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Top 100 I'll Stay With You Quotes

#1. What they don't tell you when you get sober is that if you manage to stay that way, you will bury your friends. Not everyone gets to have a whole new shiny-but-messy life like I have, and I've never come up with a satisfying explanation for why that is.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

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#2. I love you; I love you and I don't care that you're my sister; don't be with him, don't want him, don't go with him. Be with me. Want me. Stay with me.
I don't know how to be without you.

Cassandra Clare

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#3. It's really hard when people write nasty things about you all the time. As much as good things are said about you, it's always those one or two bad comments that really stay with you and gnaw at you. I try not to read that stuff if I can.

Jordin Sparks

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#4. I've always really just liked football, and I've always devoted a lot of time to it. When I was a kid, my friends would call me to go out with them, but I would stay home because I had practice the next day. I like going out, but you have to know when you can and when you can't.

Lionel Messi

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#5. I would never even consider leaving you. No matter who else abandons me...or looks down on me...or spits in my face...I will stay with you to the end.

Hotaru Odagiri

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#6. I've found peace here at the co-op. You could stay with us, if you want. Become a ROFLcopter.

Rick Riordan

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#7. I wouldn't ever say if you're having tough times then there must be something wrong with you or your attitude. Life's a fight. It's a good fight of faith. I encourage people to stay up, stay hopeful, stay faith-filled.

Joel Osteen

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#8. I'd love to stay in baseball, but I won't beg. I'd love to work with young umpires. I think I could teach them, help them develop. I can spot flaws, help them get over the hump. You're striving for perfection every game, yet you never achieve it. If baseball wants me, I'm available.

Doug Harvey

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#9. There's genuine pain in Eric's eyes. And I feel a stab of guilt. But you can't stay with people because of guilt.

Sophie Kinsella

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#10. I wasn't ready for goodbye, not now, not yet. Stay with me tonight, please don't go just yet.


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#11. Every incident chips away at your limit. Every time you choose to stay, it makes the next time that much harder to leave. Eventually, you lose sight of your limit altogether, because you start to think, 'I've lasted five years now. What's five more?

Colleen Hoover

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#12. When Derek hesitated, Chloe said, "If you leave, either I go with you and take the same risk or stay here, with strangers. Without you."
He scowled at her.
"Yes, it's a low blow," she said. "But I'll use whatever works right now."

Kelley Armstrong

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#13. Mia: Why did you leave?
Sam: What do you mean, 'why did I leave'?
Mia: Well, if I was lost in the forest with someone who looked like that, I'd want to stay lost
Sam: I wasn't lost
Mia: Whatever

Marilyn Phillips

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#14. For me, policy is best when connected to the roots, and roots are best when connected to policy. So I encourage you all to stay connected ... and walk with real people while doing the activism. Lord knows we need folks who are engaged.

Simone Campbell

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#15. That's how I feel about the work. The work is solid, the work exists and will stay the same, but if you can have it playing and interacting with light, then it will always be different.


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#16. Good Shepherd, You have a wild and crazy sheep in love with thorns and brambles. But please don't get tired of looking for me! I know You won't. For You have found me. All I have to do is stay found.

Thomas Merton

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#17. You know, I don't think your brother dislikes you as much as you think. After all, he gave up a kingdom to stay with his family.

C.J. Milbrandt

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#18. I love your sense of humor and the fact you never ate grits before. There's so much I love about you that I know I'm in love with you. So, honey, you can have all my shirts you want.

J. Lynn

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#19. I want you to love me. I want you to trust me enough to let me love you, and I want you to stay here with me so we can build a life together. That's what I want

Francine Rivers

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#20. We got ratings. It isn't that they won't quarrel with you, or say you're always right. But as long as you stay strong and the ratings are good and you're reasonable - I don't think we fought unreasonably. We basically won that right.

Norman Lear

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#21. I get double-takes at the hardware store. I've had people say, 'I didn't know you did this.' With a celebrity, if folks don't see you, they think all you do is stay in the house.

