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#1. When something really comes from the soul, I think it has a truth that you cannot find in politics. - Author: Frank Rich
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#2. 'Scent's the thing, right? How you find someone. I've got yours inside me. I could find you whether I wanted to or not. Whether you wanted me to or not.'
'I'm not lost.'
'I still found you.' - Author: Nora Roberts
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#3. But I find God to be an ineffectual shrink. He adopts the "do nothing" method of therapy. You tell him your problems and he, ah, does nothing. - Author: Ned Vizzini
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#4. Rough love. Hard, edgy love. Love that made you bleed. Love hard to find, the kind of love you fought to keep. - Author: Jae T. Jaggart
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#5. When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love him. If you injure someone you dislike, you will find yourself disliking him more. If you do him a good turn, you will find yourself disliking him less. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#6. I don't know where you'll find her, or what mindset she'll have, but I know one thing with unwavering certainty - that girl loves you like no woman has ever loved a man in the history of the world. She called you her heart. And I believed her. - Author: Jewel E. Ann
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#7. If you begin to think you are solely responsible for keeping your loved one alive and safe, you will eventually find yourself playing God. This phase can develop into an unhealthy, codependent relationship. - Author: Gail Sheehy
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#8. Find the joy in your everyday situations. You have the choice, you always did and you will always do. Thrive. - Author: Ana Ortega
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#9. In 'whichever direction' you may turn your gaze you will find One Eternal Indivisible Being manifested. Yet, it is not at all easy to detect this Presence, because He interpenetrates everything ... - Author: Anandamayi Ma
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#10. The danger, I find, is that you can become too formulaic, like some commissioned portrait painters who develop a methodology. - Author: Jamie Wyeth
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#11. At my age you find yourself looking back from time to time and you begin to appreciate some of the things that happened to you. - Author: Bob Dole
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#12. I have quite a normal family and I'm bored with how normal my family is. I want to mess stuff up a bit. I chose the messed up characters because I find that that's acting. I want to explore emotions that you otherwise wouldn't be able to explore. - Author: Chloe Grace Moretz
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#13. I wish that you knew you could never make it without love for your goddamned self, and that you'll never ever find it in anybody else. - Author: Angel Haze
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#14. You can get tested now for early onset Alzheimer's. Hold on a second, could someone hire a marching band, cause I'm so happy I feel like having a parade. You mean I can find out early if I'm going to die of a super horrible disease that there's no cure for? Well, whoopee! - Author: Arj Barker
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#15. If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing Double Dahlias in his garden. - Author: David W. Wolfe
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#16. Find the audience, be excellent, and you will be fine. - Author: David Oyelowo
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#17. Eventually someone will find out the truth. It could be you. - Author: Criag Whitman
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#18. You will find the way, daughter of the forest. Through grief and pain, through many trials, through betrayal and loss, your feet will walk a straight path. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#19. Australian Aborigines say that the big stories - the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life - are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking like predators hunting their prey in the bush. - Author: Robert Moss
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#20. You can always find an expert to confirm your belief, no matter how ridiculous. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#21. There are people who own cars and are getting free cell phones. A car helps one find a job, too. Where do you draw the line? - Author: Timothy Griffin
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#22. Witnessing Panama's overnight transition from banana republic to middle-class retirement haven is like watching the Univision version of Extreme Makeover: it feels so tacky but you can't change channels because you just have to find out what happens next. - Author: Andrew Evans
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#23. People are always going to, you know, find something wrong with people who are not the exact same as them. That's just what it is. Black, white, short, tall, religions, whatever. People are bad. - Author: Chris Rock
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#24. If you would find gold, you must search where gold is. - Author: William Juneau
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#25. You are a shell of a man, all she has to do is knock against you to find out you are empty. - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#26. But thats not love, he thought, thats not what she wants, nor what any of them want, they do not want you to find yourself in them, they want instead that you should lose yourself in them. And yet, he thought, they are always trying to find themselves in you. - Author: James Jones
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#27. People think I'm selling feminism in my books, but what I'm really doing is writing advertising copy for expensive private colleges that most women can't afford anyway. Oh, and try to find a job with a major in English literature. No luck? Joke's on you, sucker! - Author: Mary Gordon
