Top 73 Love Kitchen Quotes

#1. Indians love to travel with their families, and they bring along everything including the kitchen and cooking utensils. Third-class coaches are always filled to capacity with people literally hanging out of the windows.

Volkmar Wentzel

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#2. I show the people I love that I love them by gathering them in my kitchen and feeding them, so no surprise that most of my characters do the same thing.

Jane Green

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#3. Quit worrying so much about the boards and nails of your life. Focus on the stuff that lasts. He glanced through the window toward the glowing light of the kitchen where Meg and my mom were laughing about something.

Laura Anderson Kurk

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#4. I think I've never left my house to take a plane without writing my will. There must be about 30 wills in my drawers, everywhere, in the kitchen. Everywhere, I have wills because I write wills more easily than I write love letters.

Sophie Calle

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#5. I love the way they run in fright when I turn on the kitchen light. And when I squish them on the ground, they make a pleasant crunchy sound.

Al Yankovic

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#6. I love to cook. I love having friends over and family. I am definitely a feeder - I feed everybody. I am jumping around the kitchen like a crazy woman.

Imelda May

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#7. I step through origins
like a dog turning
its memories of wilderness
on the kitchen mat:
the bog floor shakes,
water cheeps and lisps
as I walk down
rushes and heather.
I love this turf-face,
it's black incisions,
the cooped secrets
of process and ritual:

Seamus Heaney

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#8. Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women, kitchen of love, bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy. Sometimes, the men, they come with keys, and sometimes the men, they come with hammers.

Warsan Shire

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#9. I lived my whole life in the kitchen. Not only that, but it's the passion, it's the love for cooking and food. It's dictated my entire life - every aspect of it.

Grant Achatz

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#10. Even though I'm big on recipes, I love to make up my own dishes and when you take a risk in the kitchen, you learn a lot about food!

Nina Dobrev

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#11. I will do crazy skincare things in the kitchen ... I love coconut oil, so if I come home at night feeling all dry and like a fossil, I'll put my hand in a jar of coconut oil and just mush it over my face.

Suki Waterhouse

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#12. I felt love. Right there, in the kitchen. And I felt relief.

David Levithan

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#13. The thing I like most in my kitchen is my marble counters. Everybody said not to use marble because it's fragile, it stains, it cracks, and it doesn't remain beautiful. But I love marble.

Ruth Reichl

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#14. My family and I cook at home almost every day together. The kitchen is the central and most important room in the house; it's a great way for us to connect. We love going to the farmer's market on Sundays as a family and choosing the ingredients together.

Jose Andres

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#15. Feel so fucking angry; don't want to be reminded of you, But when I left my shit in your kitchen, I said goodbye to your bedroom it smelled of you

Amy Winehouse

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#16. Bridget's voice floated out from the kitchen. Cold blows the wind tonight, sweetheart, Cold are the drops of rain; The very first love that ever I had In greenwood he was slain. I'll do as much for my sweetheart As any young woman may; I'll sit and mourn at his graveside A twelve-month and a day.

Cassandra Clare

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#17. I am in love with my La Cornue custom-made stove - it's a dream to use and my favourite part of the kitchen.

Kylie Minogue

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#18. I love lifestyle stuff, I love housewares. I'm really a homebody, honestly. Anything to do with my kitchen, or my house, I'm all about it. I'm working on a sauce line, so that's kind of exciting. I'm a saucier.


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#19. Lift your heart and let it rest upon Jesus and you are instantly in a sanctuary though it be a Pullman berth or a factory or a kitchen. You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him (pp. 94-95).

A.W. Tozer

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#20. I love to design and remodel houses, from working with the contractors to picking the colours, materials, kitchen and bathroom accessories to finally what furniture goes where.

Olivia Newton-John

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#21. My mother had always taught me to write about my feelings instead of sharing really personal things with others, so I spent many evenings writing in my diary, eating everything in the kitchen and waiting for Mr. Wrong to call.

Cathy Guisewite

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#22. We splinter into a thousand pieces in her kitchen, becoming more together than we were apart. More than we were alone. With whispered promises and words of love, we exchange hearts.

Kennedy Ryan

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#23. A woman's place is in the kitchen ... sitting in a comfortable chair, with her feet up, drinking a glass of wine and watching her husband cook dinner.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#24. I love waking up to Sunday morning pancakes. The whole process of making them, just out in the kitchen together making pancakes on a Sunday morning; that's an experience every girl should have.

Ronda Rousey

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#25. The real proof that I have tried to love and that people have tried to love me back was never going to fit in a kitchen drawer.

Sloane Crosley

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#26. I love my kitchen. On the weekends, we have friends over, the kids are buzzing around, and we cook and talk.

