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#1. Things is very primitive in the jungle - no place to shit, sleep on the ground like an animal, eat out of cans, no place to take a bath or nothing, clothes is all rotting off. - Author: Winston Groom
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#2. I will, however, establish that success in love, as in all other aspects of life, belongs, as a rule, to the persistent and fiber man. Chaucer had reason to make the Old Bath confess: 'The truth is, more or less, we always succumb to attention and perseverance'. - Author: Frank Harris
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#3. I boast of being the only man in London who has been bombed off a lavatory seat while reading Jane Austen. She went into the bath; I went through the door. - Author: Kingsley Martin
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#4. Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed- no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull. - Author: George Orwell
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#5. Cookery is a wholly unselfish art: as 'art for art's sake' it is unthinkable. A man may sing in his bath every morning without the least encouragement, but no cook can cook just for his or her own sake in a like manner. All good cooks, like all great artists, must have an audience worth cooking for. - Author: Andre Simon
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#6. Tears trickle down her cheeks, falling into the bath water as though they are the most inconsequential thing in the world - Author: Shelly Pratt
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#7. I need to be looked after. I'm not talking about diamond rings and nice restaurants and fancy stuff - in fact, that makes me uncomfortable. I didn't grow up with it, and it's not me, you know. But I need someone to say to me, 'Shall I run you a bath?' or 'Let's go to the pub, just us.' - Author: Kate Winslet
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#8. To go into the garden in its snowed-up state is like going into a bath of purity. The first breath on opening the door is so ineffably pure that it makes me gasp, and I feel a black and sinful object in the midst of all the spotlessness. - Author: Elizabeth Von Arnim
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#9. We always imagine eternity as something beyond our conception, something vast, vast! But why must it be vast? Instead of all that, what if it's one little room, like a bath house in the country, black and grimy and spiders in every corner. and that's all eternity is? I sometimes fancy it like that. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#10. I think sometimes could I only have music on my own terms, could I live in a great city, and know where I could go whenever I wished the ablution and inundation of musical waves, that were a bath and a medicine. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#11. If feeling anxious about anything Dr Bachs night time rescue remedy is great. Sometimes a bath before bed helps. Burning Lavender or Clary Sage in the room before retiring. Try not to work on my computer very late and then bed straight after. Getting enough exercise definitely helps sleep. - Author: Rachel Ryan
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#12. This person realizes that staying home means blowing off everyone this person has ever known. But the desire to stay in is very strong. This person wants to run a bath and then read in bed. - Author: Miranda July
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#13. It never fails - you get in the bath and there's a rub at the lamp - Author: Robin Williams
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#14. Jesse rounded forward under the towel and cozied his feet in the bath water. It was as if no one else were around and Jesse was once again alone and at ease with his meditations. He said, "I can't figure it out: do you want to be like me, or do you want to be me? - Author: Ron Hansen
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#15. For six weeks, I allow Bath is pleasant enough; but beyond that, it is the most tiresome place in the world. - Author: Jane Austen
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#16. At the time we're stuck in it, like hostages locked in a Turkish bath, high school seems the most serious business in the world to just about all of us. It's not until the second or third class reunion that we start realizing how absurd the whole thing was. - Author: Stephen King
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#17. They couldn't, in the National Party, run a bath and if either the deputy leader or the leader tried to, Sir Robert would run away with the plug. - Author: David Lange
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#18. [on camp:]
There were ten of us, living in a three-hundred-square-foot bunk, going through puberty as lightning speed. It was too much hormonal action for any one room, and the result was a frenzied, emotionally volatile space that smelled like a Bath and Body Works. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#19. Come Hell or High Water usually depends on the kind of plug you use in the bath tub - Author: Josh Stern
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#20. At home in Paris I take a milk bath two times a week, but here on the road it is more difficult. I miss them. - Author: Anna Held
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#21. I invented that little rhyme about 'One Ring to rule them all', I remember, in the bath one day. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#22. That is what I mean. A bath! The receptacle of porcelain, one turns the taps and fills it, one gets in, one gets out and ghoosh - ghoosh - ghoosh, the water goes down the waste pipe!"
"M. Poirot are you quite mad?"