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#28. I find with television, you have to play personality, whereas onstage, everyone talks about 'the character,' and what you do. It's a very different thing, because stage is much bigger, but on television, for things to come across to the public, I think you have to play a bit of your personality. - Author: John Barrowman
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#29. Just think: you cannot find a single misery for which you are not responsible. It may be jealousy, it may be anger, it may be greed - but something in you must be the reason that is creating the misery. - Author: Rajneesh
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#30. If you listen to really deep ambient records that don't move too much, very still records, long after those records are finished, you might find yourself listening for hours to the sound of the room. - Author: Bill Laswell
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#31. There was somewhere, if you knew where to find it, some place where money could be made like drawing water from a well, some Big Rock Candy Mountain where life was effortless and rich and unrestricted and full of adventure and action, where something could be had for nothing. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#32. If you need to find out who is your friend
among many, stimulate a resolutive conflict. - Author: Toba Beta
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#33. Always look within, to seek out the love and joy residing inside of you and then look to find your dark shadows falling behind you disappear. - Author: Denis John George
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#34. It only takes one minute to find a really good book, but it can give you a lifetime of memories when you read a really good book that leaves you with lasting impression. - Author: Nahisha McCoy
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#35. There's no way around grief and loss: you can dodge all you want, but sooner or later you just have to go into it, through it, and, hopefully, come out the other side. The world you find there will never be the same as the world you left. - Author: Johnny Cash
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#36. There is no prosperity, trade, art, city, or great material wealth of any kind, but if you trace it home, you will find it rooted in a thought of some individual man. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#37. I suppose that one of the greatest benefits of studying Isaiah is the process of studying Isaiah. Searching the scriptures puts you in a pondering, searching frame of mind in which inspiration can come, allowing you to find ways to apply scriptural truths to your life. - Author: John Bytheway
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#38. I don't believe in originality. You take inspiration from whatever moves you and you find your voice in those things. - Author: Tim Walker
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#39. Ultimately you're trying to reach across and find some other person, some other human warmth. But it is, especially in written poetry, it is inscribed in a text and the text can't do that work by itself and you as a poet can only do your best. - Author: Edward Hirsch
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#40. Hide the scars, let us pretend. If you burry deep enough, no one can find them. - Author: S.L. Northey
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#41. I have a house in the Connecticut countryside where you'll always find me, summer or winter. - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#42. Every time you used, it was a risk searching for a high just like the first time, a high you would never find again. - Author: Bob Pastorella
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#43. The Net
I made you many and many a song,
Yet never one told all you are
It was as though a net of words
Were flung to catch a star;
It was as though I curved my hand
And dipped sea-water eagerly,
Only to find it lost the blue
Dark splendor of the sea. - Author: Sara Teasdale
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#44. I think the crucial thing in the writing career is to find what you want to do and how you fit in. What somebody else does is of no concern whatever except as an interesting variation. - Author: James A. Michener
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#45. Saints and sages are still alive. Great masters are still operating. It is up to you to find where they are. - Author: Krishnananda Saraswati
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#46. If you can sit at set of sun And count the deeds that you have done And counting find oneself-denying act, one word That eased the heart of him that heard. One glance most kind, Which fell like sunshine where he went, Then you may count that day well spent. - Author: Robert Browning
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#47. Behind every successful man you'll find a woman who has nothing to wear. - Author: Harold Coffin
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#48. Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage. - Author: Sam Walton
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#49. You wish for something, you've wanted it for years, and you're sure you want it, as long as you know you can't have it. But if all at once it looks as though your wish might come true, you suddenly find yourself wishing you had never wished for any such thing. - Author: Michael Ende
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#50. Even the kinds of ingredients you can find in your own kitchen can be used to make bombs. So the problem is with the people and not with the tools. - Author: Michael Chertoff
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#51. Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility ... - Author: Christopher Cross
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#52. Meditation is nothing but withdrawing all the barriers .. thoughts, emotions, sentiments .. which criteria wall between you and existence. The moment they drop, you suddenly find yourself in tune with the whole; not only in tune, you really find you are the whole. - Author: Rajneesh
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#53. Once you find out what makes you comfortable and happy, it's a lot easier to be confident.So, be yourself! - Author: Meaghan Martin
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#54. You keep doing that, and you'll find yourself mated quick enough."
