Top 90 Inspirational Physical Quotes

#1. The greatest wealth is well-being.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#2. It felt uncomfortable to lie to someone who was being kind. She hadn't known a lie could have a physical weight.

Anne Bishop

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#3. Usually, we believe that our pain is a misfortune that needs to be fixed, but in fact, all pain (physical, mental, and emotional) is a necessary step towards becoming conscious.

Mada Eliza Dalian

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#4. Anxiety and depression, and the physical symptoms they cause, are merely distractions and smokescreens to "protect" you from dangers, which are usually, imaginary.

Charles F. Glassman

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#5. I'm very fond of the British cinema. I'm a big fan of Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig. I actually find Daniel very inspirational, especially on the physical side of things. He really inspired me to get back into shape when I started to add on a few pounds. I think he's a great role model.

Steven Bauer

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#6. Plus, if you think carefully, when you fall in love with someone not for her lookay, don't you think it's purer? It would last longer as physical aged but personality grows

Evelyn Rose

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#7. Wisdom comes from not only in the understanding that often times we say no to things too easily and quickly, but also in knowing that that 'no' for the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing can also be a reasonable and grounded decision for which you shouldn't feel the need to feel guilty.

Forrest Curran

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#8. Make time daily for your well-being.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#9. What we dedicate today is not a memorial to war, rather it's a tribute to the physical and moral courage that makes heroes out of farm and city boys and that inspires Americans in every generation to lay down their lives for people they will never meet, for ideals that make life itself worth living.

Bob Dole

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#10. The depth of a person's character is not measured by his or her physical strength, but by the depth of his or her nobility.

Frank E. Peretti

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#11. If we are not living IN our bodies, honoring them as our TEMPLE, we are closing off the divine channels (nadis) of energy that run through us. Additionally, when we are not in good physical shape, we limit our enjoyment of our life experience. Thus, yoga is spiritual and physical.

Dashama Konah Gordon

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#12. Our eternal spiritual self is more real than anything we perceive in this physical realm, and has a divine connection to the infinite love of the Creator.

Eben Alexander

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#13. Illusions can and do create PHYSICAL Dis-Ease within our bodies. So it's most important to master our thoughts, to become cognizant of what we are spending our precious mental energy on each moment of every day.

Alaric Hutchinson

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#14. At beyond continent of reality,
there are oceans of ideas.

Toba Beta

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#15. Relatively speaking, science can provide reliable standards to verify truth in a physical, material sense, but values are not its strength. What one generation takes to be true is debunked and made obsolete by new discoveries.

Ilchi Lee

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#16. You gave me a soul touch. A touch beyond physical. The most powerful of touch. I thought it was about you but I was wrong it was about me. In me. It took me a lifetime to realize it was me, not you. Thank you for showing me my soul.

Renae A. Sauter

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#17. Consciousness is not confined within an individual brain. Otherwise, how can it cause changes in the physical state of things outside the brain?

Ilchi Lee

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#18. You lost all interest in this world. You were disappointed and discouraged, and lost interest in everything. So you abandoned your physical body. You went to a world apart and you're living a different kind of life there. In a world that's inside you.

Haruki Murakami

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#19. A second way that oppressed people sometimes deal with oppression is to resort to physical violence and corroding hatred.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#20. Breathing in and breathing out, those two things we must never forget about.

Lydia Rubi Suazo

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#21. I love running. It's as simple as that ... it has given me endless rewards: physical, emotional, and professional. The benefits of running are lifelong. I ran as a child, and I intend to run into my old age.

Grete Waitz

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#22. His problem was the eternal question: What should he be? Inventor, scientist, artist - the energy he felt surging through him, an energy far more than physical and yet pervading the restlessness of his body, was a burden to him until he could find the path for its release.

Pearl S. Buck

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#23. This is the key to the entire universe. You know what this is? It's not a microphone, this right here is your voice. This physical thing just amplifies it. Don't be afraid of your voice. You have a voice without a microphone. Use it and don't let anybody snuff you out and tell you don't have one.

Hayley Williams

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#24. The deep desire for success must cause a dream to rise to the surface and inspire you to action. The dream must be supported in the physical and natural realm to help you believe more and more in the possibility of its realization.

Archibald Marwizi

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#25. If we really are spiritual beings living a physical existence, then we have incredible power.

Sue Fitzmaurice

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#26. Reverence of the physical body is a demonstration of reverence for the immortal soul within.

Douglas James Cottrell

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#27. Do not lose focus because of small wins or temporary set-backs. You can only score if you keep your eyes on the ball and be certain of where you want to place it even if you are not in physical sight of the goal. Visualise the dream but never take your eyes off the dynamic plan of action.

Archibald Marwizi

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#28. Love could be passionate, compassionate, and kind. Love could be physical, spiritual, or eternal.

Debasish Mridha

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#29. In that nanosecond of enlightenment I knew that the human spirit survives the death of the physical body and I understood that my wandering soul needed to get back into its earthly habitat.

Janet Bettag

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#30. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when it comes to physical and emotional healing.

