, he said there probably was.] After all, there's plenty of unearthly looking things moving around in my refrigerator, so there's always a chance of life springing up almost anywhere. - Author: Pete Conrad
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#3. Everybody loves an accent. It you've been unlucky in love, consider pulling up stakes and moving to another country. Then you'll be the one with a neat foreign accent. - Author: Marilyn Vos Savant
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#4. Letting go is not about giving up, being lazy, or sacrificing yourself... Letting go doesn't have to mean losing; it can be about coming into a new, open, clean space from which you can create. - Author: Rebekah Elizabeth Gamble
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#5. My wife is been extremely supportive and when doubt creeps in, she's there pushing me along. She's helped me move up here, get all of my furniture and brought all my groceries. That's what marriage is about: supporting each other and helping each other reach our fullest potential. - Author: Eddie George
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#6. I have people who come up to me and say, 'Oh, seeing your work in my little home town in the middle of nowhere on the internet inspired me to move to London, or New York and pursue a creative career.' It makes me quite emotional. - Author: Kesh
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#7. I was taking electives, and that branched into theater. Theater led to me taking a break during the summer between my junior and senior year. After I graduated, I ended up moving out to L.A. But in my senior year, I made it a part of my major. - Author: Wes Brown
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#8. Women are pretty good. Women usually fight about some stupid guy and then when they figure out it's just a stupid guy they make up and move on. - Author: Garry Marshall
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#9. She says I ought to throw out at least two books for every one I buy. I had new bookshelves put up in the cottage after moving in, but already the to-be-read pile is mounting on to floor of the spare room. - Author: Martin Edwards
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#10. I'm from a big family; I have four younger siblings. My parents are still happily married together. I grew up moving around a lot, and my family was certainly not affluent. - Author: Alice Greczyn
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#11. I think that everyone who is going to really move up has got to go through some trauma ... I'm much more respected in my new job, than I was as the head of the Warner Group, because I survived being thrown out the window, going splat on the concrete, and walking ... - Author: Doug Morris
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#12. I think I have a God complex, and I like moving mountains and writing stories that affect entire worlds, and it's a bit hard to do that in a contemporary setting because you have reality intruding. Whereas, when you set your own reality, you can make up your own rules and do whatever you like. - Author: Jennifer Fallon
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#13. The continually moving mind is philosophically symbolized by the avatar Fudo Myo-o, the Wisdom King, often depicted holding a sword in one hand for cutting through ignorance, and a rope in the other for tying up passions. - Author: Yagyu Munenori
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#14. I grew up in Baltimore and that's why I root for the Orioles. I'm very suspicious of people who move and take on a new team. You should stick with the team of your youth all the way to your grave. That shows a sense of loyalty and devotion. - Author: Frank Deford
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#15. Bobby Orr had lots of moves and speed. You had to be careful or he would make you look like a fool. Jacques was impresed how quickly he caught up to Yvan Cournoyer one night when the Habs were playing the Bruins. I didn't think the kid had that kind of speed. - Author: Jacques Lemaire
Moving Up Sayings #190315
#16. I think it happens to everyone as they grow up," Jeremy responded. "You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you've known forever don't see things the way you do. And so you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on. It's perfectly normal. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#17. I have also heard that GM Oscar Panno said that -whenever you have to make a rook move and both rooks are available for said move- you should evaluate which rook to move and, once you have made up your mind ... MOVE THE OTHER ONE!!! - Author: Oscar Panno
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#18. And Hackman had really choked up when he was telling it. It was very moving. - Author: Wes Anderson
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#19. I don't think about commercial concerns when I first come up with something. When I sit down at the piano, I try to come up with something that moves me. - Author: Lamont Dozier
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#20. Everyone is so estranged; no one is rooted. That's what I like to write about more than anything else. Everything being so mixed up. Racially mixed up, people moving from place to place, everything shifting. - Author: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
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#21. The best advice my mom has ever given me is to never give up. She believes when one door shuts, another door opens. Always, always move forward. - Author: Melissa Rivers
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#22. A leader moves ahead but not so fast that the others can't keep up. - Author: Esther Peterson
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#23. The economy is growing, productivity is high, trade is up, people are working. It's not as good as we'd like, but
and to the extent that we find weakness, we'll move. - Author: George W. Bush
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#24. The purpose of forgiveness is not to make sure that someone ends up changing into what you expect them to be, as this is dominance. The purpose is actually to make your own life better, more worthy and less stressful. Forgiveness reduces the hold that the wrongdoer has over you and empowers you. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#25. Okay, okay. Just tell me this." His tone alone was enough to put me on guard. I knew he was up to no good. "Are your cheeks the only place blood is flowing, or is it also moving south? - Author: Cardeno C.