Billy Williams

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#22. Well, your father and I decided it was time I came to stay with you for a while." "For a while" in Maycomb meant anything from three days to thirty years. Jem and I exchanged glances. "Jem's

Harper Lee

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#23. Just as airplane pilots must maintain contact with air traffic control towers, you and I must stay in touch with God - the one who sees the big picture of our lives and who orchestrates everything that involves us. He

Joyce Meyer

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#24. I'm going to grab something to eat," Lorelei said. "Would you like to come with me?"
"No, thank you. I think I'll just stay here with him." Gabriel slowly lowered his face to rest his chin upon the bed near Aaron's frighteningly still hand.
"I'm not feeling very hungry.

Thomas E. Sniegoski

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#25. Well, I need to stay in France for another six months or so. You'll need to live there with me for a bit before we can buy a house Stateside.

Christina Lauren

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#26. You've been through a lot, I know that. We all know that. What you had to do to stay alive with them, all while helping us, finding out what you are, I don't know how you came out on the other side. But it changed you.

Victoria Aveyard

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#27. It seems to me that the experiences that stay with you, the things you'll always remember, aren't the ones you can force, or go looking for. I've always thought of those things as the ones that somehow find you.

Jessi Kirby

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#28. When you're with another actor and doing something very intense, often you pull them over to your side, or they pull you over to theirs. But if you stay in your own truth, you can play that perfect tennis match. I always want to bring my power, but not in a way that eliminates the whole game!

Giancarlo Esposito

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#29. I made you collapsible. I put you in and raised you with string and made you stay
there with putty.

Cath Crowley

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#30. Kiss me in a way I'll never forget. Kiss me in a way that will stay with me until see you again.

Becca Fitzpatrick

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#31. The captain said I could stay here for a while. Sorry for trying to kill you this winter. I was the one with the twin swords. Nothing personal. - Ren

Sarah J. Maas

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#32. Own me, fill me, break me, repair me, complete me. Do whatever you want to me. Just stay with me. I need you. I need to be able to live. I need my life back, I need you back.

Mia Asher

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#33. I know it's a lot harder for women who don't have enough help, but the truth is, no matter how much money you have, if you want to stay involved with your children and don't want to lose being a primary parent to them, you're still in the game.

Patricia Richardson

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#34. Stay with me to-night; you must see me die. I have long had the taste of death on my tongue, I smell death, and who will stand by my Constanze, if you do not stay?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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#35. Your wish can't stop inevitability"
"Maybe it can. Maybe if I love you hard enough, the rest of the world with disappear."
"Little Raven, I would not want the world to disappear. You are my world, so stay right where you are.

Dannika Dark

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#36. I've gotten stronger, but I don't ever try to hit home runs. I stay with the same approach, just hit line drives. If you get under one and it goes out, it's a home run, but I don't feel any pressure to hit home runs.

Ryan Zimmerman

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#37. We were happy. I know I ought to be able to tell you about it, yet I cannot, for while a nightmare will stay with you like hunger, when you awake from a happy dream, you have no memory of it.

Erik Christian Haugaard

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#38. What I've found in my life with our children is that often you can give them advice and tell them to eat the right things, stay in shape and wear sunscreen, and they don't really want to listen. But then they hear it from someone else, and they do listen.

Rick Pitino

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#39. Sithaer's dark furies," Dakar swore. "Why do I stay with you?"
"For maudlin entertainment, no doubt.

Janny Wurts

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#40. Can I stay with you all night?" I murmured into his bare chest. He whispered into my hair, "I'm not letting go.

Trish Marie Dawson

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#41. When you are an actor, you have to stay inside this world, but when you are with the crew, on the outside, you are in the dirt, working through all the issues. It's just a different way of working, and I think I preferred it.

Angelina Jolie

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#42. As you grow older and young people come up to you with their history books, you realize that some of the things I have been able to do have been impactful. But for me, I try to keep everything in perspective and stay humble.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

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#43. Shut up," Thoth and I said at the same time. He looked at me with surprise. "So, Sadie ... you are trying to stay in control. It won't last. You may be blood of the pharaohs, but Isis is a deceptive, power-hungry - " "I can contain her," I said,

Rick Riordan

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#44. I held her as she wept. I stroked her hair, loose and slightly matted. 'Stay here with me. Or let me come with you.' She pulled me down to kiss her. Warm. Briny. 'I love you,' she said, her lips still against mine. But it meant no.

