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#1. Golf is not my priority. I would hope people see me as a Christian man who loved his family, who loved being in the heat of competition and sometimes succeeded at it; who understood that golf was his job and that he was very lucky to play it for a living.

Zach Johnson

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#2. There are others whose lives are blessed when a missionary serves, such as the members of his family who support him, pray for him, and try to live worthy of him.

Gordon B. Hinckley

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#3. Chewbacca's back home, looking for his family. Luke's searching the galaxy for old Jedi teachings. Han Solo's got nothing to smuggle, nowhere to gamble, no foolish Rebellion to fight for. He's like the Falcon: retired to a hangar somewhere, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

Chuck Wendig

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#4. No single living entity really influenced my life as did my father ... He lived as if he were poured from iron, and loved his family with a vulnerability that was touching.

Mari Evans

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#5. The solid, middle-class values of hard work, responsibility, family, community, and faith my father talked about tirelessly from Iowa to New York, he lived at home. The hopes he had for his family and for me, he had for all Americans. I think Americans understood this.

Chelsea Clinton

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#6. William loathed his family,' Mercer said. 'With cause.

Garth Risk Hallberg

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#7. I knew of a man who was sent to the State Prison for twenty-five years. All these years he was always thinking of his home, and counting by years, months, and days, the time till he should
be free, and see his family and friends once more.

Harriet Tubman

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#8. And he goes round with a fat roll of dollar bills, and got this nice farm, and all them fancy machines, and man let his family starve.' - Louisa Mae Cardinal

David Baldacci

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#9. Without a positive male role model in your life, it is extremely difficult to become a man who benefits his family and benefits society.

Donald Miller

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#10. You can tell actually when he starts to talk about his family, or his Daughters, or his Wife, and his whole face - really he's so really kind of a dear.

Mary-Louise Parker

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#11. ... smart, funny, sweet, nice to his family, good looking in an adorable kind of way.

Penny Reid

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#12. The dramatist's function is (1) to earn a living for his family and himself and (2) to try to entertain people for a few hours.

Lee Adams

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#13. 83Remember Job, when he cried to his Lord, 'Suffering has truly afflicted me, but you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.' 84We answered him, removed his suffering, and restored his family to him, along with more like them, as an act of grace from Us and a reminder for all who serve Us.


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#14. Mozart often wrote to his family that certain variations or sections of pieces were so successful that they had to be encored immediately, even without waiting for the entire piece to end.

Emanuel Ax

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#15. Ty's knee occasionally brushed against his under the table as they ate, but the conversation died down as the food was passed around. It was an odd, remarkable feeling, to be eating breakfast with Ty and his family and feel not only welcome, but like he might belong there.

Abigail Roux

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#16. My grandfather did a lot of things in his life. What he was most proud of was raising his family.

Tagg Romney

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#17. We fought during 'The Wall,' which was an album Waters wrote, based on his family story, we clashed long before that, during the period of the Dark Side and 'Wish You Were Here.' Actually, we never got along.

Rick Wright

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#18. He held her close enough to kiss, close enough to whisper the most important secrets in the world, and he spoke to her as he would have wanted some good angel to speak to his family, to his own shivering young soul, long ago and in a land far away.

Cassandra Clare

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#19. At one point, a man who looked not much older than me said that though he loved his family, he'd never felt like he belonged. "Maybe it's not them, and it's not their fault," he said. "Maybe it's me.

Victoria Patterson

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#20. I try not feel jealous of the fact that he's been checking in with them but not me. After all, they're his family. I'm only me, the most important person in his life, for a while at least.

Jennifer Niven

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#21. He didn't want an outsider judging his family. That was his job.

Toni Morrison

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#22. 'Can't really say?' Nick said, and heard, as he sometimes did, his own father's note of evasive sympathy. It was how his family sidled round its various crises; nothing was named, and you never knew for sure if the tone was subtly comprehensive, or just a form of cowardice.

Alan Hollinghurst

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#23. Bin Laden comes out of a business background - he studied public administration and economics at university, and he worked for his family company, which was obviously a rather successful enterprise.

Peter L. Bergen

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#24. Pilgrim's Progress , about a man that left his family, it didn't say why. I read considerable in it now and then. The statements was interesting, but tough.