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#26. QUOTES BOUQUET: The Brightest Future Will Always Be Based On A Forgotten Past ... - Author: Adnan
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#27. There comes a point with any collaboration like that where you start having other interests creatively. I was moving in one direction musically, and as a guitar player, Mark wanted to move in another direction. That was essentially the reason we broke up. - Author: Scott Stapp
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#28. The third movement is one of the most moving passages ever written, and I've never listened to it without feeling as if I alone have been lifted up on the shoulders of some giant creature touring the charred landscape of all human feeling. - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#29. The constant need to move on, and to document progress, in normal schools means that education tends to be cut up into bite sized task.. - Author: Guy Claxton
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#30. The smartest move I ever made in showbusiness was to start off looking like the kind of wreck I would end up as. I was already aged in the wood. - Author: Clive James
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#31. We did Holy Grail, and I got my name up there as one of the directors. After that, I started moving more and more down the line I wanted to, which was making movies. - Author: Terry Gilliam
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#32. I'm an emotional person. I love music that moves me and makes the hair on my arms stand up. And I want the same thing in relationships. Either you can keep up or you can't. - Author: Katy Perry
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#33. Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning; they are an incentive to keep you going all day. - Author: Harvey MacKay
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#34. A lot of people these days are too ambitious; their sights are set too high at the start and they end up diving in too deep, quitting their day job too soon. They move to Vegas or wherever, make an all-or-nothing commitment before they're ready, and burn out. - Author: Phil Ivey
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#35. I grew up moving around. I went to seven different schools, so I know what it's like to be that new girl and have to not only know who you are but also take that into foreign circumstances and know how to respond. - Author: Debby Ryan
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#36. So Republican candidates bash Obamacare and move up in the polls. Given that public opinion remains firmly against the health care law - as it has been for years - that's not a shock. Democratic beliefs to the contrary are probably wishful thinking. - Author: Byron York
Moving Up Sayings #293474
#37. Moving from desire to actually doing better is only achieved with self-discipline, and self-discipline only works effectively when you trust in Him to help. Amp up your self-discipline in the areas you need it most. - Author: Tony Dungy
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#38. All opening moves were the same, like in chess. You don't have to come up with anything new, there's no point, because you're both after the same thing anyway. The game soon finds its own way and it's only at that point that you need a strategy. - Author: Paolo Giordano
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#39. There was not a moving up into vacated places; there was simply an anachronistic staying on between a vanishing past and an incalculable future. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#40. Part of growing up is just taking what you learn from that and moving on and not taking it to heart. - Author: Beverley Mitchell
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#41. But people need lift, too. People don't get moving, they don't soar, they don't achieve great heights, without someone buoying them up. - Author: Elizabeth Wein
Moving Up Sayings #284570
#42. I started at Pillsbury as a manager in one of their analysis functions, then worked my way up the corporate ladder to become vice president. Moving to Burger King was an important moment in my career. - Author: Herman Cain
Moving Up Sayings #273400
#43. Words when spoken out loud for the sake of performance are music. They have rhythm and pitch and timbre and volume. These are the properties of music and music has the ability to find us and move us and lift us up in ways that literal meaning can't. - Author: Josiah Bartlett