Lily King

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#45. I hope you guys stay with me forever, because I will always love you and support you

Justin Bieber

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#46. Orien," Birle protested again.
"You can stay if you must." Orien's cheeks were hollow with hunger and he had little strength for anger. "But I wish you'd come. I don't know how long it would be before I could come back for you."
So she followed him, since he would return for her.

Cynthia Voigt

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#47. I think when you get older, things come along that you know are a test in some way of your ability to stay with it. And when e-mail came along, I was just going to fall in love with it. And I did. I can't believe it now - it's like one of those ex-husbands that you think, 'What was I thinking?'

Nora Ephron

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#48. Time flies, though, huh? But I feel young. And do you know how I stay feeling young, ladies and gentlemen? I'll share my secret with you: I live in a senior citizen retirement community.

Carol Leifer

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#49. If things go badly for me tonight, I want you to stay with Mr. Wynter; he will pay you a decent wage."
"Will he make me bathe?"
"No, he will debate the matter with you until you decide to wash."
"Ah. One of those.

Eoin Colfer

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#50. What's that dreadful phrase? Reader-friendly? It isn't reader friendly; it's saying to the reader, "I bet you can't take this, and if you can you're the kind of reader I want and you'll stay with me. If you can't take it, I don't want you to read me anyway.

Paul West

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#51. As you grow older, it's harder to stay fit. Every day you wake up with pain, muscle aches which you don't know you had. I have to work harder on me than I used to when I was 18 years old. It takes me longer to recover now.

Sania Mirza

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#52. I'll never let you leave. You're mine and I'm yours." She chuckled. "You make it sound so easy." He nuzzled her head with his cheek. "It is. You just stay with me.

Laurann Dohner

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#53. The more modest and impractical the kitchen, the more likely one will be invited to stay for a meal. Show me a fancy house with a top-of-the-line gourmet kitchen, and I'll show you a family that eats out a lot.

Firoozeh Dumas

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#54. Gavriel closed his eyes, sooty lashes brushing his cheek. "I'll stay with you."
"What? No," she said automatically. "No! That's crazy."
"I'm crazy," he reminded her.

Holly Black

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#55. I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll stay. I'll move. We'll work it out. I just want to be with you.

Cherrie Lynn

I'll Stay With You Quotes #390704
#56. This isn't a decision I can make, you gotta make it, honey. You wanna go away and wait this out, I'll be with you. You wanna stay and life your life as normal as you can, I'll do what I can to protect you.

Kristen Ashley

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#57. You'll stay right here with me, Anne-girl," said Gilbert lazily. "I won't have you flying away from me into the hearts of storms.

L.M. Montgomery

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#58. Let go of the idea that the path will lead you to your goal. The truth is that with each step we take, we arrive. Repeat that to yourself every morning: 'I've arrived.' That way you'll find it much easier to stay in touch with each second of your day.

Paulo Coelho

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#59. Set your compass to beauty, humor, and grief; stay the course no matter what, and I'll support you with everything I've got.

Chris Jordan

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#60. Why do you even want to be here with me? You can barely stand to look at me for the most part, let alone be around me. I'm doing you a favor here, Nathan. I'm freeing you of me."
"Wait ... Stay."
"I'm not asking."
"I thought we were done."
"We'll never be done.

Samantha Towle

I'll Stay With You Quotes #717117
#61. Kent?" I say, and my voice seems to have to rise from inside the fog, taking forever to get from my brain to my mouth.
"Promise you'll stay here with me?" I say.
"I promise," he whispers.

Lauren Oliver

I'll Stay With You Quotes #730842
#62. I always stay with my parents. When you come home, you gotta do that. It's weird to be like, 'Hey, I'm at a hotel. Drive 20 minutes to see me, and we'll have dinner.'