Hannah Storm

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#27. Hey, Bex?" Jack said as he grated. "Just so we're clear, if we were alone, I'd probably kiss you right now."
I gave him a swift glance as the hallway laughter made its way back to the kitchen. "Just so we're clear, I'd probably let you.

Jenn Bennett

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#28. Cooking classes are a great way to hone your skills, learn new recipes, and meet like-minded friends. Spending time in the kitchen with people who love to cook as much as you do is fun and educational.

Homaro Cantu

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#29. As they lurch down the hallway and finally make it to the kitchen, it occurs to Joe that this is the best anyone can hope for in life. Someone you love to stagger through the hard times with.

Lisa Genova

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#30. I love doing kitchen renovations where we're opening up the kitchen and creating open-concept main floors. I think that's one renovation that really changes the way people live in their homes.

Candice Olson

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#31. All I watch is the Food Network. I took a cheesemaking class a few weeks ago, and I told my family and friends to only get me kitchen stuff on my birthday. I'm into every kind of cookbook and anything by Anthony Bourdain. I'd love to own a restaurant if I could find the right chef.

Jesse McCartney

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#32. I love hospitality, and I love cooking. The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself.

Geoffrey Zakarian

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#33. I love having Phil [Robertson] in the kitchen! Not only is he a great cook, but it means less work for me!

Kay Robertson

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#34. A life where love does. It doesn't come in an envelope. It's ushered in by a sunrise, the sound of a bird, or the smell of coffee drifting lazily from the kitchen.

Bob Goff

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#35. I'm writing a love poem," I answer without thinking. Then I slam my lips together, realizing what I've done.

Dead silence crashes over the kitchen.

Elle Kennedy

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#36. I love being in my kitchen. I'm quite a traditional cook, but I make a mean omelette. I'd like to open an omelette restaurant. Cheese and ham, chilli and mushroom, whatever you fancy, I'll rustle up.

Suzanne Shaw

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#37. My homies in Gadsden aren't as exposed as I am culturally, which is awesome - that's why I love going home. I'm in the kitchen with people who don't know anything but the simple life, what's important to them, and what's dope.


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#38. He gently takes the lead, and I trail behind him up the narrow spiral stairway at the back of the kitchen. His hand is warm, and holding it feels like the easiest thing in the world. Too easy. I'm going to get myself in trouble.

Lisa Daily

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#39. I was a little, uh, incorrigible as a kid, so the kitchen was a good place to give me structure and balance. It taught me hard work, but then I grew to love it.

Aaron Sanchez

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#40. My childhood favourite is mum's shepherd's pie, Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes. I remember coming home from school and going to the kitchen to help her. It's because of her that I discovered my love for cooking.

Gordon Ramsay

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#41. I'll be your puppy. What do you want me to do? Chew your slippers? Piss on the kitchen floor? Lick your nose? Sniff your crotch? I bet there's nothing a puppy can do that I can't do!

Neil Gaiman

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#42. I love to create this green juice shake made from kale, spinach, cucumber and wheatgrass. The nutrients in the juice help me recover after a tough workout. The Kale Banana Smoothie at LYFE Kitchen is very similar to my recipe and is fantastic.

Troy Polamalu

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#43. I'm always in the kitchen, cooking and experimenting - I love it. And every now and then I think, 'I should write a cookbook' or, 'I should write for food magazines.' And then I get drawn back to writing fiction again.

Kiran Desai

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#44. We'd better go before I try to make out with you in my kitchen." She laughed out loud, her dark hair shining in the fluorescent lights. "Zack would love that!

J.B. Hartnett

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#45. I love to travel and to be inspired by new things, so everything is always new. I've never done the same bathroom or the same kitchen a second time. It's challenging, and I like to be challenged.

Kelly Wearstler

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#46. I learned early and at that kitchen table that there are ways of avoiding, without guilt, the commitments of love.

P.D. James

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#47. The kitchen, reasonably enough, was the scene of my first gastronomic adventure. I was on all fours. I crawled into the vegetable bin, settled on a giant onion and ate it, skin and all. It must have marked me for life, for I have never ceased to love the hearty flavor of raw onions.

James Beard

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#48. I think that my love of cooking grew out of my love of reading about cooking. When I was a kid, we had a bookcase in the kitchen filled with cookbooks. I would eat all my meals reading about meals I could have been having.

Samantha Bee

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#49. I love my kitchen. For Manhattan, I have a rather decent-size kitchen, and it has an opening that gives out to the dining room, which has a window with a view of the city and in the distance the Statue of Liberty.

Mireille Guiliano

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#50. Some people tend to throw your love to the dogs when you become totally submissive to them, but when you want to get out of the heat, they pull you back into the kitchen.

Michael Bassey

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#51. What is a family without love? And by family I don't just mean a packed kitchen table with a hoard of children around it. A family can be made up of any number of people. Me and my fiancee are our own little family, a family of two (and the dog!), and our love is at the heart of that.