Moving Up Sayings #270512
#44. The true theater, because it moves and makes use of living instruments, continues to stir up shadows where life has never ceased to grope its way. - Author: Antonin Artaud
Moving Up Sayings #268400
#45. I have no problem in moving a date one way or another or coming up with a subplot that gets my characters in (or out) of a fix more rambunctiously than the extant records show. - Author: Sara Sheridan
Moving Up Sayings #268124
#46. Sometimes it's best to start moving in the direction you think God may want you to go, and then trust Him to lead you - closing doors He doesn't want you to go through and opening up others. - Author: Billy Graham
Moving Up Sayings #266145
#47. Today is a new day, so rise up and move forward into the victory God has prepared for you! - Author: Joel Osteen
Moving Up Sayings #264002
#48. Mysticism is concerned primarily with moving our awareness field from the beginning of the band of perception, the human band, up to the enlightened bands of perception. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Moving Up Sayings #262370
#49. I never made films like kind of career moves, like making this film in order to make that film in order to end up in Hollywood. - Author: Pawel Pawlikowski
Moving Up Sayings #259055
#50. I remember what it was like to grow up in the South in the 1960s and 1970s. Discrimination isn't something that's easy to oppose. It doesn't always stare you in the face. It moves in the shadows. And sometimes it shrouds itself within the very laws meant to protect us. - Author: Tim Cook
Moving Up Sayings #248585
#51. I remember when we kissed. I still feel it on my lips. The time you danced with me with no music playing. I remember the simple things. I remember till I cry. But the one thing I wish I'd forget, the memory I wanna forget is goodbye. - Author: Miley Cyrus
Moving Up Sayings #46012
#52. I mean, really, whatever you woke up worrying about this morning, get over it. How important in the greater scheme of things can it possibly be? Make your peace and move on. - Author: Ken Robinson
Moving Up Sayings #72763
#53. Hearts may break, and relationships end, but life goes on. You can't stop life's motion; it's either you let life pass you by or you go with it's motion. - Author: Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Moving Up Sayings #68169
#54. Life makes concessions for no one; it's up to each of us to learn from our experiences; laugh; cry; scream; shout; do whatever it takes to let it out; the important thing is to get it out ... move on ... and live life ... life waits for no one either. - Author: Mary Surratt
Moving Up Sayings #67905
#55. Sometimes life seems a dark tunnel with no light at the end, but if you just keep moving forward, you will end up in a better place. - Author: Jeffrey Fry
Moving Up Sayings #67003
#56. There are no secrets on an successful software project. Both good and bad news must be able to move up and down the ptoject hierarchy without restriction. - Author: Steve McConnell
Moving Up Sayings #66542
#57. When you help the poorest in the world, you start to move them up an economic and social ladder, and they're not going to be moving toward violence or terrorism of the kind that we worry about. - Author: Colin Powell
Moving Up Sayings #61788
#58. People are going to move in and out of their office, and they're going to move up or get fired. All kinds of things happen like that, in real life. And, we're always going to have crime, unfortunately. If we didn't, then I wouldn't have a new show. - Author: Angie Harmon
Moving Up Sayings #60047
#59. We've got the wind at our back right now. Americans are waking up to the realities of their previous choices. We must keep America moving back to preeminence because our values and conservative ideas are the world's greatest hope. - Author: Rick Perry
Moving Up Sayings #58436
#60. Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Author: Ronald Reagan
Moving Up Sayings #57909
#61. There's times you want to give up and times you want to move on ... you get so much satisfaction out of staying and sticking with it, and seeing things turn around. - Author: Paul Pierce
Moving Up Sayings #55076
#62. It's like losing a son because I loved Michael and Michael loved me. But you know, as when people grow up and they make their own decisions and they move forward, there's a distance, and I think that Michael in some cases might have gone too far with some of the things he was doing. - Author: Berry Gordy
Moving Up Sayings #53868