John Krasinski

I'll Stay With You Quotes #731745
#63. The very first time I kissed you, I got a taste of your soul and it was everything that I am not; it was light to my darkness; cheerful to my worries.

That moment will always stay with me. You may forget the story of us, but I'll always remember.

Calia Read

I'll Stay With You Quotes #734696
#64. I know." He leaned back, looking into her eyes. "But I'm not going anywhere, Jenny. I'll fight to stay with you.

Amanda Gray

I'll Stay With You Quotes #735465
#65. A lot of times, when I record with a group, I'll stay after class for another hour or two and go, 'Let me try a bunch of things I was thinking of, as you were doing that.'

Hank Azaria

I'll Stay With You Quotes #739341
#66. He kissed me hard. "Promise me. Promise me you'll spend New Year's with me next year," he whispered into my ear.

Gayle Forman

I'll Stay With You Quotes #739352
#67. You stay with her. I'll follow it in.

Dan Simmons

I'll Stay With You Quotes #772146
#68. Why didn't your grandfather leave me? God knows I wasn't esy to live with. You';ll have to ask him. I imagine it's for the same reason. Stay and survive. Find joy.

Amy Stolls

I'll Stay With You Quotes #781204
#69. All I want is your promise to stay with me, to be mine. Sometimes it feels like you can't possibly be real. Promise me you'll stay."
"Por supuesto. I promise.

Kiera Cass

I'll Stay With You Quotes #895378
#70. I can't let you go. If you leave, I'm leaving too. If you stay, I will. Hell, if you march into your father's house I'll be right behind you, because I'm absolutely, terrifyingly in love with you.

Sarah Noffke

I'll Stay With You Quotes #944672
#71. I'm yours." It was his turn to stop her words. "Just stay with me," he said. "In any way you want." "You deserve better." Rough, broken words. "There's no one better than you." "I'll be the best soldier you ever have," she repeated in a shattered whisper. "I know." It would have to be enough.

Nalini Singh

I'll Stay With You Quotes #980642
#72. When I'm out for a walk or out shopping, then I'll probably have 20 different conversations a day with people about Blackburn Rovers. You can't really escape from it. I am still really proud to come from Blackburn. It is a place I still hold very dear to my heart, which is why I want to stay here.

David Dunn

I'll Stay With You Quotes #990667
#73. I would never want to live anywhere but Baltimore. You can look far and wide, but you'll never discover a stranger city with such extreme style. It's as if every eccentric in the South decided to move north, ran out of gas in Baltimore, and decided to stay.

John Waters

I'll Stay With You Quotes #994325
#74. What do you want to risk to get away?" he asks. I swallow past the bile corrupting my throat. "Everything," I reply. "I'll risk everything to stay with you.

Amy A. Bartol

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1023555
#75. For as long as it takes for the sorrow and pain to transfer into acceptance. I'll stay here. With you. By your side. I won't leave."
"Vow." I placed his hands gently on the piano. "I vow.

Rachel Van Dyken

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1041004
#76. You told me to stay," July said. "I know I did, son," Augustus said. "I'm sure you wish you had. But yesterday's gone on down the river and you can't get it back. Go on with your digging and I'll tidy up.

Larry McMurtry

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1050287
#77. You'll stay here with me?" "Yeah" "If I fall asleep like this ... the first thing i'll see when I wake up ... will be you.


I'll Stay With You Quotes #1086768
#78. Where you go, I go. Where you stay, I stay. Your people are now my people. Who you love, I'll love. Who you serve, I'll serve. When you hurt, I hurt. When you laugh, I laugh. All of my days I am bound to you and when you leave this world, I can only hope to leave it with you.

Quinn Loftis

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1119273
#79. I believe I'll be the judge of how much peril you're worth," he said with a smile.
"You're daft."
"Again, besotted." he said, squeezing her hand. "I'll tell you of it in glorious detail if you can stay awake long enough to hear it."
She smiled at him, which eased his heart a bit.

Lynn Kurland

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1126817
#80. You'll probably die if you stay with me,' he told me.
'Then I'm dead either way, because I won't survive without you.