"It's no' for me. I'm perfectly content just as I am."
Ryder made a face. "Are you insane? why say something like that and temp the cosmos?"
Laith watch him walk away, wondering if he had just drawn the interest of fate. - Author: Donna Grant
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#55. The song 'If I Had a Hammer' is geared toward people who don't have a hammer. Maybe before I had a hammer I thought I'd hammer in the morning and hammer in the evening. But once you get a hammer, you find you don't really hammer as much as you thought you would. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#56. Madness is terrific I can assure you, and not to be sniffed at; and in its lava I still find most of the things I write about. It shoots out of one everything shaped, final, not in mere driblets, as sanity does. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#57. If you don't find yourself and purpose, the world will be worse for it - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#58. It is a great victory if you learn how to survive in today's hard times; it's an even greater victory if you
help someone else survive and find meaningful work. - Author: Richard N. Bolles
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#59. What does it mean to love someone with all your heart? It means to love with all your emotional feelings and with all your devotion. Surely when you love your wife with all your heart, you cannot demean her, criticize her, find fault with her, or abuse her by words, sullen behavior, or actions. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#60. The food was what you might expect to find on Air Uganda tourist class: - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#61. My songs, they have just the one chord, there's none of that fancy stuff you hear now, with lots of chords in one song. If I find another chord I leave it for another song. - Author: Junior Kimbrough
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#62. If you would stop, really stop, damning yourself, others, and unkind conditions, you would find it almost impossible to upset yourself emotionally - about anything. Yes, anything. - Author: Albert Ellis
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#63. Blaze your own trail in life. Make your own choices and make your own mistakes. It's the only way you'll find your own happiness, not someone else's. - Author: M. Leighton
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#64. I like a fragrance that you notice and want to find out more about - get a bit closer. I don't want to walk in and be jolted awake by someone's smell. - Author: Chris Pine
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#65. They said, "You'll never find someone like me again!" I thanked them for wishing me well. ;) - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#66. She is a storm cloud of sorrow. You wander in, you may never find your way out. - Author: Julie Berry
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#67. And when they start talking, and they always do, you find that each of them has a story they want to tell. Everyone, no matter how old or young, has some lesson they want to teach. And I sit there and listen and learn all about life from people who have no idea how to live it. - Author: Paul Neilan
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#68. Then "wrong" is right, and "right" is wrong! Yet I'll tell you this, to help you out of your dilemma: believe nothing I say. Simply live it. Experience it. Then live whatever other paradigm you want to construct. Afterward, look to your experience to find your truth. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#69. Let go into His arms until you find yourself obsessed on things divine - Author: John Crowder
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#70. Every situation you conquer, you find the strength, your never knew you had. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#71. The next question is how? How does news find us?