#63. Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving among the leaves. The shade climbed up the hills toward the top. On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little gray, sculptured stones. - Author: John Steinbeck
Moving Up Sayings #49470
#64. It is better moving up to your goal and falling than not falling doing nothing - Author: Qaiser Abbas
Moving Up Sayings #73957
#65. That was the trouble with moving houses; no matter how carefully you packed the books, they never ended up on the new shelves in quite the right place. - Author: Val McDermid
Moving Up Sayings #44318
#66. Armed with my positive attitude and inherent stubborn nature, I keep my mind focused and my life moving forward. I stop to rest, pout and even cry sometimes, but always, I get back up. Life is giving me this challenge and I will plow through it, out of breath with my heart racing if I have to. - Author: Amy B. Scher
Moving Up Sayings #43309
#67. Vote SNP for a party that always stands up for Scotland, that is stronger for Scotland, and a government that will keep the country moving in the right direction. - Author: Nicola Sturgeon
Moving Up Sayings #41855
#68. Katelyn steps closer, her hand moving up my chest. I sigh when she touches my face. She holds me to her, like I belong. I've been waiting for this moment since I met her and now that I finally have her, I don't think I'll be able to let her go. - Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Moving Up Sayings #37387
#69. I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn't give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you. - Author: Harrison Ford
Moving Up Sayings #28241
#70. Useful undertakings which require sustained attention and vigorous precision in order to succeed often end up by being abandoned, for, in America, as elsewhere, the people move forward by sudden impulses and short-lived efforts. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Moving Up Sayings #25676
#71. I'm far, far, far from that. But of course, that's one of the joys of acting is that you can move up in the world, even if - you know, in the characters that you're playing, even if you don't. - Author: Maggie Smith
Moving Up Sayings #25521
#72. I realize now, I was learning how to walk as well. I haven't mastered the steps, I fall too. But im on my path, my path ... and one day that path ... will take me to her. - Author: Makoto Shinkai
Moving Up Sayings #14126
#73. My life is fairly normal. I didn't wake up one morning and find out that I'm suddenly a star, with people clamoring at me. I feel like I'm moving up the ladder just a little, which is fine. - Author: Daniel Stern
Moving Up Sayings #13158
#74. I was never ready to give up, but I did get words of confidence to move forward from a few musicians that had climbed up the totem pole of rock. They were encouraging words that struck a nerve with me and made me stronger. - Author: Lita Ford
Moving Up Sayings #12178
#75. There was something fundamentally embarrassing about being a young woman ... [the] embarrassment of wanting to be more assured, more substantive, more whole, of moving to tap resources that simply weren't there. - Author: Michelle Orange
Moving Up Sayings #7676
#76. Don't Give Up ... Just Always Keep Moving Forward In Your Life. Don't Ever Let Your Story End In Defeat! - Author: Timothy Pina
Moving Up Sayings #117510
#77. Then you pray the prayer that is the essence of every ritual: God, I have no hope. I am torn to shreds. You are my first and my last and only refuge. Don't do daily prayers like a bird pecking, moving its head up and down. Prayer is an egg. Hatch out the total helplessness inside. - RUMI - Author: Tim Farrington
Moving Up Sayings #149902
#78. Growth is life, and life is for ever destined to make for light. - Author: Jack London
Moving Up Sayings #149118
#79. Sit down right now. Give me this moment. Write whatever's running through you. You might start with "this moment" and end up writing about the gardenia you wore at your wedding seven years ago. That's fine. Don't try to control it. Stay present with whatever comes up, and keep your hand moving. - Author: Natalie Goldberg
Moving Up Sayings #148086
#80. The only other job that I've ever had that provided that time in the morning, where you're going to work and you can't wait to get there, and the sun's rising, and you are moving towards something you look forward to, was getting up and doing every day, was being a carpenter. - Author: Mark Harmon
Moving Up Sayings #144359
#81. I don't believe in charmed lives. I think that tragedy is part of the lesson you learn to lift yourself up, to pick yourself up and to move on. - Author: Charlize Theron
Moving Up Sayings #140697