Jill Bolte Taylor

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#31. One day enough work will have been done. Enough prayers will have been said. Enough confidence will have been formed. One day with effortless certainty your dreams will manifest into physical form; proving dreams really can come true.

Renae A. Sauter

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#32. How do you not let things bother you? By placing yourself out of the physical and emotional range of that which is bothering you.

Art Hochberg

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#33. Physical circumstance will not cause happiness. Or if it does, there is the fear of loss. Now you are a slave to it. You have become bound to it.

Frederick Lenz

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#34. You can buy a man's time; you can buy his physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of his skilled muscular motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm ... you cannot buy loyalty ... you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, mind or souls. You must earn these.

Clarence Francis

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#35. Pain, whether emotional or physical, often develops when we try to bust out of limiting or self-destructive comfort zones. Don't always trust it as a reliable sign to go back.

Charles F. Glassman

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#36. A man who as a physical being is always turned toward the outside, thinking that his happiness lies outside him, finally turns inward and discovers that the source is within him.

Soren Kierkegaard

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#37. We are all born with extraordinary powers of imagination, intelligence, feeling, intuition, spirituality, and of physical and sensory awareness. (p.9)

Ken Robinson

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#38. The yoga asana practice was developed to get the body in the best physical condition possible, so that the yoga practitioner would be able to sit for many hours comfortably in meditation. In order to reach the higher spiritual vibrations we must be as strong, flexible and open as possible.

Dashama Konah Gordon

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#39. God's given me a fierce passion for teaching girl's my age and younger, maybe even older, about purity, and the fact that it is not a physical thing but in fact that of the heart.

Abigail Ford

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#40. In this world people are at different levels of evolution. The more advanced soul has learned that fulfillment does not come from simply leading a physical life.

Frederick Lenz

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#41. Beauty cannot be limited to physical appearances... because beauty can be felt without being seen.

Rebekah Elizabeth Gamble

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#42. You have to build the ultimate physical machine, but also the ultimate mind

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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#43. A book is kind of like a good Horcrux, if we can imagine that
a piece of the writer's soul, preserved in a physical object for all time, and changing the lives of all those who come in contact with it.

Cheryl B. Klein

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#44. Remember my friend, uncontrolled alcohol, uncontrolled casual sex and mindless indoctrination are not signs of progress, they are signs of drowning into the abyss of mental and physical degradation.

Abhijit Naskar

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#45. Ninety percent of baseball is mental, the other half is physical.

Yogi Berra

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#46. Prosthetics can fix physical disabilities. But no prosthetic can fix an amputated spirit. So, don't let the society devoid you from your own spirit. Be brave and upright, and delve into even the depth of doom to achieve your goal.

Abhijit Naskar

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#47. Consciousness is non-physical.
You are the witness of the wonder.
You are in your own world. You are free. You are liberated. You are nothing to do with anything.

Michael Mackintosh

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#48. Just as physical wounds heal at different rates in different people, so do emotional wounds. Everyone has different needs and speeds.

Karen Salmansohn

Inspirational Physical Quotes #370261
#49. plunge ahead, put one foot in front of the other, straighten your back and your shoulders and everything else that is likely to slump, buck up and go forward, and in this way, every obstacle, be it physical or only imaged, falls face down in obeisance and in absolute defeat...

Jamaica Kincaid

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#50. Many people define beauty as skin deep, but I've found the beauty in physical and superficial changes that continue throughout the life of a woman.

Alyscia Cunningham

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#51. I can only run the rate in which my heart beats.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Physical Quotes #350666
#52. You must make time daily for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Physical Quotes #348533
#53. Consciousness has power to create physical changes and requires no other medium than itself. It can reach the entire universe, inferring that consciousness energy is the very nature of the universe.

Ilchi Lee

Inspirational Physical Quotes #348518
#54. As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Henry David Thoreau

Inspirational Physical Quotes #257864
#55. The world won't necessarily change but your understanding of it will, and therefore the world will change. Your attention will no longer be confined to the physical body and the physical world.

Frederick Lenz

Inspirational Physical Quotes #248881
#56. When you establish a destination by defining what you want, then take physical action by making choices that move you towards that destination, the possibility for success is limitless and arrival at the destination is inevitable.

Steve Maraboli

Inspirational Physical Quotes #222797
#57. Christianity ... sees the necessity for man to have spiritual values and it shows him how to get at those through physical sacraments.

Malcolm Muggeridge

Inspirational Physical Quotes #214552
#58. Consciousness can travel through space or can be present at multiple locations simultaneously. A conscious mind here can create a material change there, and is not limited by time and space or any physical forces.

Ilchi Lee

Inspirational Physical Quotes #384890
#59. My mother never wanted me to focus on my physical self. She always said that beauty is what you do.

Halle Berry

Inspirational Physical Quotes #179242
#60. What is perfection anyway in the physical? It is an idea we have. When it doesn't happen we get all bent out of shape and frustrated and angry and then unhappy, we take it out on everybody.

Frederick Lenz

Inspirational Physical Quotes #172005
#61. Choose the body to live in.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Physical Quotes #161148
#62. When we carry the thoughts of negativity and self-criticism, we inspire just what we don't want: poor health and an unattractive physical body.