Mark Twain

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#25. Charles Wyly was born Oct 13, 1933, in Lake Providence, La., and for a period lived with his family in a shack without electricity or plumbing.

Charles Duhigg

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#26. A man is known by his conduct to his wife, to his family, and to those under him.

Napoleon Bonaparte

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#27. This character feels so much like my brother. He has two children. He has a wife. He works with me. He chooses to stay in New Hampshire because he wants his kids to grow up in the school they started with. He doesn't want them to lose friends. He is his family's hero.

Adam Sandler

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#28. A man's got to take care of his family. You live in my house, you sleep your behind on my bedclothes, you put my food in your belly because you are my son; you are my flesh and blood, not because I like you. It is my duty to take care of you. I owe a responsibility to you.

James Earl Jones

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#29. I swear ... to hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents; to make him partner in my livelihood; when he is in need of money to share mine with him; to consider his family as my own brothers and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture.


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#30. And with regard to the resentment of his family, or the indignation of the world, if the former were excited by his marrying me, it would not give me one moment's concern
and the world in general would have too much sense to join in the scorn.

Jane Austen

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#31. Everyone thinks his family is strange," Del said, scratching Scootie behind the ears, "but it's just that ... because we're closer to the people we love, we tend to see them through a magnifying glass, through a thicker lens of emotion, and we exaggerate their eccentricities.

Dean Koontz

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#32. I want to express my deepest condolences at the passing of Steve Jobs, one of the founders of our industry and a true visionary. My heart goes out to his family, everyone at Apple and everyone who has been touched by his work,

Steve Ballmer

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#33. When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, "Why god? Why me?" and the thundering voice of God answered, There's just something about you that pisses me off.

Stephen King

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#34. The strength of a man is in his character. A strong man is great man of wisdom who understands, his top priority is to his family.

Ellen J. Barrier

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#35. And now?" came my dad's voice. "Now who am I?"
"The man who chose his girlfriend over his family." I turned and looked at my father. "Someone whose words I don't believe.

Jenny B. Jones

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#36. Railway fettler, and his family lived in a Tasmanian Government Railways

Richard Flanagan

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#37. He taught people with his best way. He showed his beauty. He was all good so peace be on him and his family.


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#38. A true artist would see his family starve, rather than work at anything other than his art.


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#39. The monkey liked most humans. They left food cans outside their homes for his family to rummage through in the morning
sun. Some yelled and threw sticks, but were slow and didn't bite. Humans were mostly harmless.

Cole Alpaugh

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#40. Given the gruesome fate of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family, and the fact that five of the previous 12 Romanov rulers were also murdered, it is easy to regard Russia's imperial dynasty as cursed.

Saul David

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#41. No one can sustain rage for long. I am still angry and always will be. My dear son was stolen from me and his family to never return. He was killed for profit and lies. How can I not be angry? Sometimes though, the rage comes back.

Cindy Sheehan

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#42. You have to be confident, but there are no easy at bats. There are no lay ups; there is no wide open pass. There is a guy on the mound who is trying to feed his family.

Giancarlo Stanton

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#43. I loved my father. Most people did. He did try his best. He did provide for his family. He taught me many things and gave me a work ethic that made me who I am today: a guy who would throw his own father under the bus in a book about parenting.

Jim Gaffigan

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#44. I am not going to ask that old man if his family home is haunted!

Kathy Bryson

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#45. The sudden passing of Jack Bruce is terribly sad news. One of the greatest rock bassists to ever live and a true and profound inspiration to countless musicians. He was one of my first bass heroes and was a major influence on my playing and my music. My heartfelt condolences to his family and fans.

Geddy Lee

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#46. Visions of paradise. That was exactly what had led him down into hell, into endless arguments with his family, into such a powerful feeling of guilt that he had felt incapable of doing anything and had finally sought refuge in another world.

Paulo Coelho

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#47. The American father is never seen in London. He passes his life entirely in Wall Street and communicates with his family once a month by means of a telegram in cipher.

Oscar Wilde

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#48. A man should not measure his success in life by the type of work he does, or by the medals he has won, but by the impact he has had on those around him, especially his family."
-Salvador Ortiz to his son Lazaro

Mark McGinty

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#49. My dad was Chinese-American and very conservative when it came to his family's futures. He said if I wanted to have a secure job, I should go into science. So I did what Dad said and went to medical school, but the writing bug never left me.