#82. When you get your heart broken, other people can help you pick the pieces up, but only you can glue the pieces back together. - Author: Sam Madison
Moving Up Sayings #140082
#83. But every night I end up fighting my despair the second I lay my head on my pillow. It is then I miss her the most
when my brain stops moving for the day and the memories of her are allowed to flood my mind, causing agonizing grief. - Author: Elizabeth Finn
Moving Up Sayings #130583
#84. To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on. - Author: Dave Pelzer
Moving Up Sayings #130128
#85. We are the third world not because the sun rises on the West and sets in the East but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with jet like speed in the wrong direction -we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working for the growth of our country. - Author: Patrick L.O. Lumumba
Moving Up Sayings #129590
#86. To keep moving up ... , you have to abandon the security of that ledge and reach for another hold. Letting go of that sense of security.. is the challenge ... think of yourself as climbing a ladder. To move to the next rung, you must give up your grip and reach for the next one. - Author: Nick Vujicic
Moving Up Sayings #128494
#87. You know what's amazing to me? America. There have been so many people who have stepped up, and I'm just proud to be an American. Yeah, there were some mistakes made, but I don't play the blame game. Let's move forward and rebuild New Orleans. - Author: Charles Barkley
Moving Up Sayings #128229
#88. In order to fly you have to create space in the open air so that your wings can really spread out. It's like a parachute. They only work from a high altitude. To fly you have to begin taking risks. If you don't want to, maybe the best thing is just to give up, and keep walking forever. - Author: Jorge Bucay
Moving Up Sayings #119106
#89. When you move away from where you grew up, I think you tend to have even more pride of where you came from. - Author: Kristopher Belman
Moving Up Sayings #2958
#90. If you were in class with Aristotle, he would probably come up with something like "If it is moving up, it still has some of the force of the hand on the ball." Don't listen to him. He thinks he is a Jedi. - Author: Rhett Allain
Moving Up Sayings #116742
#91. A two-career couple with children is a complex, sensitive piece of machinery with lots of moving parts. Anything less than total cooperation will throw it out of whack and shut it down. A couple can wind up paying the ultimate price for trying to have it all - losing it all. - Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
Moving Up Sayings #115517
#92. Schiller moves upward. Goethe comes from up above. - Author: Franz Grillparzer
Moving Up Sayings #113498
#93. Speech sounds can be analyzed into fundamental units called phonemes; these move around like protozoa in a drop of water, and, like protozoa, join together and split up. - Author: L. Sprague De Camp
Moving Up Sayings #109842
#94. Imagine: If shifting from one universe to another is like moving up or down to parallel layers, overlapping with one universe, then going to another timeline is like taking a jump to the left.'
'Or a step to the right,' Jena said wryly. - Author: E.C. Myers
Moving Up Sayings #107347
#95. I want to get away from it all. Move to the sticks. Montana. Hundreds of miles from civilization. Get a cabin in the snow. Curl up with some cute girl. Say stuff to her like, Scream all you want, sugar. Ain't nobody gonna hear you! - Author: David Spade
Moving Up Sayings #105604
#96. Don't give up. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. There is a time for the fulfillment of your dreams. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Moving Up Sayings #102567
#97. One day they'll realize they lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones. - Author: Turcois Ominek
Moving Up Sayings #100706
#98. Dan inched closer. "Are her eyelids moving?"
Jonah was on his feet now, cheerleading. "Get up, babysitter! Up! Up! - Author: Gordon Korman
Moving Up Sayings #88203
#99. Pushing your limits is what allows you to grow stronger, so if you find yourself feeling passive, it can make sense to dial it up a little. Get moving. Accomplish something small. Do something you enjoy. Embrace what moves you. And start again. - Author: Max McKeown
Moving Up Sayings #85363
#100. I was brought up in many different cultures, moving around all the time, and I find my identity in my songs. I project the identity I want to have throughout the songs that I write. - Author: Mika.
Moving Up Sayings #81730

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