"No, I am extremely sane. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#23. To escape the error of salvation by works we have fallen into the opposite error of salvation without obedience. In our eagerness to get rid of the legalistic doctrine of works we have thrown out the baby with the bath and gotten rid of obedience as well. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#24. We don't ruminate during a fight. Maybe in a bath, or driving a car, or as we take a walk. But not right smack in the middle of a dramatic moment. - Author: Dani Shapiro
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#25. I love drinking now and then. It defecates the standing pool of thought. A man perpetually in the paroxysm and fears of inebriety is like a half-drowned stupid wretch condemned to labor unceasingly in water; but a now-and-then tribute to Bacchus is like the cold bath, bracing and invigorating. - Author: Robert Burns
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#26. The world has taken a five-thousand-year bath in wisdom and is just as grimy as ever. - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
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#27. Harder is Better! Post work out! Foot in the Ice Bath. A girl has to make a living! #hardcandytoronto. #addictedtosweat - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#28. Eureka! Eureka!
Supposed to have been his cry, jumping naked from his bath and running in the streets, excited by a discovery about water displacement to solve a problem about the purity of a gold crown. - Author: Archimedes
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#29. But in philosophy, sometimes the baby ought to go out with the bath water. - Author: Aloysius Martinich
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#30. There are many tough sides to being a jockey. Injury is something we all dread, but spending lengthy periods in the bath or the sauna just to shed a few pounds can be an exhausting and draining experience. - Author: Tony McCoy
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#31. Always remember that the ocean delights in feeling your feet in her eternal bath ... - Author: Robert Wyland
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#32. Feathers fell from the sky. Like black snow, they drifted onto an old city called Bath. - Author: Stefan Bachmann
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#33. They're a damn nuisance - I've got one in my bathroom and every time I run my bath the steam sets it off. - Author: Prince Philip
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#34. I think a lot of contemplation happens in bathtubs. It does for me. Nothing like a hot bath to ease the tension and think about what's going to happen next. - Author: Sarah McLachlan
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#35. I'll be fine. Maybe I should make up a magic milk bath with the Golden Fruit, huh?" I laughed.
Kishan considered and grinned. "A giant bowlful of milk with you in the middle might be a little too much for us cats to resist. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#36. When they went to the stream to take a bath, it wasn't simply a bath; it was a dance with the river. It was getting in tune with the river. They sang and they danced and they swam and they jumped and they dived. - Author: Osho
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#37. There was really nothing pressing for me to do beyond pouring bubble bath in the fountain at City Hall. - Author: Debra Dunbar
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#38. I take a sun bath and listen to the hours, formulating, and disintegrating under the pines, and smell the resiny hardihood of the high noon hours. The world is lost in a blue haze of distances, and the immediate sleeps in a thin and finite sun. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
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#39. Have you drowned stars like they were babies in a bath? I ended the First Age, and I'll end the second, too. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#40. [On growing up in a large family with little money:] ... to take a bath ... we just had a pan of water and we'd wash down as far as possible, and we'd wash up as far as possible. Then, when somebody'd clear the room, we'd wash possible. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#41. Your best ideas, those eureka moments that turn the world upside down, seldom come when you're juggling emails, rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make your voice heard in a high-stress meeting. They come when you're walking the dog, soaking in the bath or swinging in a hammock. - Author: Carl Honore
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#42. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is just great. You get yourself in a hot bath to soften up your skin and then use this, and it really works. Plus, it's so easy to do, and you don't have to leave the house, so whenever you want to put sandals on, you don't have to worry about going to the salon. - Author: Abbey Clancy
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#43. See it's easy as cake, simple as whistling Dixie
While I'm waving the pistol at sixty Christians against me
Go to war with the Mormons, take a bath with the Catholics
In holy water, no wonder they tried to hold me under longer. - Author: Eminem
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#44. I don't think it is so much the actual bath that most cats dislike; I think it's the fact that they have to spend a good part of the day putting their hair back in place. - Author: Debbie Peterson
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#45. I can tell you kids grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth. When I was your age, we took a bath once a week on Saturday night, and all of us used the same bath water. - Author: K. Martin Beckner
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#46. In a French accent developed through a lifetime of using English I said, 'Hello sir, I would like to row the English Channel in a bath please.'