What you need is a certain critical literacy about the fact that you are almost always subject to an algorithm. The most powerful thing in your world now is an algorithm about which you know nothing about. - Author: Kelly McBride
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#72. You find happiness where you find it. - Author: Anna Paquin
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#73. I find it to be the ultimate backhanded compliment when you are compared against yourself. - Author: Elvis Costello
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#74. I always find the first thing that really bothers me when I start a screenplay is, I have to find a different form. You can't follow the form of the novel. It's a different thing completely. It's impossible. You just somehow have to find a structure for the whole thing. You have to crack that. - Author: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
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#75. Oh, hon, it's the little courtesies that make life bearable, I find, wouldn't you agree? - Author: Andrew Ashling
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#76. Have you lost your hope? Have you remained inside the fog? Don't worry; even if you can't find it, a new hope will come and find you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#77. For a documentary it's so important to find the characters and to find people who will give you access to film - Author: Adam McKay
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#78. You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#79. An army isn't made of its officers, you know, though we officers like to think it is. An army is no better than its men, and when you find good men, you must look after them. That's an officer's job. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#80. Find yourself first ... like yourself first ... love yourself FIRST ... & friendship & love will naturally find YOU. - Author: Mandy Hale
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#81. I wanted to badly to be vulnerable over a burger, beer, and bags of free books we find on some stranger's porch. You wanted badly to be touched some thousand miles away and never found the time to write me back. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
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#82. You can find bacteria everywhere. They're invisible to us. I've never seen a bacterium, except under a microscope. They're so small, we don't see them, but they are everywhere. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#83. A while ago, I wished upon a shooting star that one day I'd find someone to love ... and now holding you in my arms makes me realize that wishes really do come true, - Author: Sherry Soule
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#84. If you wait till you're very sure, then you'll find yourself doing it, and when you do there'll be an ease. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#85. Find you, love you, marry you, and live without shame. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#86. Giving builds loyal customers and turns those customers into supporters ... You can find passion and profit and meaning all at once, right now. - Author: Blake Mycoskie
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#87. Amy said, "So, you're making a flamethrower?"
"Amy, we gotta be prepared. We don't know what we'll find in that place, but for all we know it could be the Devil himself."
"David, what possible good is that thing gonna do?"
"Oh, no, you didn't hear me. I said it's a flamethrower." Girls. - Author: David Wong
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#88. Seek to share joy with others, or to make somebody else happy, and you will find your own soul radiant with the joy you wished for another. - Author: David O. McKay
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#89. When we have no families, we must find support elsewhere. Sometimes in strangers. We're all alone on this earth. We must take any hand that's offered us. I offer you mine...I'll be your friend, if you wish. The faithful kind.

- Elva - Author: Paul Fleischman
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#90. To be honest, I think we should find first the possibility to make it. Research is first - if you're not interested, you never can find something. Many things happen from forgotten machines - ones that are no longer used. - Author: Issey Miyake
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#91. The next time you find yourself in an argument, rather than defend your position, see if you can see the other point of view first. - Author: Richard Carlson
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#92. More and more movies have been pressured to allow reporters and TV cameras to come onto the set while you're working, and I find that a real violation. - Author: Holly Hunter
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#93. If you want to become a fossil, you actually need to die somewhere where your bones will be rapidly buried. You then hope that the earth moves in such a way as to bring the bones back up to the surface. And then you hope that one of us lot will walk around and find small pieces of you. - Author: Louise Leakey
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#94. Fear not; and the God of mercies grant a full gale and a fair entry into His kingdom, which may carry sweetly and swiftly over the bar, that you find not the rub of death. - Author: Donald Cargill
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#95. The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance.
Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you
find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. - Author: Debbi Fields
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#96. But more importantly, you are a gift, to all who know you, whether or not they realize it. If they don't, they are blind. You have a special place in this world. All you hvae to do is find it. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#97. The spark lies within us, somewhere deep within! Once you find it, that will illuminate the whole path you travel, all lives upon your way and the very purpose of your life. O beloved, know this world is illuminated by people so! - Author: Preeth Nambiar
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#98. We are alike in many ways, you and I. There is darkness in us. Darkness, pain, death. They radiate from us. If ever you love a woman, Rand, leave her and let her find another. It will be the best gift you can give her. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#99. It's in that moment, when there's nothing, that you find out what you were willing to forgive, and what not. Too late for that, though. Too late. - Author: Kate Wrath
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#100. Life's a short trip. You'll find out. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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