Tess Gerritsen

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#50. In his family the dead were much discussed. He absorbed the content of these conversations and transmuted them into what passed for memory. This serves the purpose. The dead don't come back, to quibble or correct.

Hilary Mantel

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#51. I like the story about Henry David Thoreau, who, when he was on his death bed, his family sent for a minister. The minister said, 'Henry, have you made your peace with God?' Thoreau said, 'I didn't know we'd quarreled.'

Stewart Udall

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#52. I do not honestly know what is really happening in Libya at the moment but it must be very hard for Gaddafi and his family.

El Hadji Diouf

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#53. When I hosted the dinner I served fast food hamburgers. It had nothing to do with black, white, purple, yellow, green race. it had nothing to do with Tiger or his family or his golf game.

Fuzzy Zoeller

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#54. A man is a better citizen of the United States for being also a loyal citizen of his state and of his city; for being loyal to his family and to his profession or trade; for being loyal to his college or his lodge.

Louis D. Brandeis

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#55. He who is overly attached to his family members experiences fear and sorrow, for the root of all grief is attachment. Thus one should discard attachment to be happy.


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#56. He was like a sheep being led to be killed. He was quiet, as a lamb is quiet while its wool is being cut; he never opened his mouth. He was shamed and was treated unfairly. He died without children to continue his family. His life on earth has ended.

Davis Bunn

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#57. If we verily bear the cross we shall be neither controlled nor influenced by soulical affection but shall be fit to love in the power of the Holy Spirit. Even so did the Lord Jesus love His family while on earth.

Watchman Nee

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#58. Tom Bradford is a lot like the real me. He's a man who always put his career second to his family. As long as everything was OK at home, he was OK, too.

Dick Van Patten

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#59. I send him an email back informing him that since this is his nineteenth relative in grave danger, he needs to either consult a tantric to remove a curse on his family or to simply stop lying to take extra days off. I shut my computer and hurriedly get ready to reach the office.

Twinkle Khanna

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#60. My parents are very hard working people who did everything they could for their children. I have two brothers and they worked dog hard to give us an education and provide us with the most comfortable life possible. My dad provided for his family daily. So, yes, that is definitely in my DNA.

David Oyelowo

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#61. President Obama and his family are spending the holidays in Hawaii, and while they're gone, they got a fence jumper to house sit. Tomorrow, he will be in Hawaii playing golf with Raul Castro and the Pope.

David Letterman

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#62. Mary spoke with animation of their meeting with, or rather missing, Mr Elliot so extraordinarily. "He is a man," said Lady Russell, "whom I have no wish to see. His declining to be on cordial terms with the head of his family, has left a very strong impression in his disfavour with me.

Jane Austen

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#63. Rumors alone can cause his family grief. It just isn't fair to compromise a person's reputation.

Mary Ellis

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#64. People talk of the courage of convictions, but in actual life a man's duty to his family may make a rigid course seem a selfish indulgence of his own righteousness.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#65. My family joins me in sharing the difficult news that Gerald Ford, our beloved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather has passed away at 93 years of age. His life was filled with love of God, his family and his country.

Betty Ford

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#66. My homie lost his family and snapped, shot up half the block to bring them back.

Tupac Shakur

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#67. Al Gore is a good man. He is a decent, caring man. He listens to his heart and his head. He loves his family.

Dick Gephardt

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#68. In so many ways, his family's life feels like a string of accidents, unforeseen, unintended, one incident begetting another.

Jhumpa Lahiri

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#69. There are three things important to every man in this locker room. His God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers. In that order.

Vince Lombardi

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#70. We shall then have joy without sorrow, and rest without weariness ... Be of good cheer, Christian, the time is near, when God and thou shalt be near, and as near as thou canst well desire. Thou shalt dwell in his family.

Richard Baxter

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#71. I was an assistant once. I worked for Rob Reiner and his family. I did sign a confidentiality agreement, though.

Cheryl Hines

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#72. He remembered his mother's love for him, and his family's, and his friends', and the enemy's intention to kill him seemed impossible.

Leo Tolstoy

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#73. Love is a crowded theater, for as Harold Bloom remarks, We can never embrace (sexually or otherwise) a single person, but embrace the whole of her or his family romance.

Camille Paglia

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#74. A man should never neglect his family for business.