What actually arrived in the ear of the French Navy man was, 'Hello sire, I would like to fight a condom across a bath if you please. - Author: Tim FitzHigham
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#47. Whenever we touch nature we get clean. People who have got dirty through too much civilization take a walk in the woods, or a bath in the sea. Entering the unconscious, entering yourself through dreams, is touching nature from the inside and this is the same thing, things are put right again. - Author: Carl Jung
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#48. I want you to take a red-hot bath as hot as you can bear it, and just relax your nerves. You can read in the tub if you wish. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#49. You have to learn to love the small things in life, like a hot bath. You have to love the small things, when you've nothing else. - Author: Anonymous
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#50. Christ hath instituted Baptism as a bath, to wash away the anger, and hath put into us the Noble Stone, viz. the water of eternal life, for an earnest-penny, so that instantly in our childhood we might be able to escape the wrath. - Author: Jakob Bohme
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#51. You're great but you're not there when I go to bed at night or get up in the morning. You don't make me a cup of tea after a hard day at work, or rub my back in the bath. I'm sick of being lonely. Is that so wrong? - Author: Eleanor Prescott
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#52. Dogs display reluctance and wrath If you try to give them a bath. They bury bones in hideaways And half the time they trot sideaways. - Author: Ogden Nash
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#53. Routines may include taking a warm bath or a relaxing walk in the evening, or practicing meditation/relaxation exercises. Psychologically, the completion of such a practice tells your mind and body that the day's work is over and you are free to relax and sleep. - Author: Andrew Weil
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#54. My principal failing as a writer is the lack of spontaneity; the nuisance of parallel thoughts, second thoughts, third thoughts; inability to express myself properly in any language unless I compose every damned sentence in my bath, in my mind, at my desk. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#55. Reading was my first solitary vice (and led to all others). I read while I ate, I read in the loo, I read in the bath. When I was supposed to be sleeping, I was reading. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#56. My person says I don't understand cause and effect. That's not true, I get it: roll in the mud, you get the bath. But what she
doesn't understand is, sometimes it's just plain worth it. - Belle, Dog Only Knows - Author: Terry Kaye
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#57. How often did he feel it now, this gorgeous, furtive seclusion? In the bath sometimes, maybe. Though Jean failed to understand his need for periodic isolation and regularly dragged him back to earth mid-soak by hammering on the locked door in search of bleach or dental floss. - Author: Mark Haddon
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#58. Jesse motioned to my hair. "Looks like you've been in the bath yourself." He settled into a chair on the front porch.
"I had just washed my hair, but then I had to go shoot someone. Do you want a cold drink? - Author: Ruta Sepetys
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#59. When I was young, I would sit in the bath and ideas would come to me. But I'm not young any more, so now I just sit in the bath. - Author: Aki Kaurismaki
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#60. I'm not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy. Take a salt bath. Do things that my parents were never able to do. I'm blessed to do anything I want, so I decide to take the best care of my body and my family in the same way. Holistically. Vitally. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#61. he returned to the bath-room, and there made a discovery which filled him with consternation. He saw in the brick wall, what at first had escaped his attention, a gaping hole, large enough to allow the passage of a man's body. - Author: Cleveland Moffett
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#62. If you have older children who avoid you like the plague, buy yourself some expensive bath salts, run a hot tub, and settle in for a long soak. Teenagers who haven't talked to you since their tenth birthday will bang on the door, demanding your immediate attention. - Author: Teresa Bloomingdale
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#63. To rest was to receive all aspects of the world without judgment. A bath in the sea, a fuck with a soldier who never knew your name. Tenderness toward the unknown and anonymous, which was tenderness to the self. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#64. Not all of them who waded into the waters of Lethe found it necessary to take a bath in it, but there were enough - kids who had made dreams their protein. - Author: Stephen King
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#65. People never sing ... except in the bathroom. Birthing women also make their natural sounds next to running bath water. There is something about the power of water. People are drawn to water, spas, and sacred streams. Women in labor are drawn to water, too. - Author: Michel Odent
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#66. There's no trouble in this world so serious that it can't be cured with a hot bath, a glass of whiskey, and the Book of Common Prayer. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#67. In my heart, I'm just a kid from the council houses. I can remember the old cottage and my dad coming round with the tin bath. I'm not a rich man. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#68. Feeling a little grumpy, Melvin decided he would no longer take a bath ever again. Therefore, with that in mind, he marched off into the woods. - Author: Cindy Fisk
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#69. Sketching is the breath of art: it is the most refreshing of all the more impulsive forms of creative self-expression and, as such, it should be as free, and happy, as a song in the bath. - Author: Mervyn Levy
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#70. The only way I'd be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home. I hope my husband would slap a little lipstick on me before he took me to the morgue. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#71. 12.00 midnight: whilst soaking in my bath I hear a distant shout. "I'm going to bed, but I don't necessarily have to go alo-o-ne." It's Dr Chapman in the passage. He repeats the line three times, like someone selling scrap iron and it recedes along the corridor. - Author: Michael Palin
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#72. I gave my artistic laugh and also threw in some quirky language for good measure. "Lawks-a-mercy, no! I'm going to have a long bath and ... "
I looked shyly down. Which is pretty impressive to have done artistic laugh, quirky language and shyness all in the space of ten seconds. - Author: Louise Rennison
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#73. Kewell should have been yanked off the pitch at half time and put in a hot bath, a boiling hot bath. - Author: Eamon
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#74. So I left my wonderfully intelligent family and soaked myself in the bath and considered drowning myself. Then I remembered I still had chocolate cake left over from yesterday so I came back up for air. Some things are worth living for. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#75. When stripped and shiny in the mist of the bath house, his bold virilia contrasted harshly with his girlish grace. He was a regular faunlet. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#76. I find a bath meditative and usually prepare myself for the day in this manner. - Author: Tom Ford
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#77. Bubbles. On a scale of one to ten, a bubble bath has to rank zero as far as things I'd expect an older-than-dirt-badass vampire to indulge in. The only thing that would surprise me more would be if you pulled out a rubber ducky.