Love Kitchen Quotes #197550
#52. I thought I'd love to be a gardener because I grew up with a vegetable garden and I love being close to the Earth and growing things. At my home in L.A., I have a great garden and I grow all kinds of things. I even have a worm farm! The worms help create organic compost out of kitchen scraps.

Curtis Stone

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#53. We make a baby, Sylvie, we do it making love. Not fucking on the kitchen floor.

Kristen Ashley

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#54. I love being at home and creating in the kitchen.

Christine Teigen

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#55. I do love improvisation, I love when I find an object in my studio or kitchen (look, a tea sample's tiny glass jar!) and instantly incorporate it in a project. It makes me feel creative on an every day basis.

Signe Baumane

Love Kitchen Quotes #69581
#56. We don't learn to love each other well in the easy moments. Anyone is good company at a cocktail party. But love is born when we misunderstand one another and make it right, when we cry in the kitchen, when we show up uninvited with magazines and granola bars, in an effort to say, I love you.

Shauna Niequist

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#57. In my bachelor days, I had a small upright piano in my kitchen. It cost £10 from eBay plus £70 delivery. It was because I'd seen an old photo of Tom Waits - with dirty dishes, empty bottles, a hot plate, a coffee machine and a piano strewn with lyric sheets - and fallen in love with it.

Jamie Cullum

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#58. People come up to me all the time and say, 'Oh, I love to watch Food Network,' and I ask them what they cook, and they say, 'I don't really cook.' They're afraid, they're intimidated, they know all about food from eating out and watching TV, but they don't know where to start in their own kitchen.

Michael Symon

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#59. He may have been a kitchen servant to the rest of the world, but to me, he was the world.

Brittany Comeaux

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#60. Oooh ... Aunt Chelsea called Jake the D-word!"
Rory's voice carries into the kitchen. "Dipshit?"
"What's a douchebag?"
"Rory!" Chelsea and I yell at exactly the same time.

Emma Chase

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#61. I love, love, love apricot baby food. My closet in the kitchen is filled with jars of it. I love Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I love my purple couch, and I love dancing. I used to have the best stuffed animals, but Samson [her dog] ate them.

Alicia Silverstone

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#62. They'd dueled in the lamplight of her kitchen that night, savaging each other with accusations that could never be recalled. Now, he couldn't remember half of what they'd said, only the colors and lights and seething tide of fear all around them. He could still taste the acrid burn of unfairness.

Lauren Gilley

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#63. I can tell in two minutes if I should hire someone in the kitchen. Two minutes. It's his desire. It's that open-eyed, attentive expression. If he doesn't have it ... I mean, I can teach a chimp how to cook dinner. But I cannot teach a chimp how to love it.

Mario Batali

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#64. Mom used to brag to her friends when I was in grade school about what a "good husband" I was going to make some woman one day, what with my unusual sensitivity, my love of conversation, and my ability to wax a mean kitchen floor.

Kenneth M. Walsh

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#65. I love the intensity of the fine-dining kitchen, but loathe the fine-dining experience.

David Chang

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#66. I'm always dancing in my kitchen. And I love to sing. I've always sung. My father was a lovely singer. Always sang Jim Reeves at parties.

Anne-Marie Duff

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#67. I love to mix things up and create new dishes in the kitchen. I love cooking shrimp scampi and having a glass of Pinot Grigio while listening to music.

Zulay Henao

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#68. You would sail the kitchen cabinet into the night and anchor the wood to the seafloor. You would drown with the diamond, not float with the ring.

Matt Petronzio

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#69. He pushes his chair back and goes to the kitchen. "Are you hungry?"
"Yes. I'm thinking Kentucky Fried Rooster."
There's another chorus of cock-a-doodle-doo just as I finish speaking, and he laughs. "Henry's just doing his job, love.

Rysa Walker

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#70. I want to be the girl in Indiana Jones. I would love to do an adventure movie where I was saving the world. It might be cool if I used a lot of kitchen tools to fight off the enemy.

Roseanne Barr

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#71. Women should not be so mean to end up their life at the kitchen after they get married. they should take part in everything that is happening around the world.women's part of society and also part of world. enjoy your life and smile.

Sarajevo Sara

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#72. Human beings are not houses - you don't walk in and say, 'Well, so long as we gut the kitchen and add a third bathroom, this could work,' or, 'It has no charm, but it's close to work and it's all I can afford.' No. You love them as they are, or you let them find someone else who does.

Sara Eckel

Love Kitchen Quotes #513700
#73. I'm like a ventriloquist chasing his own voice. I can whisper and shout at the same time, and this is the closest approximation I have to a description of love. I would offer you something to drink, but I'm not in the kitchen, even though it may sound like I am.

Jarod Kintz

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