Cecelia Ahern

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#75. I have known many of those pretended champions for liberty in my time, yet do I not remember one that was not in his heart and in his family a tyrant.

Oliver Goldsmith

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#76. I would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his family, the UFC and the UFC fans for my stupid remarks. I respect Brock, all the other fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts. I'm sorry that I stepped out of line.

Frank Mir

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#77. For now he must lie low and try, through patience and the greatest consideration, to help his family bear the inconvenience he was bound to cause them in his present condition.

Franz Kafka

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#78. As he held he closed his jaws tighter and tighter, for he made sure he would be banged to death, and, for the honor of his family, he preferred to be found with his teeth locked.

Rudyard Kipling

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#79. He wasn't an introvert, as he loved his family and his few close friends like Ben Kilpatrick,

RaeAnne Thayne

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#80. Neither Doyle nor Sullivan had ever been to visit him at Regina Cleri, and Tip had only come one time and then left after five minutes. To Father Sullivan it was as if this part of his family, these people whom he loved, had all packed up and gone to Africa.

Ann Patchett

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#81. It's because when God adopts you into His family, you belong to Him. He stamps His name on you. A name that comes with His protection. And His birthright, which is eternity and the power to live with joy on this earth.

Susan May Warren

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#82. Only God can judge him and his family for the way they treated you. Here, on earth, the right thing to do is forgive.

Kristen Ashley

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#83. A lot of weird ads. Sally Struthers with that little kid: 'Just 55 cents, the price of a cup of coffee, feeds this kid and his family for a week.' Yeah, where is that? 'Cause I wanna move there.

Robert Schimmel

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#84. Dear Papa, it seemed, had not left his family in affluent circumstances; but he had certainly endowed them with good looks, a commodity in which they had been bred from earliest youth to trade to the best advantage.

Georgette Heyer

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#85. He was feeling totally lost, leaving his family and country for a place where he knew nobody and didn't even speak the language.

Patrick Mouratoglou

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#86. Because I found myself telling the story of his family to people without the visual aids that I was able to employ by filming them eventually. But I very much knew exactly what I was going to do.

Terry Zwigoff

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#87. He said he did it for justice, for the honor of his family and House. But this is revenge, and how hollow it seems.

Pierce Brown

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#88. This was like watching murder. Defilement. And it was something worse than either of those things. Even among his family, black trade as they were, books were holy things.

Rachel Caine

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#89. Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property. Let him be taught to love his family, but let him be taught at the same time that he must forsake and even forget them when the welfare of his country requires it.

Benjamin Rush

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#90. I see a funny guy who's imperfect, but has a great heart and no vanity when it comes to what he'll do to get a laugh. I see a guy who loves his art and loves his family, and who is willing to live and die for both.

Marlon Wayans

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#91. Many years ago, when I lived in the mini-Siberia they call East Anglia, I was awakened in the early hours by the sound of a pantechnicon being loaded. Peeping through the curtains, I observed the grocer doing a runner with all his chattels and his family.

Clive Sinclair

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#92. 'First Family' on the CW is about the president and his family living in the White House.

Yara Shahidi

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#93. Figure it out!" We always had to figure it out, so you can, too! We didn't have the luxury of people explaining why I couldn't use my left hand or why his family had no money. We just figured it out. But love is a funny thing.

Eddie Huang

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#94. Neither his family nor his next taste of blood mattered as much as knowing that she was safe and within arm's reach. If that was what it meant to be bewitched, he was a lost man.

Deborah Harkness

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#95. When a man is a Traveler, the world is his house & the sky is his roof, where he hangs his hat is his home, & all the people are his family

Drew Bundini Brown

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#96. A child's love naturally expands to encompass any person in his family that loves him.

S.R. Skelton

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#97. I think Joe Biden made correct decision for him and his family. Personally,I would rather run agianst Hillary [Clinton] because her record is so bad.

Donald Trump

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#98. Blessed is he who can call his family friends and his friends family.

David Alejandro Fearnhead

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#99. Brown pulled the bag closer to his side. He had nothing but good memories from his time overseas. That's the truth nobody knew. Since coming home he'd been labeled a baby-killer and a murderer, and things had been bad enough for him and his family when he went into the military.

Sheldon Lee Compton

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#100. He hoped she would not provide his family with any of her poems, which tended to use words like nipple.

Jean Thompson

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