Julie Hockley

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1188208
#81. How did you find me here?
If I was blind, I would see you.
Stay with me.
Forever. That's the whole point. I'll never leave. Not even if you kill me.

Joss Whedon

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1210951
#82. I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart, in your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time.

The Calling

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1223871
#83. Stay with me."
"We're married," she whispered. "Of course I'll stay."
"You could decide to leave me."
"I won't." "Promise me."
"I have promised. I do promise.

Jennifer Ashley

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1226038
#84. Maybe we'll admit this thing we have is perfect, not worth messing around with. And stay together forever. If you're interested, that is."
She glanced away. "I could think about that."
He buried his face in her neck. "Think fast

Robyn Carr

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1255391
#85. Stay with me. I'll show you things that'll make you laugh in delight, scream in passion, cry for the sheer joy of it.

Nalini Singh

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1263803
#86. Fish," he said softly, aloud, "I'll stay with you until I am dead.

Ernest Hemingway,

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1300790
#87. don't fly too close to the sun," Tess Calls. "you'll burn the tips of your wings. Stay right with me. i'll keep you safe.

Marcella Pixley

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1304354
#88. For years we've used the bases analogy - with intercourse being the "ultimate sex" even though that's probably not going to feel good to girls. That model doesn't let you say "I like it at second base, maybe I'll stay here."

Peggy Orenstein

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1334063
#89. I love you. Nothing else can explain how crazy you make me. And I want you to stay with me, tonight, tomorrow, and ... for as long as it takes to make this right, because I know everything seems completely fucked up right now. But it won't always be that way. We'll get it right, won't we?

Cassia Leo

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1361021
#90. I fell in love with you last winter. I didn't mean to, but it happened. And then I took stock and realised that you were only here temporarily; one day you'll be gone for good and I'll stay here for the rest of my life. It hurt so damn much that I decided I wasn't going to let you in again ...

Stieg Larsson

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1540552
#91. If this world is wearing thin And you're thinking of escape I'll go anywhere with you Just wrap me up in chains But if you try to go alone Don't think I'll understand (Stay) Stay with me

Siobhan Fahey

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1592017
#92. Don't to that! Don't just disappear! If you're mad at me, then hit me or something-just don't think that I don't want to stay with you. I'll always want to stay with you!

Alexandra Bracken

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1619994
#93. If you think that, then you, sir, are just as unacquainted with my sort of tenacity. I'd sooner let rats crawl out of my ass."

"Actually, maybe I'll stay," Enosh said. "That might prove amusing.

K.S. Villoso

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1686758
#94. You stay with me. And I'll stay with you.

Aly Martinez

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1710825
#95. Will you stay with me? I think I'll sleep better. I swear I won't hurt you.

Chelsea M. Cameron

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1756235
#96. I love you." She inhaled, her lips parting. "I know it's too soon, but I live in the now. I have to because there might not be a tomorrow and that makes this even more selfish of me. But fuck, just please say you'll stay with me.

Nashoda Rose

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1772877
#97. I could care less about ever having a No. 1 single. I would just like to be able to play and have people who grow old with you, and you stay with them through their life. We've got a few sentences, maybe, to say what life's about. Hopefully, we'll get a chapter later.

Brian Fallon

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1790285
#98. Then you stay down here and I'll sleep in your bed."
His eyes went from half-shut to fully-open, regarding her sharply. "Julia, you don't sleep in that bed until I'm in it with you.

Kristen Ashley

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1809878
#99. But I can't leave, not yet. I'll stay with her until sunrise. If I brace my feet, I won't slide. I can rest my cheek on the roof tile and still see her. Pacing. Pulling her hair.
"I'll fix you," I tell her. "I promise."
Even though I don't know how.
It's better than good-bye.

Pam Bachorz

I'll Stay With You Quotes #1827966
#100. Letting you go is not an option. Not ever.Stay here wth me and we'll finsh our date. If you're tired you can sleep on my shoulder. If you want to go I'll go with you and we can sleep together. I want to spend the night with you and wake up with you in the morning. For the rest of my life.

Nancy Gideon

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