Dashama Konah Gordon

Inspirational Physical Quotes #145161
#63. What is held in the mind is always brought about in the physical body. It is not the other way around.

Douglas James Cottrell

Inspirational Physical Quotes #97639
#64. You are sitting on this little planet, spaceship earth. The universe is very accessible to you. You don't need a spaceship to travel there. Most of the worlds are non-physical. And it's all God; it's all eternity

Frederick Lenz

Inspirational Physical Quotes #75980
#65. Every single phenomenon in the world, has a physical explanation underneath it. Finding the explanation depends on how far you are willing to go.

Abhijit Naskar

Inspirational Physical Quotes #56955
#66. Most people know the physical senses, but a lot of people don't know the soul's senses: empathy, trust, intuition, love and harmony

Steven Aitchison

Inspirational Physical Quotes #36915
#67. It takes all my strength to do daily tasks. To some people, I'm just a number. I'm a projected food stamps debit card lifetime member. I'm seen as crazy or insane, but it doesn't matter. I know I am bigger than my suffering.

Jacquelyn Nicole Davis

Inspirational Physical Quotes #8388
#68. Focusing on worldly achievements and acceptance has never been the way to true happiness, and an obsessive, discontent with our physical appearance can lead to unhappiness if not despair.

Pamela H. Hansen

Inspirational Physical Quotes #5980
#69. Babies are thinking and attracting before they are speaking. Even though you are only months old in your physical body, you are a very old and wise Creator, focused in that baby's body.

Esther Hicks

Inspirational Physical Quotes #631053
#70. Pain is a physical discipline.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Physical Quotes #917660
#71. Anything that has been accomplished by any other human being in the physical realm is within the field of possibility.

Wayne Dyer

Inspirational Physical Quotes #915569
#72. I Love 2 Love: Don't get it confused. You don't need a lot of something in the physical realm to be plentiful. You are the essence of abundance.

Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa

Inspirational Physical Quotes #818204
#73. I truly understood the meaning of hope. It is something much bigger than anything physical we may desire. It's about raising our eyes from a point on the horizon to the heavens and into eternity. And it's about relying on God's grace to do it, no matter what the cost.

Laura Sobiech

Inspirational Physical Quotes #772996
#74. Stress can destroy much more than just our physical health. Too often, it eats away at our hope, belief, and faith.

Charles F. Glassman

Inspirational Physical Quotes #770442
#75. Above all things physical, it is more important to be beautiful on the inside - to have a big hear and an open mind and a spectacular spleen.

Ellen DeGeneres

Inspirational Physical Quotes #755223
#76. Maintain a balance life: Nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Physical Quotes #694583
#77. Because consciousness has no mass and extension, no parts or physical properties, it is Nothing, which on the other hand, can generate the matter and energy of the entire universe.

Ilchi Lee

Inspirational Physical Quotes #667296
#78. Your body is a physical representation of the cumulative effect of all the experiences you've had throughout your life.

Dashama Konah Gordon

Inspirational Physical Quotes #655994
#79. It's 90% mental. The other half is physical

Yogi Berra

Inspirational Physical Quotes #635933
#80. The world's natural calamities and disasters-its tornados and hurricanes, volcanoes and floods-its physical turmoil-are not created by us specifically.
What is created by us is the degree to which these events touch our life

Neale Donald Walsch

Inspirational Physical Quotes #17
#81. I'm sure that if [Walter] could still talk to the living, he would tell us that the simplest things in life can be treasures, and there are no physical or metaphysical limitations on how much we can love-both in this life and beyond.

Amelia Cotter

Inspirational Physical Quotes #622365
#82. Intention to pray is even more powerful than physical prayer - but it's good to do both.

Art Hochberg

Inspirational Physical Quotes #611105
#83. We are luminous beings. Beneath our transient physical bodies we are made of intelligent light.

Frederick Lenz

Inspirational Physical Quotes #590781
#84. Through depression and many other dark low emotions, our Light dims and our immune system declines along with it. White blood cells are the physical Light of our body.
Colors can be used to heal, restore and to uplift us.

Jacqueline Ripstein

Inspirational Physical Quotes #562727
#85. Our environment, including the physical body, reflect our inner state - what we are inwardly, our eternal nature. When we renew our mind and transform ourselves, our environment responds to this change automatically.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu

Inspirational Physical Quotes #549855
#86. Through joy, the Soul finds its greatest - physical expression.


Inspirational Physical Quotes #529719
#87. Every adversity, every unpleasant circumstance, every failure, and every physical pain carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.

Napoleon Hill

Inspirational Physical Quotes #527164
#88. Spirit is the life, the mind the builder the physical the result

Edgar Cayce

Inspirational Physical Quotes #522882
#89. It takes much longer to leave the psychic place than the physical place. (p.120)

Jeanette Winterson

Inspirational Physical Quotes #520819
#90. The physical concerns and misalignment we experience in the spinal vertebrae of our body are often directly correlated with the spiritual energetic ability to flow freely as well.

Dashama Konah Gordon

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