-Kira to Mencheres - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#78. I was in the bath at the time, and my dad came running in and said, 'Guess who they want to play Harry Potter!?' and I started to cry. It was probably the best moment of my life. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#79. If life has not made you by God's grace, through faith, holy
think you, will death without faith do it? The cold waters of that narrow stream are no purifying bath in which you may wash and be clean. No! no! as you go down into them, you will come up from them. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
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#80. In my country we say that ignorance is the warm bath in which it is comfortable to sit but dangerous to lie down. - Author: Marina Lewycka
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#81. Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or in bed - no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull. The - Author: George Orwell
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#82. Love is a pig dressed as a clown sitting in a bath full of beans: pretty much amazing, once you get over the shock. - Author: Craig Stone
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#83. He'd drop his clothes and slip into the water. The lake's top few inches, after cooking all day in the sun, would be nearly bath warm. "I'd stretch out in the water, " he said, "and lie flat on my back, and look at the stars. - Author: Michael Finkel
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#84. I'm a war baby: I was brought up with rationing, and my parents always had to struggle. I remember when I was sent to boarding school - Prior Park College in Bath - my father was asked how he was going to pay the fees, and he replied: 'In arrears.' - Author: Cameron Mackintosh
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#85. When Hitler came to power I was in the bath. - Author: Anna Funder
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#86. How many women have the courage to start properly with a cold, cold bath early in the morning? I jump in, throw the water, cold as ice, and after the first plunge I am happy. - Author: Anna Held
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#87. when she was in the bath (not too hot - so many rules). - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#88. We start to realize that there are anodynes in life that help us through the day. I don't care if it's a walk in the park, a look out the window, a good bubble bath - whatever. Even a meal you like, or a friend you want to call. That helps us solve all this stuff in our head. - Author: Al Pacino
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#89. I'm saddened to see that everyone's pitched out the baby with the bath, in that we say that it can't be one or the other, it could be both. I mean, just because we listen to classical music doesn't mean that we can't listen to jazz. - Author: Don Bluth
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#90. Old lovers go the way of old photographs, bleaching out gradually as in a slow bath of acid: first the moles and pimples, then the shadings. Then the faces themselves, until nothing remains but the general outlines. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#91. Redundancy is like a plug being pulled out in a bath tub. Everything goes down the drain, your livelihood, your dreams, your car, your house, and your family. - Author: Tania Gardana
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#92. A conventional good read is usually a bad read, a relaxing bath in what we know already. A true good read is surely an act of innovative creation in which we, the readers, become conspirators. - Author: Augustine Birrell
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#93. The pest, in a sense, is a very superior being to us: he knows where to find us and how
usually in the bath or in sexual intercourse or asleep. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#94. An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#95. To unwind after training, I love to have a long hot soak in the bath, then veg out on the sofa with a box set. I'm a box-set junkie! I absolutely love 'Grey's Anatomy.' - Author: Jessica Ennis
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#96. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is considerably better written than the book. It is also sort of classy-looking, in a generic, TV-ad-for-bath-oil way. - Author: Lisa Schwarzbaum
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#97. Although man is not armed by nature nor is naturally swiftest in flight, yet he has something better by far - reason. For by the possession of this function he exceeds the beasts to such a degree that he subdues. ... You see, therefore, how much the gift of reason surpasses mere physical equipment. - Author: Adelard Of Bath
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#98. Isaac liked the idea of an inter-aspectual entity so enamored with knowledge that it just roamed from realm to realm in a bath, murmuring with interest at everything it came across. - Author: China Mieville
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#99. Cancer is a great wake-up call. A call to take the tag off the new lingerie and wear that black lacy slip. To open the box of pearls and put them on. To crack open the bath oil beads before they shrivel up in a bowl on the toilet tank. - Author: Regina Brett
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#100. When you're in the editing room, the dangerous thing is that it becomes like telling a joke again and again and again. Eventually, the joke starts to not be funny. So you have to be careful that you're not throwing the baby out with the bath water. - Author: Ridley Scott
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